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    Walkthrough by AstroBlue

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/21/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        T  A  C  T  I  C  A  L     E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E     A  C  T  I  O  N
        @@@  %@@@ @@@@@@%#@@@@@@# @@@#   #@%      #@@@@@@ #@@@@@#  %@@@%   @@@@@@%
       #@@@ %@@@#          #@#           @@%     #@#                           %@%
       @@@@%@@@@ %@@@@@@   @@%  %@@@@@  %@@     @@% @@@@ %@@@@@@  @@@@@@  @@@@@@#
      %@@ @@# @@ @@%      %@@  %@@  @@  #@%     %@@  %@@ #@#     #@% #@@ %@@ @@%
      @@% @@ @@% @@@@@#   #@% #@@   @@ %@@@@@@   @@@@@@# @@@@@@ #@%  %@@ #@# #@@%
      @@% __________________________________________________________________  @@#
     %@# /                  S      O      L      I      D                   \ #@@%
     @@% ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  #@#%
                          Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation
                         W A L K T H R O U G H   Version 1.2
                  Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)
                            Last Updated: May 21st, 2004
    Metal Gear Solid is one of my most favourite games ever. It's great the way it
    feels like you're playing an action movie, and I like the way the story is
    embedded with issues like nuclear disarmament and nature vs nurture; this game
    is not dumbed down in any way what so ever. Hideo Kojima's attention to detail
    is almost on the brink of being anal-retentive, which I guess is a good thing
    in the entertainment (or more specific videogame) industry. Anyway on with
    AstroBlue's clean-and-simple walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid (PSX).
                                D  I  S  C    O  N  E
    Shadow Moses Island, a nuclear weapons disposal facility has been captured by a
    special forces group called FOX-HOUND. As Solid Snake, a previous member of
    FOX-HOUND, you must eliminate this threat alone. Solid Snake arrives by SDV to
    the underground dock of the facility. After a short briefing with Colonel
    Campbell you will take control of Solid Snake.
    Walk to the left and crawl under the large pipe in front of you. Sneak north
    east through the cargo. Watch out for the guards patrolling this area, as you
    do not want to be spotted by them. Stepping on puddles will alert the guards to
    your presence. Once you're near the elevator, your Codec will beep. Answer it
    and follow the Colonel's orders. Do this by hiding behind the forklift near the
    elevator (a Ration is behind it as well).
    You may have to move around the forklift a little to remain out of sight.
    Eventually, after a long wait, a guard will come down in the elevator. Once he
    starts walking down (and there are no guards in the vicinity) run to the
    elevator. You will now see a cut scene of Solid Snake stripping down to his
    Sneaking Suit while the elevator travels to the surface.
    Once up on the surface, the Colonel, Naomi and Mei Ling will brief you further
    on your mission and equipment whilst a Hind-D takes off in the background.
    After your briefing, head up to the Helipad. There are some search lights
    trained on the helipad so you must avoid them.
    Once the search light starts to move away from Snake, run to the bottom right
    corner of the helipad and wait there until the searchlights move again, so you
    can run to the nearby stairs on the eastern edge of the helipad. Now when the
    two searchlights move apart, leaving a gap in the middle of the helipad, run
    left to the western stairs while collecting the Chaff Grenades on the way.
    Head down the ramp and to the truck in the north. Jump in it (while being
    careful of the patrolling guard). Inside the truck, behind the box covered with
    a sheet is a Semi-Automatic SOCOM Pistol; collect it. Now you can go one of two
    ways, via the Ground Level Duct or the Raised Level Duct. Here are walkthroughs
    for both courses of action:
    Via Ground Level Duct:
     Once no one is around the truck, jump out and quickly run around the right
     hand side of the truck and up to the southern wall of the facility. Follow the
     wall left to the sleeping guard. Get on your belly, crawl behind the guard and
     up into the air duct.
     Crawl forward through the ducting. At the first T-Section head right (left
     will take you to a Ration and a dead end). Master Miller will contact you via
     Codec. After your little chit-chat, take his advice and follow the mice. The
     duct dips into water just ahead. Don't worry, just continue on. You will
     surface with 50% oxygen if you go full bolt. Continue following the mice
     through the duct until you exit into the Tank Hangar. But watch out when you
     exit the duct, as there is a very small chance that a guard may be just
     outside the duct's opening. After walking out a bit the Colonel will call you,
     answer it.
     Now head to the stairs in the north west corner of the Tank Hangar (watch for
     the two guards patrolling around the tanks). When the camera at the top of the
     stairs is facing down, run up to the blind spot just under it, then when it's
     pointing right, run down the walkway. You can get past most Camera this way:
     by running under the camera when it's not looking at you, then by running in
     the direction you want to go when it's not looking in that direction. Anyway,
     follow the walkway down and around to the eastern side of the hangar. There is
     an open cargo door there. Enter it and evade the camera using the same modus
     operandi to get the Thermal Goggles. Exit and head back to the lower level of
     the Tank Hangar.
    Via the Raised Level Duct:
     Once the coast is clear, jump out of the truck and head right between the
     stacks of boxes. Run right, close to the wall and under the camera, and then
     up the flights of stairs. Hide behind the stone "rectangular" column to your
     right once you reach the Raised Level. Wait patiently until the guard gets
     very close to you, then when the guard begins to walk away (while you have no
     Weapon equipped) stalk up behind him and press the Weapon Button to choke him.
     Tap the Weapon Button rapidly until you crack the guards neck then head left.
     Answer the Colonels call then crawl into the nearby air duct.
     Start crawling through the air duct, soon Master Miller will call you by
     codec. After your chit-chat, continue crawling through the duct. You will
     overhear a conversation between two guards on the way. Upon reaching the end
     of the ducting, the Colonel will call you. Crawl over the opening and press
     the Action Button. Once you finish climbing down from the ladder answer yet
     another call from the Colonel. Collect the Chaff Grenades on your left, then
     head right. Avoid the surveillance camera by running under it when it's not
     looking at you, then by running in the direction you want to go when it's not
     looking in that direction. You can avoid being spotted by most cameras this
     A little further on down the walkway is an open cargo door. Enter it and evade
     the camera to collect the Thermal Goggles. Exit the small cache and continue
     following the walkway down and around to the lower level of the Tank Hangar,
     using the stairs in the top-left corner (watch out for the camera).
     Tank Hangar
    Go to the elevator while keeping a look out for guards. Use the Action Button
    to call the elevator down. Enter it and take it down to B1 (Cell Block).
     Cell Block
    Answer Mei Ling's Codec call once you exit the elevator. Press against the
    right wall to see the DARPA Chief. Head down the corridor then right to a
    ladder that will take you to more air ducts. You can also crawl into the small
    hole in the right wall for a Ration. Answer the Colonel's call once your near
    the ladder, then press the Action Button to climb the ladder to the air duct.
