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    Extreme Difficulty Walkthrough by Dark Angel / Liquid316

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    Metal Gear Solid for Playstation
    FAQ/Walkthrough (aimed at Extreme difficulty)
    By Dark Angel (dark_angel13uk@hotmail.com) and Liquid316
    This document can only be reproduced with express permission by either author,
    and with email consent. If it is hosted with our permission, it must remain
    unaltered and in it's original condition.  All rights reserved. Copyright
    Metal Gear Solid © is the copyright of Konami Ltd. and Konami Computer
    Entertainment Japan.
    This guide assumes that you have good knowledge of what is required to progress
    in Metal Gear Solid. After all, the only way you can access Extreme mode is by
    completing the game on Easy, Normal or Hard.  So therefore some of the more
    basic parts of the walkthrough are in less detail (but they are still included)
    in favour for how to progress through a level in the quickest time possible to
    obtain higher rankings.
    Each section has a quick find in the []'s.  Press Control and F and type in the
    characters in the []'s and press Enter to find that certain section.  You can
    also put in the section number (e.g.: 5.1 for the Dock).  This is so you don’t
    have scroll through the entire document looking for the right section.
    1. History
    2. History of the Metal Gear Series                         [2HMS]
    3. Controls                                                 [3CON]
    4. Character and Bosses Profiles                            [4CBP]
    5. Walkthrough
    5.1 Dock                                                    [5DOC]
    5.2 Heliport                                               [5HELI]
    5.3 Vent Shaft Entrance 1                                  [5VSE1]
    5.4 Vent Shaft Entrance 2                                  [5VSE2]
    5.5 Tank Hangar                                              [5TH]
    5.6 Cell                                                   [5CELL]
    5.7 Armoury                                                 [5ARM]
    5.8 Armoury South                                          [5ARMS]
    5.9 Canyon                                                  [5CAN]
    5.10 Nuclear Warhead Storage Building                      [5NUKE]
    5.11 Wolf Cave                                               [5WC]
    5.12 Underground Passage                                     [5UP]
    5.13 Torture Room                                           [5TOR]
    5.14 Communication Tower A                                [5COMM1]
    5.15 Communication Tower B                                [5COMM2]
    5.16 Snowfield                                             [5SNOW]
    5.17 Blast Furnace                                           [5BF]
    5.18 Cargo Elevator                                          [5CE]
    5.19 Warehouse                                              [5WAR]
    5.20 Rex’s Lair                                             [5REX]
    5.21 Escape Route                                           [5ESC]
    6. Weapons                                                  [6WEA]
    7. Items                                                    [7ITM]
    8. VR Training                                               [8VR]
    9. Secrets                                                  [9SEC]
    10. Ghosts                                                 [10GHO]
    11. Soundtrack                                             [11OST]
    12. Rankings                                               [12RAN]
    13. Credits
    1. HISTORY
    If you're really bothered, the dates are set UK style, so Date/Month/Year
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.1    |
    Finished: Previous Story, Characters and Bosses Profiles, Weapons, Items,
    Started:  Secrets, Walkthrough
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.2    |
    Finished: Secrets, Controls
    Started:  VR Training
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.3    |
    Changed usual Previous Story that is in the game to complete History of the
    Metal Gear Series.
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.4    |
    Added maps by Liquid316 and finished the walkthrough up to the Tank Hangar.
    Finished: VR Training
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.5    |
    Finished the walkthrough up to Communication Tower A.
    Finished the walkthrough up to Blast Furnace
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.6    |
    Added Soundtrack section, Blast Furnace, Cargo Elevator area and maps.  Also
    added Warehouse North maps in the Warehouse section of the walkthrough.
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.7    |
    Walkthrough finished, will only be updated to change little bits and add
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.8    |
    Added extra tips for surviving the torture, as well as extra on the cargo
    elevator, PAL key sections and link to video of Raven fight.
    |                   |
    |    Version 1.9    |
    Blimey, over a year since I updated, as I have finally fixed the dock,
    heliport, tank hangar and guard fight maps that had gone all wrong with the
    2. HISTORY OF THE METAL GEAR SERIES                            [2HMS]
    Where it all started, this little game back in 1987 spawned the Metal Gear
    series, and introduced the legendary character of Solid Snake to the world.
    Developed by Hideo Kojima (this being his first game) and released firstly on
    the MSX in Japan, a home computer system well established in the country and
    Europe, but relatively unknown in America.  It was later put on the NES for the
    US market, on Konami's Ultra Games label in 1988 (see below).
    In Metal Gear (set in 1995), you took control of Solid Snake, the newest
    recruit of the Special Forces unit FOXHOUND, then led by Big Boss.  He is sent
    to Outer Heaven, to find out what happened to fellow FOXHOUND member, and their
    best member at that, Grey Fox.  Fox was sent to investigate and gain further
    information on a new weapon of mass destruction that a mercenary group who took
    over Outer Heaven have apparently got their hands on..........enter Metal Gear,
    that big ass nuclear tank that Snake just can't stop getting messed up with
    from now on.  So Snake goes in to rescue Fox and discover more about this Metal
    Gear.  He enlists the help of Metal Gear's creator, Dr Petrovich Madnar (what a
    name....) to find out the machine's weakness as a way of defeating it.  Down in
    the 100th basement floor of Outer Heaven, Snake succeeded in defeating Metal
    Gear and finds out the mercenaries who took over Outer Heaven were being led by
    no other than Big Boss himself, and that he was manipulating Snake all along,
    via his commandment of FOXHOUND.  Snake then fights Big Boss and emerges
    victorious (was there any doubt?!).  He disappears into the Canadian mountains
    and retires from FOXHOUND.
    Looking back, it almost sounds like a standard Metal Gear game storyline, but
    the game introduced a whole new genre of gaming, that of stealth fighting and
    espionage, a nice change from the Zelda games or guns blazing fighters of the
    time.  It focused on killing discreetly, moving silently and avoiding guards,
    for if you were seen a flood of guards would come after you, with the only was
    to escape them to hide and wait it out.  This would become the core of the
    later games in the series.  Much like later games in the series, Metal Gear
    introduced the Codec communication system and on site acquisition of weapons
    and items.
    The game was ported from the Japanese version to the American NES in 1988, and
    was handled by Konami's NES label, Ultra Games.  The conversion itself and
    translation wasn't handled by Kojima so some elements were lost in the
    conversion to the smaller NES cartridge, such as different maps and backgrounds
    and in the US version the eventual "villain", Big Boss isn't revealed until
    right at the end, before hand having players believe a terrorist called Vernon
    CaTaffy (another great name) is the group's leader, and gave us some classic
    quotes from the lousy translation such as "Uh Oh, the truck have started to
    move"" and "I feel asleep...".  The original Japanese MSX version is generally
    thought of as the real version of the game due to poor conversion to
    accommodate an American audience, shame you have to be able to read Japanese to
    experience it.....
    The game became one of the biggest titles released in the late 80's in Japan,
    as well as the exposure to the American market led to the release of the sub
    standard Snake's Revenge (see later episodes).
    Following the success of Metal Gear, it's sequel Metal Gear 2, was released in
    1990 on the MSX2.  It had evolved from it's predecessor in many ways, better
    graphics and sound, more depth in the game concept, as well as the inclusion of
    the radar system and Codec (a continuing essential part in the games in the
    series afterwards).
    The story of Metal Gear 2 was set in 1999, and had Snake setting off to
    Zanzibar where a military group had kidnapped Doctor Kio Marv, a researcher who
    had created a substance called Oilix, used to process crude oil, effectively
    solving the problem of diminishing oil supplies.  Zanizbar then declared itself
    as controller of the world's energy and nuclear weapons, prompting the new
    commander of FOXHOUND, Colonel Campbell to call Snake back into service.  Snake
    infiltrates Zanzibar Land, and meets up again with Dr. Pettrovich, the chief
    engineer of Metal Gear at Outer Heaven. He too was abducted to Zanzibar Land
    and was apparently forced to develop another Metal Gear. Snake also finds out
    that his former partner, friend and FOXHOUND companion from the previous game,
    Grey Fox is in charge of the Zanzibar mercenaries.  Snake also discovers
    Pettrovich had ordered the abduction of Marv himself.  Snake easily disposes of
    Pettrovich and recovers the OILIX formula.  While escaping, he faces another
    Metal Gear, having been developed from the data in the remains of the one Snake
    defeated at Outer Heaven, four years previously.  It is handled by Grey Fox,
    and even after Snake defeats Metal Gear, he and Fox fight in a hand to hand
    duel (sound familiar to anyone who has completed Metal Gear Solid on the
    Playstation??).  Having finished off Fox, he also discovers that Big Boss had
    survived his defeat at Snake's hand before, and is back as the general
    commander of the military force at Zanzibar.  The final battle commences, and
    even after discovering Big Boss is his father, Snake wins and flees Zanzibar in
    the midst of it's destruction, again retiring to the remote lands of Alaska.
    The second game in the series was another huge success in Japan, but a NES or
    other console conversion never happened, leaving the United States and Europe
    without an official release.  The sequel continued the gameplay elements of
    stealth and espionage so prominent in the first game, as well as an engaging,
    suitably complicated and rich storyline that would also be a huge part of the
    later official releases.
    The big one, the game that bought the series to the mass markets, of the United
    States and Europe.  It was hyped for ages, with many-an-enticing trailer at E3,
    having been announced at the 1997 show, and released on the Playstation in 1998
    in Japan and 1999 in Europe/USA.  The technical developments of the Playstation
    over the MSX and NES, allowed Kojima to pursue movie like quality and the game
    went even further to being described as an interactive movie.
    Metal Gear Solid is set six years after Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, in 2005,
    where on the island of Shadow Moses, in Alaska's Fox Archipelago, a terrorist
    group made up of members from no other than Snake's old unit FOXHOUND, and
    demands the remains of Big Boss or they'll fire a nuclear weapon from a newly
    built Metal Gear that was being developed at the base.  Snake is called back
    again by Campbell (no longer leader of FOXHOUND) to infiltrate the base, and
    neutralise the terrorist threat.  He rescues the two hostages taken at the
    base, Kenneth Baker, president of ArmsTech (the company developing the new
    Metal Gear REX) and the DARPA Chief who was collaborating with Baker.  Both die
    of what looks like a heart attack, but what is later revealed to be FOXDie, a
    virus carried (unbeknown) by Snake, to be used to take out the terrorists and
    retrieve Metal Gear intact.  Working with Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, the chief
    engineer for Metal Gear REX, Campbell's daughter, Meryl Silverburgh, and a
    mysterious ninja who turns out to be Grey Fox, who was resurrected and kept
    alive by his cyborg suit, Snake succeeds in taking out the FOXHOUND members
    (except Revolver Ocelot who escapes - see Metal Gear Solid 2) and then takes on
    Metal Gear, piloted by Liquid Snake, who is revealed to be Snake's brother,
    both cloned from Big Boss's DNA.  After destroying Metal Gear, Snake and Liquid
    fight atop the machine's remains, brother to brother.  Snake emerges victorious
    and escapes with either Meryl or Otacon (there is a choice of two endings), but
    not before finishing off Liquid with FOXDie.  Also, right at the end of the
    credits, it is revealed that Ocelot was a double agent, who talks with the
    President of the United States, but more is revealed in Metal Gear Solid 2.
    The game was (another!) huge success in all markets, and a PC version was
    released in 2000.  It became a conversion of Metal Gear Solid: Intergral
    (released only in Japan - see The Others!!) an enhanced version of Metal Gear
    Solid that included extra VR missions.
    While it didn't do much to change the formula of stealth instead of straight
    out action in the game, the gameplay was greatly improved, using the technology
    to full extent.  The 3D graphics allowed the feel of the game to be more
    intimate, with greatly enhanced guard interaction that the previous games all
    adding to the sense of tactical espionage that was essential to the game
    Another very hyped sequel, especially after the success of the previous game.
    First seen at E3 in 2000 and a move to the Playstation 2, Metal Gear Solid 2:
    Sons Of Liberty was released in 2001 in America and 2002 in Europe on the PS2
    and released on the XBox as Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (see below) in 2002
    in America.
    The storyline of the sequel has even more twists than the previous, so
    describing the story is going to take some time.  Firstly, the game is split
    into two episodes, Tanker and Plant.  Most of what happens in the Tanker
    episode, as well as links to what happened at Shadow Moses is explained at the
    end of Plant episode to give one of the most confusing, open ended yet
    philosophically endings of any of the Metal Gear games.
    After Revolver Ocelot stole the Metal Gear data at Shadow Moses, it was sold on
    the black market leading to a almost every organisation having their own
    version of Metal Gear.  The story is set first in 2007 sees Snake return to
    investigate a new prototype of Metal Gear being transported aboard a tanker.
    Snake locates the tankers destination, and fights Olga Gurlukovich (Sergei's
    daughter), then proceeds ton the tanker holds to get photographic evidence of
    the new Metal Gear.  The US Marines have developed the new prototype (Metal
    Gear RAY) as a way to combat the increasing number of other Metal Gears, but
    Ocelot and Sergei Gurlukovich (whose mercenary forces were guarding the tanker)
    hijack the ship and steal Metal Gear RAY.  Snake's presence to Ocelot causes
    Liquid Snake to appear using his body, via his arm that was surgically
    implanted on Ocelot's arm grey Fox cut it off at Shadow Moses.  ocelot also
    kills Sergei and the Marine Commander, Scott Dolph before blowing up the tanker
    and escaping on RAY.  Later, photos taken show Snake on the tanker and he is
    branded a terrorist, blamed for sinking the tanker and for killing Dolph and
    Two years later, set in 2009, the second part of the game is played by Raiden,
    a new FOXHOUND recruit sent into the Big Shell plant that was set up over where
    the oil tanker sunk two years before, as a decontamination facility.
    Terrorists led by members of Dead Cell, Olga Gurlucovich and her mercenary
    forces (she took over after her father) had taken over the Big Shell, kidnapped
    30 or so hostages, including the President, James Johnson, and demanding $30
    billion or they'll blow up the Big Shell.  SEAL team 10 is also sent in,
    allowing Raiden to make an unnoticed infiltration.  The SEALS are wiped out by
    members of Dead Cell, Vamp and Fortune.  Raiden also meets Lieutenant Junior
    Grade, Iroquois Pliskin, the only apparent SEAL survivor, and Peter Stillman, a
    demolitions experts.  Together they set to disarm the C4's set on the Shell to
    blow it up, but after Raiden and Pliskin disarm them all, it sets off a bomb at
    the bottom of one of the shells, killing Stillman and flooding some of the
    shells struts.  Raiden progresses to fight Fortune and then Dead Cell's
    demolitions expert, Fatman, as well as meeting a mysterious Ninja calling
    themselves Mr X and bearing a close resemblance to the ninja on Shadow Moses.
    Raiden moves on to the President's location, after fighting the leader of Dead
    Cell, calling himself Solid Snake.  It is now revealed that Pliskin is actually
    the Solid Snake supposedly killed in the tanker explosion two years ago, and
    that the leader of Dead Cell is Solidus Snake, Snake and Liquid's brother and
    the third clone of Big Boss.  Raiden gets to where the President's location,
    where he is killed by Ocelot, essentially stopping the terrorists being able to
    launch a nuke as they needed the President's vital signs to launch.  Before
    being killed, Johnson reveals the existence of an organisation called The
    Patriots, the real rulers of the country, and how the Big Shell is really just
    a cover up for the development of the new Metal Gear, Arsenal Gear.  Raiden
    heads to find Emma Emmerich, Otacon's sister, who has a virus that can take out
    Arsenal Gear's control system, GW.  On the way he fights Vamp and leads Emma to
    the outer fence to get to the computer room to use the virus.  But before Emma
    gets there, she is stabbed by Vamp, and eventually dies before the virus can
    have full effect on Arsenal.  Snake and Raiden then board Arsenal, with the
    help of the Ninja, revealed to be Olga, where Raiden is tortured by Solidus.
    Raiden's real past is then revealed, being a child soldier for Solidus's army,
    who had killed Raiden's parents.  Raiden meets up with Snake later, and then
    faces a fight with a large number of mass-produced Metal Gear RAY's that
    protect Arsenal Gear.  The virus kicks in, disabling the RAY's and GW,
    Arsenal's control system, as well as revealing that the Colonel Campbell Raiden
    has been taking orders from is really just an A.I, an apparition produced by
    Raiden's brain.  Snake goes after Ocelot, taken over my Liquid who is after the
    Patriots real names and locations, on a disc that Snake has, unbeknown to
    Liquid.  Raiden and Solidus then fight on Federal Hall and the AI Colonel
    reveals the reality of the Patriots and the S3 Plan to control human will and
    consciousness, to save the human race from itself, to stop it drowning in the
    junk data now available to the individual due to technological advances in
    communication and information availability "unnecessary information and memory
    must be filtered out to stimulate the evolution of the species".  They tell
    Raiden to kill Solidus, who intents to liberate the country from The Patriots
    rule.  He does so, and eventually meets the "real" Rose (his girlfriend, and
    analyst throughout the game) who was also manipulated by the Patriots to
    collect information on Raiden, and replaced by an AI after GW takes effect.
    Snake also appears again, after Ocelot/Liquid got away and Vamp survives too
    (can be seen in the background in the ending sequences).  From the list of the
    Patriots names, Snake has it is also revealed that the 12 top Patriots have all
    been dead for 100 years.  The ending is left very open ended and lets the
    player draw their own conclusions from what has been seen.
    The game itself was received with huge sales, but there was great reservation
    about the inclusion of Raiden as a main character for the majority of the game,
    especially to those who had waited for so long to play Snake again after Metal
    Gear Solid.  This lead to the development of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (see
    below).  Graphically, the game was excellent, pushing the Playstation to it's
    limits, and a familiar return of many voice actors in the previous game.  As
    usual the gameplay was essentially the same, but with the inclusion of a first
    person shooting mode, like the ability in Intergral to play Metal Gear Solid
    from a first person perspective.  The PAL version of the game also had extra
    features than the American version, with a Casting Theatre (changing characters
    in selected FMV's), Boss Survival, extra dog tags to collect and the inclusion
    of a "making of" DVD.
    ----A) SNAKE'S REVENGE----
    Released on the NES in 1990 in the USA, it acted as a sequel to Metal Gear in
    place of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake that was never released outside of Japan.
    Despite this, it is not an official part of the Metal Gear history, and not
    developed by Hideo Kojima himself, instead by Ultra Games, the same company who
    badly converted the original Metal Gear for the NES and American audiences in
    1988.  It is generally dismissed by Metal Gear fans, due to it's substandard
    development and the fact it bares no resemblance to the essence of all Metal
    Gear games: the emphasis on espionage, stealth and drama, instead ending up as
    more of a action adventure game.
    Snake's Revenge is set somewhere between 1995 and 1999, after Metal Gear, but
    before Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (as Snake is still a member of FOXHOUND,
    apparently now a Lieutenant - he is a member in Metal Gear but not Metal Gear
    2).  Also in this game, Colonel Campbell is already FOXHOUND commander (like in
    Metal Gear 2) and orders Snake, and two other commandos, John Turner and Nick
    "La Bomba" Myer (can you see the differences yet?) to kill a wealthy terrorist
    called Highrolla Kockamamie (......oh dear...) who has an abundance of nuclear
    weapons and is threatening to take over the world and probably blow various
    parts of it up (do you really care?).  Snake and the commandos infiltrate
    Kockamamie's base wonderfully named "Fortress Fanatic" and find that the
    terrorist had his hands on a new Metal Gear (named Metal Gear
    1......fantastic....).  Snake succeeds in defeating Metal Gear and Kockamamie
    and some time afterward, but before Metal Gear 2 decides to retire from
    ----B) METAL GEAR SOLID (GBC)----
    Released in 2000 for the Gameboy Color, and originally named Metal Gear: Ghost
    Babel (name of the Japanese release), the name was changed for European and
    American releases for marketing purposes and the recognition the name had
    gotten due to the Playstation version.
    The story is set seven years after Outer Heaven in 2002, and Snake is brought
    in after a US Army cargo plane carrying nuclear weapons and a new Metal Gear is
    hijacked and held by terrorists in the Central African nation of Gindra, led by
    the GLF, the Gindran Liberation Front.  They and their leader, General
    Augustine Eguabon (the developers really do have fun making up these names....)
    demand independence for Gindra and withdrawal of United Nations peacekeepers or
    they will use Metal Gear (which was developed by the US government after the
    retrieval of plans from Outer Heaven) to
    fire a nuclear weapon.  A Delta Force team is set in and wiped out, prompting
    Snake to be asked in after Campbell reveals that the land the Gindra fortress,
    Galuade, is on is the same place as
    where Outer Heaven was situated seven years before, leaving Snake to head to
    Outer Heaven again to stop Metal Gear.  Here, he works with
    Sergenant Chris Jenner, the only survivor from the Delta Force squad sent in
    and James Harks, the young designer of the Metal Gear housed in Gindra to take
    on the terrorist group Black Chamber who
    were working with the GLF and eventually head down to the 100th basement floor
    again to face Metal Gear.
    The story has large similarities with the Playstation version as well as Metal
    Gear, but is also a very good standalone story, despite not
    being part of the official Metal Gear history (although not so apart from it as
    Snake's Revenge is).
    Released in Japan only on the Playstation in 1999, this was an "enhanced"
    version of the original Metal Gear Solid, and while it was largely unchanged on
    the story side of things, it tried to tackle the complaints of the original
    being too short (13 hours at most for the main story).  Intergral tried to
    solve this by adding VR missions and extras to be unlocked for the main game
    (English voice acting, with English and Japanese subtitles; very easy mode with
    a weapon straight away and unlimited ammo; first person perspective mode).
    The VR missions were the main additions found in Intergral, with over 300 new
    missions along the lines of how the training mode was like in the original,
    with many testing ability with certain weapons, ranging from the use of the
    SOCOM pistol to the Stinger missile launcher, as well missions solving
    mysteries and even 3 missions allowing the gamer to play as the Ninja in the
    original game.
