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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ThE bLImP

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    Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 18:41:29 -0800 
    A Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid- 
    By: Zack Thiesen 
    Table of Contents- 
    II.The Cast 
    III.Frequency Table 
    IV.The Hardware 
    1.The Dock 
    2.The Heliport 
    3.Tank Hangar 
    4.Tank Hangar- B1 
    5.Tank Hangar- B2- Revolver Ocelot 
    6.Canyon- Vulcan Raven A. 
    7.Nuclear Bio Chemical Building 
    8.N.B.C. Building-B1- Ninja 
    9.N.B.C. building-B2- Psycho Mantis 
    11.Underground Passage- Sniper Wolf A. 
    12.Torture Chamber 
    13.Medical Cell 
    14.Comms.Tower A 
    15.Comms.Tower B 
    16.Comms.Tower Roof- The Hind (Liquid Snake in helicopter) 
    17.The Walkway 
    18.Sniper Field- Sniper Wolf B. 
    19.The Blast Furnace 
    20.Cargo Elevator A. 
    21.Cargo Elevator B. 
    22.Freezer- Vulcan Raven B. 
    23.Underground Maintenance Base- Metal Gear Rex 
    24.Top of Metal Gear Rex- Liquid Snake 
    25.The Escape 
    ---THE END--- 
    --------------Extra Stuff------------------------ 
          1a. Boss Guides 
          2a. Thanks and the legal stuff 
          I.---THE INTRODUCTION--- 
          Hi. I'm Zack Thiesen and I'm writing this walkthrough for the sole 
    purpose of the sheer knowledge and fun of it. I know how hard it is to find an 
    IN-DEPTH FAQ on the net. So, if you're stuck on a game, come back and check me 
    out at gamefaqs .com under playstation or N64 for the most`go left and then 
    right' kind of FAQs that you'll ever see. Thanks for taking your time to read 
    this and I hope this has really helped you to beat Metal Gear Solid because 
    it's a cool game. Forgive me if I messed up in the order of the Comms.Towers 
    areas because that's confusing for me, and I did all of this guide by memory. 
    I beat the game at least six times, but I guess I've slipped up a bit. Maybe I 
    got it right, but anyway.(To the guy who's in charge of these FAQS) If this 
    FAQ is a little messy, it's because I used TAB too much. I tried to get the 
    Space Bar in as much as I could. It was neat when I wrote it. Sorry for the 
          II.---THE CAST--- 
         Character      Voice 
             Solid Snake                         David Hayter 
             Liquid Snake                       James Flinders 
             Meryl Silverburgh             Mae Zadler 
             Naomi Hunter                     Carren Learning 
             Hal Emmerich                      Christopher Fritz 
             Roy Campbell                      Paul Otis 
             Mei Ling                              Kim Nguyen 
             Ninja                                     George Byrd 
             Nastasha Romanenko        Renne Collette 
             Revolver Ocelot                  Patric Laine 
             Vulcan Raven                      Chuck Farley 
             Psycho Mantis                   Doug Stone 
        Sniper Wolf                              Julie Monroe 
        Donald Anderson                   George Byrd 
        Kenneth Baker                         Bert Stuart 
        Jim Houseman                         Frederick Bloggs 
        Genome Soldier A.                  Doug Stone 
        Genome Soldier B.                   Chuck Farley 
    (140.85)- Naomi and C. Campbell  ( From beginning ) 
    (140.96)- Mei Ling               ( From beginning ) 
    (141.80)- Master Miller          ( After the HELIPORT ) 
    (141.12)- Otocon                 ( After you face NINJA ) 
    (140.15)- Meryl                  ( After you meet her ) 
    (141.52)- Nastasha               ( After she calls you ) 
    (140.48)- Deepthroat             ( The Mystery Man ) 
    IV.---THE HARDWARE--- 
    HK Mark SOCOM .45 cal. W/ LAM ( Laser Aiming Module ) 
    FAMAS French Air Rifle 5.56 mm ( 950 RPM ) 
    HK PSG-1 Sniper Rifle 
    Nikita RCM Launcher ( Remote Controlled Missile ) 
    Stinger GTA Missile Launcher ( Ground-to-Air ) 
    Stun Grenade type 5b 
    Scope-Designed to see VERY far 
    Gas Mask 
    Cardboard Box A - TO HELIPORT- written on it 
    Cardboard Box B - TO N.B.C. BUILDING- written on it. 