    Crawl through the ducts and go forward at the first junction. If you take the
    first left and look down from the exhaust grate you will see a guard on the
    crapper, continuing on from there will take you to some SOCOM Bullets and a
    dead end. Anyway, just keep going forward at the first junction. Look down
    through the first exhaust grate to see a girl in a cell doing exercises (she
    is a pivotal character later on). Anyway, crawl a little further and the
    Colonel will call you again. Listen to what he has to say, then crawl to the
    next exhaust grate and look down. Solid Snake will jump down into the Chief's
    cell. Solid Snake will now meet up with the DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson.
    After he gives you the Level 1 Key Card, Anderson will suddenly "buy the farm".
    After Solid Snake contacts the Colonel and Naomi, you will hear some commotion
    outside. The cell door will then suddenly open. Exit the cell and a female
    soldier will point a rifle at your head. After a stand off, some guards will
    come barging in. Don't try to aim at them as it will be counter-productive;
    just face the doorway they are coming through and let out as many rounds as it
    takes to kill all three guards in each wave. Pick up as many Rations and SOCOM
    Bullets as you can that are dropped by the dead guards. After a couple of waves
    of guards, three grenades will be thrown at you, quickly run towards the
    closest doorway and wait until they explode.
    After the guards stop coming, the female soldier will run to the elevator (and
    the game will zoom in on her arse O_o). After some trippy cut scenes and a
    talk with Naomi, head to the elevator and go down to level B2 (Armory).
    Watch out for floor traps in this area, refrain from running down the direct
    middle of passageways. At the moment you can only access the top middle cache
    containing C4, the bottom left cache containing Grenades, and the open bottom
    middle cache containing SOCOM Bullets; with your Level 1 Key Card. Now in order
    to reach Baker, you must explode the passageways that have been concreted over.
    There are three newly concreted sections in the Armory, they look bluish and
    sound hollow if you tap them. Two of them take you to chambers filled with
    supplies and one leads to Baker.
    The two secret supply chambers are in the north west and north east corners of
    the northern wall. Tap around to find the weak spots, then place and explode C4
    to gain access to the chambers. The north west chamber contains Chaff Grenades
    and Stun Grenades, and the north east chamber contains C4 and SOCOM Bullets,
    beware though as it is guarded by floor traps. Anyway, head to the south
    western corner of the armory and tap the southern wall to find the hollow spot.
    Blow it open with C4 then head on through the opening.
    Place and explode C4 on the hollow bluish section of the right wall near the
    end of the passage (before the floor changes texture). Go through the hole you
    created. Place and detonate C4 on the northern wall at the end of this
    corridor. You can also destroy the end of this corridor with C4, but it only
    leads to a Ration and more C4 guarded by gun cameras. Anyway, head up through
    the hole you created. You will find the ARMSTech President Kenneth Baker wired
    to a mother load of C4. Revolver Ocelot will suddenly appear. A duel with the
    old man will soon follow. From the sound of the sexual charged gun innuendos,
    he has a love of guns second only to old Moses himself, Charlton Heston.
    R e v o l v e r  O c e l o t
    For god's sake don't touch the wires around Baker; or Snake, Baker and Ocelot
    will all die! There are two ways you can go about beating Ocelot. You can be
    aggressive and chase Ocelot, holding the Crawl Button so you can run while
    shooting at him when he: stops to shoot you, stops to reload, gets confused a
    ! will appear over his head), or if you simply just have a clear shot. This is
    fast and clean if you can dodge his bullets well, but otherwise you will end up
    as dogmeat. The other "safer" way is to hide from him, then when he begins to
    shootyou must begin to run to avoid his bullets. Then once he has fired six
    bullets, run after him and shoot as many bullets into him as you can while he
    is defenceless as he is reloading. Repeat until he's out of health.
    After a fairly long gunfight, Ocelot will go to shoot you but his arm will
    suddenly fly off in a spurt of blood like it has been severed by an invisible
    blade. The wires around Baker will also get sliced, setting off the C4, and
    sending Baker into the ground and Ocelot against the wall. The stealth
    apparition will reveal itself to be the Cyborg Ninja. After Revolver runs off
    un-armed (haw haw) and the Cyborg Ninja malfunctions. Baker will begin to have
    a very long talk with Snake explaining many things. He then gives Snake a SONY
    MiniDisc with the launch data of Metal Gear Rex and a Level 2 Key Card.
    However, Baker will unexpectedly suffer a strange fatal heart attack much like
    Anderson. Baker's last words raise many questions.
    After the Codec conversation with Naomi, the Colonel and Mei Ling, make your
    way back to the main area of the Armory. There are newly deployed guards
    patrolling the area, so be careful. Since you have the Level 2 Key Card, you
    can enter the bottom right cache. It contains a FA-MAS Assault Rifle with
    Bullets guarded by infrared lasers. So use your Thermal Goggles or Cigarettes
    to see the lasers, then get on your belly and crawl under the lasers. Make your
    way up to the elevator, push the elevator's button, and then use your Codec to
    call Meryl. Her frequency is on the back of the Metal Gear Solid CD Case, look
    at the bottom right screenshot. After you're finished getting acquainted with
    Meryl, take the elevator up to level 1 (Tank Hangar).
     Tank Hangar
    Meryl will now contact you and open the Cargo Door. Once you exit the elevator
    head right and open the door just below the opened Cargo Door with your Level 2
    Key Card. Inside is a sleeping guard, if he is not sleeping hide behind the
    boxes until he snoozes off. Quietly collect the SOCOM Suppressor and then exit
    this room. Head up the stairs in the north west (handle the camera like
    before). Head down a little on the walkway and open the door on your left with
    your Key Card, inside the room is Cardboard Box A and some Chaff Grenades.
    Follow the walkway around to the eastern end of the hangar, be careful around
    here as there is a patrolling guard. Snake's resonating footsteps on the grated
    floor can make the guards aware of his presence.
    When the guard is in the top corner (near the ladder that takes you to the air
    ducts) and the camera up there is facing towards the guard, run up and use your
    Key Card to open the door on your left. Inside this room is the Mine Detector.
    Getting back is pain after you have collected the Mine Detector. You will have
    to wait a virtual eternity until the guard is back in that corner. So either
    wait until his back is turned then shoot him dead with your Silenced SOCOM
    Pistol; or when he is just outside the door, run out (with nothing equipped)
    and press the Weapon Button to choke him to death. If he sees you, you MUST
    kill him and then hide under a table in the nearby room. Only emerge from under
    the table after the investigating guards have gone through both the Evasion
    and Alert Modes.