    For unlocking a certain amount of VR missions, or obtaining certain items or
    goals in the story mode, Snake can take pictures of Doctor Naomi Hunter or Mei
    Ling in the original story mode, with the distance between the two decreasing
    as more is unlocked.
    Released in Europe and America in 1999, this was essentially a limited version
    of Intergral, featuring only the VR missions section, without the extras
    available in story mode.
    Set to be released on the PS2 in 2003, and already out for the Xbox, Metal Gear
    Solid 2: Substance is essential what Intergral and Special/VR missions were to
    Metal Gear Solid.  Both the PS2 and XBox versions include 200+ VR Missions, 100
    alternate missions, 5 miniepisodes called "Snake Tales" as well as, in response
    to the unfavourable reaction to the addition of Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2,
    the ability to play the game fully as Snake, the ninja or even Raiden.  The
    American version also includes many of the PAL additions from Metal Gear Solid
    2, such as a European Extreme difficulty and Boss Survival.
    3. CONTROLS                                                    [3CON]
    D-Pad/Left Analog Stick - Run/Move Snake
    Square - Use weapon when weapon is equipped/Throw or Choke when no  weapon is
    X - Press once when standing to crouch, then move in a direction to crawl.
    O - Punch, press three times to do a punch, punch, kick combo/Knock on wall
    when backed against a wall.
    Triangle - Press and hold to see in First Person.
    L1 - Item quick change (if you press it when no item is equipped, the last item
    will become equipped, if you press it when an item is equipped, it will be
    L2 - Press and hold to open item menu.  Move up and the down the listed items,
    then let go of L2 when the item you want is highlighted (in the left hand
    corner) and it will become equipped.
    R1 - Weapon quick change (if you press it when no weapon is equipped, the last
    weapon will become equipped, if you press it when a weapon is equipped, it will
    be unequipped)
    R2 - Press and hold to open weapon menu.  Move up and the down the listed
    weapons, then let go of L2 when the weapon you want is highlighted (in the left
    hand corner) and it will become equipped.
    If you go up behind a guard and press Square (with no weapon equipped) you will
    start to choke the guard.  Continue pressing Square quickly and you will snap
    the guard's neck.  Alternatively you can press Square once to choke hold the
    guard, then use the D-Pad to drag the guard.  After a while the guard will
    struggle (you can feel the pad vibrate when this happens) so press Square again
    to secure your hold.  If you don't you'll drop the guard and he'll be knocked
    Quick Peek
    When in First Person, press and hold R1 to step right and L1 to step left.
    This can let you peek around a corner quickly.  Release the button to step back.
    Quick reload
    Keep an eye on the bullet count in the current weapon (in the right hand
    corner, the yellow lines are amount of ammo in the current clip).  When your
    running low (especially in a boss battle), press R1 in quick succession.  This
    will un-equip and equip the weapon, as well as reload the weapon so the clip
    will be full when it's equipped.
    Knocking on walls
    If you press against a wall or container and then press O, you will knock on
    the wall.  This can attract the attention of nearby guards, and allowing you to
    go around them.
    Quick let go of chokehold
    If you press L1 twice when you’ve just killed a guard it saves time of him
    falling to the ground.
    4. CHARACTER AND BOSSES PROFILES                               [4CBP]
    ----------------------------SOLID SNAKE------------------------------
    Solid Snake’s real name is Dave and he has an IQ of 180. He is a highly
    trained, elite soldier with a personal preference for parachuting, S.C.U.B.A
    diving, free climbing, rappelling, small and medium range handguns, and various
    hand-to-hand combat techniques. He can also speak 6 languages.
    "The man that makes the impossible happen", Snake is a living legend.  A former
    elite soldier serving in the special FOX-HOUND unit, Snake is a past master of
    silent infiltration.  He first demonstrated his unique skills in the Outer
    Heaven crisis, defeating Big Boss and the Metal Gear robot.
    Not long afterwards, he voluntarily left FOX-HOUND. He was then recruited by
    the Central Intelligence Agency as a non-official covert operative. His
    affiliation with the CIA didn't last long as there was a conflict in
    philosophies and Snake ultimately found himself fighting the system that is the
    CIA. After this, Snake spent some years as a mercenary before leaving for the
    deep wilderness of the Canadian mountains for self-rehabilitation. It was
    there, four years later, that he was contacted by his former commander, Roy
    Campbell and in to assist in the Zanzibar Land Revolt.
    In the Zanzibar Land Revolt, Snake found himself up against Big Boss and Metal
    Gear again.  During the mission, Snake has to defeat his friend and former
    comrade in Outer Heaven, Grey Fox, as well as killing his own father  - Big
    Boss.  Snake had been cloned from Big Boss’s DNA, making him the perfect
    fighter, from Big Boss’s soldier genes.
    After Zanzibar, Snake retreats to Alaska, to live in solitude.
    He pursues a frugal lifestyle in the Alaskan Mountains, an elementary existence
    living off the local flora and fauna and the wild animals he hunts. Blending in
    to his environment, he has become at one with his surroundings mastering the
    rough conditions of the great outdoor. Snake has been suffering post-traumatic
    stress disorder following his military career. Abnormal experiences and extreme
    trauma in the battlefield have brought about illusions as well as guilt,
    causing mental confusion. His new lifestyle is a search for some kind of inner
    peace, an attempt to forget about past events. Snake also participates in dog
    sleigh racing to distract him from his psychological condition. He has been
    preparing for the world's longest and toughest dog sleigh race taking place in
    -----------------------------ROY CAMPBELL----------------------------
    Retired from the armed forces, Colonel Campbell has been called in on this
    crisis, as he knows how to contact and work with Solid Snake. He accepts the
    position of operations commander to counter the terrorist attack. His primary
    motivation in coming out of retirement is to protect his niece Meryl, as he
    learns of her involvement in the mission. Campbell succeeds in contacting Snake
    in persuading him to accept this dangerous assignment. Operations Commander
    Campbell maintains communication with Solid Snake from the nuclear submarine
    Before being assigned Commander of the original FOX-HOUND following the
    departure of Big Boss, he served in the US Marine Corps, Green Beret and Delta
    Force. In FOX-HOUND, he was assigned Executive Officer of the unit following
    his experience and strategic planning capabilities.
    --------------------------MERYL SILVERBURGH--------------------------
    Meryl is a new recruit of FOX-HOUND and was assigned to Shadow Moses Island on
    the very day of the terrorist attack. She is inescapably dragged into this
    incident. She proves a valuable and capable ally to Solid Snake, both in person
    and via Codec.  Her preferred weapon is a Desert Eagle pistol. Good
    hand-to-hand combat skills.
    Meryl is Operation Commander Campbell's niece. (SPOILER: Meryl is actually
    Campbell's daughter.  It's revealed in the Otacon ending that he didn’t know
    about it until her mother - his dead brother's wife - told him).  Although she
    has an excellent military training record, she has no real direct experience on
    the battlefield.
    Meryl was born into a family of military tradition and has trained herself to
    be a soldier for as long as she can remember. She never once questioned her
    ambition and has pursued it rigorously. Although a genetically superior and
    capable combatant, she has only fought in a simulator environment. She handles
    a Desert Eagle pistol with only one hand, no easy physical achievement for a
    Meryl has undergone genetic engineering treatments. She was genetically
    enhanced to be a superior combatant. In addition, Meryl underwent psychotherapy
    so that she could not have any emotional dependence on others. This was an
    experiment in limiting the emotional potential of an individual soldier, thus
    keeping him or her focused on a defined area.
    -----------------------------NAOMI HUNTER----------------------------
    Naomi is responsible for the upgrade and maintenance of FOX-HOUND members. She
    integrates newly discovered combatant genes to all members and conducts
    additional programme enhancement. She also provides expert information on
    genome guards and on any other enemy that may have received genetic treatment.
    Snake therefore has access to data on the characteristics of enemies, on how to
    defeat them, on their behaviour patterns and their personalities. She has
    conducted gene therapy on her own genes governing her sexuality, suppressing
    her attraction to the male sex. Solid Snake becomes the exception to her own
    She is the medical chief of Colonel Campbell's team providing support for Solid
    Snake. A beautiful brown-skinned woman of mixed Japanese and Indian origin, she
    is responsible for genetic engineering and genetic therapy. She is
    affectionately called "Doctor Naomi" rather than "Doctor Hunter" by her staff.
    After graduating from college, Naomi worked for the Toyko Police Science Lab
    (TPSL) as a DNA tester. She became disenchanted by both the lack of precision
    in DNA testing as well a by the weakness of the TPSL organisation. She moved to
    US and joined the commercial world working for the biotech business giant
    Advanced Techincal Genetic Corporation (ATGC) in Biotech Bay, California. She
    discovered a mean of using a gene (a spreading agent) as a vector without
    viruses and ribosome enhancement agents. Her work was quickly acknowledged and
    she was recruited to the medical staff of FOX-HOUND. The budget of the NIH
    (National Institute of Health) was reduced. As gene therapy was a priority area
    the NIH approached ATGC to enter into co-operative research. Military
    applications were discovered for the work of former employee Naomi Hunter. The
    combined ATGC - NIH research was redirected to FOX-HOUND under the direction of
    the Pentagon. This led to the Genome Army Project.
    SPOILER: Naomi is revealed as a spy near the end of the game, and she isn't
    really Naomi Hunter, only assuming her identity.  She also injected Snake with
    FoxDIE under orders of the government to kill off the terrorists and witnesses
    to the Metal Gear development.  As it's kinda hard to explain here's the
    transcript of the conversation about her past she has with Snake after she's
    been arrested:
    Naomi: Snake, can you hear me? It's Naomi
    Snake: Naomi, what the hell?!
    N: Campbell and the others are busy right now, I'm on a different Codec.
    S: Naomi, is what the Colonel said true? [about being a spy, sending messages
    to the base]
    N: Yes, but not everything I said was a lie.
    S: Who are you?
    N: I..I don't know myself.  I don't know my real name, or even what my parents
    looked like.  I bought all my identification but my reason for getting into
    genetics was true.
    S: Cos you want to know yourself right?
    N: That's right I want to know where I came from, my age, my race, anything.
    S: Naomi..
    N: I was found in Rhodesia, sometime in the 80's, a dirty little orphan.
    S: Rhodesia? What's now known as Zimbabwe?
    N: Yes, Rhodesia was owned by England until 1965 and there were lots of Indian
    labourers around, that's probably where I got my skin colour from, but I'm not
    even sure about that.
    S: Naomi, you're too worried about the past.  Isn't it enough to understand who
    you are now?
    N: Understand who I am now? Why should I?! No-one else tries to understand me!
    I was alone for so long, until I met my big brother and him..
    S: Your big brother?
    N: Yes….Frank Jaeger [Grey Fox, the ninja]
    S: What?
    N: He was a young soldier, when he picked me up by the Zambezi river.  I was
    half dead from starvation and he shared his rations with me.  Yes, Frank
    Jaeger, the man you destroyed was my brother and my only family.
    S: No….Grey Fox?
    N: We survived that hell together, Frank and I.  He protected me, he's my one
    connection, the only connection I have to my past.
    S: And he bought you back to America.
    N: I was in Mozambique when "he" came.
    S: Who is "he"? You mean Big Boss?
    N: Yes, he bought us to this "land of freedom", this America.  Then he and my
    brother went back to Africa to continue the war.  And that's when it happened.
    You killed my benefactor and send my brother home a cripple.  I vowed revenge
    and joined FOX-HOUND.  I knew it was my best chance to meet you and I prayed
    for the day that I would.
    S: So, were your prayers answered?
    N: Yes, I waited two long years.
    S: To kill me? Is that all you cared about?
    N: Yes, that's right, two years, you were all I thought about for two long
    years, like some kind of twisted obsession.
    S: Do you still hate me?
    N: ..Not exactly, I was partly wrong about you.
    S: What about Liquid and the others?
    N: I'll have my revenge on them too.
    S: Naomi, you didn't kill that doctor too did you? The one that used Grey Fox
    for his genome experiments?
    N: ..Doctor Clark? No, that was my brother, afterwards I covered it up and
    helped him hide out.
    ------------------MCDONNELL BENEDICT "MASTER" MILLER-----------------
    Master Miller is Snake's survival instructor. He contacts Snake via Codec and
    keeps him up to date with information on survival and on offensive and
    defensive tactics.
    Master was born and raised in Ohio. His classical American schooling was
    limited and he spent most of his youth outdoors undergoing a less conventional
    education with his father. Although a third generation AJA (American of
    Japanese Ancestry) his family maintained the respect and discipline of their
    Samurai ancestry. He joined the US Marine Corps and served as a Green Beret.
    His respect for military code gained him great esteem within the military and
    he was the first raised American sent to serve with the SAS (where he first
    came into contact with Liquid Snake). He later became a member of FOX-HOUND
    with responsibility for survival training. The soldier he trained respected him
    and they referred to him as "Master Miller".
    SPOILER: The Master Miller you encounter in the game is actually Liquid posing
    as Master so he can control him more easily and get Snake to use the PAL card
    to activate Metal Gear.  The real Master is killed three days before the start
    of the game.
    -------------------------------MEI LING------------------------------
    Inventor of the communication and radar equipment used by Solid Snake, she is
    responsible for the communication data processing in this operation. She saves
    all the data in this mission including Solid Snake's infiltration records via
    A Chinese (Kwangtung) national, Mei Ling was raised in San Francisco's
    Chinatown. She was an eminent pupil at school but suffered from an extreme
    inferiority complex due to very poor vision. She went on to participate in the
    ROTC program at MIT. Here she helped to develop a satellite codifying
    communication system, anti-wiring coding, digital real time burst transmission
    and sonar utilising radar. The brilliance of these devices immediately
    attracted the attention of the military and Mei Ling was recruited by the Armed
    Forces to develop image and data processing techniques. She now works at NOR in
    Fort Mead in satellite image processing and communications espionage.
    ----------------------------NASTASHA ROMENENKO----------------------
    In this mission, Nastasha acts as a counselor of NEST (Nuclear Energy Survey
    Team). She provides explanations and indispensable information on the nuclear
    weapons located at Shadow Moses Island. She also gives information on the
    handling and capabilities of hi-tech weapons.
    Born in the Ukraine in the 1970's, Nastasha Romanenko experienced a devastating
    incident on April 26th, 1986. Both she and her family were showered by the
    radiation fall-out from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. She lost her parents
    in the disaster and moved to the US at the age of 10. She served in the DIA
    (Defense Intelligence Agency) and then in the NSA (National Security Agency)
    and was associated with a number of top security matters relating to nuclear
    power and nuclear weapons. She is against the nuclear deterrence theory and she
    opposes strategic arms reduction proposals such as SALT and START. Her cause is
    the total abolition of nuclear energy.
    ------------------------HAL "OTACON" EMMERICH------------------------
    Otacon is caught in a personal struggle where his interests as a scientist
    conflict with the idea that his technologies are used as weapons. He is
    persuaded by his nature to co-operate with Solid Snake informing him on base
    facilities and on Metal Gear. His new persuasion is confirmed when he rescues
    Hal Emmerich is a white American with a friendly nature. He has a passion for
    Japanimation (Japanese Animation "Anime"). His nickname "Otacon" comes from the
    "Otaku Convention", which is a US trade show of Japanimation which he never
    misses. He did not attend school but studied through the internet and
    matriculated at MIT. He earned his PhD from Princeton University whilst
    simultaneously developing a program to solve the Millennium Bug (the year 2000
    digit changing problem in computers). This earned him much attention as the
    saviour of the computer world, although he earned no money from his research.
    Whilst in college he developed his passion for robotics and invented a radio
    controlled drone, which he called Metal Gear MX2. He was recruited by the FBI
    to the Engineering Research Facility (ERF) and was fired for hacking into
    restricted areas if the FBI's brain-centre. He was then offered a job at
    ArmsTech Inc. where he furthered development of Metal Gear as an MTMD (Mobile
    Theatre Missile Defence). He was not aware of the Rail Gun Unit nor of the new
    nuclear warhead planned for Metal Gear.
    -----------------------DARPA CHIEF, DONALD ANDERSON------------------
    As Head of DARPA, Donald Anderson has the PAL codes to disarm the detention
    device of the nuclear warheads on Shadow Moses Island.
    Donald Anderson worked as an analyst in the CIA for more than 10 years and was
    awarded the most honorable Intelligence Star Badge. Whilst in the CIA he
    developed great expertise in international politics and military strategy and
    was an advocate of the nuclear retaliation theory. Following the end of the
    Cold War, he was assigned chief of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research
    Projects Agency.
    SPOILER: The DARPA Chief that Snake meets is actually Decoy Octopus, the real
    Chief having died in torture and his body is still in the Holding Cell when
    Snake is tortured.  See Decoy Octopus's profile.
    ------------------------------KENNETH BAKER--------------------------
    Kenneth Baker is imprisoned during the game. His only active involvement is to
    give Snake the optical data disk.
    As president of ArmTech Inc., Kenneth Baker held the number 2 position in the
    military industry. ArmsTech Inc. is the primary supplier of advanced weapons
    and military technology and was the leading supplier in the SDI project and
    invested billions of US dollars in the development of mass destruction
    satellite weapons. The company suffered a huge loss due to the termination of
    the project. Following the Cold War and the ensuing military budget cutbacks,
    ArmsTech Inc. became concerned about revenue decreases. As a result ArsmTech
    invested heavily in stealth technologies, a sector traditionally dominated by
    Lockheed. A further loss was incurred when ArmsTech Inc., despite superior
    technology, lost the bidding for the next generation fighter plane F22 (ATF).
    In an attempt to maintain some lead in military technology, ArmsTech secretly
    proceeded in the development of Metal Gear. The project was in collaboration
    with the DARPA Chief.
    Baker, along with the DARPA Chief has a PAL code to deactivate (or in the
    reserve way, activate) the Metal Gear.  They both have metal shielding around
    their brains to ensure that Psycho Mantis can't read their minds and take the
    code that way.  Despite this, the terrorists gain his code by torture.
    ----------------------------REVOLVER OCELOT--------------------------
    A FOX-HOUND member and formally of the Soviet Spetsnaz (Soviet secret police
    associated with post-Stalinist concentration camps).  He has a violent sadistic
    nature and is highly experienced in torture techniques.  In conflict, his
    preferred weapon is the Colt Single Action Army revolver, which he sports
    single handed in “Western Movie Style”.  He is a formidable gunfighter, known
    to hit his target by calculating the ricochet angle, maximising the use of the
    bullets.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined the Russian Police
    Storming Party.  Then he served in the Special Tactics Division of the SVR,
    formally the KGB.  However he did not adapt well to the new KGB system and was
    recruited by the US to join FOX-HOUND.
    ------------------------------LIQUID SNAKE---------------------------
    An elite former SAS soldier and pilot, Liquid Snake is the twin brother of
    Solid Snake with an identical appearance and equivalent IQ of 180.  He is
    fluent in 7 languages including English, Spanish, French, Malay and Arabic.  He
    does not serve in an official military but offers his services to the
    underworld as a mercenary and assassin.  Having been raised by the British SAS,
    his combat skills were first utilised when he was first put into real battle in
    his early teens.  In his late teens he was part of the Desert Fox Elite Strike
    Force sent in to destroy the mobile launchers of SCUD missiles in the Gulf War.
     He was captured and imprisoned in a POW camp in Iraq.  He has a great ability
    to withstand extreme heat and cold due to his experience in the Arab Nations
    and Middle Eastern Deserts.  Following the Zanzibar Riot (after Solid Snake’s
    departure) Liquid joined FOX-HOUND and thanks to his splendid fighting skills,
    rose quickly to combat leader.
    ------------------------------SNIPER WOLF----------------------------
    A member of FOX-HOUND and probably the one of the most talented snipers the
    world has ever seen, Sniper Wolf has such incredible patience and concentration
    that she can keep aiming at her target for up to a week without moving a
    muscle.  Born in a Kurdish village, Sniper Wolf lost her family at age 5
    towards the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1408 of the Hegira calendar (1988).
    They were victims to Saddam Hussein's gas attacks, which killed more than 3,700
    people.  In 1991, in the internal fighting in Iraq after the Gulf War, she ran
    to the Kurdish refugee camp set up by those fleeing from Hussein.  She was
    picked up by Big Boss visiting with the US Secretary of State and was taken
    back to the US.  She viewed Big Boss as Saladin, the leader who defeated the
    crusaders in the 12th century.  On September 3, 1996 after the Iraqi military's
    intervention to the Kurdish residential areas (August 31 intervention), the
    southern flight prohibition area was expanded to 33 degrees north.  This was
    not done to protect the Kurds in the north but more for the strategic benefits
    of the US.  Sniper Wolf saw this as a repeat of the refugee problem that
    occurred at the Iraqi borders in the spring after the Gulf War.  She was
    incensed by this incident and by the motivations of the Pentagon.  She moved to
    India and learned sniping techniques from a Gurkha sniper from Nepal.
    FOX-HOUND on behalf of Big Boss, scouted her when he was charged with setting
    up the organisation.
    -----------------------------VULCAN RAVEN----------------------------
    A member of FOX-HOUND, Vulcan Raven was born an Alaskan Indian.  He is a giant
    shaman blessed with a strong physique and effective spiritual powers.  His
    cultural background and stature enable him to withstand extreme cold
    temperatures.  His preferred weapon is a Gatling Gun (ordinarily equipped on
    jet fighters) which he carries like a rifle.  His name comes from a raven,
    which has been tattooed to his forehead.  One winter, at the age of fifteen, he
    walked across the frozen Bering Strait, which separates Alaska from Russia.  It
    was there that he first came in contact with the Soviet Spetsnaz.  It was
    during this period that he met Revolver Ocelot.  Yeltsin demoted him upon the
    coup in Moscow in 1993.  Like fellow members of his secret unit, he left Russia
    and eventually joined the mercenary dispatching company Outer Heaven.  It is
    unclear as to why he joined FOX-HOUND.
