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"Moon project: Is it enough bang for the buck?"

Ok this game is pretty good for its age. A RTS with many capabilities and infinite strategies basically overtake starcraft and dune with its powers. But it is sadly a sleeper hit. Barely anybody buys this conquest like game. I am here to show you the goods and the bads, of The moon project.

Graphics: 9/10

Their graphics are superb! the explosions look spectacular along with lasers, tasers, machine guns and every kind of weapon. The vehichles aren't that detailed though, and when you scroll out so you can see more battlefield, A fog comes in and it blocks view from everything but lights. I shall now give you my trademark detailed peice on The moon projetc's graphics:

Sound: 8/10

Nice sound warning enemy movement recorded and also nice bullet shots and beams and the like. and the sound gets REALLY good when you get up close. You can hear the sounds of helicopters, hear the roar of tanks rumbling down the road. Sometimes it can get buggy however and the music isn't exactly great battle music. Here are my famed detailed review spots on the sounds:
battle sounds--warnings: 9/10--guns/lasers:9/10
Movement sounds: 10/10!!!
buggyness: about 5% (I may be wrong)

Gameplay: 6/10

The gameplay focuses on three teams. These teams fight for survival and kill each other. In order to make money you have to make money in one base and oin a different map, get a transport to go there and get money, than make the transport (by way of spaceport) make it go to the battle map and give you the money and whatever units you might need. It is tedious and makes you wonder sometimes, but the multiplayer (and single player skirmishes) are the best. Each team has its own technologies and when you have a weapons factory (the builder of all units besides water and non battle) You can go into a menu and customize your units! Like pick a chassis, and pick some weapons and a shield (if it can fit one and you have researched it) You need to research almost everything in order to have anything. I will not say anything on plotline because I am not a spoiler. here is a detailed (yet again) review of the GAMEPLAY of *The moon project*
Tediousness: In campaign it is 10/10 (VERY BAD) in multiplayer it is 2 (VERY GOOD)
The selections of units are great as well as pretty much everything else! Just the tediousness brings down the level: 9/10
immersion: 8/10

Now here is My + and - Review of The moon project!

+ Has customizable units and a great selection
+ nice sounds and movement sounds compliment it
+ Has a nice immersion that makes you feel like your in the battle
+ Nice lighting effects and graphics
+ Sweet multiplayer
- Bad battle music
- Once in awhile has a bad framerate and gets buggy
- VERY tedious campaign

Rent or buy?: BUY. It is pretty cheap and it is a good play especially online!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/04

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