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    MDX Music Guide by Yoshi Ayarane

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metal Gear Solid (PC Version) MDX Guide
    Author:		Yoshi Ayarane (blueyoshi@layer-infinity.net)
    Site:		http://www.layer-infinity.net
    Version:	1.0
    Date:		October 24, 2002
    Table of Contents:
    	1. About this guide
    	2. MDX Guide
    	3. Why?
    	4. Legal Blah
    Warning: This guide contains major spoilers for MGS. You
    	 HAVE been warned. ^^;;;
    1.	About This Guide
    This guide is exclusively for the PC port of Metal Gear Solid,
    so this won't quite work for the Playstation original. ^_^
    Most people who own the PC version of Metal Gear Solid don't
    really know that you essentially get the OST along with the
    game. It's a bit obscure-- you have to go fishing through the
    game's folder in the Program Files (they aren't visible on
    the game CD-- they only appear when installed either with
    Minimal or Full). The files are in WAV format, so you
    can listen to them in Winamp. Cool!
    How did I find out about this? Well, I was bored and started
    looking around inside my Program Files folder. I had
    downloaded the MGS OST on WinMX, and was surprised to find
    that the game also included WAV files of the BGM (including
    lots of tracks that WEREN'T on the OST). I guess that made
    downloading a BIT redundant... heh.
    Typically, you can find the BGM in C:\Program Files\Metal Gear 
    Solid\MDX. ^_^
    The nice thing about those WAV files is that they were edited
    to loop seamlessly (duh, they ARE used in the game).
    It's both more than and not complete-- what you get that
    isn't on the soundtrack CD is ALL of the VR mission BGM, some
    of the in-game fanfares and a few extra tracks that weren't
    deemed neccessary to include on the official OST. What's
    you don't get:
    	1.  Main Theme
    	    (this is integraded with the VR Missions
    	    opening video on Disc 2)
    	13. Enclosure
    	    (this is integrated with Sniper Wolf's
    	    dying monologue)
    	18. The Best is Yet to Come
    	    (integrated with the ending video, some
    	    of Meryl's scenes, and Naomi's ending
    	20. Main Theme E3 Mix
    	21. Main Theme Control Mix
    	    (this and #20 are OST-exclusive tracks.)
    However, all of those are widely available to download (or
    you can hunt down the OST on CD, if you prefer to take that
    What you can't get no matter what is the music during the
    cutscenes. They're integrated into the demo files, and they
    can't be extracted. Pooh. (This might change, of course, if
    someone is cool enough to write a program to do such a
    thing. ^_^)
    The MDX guide lists all the filenames, and their name on the
    OST (if they were on there). If the track was not on the OST
    CD, I gave it my own name. :P
    Sadly, all of the dialogue and Codec calls are not in WAV
    format. Drat. MGS is known for being one of the best game
    dubs EVER, and it would have rocked if the PC version let
    you listen to the dialogues. (Boo, Konami and Microsoft!
    You should have coded a "sound test" for the PC version!)
    Oh well.
    As far as the PC version of Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance...
    well, if it's like MGS PC where the BGM is a bunch of WAV
    files, you can bet that I'll do a similar guide for that
    game. ^_^
    On we go!
    2.	MDX Guide
    You can find all these files in the following location on your
    PC, assuming you didn't change the install path:
    	C:\Program Files\Metal Gear Solid\MDX
    If the track exists on the OST, I give the track number and
    that name. If it doesn't exist on the OST, I gave it my own
    name. ^^
    File Name	Name
    ---------	----
    0x0a.wav	10 - "Mantis's Hymn"
    0x0b.wav	11 - "Hind D"
    0x0c.wav	12 - "Duel"
    0x0d.wav	"Air Vents"
    0x0e.wav	14 - "Blast Furnace"
    0x0f.wav	"In front of Rex's Chamber"
    0x01.wav	"VR Missions - Main Menu"
    0x1a.wav	"VR Missions - Photo Shoot Mode"
    0x1b.wav	"VR Missions - Target Practice"
    0x1c.wav	"VR Missions - Mystery Mode"
    0x1d.wav	"VR Missions - Genola Battle"
    0x1e.wav	"VR Missions - Target Practice 2"
    0x1f.wav	"VR Missions - Intrusion Detected!"