    ------------------------------DECOY OCTOPUS--------------------------
    Little is known about Decoy Octopus, which demonstrates his mastery of his
    profession, namely disguise. It is thought that he was formally a Hollywood
    actor and SFX artist. He was scouted by the CIA for his ability to pass himself
    off as anyone. As such his role at the Agency was to disguise himself as
    government VIPs to detract attention to him. This explains the name Decoy. He
    left the CIA to become a FOX-HOUND member. He has a good command of over 10
    languages and wonderful voice dexterity. His disguise envelops the target
    person's habits and local traditions. To help his makeup, he has shaved his
    cheekbone, jaw bone and nasal cartilage. When seen without cosmetics, he looks
    facially deformed. Decoy Octopus can walk in any way and can dislocate his
    joints to crawl though thin gaps and narrow holes. He has also mastered
    biofeedback and can freely control his sense of touch (skin). This quality
    explains the second part of his name: Octopus.
    SPOILER: Decoy Octopus is actually the DARPA Chief who Snake meets in the Cell,
    having assumed the identity of the Chief after Ocelot accidentally kills him
    during the torture to reveal the Chief's detonation code.  Octopus acts as the
    Chief in order to influence Snake to use the PAL codes to activate Metal Gear,
    as the terrorists are unable to, having not been able to gain the Chief's code
    to do so.  Snake then unknowingly at the time, kills Octopus with FoxDIE.
    ----------------------------PSYCHO MANTIS----------------------------
    A FOX-HOUND member with powerful psychokinetic powers and a potent ability to
    read and control people's minds.  He first discovered his ESP powers in his
    childhood when he entered his father's mind.  Unwillingly his father revealed
    that he could never forgive Mantis because his mother died at childbirth.  This
    shock changed his whole perspective on life.  The overwhelming feeling of
    despair evoked a subconscious violent kinetic reaction causing him to kill his
    own father.  The energy released wiped out a whole town of about 1000 people.
    He still bears the burn scars he incurred by the inferno he released and as
    such he frequently wears a gas mask to cover the marks on his face.  There was
    no trace of Psycho Mantis until he reappeared much later as a psychic secret
    agent of the KGB.  The KGB were impressed by his ESP abilities and gave him
    high priority special training.  Following the fall of the Soviet Union he
    moved to the US and assumed a similar role at the FBI.  He then became a
    freelance espionage agent and was approached by FOX-HOUND.
    A cyborg Ninja who is covered in high tech fibre stealth camouflage.  He is
    both strong and nimble, and his katana can cut through steel and deflect
    SPOILER: The real identity of the Ninja is below:
    Frank Jaeger (Code Name: Grey Fox) was picked up in Vietnam and raised by Big
    Boss as a war orphan.  A devout follower of his adopting father, he trained to
    become a killing machine going through all sorts of rigorous exercises.  He
    became a mercenary in his teens and experienced battle in the Rhodesia
    Independence War (now Zimbabwe).  He was taken prisoner in Mozambique where he
    was tortured.  Big Boss rescued him from his captors.  He moved to the US,
    gained citizenship and joined FOX-HOUND. In the 90’s, he gained great
    recognition within FOX-HOUND under the leadership of Big Boss.  He was awarded
    the most honourable FOX-HOUND merit, that of the code name “Fox”.  Solid Snake
    was the new member of the original FOX-HOUND that saved Gray Fox during the
    Outer Heaven revolt in 1995.  In the Zanzibar riot of 1999, he was on the
    opposing side to Snake.  Frank Jaeger lost 30% of his body in the Zanzibar
    battle, and would normally have been dead.  At the time the military had
    developed an exoskeleton, which was an artificial externally equipped skeleton.
     Frank Jaeger provided the ideal experimental case the military were waiting
    for.  He became the first human case to undergo Gene Therapy and as such was
    the original research case for the Genome soldiers.
    Frank is also Naomi's brother (see Naomi Hunter's profile), and he killed her
    parents, but couldn't face killing her too.  Despite telling Snake to tell her,
    Naomi isn't told that her brother killed her parents (at least not in this
    5.1 DOCK                                                       [5DOC]
    |                        7            _____4__         |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                  5 |       | 3       |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                    |       |         |
    |                                    |_______|         |
    |                                                      |
    |                                                      |
    |                                                      |
    |               _______                _______         |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |    6   |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |       |              |       |        |
    |              |_______|              |_______|        |
    |                                                      |
    |                                                      |
    |                                                      |
    |                                                      |
    |               _________             _________        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |         |            |       |        |
    |              |_________|            |_______|        |
    |                                                      |
    |______ __ |                                           |
     |       1                                           2 |
     |                                                     |
     |                                                     |
     |                                                     |
     |                                                     |
     |                                                     |
    If you have your own way of getting past this beat then by all means do it.
    This is just the way I go about it:
    Crawl as usual and go to spot 1, wait here for the guard to come down and yawn,
    when he turns his back run to spot 2, use the walls to track the guard in this
    area. When safe proceed to spot 3 and use the wall view to your advantage and
    use first person view towards spot 6 (in the direction you came from). Once the
    guard starts walking up towards you, go to spot 4 and lean against wall. Get
    into a position where you can see the guard. When the guard gets to spot 5, go
    back to spot 3. Then he will go back where he came from, go back to spot 4 just
    in case (I'm not sure if he would see you if you stayed at spot 3). Any second
    now the elevator should come down, when it does knock on the wall at spot 3.
    The guard will come from the area by spot 4. This is where you move around by
    spot 5 and get on the elevator as soon as you can! The elevator is at spot 7 by
    the way.
    5.2 HELIPORT                                                  [5HELI]
    If you have played Metal Gear Solid already you should know how to avoid the
    spotlights. If not move when the spotlights aren't sweeping near your position,
    then to the left corner, in the pointed part at the bottom of the area with the
    spotlights.  When the lights move upwards, run out along the left side of the
    rail and out off the H area.  Turn back, in line with the middle line in the
    large letter H and start to run when the two lights cross each other, collect
    the chaff grenades then keep running back to your previous position. Now run
    out the left side.
                                                            5     _ _ _
                                |           |           ____
                                | 3         |          |    |
                                |           |          |____|
                                |  TRUCK    |
                                |           |          4____
                                |           |          |    |
                                |           |          |____|
     2        |
    C= camera.
    After collecting the chaff grenades run to spot 1 and continue running but make
    sure you areas near to the wall as possible when running. The camera won’t see
    you! Must be a glitch! Anyway press X to skip the ‘a surveillance camera?’ bit.
    Collect the Stun grenades at spot 2 and run back out the same way you run in.
    Now go to spot 3 as fast as possible which means jumping in the truck and
    collecting SOCOM. Then run to spot 5 (4 if you want to be a daredevil) and run
    straight past the camera guarding the stairs. It shouldn’t see you if you done
    the other parts quick enough. Once up the stairs run towards the air duct, the
    guard will NOT see you unless you were too slow. Go through the air duct like
    you usually would. Continued in Vent Shaft Entrance 2.
    Alternatively, you can go through Vent Shaft Entrance 1, while 2 is a quicker
    route for Extreme players.  To do this, from getting the SOCOM, either just
    throw a Chaff to take out the camera temporarily and shoot the guard, or
    instead of shooting, throw the chaff and try and go behind the guard and throw
    him to knock unconscious then enter the shaft at his feet.  Even if you are
    spotted try to get into the vent shaft quickly and go forward until you see the
    scene with Snake moving into the vent.  This stops the guard's throwing
    grenades in after you.
    5.3 VENT SHAFT ENTRANCE 1                                     [5VSE1]
    As said before, this is the slower route so players’ going for high ranks on
    Extreme use the Vent Shaft Entrance 2.  If not, once you are in the vent just
    move forward and when at the fork, go left for a ration at the end, then turn
    around and go forward to take the right path.  Keep moving forward through the
    water (don't stop as your O2 goes down) and follow the mice to the entrance to
    the Tank Hangar.
    5.4 VENT SHAFT ENTRANCE 2                                     [5VSE2]
    You'll end up here if you went in the vent near the searchlights from the
    Heliport.  Just follow the path to the grating, press X to skip the
    conversation with the guards if on Extreme and when you get to the opening in
    the vent, either get the ration at the end or press O to go down the ladder.
    After climbing down the ladder you will be on the second floor of the Tank
    hangar floor 1.
    5.5 TANK HANGAR                                                 [5TH]
    If starting from Vent Shaft Entrance 1, come out of the vent and turn left and
    go down to the corner of the wall.  Wait for the patrolling guard to move away
    and then move to spot 5.  When the guard moves to the right, run up to spot 6
    when the camera is turned away.  If it is looking your way, wait on the top
    step for it to turn, then move under it and along the upper catwalk.  Throw a
    Chaff into the open room, then run to spot 5 to get the Thermal Goggles, then
    make your way back to where the first camera is by the stairs.  Stand in spot 6
    and then run down to the right when the camera is looking the other way, then
    into the elevator and to level B1.
    From Vent Shaft Entrance 2 (map also applies for Vent Shaft Entrance 1 using
    strategy above)
           C_____     __________________________________C
           |    6    |                                 3 |
           |    \    |                                   |
           |    /    |                                   |
           |    \   _|____________1______2__________     |
       ____|    /  |                                |    |
       ____     \  |                                |  4 |
           |    |  |                                |    |_____________
           |    |  |                                |                 C|
           |    |  |                                |                  |
           |    |  |                                |                  |
           |    |  |                                |    _____|____|__5|
           |    |  |                                |   |
           |    |  |                                |   |
           |    |  |________________________________|   |
           |                                            |
           |                                            |
           |                                            |
    You start at spot 1, face spot 2 and throw a chaff quickly and then run around
    the camera by running around spot 3, carrying on running past spot 4, the chaff
    should have exploded now and run to spot 5 to collect the thermal goggles, the
    camera will be disabled so don’t worry about that. Continue running to spot 5
    and look in first person at the camera, then run avoiding its vision, stand at
    spot 6 for about 2 seconds whilst the camera is facing the other way. As the
    camera is turning run down the steps and the guard should be walking past but
    he wont see you. Now proceed to the elevator and go to B1.
    You should know what to do, run to airshaft and meet the DARPA chief. If not
    look below.  When in the cell make sure you save, as the next part is one that
    needs practice. If you successfully got here using the strategy provided it
    should be a time ranging from 7-9 minutes. My best is 8 Minutes but Jackal (a
    GameFAQS user) has done so in 7 minutes.
    5.6 - CELL                                                    [5CELL]
    Once out of the elevator keep going down the corridor until the end then use O
    to get up the ladder.  Once in the vent move forward until you get to a path to
    the left, which will take you to some SOCOM bullets.  After this path, keep
    going forward and then down the next left turn, you can look in the grating to
    see Johnny Sasaki complaining about his cold and also watch Meryl exercising
    (see below if you want to waste time watching her exercise eventually in her
    underwear).  Keep going along the vent until you drop down to the DARPA Chief.
    If going for time, skip the FMV's here, until you hear the guard get knocked
    out and the door unlocked.  Note on the FMV here, if you don't have the SOCOM
    Snake will grab Meryl's FAMAS with his hand, and if you have the SOCOM he will
    draw his gun and point it at here.  Anyway again skip this for time and you'll
    be in the guard fight below.
    To see Meryl exercising differently, just go back to the ladder and re enter
    the vent, watch her again, then exit and so on.  On the first time, she will be
    doing sit ups, second time it's single arm push ups, third stretching against
    the wall, and the fourth time she will start again at sit ups, but will be in
    her underwear :/.  Same goes for the next two exercises, arm push ups and
    stretching will also be in her underwear.  After the sixth time, it will have
    reset back at her doing sit ups fully clothed.
    This battle can be very tough and it depends on what enemy kills count you want
    to end up with which determines the method you use.
                    |9 6        2
                    |     7
                   1   4
                    |           3
                    | 8    5
    Be prepared because the battle starts STRAIGHT AWAY. Guards will come in from
    spot 1. Meryl stands at spot 2 during the whole battle and Snake starts at spot
    The following strategy is assuming you only want to kill 1 guard:
    Phase 1:
    Meryl can’t shoot so it’s up to you to kill the three guards standing there.
    This is the toughest phase of them all to get through without being hurt. Shoot
    the 2 guards who eventually stand at spots 4 and 5, three times each in quick
    succession. Grab the guard at spot 6 and let the guard at spot 5 shoot him and
    kill him. You shouldn’t get hit because the guards only shoot 2 shots at a
    time. Then quickly grab the guard at spot 4 before he shoots again and then
    drag him with snake standing at spot 7. The guard at spot 6 should be shooting
    at Meryl and this guard should get shot at when he is shooting at Meryl. When
    this guard is dead quickly shot him five times with the SOCOM before he turns
    to shoot you. If you did all that without getting hit then you deserve respect.
    I have tried it countless times and only succeeded occasionally. So be warned.
    Phase 2:
    After Meryl has shot the three guards in the cut scene she will now shoot at
    them as well. Remember that you should only shoot the guards three times or
    drag them around whilst trying to avoid the other guard’s bullets. Meryl can be
    good sometimes but rubbish other times so be careful it may get crowded at
    times. Once the initial three guards are killed the guards will come in one at
    a time, which is a relief.
    Phase 3:
    This is the part when the grenades are thrown and make sure you stand somewhere
    around spots 8 or 9. Then it’s back to phase 2 apart from these final three
    guards come in at the same time.
    This is a very tough part of the game if you aim to kill only 1 enemy from it.
    If you get hit once then I wouldn’t worry because you can afford to do that.
    After Meryl leaves after the fight is over, use the LV 1 card to get into the
    door on the right and get the SOCOM bullets from the toilet and near the table
    on the left if you want.  Then just go into the elevator and go to B2 to the
    If you don’t mind killing a couple more guards then do so, maybe killing all 3
    guards at the start is advisable, if you want to avoid damage.
    5.7 ARMOURY                                                    [5ARM]
            ___1____                           ___2_____
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |   PSG1    |     |    C4     |     |  NIKITA   |     |
    |  T  |           |  T  |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |  T  |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     | GRENADES  |     |   SOCOM   |     |   FAMAS   |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    T= Trap
    At the moment there are now guards in the Armoury so firstly run to the right
    of the chamber in front of you from the elevator, keeping moving over the trap,
    then run left and into the chamber, collect the C4 and leave to the left up to
    spot 1, blow this wall to find some Stun Grenades and Chaff Grenades. Then use
    another C4 on the wall at spot 2, collect the SOCOM bullets, FAMAS bullets (you
    probably won't have the rifle yet) and extra C4.  There are also two traps in
    this room, one on the upper left and another on the lower right, just make sure
    you keep moving. From here run down to the lower chambers, take the SOCOM
    bullets in the middle chamber and the Grenades in the left chamber, make sure
    you have the Lv 1 card equipped.  Now run to spot 3 and blow this wall with the
    C4 and enter the Armoury South.
    5.8 ARMOURY SOUTH                                             [5ARMS]
     __________                           ____________________
    |          |                         |4       C|  C      C|
    |          |                         |         |          |
    |          |                         |         |   5      |
    |          |       ROOM WITH         |         |          |
    |          |      OCELOT BOSS        |         |         C|
    |          |         FIGHT           |         |__________|
    |          |                         |         |          |
    |          |                         |         |          |
    |          |_________________________|         |          |
    |         1|          2              |         |          |
    |          |                        3|         |          |
    |          |                         |         |          |
    |          |                         |        C|         C|
    C= Gun Camera
    Blow the wall at spot 1, and move to spot 2 and blow it with your last C4, then
    return to the Armoury and restock.  While full C4 ammo, go through the blown
    wall at 2 to enter the Ocelot fight (see below).  Note that the extra area on
    the map above can't be reached yet.  While you can blow the wall at spot 3, the
    rooms beyond require a higher level security card.  See section Underground
    Passage [5UP] for how to acquire these items.
    Ocelot is most easily defeated using C4. If you didn't know already, the center
    room in the armory replenishes your C4 every time you are depleted. If you
    aren't using the bandana, use all your C4 to blow up the walls, including the
    one that leads to Baker, and then return outside to stock up full again. At
    this point in the game, you can carry a maximum of four.
    On easy, three blasts of C4 are more than enough to defeat him, but on Extreme,
    it will take all four plus one bullet, which is just enough that it can be
    pulled off with style. If he was any tougher than that, it'd be an ugly
    shootout that would go on for too long. Luckily, there is a way to lure him
    into a C4 trap and dispose of him quickly. The key to a speedy success is being
    able to plant the C4 trap safely without coming under fire, and the best time
    to do that is when Ocelot is talking. And how you get him to start his speech
    is simply by hiding. At the start of battle, if you hide behind a pillar,
    Ocelot will stop fighting and being talking to you. The words are: "Hiding
    won't help. I understand the bullets you see, I make them go where I want."
    That's it, but it's more than enough to plant all four of your C4s in the sweet
    spot to set the trap; you should be done by the time he says 'bullets'. The way
    the trap is executed is by forcing Ocelot to run back and forth over the spot
    where you planted all four of your C4s and detonating them on him as he runs
    over. Remember, if you are playing on extreme, it will still take one more
    bullet to defeat him, and that bullet is fired at the very start of battle,
    when he says, "draw!".
    |                                                           |
    |   6                                                       |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |         _______                           _______         |
    |       4|       |                         |       |        |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |_______|                         |_______|        |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                          _______                          |
    |                         |       |                         |
    |                         |       |                        3|
    |                         |_______|                         |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |         _______                           _______         |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |       5|_______|                         |_______|        |
    |                                                           |
    |                                      1          2         |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    Now that you understand how the battle is played out, here it is in exact, step
    by step detail:
    Before you enter the room, arm your SOCOM. As soon as the battle begins, you
    should be at position ‘1’, quickly lock onto ocelot with the socom and fire at
    him. Ocelot will have just said "draw!" and there is just enough time to shoot
    him before he shoots you. As soon as you press the trigger, hold down the R2
    button to open the weapons menu and arm the C4. It is very important that you
    change weapons as soon as you fire the shot.
    Once you have the C4 armed, run to the right and hide behind the southeast
    pillar (position 2). If you are now standing behind the pillar and have not yet
    changed weapons, you may very well have foiled this attempt already. The reason
    why you must change weapons before you move behind the pillar is because Ocelot
    will begin talking once you are behind the pillar and when he is talking, it is
    impossible to access your weapons menu. This means you will be needlessly
    holding your SOCOM and unable to plant your C4 during the only opportunity you
    have of doing so without being harmed. If you were successful in arming your C4
    and moving behind the pillar to get Ocelot to talk, then the moment he begins
    speaking, break out from behind the pillar and run up to the exact middle of
    the east wall. There are some tiles on the floor; their seams will mark the
    exact center point of the east wall between the north wall at the top of your
    screen, and the south wall at the bottom (position 3 on the diagram above).
    Either on the floor by the wall, or on the wall itself, on this center point is
    where you must quickly plant all your C4.
    As soon as you are done, run up along the top and come down the left side, but
    come down along a path that is as close to the pillars as possible (between
    positions 4-5). This is because if you move down along the very face of the
    west wall, you will have pulled the camera so far left that it will be
    difficult to see Ocelot on the other side of the room. Whereas if you were to
    come down as far right as possible, Ocelot will remain very much in view as he
    runs along the east side of the room. As you were moving along the top,
    already, Ocelot had begun to move along the bottom to keep his distance from
    you. He tries to stay on the exact opposite side of the room that you are on,
    and this is where you will exploit this behavior to your advantage.
    As you are running down the left side (between 4 and 5), keep your eye on
    Ocelot as he moves up the right. The moment he runs over the center, press O
    and detonate the first pack of C4. If you timed it correctly, he will have
    sustained about 1/4 damage. If you missed, he may only take 1/8th. From here,
    you can easily just beat around the bush, forcing him up and down along the
    right side of the room, and blowing him up as he passes over the trap. Be
    mindful to wait long enough in between blasts for him to recover, otherwise if
    you blast two quickly, the 2nd blast will only do half damage, or, as Super
    Mario has taught all of us since 1984, no damage at all if he is still
    "flashing invincible".
    There is little more I need to explain for you to finish the battle. With
    practice, you can orchestrate your chase to finish him off with suave finesse.
    You can learn how to pause and time your chase to precisely control Ocelot's
    movement to the point where he is defeated wasting as few run-by's as possible,
    and without even firing off a shot at you.
    Lastly, try to pick up the ammo in the upper left corner at spot 6, just as you
    blow up the last C4, before the battle ends. One interesting tidbit is that,
    while during battle, Ocelot is only vulnerable to one hit at a time, the
    finishing blow that ends the battle can be followed up by as many hits as you
    can pull off before the screen finally fades out as the battle ends. What I
    like to do sometimes is, instead of firing the one bullet at the beginning of
    battle, is waiting until the end to deliver it as the finishing blow where I
    can unleash an entire clip of bullets into him and hear him go
    "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh..." twelve times, one for each bullet that hits him.
    Another flashy trick is looking in first person view by holding down the
    triangle button and using the L1, R1, and X buttons to dodge and duck his
    bullets. It's a refreshing change of action if you're bored. My most fanciest
    trick was stepping to the side in first person in a position that was far
    enough to make Ocelot fire a ricochet shot, step back into place, look over
    every so slightly and duck just in time to see the bullet fly over my head.
    Quite Fun.  Just go through the Level 2 door to get back to the armoury.
    Getting out of the armory safely
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |   PSG1    |     |     C4    |     |  NIKITA   |     |
    |    2|           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |    3                                                      |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     | GRENADES  |     |   SOCOM   |     |   FAMAS   |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    There are two different ways to get out of here safely. You start at spot 1,
    guard should be at spot 3, run to spot 2 quickly and knock, the guard should go
    investigate but before he can you will run into the hole at the top (if you
    used C4 on it earlier) and collect some important stun grenades, then proceed
    to the elevator where you should call Meryl at 140.15 before you go to floor 1.