    Cardboard Box C - TO SNOW FIELD- written on it. 
    Diazepam- Anti-Anxiety Drug 
    MO Disk- Contains Metal Gear test data. 
    PAL Key- used to disarm the Metal Gear 
    Level Card 1-7 
    Bandana ( Red ) Infinite bullets, grenades, and missiles ! 
    SOCOM suppressor ( silencer ) 
    FAMAS Bullets 
    SOCOM Bullets 
    PSG-1 Bullets 
    Nikita Rockets 
    Stinger Missile 
    Timer Bomb- ( In ITEMS Box in torture chamber )( Get it out! ) 
    Night Vision Goggles 
    Mine Detector 
    Medicine - Stop runny noses and sneezing. 
    Stealth Camouflage - Otocon gives this to you at his ending. 
    Body armor- reduces damage- GOOD against bosses. 
    Claymore mines 
    C4 explosives 
    Hand Grenades 
    Chaff Grenades 
    Ketchup- Fake out the guard 
    Military Rations 
    Handkerchief- Has the smell of Sniper Wolf on it. 
          Level #1- THE DOCKS 
          Rations x3 
     Get the ration behind the pipe on the left side under water. Head back up to 
    the starting point and crawl under the ventilator using X. Head over to the 
    first corner to your left and wait there until all of the guards are off the 
    map. Then you should go over to the far right side of the room and hide behind 
    that ventilator. Then run up to the far right corner in the front behind the 
    small loader. You'll find a ration there as well. Wait until the elevator 
    comes down and then wait until the guy is out of the way. Then run inside the 
    elevator and go to the next level- THE HELIPORT. 
    Level #2- THE HELIPORT 
    Stun Grenades 
    Chaff Grenades 
    SOCOM w/ LAM (Laser Aiming Module) 3.5 mm pistol 
     First you run over to the three boxes off to the far right and get the 
    ration. Then hop into the back of the APC (All purpose vehicle) and grab the 
    SOCOM behind the box. Then run up the stairs being careful of the security 
    camera, and go to the middle of the walkway and crawl into the opening(air 
    duct) and onto the next level- THE TANK HANGER. 
    Level #3- THE TANK HANGER 
    Stun grenades 
    Chaff grenades 
    Thermal goggles 
    Cardboard Box A 
    SOCOM report/light suppressor 
    Mine detector 
    SOCOM bullets 
    Nikita missile launcher 
    HK(Heckler & Koch) PSG-1 sniper rifle FAMAS French assault rifle 
    FAMAS French assault rifle 
     Go into the elevator in the center (front) of the room. Go inside and go down 
    to B1. Once down, go to the back of the hall and look right. There should be a 
    latter. Go up it by pressing O. Then go through the duct until you come to a 
    pair of vents and then go into the second one by pressing O. Talk to the DARPA 
    chief and he'll give you your LEVEL #1 keycard! Then go back up to the 
    starting point. Then by the big door in the front-right hand side of the room 
    and go into the room to the right of the giant door. Be sure to have your 
    handy-dandy LEVEL #1 keycard out and in your inventory. Go in there slowly so 
    you don't wake up the guard. He'll never turn around even if you do wake him 
    up! Shoot him and get the suppressor and the bullets. Then go back the 
    elevator and go down to B2- THE ARMORY. Feel lucky? You'd better because there 
    are trap doors to watch for and later on there are HEAVILY armed guards. Go to 
    the center room and pick up the C4 explosives. Go to the very bottom left -
    hand corner and look at that wall. See where they made a WEAK attempt to 
    cement over the walls? Should have had Bob Villa come in and do it or 
    something. Anyway, blow up that wall with C4 and go into the opening. Then run 
    all the way down the passage and about 5 feet from the end, on the right, 
    you'll see another painted over. Blow THAT up with C4 as well. Then go to the 
    end of that passage as well. Blow up the wall on the top near the end and go 
    in to fight- REVOLVER OCELOT! 