    Head back down to the area with the elevator and head through the Cargo Door
    that Meryl opened. Meryl will call you and warn you of the sensors, equip your
    Thermal Goggles (or Cigarettes) to see the lasers, then walk under them when
    they are higher than Solid Snake. Once you get past all of the infrared senors,
    use your Key Card to open the Cargo Door leading to the snowy Canyon.
    After heading out into canyon, a mysterious informant will contact you. Do what
    he says and equip your Mine Detector. Get on your belly and craw over every
    Claymore Mines to pick them up (the apexes of the yellow cones on your radar
    are their locations). After you head north enough you will be confronted by a
    M1 Abrams tank being driven by the FOX-HOUND member, Vulcan Raven.
    M 1  T a n k
    Get on your belly and crawl to the western edge of the Canyon. Crawl up and
    stop just before the small hill that all the tank shells are exploding into.
    Stand up and throw a Chaff Grenade. Once it detonates, run to the M1 Tank and
    throw a grenade so it lands in or near the tank's hatch. Keep following the
    tank and throwing grenades on it, while at the same time avoiding the crushing
    force of the tank's treads and being shot by machine gun fire. Note that there
    are lots of supplies behind the water tank in the north east corner of the
    Canyon. After both gunners die, the battle will be over and you will get the
    Level 3 Key Card from the body of the second gunner. Snake will now make his
    way to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building while Vulcan radios his superiors.
     Nuclear Warhead Storage Building
    Note that the walkway on your left leads to a Ration and a lookout over the
    facility. Regardless, head down the ramp and if the coast is clear crawl under
    the slightly raised roller door. Once in the main part of the facility, the
    Colonel and Naomi will brief Snake about how he has been blocked from using
    weapons by the nanomachines in his body. Head left and hide between the large
    stacks of containers if a guard is around. In the far bottom left corner are
    some Grenades and there are some Chaff Grenades behind the nuclear missiles.
    Head up the stairs on your left, but watch out as there is guard patrolling
    the raised section. When he is heading right from near the elevator, quickly
    run over to the elevator and call it down. Take the elevator down to B1.
    Head to the door opposite the elevator and open it with your Key Card. While
    avoiding the guard in here, use your Key Card to head into the first door on
    your right. Collect the Nikita Missile Launcher and Missiles, then head back to
    the elevator and take it down to B2.
    Exit the elevator and head down through two Level 3 Doors. You will now be in a
    long corridor that is filled with gas and guarded by an electrified floor,
    Deepthroat will contact you confirming this. Equip your Nikita Missile Launcher
    and shoot a missile down the corridor. At the end of the corridor, steer it
    left (right if you're holding the First Person View Button) into an office-like
    area. Now keep it to the right side of this long room, point it up and don't
    touch the controller so it boosts upwards past all the gun cameras. Manoeuvre
    it through the opening at the top of this room, steer it right, up past the
    supplies and into the junction box. If your O2 Gauge gets really low while
    trying to do this, head up through the door behind you into the clean room and
    stay in there until your O2 gauge is full again.
    Now head down over the newly deactivated floor and use your Key Card to access
    the first door on your right, leading to a room containing a Ration. After
    exiting, use your Key Card again to access the 3rd door on your right, which
    leads to a room with a Gas Mask guarded by a gun camera. Throw a Chaff Grenade
    so you can get the Gas Mask without being shot by the gun camera. Equip the Gas
    Mask, head down to the bottom of the corridor, and then head right while
    avoiding the gun camera and open the door ahead with you Key Card.
    You will be in another clean room. You will hear a fight nearby followed by
    eerie silence. Head right to the next room, it is filled with soldiers who
    have been murdered and mutilated by some sort of blade. Keep heading forward to
    see that the Cyborg Ninja is the cause of all this carnage. Follow him into the
    next room to find Dr. Emmerich being confronted by the Ninja (and in the
    process Emmerich makes a golden lake O_o). Now the Ninja will confront Snake
    and you will have to do battle with him.
    C y b o r g  N i n j a
    Don't use any weapons against the Ninja because he will just block them with
    his sword. So use fists and feet only (how he is fast enough to stop bullets
    but not fists is beyond my comprehension). You can use Chaff Grenades to
    immobilize him, allowing you to bash him up without a chase. But it's best to
    keep them for later. After you get a couple of punches and kicks in, the Ninja
    will put away his katana (which is an extremely good thing). Now as long as you
    dodge his flying roundhouses and two foot stomps he can't cause you major
    damage. To be safe, wait behind something and then when he comes around to get
    you, run towards him and give him the standard left jab - right jab - kick
    combo. After you get him down just a little more then half way, he will
    activate his Stealth Suit and begin to play Hide & Seek (and Destroy) with you.
    So put on your Thermal Goggles and look at his hiding places for him, they are:
     * In the top left corner of the room, between the glass room full of super
       computers and the lockers Dr. Emmerich is hiding in.
     * In middle of the room, between two office dividers.
     * In the top right corner, between a book case and a work station.
    After finding the Cyborg Ninja and dishing out a couple of knuckle sandwiches
    he will begin acting strange, asking Snake to "hurt him more" O_o ...  Whenever
    he makes a "sching" sound when you are nearby, run away to evade his following
    punch. He will be temporarily open after punching, this is your time to unleash
    the combo. Once you get him down to nothing, run away. He will suddenly be
    engulfed in a ball of energy that will hurt you. So equip your FA-MAS Assault
    Rifle and shoot him from a distance three times. He will now malfunction and
    essentially reveal himself to be Grey Fox before running off.
    Snake will contact the Colonel and Naomi. Naomi will explain why/how the Ninja
    is Grey Fox. After that, Snake will go and retrieve Dr. Emmerich from the
    locker. Snake and Dr. Emmerich will talk about Metal Gear Rex. Once Emmerich
    figures out Metal Gear Rex's true purpose, he will get upset and tell Snake
    that he doesn't want to be a part of war and wants to destroy Metal Gear Rex.
    Dr. Emmerich will give Snake a Level 4 Key Card and tell Snake to call him
    Otacon. He will then run off in stealth...
    Now exit the Laboratory and head back to the room full of gas. Equip your Gas
    Mask and then when the camera above in facing down, head west to the office
    area. Run under the camera in the bottom right corner when it's facing up.
    Stand against the left wall and run up under the gun camera to a desk. Run
    over to the Level 3 Door up ahead on the other side of the area. Open it with
    your Key Card and collect the C4 and Grenades inside. Now carefully exit and
    enter the next room, which contains Nikita Missiles. Exit the room and head up
    to the door above (while avoiding the gaze of the nearby gun camera). Open it
    with your Key Card and collect the Night Vision Goggles inside. Exit the room,
    head up through the opening at the top of the area and then collect the Ration
    and Chaff Grenades near the destroyed junction box on your right. Throw a Chaff
    Grenade and then once it detonates, run quickly down through the office area
    and then up the corridor to clean room. Head up to the elevator, call it down
    and take it up to B1.