    Second way is to run up to the guard at spot 3, throw him over your shoulder
    and proceed to the elevator, if done properly you should not be spotted.
    As soon as you arrive Meryl should call you and after you’ve skipped it go and
    visit those infrared sensors. Use the thermal goggles for this part and proceed
    by getting past one at a time, waiting for the sensors to go above your head.
    Do be careful though because the sensors move fast in Extreme. There is a way
    to run through them all but you must be quick, run as fast as you possibly can
    and run through the sensors on the right hand side alongside the wall. Or I
    find a more reliable way of succeeding is with thermal goggles on, run to left
    side of the sensors, wait for the one closest to you to come down and then go
    up, as soon as its over your height, run all the way through, you should be
    able to run all the way through without letting the gas in. I have found times
    when it hasn’t worked but its more reliable then the first way I have mentioned.
    5.9 CANYON                                                     [5CAN]
    Move forward until the call from Deepthroat and pick up the claymores that you
    should know where they are if playing on Extreme or how to avoid them, if not
    just crawl around up the right and left side of the central area ahead of you.
    Or just run to the left and avoid them.
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                    2                                      |
    |                    4                                      |
    |     |                                                     |
    |_____|                                                     |
    |                  3                                        |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |       _______                                             |
    |   C  |       |                                            |
    |  / \ |       |                                            |
    |      |_______|                                            |
    |                                                           |
    |              1                                            |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    Once you arrive go left and pick up the claymore further up the path by
    crawling. Make sure you are as close to the left as possible and pick up the
    claymore without being hurt. You can do this after throwing the chaff but
    that’s entirely up to you. You start at spot 1, throw a Chaff Grenade straight
    way to scramble the tanks sensors and main gun, letting you get closer the
    tank. Throw a stun grenade as well because this will stun the guard in the
    tank. Then run to where spot 3, the tank should be around spot 2, remember you
    must avoid the claymores at the bottom. By now the tank should have recovered
    so place a claymore at spot 3, in front of the tank to take out the caterpillar
    tracks and slow the tank down. The tank should run over it and explode if you
    place it correctly. The tank will be slow now and this offers you the
    opportunity to throw grenade in cockpit without being run over. If the grenade
    is thrown directly in cockpit the guard will die with just one grenade. While
    the guard is flying out of the tank get in the position for throwing a grenade
    in the cockpit and as soon as the second guard says: “see how you like this”
    you throw the grenade and he shall be defeated. This does take practice though.
    There is an alternative way, you can throw stun grenades to stun the guards
    from firing at you. Use more chaff and the grenades again to take the tank out.
     There are grenades to the left and right of the top area of the screen as well
    as more chaff.
    5.10 NUCLEAR WARHEAD STORAGE BUILDING                         [5NUKE]
    Run as soon as you can and crawl under the almost shut door. Campbell will call
    you and after you have skipped it do the following:
    Ground Floor
     |                                                                  |
     |            4                  3                                  |
     |                                                                  |
     |               |     |     |      |                               |
     |               |     |     |      |                               |
     |       /       |     |     |      |                               |
     |       \       |     |     |      |                               |
     |       /       |     |     |      |                               |
     |       \       |     |     |      |                               |
     |       /       |     |     |   2  |                               |
     |       \       |     |     |      |                               |
     |           5                                                      |
     |                                                                  |
     |                                                                  |
     |               6                                                  |
     |                                                                  |
     |           |       |        |             1                       |
    You will start at spot 1. Run to up through spot 2 and then to spot 3. Carry on
    running to spot 4 and then to spot 5. The guard patrolling will have moved and
    be around spot 6. Go up the stairs to the left.
    1st floor
     ____________________________________|   |
    |        2          3                    |
    | 1  ____________________________________|
    |   |
    |   |
    |   |
    |   |
    |   |
    |   |
    |   |
    When you get up the stairs the guard should be somewhere between spot 1 and 2.
    From behind either punch, punch, kick him quickly so he doesn’t spot you or
    throw him over your shoulder. Both require you to know how to not get spotted
    doing them. Once that’s down QUICKLY run to the elevator at spot 3. Warning:
    The guard may get up and spot you if he has been knocked over at spot 2.
    You should know where the room with Nikita and missiles are, second room on the
    right or from Snakes view the left.
      _________________| |_____________________________
     |                  1                          Stun|
     |                                               G |
     |                                     ____________|
     |        _______| |________           |
    _|        |                 |          |
    _|       _|                 |_         |
     |       _     Soc           _         |
    _|        | Bullets         |          |_
    _|        |                 |          |_2
     |        |______    _______|          |
    _|               |  |                  |_
    _|                                     |_
    2= Nikita Missile Launcher
    This can be hard to pull off sometimes. Get out of the elevator and walk into
    the room in question (spot 1). Then you can either collect the SOCOM bullets
    and then go in the room or just go into the room, the patrolling guard should
    not see you, but be quick about it. When you’ve collected the Nikita, wait for
    the guard to walk past, then as quick as you can throw him over your shoulder
    and retreat from the room. It’s a lot safer if you can throw the guard into the
    room because then when he gets up he wont have a chance to spot you and you can
    take the chance to collect the stun grenades. Then go back to the elevator and
    head to B2.
    This is the part when you use the remote controlled missile and you should know
    where to guide the missile. Be careful to avoid those gun cameras because they
    can shoot the missile if its not moving fast.
    |         |  |                                              |
    |_________| 6|___________          _____________________    |
    | 7                      |        |   4                 |   |
    |___         2           |        |          13         |   |
    |   |             11     |________|                     |___|
    |   |    |              8             3                     |
    |                           __________________      5       |
    |   |    |     1          |                   |            _|
    |   |    |                |_______________    |           | |
    |   |    |        ___                     |   |           |_|
    |   |    |       |   |                    |   |         9  _|
    |___|    |       |   |                    |___|           | |
    |        |       |   |           12                       | |
    |        |       |   |                                    | |
    |________|       |   |_____________                       | |
    |                |                 |                      | |
    |                |_________________|                      |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                 10        |
    The ninja’s katana can deflect any bullets you fire, so you will have to fight
    this battle with no weapons, only hand to hand.  You can jam his electronic
    camouflage with Chaff grenades but this way is slow and time consuming. Avoid
    his kicks and use the punch-punch-kick combo to hit him when you can. You start
    at spot 1 and ninja starts at spot 2, straight away do your combo on him. Then
    he will move to a random part of this area, run to where he goes and combo him.
    Then he will disappear and appear around by spot 3. This is the part that you
    may well get hit. From the start of this part run over to him and combo him.
    Then stay within the area of spots 4 and 5. Make sure you combo him before he
    tries to attack. He will then flip in the air and try to land on where you are,
    move before he lands, wait for him to start moving again and combo him. It is
    hard but you MUST get a combo in before he starts doing his spinning twirly
    stuff. In the next stage of the fight, the ninja will hide with his stealth
    camouflage.  You will be able to see his shadow behind various computers in the
    lab, you can also activate Thermal Goggles to see him better. Make sure you
    keep punching and kicking him until he comes out in the open again. He will
    appear at random spots in the room, the ones I've seen him at are spots 6-10 on
    the map above. He will then move out of the way of your punches and appear
    behind you.  Punch once to make him go behind you, and then turn around and use
    the combo to inflict damage.  You can also use Chaff to immobilise him.
    However, I just make sure I avoid his punch and then move in for the combo.
    After his live is extremely low make sure you move out of the way because, a
    field of electricity will form around him. This protects him from punching and
    kicking, so you can now fire at him using a weapon. I suggest lining him up in
    first person and shooting him with the SOCOM. He will appear at spots 11, 12 &
    13 before the battle is over. Shoot him from a distance though.
    Additional strategy in intricate detail:
    The ninja has six different attack phases, each one can be easily overcome by
    following a simple pattern. you can resort to using chaff greandes, but each
    one only grants you a single three hit combo that you can only execute once
    until the chaff fades away, which is time consuming, weak, and very
    unnecessary. I won't get into all the different ways there are of defeating the
    ninja, I will only briefly describe each phase and the pattern you use to
    defeat him most efficiently.
    The ninja is only subject to a maximum of three hits before he will evade you
    and try to attack again. That means that if you know how to time your punches
    to string them many of them together in a single, unbroken combo, only the
    first three punches will connect. After three hits, the ninja will break away
    and you cannot attack him until he is vulnerable again. If you break the combo
    early after only 1 or two hits, then your attack has ended and the ninja will
    be able to break away. Being able to follow these patterns depends highly on
    your ability to articulately execute punch-punch-kick (PPK) combos without
    mashing the O button. If you're a button masher, you're more likely to fail
    using this strategy.
    Phase 1 - Ninja runs around with the sword.
    You will be allowed to land two attacks on the ninja in this phase. Whether
    those two attacks comprise of a single punch each, or a PPK combo, after your
    second attack is executed, the phase ends and the next begins, so it is in your
    best interest to do as much damage as possible in this easy phase. As soon as
    the battle begins, simply run up towards the ninja, and do a PPK. After the
    first attack, he will flip to the left, right, or down. Simply follow and
    execute another PPK the moment he is vulnerable. If he flips to the left into
    the little cubby hole, you can grab the SOCOM ammo after you
    land your 2nd PPK.
    Phase 2 - Ninja runs around and attacks you.
    The ninja will likely be coming at you from the top center area and you will be
    coming towards him from the top left area. Wherever you decide to meet, it
    doesn't matter, just don't try to outrun him or turn your back on him during
    this phase. The best way to get through this is to face him head-on and hit him
    before he hits you. Once you've started the cycle, it'll be easy from there. It
    is crucial to time your first attack correctly or else you will eat a mouthful
    of cyborg ninja foot. It's not very difficult, it just takes a few times before
    you get the feel of the timing.
    The basic pattern goes like this: PPK, and then the ninja will
    flip away, follow him as he flips away so that you can execute another PPK on
    him the moment he lands on his feet. After this second PPK, instead of flipping
    away, this time he will jump up and try to stomp on you. Simply move away just
    a bit, and then move back to execute another PPK as he lands from his stomp.
    After this 3rd PPK, he will go back to flipping and you start the pattern over
    again. So it's PPK, flip, PPK stomp, PPK flip, PPK stomp, etc. But there is one
    more tweak to add to this pattern before it is perfect.
    The problem with the phase 2 pattern as I've described it so far, is that
    occasionally in the middle of the pattern, instead of flipping away, or
    stomping, the ninja will decide to connect his elbow to your face in a very
    painful way. The solution to this problem is the 'echo PPK', and all it is, is
    just doing a 2nd PPK a split second after doing the first. You'll just be
    punching air, but it will ensure that the ninja responds to your first PPK with
    an evasive manoeuvre rather than an offensive elbow. Dear button mashers,
    please note the pause between the first and 2nd PPK. If you fail to pause in
    between, the echo is useless and you will likely still get an elbow. The pause
    is quite short, slightly less than half a second.
    So, finally, the complete, polished phase 2 pattern looks like this:
    First strike: PPK-pause-PPK, ninja flips away-follow him.
    Upon landing, PPK-pause-PPK, ninja stomps-dodge it.
    Upon landing, PPK-pause-PPK, ninja flips away-follow him.
    Upon landing, PPK-pause-PPK, ninja stomps-dodge it, etc etc.
    The Phase is over when his health reaches a certain point.
    Phase 3 - Ninja plays hide and seek
    Simply put on the thermal goggles and look for him. He stands in 1 of 5 places:
    -along the top wall next to the locker that Otacon is hiding in.
    -along the left wall in the top corner where the SOCOM ammo is.
    -along the horizontal glass wall that separates the top centre area with the
    middle centre area.
    -in between the two lockers on the far right wall.
    -in the south east corner in the open area.
    You have only a few seconds to reach him and land a PPK before he starts to
    charge for you. Be sure to judge your ETA (for all you non military lot, that's
    estimated time of arrival) and anticipate his charge if you can't make it him
    in time. You will have to adjust your PPK execution to once again hit him
    before he hits you, just like at the start of phase 2.  You only get three
    attacks in this phase, so make every attack count with a full PPK combo.
    Phase 4 - Ninja walks towards you and teleports.
    When the ninja is in range, if you do nothing, he will very slowly throw a
    punch that can very easily kill you on extreme. If you attack him before he
    punches, you will miss as he instantly teleports behind you and tries to punch
    you. You button mashers who sloppily execute a full PPK combo will sadly be
    immobilised until the combo is completed, which is not soon enough to avoid the
    spine-shattering Punch of Death. So be careful to press the button once only,
    prompting him to teleport behind you and thus, giving yourself plenty of time
    to remove yourself from the range of his fist and come back with your own ninja
    whopping PPK combo.
    For those of you wanting a more aggressive challenge, this is an easy phase to
    deal with if you use the furniture to your advantage. You can force the ninja
    to teleport to a spot and actually land a PPK on him before he throws that
    killer punch. Do this by standing the middle of that little path between the
    upper left area and the upper middle area. That path is sided by computer
    consoles to the north, and the glass wall to the south. If you stand in the
    middle, as the ninja approaches you from one side, when you throw a punch, he
    will only be able to teleport directly behind you, so you can whip around and
    PPK him just as he appears. The moment he gets up again,
    throw another punch to force him to teleport and execute another PPK behind
    you. You will effectively bounce him back and forth until he makes that long
    speech, which brings us to the next phase.
    Phase 5 - Ninja walks towards you with a double teleport.
    After the "clashing of bone and sinew" speech, he'll start to teleport twice.
    Just follow the same pattern except after the first teleport, punch twice, then
    after the 2nd teleport, you will land the PPK. Be sure to run away once you
    deplete his life bar, lest you get roasted by his electrical outpouring.
    Phase 6 - Killer energy field.
    In the spot that he stands where you delivered the finishing blow, he will let
    out a yell and emit an energy field that will fry you toasty brown if you're
    too close. Keep your distance, that thing reaches farther than it looks. After
    the first yell, he will move to the upper left area where he will let out these
    bursts of energy until you hit him. The easiest thing to do is to take out your
    SOCOM and ping him off with a bullet. Your bullets will bounce off the energy
    field, so only first between bursts. After he is hit, he will move to the left
    side of the centre area, hit him again and he will move to top middle area,
    where he will finally expire after one more hit.
    Be sure to grab the chaff on your way out, or if you're in such a rush, you can
    grab it during this 'bone and sinew' speech and be back in place in time to
    continue the juggling act.
    Exit the lab, and pick up the FAMAS ammo if you haven't done so already.  Exit
    this hall to the gas hall and pick up the gas mask if you haven't done so
    already (it's in the third room down on the right from the entrance to the
    elevator). If you want a quick time then go into the second room on the right,
    collect the very important 6 stun grenades, go into next room and pick up
    famas, although its not essential I do so because I find it useful against
    Mantis and wearing down guards in the elevator fights. Now Head for the
    elevator and go to floor B1. I suggest you save here because you wont lose time
    otherwise, if you save when mantis fight starts and load it up it starts way
    back at meryl keeping a look out.
      _________________| |_____________________________
     |                  1                              |
     |                                                 |
     |                                     ____________|
     |        _______| |________           |
    _|   2    |                 |          |
    _|       _|                 |_         |
     |       _                   _         |
    _|        |                 |          |_
    _|        |                 |          |_
     |        |______    _______|          |
    _|               |  |                  |_
    _|                                     |_
      Meryl is in the same place each time as you may well know. The map above
    shows you where she is just in case you don’t know. You enter the room at spot
    1 and the guard at spot 2 is meryl, let her see you and follow her to ladies
    bathroom. For more fun you could wait for the soldier to walk away and look at
    the butt... If the soldier sways her butt, then let her see you, other wise,
    avoid.   Follow the soldier to the ladies bathroom, run up to the 3rd stall and
    go inside.  After the cutscene, walk outside the bathroom and take note of the
    missing music and guards, use this to your advantage to gather up ammo for the
    up coming boss fight.  When you're ready continue to the door at the top of the
    screen for the boss fight.
        |______________|                    |______________|
     ___|                      _____                       |___
    |                    _____|_____|______                    |
    |                   |                  |          1        |
    |                   |__________________|                   |
    |          7                                     8         |
    |    3                       2                             |
    |     _______                                              |
    |    |       |                                             |
    |    |       |                             ________        |
    |    |       |                            |        |       |
    |    |       |                            |________|       |
    |    |       |                              |    |         |
    |    |       |                              |    |         |
    | 4  |_______|                             _|____|_        |
    |                                         |        |       |
    |              5                       6  |________|       |
    |___                                                    ___|
        |                                                  |
    As he can read people's minds he can predict what you will do.  He can also
    make furniture float and throw it at you.  Firstly, put your controller into
    controller port 2 on your Playstation, or use the one in the second port.  The
    boss fight had 6 phases, and Mantis can be especially easy if you first use the
    second port controller and know how to get through each of the phases.  Instead
    of using the second controller you can also shoot or punch off the masks in the
    statues to the left and right in the room, but you have to die a few times
    until the Colonel suggests it before it will work, so not much use for Extreme
    Phase 1 - Controlling Meryl 1
    When you first enter the room, Mantis will control Meryl and make her shoot at
    you.  To stop her you can either punch her out which will deplete her life, or
    just throw a Stun Grenade to disable her with no health loss.  And yes she will
    actually shoot at you.  Now Mantis will show.
    Phase 2 - Attacking Mantis 1
    Firstly the screen will black out, and the word Hideo will appear in the corner
    (a little homage to the game's director and creator Hideo Kojima).  When the
    screen reappears, Mantis will attack in one of 6 different ways:
    1: The first phase, is Mantis in stealth camouflage and starts at spot 1,
    shooting some sort of projectile at you.  Use thermal goggles to see him and
    shoot at him with the Socom or FAMAS, I suggest Socom for this part.  Once hit
    he will hover off to another spot on the map between 1 and 6.  You can't him
    when he is flashing, much like the other boss fights.  Once hit 3 times, he
    will change to the second attack.
    2: Starting at spot 2, Mantis will use his powers to levitate chairs, move them
    in a circle.  To avoid getting hit, just lay down and wait for him to throw
    them all off screen and then get up and shoot at him, before quickly lying down
    again for the third attack. Or you can move to spot 3 and fire the famas
    bullets from left to right, trying to lock on to Mantis of course.
    3: Mantis will send two statue figures at you very fast, so make sure you are
    lying down after the second attack, as it is hard to avoid if you are standing.
     Once they go off screen, it's attack four.
    4: Much like the last attack but with vases, two at a time, with each being
    moved four times.  Again stay on the floor, standing up just after they have
    moved to attack, and then get down again. Or if you want to finish him off as
    quick as possible (which you will for the best times) you can try running away
    from the vase when it moves, then quickly lock onto Mantis, shoot and run away
    before the next vase tries to hit you. This applies for whenever the two
    figures try to hit you.
    5: Same as 3 but with animal heads instead of statue figures.
    6: Lastly, Mantis will move between spots 7 and 8, sending pictures and book
    cases at you, the 3 pictures on the inside, and the 2 book cases on the
    outside.  They move from the north wall to the south wall then back to the
    north again.  To avoid these lay down in the middle to avoid the pictures that
    will go flying over you and the book cases should be to the left and right and
    therefore not hit you.  When they have gone back to the north wall, get up and
    shoot Mantis, then lay down again, getting up when it's safe to shoot him.
    Sometimes you can get away with standing in the middle (or wherever there is no
    picture frame flying around) and again try locking onto Mantis with which other
    gun you see fit. Once he has completed this stage, he will start again at
    attack 1.  Phase 3 will begin when Mantis has half life left.
    Phase 3 - Controlling Meryl 2
    Like Phase 1, with Meryl trying to shoot you.  Knock her out with a Stun
    Grenade, after she comes to, she will threaten to shoot herself, but like
    before just use the Stun Grenade to loosen Mantis's grip.  And again like Phase
    1, she will shoot at you and herself if you leave it too long.
    Phase 4 - Attacking Mantis 2
    Same as attack 1 in Phase 2, eventually move onto Phase 5 once he only has a
    small part of his life left.
    Phase 5 - Attacking Mantis 3
    Mantis will use a combo of the attacks in Phase 2, starting with attacks 3
    (statue figures), 4 (vases) and 5 (animal heads).  After that set he will use
    attacks 2(chairs) and 6 (pictures and book cases).  It is best to attack him
    in-between him switching between sets of attacks.
    After his health is worn down enough the cutscene will start, after which go
    through the passage opened by Mantis and collect any ammo in the area before
    moving through the door to the Wolf Cave.
    5.11 WOLF CAVE                                                  [5WC]
         _________________________________________   __________
        |              4                          | |          |
        |_______      ___________                 | |          |
     _______    |    |           |                 \ \         |
    |       |___|     \          |                  \ \        |
    |                  \         |                   \ \       |
    |                  |__    __/                  6 /  |      |
    |                     |  /                      /   |      |
    |                     | |___________5_________ /    |      |
    |_______             _| _________________________   |______|
            |        ___| _|                         \   ______
             \_______\  _|                            \ | 2    |
               _______ |                              | |      |
              \   3   \ \                             | |      |
               \       \ \____________________________| |      |
     ___________\       \_______________________________|      |
    |                                                          |
    |                                                          |
    |_____1_____________________________________________       |
                                                        |      |
    You will start at position 1, after the little scene where Meryl takes point,
    if you go to spot 2 and press against the wall you can see her at the exit.