    See `Boss Strategies" for Revolver Ocelot 
    Level #3 -THE CANYON 
    Chaff Grenades 
    Claymore mines x6 
    Stun Grenades 
     This is the time to use your mine detector. Little tiny yellow things will 
    show up on the map. These are Claymores. When you get close enough to pick 
    them up, do so by crawling toward them to disarm. Walk far enough forward and 
    a cinema will begin. This is where you fight Vulcan Raven in the tank. (See 
    Boss Strategy below) 
    See `Boss Strategies' for The Tank 
    Level #4- Nuclear Bio-Chemical Building 
    FAMAS bullets 
    SOCOM bullets 
    Stun grenades 
    Chaff grenades 
    Body Armor (level #3) 
    Nikita launcher (level #2) 
    Nikita missiles (level #2) 
    FAMAS gun (level #2) 
    Cardboard box B (level #2) 
    Night vision goggles (level #2) 
    Gas Mask (level #3) 
     First of all, take out your level #3 keycard and crawl under the big door. 
    You'll notice a bright blue triangle to your left on your map (That being a 
    guard). So go over to the A.P.C. and head left, being cautious of the grate 
    floors. Then head up the stairs and into the elevator. Then head on down to 
    B2. When you get to B2, take out your level #3 keycard and head through the 
    two doors in front of you. Then Deepthroat (a.k.a. Frank Jaeger a.k.a. Ninja!) 
    calls you  by codec and tells you to shoot the big circuit on the wall the 
    room over. If you don't have the Nikita already then you can go up to B1 and 
    get it in the room on the left inside the office area. Then go back down to B2 
    and follow the next instructions. Shoot a missile out of the Nikita and go 
    into 1st person mode. Guide the missile down the hall that you're in, take a 
    right and go until you come to an open door slightly to your left; go through 
    that and hit the large machine on the left. After you've `defused' the floor 
    go down the hallway and take a right, being cautious of the automated gun 
    above the door. Then take your keycard out and go through a set of three 
    doors. During the second one listen closely. Then enter ` The Hallway of 
    Death'. Watch the brief cinema and go into the laboratory to fight Ninja. 
     See Boss Strategies for The Ninja 
     After his defeat, go up to B1 and get the attention of the guard on the left 
    inside the office area. He'll run into the woman's restroom. Run to the last 
    stall and discover that Meryl was the disguised soldier. Now get the keycard 
    from her and go out of the bathroom. Then watch the short cinema. Go into the 
    office area and load up on goodies for defeating Psycho Mantis. Now exit the 
    office area and go to the passage between the men's bathroom and the elevator. 
    Then go through the next one and Meryl will catch up to you. Then watch the 
    brief cinema and proceed through the door `Mr. Foxhound'. 