    Exit the elevator and head into the room across the hallway, let the patrolling
    guard see you and then follow them into the Women's Toilets. Walk up to the
    last cubicle. Meryl will sneak up on Solid Snake. After their catch-up and
    Meryl's emotional self awakening, she will give you a Level 5 Key Card. Now
    follow her. Enter the room she spotted you in and head into all the small rooms
    you can around the perimeter of this section, you should collect: Cardboard
    Box B, Daizepam, FA-MAS Bullets, SOCOM Bullets and a Ration. Head back to Meryl
    and then through the Level 5 Door at the end of the corridor on your left.
    Head up a little and Meryl will run ahead of you. Walk up to her and she will
    fall to her knees in pain. After more trippy cut scenes, head through the
    Level 5 Door ahead into the Commander's Room. After a while, Meryl will draw
    her Desert Eagle on Snake and start acting like she wants to jump Snake's
    bones *ehem*. The Colonel and Naomi will call you an explain that Pyscho Mantis
    is controlling her mind telepathically. Knock Meryl out with punches or a Stun
    Grenade so you don't kill her.
    Psycho Mantis will now reveal himself. He will "read into your mind and
    character" i.e. he will look at the data on your PlayStation Memory Card and
    tell you which Konami games you have been playing recently and certain things
    about your Metal Gear saves. He will then proceed to show you his telekinetic
    powers by making your Dual Shock Controller move if you placed it on a fairly
    flat surface. Now he has shown you his powers, it's time for a battle.
    P s y c h o  M a n t i s
    Firstly unplug your PlayStation Controller from Controller Port 1 and plug it
    into Controller Port 2. That way, Mantis will not be able to pre-determine your
    every move. Do not use any explosives to hurt Mantis as he will detonate them
    before you can even use them, meaning you will cop the grunt of the explosion.
    Get out your FA-MAS Assault Rifle and shoot him with it whenever you get the
    chance. If you're not sure of where he is, press the First Person View button
    to look from the perspective of Mantis's eyes. You have to avoid the
    telekinetically controlled objects in different ways. For the sofa chairs,
    simple run away to dodge them; for the Lanterns, Mounted Elk Head and Busts,
    get on your belly and crawl around; and for the Books and Paintings, run to the
    bottom of the room quickly and they will not be able to get to you.
    After you diminish Mantis's life a little further then half way, he will start
    to use Meryl again as a puppet. Knock her out again. Mantis will now get her to
    point her Desert Eagle Pistol at her head. So quickly knock her out before she
    splatters her brains everywhere. Mantis will now mainly attack with balls of
    psychic energy. So run to the middle of the room and shoot him as soon as you
    see him, preventing him from throwing the energy ball. If he does get to throw
    it, quickly run away to dodge it. Once you get Mantis down to no health, he
    will fly back and land with a thud.
    Mantis will proceed to tell Snake how to get to Metal Gear Rex. Once Snake
    takes Mantis's mask off he will reveal many things about himself, Snake and
    Meryl. After Snake puts Mantis' Mask back on at his request, Mantis in a kind
    act will open the way to Metal Gear Rex. After Snake and Meryl's conversation,
    plug the controller back into Controller Port 1. Head up through the secret
    passage (there are SOCOM Bullets, FA-MAS Bullets and a Ration to the right of
    the staircase) and up through the Level 5 Door into the Cave.
    Meryl will run ahead. Put your Night Vision Goggles on and head right into a
    dark section. You can see Meryl through the crack in the northern wall of this
    section. Collect the Ration and SOCOM Bullets nearby if you need them. Head
    back to the left and walk up through the snowy path. Crawl under the rock arch
    at the end of it. Head up and try to avoid the large Wolf-Dog from spotting
    you. If it does spot you, shoot it with your FA-MAS Assault Rifle or throw a
    Stun Grenade. Head right in the rocky bit and then down. Crawl through the
    small hole at the bottom of the southern wall. Inside this grotto is a Ration,
    FA-MAS Bullets and Diazepam.
    Crawl back through the hole and then crawl through the small hole to your
    right. Head up to Meryl. She is cocky because the Wolf-Dogs love her. So get in
    Cardboard Box A and then press L1. Now punch Meryl (in no way condoning abuse
    towards women) and then tap L1 really fast. Meryl will whistle and the
    Wolf-Dogs will pee on the box you're in. The Wolf-Dogs will love you whenever
    you're in Cardboard Box A now, because it is now covered in the scent of the
    pack. Head up through the Level 5 door above using your Key Card to enter the
    Underground Passage.
     Underground Passage
    There is a mine field ahead but Meryl will show you the path through them.
    Follow her footprints to catch up to her. You will now see the view of a
    Sniper who is targeting you and Meryl. Snake sees the tracking laser and goes
    for cover but Meryl freezes and gets shot up pretty bad. Meryl and Snake will
    have a heartfelt moment and then the Colonel and Naomi will call Snake and
    discuss the situation with him, they come to the conclusion that Snake will
    need a Sniper Rifle to kill Sniper Wolf and save Meryl. If you contact Otacon
    he will tell you there is a Sniper Rifle back in the armory. Head back down
    into the cave.
    Make your way to the door to Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, use Cardboard
    Box A prevent being attacked by the Wolf-Dogs.
     Nuclear Warhead Storage Building
    Head to the elevator and take it up to Level 1. Quickly run left, down the
    stairs, right, and crawl under the large roller door. Head up the ramp and out
    into the Canyon.
    Since your last visit, they have placed Mines and gun cameras everywhere. Equip
    your Mine Detector, stay close to the western edge of the Canyon and then head
    down past the cameras. Make your way through the Mine Field to the Cargo Door.
    It would be a good idea to crawl and pick up as many Claymore mines as you can.
    Go through the cargo door to the Tank Hangar.
     Tank Hangar
    Head to the elevator and take it down to Level B2 (Armory).
    Wait in the elevator until there are no guards in the vicinity. Exit it and
    run left to the north western corner of the armory. Head down and wait just
    before the path below so the pacing guard can't see you. When he starts walking
    right, stay behind him and enter the Level 5 door nearby. Now equip your
    Thermal Goggles (or Cigarettes) then carefully crawl between the infrared
    lasers to collect the PSG1 Sniper Rifle and Bullets. Now the Colonel will call
    you since he's excited by the fact you can save Meryl now. Head back under the
    lasers. When the guard outside is heading right, equip the Key Card and go
    through the door, to the left and around to the elevator. Take it up to the
    Tank Hangar.