    Equip Night Vision Goggles and go to spot 3.  Crouch down with X and move
    forward, you'll crawl under the rock barrier and you can see a wolf dog just
    ahead.  Crawl out and throw a Stun Grenade and run to spot 4.  There will be
    more wolf dogs ahead, so throw another Stun Grenade to daze them and then make
    your way down to spot 5.  Crouch down again and crawl forward, you should go
    through a hole into the area below on the map.  There will be various items in
    this area, pick them up and crawl out again, looking for any wolf dogs in the
    vicinity, if so, through another Stun Grenade, but only if necessary as you
    need to save the Stun Grenades for later.  Go to spot 6 and crouch again and
    crawl through the hole to get to a lighted area, there should be a wolf dog
    puppy running around.  Go meet Meryl.  If you want to be able to pass back here
    without using up Stun Grenades (as you will have to do in a moment), go up to
    Meryl and punch her.  Then quickly equip a Cardboard Box.  The puppy will come
    over and urinate on the box, making it have the same scent as the other wolf
    dogs and so if you equip the box while moving around the Cave, the wolf dogs
    won't attack you, and instead sit beside you, lovingly emitting hearts and
    whimpering :).  Anyway move through the door to the Underground Passage.
    5.12 UNDERGROUND PASSAGE                                        [5UP]
    With the claymore mines, you can follow Meryl's footsteps but I found it takes
    too long to keep turning around so just run up to the far right side, from
    along the bottom, and around to where Meryl is, with Thermal Goggles equipped
    if you're paranoid you're going to run into a mine :). If going for big boss
    rank without bandana then I suggest you use this opportunity to pick up the 4
    claymore mines (using thermal goggles) because you need 10/11 claymore mines to
    defeat Raven later on.
    After Meryl gets shot, go back the way you came, with the card equipped for the
    door so you don't have to stand in Wolf's line of fire too long.  Presuming you
    know how to travel back to the Armory (just retrace your steps, not too
    difficult) for the rifle I will only instruct the Armory part because this is
    ARMORY – Getting the sniper rifle safely:
     __________ ________________________________________________
    |                              6                            |
    |             5                                             |
    |                             1                             |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |  ROOM A   |     |   ROOM B  |     |  ROOM C   |     |
    |  4  |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |2    |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |             3                                             |
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |   ROOM D  |     |   ROOM B  |     |   ROOM F  |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |__ ________________________________________________________|
    You come off the elevator and a guard should be walking past at spot 1. Run up
    behind him and throw him over your shoulder as quick as you can, make sure you
    don’t alert him though. Run to spot 2 avoiding the trap door, if you did this
    correct then the guard you threw over your shoulder should not spot you. Use
    the corner/wall view to track the guard who should be facing east at spot 3.
    When he turns around run into room A using the level 5 card. I’m presuming you
    know how to avoid the infrared sensors in here. Equip thermal goggles, crawl
    till you pick up PSG1 and then carry on crawling (don’t worry about the ammo to
    the right corner), you should lean against wall and turn around. This is where
    you quickly avoid the sensors and if you did this fast enough you should be
    able to run to spot 4 WITHOUT detection from guard at spot 3. Run around,
    without stopping, passing spot 5 and boarding the elevator. I’ve done this
    several times and don’t get spotted. On your way back to underground passage
    you may want to pick up some claymores in the canyon, remember you need at
    least 10 to beat Raven.
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |            5|XXXXX|6                                     |
    1|             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
     |2 || 3  ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||  7  ||     ||     ||     ||  9  |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
    No need to worry about the claymores because you should have picked them up
    before hand. When you enter press and hold triangle quickly, look to see if
    wolf is hiding or aiming. If she’s aiming go to either the left or right cover
    positions. Equip thermal goggles, may sound strange but if you barely have any
    health (which is likely) its easier to hit wolf. Use the wall/corner view to
    track where she is. When she is hiding at spots 5 and 6, get out in the open
    and equip PSG1. She will sometimes come out quickly so be prepared. Take some
    diazepam and wait for her to appear. When she moves around spots 1-9 you must
    be quick in aiming at her and shooting. When you feel the diazepam is about to
    run out take some more (you shouldn’t need more than the 3 you have though). If
    you have barely any health (like I did) it only takes one shot from wolf to
    kill you. If you have good health though, you will have to move to the sides
    once she hits you once. If you have a good run you can stay in your one spot
    shooting her every time but if she does get a shot in I suggest you get to the
    side before she kills you. When I followed this strategy I did succeed in
    killing her without moving from lying down position at all. Its not amazingly
    hard but like with most parts of this game, it needs practice and patience.
    Get the PSG-1 from the armoury and return to the Comm Towers, making sure you
    don’t hit the mines in the first part.  Position yourself to the left or right,
    using the walls for cover, peeking around the corner; if you fire from the
    entrance, although it's a straight line of view, it leaves you very open to
    being hit.  Use some Diazepam and equip your PSG-1 and rations if you have any.
     If Wolf’s bullets hit you they will screw up your aim, which is why firing
    from the entrance can also be bad.  You should see her moving around, and this
    is the easiest time to hit her, or when she peeks out to hit you.
    Using the map above you can see where she will stop and lean out to fire (2 -
    9, she starts at spot 1 but won't fire from here).  She doesn't have such a set
    pattern as Mantis or Ocelot did, but if you aim at the pillar (X's on the map)
    then follow her with your sight, you should be able to get a shot off before
    her, if you leave it too long, you *will* get hit.  Thanks to Samuel Riesterer,
    there are a few rules, such as only going to spot 7 if she was previously at
    spot 8 or 9, rarely stopping at 3 and 4, and if at the centre pillar, she is
    more likely to go spot 2, 8 or 9.
    Once you succeed in hitting her once she will move off to a different spot, and
    it can be easier to hit her as she is running than waiting for her to stop and
    lean out.  If the fight takes longer than one Diazepam lasts, be sure to keep
    using them as it is incredibly hard to get an accurate shot without using it.
    After 6 hits the fight will end.
    Collect any ammo you need that is around, and the claymores if you want.  Go
    towards where you fought Wolf, get the ammo on the platform and below it before
    moving towards the door, where your life will be replenished and you will be
    taken off for interrogation and torture.
    5.13 TORTURE ROOM                                              [5TOR]
    Surviving the torture is one of the hardest things to succeed at in the Extreme
    difficulty, so I've put down some tried and tested strategies for bashing that
    damn circle button enough.  And it's reported that you can actually use a turbo
    controller and Ocelot won't say anything, but I've never used one myself (and
    my thumb has paid for it...) so I can't say if that's true.
    If your going for big boss then as soon as you are in the prison cell press
    select before Johnny mumbles about his cold. Call colonel and skip this now
    rather than later when he calls you himself. You will be submitting to the
    torture because it is far quicker to do so. Also use the ketchup, when the
    guard goes to the toilet, wait for him. He will come in look puzzled, when he
    has stood looking at you for 2 seconds, quickly get up and use the choke hold,
    if you were accurate enough he wont have been alerted, drag him to the torture
    room choking him 9 times or less.Don’t worry about equipping the level 6 card.
    I recently realized that Johnny has the card too and if you continue to drag
    him the door will open. Oh you can also use the ‘hiding under the bed’ way,
    this is slower, but when he looks under bed you can move out to the top side,
    move around behind him and choke him that way. This is for a better rank, if he
    does see you, you can still manage only being found 4 times, which is within
    the big boss requirements, but obviously getting three is better. :)
    Torture strategies:
    I (liquid316) use the same method for the torture as I do with the Codec
    skipping. It may not work for you but I’ll explain what I do anyway. I get my
    thumbnail, slip it under the nail of the finger nearest the thumb. Then I rub
    left to right keeping the thumbnail under the fingernail. Obviously do this as
    fast as you can, I rarely lose health doing this and in fact I use this method
    for the Solidus choke in MGS2 (oops spoilers).
    Other ways to endure the torture as posted by GAMEFAQS users:
    Squinky 45: “Put your left index finger on the controller a bit above circle
    button, (with just the pad touching). Put your left thumb below the button in a
    similar way. Rub the back end of a ballpoint pen flat across, "bouncing"
    between your fingers. If you're lefty, you could turn the controller facing
    away and invert the whole thing.”
    Red Soul: “Put the controller flat on the ground,
    hold it with your left arm/right arm(the on that you don't use),
    and just bash with your right arm like hell like you are snake and will die in
    real life if you don't succeed.”
    The Unchosen One: “I use a marble. Just hold it between your index and thumb,
    and rub it really fast across the button.”
    After you either survive or submit to the torture, you will end up the Cell,
    with poor old sick Johnny Sasaki guarding you (he's the one Meryl nicked her
    guard uniform off).  After the first torture session call Otacon and he will
    start to make his way to you (you can also call the Colonel for some character
    development) but before he gets there you have to go through another torture
    session.  Submit or don't submit depending on whether you want the bandana or
    stealth (See Secrets section [9SEC]).
    Once back in the cell for the second time, Johnny will rush to the toilet,
    allowing Otacon to arrive (providing you called him).  He will give you a
    handkerchief and some ketchup.  There are now two ways you can escape, but you
    have to do it before Johnny comes back.  Either hide under the bed and wait for
    him to come back, or lay down and equip the ketchup, and press circle to break
    the bottle, spilling it under you, making it look like you are bleeding.
    Either way once the guard notices you "bleeding" or that you have disappeared,
    he will rush in and open the door.  Take this chance to either run up and throw
    or strangle him (I could never quite make myself kill Johnny, and hey he must
    survive as he appears in Metal Gear Solid 2 :) ).  You can also just run around
    him and out the door, to which he will follow, but then get caught with a
    rather nasty bowel movement and rush to the toilet. An alternative escape comes
    if you muck up using the ketchup, as I did once, or get seen crawling under the
    bed, you will get called into a third torture session.  Either submit or not
    and once back in the cell, a stealthed ninja will come and open the door once
    the guard goes to the toilet again.
    Once in the room with the torture machine, pick up your gear, while out of view
    of the camera in the corner.  Note that there is a bomb in your items (only if
    you endured torture), equip it and throw away with circle.  If you don't do
    this, eventually when it is about to go off, Deepthroat will call and warn you
    of it.
    It may sound stupid but you need several chaffs for later when in the
    communications tower. Therefore I use a nikita missile, direct it in the
    direction of the camera and if the missile is going fast enough you should
    avoid the cameras gun shots and thus destroy the gun camera. Or you can go as
    left as possible next to the desk crawl around and I hear the gun camera won’t
    spot you. When in the next area, use a chaff because there is two gun cameras
    Normal Strategy:
    Anyway, throw a chaff and exit the room to be back in the corridor next to the
    DARPA Chief's cell.  Use a chaff on the grenades or move under the blind spots
    to get to the elevator and go to the Tank Hangar.
    There are a few ways to get back to the Communication Towers where you fought
    Wolf, and you also may have caught a cold off of Johnny, especially if you
    threw or strangled him.  If so, you will start sneezing every now and then,
    alerting guards to your position.  To cure this you need to the medicine in
    Nuclear Warhead Storage Building B1, the room where Meryl was patrolling, the
    medicine is in the second room down on the left.
    You can either walk the normal way:
    - through the Canyon where you fought the M1 tank,
    - to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building B1,
    - through the room and passage behind Mantis's room,
    - through the Wolf Cave (either using the handkerchief given to you by Otacon
    or the cardboard the wolf peed on to stop them attacking you) and
    - up to the door where you were captured.
    Or, from the Tank Hangar got through one of the vent shafts to get back to the
    Heliport and equip the Cardboard Box that is labeled Nuclear Warhead Storage
    Building once in the back of the truck here to get driven to the truck in the
    Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.  From here you can continue normally, the
    advantage of doing it this way is that you bypass the Canyon which has now had
    a load more claymores (30+ if I remember right) and 4 gun cameras installed so
    it just easier to avoid altogether, but the choice is yours.  Eventually go
    through the level 6 door, without getting captured this time, to enter
    Communication Tower A.
    5.14 COMMUNICATION TOWER A                                   [5COMM1]
    This is where the chase takes place. Before entering the next Level 6 door,
    equip stun grenades. Open the door but don’t go through it yet, throw a stun
    into the room ahead, wait about 2 seconds and run into room, camera will spot
    you and guards will be running towards you (as usual). However, your stun
    grenade should go off immediately, collect the rope and stun grenades and run
    up the stairs. If going for big boss then you cant kill the enemies here, just
    stun them with your grenades, I suggest trying to save about 4/5. Count the
    stairs you run up because to be successful you must throw them at stairs
    7,11,14,19,21,23 and 28. You may want to throw a couple when on 11 because
    there are 2/3 guards, this is the part near that level 6 door that doesn’t open
    from inside. You may well get a couple of gun butts or even shot, don’t worry
    too much, all that matters is that you survive, I say this because your life
    gets replenished at the next part.
    This is a hard section but luckily your life is replenished here. No strategy
    here, just try your best to avoid the smoke and liquids gunfire. Try using the
    wall bits, which aren’t smoke infested. I got through this with no hits once
    but the best I’ve done recently is been hit 1 time.
    I saved here when I got past rappelling with almost perfect health, just in
    case I messed up on the walkway.
    After rappelling run and throw a stun grenade but make sure you halt at the
    third tile up the walkway. Shortly after it explodes throw another. The timing
    has to be crisp perfect here, if not the guards will not be stunned and will
    shoot you to a certain death. When you’ve thrown the second stun grenade you
    have a brief moment where the guards are back up and ready to shoot. Run up on
    the left side for about 2/3 seconds and run in a diagonal line towards the
    right side of the walkway. If successful then proceed left to the door, the
    guards will have awaken from the stun so be sure to avoid any bullets they may
    shoot before you make it to the door.
    5.15 COMMUNICATION TOWER B                                   [5COMM2]
    You are now in tower B. Collect the stinger and stinger ammo as usual and go
    through door ahead. Now go right (snakes left) collect the ammo and keep going
    down the flights of stairs. Once you get to bottom snake discovers the lower
    staircase is broken (you must go down there to discover it though). Proceed
    back up the stairs and when at the top go left around to the elevator where you
    will meet Otacon again. After this scene equip your chaff grenades. It’s
    advisable to have at least 6(I got away with 5 though and 4 is the absolute
    minimum). Go up the flight of stairs, throwing them at the right moments to
    avoid the gun cameras. I usually throw them two staircases before the gun
    cameras so they go off just before I reach the cameras. You may need to
    practice the timing but it isn’t that difficult. Once up the top, you will see
    a ladder, go past it and collect the 10 stinger missiles and chaffs, however,
    DON’T pick up the stinger missiles next to the chaffs, you must get them after
    the hind fight in order to defeat sniper wolf 2 in quick time later on.
           |            |                                     |
           |            |5                                    |
           |            |         _4________                  |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            | SHELTER|          |                 |
           |            |  AREA  |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |  1              |
           |            |        |          |                 |       B
           |            |        |          | 3               |
           |            |       2|          |                 |    D
           |____________|        |__________|        _______  |
           /                                        |       \ |
          /                                         |___     \|
     C   |                                              \     |
         |                     ______________           |     |
         |                    |____________  \       ___|     |
         |                                 \  \    _|         |
         |                                  \  \__|___________|
         |            F                      \                |
         |                                    \            A  |
         |_    ________________________________\_____         |
           |__|              |                                |
                            _|                                |
    Ugh, the hind battle, this one requires skill, luck and practice. You could try
    beating it as you usually do, but the strategy I offer here is the quickest way
    I know. Be warned though it took me lots of practice to get right on a
    consistent basis.
    You should start at spot 1, the hind will be at spot B. Straight away, equip
    the stinger and aim for liquid at spot B. After the missile’s been launched use
    the quick R1 equip/de-equip trick and run to spot 2. Liquid will fire for a
    while and should now be somewhere around spot C. Look around to make sure you
    find him, fire the stinger and run to spot 3. Equip the stinger facing spot D
    and Wait for him to hover over you, then when you see him fire stinger and run
    to spot 4. It’s not necessary but use the wall/corner view so you can keep an
    eye on him. He should hover over to somewhere around spot E, fire stinger and
    run to spot 1. Equip stinger and face it where the hind was before you run.
    Follow the hind, he will appear in front of you so you have to be quick to fire
    the stinger, Then run to spot 2. Now he should say ‘nice shot’. Run to spot A
    and collect the stinger missiles. If you did a good job you should have 14
    missiles, don’t worry if you have 12/13 though. This next part is the pain and
    the part you will die on most. This is the elusive ‘hind trap’ as named by
    jackal (gameFAQS user). Stay at spot 2 whilst the hind does his blowing things
    up. Use the wall view and wait for the hind to fly past, the hind should be in
    the air at about spot F. Get directly underneath him, equip stinger and fire at
    him. You must do this quickly or he will surface underneath the area. Fire
    stinger at him, wait till he stops flashing invincible and fire another and so
    on until he dies. The hind may move around a bit and don’t worry about have a
    direct hit, as long as you face the stinger at any part of the hind it will
    damage him. The hard bit here is to maintain the hind trap, if your too slow he
    will surface. Be warned, ive only successfully pulled if of a handful of times.
    Once you’ve finished battle, fire any stingers you have left over quickly, then
    go to spot A and collect the 5 stingers that reappear (only when you’ve run out
    of them). Then go to spot 5 and avoid the hinds final destruction.
    Alternative strategy
    Liquid attacks on the roof of the Comm Tower using a Hind D helicopter.  It is
    possible to shelter from the missile he will attack with.  When you first go
    out the door watch the FMV and then position yourself between the door and the
    tank holder to the right.  Move between here and the top of the tank holder
    next to the fencing.  Watch Liquid’s movement on the radar and equip your
    rations and Stinger to lock on and track him going past from right to left.  If
    you have a lock on and fire the missile, you can then deselect the launcher and
    hide as the missile will still continue to the target. Avoid the machine gun
    fire by hiding between the door and the tank holder.  Move back to the fence to
    attack again.  There is a ration below the door you came in, and more Stinger
    missiles to the south on the platform.  After hitting Liquid enough, he will
    shoot a missile to take out the roof, simply stay at the top of the area near
    the door to avoid it.  He will also then hide below you and fly over you.
    Listen to the sound of the rotors and on the radar.  The boss music will also
    come back in when he is about to attack again.  Hit him a few more times with
    the Stingers and Liquid will try to blow up the roof again.  Get as close to
    the door as you can to avoid the attack on the tank holders.
    Once finished, leave via the door you came in, go down ladder and collect the
    stinger missiles I told you to leave behind earlier. Go down steps and use the
    chaffs to get past the gun cameras. Collect the FAMAS ammo at the bottom by
    elevator and go back to the room where you found the stinger, then come back
    and save. The elevator fight is hard and the last thing you want to do is to
    die and have to fight the annoying hind all over again.
    This is tough if you only want to kill one guard out of the 4 and there is no
    easy way to explain how to do this with no damage. Basically, you have to rely
    on luck with the guard’s bullets. The heavily armed troops shoot far more
    bullets at one time and that’s why it is pure luck to whether the guards hit
    snake after killing the guard you will have in a chokehold. I did it
    eventually, only got a gun butt and one shot. If you get past here with half
    health than that should be sufficient enough.
    Killing all 4 guards:
    Here’s my method of doing the elevator fight:
    for the elevator fight, if you don't care about killing only 1 soldier, here's
    the easy way:
    when the battle begins, the soldiers will run around and get into "position 1".
    This position changes depending on what you are doing, so follow my
    instructions to the letter. You have to grab the lower left guard before anyone
    moves and choke and kill him while the guards are running around.
    Before they get into position 1, the guard in your arms should be dead, hit L1
    twice to start moving again and now the guards are in "position 1". There are
    two guards on the left, 1 on the right. In this position only the guard on the
    right will shoot, the other two will not fire. After you killed guard 1, you
    should be running over to the right as soon as possible to meet guard 2, you
    are going to kill him before he starts shooting. If guard 2 is shooting you,
    you are too slow at killing guard 1. While you are choking guard 2, the others
    will be running around again to get into "position 2" again, you should be able
    to kill guard 2 while they are running around and be ready to take the next one
    out by the time they arrive in position. So now you are on the right, having
    just killed guard 2, and in position 2, the two remaining soldiers are on the
    left and bottom. This time both of them can shoot, so you have to use the meat
    shield method. Just grab the guard on the bottom and hold him up to protect
    yourself. You don't have to get him killed by the bullets, if the shooting
    guard stops shooting and begins running around again to get into position 3,
    and guard 3 in your arms is not dead yet, just finish him off (*snap*). Guard 4
    who was just on the left will now run to the right, L1 twice and meet guard 4
    in the middle before he gets into position. Break his neck and you're done.
    Killing 1/4 guards:
    This relies on the meat shield method. I already mentioned which guards will
    shoot at what time, you just have to get yourself into the right position and
    get them killed by each other. The first one is easy. I mentioned that if you
    don't kill guard 1 fast enough, then the guard on the right will shoot you,
    well, just don't kill him and let him shoot you then. For guard 2, it's a
    little trickier because guards 3 and 4 can both shoot. When it gets down to 2
    guards, it's easy. Hold up one, it doesn't matter which, and let the other kill
    him. The hard part is moving yourself out of danger in case your shield expires
    prematurely. I’ve done the elevator with no damage 1 guard only a few times.
    It’s easy to get hit because the gunfire isn't always the same pattern. If you
    want to kill all 4 guards, that's REALLY easy. 1 guard is tough. – Thank you to
    Jackal for these strategies!
    5.16 SNOWFIELD                                                [5SNOW]
    This time Wolf depends on chance (similar to last time actually). You can't
    really force her to go in any particular direction, like you can with ocelot,
    or the ninja. So depending on where she decides to hide, the fight could take
    anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes. Once she just kept running back and forth between
    the middle snow banks and there was nothing I could do about that. The strategy
    behind wiping her out *fast* (remember that all my strategies are based on
    speed, even though speed may not be important for everyone) is to get her in
    sight as she hides behind a tree, then toggle the stinger and fire high, the
    instant the stinger is away, toggle back the PSG-1 and then shoot her as she
    runs out after being hit by the stinger. If you get her near the middle left,
    where she runs at an angle towards the next tree, you can easily shoot her 3
    times before she makes it to the tree. I’d just like to add that sometimes the
    snow banks will block you from aiming at her with PSG1 (after you fired
    stinger). Therefore you will have to move around a lot to find an area where
    you can aim at her successfully after the stinger missile has made contact. You
    should have 10 stingers if you’ve done what I’ve told you, that is enough to
    finish her off (with or without PSG1). With the PSG1 means you will have more
    ammo for Metal gear Rex later on.