    See `Boss Strategies' for Psycho Mantis 
     Level #5- The Caves 
     SOCOM bullets 
     FAMAS bullets 
     First, make sure that you have the night vision equipped and your FAMAS 
    locked and loaded! Go right a short ways and then proceed upwards into the 
    small opening. Then, crawl under the rock wall. You'll most likely see a wolf 
    in the clearing in front of you. If you do not, then wait a few seconds and 
    you'll see one. Then quickly scramble out of your position when the wolf is at 
    the farthest point away from you and go into 1st person mode with the night 
    vision and get the bottom vertical line to line up with the wolf and exit 
    first person mode and fire one shot with your FAMAS. Repeat on all of the 
    wolves. Now head up and to the left into a small corner. There, face due right 
    and wait for the wolves to appear. Then repeat the shooting tactic explained 
    above. Once cleared, head right and go into the top-right hand corner where 
    there should be another small area. Go into it and face due south. Now repeat 
    the shooting tactics on the two wolves in that area. Once that part is taken 
    care of, head down into the area that the two wolves were in and head strait 
    down until you run strait into a wall. Crawl into the tiny crack and pick up 
    the Diazpame, rations, and the bullets. Head back the way you came and enter 
    the large clearing once again. Now there should be a small crack on the mid-
    right wall of the room. Crawl into the opening and head up to meet Meryl. 
    After she gives you the little talk about dogs, Go into your supplies list by 
    pressing L2. Get out your cardboard box and put it quickly back away by 
    pressing L1. Now, go up to Meryl slowly, with your quickest finger on the L1 
    button and slap Meryl! IMMEDIATLEY hit L1 again and hide from her. Now, after 
    a second, the baby wolf will pee on your box! Now you have the scent of a wolf 
    on you and will have no trouble going back through the caves anymore when 
    backtracking. Now get out of the bow and get out your level 5 card and go 
    through the door. Once through, Meryl will give you a speech about how this 
    place is mined, and she'll make a path for you to follow. Don't listen to her. 
    The easier way is to go STRAIT up the middle. Then Meryl will be shot several 
    times by (of course) Sniper Wolf! Now your job is to go all of the way back to 
    the Armory to get the Sniper rifle. Some helpful tips: The lasers in the cargo 
    doors are not working and be sure to have your mine detector out this time 
    around through the Canyon 
    (Where you beat Vulcan Raven in the tank) because there are mines all over the 
    place. Pick them up if necessary and proceed through the large door on the 
    other side of the field. Once through, you'll probably remember this place as 
    the place where there are infrared beams waiting for something to trip them 
    off. But, this time around the beams have been turned off! Go through that 
    area and go into the elevator off to the left and head down to B2. Go into the 
    top-left room and enter it. Equip your thermal goggles and get the sniper's 
    rifle. Then you can load up on C4, SOCOM bullets, FAMAS bullets 
    ,grenades, Nikita rockets. Now, go all of the way back to the Underground 
    Passage where you'll now get caught and go to the torture room. 
     Level #6- The Medical Cell 
     After you get through the torture room once, you'll be in the Medical 
    Cell. Immediately call Otacon and he'll (the second time you've been through 
    the torture rack) bring you some ketchup, level 6 clearance, and a 
    handkerchief with the scent of Sniper Wolf. Next time you go through the cave 
    equip it to find it's quite useful. Equip the ketchup and lay down in the 
    middle of the room. Now press O to spill the ketchup and when the guard sees 
    you he'll come running. When he comes near you get up and run out the door. 
    Now, the second you get out of that door, head north about a foot. Then wait 
    for the guard to come out. Then grab him and choke him and kick him until he's 
    really knocked out. (about twice) Then go into the torture room and get your 
    items box. Check it for a bomb. If there's no bomb then run around a while and 
    check it again later. If there's still no bomb then there will be no bomb. ( 
    The bomb will be in your hardware area )If there is then follow the directions 
    when the bomb is highlighted in the hardware area. 
    See `Boss Strategies' for Sniper Wolf 
     Level #7- The Comms. Tower A. 
