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    Boss FAQ by Michael Kelehan

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    Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 18:03:28 -0500
    From: Michael Kelehan <megamanx@home.com>
                __    __   _____   _______       
              |  \  /  | |_____| |__   __|   /¯¯\     |¯|
              |   \/   |  _____     | |      ¯¯¯¯     | |
              | |\  /| | |  ___|    | |    /¯¯¯¯¯¯\   | |
              | | \/ | | | |___     | |   / /¯¯¯¯\ \  | |_____
              | |    |_| |_____|    |_|  / /      \ \ |_______|
              | |                        ¯¯        ¯¯
              |_|   ______   _____                _____
                   /  ____| |_____|     /¯¯\     |___  \
                  /  / ___   _____      ¯¯¯¯         | |
                  \  \|_  | |  ___|   /¯¯¯¯¯¯\   |¯¯¯  /
                   \  \_| | | |___   / /¯¯¯¯\ \  | |¯\ \
                    \_____| |_____| / /      \ \ |_|  \ \
                                    ¯¯        ¯¯       \ \
                          S     O     L     I     D     \ \
                      Metal Gear Solid Boss Guide v.1.1
                             by Michael Kelehan
                              November 9, 1998
    This guide gives hints and tips on the bosses of Metal Gear Solid.  If
    you own the Japanese version, the boss strategies will be the same as
    outlined in here, with the exception of the parts exclusive to the
    Normal, Hard, and Extreme difficulty settings.
    So, why a boss guide?  Many people have trouble with the bosses, and
    there are so many general MGS FAQs out there, I wanted to make
    something different.  If you need help with a boss, you can find what
    you need quickly and easily right here.  This is only my second FAQ
    (the first being a full guide to F-Zero X for N64), but I'm pretty sure
    of what I'm doing.  As always, though, if you have any additions or
    suggestions, be sure to let me know at the address above.
    For your own good, only look at this when you are having serious
    trouble, or when you want to beat a certain boss with less time and
    rations.  I'd never be able to forgive myself for spoiling such a great
    game for anyone.
                                  <Disc 1>
    Revolver Ocelot
    This is pretty much the same for all difficulty levels, and no one
    should have any trouble with it.  The only real concern is running out
    of ammo.  There are three ammo boxes, each with 12 shots in them.  Only
    pick one up if you have 13 shots or less in your SOCOM, so you get the
    full 12 from them all.  Stay on the outside, being careful not to trip
    the wire that's holding Baker.  Follow Ocelot around, and stay alert
    when he still has bullets in his gun.  While he's reloading is the
    easiest time to hit him, but don't be afraid to hit him at other times
    as well.  Watch out for ricocheting bullets, as they will probably
    cause you the most trouble.
    Raven's Tank
    First off, you can use the Thermal Goggles to see where the mines are
    before the fight.  They are much more effective than the mine detector.
    Use a Chaff Grenade to disable its long range gun so you can get up
    close, then throw a grenade at the top.  If you get the grenade to land
    by the guy in the tank, you'll blow him right out, but it will take two
    hits to get rid of him if your aim is a little off.  There are two 
    guys, so it should take 2-4 grenades.  Be sure to know where the tank
    is at all times, because if you get too far away, you'll need to use
    another Chaff.  You can keep tabs on it on the radar, or if you're
    playing in Hard of Extreme, by the direction the rail gun shots are
    coming from.  If the tank runs you over, it won't do as much damage as
    you might think, but don't make a habit of it.
    Cyborg Ninja
    First, hit him with some punches and kicks.  He'll put his sword away,
    and ask to take you on in hand to hand combat.  He has some strong and
    frustrating kicking attacks, so it's best to hit him right when he
    comes out of an attack.  Always hit him with Snake's punch-punch-kick
    combo.  The best thing to do is to get to the opposite side of a desk
    so that he has to jump over it to hit you.  When he lands, attack.