    Alternative way:
    Sniper Wolf II: There are two ways to approach this fight.  You can use the
    PSG-1 like at the Comm Towers or the Nikita Launcher.  If you use the PSG-1
    position yourself either at the tree to the left or to the right where the
    rations and PSG-1 bullets are.  Equip the PSG-1 and use diazepam.  Wolf will
    move from tree to tree for cover.  This is the quicker method, but the Nikita
    is more fun.  If you use the Nikita, position yourself by the tree and fire off
    a Nikita.  Guide it with First Person View Mode and make sure you don’t hit any
    of the trees etc.  Go around the left of the area and go behind the trees and
    hit Wolf from behind.  After the fight, move forward and watch the FMV and
    Otacon will show up.
    5.17 BLAST FURNACE                                              [5BF]
    Top floor (the one you start on from the snowfield)
                           |             3
                           |     _________
                           |    |
                           |    |
        ___________________|    |
       |                        |
       ||                                                        ______
       ||                          _____________________________|      |
       ||                         | 1                                  |
       ||                         |___________                         |
       ||                                     |                        |
       ||                                     |                        |
       ||                                     |                        |
       ||____________                         |                        |
       |2            |                        |                _____   |
       |             |________________________|               |     |  |
       |                                                      |     |  |
       |______________________________________                |_____|  |
                                              |                        |
                                              |                        |
                                              |                        |
    Middle floor
    |                  |       4 |            |    5
    |                  |_________|            |_____
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                    ________________           |__________________
    |                   |                |                             |
    |                   |                |                            6|
    |                   |                |                             |
    |                   |                |_____________________________|
    |                   |
    |                   |
    Ground floor
            7|                        8             |
     ________|                                      |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    Going down into the blast furnace is pretty simple. Run down the steps, through
    the door and make sure you equip something, un-equip it and then use the R1
    quick equip continually whilst running to avoid making noise on the floor. If
    you make noise on this floor the guard (at spot 1) will immediately see you.
    The idea is to get to the other side as soon as possible, ending up at spot 2.
    Wait for the guard looking at the crane to turn around. When he does, make your
    way to the other side by using the ‘tight up against wall’ method. Duck if the
    crane is approaching or is going to knock into you. If you take too long, the
    guard on the other side will come up to the top level. By the time I get there,
    he's usually on the left or just coming back and about to head down to the
    lower level. I usually just run down the stairs from the top level to the
    middle level (at spot 3, starting at spot 4 on the middle map) as the 2nd guard
    is on the left of me and I just continue on and he doesn't see me. Or if he
    goes down to the lower level, I move south on the middle level and wait for him
    to come back up and approach him from his side and throw him before he sees me.
     Then go down the stairs at spot 5 to the ground level (the elevator back to
    the top floor is now working, at spot 6) starting at spot 7 on the bottom map.
    From here you can just run to 8 and through the door to the Cargo Elevator
    area.  There is another area in the Blast Furnace, but offers more for
    non-Extreme players, as there is Body Armour and various ammo to be found
    there.  Crawl into it at spot 9, and there are many steam vents shooting out
    hot steam periodically, which will harm you if you get in their way.  Watch the
    path of the hot steam, they will be red so wait until they stop until you run
    through their path.  Crawl under the pipe at the far left to get to the map
    |                                          |
    | 2                                        |
    |      ____4__                            1|
    |     |       |                            |
    |     |_______|                            |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                          |
    |                                       3  |
    |                                          |
    Starting at spot 1, throw a Chaff to take out the two gun cameras at spots 2
    and 3, then run and get the Body Armour at spot 4 and the ammo to the left of
    the gun camera at spot 3. Once done head back to the pipe area and to spot 8 on
    the ground floor map to continue to the Cargo Elevator.
    5.18 CARGO ELEVATOR                                             [5CE]
    Run straight ahead to the elevator to the north, collecting any ammo to the
    left and right and press O to activate the console that will make the elevator
    start to descend.  As soon as this starts, 3 guards will jump on to attack.
    Save here because this is a tough elevator battle, tougher than the last.
    |                                 |
    |  C                              |
    |                                 |
    |                                 |
    |                            _____|
    |                           |     |
    |                           |     |
    |                           |_____|
    |                        1        |
    | B                               |
    |                         A       |
    Killing 1/3 guards
    I have found it almost impossible to avoid being damaged by gunfire at the
    start. However, I have on the odd occasion. You start at spot 1, quickly equip
    famas and immediately fire whilst running into the guard at spot A. Straight
    away, fire and run towards the guard at spot B, followed by firing and running
    towards spot C. All guards should be down after you fired and run at them. You
    must Use the R1 quick equip technique after you’ve fired at one guard. Keep
    going around in a circle, whilst firing and running at each guard. Go for guard
    at spot A, then B, then C. Do this 3 more times (after the original time). They
    SHOULD NOT be dead after this. Grab a guard and choke him, these guards drop
    easily so you will have to choke them quicker. Let the other guards shoot at
    him but you will probably get hit. Do the same with one of the two remaining
    guards and then when one is left just break his neck. The meat shield (this is
    where you let the guards shoot at the guard you’re choking) killing only 1
    guard with no damage method is the hardest part of the game for me.
    Killing 3/3 guards
    Obviously this is easier; it is likely the first volley of bullets will still
    hit you though. You can either circle the elevator whilst firing FAMAS or if
    you never picked up the FAMAS do the following: Claymore the guard below (set
    claymore right in front of him), run to the left with the socom out and shoot
    the left guard SLOWLY so he isn't able to shoot back at me, then punch him off,
    and then meet the last guard as he runs to the bottom right and snap his neck.
    After you have won this fight, the elevator will stop at a halfway area, where
    you need to switch from Elevator 1 to the Elevator 2 down to the Warehouse.
                                         _______________|   |______
                                        |                          |  |
                                        |                          |  |
                                        |     ELEVATOR 2           |  |
                                        |                          |  |
                                        |                          |  |
                                        |                          |  |
                                  _1_   |__________________________|  |
                     ___         |   |                                |
     _______________|   |______  |   |                                |
    |                          | |   |                       5        |
    |                          | |   |                                |
    |                          | |   |                                |
    |      ELEVATOR 1          | |___|                             6  |
    |                          |     |        2       3     4         |
    |                          |     |________________________________|
    There is a Gun Camera at spot 1, you can either, go against the wall under it,
    blow it up with a Stinger or block it with a Chaff.  Either way get past it but
    be wary of the Claymores set at spots 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Simply avoid them and
    get to Elevator 2, pressing O to get it moving.
    At the last stop down into the Warehouse, there will be frozen ground and a lot
    of raven's flying around (you are can kill these will Stingers most easily if
    you want, just to get a rather amusing call from the Colonel and Naomi).  Just
    go through the door to the north, collecting any ammo you need from the area.
    5.19 WAREHOUSE                                                 [5WAR]
    |                                                           |
    |     __>6___________________________    _______9<_____     |
    |_   |   _________       _________    | |  _________   |   _|
    | |  |  |         |     |         |   | | |         |  |  | |
    | |  |  |         |     |         |   | | |         |  |  | |
    | |  |  |         |     |         |  \/ | |         |  |  | |
    | |  |  |         |     |         |   7 | |         |  |  | |
    |_|  |  |_________|     |_________|   | | |_________|  |  |_|
    |    |________5<______                | |              |    |
    |                    _|_____________  | |              |    |
    |_       _________  | |  _________  | | |  _________   |   _|
    | |     |         | 2 | |         | | | | |         |  |  | |
    | |     |         |/\ | |         | | | | |         |  |  | |
    | |     |         | | | |         |\/ | | |         |  |  | |
    | |     |         | | | |         | 3 | | |         |  |  | |
    |_|     |_________| | | |_________| | | | |_________|  |  |_|
    |                   | |             | |_|______>8______|    |
    |                   | |             |   |__>10________      |
    |_       _________  | |  _________  |      _________  |    _|
    | |  R  |         | | | |         | |     |         | |   | |
    | |  |  |         | | | |         | |     |         | |   | |
    | |  |  |         | | | |         | |     |         | |   | |
    | |  |  |         | | | |         | |     |         | |   | |
    |_|  |  |_________| | | |_________| |     |_________| |   |_|
    |    |___________>1_| |_______4<____|                 |     |
    |                     _________________________11<____|     |
    This fight can be easy if you know how Raven moves, and the pattern which
    doesn't change, apart from he runs faster after you take away most of his
    health.  You can either learn his pattern or get in spots ahead of him ready
    with a Stinger or Nikita, but be sure to be able to get out of the way of his
    gun if he sees you.  Due to this threat of backfire, Claymores or C4 are best
    as you can set them away from Raven, hide and wait for him to hit them.  The
    only problem with Claymores is that you can forget where they are set, so just
    use Thermal Goggles or the Mine Detector.
    Raven starts at (R) and continues to follow the pathway outlined (1 - 11, then
    will go back to the corner of 1). You start at (S). The numbers 1 - 11 along
    the path show where you should place Claymores, with the cone of arrows showing
    the cone "vision" of the mine, not the way you should face when placing them.
    You will have to be fast but it should be easy as you practice. Be aware that
    if Raven sees you he will stop and fire at you. He will continue his path when
    he cannot see you. Also after a while, Raven will begin to shoot at the
    containers and make them fall down, blocking some of your routes. If you mess
    up, keep to the pathway or improvise or reset. Listen to the explosions as he
    steps on them and count each time. Not only will this let you know if there are
    any mines that still remain, it will also reveal to you Raven's location. After
    he steps on 10 mines (on Extreme) the battle will end.
    For a video (recorded by Micro761) go to:
    http://www.freewebs.com/micro761/index.htm - This is not identical to the map
    above but is similar and the mines are placed in the same areas.
                 | 3               C                   |
                 |                   _______________   |
                 |___________       |               |  |
                             |      |               |  |
                             |      |        _______|  |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |        4 |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |          |
              _______________|      |       |__________|
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |           _________B|
              |         A|
              |     2    |
              |          |
              |          |
              |          |
              |          |
              |     1    |
       _______|          |_______
      |                          |
      |                          |
      |                          |
      |                          |
    Ah the wonder of Chaff grenades, just chuck one and run along the right wall to
    avoid the traps at spots 1 and 2.  There are about 40 or so Gun Cameras here so
    the obvious way to cross it is with Chaff grenades, there are some to the left
    of the door you start at if you need them.  There are also Stinger missiles at
    spot 4, but you won't be able to get them usually in the time before the chaff
    wears off, there are also stingers to the left of the door at spot 3, which is
    just out of the sight of the gun cameras so don't worry if the chaff wears off
    just as you get to the door.  Go through it to enter Rex's Lair (or the
    Underground Base as it is actually called in the game).
    However, there is a way to avoid the cameras if you are low on chaffs. You run
    to spot A, turn corner and run to spot B, then run up to spot 3 then go left
    underneath cameras to spot 3. I didn’t actually realize this till recently.
    5.20 REX'S LAIR                                                [5REX]
    Run forward, skip scene and run towards the ladder, diagonally right to you.
    Climb the ladder, go left then forward and climb the next ladder. Otacon will
    call you before you climb these ladders so just skip as usual.
    This is slightly different because there is a guard patrolling. After climbing
    and descending the ladders move forwards, then to the left, then look forward
    and the guard should be walking away. Equip any item, de-equip it and then keep
    pressing R1 rapidly whilst running as usual. This is to stop you making noise
    on the floors because otherwise the guard will hear your footsteps and spot
    you. Keep on using this R1 quick equip trick until the guard has moved beyond
    the stairs and you can then go up them. I go so fast that I catch up to him as
    he turns the corner and I have to stop and wait for him to move out of the way
    and walk past the stairs so I can go inside. Best to tip toe behind him and let
    him walk by, once I was impatient and tried to throw him and then run inside
    before he gets up, but the game is flawed here, because as you run up the
    steps, the cut scene gets queued up. You’ll lose control of snake as he stops,
    the screen will go dark, and JUST before the cut scene kicks in, you find out
    that while your control of snake was cut off and the screen went dark, the
    soldier that you just threw down was able to continue moving, got up, looked
    around, and saw snake, and the alarm goes off! All while the screen is black.
    And THEN the cut scene starts. And yes, it counts against you as being found.
    (credit to this trick goes to jackal)
    The key will now get shot out of Snake’s hand in the cutscene with liquid and
    ocelot. After you skip all of this be prepared to turn around and run, throw a
    stun grenade, time it just right so when you turn back around the guard wont
    get shot in at you due to being stunned. However, you can just take out the
    socom, charge at him and shoot him once, then disarm, throw him, and keep
    running. Run around to the ladder and go down to underground base 1. Save here
    because if the rat has the pal key it will be quick sometimes and long other
    ----Room temperature----
    Save when you descend the ladder at underground base 1. Search around the
    decontaminated water (watch out it very slowly takes away health) for the pal
    key, if after a good search you cant find it then go back to the pathway by the
    stairs. Sometimes the rat is up here, if he is shoot him with the FAMAS. If you
    chose not to save, you can take the risk of trying to catch the early
    opportunity and getting the key INSTANTLY, it's is a big risk because if you
    miss the chance, you end up waiting a LONG time. Once you get off the ladder,
    waste no time and run to the steps, walk down about 2 steps, face right, and
    press square. There’s about an 80% chance that the mouse is already RIGHT THERE
    at the bottom of the stairs (off the screen), and you'll see snake auto aim his
    socom. Don’t walk down the steps or the mouse will see you and then run away.
    The moment his arms move, Release Square, and the key is yours in less than 5
    seconds. If you miss, just plant a claymore by each hole and wait. Patience is
    the key here, keep loading up the save game file and when you get a quick run
    proceed back to the pal input control room. When at underground base 3 the
    guard will be there as usual, use the R1 quick equip/de-equip trick whilst
    running. Then use a cardboard box to get past the cameras in the control room,
    when directly in front of the left input machine equip the pal key. Leave the
    room with the cardboard box trick. However I hear that just run in from the
    bottom and go up to the key slots.
    ----Freezing the key----
    Once you have left the room you will be heading back to the warehouse. Run to
    the left of the screen and then wait 1-2 seconds in the open area at the top.
    Then run using the equip/de-equip trick and as you see the guard walking into
    the mini passage move diagonally to the right side of the passageway. You may
    need to practice this. Alternatively you can use the wall by the stairs and use
    the corner/wall view to track the guard, if you time it right you can peer out
    punch, punch, kick him and run as fast as you can down the passageway before he
    gets up. Also you can run out there and meet him at the junction, come at him
    from the side, throw him, and then carry on without being detected. Saves A LOT
    of time. The hard part is that that whole stretch of walkway is metal and makes
    noise. Silent run helps a lot. The first option is a lot quicker though. Go
    down the other underground bases as usual, heading towards warehouse north.
                 | 3               A                   |
                 |                   _______________   |
                 |___________       |               |  |
                             |      |               |  |
                             |      |        _______|  |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |        4 |
                             |      |       |          |
                             |      |       |          |
              _______________|      |       |__________|
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |           _________B|
              |         C|
              |     2    |
              |          |
              |          |
              |          |
              |          |
              |     1    |
       _______|          |_______
      |                          |
      |                          |
      |                          |
      |                          |
    Once again, you don’t need to use the chaff grenades. You start at spot 3, run
    to spot A, then down the stairs to spot B, then Spot C and then enter door at
    spot D. Don’t stop when you get to these spots, there just here to guide in the
    correct direction.
     _____________________________ _____________________________
    |                                                           |
    |                                                          2|
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    | 1                                                         |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    Once in the warehouse pause the game, find yourself a stopwatch and let it run
    for 1 minute and 16 seconds. In this 1 minute 16 seconds run around the
    warehouse to spots 1 and 2 and collect the two stinger ammo boxes. You will
    also find some nikita ammo, pick it up if you want, you DO need the stinger
    ammo for the metal gear rex fight. Once the time is over leave the room, don’t
    look to see if the key has frozen, trust me it would have. Make your way back
    to the control room in the same manner you should have done when inputting the
    room temperature key.
    ----Warming the key----
    Make your way to the warehouse in the way you did when freezing the key.
     _____________________________ _____________________________
    |                                                           |
    |                     1                                     |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                     2                                     |
    |                                                           |
                                                                     There are
    guards in this room now, move to spot 1, then run down to spot 2 and go through
    the door at spot 3. Get the elevator running, skip the call master gives you
    and wait for it to reach the top. Sometimes the gun camera will spot you and
    start shooting; it wont hit you unless you carry on standing in the same
    position when you gain control of snake. As soon as you do gain control again
    throw a chaff grenade, wait for explosion and then run around to the elevator
    around the corner. If you have a lack of chaff then look in first person, watch
    the camera move around and run around, lean against the wall once you’re near
    the camera or it will spot you. However, chaffs are the best bet if you have
    any. This elevator trip is quite quick, once off equip chaffs and enter blast
    furnace. Start the stopwatch again and enter the small steam room, make sure
    you avoid the steam (I had minimal health so I had to be extra careful). Once
    you reach the gap around the passage of the steam room throw a chaff grenade,
    crawl under this gap and quickly pick up the 10 stinger missiles, chaff
    grenades and body armour, its essential you pick up stinger missiles, not so
    essential for others, move out and back under the gap, avoid the steam and look
    at your stopwatch. When it reaches 1:16 retreat the blast furnace. Get on the
    elevator and throw a chaff grenade when it stops, wait for explosion and then
    quickly get on the next elevator. Once off this elevator proceed to warehouse.
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________    2    _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |_       _________       _________         _________       _|
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    | |     |         |     |         |       |         |     | |
    |_|     |_________|     |_________|       |_________|     |_|
    |                                     1                     |
    |                                                           |
    |_____________________________ _____________________________|
    Run to spot 1, then forward to spot 2 and finally run out the door at spot 3.
    Then the following parts you have already done when freezing the key and should
    be familiar with them by now. When you reach the control room, breathe a huge
    sigh of relief, skip the cutscenes and Codec calls and prepare for Rex.
    You must have played the game a lot if you are going for big boss so if you
    have your own quick way for getting past Rex, use it. I found a way to beat him
    (without chaffs) from the first time I ever fought him and have used it ever
    PART 1
    Straight away equip the stinger (I had 26/35 missiles which is more than
    enough). Aim it at Rex’s radome to your right and wait for the lock on, when it
    does, fire! Use the quick equip/un-equip by pressing R1 and move right avoiding
    the gunfire, when the gunfire stops, turn and aim at the radome again, lock on
    quickly, fire and press R1. You must now run in towards rex because he will be
    firing his own missiles, after the second missile (or just before) collides
    with the ground run back to where you were originally. Notice the distinct
    tiling in what seems to be the middle? Aim to reach that because then he will
    use his gunfire and you can move right to avoid it and quickly lock on, fire,
    un-equip and run back into rex. Follow this pattern until his life bar is down
    to zero. You will get what is most people’s favourite cutscene now. However,
    your going for a quick time so skip them and get ready for Part 2 which is a
    bit harder than this part.
    PART 2
    Move backwards and then to the left, there should be another distinct tile
    line. Anyway, aim on to the cockpit (which is open now) and fire. Liquid will
    keep moving around trying to find you and it is this which makes this part
    harder. You have to try and get him to see you, avoid his gunfire and use the
    same method as part 1. If he has just spotted you he sometimes won’t bother
    with gunfire and go straight to missiles. If you this is the case, use the
    stinger quickly and fire or just run inwards as with part 1. I usually stick my
    neck out rather than be cautious, the health is usually full for me at this
    part and seeing as your life is replenished afterwards I feel this is the
    better option. Keep plugging those missiles into the cockpit and eventually rex
    will be destroyed.
    Alternative strategy:
    PART 1
    After the FMV of Liquid getting in Metal Gear Rex and before it start to move,
    throw a Chaff Grenade to disable its electronic sensors.  Get out of its range
    by running to the south and throw another Chaff before the other one wears off.
     There are more Chaff Grenades in the middle right of the screen behind the
    storage box.  Rations are in the bottom right and top left, and Stinger
    missiles to the top of the left.  Equip Stingers and rations.  Aim at the disc
    on the left arm of Rex, and commence firing at it, you don’t have to wait for a
    lock on so let off a few in a go, and remember you can hide while the missiles
    are heading to the target.  Move and throw some more Chaff.  Move along the
    right of the map, so you are on the left of Metal Gear.  Fire again and
    continually move around to the left so you are at the back of Metal Gear,
    letting off Chaff then firing again.  Keep going until the disc explodes.  The
    FMV will run and to stop you from getting crushed by Metal Gear, Grey Fox will
    come and help you out.  After getting pinned by Metal Gear, Grey Fox will die.
    Now it is time for the second part of the fight.
    PART 2
    The target is now different as the cockpit is now open and Liquid has been
    revealed.  This is your new target.  He will follow you so you can’t go behind
    him like before.  Throw Chaff again and move far enough away so he only attacks
    with missiles.  As soon as the missiles are fired move forward towards Metal
    Gear, the missiles should overshoot you and as soon as the last of the 3
    missiles has exploded move back and fire a Stinger.  Keep doing this, making
    sure you always throw Chaff so your radar is jammed showing Metal Gear’s
    systems are also jammed.  Eventually Metal Gear will explode and Liquid Snake,
    still being alive, will take you up top of Metal Gear.
    Skip the conversations, except the one you can't, the one where Liquid is still
    alive to Snake's amazement.
    |                                              |
    | 5                                          8 |
    |                                              |
    |         1                          4         |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |         2                          3         |
    | 6                                          7 |
    |_                                            _|
      \__                                      __/
         \__                                __/
            \__                          __/
               \__                    __/
                  \_                _/
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
    You will now have to fight Liquid in a hand-to-hand fight atop Metal Gear.  The
    whole fight has a 3-minute time limit (well at least it says that, when in fact
    once Liquid is done talking near the beginning the countdown will be nearer 2
    min 40 seconds. But if you die by getting blown up after the timer goes or by
    getting killed by Liquid then choose to continue you'll get the full 3 minutes
    in the fight).  Also don’t go too close to the edge of Metal Gear as you will
    fall off and hang onto the side.  You don’t have any of your equipment or even
    rations so fight carefully.