     Go into the small passage way and turn ,the only way to go , left and go 
    until you come to a door. Go inside and the alarm will sound. Now, this is 
    supposed to happen, so grab the two boxes , one being the rope, and then run 
    downwards and go through that door. Now the permanent, at least for a while, 
    evasion mode will sound. Just run up the stairs and keep at it. The guards 
    come in pairs of two so if you turn around and shoot one then be sure that 
    another one will definitely be close behind. When you get to the top there 
    should be a square walkway. Get everything along the walkway and go up the 
    latter by pressing O. Now go through the door ,once at the top of the latter, 
    and go outside. Once outside go all the way to the center of the large 
    platform and face forward. Now, go up and over to your left and up the small 
    set of stairs onto the platform and watch the cinema. Then run down the stairs 
    and go around the piping in front of you a few feet from the foot of the steps 
    and once on the right side of the pipe facing forward, go forward and then 
    left and face forward and equip your rope and you'll automatically see a 
    cinema in which you will start repelling off the side. Now press X and jump 
    down the side of the building, steering clear of the busted pipes omitting 
    gas, and keep on hitting X to make sure that you get down the side safely. 
    Once down, equip your sniper rifle and shoot the three guards waiting at the 
    end of the catwalk. Then run down the catwalk and turn left. Head all of the 
    way in that direction and go through the door over there. Go through the 
    walkways. Then go through the door at the end of the hallway. In there you 
    will find the Stinger. Go through the door. On the other side of the door, go 
    down the stairs only to find that the stairs is cut off, but if you don't go 
    down there then Otacon will never come. Go back up the stairs and go around 
    the corner and find Otacon. Watch the movie and then go up the stairs by the 
    moved containers.Now you will start running up the stairs with your chaff 
    grenades out. Why? Because there are security cameras everywhere. Then ascend 
    up the stairs while throwing chaff grenades usefully not wastefully. Once at 
    the top go up the latter and fight the Hind. 
    See `Boss Strategies' for the Hind 
     When he's defeated , go back through the door and back down to where the 
    elevator is. Go back down the elevator that Otacon fixed. In the elevator 
    you'll be jumped by a bunch of heavy armor guards so get out your FAMAS and 
    get ready to shoot. Once at the bottom of the elevator shaft get out and go 
    through the door at the bottom-right hand corner of the room. 
    Level #9- Sniper's Field 
     Now run forward a bit and you'll be shot by Sniper Wolf. Don't worry. This is 
    supposed to happen. It doesn't take any life away. After the fight with Sniper 
    Wolf is over run over to the top left hand corner room, open it and throw a 
    chaff grenade inside of it. After the chaff grenade explodes go inside the 
    room and go forward and then go right and down that hall and then go down the 
    -----------INSERT DISC NUMBER 2----------- 
    Level #10- The Blast Furnace 
     Go forward and choke out the guard patrolling in front of you. If he sees 
    you, don't worry, no more guards can come because of it's location. Then go 
    into the first catwalk and head left down it. At the end of it, go into the 
    top-left corner of the end box and press against the wall hard. Then walk 
    sideways, while still firmly holding the pressed-up-against-the-wall view. 
    Now, nudge your way forwards ducking when the crane comes and at the end get 
    up and descend the stairs after winding through the catwalks. WARNING!: At the 
    bottom of the stairs there is a guard patrolling down there. So silently take 
    him out and then go through the only large door in the room at the bottom of 
    the stairs. 
    Level #11 and #12- Cargo Elevator A. and B. 
     After heading through a room or two, You'll run into an elevator, a rather 
    large one at that. It'll be in the right part of the area. So you'll head into 
    an open area and then head right and into the elevator. Now go over to the 
    control panel and hit O on the left side of it. It will began ascending down. 
    Then you'll be jumped by some guys. Hide in the small area on the top section 
    and start shooting! Then go through the next elevator after that one. Then if 
    you go through the door you'll enter the Freezer! 
    See `Boss Strategies' for Vulcan Raven B. 
    Level #13- The Underground Maintenance Base 
     After the Freezer, go through the level 7 door and go through the camera 
    area. After that, you'll officially be in the underground maintenance base. 