     Tank Hangar
    Exit the elevator and make your way to the Canyon.
    Using the same strategy as before to avoid the gun cameras and Claymore Mines,
    head to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
     Nuclear Warhead Storage Building
    Head to the elevator and take it down to Level B1. Head to the Commander's Room
    and then through the secret passage into the Cave.
    Make your way to the Underground Passage, use Cardboard Box A again to prevent
    being attacked by the Wolves.
     Underground Passage
    Since you have the PSG1 Sniper Rifle you can battle Sniper Wolf.
    S n i p e r  W o l f
    Stay behind the outcrops to your left and right for shelter against Sniper
    Wolf's "deadly" accuracy. Get on your belly and crawl out a little into the
    fray, face up and select your PSG1 Sniper Rifle. Use some Diazepam to cool your
    nerves. Look up at the lookout under the Communications Tower to find Sniper
    Wolf's "nest", now keep shooting at her when you have clear shots. She likes to
    hide behind the column on the left side of the platform; so if you can't see
    her, try waiting for her there. If you run out of bullets, collect the boxes
    that appear in the areas you can shelter in. After a couple of good shots she
    will be down.
    Head up to where she was shooting from, you can find supplies scattered around
    in this area. Then head right and walk up to the door to the Communications
    Tower, you will get captured by Sniper Wolf and some guards.
     Cell Block
    Snake wakes up to the sounds of Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf and Liquid Snake
    talking and to the sight of surgical lamps. After they crap on for a while,
    Revolver Ocelot will realise your awake and will rotate your "bed" up. Now
    Liquid and Wolf will leave to let Ocelot torture you alone. Ocelot will torture
    Snake by putting a high voltage electrical current through his body.
    It's time for a button bashing mini-game! When Ocelot runs the current through
    Snakes body his energy will drain, to counteract this you must tap the Circle
    Button really fast to refill your Life. So get a pen and wrap it in cloth. Then
    when the buzzer sounds, get your wrapped pen and rub it back and forth over the
    Circle Button really fast; this will register as many button presses and you
    will loose relatively no life.
    SPOILER NOTE: If you press Select to submit to Ocelot's torture Meryl will be
                  killed and the ending will change.
    After four courses of electric shocks Snakes tired body will be dragged into a
    Cell. Inside the cell is the DARPA Chief's maggot infested rotting body, call
    Otacon for help. After a while the Colonel and Naomi will call you, a little
    after you conversation you will be taken back to be tortured again. After you
    go through another four courses you will be taken back to your cell.
    Now the Colonel and Naomi will call you again, Naomi will give you a massage
    and then Snake and Naomi will talk about their families (or lack of). After
    your conversation the guard will run to the toilet (I guess that's why they
    call it the runs). Otacon will suddenly appear and he will give you some
    Ketchup, a Ration, a Level 6 Key Card and Sniper Wolf's Handkerchief. Otacon
    will speak of  his relationship with Sniper Wolf and then he will run off.
    Quickly get on your belly, select the Ketchup and then press the Action Button
    to squirt it like you have bled. When the guard comes back he will think you're
    dead, so he will rush to your "body" opening the Cell Door on the way. Get up
    and crack his neck. Now exit the cell and head up then left and use your
    Key Card to go through the Level 6 Door, collect all your items from the box to
    the right of the torture table (check your items for a Bomb, if there is one
    select it and then press the Circle Button like you are using a Ration to throw
    it), throw a Chaff Grenade then head right and go through the Level 6 Door.
    When both Cameras are facing down head to the elevator and take it up to Level
    1 (Tank Hangar). Now make the long journey back to where Meryl got shot by
    Sniper Wolf (use Sniper Wolf's Handkerchief in the Cave to avoid being attacked
    by the Wolves).
     Underground Passage
    When you get to the pool of Meryl's blood Snake will have a flashback of when
    Meryl got shot. The Colonel and Co. will call you and provide emotional
    support. Head up to the Communication Tower (stay on the left side of the
    passage way as there is a gun camera in the second alcove on your right). Use
    your Key Card to go through the Level 6 Door you got captured in front of
    previously to enter Communications Tower A.
     Communications Tower A
    Head up and collect the FA-MAS and SOCOM Bullets and then head left and go
    through the door. The camera will spot you and a bunch of guards will come
    running in. Don't move, switch to your FA-MAS Assault Rifle and shoot. You
    should kill all the guards coming for you. Collect the Rope and Stun Grenades
    and then head down through the door. Begin climbing the flights of stairs.
    After a while you  will get to Level 6 Door that won't open. Otacon will call
    you and he will tell you that it's frozen and you can only open it from the
    outside. so continue climbing the stairs.
    To survive this long climb you must do two things: 1. Kill any guards in your
    way with your FA-MAS Assault Rifle, and 2. Throw a Stun Grenade if it gets too
    hectic or if many guards are following you. Once you get to the top, go up the
    ladder. Go through the nearby door and you will see a big satellite dish, run
    towards it and all these missiles will come down from the sky, destroying the
    dish. The missiles presumably came from the Liquid Snake in his Hind-D that wil
    fly into sight.
    Now select the Rope and run up to the railing. Snake will tie the rope to the
    railing and will begin parascending down the tower. The Colonel will brief you
    on how to parascend, if you weren't listening its the X Button to repel off the
    wall and the Circle Button to put your feet on the wall and you use the
    Directional Buttons to move while you have  bounced off the wall or to walk
    around while holding the Circle Button. Your main priority while rappelling
    down is to avoid the Hind-D's gunfire. You should also avoid the hot steam, but
    it doesn't cause too much damage. After a short while parascending you will
    come down to the Walkway.
    Collect the Ration on your left and the C4 to your right if you need them. Then
    walk up so your just on the walkway, face up and get out your PSG1 Sniper
    Rifle. Take fire on the Guards on the other side of the Walkway until you kill
    them all. Now make sure you have at least half of your Life bar full then head
    across the walkway, as you near the other end Liquid in his Hind-D will
    suddenly appear and he will fire open you. Run left and through the door using
    your Key Card. Collect the Stinger Missile Launcher and Stinger Missiles nearby
    then go down to the nest area.
     Communications Tower B
    Head down and right to the elevator, call for it but it won't work. So head
    back around and then head down the flights of stairs, but near the bottom the
    staircase is damaged. So head back up to the elevator, Snake will hear someone
    and then Otacon will suddenly appear. He will ask Snake a question about love
    and then he will go off to fix the elevators panel on Snake's orders. Now head
    to the right and go up a flight of stairs, up ahead is a Gun Camera. So throw a
    Chaff Grenade then run up another three flights of stairs after it. Throw
    another Chaff Grenade then run up past the two Gun Cameras and go up another
    three flights of stairs after it. Now throw yet another Chaff Grenade then run
    up past three Gun Cameras and go up another three flight of stairs after it.