    After a while, he will turn on his stealth suit and hide somewhere in
    the room.  Find him, and attack.  Keep this up, until he starts his
    next phase, where he teleports when you punch him.  This is the best
    time to use your Chaff Grenades.  Use one, then when he screams, attack
    him.  After that Chaff runs out, repeat with another until you're out
    of them.  He'll teleport after the first punch, and sometimes the
    second, but the third will always connect.  During this phase, don't do
    a combo on your first and second punches, or he'll hit you in mid kick.
    If the second punch connects, follow immediately with a second.  After
    this phase, when all of his life is gone, move away post haste.  A
    large electric field will surround him, which will hurt you
    considerably.  Now is the time to open fire.  After each shot hits,
    he'll teleport somewhere else.  After three solid hits, he'll be gone,
    and Dr. Emmerich will come out.  Since you need to speak to Dr.
    Emmerich often in the game, just in case you miss it in the next
    cutscene, his Codec frequency is 141.12.
    Psycho Mantis
    My guess is that more than half of the people who accessed this guide
    did so for help with Psycho Mantis.  Konami was really sneaky with this
    guy, but when you know the trick, he's incredibly simple.  When Psycho
    Mantis "reads your mind," he's reading your controller.  If you press
    circle, he knows that you're about to punch him, and moves out of the
    way 7 times out of 8.  So, how do you prevent him from reading your
    mind?  Switch the controller to port 2.  That will throw him off, and
    every shot will hit.  You still can't use Nikitas, C4, and grenades,
    though, because he'll explode them instantly.  You can crawl under the
    flying chairs to get a clean shot at him when they leave.  When he
    starts warping around the room, throwing psycho forces at you, turn on
    your Thermal Goggles to track where he goes.  You can hit him whenever
    he stops, and not even let him get one shot out at you.  After the
    phase where he does that continuously, he'll hit you with all he's got.
    Just be careful, and only try to hit him when you're not trying to
    avoid anything flying at you.  When Meryl is up, throw a Stun Grenade
    to get her back down without harming her at all.  The simple switch to
    port two will cut the time it takes you to beat Psycho Mantis by at
    least 15 minutes.  So you're welcome. :-)
    And yes, I know that you can hit triangle to see things from his point
    of view, but the use of Thermal Goggles eliminates the need for that.
    Sniper Wolf
    While you're in sniper mode, you'll always move involuntarily, unless
    you use some Diazepam.  If you run out, go ahead and use a Cigarette.
    They help, but deplete life slowly.  Sniper Wolf is always on the
    second floor, and only comes out to shoot you.  A good idea is to press
    yourself against a wall so that your back is to Wolf, so you can see
    her in the distance.  Come out to shoot her when she is hiding behind
    something so that she won't shoot you while you're lining up your own
    shot.  When she hits you, if you lose your orientation, it is quicker
    to de-equip the PSG-1, align yourself with Sniper Wolf by pressing up
    on the pad, then re-equip it than it is to find her again from the
    PSG-1's scope.  If you run out of ammo, run as far to one side as you
    can, then cross to the other side to find five bullets.  Don't worry;
    the mines are gone.  Be sure to save afterwards, because the continue-
    free torture event is up next.
    The Hind
    Yawn.  Aim with Stinger, lock on with Stinger, hit with Singer.  The
    only things you need to keep in mind are that you should spend a lot of
    time between the two narrow structures for safety, and to only go to
    the high ground when you need an ammo fillup.  When Liquid yells, "Eat
    this!," get as far away from the higher area as you can, or you'll lose
    a large amount of your life.  The strategy is easy, but one hit can
    really hurt, so be careful.  On the higher difficulty levels, when you
    have no radar, it can help to use sound to figure out where he is.  If
    you don't have a stereo hookup, you'll just have to follow from where
    the rail shots are coming from.
    Sniper Wolf Rematch
    Sniper Wolf will always be behind the trees in front of you.  The 
    easiest thing to do is hide behind a tree and hit her with Nikitas.
    Don't forget that you can see from the missile's eye view by holding
    triangle.  After that, lock on to her with every Stinger you have left,
    and make sure that they all hit.  They're much easier to hit her with
    than PSG-1 shots, and they do much more damage than the simple PSG-1
    shots.  The rest of the fight is just like the first fight, except for
    the fact that she has more hiding places this time.  Just keep careful
    track of where she is at all times, and you'll be fine.
