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    Ghosts FAQ by volvox

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                             The Ghosts of Metal Gear Solid
                                     by Scott Walker
    v1.0   10-9-99    First draft
    v1.1   10-9-99	  Added descriptions to a number of ghosts
    v1.2   10-11-99   Added 17, 42, and description to 15
    v1.3   10-23-99   Added 5 and 14
    v1.4   10-25-99   Added 11 and added details to 43
    v1.5   10-30-99   Added 3 and 22
    v1.6   11-12-99   Added 24 and 33
    Final  10-29-05   Spell checked, fromatted to 80 chars wide, will not be making 
                      any more updates.
    Feel free to distribute this FAQ as long as it remains unchanged, but it may be
    translated into other languages.  If you wish to use it or parts of it, do not 
    forget to credit me. 
           As you know you can take pictures during a game of Metal Gear solid once
    you get the camera.  This may seem boring at first, but one use it to see the
    ghost images of the game's developers.  There are certain locations in the game 
    where a picture will develop with a ghostly image on it.
           This FAQ was written to give the locations of these ghosts and what they
    look like.  Each entry gives the name, the general description from 
    sages.ign.com, instructions for finding the ghost, and what it looks like.  
    Portions of it are based on other sources, which are listed at the end of the 
    How To Get The Camera
           When you go back to the armory to get the PSG-1 sniper rifle, head toward
    the room where you fought Ocelot.  In the horizontal hall before that room, 
    place C-4 on the wall at the right end.  After you detonate it, a hole will 
    appear in the wall revealing a secret storage area.  The camera is inside.
           After you beat the game, you will start with the camera in your 
    inventory.  This way you can find the ghosts that occur before Meryl gets 
    The Ghosts
    NOTE:  These may not be the best angles.  If you know of a better one, please 
           let me know!
    1.     Kojima - Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)
           After defeating the ninja, take a picture of the Policenaughts poster on
           the right.  Zooming in helps.
           Looks like:  A very clear, full body picture of a short haired guy 
                        bearing his teeth. Can't tell if he has fangs or not.
    2.     Matsuhana - Hallway of corpses (outside Otacon's lab)
           Go around the corner of the hall and stand by the body in the corner
           across from the lab door.  Looks across so that the moving body is in
           the lower half of the screen.  Take the picture.
           Looks like:  A small head and a really big arm
    3.     Sato - Comm Tower A (roof destroyed by Hind D missiles)
           Just before you go over the side on the rope, mosey down to the lower
           corner of the roof and look back at the wreckage.  Take a picture.
           Looks like:  A wavy face above a long white collar(?)
    4.     Nakamura - In Meryl's blood pool
           Stand south of the main blood pool and face north (toward Wolf's 
           position).  Center the pool in the middle and take the picture.
           Looks like:  A floating head and shoulders looking downwards.
    5.     Sinkawa - Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar
           After beating Sniper Wolf the first time, go up the stairs outside the
           comm tower to the level where she was shooting from.  Stand directly 
           behind the middle pillar and face left away from the stairs.  Take the
           Looks like:  An very clear upper body shot of a guy with short hair
                        looking at you.
    6.     Uehara - Edge of elevator (the one where the ravens are)
           On the cargo elevator with the ravens, stand in the little nub on the
           front of the elevator.  Turn around and center the middle of the back
           railing in the picture.  You should have both elevator tracks in the
           picture too.  Take the picture.  It does not matter if the elevator is
           moving or not.
           Looks like:  A large face in the right half. A bit blurry
    7.     Negishi - Sewage waterfall
           After tossing a chaff grenade, stand in the middle of the bridge over
           the flowing sewage.  Stand against the railing closest to the waterfall
           and aim straight at the opening where the falls come out.  Take the 
    8.     Mizutani - When fighting Metal Gear
           This can be a tough one since Metal Gear will be shooting at you in
           the process.  To make it easier, run around until Metal Gear starts
           coming after you, then run between its legs to confuse it. While it
           looks for you, sneak around the left side of the hangar and down to the
           lower left corner.  Stand directly behind the second set of danger
           barrels and aim at the center of the last set in the lower corner. 