    0x02.wav	02 - "Introduction"
    0x03.wav	"Sniper Wolf in the Blizzard"
    0x04.wav	04 - "Cavern"
    0x05.wav	05 - "Intruder 1"
    0x06.wav	06 - "Encounter"
    0x07.wav	07 - "Intruder 2"
    0x08.wav	08 - "Warhead Storage"
    0x09.wav	09 - "Intruder 3"
    0x10.wav	"Rex's Destruction - Aftermath"
    0x11.wav	17 - "Escape"
    0x12.wav	"Blizzard"
    0x13.wav	19 - "VR Training" (main section)
    0x14.wav	19 - "VR Training" (lead-in)
    0x15.wav	"Mantis's Feedback Loop"
    0x16.wav	"Air Vents 2"
    0x17.wav	"Electric Currents"
    0x18.wav	"Sniper Wolf's Defeat"
    0x19.wav	"VR Missions - Ninja Mode"
    0x20.wav	"VR Missions - Mission Complete!"
    0x21.wav	"VR Missions - Mission Failed!"
    0x22.wav	"Static Feedback"
    0x23.wav	15 - "Colloseo"
    0x24.wav	16 - "Rex's Lair"
    0x25.wav	"Outside Shadow Moses"
    0x26.wav	"Deploying the Keycard"
    0x27.wav	"VR Missions - Defeat the UFO!"
    0x28.wav	03 - "Discovery"
    0x29.wav	"Underground Tunnel"
    And just to be a completist, I'll do a different version
    of the list and display the OST tracks and their equivalent
    WAV files in the PC version's MDX folder. ^_^
    OST Name			MDX Filename
    --------			------------
    01.	Main Theme		(not available)
    02.	Introduction		0x02.wav
    03.	Discovery		0x28.wav
    04.	Cavern			0x04.wav
    05.	Intruder 1		0x05.wav
    06.	Encounter		0x06.wav
    07.	Intruder 2		0x07.wav
    08.	Warhead Storage		0x08.wav
    09.	Intruder 3		0x09.wav
    10.	Mantis's Hymn		0x0a.wav
    11.	Hind D			0x0b.wav
    12.	Duel			0x0c.wav
    13.	Enclosure		(not available)
    14.	Blast Furnace		0x0e.wav
    15.	Colloseo		0x23.wav
    16.	Rex's Lair		0x24.wav
    17.	Escape			0x11.wav
    18.	The Best is Yet to Come (not available)
    19.	VR Training		0x13.wav and 0x14.wav
    20.	Main Theme E3 Mix	(not available)
    21.	Main Theme Control Mix	(not available)
    3.	Why?
    Why write a guide about a bunch of WAV files?
    It's just a quirk. It's one of those neat things that aren't
    necessary to know but nice to know anyway, and especially
    useful if you want the OST (or most of it, anyway) but don't
    want to shell out the big bucks and spend valuable time
    chasing down the OST or just as much time downloading it.
    Gosh, I think the exposition takes up more space than the
    actual MDX guide itself. o.o
    4.	Legal Blah
    This is probably going to be the shortest disclaimer EVER. :P
    I obviously do not own the rights to Metal Gear Solid or
    anything related to it (though I do agree that Hideo Kojima
    is a GENIUS!). That, friends, is property of good ol' Konami,
    who you will ph34r. Oh, Microsoft did the PC port, ph34r them,
    too. I also don't own the rights to the OST. To make a long
    story short, "All trademarks and copyrights in this document
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright
    holders." Yay.
    Currently, GameFAQs is the only site allowed to host this
    FAQ (with an exception-- this will also be hosted on my site,
    though chances are, you're viewing this from GameFAQs.).
    If you ask really nicely, and are willing to update this
    guide if it is updated (although as is, it's very much
    complete), I might let you host it.
    This guide, however, is MINE! Yeah. Mine. Got it? So, like,
    don't go stealing it or anything. 'Cause that's evil... in a
    BAD way. (I'm one of those "pro-villainy" people.) I'm a poor
    college student and don't quite have the resources to hire an
    attorney with Solid Snake-strength lawyer skillz, but, um,
    bad karma will fall upon you if you use material from this
    guide without permission. Yeah, that's it. Fear the bad
    Metal Gear Solid MDX Guide is (c) 2002 April Arellanes.
    "Fear the cardboard box!"

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