    Now finally throw the last Chaff Grenade for now and run up past the four Gun
    Cameras to the top of the stairs. Collect the Stinger Missiles, Chaff Grenades,
    FA-MAS Bullets and a Ration up here then go up the ladder.  Go through the
    Level 6 door to the fight with Liquid in his Hind-D on the rooftop.
    H i n d - D
    In the middle of the roof are two hexagonal tanks in a steel large rectangular
    box, this is your cover. Keep your "cover" between you and the Hind-D at all
    times to avoid its machine guns. Now equip your Stinger Missile Launcher then
    press L1. Now whenever you need it you can just press L1 to bring it up then L1
    again to put it away.  Whenever the Hind-D is circling the tower (and its nose
    isn't facing Snake) lock a Stinger Missile on to the Hind-D then launch it.
    After every Stinger hits the Hind-D, Liquid will open fire on you so take
    After you cause around 30% damage to the Hind-D, Liquid will regularly dive the
    Hind-D to below the level of the roof so you can't shot it. Still keep the
    "cover" between you and the Hind-D, then once it resurfaces, wait until it
    stops firing and then run out and shoot a Stinger at it. When Liquid flies out
    and fires a large missile, stay away from the southern edge of the roof as it
    will get blasted. Once you cause 100% damage to the Hind-D, Liquid will fire
    another large missile at the roof. You can't avoid it but it doesn't matter as
    Snake seeks cover, then Liquid will lose control of the crippled Hind-D and it
    will crash. Liquid yells out "Snake" as it crashes. Whether he was yelling it
    to taunt Solid or as a final act of vanity we will never know.
    Otacon will now call you and he will tell you that the elevator has
    "mysteriously" began to work again, go through the door and climb down the
    ladder. Head down the flights of stairs to the elevator (use Chaff Grenades to
    get past all the gun cameras again), call the elevator and get in it. Strangely
    the maximum load buzzer will sound (Snake should lay off those fatty rations,
    or Meryl won't find him so hot ^_^ ). Now choose the 1st Floor, Otacon will
    call you and will come to the conclusion that there are four guards will
    stealth suits on in the elevator with you.
    Put on your Thermal Goggles and go unarmed. Now crack each guards neck one by
    one. Don't move while you press the Weapon Button or you'll throw them. Now
    exit the elevator and collect the supplies around the perimeter of the elevator
    shaft. Then use your Key Card to head down through the door below. Throw a
    Chaff Grenade to disable the gun camera, and then quickly head left through the
    door, collecting the PSG1 Bullets on the way, run down the corridor and then
    throw another Chaff Grenade. Collect the SOCOM Bullets and then head through
    the door to the Snowfield.
    Head forward and suddenly you will get shot at. Solid will speak with Otacon
    via Codec. Otacon will tell you that it must of been Sniper Wolf that shot at
    you, and that you shouldn't kill her. She will butt in on your Codec
    conversation and it will become apparent that you must kill her. Now you will
    have the second and final battle with Sniper Wolf.
    S n i p e r  W o l f
    Head left and behind the tree, push your back up against it and position
    yourself so the tree's trunk covers most of your body. Now there are two ways
    of dealing with Sniper Wolf. You can either crawl a little out from the cover
    of the tree then face up and use your PSG1 Sniper Rifle (with Diazepam so your
    stable) to shot Sniper Wolf to death. Or you can could equip your Nikita
    Missile Launcher then face right and shoot a Nikita Missile, then control it so
    it heads North West to just behind the Snow Truck. Then make it head due North
    to the trees where Sniper Wolf is hiding. Then hold the First Person View Mode
    button to control the Missile from its radio camera, now hunt down Sniper Wolf
    with it and blow her up. Anyway after you blast her enough she will die.
    Now run up to her body, Sniper Wolf tells Solid Snake that she is lung shot,
    which means a bullet went through her lung. Sniper Wolf knows this leads to a
    slow but painful death, as it takes quite a while for the blood to seep into
    your lungs when your lung shot. So she tells Snake to finish her off. She tells
    of her life story then as he goes to finish her off Otacon comes. He's
    distressed and takes Sniper Wolf's Sniper Rifle to her on her request. Snake
    then finishes her off. Snake now puts her Handkerchief over her face and
    after a small exchange of words Otacon runs away.
    Head to the North East corner of the Snowfield and enter door with N-A3 written
    on using your Key Card, inside are some Mines so use your Mine Detector.
    Collect the Stun Grenades, Diazepam and Ration inside then exit. Now head down
    and enter the door below with E-A1 written on it using your Key Card, collect
    the PSG1, SOCOM and FAMAS Bullets inside then exit. Now head down and enter the
    door below that also has E-A1 written on it using your Key Card, throw a Chaff
    Grenade to disable the Gun Cameras inside then collect the Grenades and Chaff
    Grenades inside then exit. Now head due west across to the other side of the
    Snowfield. Enter the door with W-A1 written on it using your Key Card, throw a
    Chaff Grenade to disable the Gun Cameras inside then collect the two Rations
    and Cardboard Box C then exit. Head up and enter the door with W-A2 written on
    it using your Key Card, throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the Gun Cameras inside
    then collect the Nikita Missiles inside then exit. Head up and to the right and
    enter the door with N-A1 written on it, throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the
    Gun Cameras inside then run through the boxes to the back of the area. Collect
    the SOCOM Bullets on your left then head right and down the stairs.
    You have completed the events of Disc 1. Now follow the on screen prompts
    to begin playing Disc 2.
                                D  I  S  C    T  W  O
     Blast Furnace
    Quickly run down the stairs and open the door ahead with your Key Card. Now run
    left over the walkway and press against the wall and shimmy across the small
    path against the western wall of the Blast Furnace. Stay close to the crane's
    counter weight but make sure you crouch every time it stops. Eventually it will
    pass over your head and you will be able to shimmy up to the platform above.
    Follow the platform right then up but stop, hold the First Person View button
    and look down the stairs, once you see the guard walking down the steps to the
    lowest section of the furnace head down the stairs in front of you then head
    down to the walkway below so you can just see the stairs to the lower section
    of the Furnace. Now when the guard heads up the stairs and is just in front of
    you fire with your Suppressed SOCOM Pistol at him until he's dead. Now head
    down the stairs above, then down through the opening below.