                                  <Disc 2>
    There are two main attacks you can use on him: C4 and Stingers.  If you
    have radar, you can place C4 on the ground, and detonate it when you
    see him walking nearby.  If not, you can use Stingers.  Wait for him by
    a corner, and when he walks out into an intersection, fire and run.
    Stay as far away from him as you can, as he has some of the strongest
    attacks of anyone you'll face.  Nikita missiles work sometimes, but he
    will shoot them down if he sees them.
    Metal Gear Rex
    Don't even think of entering this fight without all of the rations you
    can take.  You'll need them for the second form.  As Otacon will tell
    you, the first thing you'll need to take out will be the sensor dish
    on Metal Gear Rex's left shoulder.  Since Liquid can't see outside of
    Rex's pilot seat, use a Chaff Grenade to disable the homing missiles.
    Then, fire a Stinger and repeat.  All the while, keep moving.  When you
    see its energy getting low, you can fire the last two shots without a
    Chaff in between.  If you do it right, you can get past this first form
    without using even one ration.  
    In its second form, Liquid will aim at you manually, and track you with
    his own two eyes.  The closer you are, the less chance there is that
    you'll be hit by the missiles.  The only safe places are right behind
    Rex and right under him.  Just be careful not to let him step on you,
    or you'll be dead instantly, rations or no.  Try to get out of his line
    of sight as much as you can, and fire stingers from the side.  If this
    is too difficult, you might be able to just run around and fire
    Stingers at him, but this is very ration consuming, and rarely works on
    Hard and Expert.  Don't worry about using all of your rations, as
    you'll never see any of your stuff again.  There is one more ration in
    the top left of the room, which you should get as soon as possible when
    you can hold it.
    Solid vs. Liquid
    This fight is pretty easy in Easy and Normal modes.  Always use your
    punch-punch-kick combo, and try to hit Liquid from the side if
    possible.  If you fall off Rex, hit any button as fast as possible to
    get back up quickly.  When Liquid loses all of his life, the fight
    still isn't over until you knock Liquid off of Rex with a kick or throw
    (weapon button while running).  If you lose, don't worry; you'll
    restart at the beginning of the fight with the full three minutes.  On
    the Hard and Extreme modes, his attacks do a lot of damage, so be very
    careful not to get hit carelessly.
    Shootout with Liquid
    Be sure to pick up the three rations before you hop on the truck, but
    chances are you'll only need one.  One ration is out the door you came
    in, one is by the stairs, and the other is on the lower left of the
    room with the trucks.  The easiest way to aim the machine gun is to
    hold both the first person view button and the weapon button, so that
    you can see from behind the gun and put whatever you want shot in the
    center of the screen.  When you and Liquid are separated by pillars,
    just continue aiming in the spot that hits him.  He'll return there
    before shooting you.  As soon as you're done with that part, you've
    finished the game.  Congratulations!  Now, try the next difficulty
    Thanks for reading the MGS Boss Guide.  Remember, if you have any ideas
    for future versions, be sure to send them to me at megamanx@iname.com.
    And hey, check out my F-Zero X FAQ!
    If you want to, you can download four different versions of the main
    theme to Metal Gear Solid (one is a remix from Beat Mania) at my FTP,  Just be sure to upload some sounds I don't have,
    Kevin Cheah                 kevin_cheah@pacific.net.sg
    Version history:
    1.1:   Updated strategies for Cyborg Ninja, Sniper Wolf, The Hind,
           Sniper Wolf Rematch, Metal Gear Rex, and Solid vs. Liquid.
    1.0:   First release.
    Metal Gear Solid and all character names are trademarks of Konami, and
    are copyright 1998 Konami.  This guide is copyright 1998 Michael
    Kelehan.  Distribution is permitted (in fact, it's encouraged), as long
    as this guide is unedited and in its entirety.  Don't sell it.

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