    Firstly hit Liquid with a punch-punch-kick combo.  When you approach him again
    he will move away usually positioning himself in one of the corners (spots
    1-4).  Keep on the same line as him and keep doing the combo, he will run away
    after getting hit and there is a few seconds when you can’t hit him, when he is
    flashing. When he goes in one of the far corners (spots 5-8) you wont be able
    to hit him, go up to him though and quickly move away, let him do his swing
    kick and move in for the combo as quickly as you can. After a while Liquid will
    shout “nice shot” when he says this he will punch, punch, kick you and his
    damage you a lot more than yours do to him. There is a good way to avoid this,
    for example: Liquid is at Spot 4, go and combo him, move backwards in a circle
    to spot 1 and go back to combo him again, what this does is makes him miss his
    combo.  Deplete his health to two-thirds of the bar and Liquid will start to
    attack differently.  He will move away and crouch down.  He will then charge at
    you to make you fall off Metal Gear.  Avoid it by moving away from him when he
    crouches and after he attacks attack him from behind. Keep attacking him and
    move away when he crouches. After a while you will have to punch him off as he
    will regain a small part of health when it gets right down, so get him near the
    edge and combo him off. What I do is try and get him to his swinging kick, move
    away from it and combo him; if he is by the edge it is perfect for a combo to
    knock him off edge. However, this wont always be the case so if it isn’t, get
    far away from and let him charge, he will most definitely be at the edge and
    will have his back to you, use this opportunity to quickly knock him off the
    edge. There is an infinite punch trick that Jackal uses, the video should be up
    soon for a demonstration.
    5.21 ESCAPE ROUTE                                              [5ESC]
    After beating Liquid you will escape on a jeep, with either Meryl or Otacon.
    You have 10 minutes until the air strike destroys the base.  Take the rations
    by the door, the stairs and the jeep.  Equip them and when the guards come,
    avoid them and when the jeep is up and running jump on.  You control the
    machine gun and fire with Square.  Fire at the barrels to escape and the
    parking area. It is here where you can be lucky enough to only kill one of the
    two guards near the oil drums or barrels. This can usually only be achieved
    luck or trying to get the guards out of position before you jump in the jeep.
    This often means you will get hit though. In the tunnel, turn the gun to the
    right to be ready to shoot the guards and barrels that come up. Use the first
    person whilst shooting; I keep my thumb on both triangle and square buttons.
    The first checkpoint is relatively easy, aim at the barrel on the left and if
    your quick enough you can shoot at the barrel on the right before the guard on
    the right shoots you. The second checkpoint is a lot harder and you will be
    hit. Shoot the guard nearest to you, followed by the one on the right side of
    you; finally shoot the guard who seems to be shooting Otacon’s way. Liquid will
    make another appearance in the second jeep with a FAMAS.  He will come up
    behind you going from left to right, but just fire in the centre to catch him
    in your fire as he sweeps across.  It can also help if you hold both Triangle
    and Square to use the Machine Gun in first person.  He will then ram your jeep
    stopping you from firing when he does.  Continue to shoot him as he goes from
    left to right.  Liquid will then drive parallel to your jeep in another tunnel;
    position the firing to the left to hit him.  He will move closer and shoot him
    some more and you will reach the exit. The key piece of advice here is
    basically to swing the gun left to right whilst shooting him, he will only be
    off guard when he feels your off guard, this is the time to shoot him and
    quick. At the very end part though you will almost certainly get hit, just try
    to shoot him the 5 times that you need to.
    -----Liquid316’s save points and times:-----
    Cell 0:08
    Canyon 0:17
    Nuke Building B1 0:28
    Armory 0:43
    Underground Passage 0:48
    Communication Tower A 1:01
    Roof Communication Tower 1:04
    Walkway 1:06
    Roof Communication Tower 1:10
    Communication Tower B 1:16
    Snowfield 1:19
    Blast Furnace 1:23
    Cargo Elevator 1:25
    Cargo Elevator 1:28
    Underground Base 1 1:35
    Supply Route 1:56
    Escape Route 2:06
    -----Liquid316’s Final statistics-----
    Mode: Extreme
    Play Time: 2:18.57
    Saves: 17
    Continues: 0
    Being Found: 3 Times
    Enemies: 12 Killed
    Rations: 0 used
    Codename: Big Boss
    Special Items used: None
    Just for comparison here is my final statistics when I used Stealth and Bandana:
    Mode: Extreme
    Play Time: 2:07.33
    Saves: 6
    Continues: 0
    Being Found: 3 Times
    Enemies: 11 Killed
    Rations: 0 Used
    Codename: Big Boss
    Special Items used: Stealth, Bandana
    -----Dark Angel's Final statistics-----
    Mode: Extreme
    Play Time: 2:43.46
    Saves: 19
    Continues: 0
    Being Found: 4 Times
    Enemies: 12 Killed
    Rations: 0 used
    Codename: Big Boss
    Special Items used: None
    And here's my (Dark Angel) stats with bandana and stealth:
    Mode: Extreme
    Play Time: 1:56.57
    Saves: 7
    Continues: 0
    Being Found: 3 Times
    Enemies: 11 Killed
    Rations: 0 Used
    Codename: Big Boss
    Special Items used: Stealth, Bandana
    We have fully tested the strategies in this guide, most require perseverance
    and if you need any help please email me at Andrew_squire4@hotmail.com or Dark
    Angel at dark_angel13uk@hotmail.com with Metal Gear Solid mentioned in the
    topic title. If you have any strategies which differ from ours which you would
    like to add then send them to us and they will be considered.
    6. WEAPONS                                                     [6WEA]
    SOCOM Pistol - Special Operations Command Pistol. The Mark 23 Model 0 U.S.
    SOCOM was adopted as the standard service weapon for advanced combat personnel.
    It successfully passed a 30,000 round endurance-firing test and extreme
    temperature tests. Special features include a laser-aiming module, a buffer
    system for minimized recoil forces, corrosive-resistant coatings on al metal
    components, and a polygon barrel of hard chrome plated internally. There are no
    other pistols with this all-around precision and durability. 45-caliber pistol.
    Equipped with a LAM (Laser Aiming Module) for nighttime combat. Designed
    specifically for use by Special Forces.  Get the SOCOM from the back of the
    truck parked in the Heliport. Get the suppresser from the room with the Level 1
    door on the ground floor of the Tank Hangar.
    FAMAS Assault Rifle - Encompassing assault firing and support firing, the FAMAS
    is solid and reliable, withstanding water, mud, sand, and dust tests without
    loss of performance. It is compact, light, streamlines, and perfectly balanced
    around the pistol grip. This French assault rifle has exceptional performance,
    and the ability to withstand almost all conditions makes it the preferred
    weapon of the French army. It fires 1100 rounds per minute and the last three
    bullets in the magazine act as a tracer to focus firing more accurately. Get
    the FAMAS from the Armoury on the 2nd floor Basement of the Tank Hangar.
    Grenades - Also known as Frag Grenades or Fragmentation Grenades, these are
    explosive devices set to detonate after a five second delay. When the grenade
    detonates, it scatters small fragments that significantly increase the damage
    caused by the explosion of the grenade itself. Causing noise to alert any
    nearby guard or sensor, these are mainly used to take out vehicles or to blow
    away advancing enemies by less-than-subtle operatives. Get the grenades first
    from Armory on the 2nd floor Basement of the Tank Hangar.
    Stun Grenades - Also known as Flash bangs or Sound and Flash Grenades, these
    temporarily disables all enemies within a user's line of sight. Highly charged
    and tightly packed magnesium reacts to friction, detonating after five seconds
    once the safety pin is pulled. Used for freeing hostages and such. Makes a big
    flash and lots of noise to distract and disable enemies temporarily by stunning
    them for about 8 seconds. Get the Stun Grenades first from the room to the left
    of the Heliport.
    Chaff Grenades - Disperses thin, narrow metallic strips of various lengths and
    frequencies to confuse electronic equipment. Useful against machines that
    depend on electronic sensors. They can also paralyze enemies that have certain
    electronic implants. But they also jam your own electronic equipment such as
    your radar. Get the Chaff grenades first from the Heliport, between the
    Nikita Missiles - The Nikita Personal Remote Rocket Launcher. A prototype
    missile launcher code named Nikita, utilizing satellite radar tracking systems,
    AWACS aircraft data and soliton technology, a small, fully controllable rocket
    can be used to seek and destroy targets from enemy soldiers to machinery.
    Nikita's are remote controlled reconnaissance missiles with CCD cameras on the
    nose to allow visual data to be sent back to see where the missiles are going.
    They have a small amount of fuel to propel them for a specific amount of time.
    The primary purpose of the Nikita launcher is to eliminate enemies out of your
    sight of vision. Get the Nikita Launcher from the room with the Level 3 door in
    the 1st floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
    PSG - 1 Sniper Rifle - Arguably the most accurate semi-auto in the world. The
    accuracy standard has been field-tested: 50 rounds of ammo into an
    80-millimeter circle at 300 meters. The main reason for utilization and
    procurement in this operation is that the PSG-1 ejects spent shells to a
    distance of around ten feet, thus lessening a foe's ability to judge the
    shooters position. Another reason is that the extremely accurate sights have a
    default setting of 600 meters (42 times your vision), the optimal engagement
    range. The PSG-1 fires 7.62 caliber rounds and the magazine fits 6 bullets. Get
    the PSG-1 from the Armoury from the room with the Level 5 door.
    Stinger Missiles - The Stinger missile launching system employs a unique
    two-color, infrared-ultraviolet detector using fire-and-forget technology. This
    ensures high survivability and maximum impact, even in the heaviest
    countermeasure situations. The Stingers modular design and greater-than-90% hit
    ration have kept it at the forefront of missile technology. Equipped with a
    thermal homing device, once locked on it will pursue target. Very potent,
    short-range, low altitude SAM's (Surface to Air Missiles). Get the Stinger
    Missiles from the first room of the Comm Tower B, after the walkway.
    Claymores - A directional anti-personnel mine. They are set up above ground
    unlike other mines. Claymores are designed to produce maximum damage in a wide
    area. They spray seven hundred 1.2mm steel pellets when set off in a 45°
    pattern. They are camouflaged with stealth and equipped with motion detectors.
    They can be buried under any surface, be it soil or steel. Get the Claymores by
    crawling over them from the Canyon before fighting the Tank; the Underground
    Passage to the Comm Tower; the storage room with a Level 6 door in the
    Snowfield and in the second area of the Cargo Elevator.
    C4 - This volatile plastic explosive works by a remote sensor mechanism and can
    be set on a wall, a floor, or even another human. C4 explosive is 1.4 times
    destructive power as dynamite. It is highly stable and won't explode without
    detonation device. Can be shot, burned and beaten without going off. The
    detonator is equipped with a scrambler so you don't have to worry about
    interference from a radio source. It is generally used to destroy walls or
    structures, but it can also be used against less significant targets. Get the
    C4 first from the Armoury.
    7. ITEMS                                                       [7ITM]
    Rations - Restore life. Equip and as soon as your life gauge runs out and you
    have a ration equipped you will be saved from dying. If you stay in the cold
    for a long time (like the Warehouse), your rations will freeze. To unfreeze
    them, stand in a hot environment (like the Blast Furnace) or use the hand dryer
    in the 1st floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. You can
    sometimes get rations from guards you kill without them setting the alarm off.
    They are positioned all over the base.
    Diazepam - A powerful sedative that stops the sniper rifle zoom from shaking
    with your heartbeat. Slows your heartbeat, thus allowing you to be more
    accurate with the sniper rifle. You first get Diazepam in the Level 5 door in
    the 1st floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
    Thermal Goggles - Picks up on heat sources, rendering targets with stealth
    camouflage and other optic concealment visible to the user. Once the goggles
    are worn, heat sources and objects will show up as a white, and everything else
    is red. The Thermal Goggles can detect mines, camouflaged objects and people,
    as well as traps in the floor, cameras and laser beams. Get the Thermal Goggles
    from the room with the open door on the second floor of the ground floor of
    Tank Hangar.
    Night Vision Goggles - Enhances light in dark areas. Makes screen go green to
    allow you to see better. The goggles electronically amplify ultra-violet and
    infrared light to increase image clarity. The goggles don't help in well-lit
    areas, as when used in such areas will have a similar effect to that of Stun
    Grenades. Get from the room with the Level 4 door near the high voltage
    switchboard on the 2nd floor basement in the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
    Scope - Acts like a pair of magnifying binoculars, which are equipped with a
    zoom of 1000 times. You are Initially equipped with the scope.
    Cardboard Box A - Equip when in the back of a truck and you will be transported
    to the Heliport. The box also has a way of hiding from the guards as long as
    they don't see you moving in it. Get the box from the room on the second floor
    of the ground floor of the Tank Hangar with a Level 1 door. In First Person
    View Mode, you will see through the handle hole and will have restricted view.
    Cardboard Box B - Equip when in the back of a truck and you will be transported
    to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. The box also as a way of hiding from
    the guards as long as they don't see you moving in it. Get the box from the
    Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, inside one of the rooms on the gas filled
    area. In First Person View Mode, you will see through the handle hole and will
    have restricted view.
    Cardboard Box C - Equip when in the back of a truck and you will be transported
    to the Snowfield. The box also has a way of hiding from the guards as long as
    they don't see you moving in it. Get the box from the room on the bottom left
    of the snowfield. In First Person View Mode, you will see through the handle
    hole and will have restricted view.
    Gas Mask - Slows O2 depletion in a gas filled area, such as the 2nd floor
    Basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. In First Person View Mode,
    you will see out the eyepieces and hear Snake's breathing. Give a supplementary
    supply of O2 allowing you more time to explore the gas filled area. Once this
    supply runs out, your life gauge will deplete.
    Cigarettes - Snake's favourite brand. Can be used to see laser beams, but make
    life gauge deplete slowly. You are initially equipped with the cigarettes.
    Mine Detector - Searches for metal objects. Will even find hidden Claymores
    with stealth technology and show 45 degrees arc of its sensor. This will show
    on your radar when the Mine Detector is equipped. Won't work when radar is
    jammed. Get the Mine Detector from the room with a Level 2 door on the second
    floor of the ground floor of the Tank Hangar.
    PAL Key - Carries the deactivation codes for the nuclear weapon. Can activate
    or deactivate Metal Gear and nuclear weapons. Meryl give you this after you
    meet up with her in the ladies toilet on the 1st floor basement of the Nuclear
    Warhead Storage Building.
    Keycard - Uses a Personal Area Network to open doors. It uses the salt in your
    body as the transmission medium to give off electronic signals to the door
    receiver. When you have a keycard equipped, the door with the corresponding
    level will open when you approach it. There are up to Level 7 keycards. You
    can't use a Level 4 keycard to open a Level 5 door, but you can use a Level 5
    card to open a Level 4 door. Get the Keycards from various people, such as the
    DARPA Chief, Kenneth Baker and some bosses after you defeat them.
    Optic Disk - Contains all the data for the Metal Gear Project. This disc is
    coded and can't be unscrambled by any of the computers on the base. Kenneth
    Baker gives you this after you save him.
    Body Armour - This Kevlar coated combat vest significantly reduces the damage
    taken by bullets. If you are shot with the vest on, the amount of life energy
    depleted will be less. If the armour gets shot too much it will lose its
    effect. Get the Body Armour from the room with the Level 6 door on the 2nd
    floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, or from the area in the
    Blast Furnace where there are jets of steam, near the cargo elevator base.
    Rope - This rappelling rope is made from nylon fibre and was specially
    developed to take on extra weight. It is guaranteed not to snap. Use it to
    rappel away from Liquid's Hind D. Get it from a small room just before the
    stairway in the Comm Tower A, where you set the alarm off.
    Ketchup - Use the escape your cell after being tortured to fake an injury and
    lure the guard in. Otacon will give you the ketchup after the second torture
    Handkerchief - This handkerchief has the scent of Sniper Wolf on it and will
    let you pass through the wolf cave without them attacking you. Otacon will give
    it to you after the second torture session, and you will give it back to Sniper
    Wolf after her death.
    Camera - This camera has the same zoom function as the Scope, and allows you to
    take photographs of whatever you want and the only way to capture all the
    ghosts of the developers in the game. Get the camera in the area south of the
    Armoury, right of where you fought Ocelot or by completing the game once.
    8. VR TRAINING                                                  [8VR]
    Complete the 10 levels any way you want in Training Mode to unlock Time Attack,
    and then complete Time Attack, with a time within the limit to unlock Gun
    Shooting Mode.
    ---------------------------------LEVEL 1-----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: One
    Nice and simple as a starter, goal is in the top right corner.  Run diagonally
    to the middle passage from the start and keep to the right of the line on the
    floor down the passage.  You come to the right of the guard, and press Square
    to throw him.  Once he's on the floor run to the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: One
    Number of Bullets: Five
    You'll need to use Shooting while running here, to do this select your weapon
    with Square, then hold the X button and move with the D-Pad, still holding the
    X and press Square to shoot.  Again skim the corner by going diagonally, line
    up with the guard while running and  hit him three times and go to the goal.
    ----------------------------------LEVEL 2----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Two
    Run straight to the right, keeping on the same line away from the wall.  Skim
    the corner by running diagonally into the middle passage.  Keep running up and
    throw the guard once he gets close enough.  Then just run to the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Four
    Number of Bullets: Twenty
    First go up the left passage, so up from the start, along the left side.  Stop
    at the end of the first block and hit the guard three times.  Go to the right
    and get the guard to the right, then the one above you.  Go down to the bottom
    left corner of the lower right block and turn left to shoot the last guard.
    Then up the middle and right to the goal.
    -------------------------------LEVEL 3-------------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Two
    Run to the left, skim the corner and run along the right to the guard and throw
    him with Square.  Go past him to the upper passage and skim the corner into the
    middle passage.  Crawl into the tunnel about halfway down the passage by
    pressing X then moving to the right.  While crawling direct yourself to the
    left and stand up as soon as you're put of the tunnel and run to the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Number of Bullets: Fifteen
    You'll need to distract some guards by backing onto a wall and knocking on it
    with O.  From the start do this by backing onto the top wall and knocking.  Get
    your gun ready and when the guard comes round kill him with three bullets.  Run
    up towards the upper passage, but stop at the fourth tile from the top.  Fire
    diagonally to the right to get the second guard.  Go to where the tunnel is
    that you can crawl though.  Hug the wall and knock on it, quickly then run down
    to the lower left and shoot the guard as soon as he is opposite you.  Then just
    run to the goal.
    --------------------------------LEVEL 4------------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Move up to the corner of the right block from the start and hug it to see where
    the nearby guard is.  Wait till he just passes you and come out from the wall
    and throw the guard.  Then run right and down to the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Five
    Number of Bullets: Twenty-Five
    Before you are fully loaded into the level, hold down X (to enable running
    while shooting) and then move to the left and down into the corner, facing
    right.  Shoot the guard on the right, even though you can't see him, shoot and
    you'll hit in (look at the radar if you're unsure).  Then switch the weapon
    sight to up to face the guard above you. Shoot him quickly and run up the right
    passage (where you started).  Go up and take out the guards on the right.  Then
    move to where the passage goes up.  Face with your back to the block and shoot
    the guard here, then run to the goal down to your right.
    --------------------------------LEVEL 5-----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Traps: Noise sensitive floors (will make noise when you walk on them)
    This level needs to be completely quickly, as when you step on the floor you
    need to be out of the area quickly so that guards can't see you.  So you'll
    need to run on the right path to get to the goal before guards can catch you.
    From the start go up to the bottom left corner of the block.  Hug the wall and
    tap it to make the guard go right while you go left around the block.  Run up
    along the left side, following a straight path from here to the areas of floor
    that aren't noise sensitive and then straight to the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Four
    Number of Bullets: Twenty
    Traps: Noise sensitive floors
    From the start the four guards will walk towards you in formation, just wait
    from them to come by firstly going to the right and shooting diagonally to get
    the guard on the far right, then straighten up to take out the other guard on
    the right.  Come back to the block and go left and shoot the guard walking to
    the top.  Then move up slightly following the last guard (avoiding the yellow
    tiles), shoot him and make your way to the goal.
    ---------------------------------LEVEL 6-----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: None
    Number of Cameras: Six
    There are no guards on this level; to complete it you'll have to not get
    spotted by the security cameras in the level.  From the start go straight until
    you get to the camera, then run diagonally under its blind spot.  If this
    doesn't work, just hug the wall and move along under the camera.  Go right to
    the block with the next camera on it facing up.  Run under it or go along the
    wall (note that this is obviously more time consuming and will affect end
    time).  Then go up and do the same fore the next camera facing right.  Go left
    towards the goal.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Number of Bullets: Fifteen
    Number of Cameras: Four
    Traps: Need to kill guards outside of the camera's vision
    From the start go under the camera above you and what until the guard on the
    left goes down.  Then run from under the camera behind the guard, and shoot
    him.  From this position, turn up diagonally to the left and shoot the guard
    here.  After this go to the wall below you and shoot the guard to the far left
    of the screen.  Move under the camera here and go left and up to where the goal
    is on the Time Attack mode.
    ---------------------------------LEVEL 7-----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Six
    Go up to the block in front of you, and then turn right.  Just before the
    guards turn, run around the block to the right and stop right in front of the
    middle of the bottom of the block, along the line on the floor.  You should
    just be out of the guard's vision.  Repeat again until you get to the goal at
    the top.  Another way of doing this, but takes longer I think is to just duck
    when the guard's turn, as the blocks are high enough to hide you when you duck
    and the guard's won't see you.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Six
    Number of Bullets: Thirty
    At the start of the level, hold Square so you lock into the guard in front,
    shoot him then turn to the right (still holding Square) to lock onto the next
    guard, kill him and turn to the left and do the same.  Go up to the first block
    on the left; stay on the right side of it.  Aim at the guard on the left, shoot
    him, again holding the button, lock onto the guard on the right and kill him.