           Center the barrels in the photo and take it.
           Looks like:  A group of three to four heads.  The far left one has
                        some soft of quarter ring over it
    9.     Korekado - Men's restroom
           In first basement of the nuclear storage building, go into the men's
           restroom (you can kill the guard or not).  Position yourself on the
           right wall so you can look across and see all three urinals.  Take
           the picture.
           Looks like:  The backside of a guy taking a leak clasped between two
    10.    Sasaki - Picture frames in the Commanders room
           After beating Mantis, stand in front of the desk so that all six of the
           picture frames are in your view.  Take the picture.
           Looks like:  A freaky, ghostly close-up of a guy with glasses.
    11.    Sonoyama - Torture machine
           Go behind the torture machine and take a picture straight on.  It doesn't
           matter if you aim high or low.
           Looks like:  A very clear half body shot of a guy with both fists in the
                        air looking like he's cheering.
    12.    Toyota - Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse
           While fighting Vulcan Raven, run to the container in the middle.  Just 
           once side of it, get kind of close, and take the picture.  I don't think
           the angle matters.
           Looks like:  A bizarre neon blue floating arm
    13.    Kozyou - Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
           Stand in the corner by the watertank and aim across the snowfield
           parallel with the rock wall. You should have the watertank in the
           left half. Take the picture.
    14.    Shimizu - Wolf dog caves (first crawling point)
           Go through the crawling point into the snow covered area.  Stand by
           the cave wall directly across from the crawling point and look back
           to it.  Aim up a little and take the picture.
           Looks like:  A head shot of a guy with long hair.
    15.    Kaneda - The mirror located in the women's restroom
           After Meryl leaves the restroom, face the mirror closest to the stalls 
           and take the picture.  Don't stand too close.
           Looks like:  The upper body of a naked buy wearing a lion mask.  Pretty
                        darn freaky (yet cool) if you ask me.
    16.    Fukushima - Heliport, looking out to sea from cliff
           At the heliport at the beginning of the game, go to the little jut of
           cliffs to the right of the helicopter pad.  It is south of the line of
           boxes.  Face the ocean and take the picture.
           Looks like:  A full body picture of a pointy headed guy with one hand
                        back, one out front like he's ready to take you on.
    17.    Takade - Ninja room, glass at edge
           After defeating the ninja in Otacon's lab, stand behind the first pane
           of glass over by the supercomputers (around where the ration was).  Look
           through the glass at the leftmost Policenaughts poster.  Take the
           Looks like:  A guy crouching and looking back.
    18.    Fujimura - Elevator in the Comm Tower B complex
    19.    Shikama - Electric floor
           This is easy.  Simply take a picture down the hall from the start of
           the electric floor while it is still electrified.
           Looks like:  Full body of a guy holding binoculars(?)
    20.    Kimura - MG underground base, tip of Metal Gear's railgun
           On the third level of the underground base (across from the control
           room), stand by the ladder into Metal Gear's cockpit.  Look up and
           over at the tip of the railgun.  Take the picture.
           Looks like:  A distorted face with one hand on the cheek.
    21.    Kobayashi - Rock in canyon
    22.    Okajima - Maggots of the real DARPA chief in cell
           Stand at the chief's right foot and aim down at the maggots on his knee.
           Take the picture.  You can also aim at the maggots on the floor, but the
           shot is not as clear.
           Looks like:  A distorted, screaming face.  Looks like kind of like an
                        evil clown in a way.
    23.    Nishimura - Next to Baker's corpse
           Stand back from Baker a bit and aim so he is in the middle to lower part 
           of the picture. Now aim left or right (doesn't matter which) so he is 
           near the edge of the picture. Take the picture.
           Looks like:  A slumped over body 
    24.    Mukaide - Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
           This one is REALLY hard to get.  Stand at the bottom edge of the puddle
           aligned with the tip of the ice on the wall.  When you look through the
           camera, you should see the ice on the left side with the tip about half
           way up.  There should also be a circular reflection of the light in the
           water almost in the center of the picture.  Take a shot.  If you can't
           get it, try a slightly different position at the bottom of the puddle.  