    This room is full of steam so take it carefully as the steam causes damage to
    Snake. Head down then two the left collecting the two boxes of PSG1 Bullets on
    the way, head up into the alcove above and collect the Nikita Missiles. Now
    head down and crawl below the pipes to your left. Throw a Chaff Grenade to
    disable the nearby Gun Cameras then collect the Body Armour to your left and
    the Stinger Missiles and Chaff Grenades below, then head crawl back into the
    steam room. Go right then up to make your way back through the steam room then
    head up and go through the large door to the Cargo Elevator.
     Cargo Elevator
    Wait for the Cargo Elevator to come up, then get on it and press the Action
    Button near its Controls on its right side to activate it. Suddenly some
    Heavily Armed Troops will jump onto the elevator with Snake ambushing him.
    Equip your Body Armour and unarm yourself. Now to dispose of the guards either
    crack their necks or stand between them and the edge of the elevator and throw
    them off. After they are dealt with the elevator will reach its destination.
    Throw a Chaff Grenade then run right past the Gun Camera and on to another
    Cargo Elevator. But watch out as this area is littered with Land Mines.
    Especially around the Ration in the bottom right corner.  Activate the Cargo
    Elevator. On the way down Master Miller will call you, he suspects Naomi of
    being a spy because her story about her grandfather doesn't add up. After your
    chat, the elevator will reach its destination. Head up and collect the C4,
    Ration and Nikita Missiles behind the crates, then use your Key Card to head up
    through the Level 6 Door to the Warehouse.
    Inside the Warehouse is Vulcan Raven. After some trippy effects and all the
    spiritual stuff Vulcan goes on about you will begin battling with him.
    V u l c a n  R a v e n
    He looks scary because he's built like a brick shit-house and is carrying
    around a F-16's Gun Turret, but he's really quite easy. Just equip your Mine
    Detector and lay many Claymore Mines in the middle of the paths between the
    boxes, especially at the cross-sections. After you have done that, seek shelter
    and fire Nikita Missiles and manoeuvre them through the boxes to Raven. After
    you defeat him, he will give you a Level 7 Key Card and tell you that when you
    met the DARPA Chief it was actually Decoy Octopus. The crows will then begin to
    consume him until only the gun turret is left.
    Now Master Miller will call you, the Colonel overhears and Miller explains to
    him his theory about Naomi. Now head up through the Level 7 Door. Collect the
    Chaff Grenades to your left then quickly run up to the Ration ahead, you will
    have bypassed two traps. Now throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the ridiculous
    amount of Gun Cameras in this area then run up over the bridge then use
    your Key Card to go through the Level 7 Door to the Underground Base.
     Underground Base
    Head down the corridor, ahead is the enormous (and very impressive) Metal Gear
    Rex, head to the right side of Rex and up to the ladder. Otacon will call you,
    he is hacking into Bakers secret files to figure out the trick to the PAL Keys.
    Head up the ladder. Collect the Chaff Grenades to your right then head left and
    up to the ladder. Otacon will call you again, he's past the 3rd Level of
    Security. Climb up the ladder. Head right and around the Eastern perimeter of
    the Underground Base to collect the FA-MAS Bullets, Stinger Missile etc around
    there. Head back and climb up the ladder to get on top of Rex.
    Head over to the ladder on the other side and Otacon will call you, he has
    hacked into Bakers files and found the secret behind Metal Gear Rex's Nuclear
    Capabilities. Head down the ladder, then head up and to the left to the North
    West corner. Face down and get out your PSG1. Wait until the guard patrolling
    come into sight then shoot him. Head down to the southern end of the base and
    Otacon will call you again, this time he's found Bakers ulterior motive but
    still no override info. Head right and go up the stairs to the Command Room.
    Snake will overhear Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot's plans of world
    domination. Otacon will call you, he has finally found the secret to the PAL
    Keys and he will explain everything. But Revolver Ocelot sees Snake in the
    monitor and shoots the PAL Key out of his hands.
    Un-arm yourself and throw the guard that comes for you. Hhead to the ladder and
    climb up on top of Metal Gear Rex. Now make your way down the ladders to the
    base of Rex, equip your Mine Detector and look around for a small yellow dot.
    If it's in the drainage ditch, head down the stairs to the ditch then run
    and collect the PAL Key. The water in the ditch is poisonous, so don't stay in
    there for too long. If your dot is moving, a rat has it. In this case wait on
    the southern stairs of the drainage ditch and face right. Get out your Stinger
    Missile Launcher and then when the Rat pokes it's head out, blast it. The PAL
    Key will then fly into the ditch where you can easily retrieve it.
    Once you have the PAL Key head back up to the Command Room (disposing of the
    guard with the PSG1 Rifle like before). When at the doorway to the Command
    Room, throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the gun cameras, and then run to the
    other side of the room, look back and blast the gun camera near the door.
    Go over to the first laptop and get out the PAL Key to deactivate the first
    lock. Now you must freeze the key, so head to the Warehouse. Head to the base
    of Rex and then head down through to the room with many gun cameras.
    Throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the many Gun Cameras then head down over the
    bridge, over the traps then through the Level 7 door into the Warehouse. Equip
    the PAL Key then wait until it turns blue, when it does that unequip it. Then
    head up through the Level 7 Door. Head over the traps then throw a Chaff
    Grenade to disable the cameras then head up over the bridge and through the
    door to the Underground Base.
     Underground Base
    Head up to the Command Room like before, and destroy the Camera in there like
    before. Then head to the second laptop and get out the PAL Key to deactivate
    the second lock. Now you have to heat the key, so head to the Blast Furnace.
    Head to the base of Rex then head down through to the room with many Gun
    Throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the many Gun Cameras then head down over the
    bridge, over the traps then through the Level 7 door into the Warehouse. There
    are now guards in here, sneak down past them to the Level 6 Door and go through
    it to the Cargo Elevator.
     Cargo Elevator
    Get on the Cargo Elevator then activate it. Master Miller will call you on the
    way up and he'll tell you about FoxDie and his suspicions of Naomi, the Colonel
    will then tell you that Naomi has been arrested. Then the elevator will make it
    to its destination. Throw a Chaff Grenade then run to the other Cargo Elevator
    and take it up. Now head down into the Blast Furnace.
     Blast Furnace
    Equip the PAL Key then wait under the alcove under the stairs to your left
    until the PAL Key goes Red, when it does that unequip it. Then head back up
    to the Cargo Elevator.
     Cargo Elevator
    Get on the Cargo Elevator and take it down, throw a Chaff Grenade then run
    over to the other Cargo Elevator and activate it. On the way down Naomi will
    call you and explain her reasons behind what she did and her relationship with
    Frank Jaegar (aka Grey Fox). She will also admit to injecting Snake with
    FoxDie, but she says she was following orders. She is then cut off by the
    Colonel. Once the Cargo Elevator reaches its destination, head up through the
    door into the Warehouse.