    Run down that hall and go though a series of ladders. After the one where you 
    go over metal gear's back, go down the other side and round the corner and 
    then go all of the way down the catwalk. At the end of it, turn right and go 
    into the main control room. After the cinema, you'll find you've lost your PAL 
    card! Equip your mine detector and go to the first floor and find the little 
    green dot in the sewer. If it's not there, then find the green dot that's 
    running around! Follow it and find that it's a rat. Shoot it with your 
    sniper's rifle and get your card back. Then go back up to the control room, 
    but first throw a chaff grenade into it so you're not seen by the cameras. 
    Then insert your PAL key into the yellow computer. After that go back to the 
    Freezer and cool your PAL key and then go back and insert the blue one into 
    the next laptop. Repeat with the third except heat it up in the blast furnace. 
    After you're done, you'll find that Master Miller (a.k.a. Liquid Snake !) 
    ripped you off! Call Otacon to open the doors and he will. In the meantime, 
    have your gas mask on. When he opens it go outside and chase after Liquid. 
    See `Boss Strategies' for Metal Gear Rex 
    Level #13- The Unlucky Fight for Liquid hopefully.. 
     See `Boss Strategies' for Liquid 
     Hope into car, but not before getting the ration in the small alcove by the 
    stairs you entered in. Get into the back of the jeep and grab the gun and 
    shoot the barrels and drive and every time that there is a blockage, shoot the 
    barrels and after a while, LIQUID SNAKE WILL POP UP ALIVE AGAIN!!!! Doesn't 
    this dude ever die? Golly! He burned up in a helicopter, got pushed off of a 
    giant-walking nuke tank and now what!? I'll tell you. This is the time he 
    loses. After a little shoot around, he'll crash and so will you, but he'll 
    die. You still live though. Watch the ending with Meryl or Otacon, which ever 
    one that you saved in the torture chamber. If you pressed select during the 
    torture, you'll save Otacon, if you endured it all then you'll save Meryl. 
    After the credits and the cinemas, save your game and then restart it with the 
    --- -------- . For the --- -------- see the special section! 
    Boss Guides!!!!!! 
    ( Finally..) 
    Boss #1- Revolver Ocelot 
     The basic strategy in this fight is to avoid the bullets and to shoot him 
    when he reloads or slows up on the corners. Whatever you do, don't get near 
    the center because, as it said in the cinema, the wires are strapped to C4! If 
    you hit them they explode and so does the Armstech President Kenneth Baker! So 
    use the strategy given and don't miss too much because there are only two 
    reachable boxes in the room during the battle. Good luck! 
    Boss #2- The Tank 
     Okay, the basic strategy for this guy is to get behind the rock that the 
    computer puts you behind and the throw a chaff grenade. When it explodes, go 
    out and run by the tank and throw grenades (the reg. Kind)into the hole of the 
    tank and do so until it explodes. The chaffs were thrown to shut down the 
    artillery rounds (missiles)Good luck! 
    Boss #3- The Ninja 
     I'd say he's a very easy boss to defeat. All you have to do is put your gun 
    away and hit him twice with the three hit combo. (Chokes won't work on him) 
    Then he'll put his sword away. Now hit him a few times and he'll then change 
    to optic camo. Equip your thermal goggles and hunt him down and hit him some 
    more. After that, he'll start walking at you. This is hardest part of the 
    battle. Every time you try to hit him, he'll disappear behind you and deliver 
    a hard hit; trust me, it's a hard hit. Just equip your rations and try your 
    best. After that, he'll spaz out. NOW, get out your gun. Preferably the FAMAS. 
    Shoot single shots at him and eventually, he'll run away. Stay back from him 
    when he spazes out. Good luck! 
    Boss #4- Psycho Mantis 
     Psycho Mantis isn't as easy. First things first. When the fight starts, 
    switch controller ports. Then, hide behind the desk on the middle-left part of 
    the room. Wait until you see him to shoot. When he raises the chairs, go out 
    and shoot him, watching out for the chairs of course. Equip your thermal 
    goggles and shoot him like that. After dodging chairs, pictures, desks, and 
    little transparent balls for a while, you'll defeat him. Good luck! 