    There is another guard up on the left, so move up and kill him then run to the
    ----------------------------------LEVEL 8----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Traps:  Floor that you can leave footprints on (which are noticed by the guards
    Pretty easy really, from the start run along the bottom wall to avoid the
    guard's at the top, then run up diagonally at the end of the wall.  The last
    guard near the vortex can just be ran past, if you stay on the right and get to
    the vortex before he turns around or notices you.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Four
    Number of Bullets: Twenty
    Traps: Floor that you can leave footprints on (which are noticed by the guards
    Need to do some running and shooting again in this level, so from the start do
    so by going right then up, shooting the guard while running past to shoot the
    guard below you and then the one to the right.  Keep going right, shoot the
    guard near the goal, and then run into it to finish the level.
    ----------------------------------LEVEL 9----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Move along the passage that is on the right, then along the right way up about
    five tiles, hug the wall and tap it to get the guard's attention.  As soon as
    the guard moves, run diagonally to the left and you should run past the guard
    as he is coming to investigate.  Keep moving up along the left wall and wait on
    the top left hand corner of the block ahead.  Just before the guard on your
    right turns to the right, move up and around the guard to reach the end.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Six
    Number of Bullets: Thirty
    From the start do the same as time attack, until after tapping the wall, from
    the second tile along on the right side after the first block, then move up one
    tile and shoot the guard three times as he starts to move.  Move up the middle
    of the passage, but out of the guard's vision. Shoot him then move to just
    above the position of where the first guard was originally standing.  You
    should be in the right position to take out the two guards walking your way.
    Move up along the left wall to the gap and aim at the alerted guard and kill
    him.  Before he has fallen, go up along the right wall and shoot the guard
    coming up on your left, then make your way to the end on the right side.
    ---------------------------------LEVEL 10----------------------------
    Time Attack Mode
    Number of Guards: Three
    Number of Cameras: Two
    Traps: Searchlights
    From the start go diagonally to your right, and wait along the bottom wall
    until the guard is looking the other way.  Run up to him and throw him with
    Square.  From here go straight along the middle line of the platform and move
    diagonally to the left, skimming the corner just under the camera's view.  Go
    left then up to the end, just to the right of the guard.
    Gun Shooting Mode
    Number of Guards: Six
    Number of Bullets: Thirty
    Number of Cameras: Two
    Traps: Searchlights
    This is going to be hard, just in case you hadn't figured that out.  Right,
    firstly, move to the left diagonally out of sight of the lights and take out
    the guard as he is turning the corner of the block. Wait here until a second
    guard comes down, aim at the top of the screen and take him out before he sees
    you.  After this move up to the lower right corner of the wall ahead of you,
    and from here aim at the guard by the end and shoot him.  Keep going up the
    left side and stop so you can aim near the bottom of the stairs and take out
    the guard walking down them.  Go to the left of the platform this guard was on
    and shoot the next one coming from the south.  Climb this platform and the
    stairs to the right.  Go along the middle of the higher platform keeping an eye
    on the radar to see when the last guard walks up, shoot him then go back to the
    end.  Well done, that's the VR Training done!!
    9. SECRETS                                                     [9SEC]
    - How to get the bandana
    - How to get the stealth
    - How to get the tuxedo and red Ninja
    - Extra scenes (Embarrassed Meryl, Kill Meryl, Attacked by Meryl, Johnny
    Sasaki, Scared Otacon, Annoyed Mei Ling, Killing ravens, Wolf in snowfield,
    Human bombs, Alternative PAL Key position)
    Bandana - Get the bandana by not submitting to Ocelot's torture. At the end
    when you leave with Meryl, she will give the bandana to you. Save and start a
    new game with the same file, the name will be in yellow. When you reach the
    Dock, you will have the bandana in your items. It will give you unlimited ammo
    when equipped.
    Stealth - Get the stealth by submitting to Ocelot's torture. You will leave at
    the end with Otacon, who will give you his stealth camouflage you see him
    wearing throughout the game. Save and start a new game with the same file, the
    name will be in yellow. When you reach the Dock, you will have the stealth in
    your items. It will make you invisible to the guards, but not to any of the
    bosses, the wolves in the Cave or any of your allies.
    Tuxedo and Red Ninja - Get the tuxedo by completing the game on both endings,
    using the same continued game (the second time the name will be in red). When
    you reach the elevator, Snake will undress and will be wearing a tuxedo.
    Whenever you see the Ninja he will be wearing a red exoskeleton.
    Extra scenes
    Embarrassed Meryl - When you're with Meryl before fighting Psycho Mantis and
    look at her in First Person View.  She start to ask what Snake's doing, then
    continue to stare at her and her face will gradually do redder and start asking
    Kill Meryl - Yep, you can actually kill Meryl, before/during the Mantis fight
    and when you fight Sniper Wolf in the Underground Passage.  You can use
    grenades in the Wolf fight, and guns in the Mantis fight.  Needless to say, the
    game will end if you do kill her, but not before an annoyed Campbell and
    friends call you on the Codec.
    Attacked by Meryl - Again with Meryl before the Mantis fight, try punching her
    and she will retaliate with an attack of her own.
    Johnny Sasaki - Johnny is the guard who gets his clothes nicked by Meryl and is
    also guarding you during torture sessions, and he isn't in the best of health.
    After your torture sessions, and you manage to escape without attacking Johnny,
    run into the room with the torture machine.  Before he can attack you, Johnny
    gets hit with a rather nasty bowel movement and runs to the toilet!  You can
    knock on the door to hear him moan.  If you did submit to the torture and
    attack Johnny using a chokehold, you will most likely catch Johnny's cold.
    This will make Snake sneeze every now and then, alerting enemies.  To heal the
    cold, use the medicine in the B1 level of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building,
    in the room opposite the elevator.  The box is in the room with a Level 6 door.
    Scared Otacon - During the fight with the Ninja, knock on the door of the
    cupboard into which Otacon hides. You'll hear a fearful moan.
    Annoyed Mei Ling - If you call up Mei Ling three times in a row, and choose to
    not save, she'll get annoyed at your non-action.  The next 2 times you call,
    she won't say anything (only if you don’t save).  If you keep calling and not
    saving she will stick her tongue out at you.  To get into her good books again,
    just choose to save.
    Killing Ravens - Going down the Cargo Elevator to the Warehouse, ravens will
    fly about and some will settle in the guardrail.  You can kill them most
    effectively with the Stinger launcher, or even by punching them on the rail.
    Eventually the Colonel and Naomi will call you on the Codec and tell you to
    stop mucking about.
    Wolf in the Snowfield - After killing Raven in the Warehouse go back to the
    Snowfield and a wolf cub will be running around, and he's indestructible!  No
    weapons can hurt him either, and yes I've tried many times :).
    Human Bombs - Interesting use of C4 is to stick it on a guard's back.  You can
    use Stealth to get close and then press Square to place the explosive.  You can
    then detonate it in a densely populated area to take out a number of nearby
    Alternative PAL Key Position - If you got spotted ten or more times in the
    mission the PAL key, once shot out your hand in Rex's Lair by Ocelot, will not
    be in the water surrounding Metal Gear.  A mouse will have taken it, use the
    Mine Detector to see where it is, and then kill it to get the key back.
    10. GHOSTS                                                    [10GHO]
    Use the camera to take photos of the base. In some areas and under some
    conditions you can take pictures of the ghosts. All the ghosts are picture of
    members of the development team of Metal Gear Solid. After taking a picture you
    can save the photo on your memory card (each picture takes up 2 memory blocks).
    If you get a photo of a ghost you can "exorcise" it to get rid of it from the
    photo. There are 41 ghosts in the game. Here's the location of all of them and
    which developer they are of.
    Makimura - Area south of the armoury, past where you go to fight Ocelot, open
    the door numbered 4. Don't enter the room, but stand at the open door. Take a
    photo of the bottom right (right on the map) corner. Make sure to include
    pipes, which go down into the ground, and the other two pipes, which come out
    of the wall and go to the left (left on the map) in your frame.
    Kutome - Underground Base, as soon as Ocelot has shot the PAL card, go down to
    the water to get it. The go back to the where the Command room is, kill the
    guard and before entering the Command room, throw a Chaff. Go inside the
    Command room and put your back to the middle computer. Take a picture of the
    world map on the opposite wall.
    Tanaka - Heliport, kill the guard patrolling around the truck. Face opposite
    the sleeping guard but outside the camera view and photo the guard.
    Shigeno - Heliport, position yourself close to the container located at the
    bottom of the stairs which go to the balcony. Position the camera at the left
    of the stairs.
    Yamashita - Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, ground floor, Photo the two
    warheads, including the edge of the container on your left, and the boxes
    covered in a green canvas.
    M.Kobayashi - Cell, after Meryl has left, open the door numbered 1, enter the
    room and photo Sasaki (the naked guard on the floor) from any angle.
    Scott Dolph - Walkway, after rappelling, kill the guards and position yourself
    in the middle of the Walkway between the two towers. Take a photo of the
    guardrail on the left, pointing it downwards, getting part of the building on
    the right in too.
    Muraoka - Dock, once Snake gets out of the water, take a photo of the tunnel
    you just swam through.
    Ito - Tank Hangar, 1st floor basement, take a photo of the back of the lift.
    Ishiyama - Heliport, kill all guards, position yourself across from the lower
    side of the landing platform near the mountainside on the right. Take a picture
    of the roof over the right hand spotlight next to the staircase.
    Yoshioka - Blast Furnace, as soon as you arrive, kill the one guard and go onto
    the left catwalk. Take a photo of the wall with the ledge on (with the pulley
    Mori - Cargo Elevator, get off when it gets to just before the Warehouse. Have
    your back to the door to the Warehouse and take a photo of the runs of the
    elevator at the back, including some of the control panels.
    Kinbara - Blast Furnace, right at the entrance, at the top of the stairs going
    into the Blast Furnace. Take a photo of the steps leading down.
    Korekado - First floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, go to
    the men's toilets to the left of the map. Look at the back of the guard at the
    urinals; take a picture to the left of the guard including the guard and the
    steam rising up.
    Sasaki - Commander Room, where you fight Psycho Mantis. Stand at the front of
    the desk, facing the photos on the wall. Take a picture of the chair and the
    paintings on the wall.
    Sonoyama - After the torture event, get your equipment and go behind the
    machine. Take a photo of the back of it.
    Tougo - Blast Furnace, go across to the second bit of the first area. Opposite
    the door to the cargo elevators, is a crawl space to an area with jets of
    steam. Go here and around to the left until you get to some pipes you have to
    crawl under to get the Body Armour. Turn to the right, where the Nikita
    Missiles are and take a picture.
    Mizutani - Supply Route, as soon as Metal Gear Rex starts up and you can move,
    throw a Chaff grenade. Go down to the barrels on the left of the room. Go to
    where the barrels are in the middle of the room and position the camera towards
    the bottom of the room. Snap the two barrels on the left at the very bottom.
    Toyota - Warehouse, finish off Vulcan Raven and take a picture of the middle
    container in the warehouse from any side.
    Kozyou - Canyon, go to the container at the top of the canyon on the right.
    Place yourself between the right side of the mountain and the container. Snap
    the container, including two pipes and the metal block.
    Shimizu - Wolf Cave, crawl under the tunnel to get to the first area with a
    wolf in it, where the music changes. T
    urn around and take a photo of the tunnel you just crawled under.
    Okajima - After the torture event, get your equipment and head back to your
    cell where the DARPA chief is. Position the camera to the left of the Chief,
    and snap including him and some of the wall.
    Mukaide - Wolf cave, kill the wolves so they don't bother you. At the
    intersection of the three paths, is a puddle of water. Go here and turn right,
    then photo the puddle at your feet.
    Nishimura - South of the Armoury, after seeing off Revolver Ocelot, and Baker's
    out of here. Stand opposite Baker's body and include him and some of the door
    to the right in the picture.
    Onoda - South of the Armoury, after the battle with Ocelot starts, snap just
    above Baker, without Ocelot in the picture.
    Yoshimura - Upper Vent Shaft from the Heliport, go up to the grid to enter the
    Tank Hangar. Before exiting the shaft, turn around and snap the ration at the
    end of the shaft.
    Kitro - First Basement of the Tank Hangar, Cell. After the Chief gets it, take
    a photo of his body from any angle.
    Hirano - Cargo Elevator, in the first area, before getting the first elevator,
    go the edge of the platform and take a picture of the shaft below.
    Kojima - Lab, in Otacon's Lab is a poster of Policenauts (the one with the
    robots on). Take a picture of the poster.
    Matsuhana - Second Floor Basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. In
    the corridor of dead guards, before fighting the Ninja. Go around the corner
    and after the Ninja finishes off the guard, take a photo of the dying guard.
    Uehara - Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, take a picture of the back of the
    lift on any level.
    Negishi - North of the Warehouse, go past the two floor traps, and getting the
    ration. Go to the middle of the catwalk, the gun cameras shouldn't be able to
    get you. Look at the water to the left. Lower the camera to get a picture of
    the water and some of the guardrail.
    Kaneda - First Floor Basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, after
    the ninja scene, get the attention of Meryl in the guard uniform. She will run
    to the toilets. Go into the toilets, but don't go to the end of the stalls yet.
    Look into the mirror and take a photo of your reflection.
    Sato - Roof/Comm Tower A. After Liquid blows up the walkway to the second
    tower, go to where you would rappel and take a picture of the destroyed rail,
    including the satellite dish below the rail.
    Nakamura - Underground Passage, after defeating Sniper Wolf, go the left wall
    and photo the pool of Meryl's blood.
    Shinkawa - Underground Passage, go to the end of the passage and up the stairs
    to the catwalk. Stand beside the first of the three pillars. Turn to the left
    and snap the middle pillar.
    Fukushima - Heliport, beside the container near the lift from the Dock. Stand
    in-between the container and the lift. Go to the edge of the cliff and take a
    picture of the sea with the Heliport behind you.
    Shikama - Second Floor Basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, on the
    spot where you fire the Nikita Missile. Take a picture of the corridor floor.
    Kimura - Third Floor of the Underground Base, take out the patrolling guard.
    Stand in front of the stairs to the Command Floor. Turn a bit to the right and
    take a picture of the claw on Metal Gear Rex's left arm, including the tip of
    the claw.
    Y.Kobayashi - Canyon, after the Tank Battle, go to the two rocks at the bottom
    of the Canyon on the left. Stand with your back to the higher rock, and take a
    photo of the middle of the lower rock.
    Takabe - Lab, by the large computers on the left (surrounded by windows). Go to
    where the ration was in the Ninja battle, and take a photo of the lower middle
    section of the room through the windows.
    11. SOUNDTRACK                                                [11OST]
    Official Soundtrack Listing:
    1. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme
    2. Introduction
    (obviously plays in the introductory main menu screen)
    3. Discovery
    4. Cavern
    5. Intruder 1
    (background music of Tank Hangar)
    6. Encounter
    (music that plays once you are spotted)
    7. Intruder 2
    (background music of the Cell area)
    8. Warhead Storage
    (obviously the background music when on the ground floor in the Nuclear Warhead
    Storage Building)
    9. Intruder 3
    (background music of the B2 level of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building)
    10. Mantis's Hymn
    (the music the plays in the B2 floor of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building,
    helps Mantis to concentrate his telepathy)
    11. Hind D
    (background music of the rappelling section)
    12. Duel
    (boss battle music)
    13. Enclosure
    (is played quite a few times in the game, most noticeably during Sniper Wolf's
    death speech)
    14. Blast Furnace
    (again the background music played when in the Blast Furnace)
    15. Colosseo
    16. Rex's Lair
    (background music of Rex's Lair)
    17. Escape
    (background music of when you are escaping with either Meryl or Otacon after
    defeating Liquid on top of Metal Gear Rex)
    18. The Best Is Yet To Come
    (beautiful song in my opinion, is played at the beginning cut scene with Snake
    swimming into the Dock and again at the end credits)
    19. VR Training
    (background music of the VR Training missions)
    20. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit)
    (variation of the Main Theme, edited for the 1997 E3 trailer, much the same
    them but with scenes of the trailer with the Ninja shown the music changed to a
    more oriental style)
    21. Metal Gear Solid Control Mix (Mixed By Quadra)
    (another variation, very cool, have excerpts from the Japanese game's dialogue
    along with encounter noises and such, running with the main theme)
    (22. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (Beatmania) - Extra track, don't think it's on
    the soundtrack, but easily found on MP3, and was a remix for the dance
    Beatmania games).
    Translation of The Best Is Yet To Come
    The song was originally sung in Gaelic, in an Irish studio (by Aoife Ni
    Gaelic lyrics:
    An cuimhin leat an gra
    Cra croi an ghra
    Nil anois ach ceol na h-oiche
    Taim siorai i ngra
    Leannain le smal
    Leannain le smal
    Lig leis agus beidh leat
    Lig leis agus beidh gra
    Cuimhne leat an t-am
    Nuair a bhi tu sasta
    An cuimhne leat an t-am
    Nuair a bhi tu ag gaire
    Ta an saol iontach
    ma chreideann tu ann
    Tug aghaidh ar an saoi
    is sonas siorai inar measc
    Ceard a tharla do na
    laethanta sin
    Ceard a tharla do na
    h-oicheanta sin
    An cuimhin leat an t-am
    Nuair a bhi tu faoi bhron
    An cuimhin leat an t-am
    Go siorai sileadh na ndeaor
    An ormsa na orainne a bhi
    an locht
    Ag mothu cailite s'ar fan
    Cen fath an t-achrann is
    sileadh na ndeor
    Ta ailleacht sa saol
    Ma chuardaionn tu e
    Ta gliondar sa saol
    Cuardaimis e
    As that may not make much sense to those of you who don't read Gaelic, here's
    the English translation:
    Do you remember the love
    Tormented love from the heart
    It wasn't but music at night
    It is an eternal love
    It is a misfortune
    It is a misfortune
    Go now and be
    Go now and be in love
    Remember the time
    When you were satisfied
    Do you remember the time
    When you were happy
    Life is wonderful
    Can you believe it
    Your face says that your happiness
    Will go on forever
    What happened during those days?
    What happened during those nights?
    Do you remember the time
    when you were sad?
    Do you remember the time
    when you were weeping dear?
    Myself and others were at fault
    Our feelings were lost on waiting
    Why were we fighting for so long?
    There is beauty in life
    Do you believe
    there is beauty in life?
    Believe me
    12. RANKINGS                                                  [12RAN]
    RANK 1: (found less than five times, killed 25 enemies or less, use one or less
    ration, no continues and completed in 3 hours or less)
    EASY - Hound
    NORMAL - Doberman
    HARD - Fox
    EXTREME - Big Boss
    RANK 2: (finish in less than 3 hours)
    EASY - Pigeon
    NORMAL - Falcon
    HARD - Hawk
    EXTREME - Eagle
    RANK 3: (kill at least 250 enemies)
    EASY - Piranha
    NORMAL - Shark
    HARD - Jaws
    EXTREME - Orca
    RANK 4: (use more than 18 rations)
    EASY - Pig
    NORMAL - Elephant
    HARD - Mammoth
    EXTREME - Whale
    RANK 5: (save more than 80 times)
    EASY - Cat
    NORMAL - Deer
    HARD - Zebra
    EXTREME - Hippopotamus
    RANK 6: (finish in more than 18 hours)
    EASY - Koala
    NORMAL - Capibara
    HARD - Sloth
    EXTREME - Giant Panda
    RANK 7: (did two of either saved 80+times, too more than 18 hours and used more
    than 18 rations)
    EASY - Chicken
    NORMAL - Mouse
    HARD - Rabbit
    EXTREME - Ostrich
    RANK 8:
    EASY - Puma
    NORMAL - Leopard
    HARD - Panther
    EXTREME - Jaguar
    RANK 9:
    EASY - Komodo
    NORMAL - Dragon
    HARD - Iguana
    EXTREME - Crocodile
    RANK 10:
    EASY - Mongoose
    NORMAL - Hyene
    HARD - Jackal
    EXTREME - Tasmanian Devil
    RANK 11:
    EASY - Spider
    NORMAL - Tarantula
    HARD - Centipede
    EXTREME - Scorpion
    RANK 12:
    EASY - Flying Squirrel
    NORMAL - Bat
    HARD - Flying Fox
    EXTREME - Night Owl
    To get Ranks 8 to 12, depends on how many times you were found in correlation
    to how many enemies you killed.
    13. CREDITS
    The Official Metal Gear Solid Strategy Guide published by Cyber Press
    Publishing and Piggyback Interactive Limited - for some of the character info
    and VR Training.
    Sublevel 01 (also known as Jackal) - for some of the excellent info on boss
    strategies (Ocelot and Ninja) as well as for the videos he posted showing the
    quickest ways to get around some of the levels, and answering our constant
    questions on the board at GameFAQs. You can download these videos at:
    http://members.rogers.com/x3mgame/. If you hope to make your big boss rank
    better than I suggest you watch some of these, it helps to watch it happen
    rather than relying on words.
    Lozzer3 (tallgesepiolt@aol.com) - for a small section of the walkthrough (Ninja
    to Mantis)
    Samuel Riesterer - for use of the following maps: Armory and ocelot, Ninja,
    Mantis, Wolf 1, Hind, Raven and Liquid boss fights and strategies from his Big
    Boss Rank Walkthrough.
    Grant Morrissey - for the translation of The Best Is Yet To Come in his Plot
    Summary FAQ, as well as his sources for the information (Aurora02 and Damian
    Micro761 – For his video of the Raven Fight.
    Squinky 45, Red Soul and The Unchosen one – For their torture strategies.
    Copyright Laura Guy and Andrew Squire 2002-2003

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