    Sneak up to the Level 7 Door and go through it. Head over the traps then
    throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the cameras then head up over the bridge and
    through the door to the Underground Base.
     Underground Base
    Head up to the Command Room like before, throw a Chaff Grenade then head
    to the third laptop and get out the PAL Key to deactivate the third lock. But
    what... you've been tricked, you've activated Metal Gear Rex. Master Miller
    will call you, he's a traitor and will rub it in that the terrorists have been
    using you all along as a tool to enable Metal Gear Rex. The Colonel will then
    tell you that Master Miller has been found dead and that you're talking to an
    impostor. The impostor then reveals himself to be Liquid Snake. The door to the
    Command Room now closes and the room fills up with gas. Put on your Gas Mask
    and call Otacon. Eventually he will call you back and will open the door for
    you. Head out of the Command Room and follow Liquid. After the family reunion
    Liquid will jump into Metal Gear Rex's cockpit and will begin to launch it.
     Supply Route
    You will now have to battle the Metal Gear Rex, one on one.
    M e t a l  G e a r  R e x
    Rex is fairly easy. Equip Rations or your Body Armor, and then get out your
    Stinger and press L1 so you can whip it out fast like in the Hind-D battle.
    Anyway, stand around half a screen in front of Rex and then when its machine
    guns fire, run either left or right to avoid them, then get out your Stingers
    and fire one at the Radome (looks like a shield) on Rex's left shoulder (your
    right). If Rex begins to shoot missile run towards it and if it uses its laser
    run away.
    After you damage the Radome severely Liquid will charge Rex at you, but Grey
    Fox flips in and stops his rapid advance. Fox will then damage the Radome
    further then he will hide with Snake and will confess his dark secret regarding
    Naomi to Snake. Fox will then go to attack Rex further but its laser cuts
    his hands off. He has another go but then gets crushed against the wall by
    Rex's snout. Fox then precedes to destroy the Radome while saying the best line
    in the game: "A cornered Fox is more dangerous then a Jackal". After a stand
    off Liquid will crush Fox with Rex's foot. Now for Act 2.
    Liquid in the now opened cockpit has to rely on his own vision, so stay between
    Rex's legs until he stalls. When he does this, get out your Stingers and fire
    one at the underside of the cockpit. After you shoot enough missiles into the
    cockpit, Metal Gear Rex will explode in an extremely satisfying fashion.
    Snake will gets flung into the wall by the explosion.
    From Snake's eyes you see Liquid walking up to Snake, then Snake will black out
    and will find himself on the top of Metal Gear Rex's remains with Liquid
    telling him about war and the "Les Enfant Terrible" project. Snake then calls
    the Colonel and learns of the Governments plans for Shadow Moses, but that
    bastard Jim Houseman cuts your conversation short. Now you must defeat Liquid
    in a fist fight in less then 3:00 to have any chance of saving Meryl.
    L i q u i d  S n a k e
    Quite easy, just run after him and get as many "left jab, right jab then kick"
    combos into him as possible, watch out for his Bull Rush Tackles and
    Roundhouses as they cause quite a lot of damage. When you get him to almost no
    Health kick him off the edge of Rex to finish him off.
    Now if you got through Ocelots Torture without submitting Meryl will be alive,
    if not she'll be dead and Otacon will appear to comfort you. As you jump down
    the Supply Route begins to collapse, you have to make it out the Facility fast.
     Escape Route
    Head right to the rubble and collect the Ration then head in the direction
    Meryl/Otacon did (collect the Ration below the stairs ahead). Meryl/Otacon sets
    off a alarm. Throw the guards around until Meryl/Otacon gets a jeep started
    then run to it. Hold the First Person View button to be able to aim the Machine
    Gun easier. Anyway, shoot the barrels to your left to open up and escape route.
    At the checkpoint, shoot both of the guards and barrels to continue. Then at
    the check point ahead, shoot all three guards to continue. Liquid in another
    jeep will suddenly appear (he just doesn't die), keep shotting him until you
    get to daylight so... I won't spoil the ending. All I will tell you is that
    it's one of the best video game endings ever and it has: twins finishing off
    each others sentences, self discovery, snow-mobiles, and pictures of Polar
    Bears to cool Japanese music with celtic Lyrics.
                                A  P  P  E  N  D  I  X
    * Guards will not only go into Alert Mode if they see you. Using your
      un-silenced SOCOM Pistol, FA-MAS Assualt Rifle, throwing a Grenade or
      throwing a stun Stun Grenade will also make the guards go into Alert Mode.
    * To run while shooting with the SOCOM Pistol or FA-MAS Assualt Rifle hold the
      Weapon Button then the Crawl Button.
    * If you want to choke a Guard to death you have to be standing while you
      press the Weapon Button. If you press it while running into the guard you
      will throw him instead.
    The Codec
    The advice people give Solid Snake via your Codec is indispensable. Here is a
    list of who you should call for specific information:
     140.85 - Roy Campbell & Naomi Hunter
     They give out some advice to Solid Snake, but their main purpose is to brief
     Snake on various aspects of his mission. Naomi can also give you advice and
     background information on the bosses, as she knows them well because she is
     the FOX-HOUND medical doctor.
     140.69 - Mei Ling
     She gives some advice to you about your Soliton Radar, but she will also
     record your mission data (i.e. save your game to your Memory Card). She is the
     biggest (and only) source of Chinese and Western proverbs in the game.
     141.52 - Natasha Romanenko
     She is a military analyst. Equip a weapon and call her, and she will explain
     and tell you technical information about that weapon. Basically call her
     whenever there are weapons, contraptions or thing nuclear in nature.
     141.80 - Master Miller
     Basically gives you psychological advice that may or may not help you
     through Metal Gear Solid. He also knows Alaksa intimately.
     14?.?? - Meryl Silverburgh
     Call her for help or to do stuff in certain sections. She also knows the
     base fairly well.
     141.12 - Otacon
     Knows the base and Metal Gear Rex very well, so call him for advice if you
     need help in those areas. He also can do some odd jobs for you.
     140.48 - Deep Throat
     You cannot call him, but when this mysterious fellow calls you he usually
     dishes out pretty important information.
    Special Items
    Bandana        - Complete the game on any difficulty level, escaping with Meryl
                     in events at the end of the game.
    Stealth Suit   - Complete the game on any difficulty level, escaping with
                     Otacon in events at the end of the game.
    Digital Camera - After collecting the PSG1 Rifle from the Armory. Head to the
                     room where you battled Revolver Ocelot. From there head down
                     then right throw the two holes you blasted before (you may
                     have to explode the wall with C4 if you haven't already).
                     Throw a Chaff Grenade and head through the door above using
                     your Key Card. In this room is the Digital Camera.
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