    Boss #5- Sniper Wolf 
     All that you have to do with her is to sneak out by the corner and quickly 
    lay down and try to get a shot off with your sniper rifle. Take a Diazpame 
    every thirty seconds or so. Get about six or seven complete hits on her an 
    she'll give up. 
    Boss #6- The Hind 
     For the Hind you'll want to hide in the space between the door and the cargo 
    box in front of it, and a little more up against the wall of the cargo box. 
    Now, you wait for him to hover like this: 
    L- The Hind 
    S- Solid Snake 
    B- walls 
         B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B 
       B B B B    B B B B 
       B B       B B 
       B B  B B 
       B B  S B     B 
       B B B B  B B B B 
    Now when he's like this, then you can get a good lock on him and fire. To get 
    a lock-on, you have to get your target in one of the squares until it turns 
    red and makes an annoying sound. While it's still red, fire a missile. After 
    you hit him like this, repeat until he finds trickier hiding places. Then go 
    forward (from where you are towards the `L' and turn right) He'll sometimes 
    hover over here or opposite that on the other side of the roof and slightly 
    down wards. Repeat all tactics until completion. HINT: If he says " EAT THIS! 
    " and fires missiles at you, stay where you are if you're where you are in the 
    diagram shown above. If you're here, they can't hit you. They always hit the 
    other side of the roof. HINT 2: During ANY boss fight, have your rations 
    equipped in case of a surprise powerful hit. Good luck! 
    Boss #7- Sniper Wolf B. 
     First off, run over to the side (right) of the field in the small area with a 
    small slope in front of it. This is where she cannot hit you. The easiest way 
    to do this is to use your Nikita. Fire one missile. Guide it over to her at 
    the end of the field in front of you. Repeat until defeat. If you don't have 
    any Nikitas, use the sniper rifle mixed in with your thermal goggles. This way 
    is definitely harder. Use the same basic strategy that you used the first 
    Boss #8- Vulcan Raven B. 
     You must have your Stinger loaded in this fight. Too bad if you're out. There 
    are some, however, on the sides of the boxes near the side walls. Stand behind 
    a box and get him locked on through the box. Track him on the map. When you 
    see he's nearby you on the map, see where he is and try to lock on through the 
    wall so you'll be ready to shoot and run by the time he comes barreling around 
    the corner. When you see him round the corner, fire and then quickly un-equip 
    the Stinger so you can run away from him. Good luck! 
    Boss #9- Metal Gear Rex 
     This boss needs to be beaten twice. Once with the round disc on his right 
    shoulder as the target, called the Radome collector dish. The second time the 
    open cockpit will be the target. EQUIP YOUR RATIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT 
    LEAST 4!!! Then get close, but not too close to him and equip your Stinger. 
    QUICKLY lock on and fire a shot to the dish with the Stinger. Then QUICKLY un-
    equip the Stinger with R1 button. Then run forward towards him to confuse the 
    three cruise missiles and avoid the gun-fire and the laser. Then run back out 
    and repeat the steps explained. Then, repeat them again with the cockpit as 
    the target. (You can clearly see where Liquid is sitting) This target is a bit 
    harder to lock on to. Good luck! 
    Boss #10- Liquid Snake (Hand-to-Hand) 
     You will have no equipment. Just hit him with your three hit combo. Later 
    when he moves more, hit him only once and then back off. If you try to hit him 
    three times then he'll move and deliver a hard hit to the back. This guy is a 
    real pain. Just keep on trying. Good luck! 
    All of the information in this FAQ may not be rewritten or reproduced without 
    the authors consent-ME! It's perfectly O.K. to if you tell me first though. 
    Copyright Zack Thiesen 1998  Thank you so much for using this FAQ and I really 
    hope that this has helped you. 

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