           As far as I can tell you need to be in just the right place to see this 
           Looks like:  Yet another guy with glasses.  Pretty generic for being such
                        a pain to find.
    25.    Onoda - Where Baker is tied up
           While fighting Revolver Ocelot, take a quick picture above Baker's head.
           Looks like:  A guy with glasses doing peace signs with both hands
    26.    Kitao - Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
           Stand on the side of Octopus so his body is straight across the screen 
           and his head faces the right. Center him as much as possible and take 
           the picture. Doesn't seem to work from behind.
           Looks like:  Frontal view with shoulders and a cat(?)
    27.    Yoshimura - Dead end of air duct
    28.    Hirano - Elevator (Comm Tower B) deep in the shaft of top level
    29.    Murakoa - Water in cargo dock
           At the beginning of the game, go to the right side of the cargo dock by
           the ration.  Go into the little niche by the pipe and aim at the two thin
           pipes running up the wall.
    30.    Ishiyama - Heliport top of building
    31.    Ito - Elevator to tank hangar
           Stand in the right corner nearest the door. Aim diagonally across at the
           upper left corner. Take a picture at eye level.
           Looks like:  Full body of a female with hands clasped
    32.    Jeremey Blaustein - Sniper Wolf's corpse
    33.    Yoshioka - Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace
           On the very top level of the blast furnace, go to the dead end bridge 
           (the one where the guard was).  Stand at the end a little back from the
           railing and aim straight across at the wall.  Take the picture.  It does
           not matter if the crane is there or not.
           Looks like:  A full body with outstretched arms, but the body is
           distorted so the head is REALLY big.
    34.    Mori - Lowest point of elevator (Comm Tower B)
    35.    Kinbara - Dark area of stairs
    36.    Tougo - End of boiler room (in blast furnace where the steam is)
           Go into the steam room in the bottom of the blast furnace and go to the
           far dead end.  Aim the camera toward the missiles, but aim a little to 
           the right and down in the corner.
           Looks like:  A hand with a face in it. 
    37.    Makimura - Hidden armory store room behind the weakened wall
    38.    Kutome - Observation room
           The observation room is the bullet proof one looking out to an inactive 
           Metal Gear Rex. After tossing a chaff grenade, face the earth map in the 
           back and center yourself with it. Center it in the picture and take it.
           Looks like:  An upper body shot of a guy with his hand crossed under his
    39.    Tanaka - Heliport, sleeping soldier
           There is a sleeping soldier in front of the air vent on the bottom left
           level of the heliport.  There is a camera above him.  Aim above his head
           and take the picture.
           Looks like:  A thoughtful looking guy with a halo over his head.
    40.    Shigeno - Heliport, security area by staircase
           By the stairs on the right side of the heliport, stand at a 45 degree 
           angle from the camera at the base.  You may need to use a chaff grenade.
           Aim toward the camera so the stairs are in the right half of the picture.
    41.    Yamashita - Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room
           In the nuke storage room, stand at the tip of the middle nuke and aim to 
           over to the left at the tip of the nuke closest to the stairs.
           Looks like:  Head and shoulders of a guy with what looks like a large
                        nose or Hershey's kiss on top of his head.
    42.    Kobayashi - Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
           Stand outside the DARPA chief's cell and aim over above the naked guy
           that Meryl beat up.  
           Looks like:  I have no idea.  I see tubes and two hands.
    43.    Scott Dolf - Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A 
           and B
           On the commtower walkway outside the frozen door, stand about halfway to 
           the railing and halfway between the other railing and the wall.  Look 
           through the railing in front of you and aim way down in the darkness.
           The railing should look real huge in the camera.
           Looks like:  A very clear picture of a bearded guy doing a funky sign 
                        with his hand.
    sages.ign.com - General locations and names
    A Metal Gear strategy guide (can't remember which one, it was black with silver
    metallic lettering in the title) - Numbers 6, 8, 11, 14, 21, 24, 28, 42
    Ghosts FAQ v1.6 by Chris Yi (the.voice@erlos.com) - Numbers 1, 2, 7, 9, 10, 12, 
    15, 16, 20, 25, 29, 36, 39, 40, 41, 43

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