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    VR Disc Guide (JP) by BOng

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 11/16/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        Metal Gear Solid Integral
    VR Training Disc
    Date: 17th Oct 1999
    Done by Bernard "Dhampire" Ong
    E-Mail: bernard78_98@yahoo.com
    Version 2.6 updated on 16th November 1999
    Disclaimer and Introduction
    First of all, I would like to thank the Konami staff for another great 
    game (even though if it was a improvement on the training system). 
    Anyway, games like Suikoden and Vandal Hearts have a special place in 
    my heart and I was definitely looking forward to this great installment 
    from Konami. So why not I just cut the monkey crap and get right on 
    into business. 
    Before I say anything, I took the time to really wrote this thing 
    (considering the fact that I did all the freaking work to get to 99%) . 
    So I would really appreciate it if you guys out there ask my permission 
    if you want to copy this whole work or even plagiarize this whole FAQ 
    or even "borrow" some of pieces of work. This FAQ is also not for 
    profit, and I expect anyone who read this FAQ be on their best 
    behavior. I have FAQs that were ripped off by others, and I intend to 
    make this clear to everyone. So don't make me use drastic measures!!!!
    I have already put in the gameshark codes and verify the matter about 
    the movies in the extra mode. Not only that I also tell about the other 
    modes in detail (sort of). I have also put up something on pockestation 
    under the miscellaneous section.  Not only that I try to make the FAQ 
    as presentable as I can. (too bad the gamefaqs do not support fonts and 
    others, I got some cool fonts that will really make this FAQ to stand 
    out. ? )in the mean time, enjoy this faq and I will gladly answer any 
    questions you all might post to me.
    I will try to update this faq on how to get the best ranking for every 
    stage as soon as possible.
    VR Training Disc
    /// Legend \\\
    First there are a lot of things to know about Metal Gear especially 
    their controls. I have people asking me how to execute a certain move 
    and I find it a bit tedious to tell the same thins all over again. So I 
    have put here a list of moves you can do below. And if you have any 
    more questions you can still email me.
    | Wall/Corner View |
    This view allows you to check who is around the corner. Very useful to 
    see who is coming. Just press the D-pad towards the wall and you will 
    be placing yourself flat to the wall. By moving the d-pad diagonally, 
    you will be able to move up and down the wall and when you reach to the 
    edge of the wall, your view will switch to a corner view. 
    | Choke hold and snap the neck |
    All you need to do is move up to the fellow, and release your d-pad. 
    Then press and hold Square. By doing so you will grab the fellow by the 
    neck and hold him there. Keep pressing the Square button and you will 
    You can also drag the guard around while you are still doing the 
    chokehold. While holding down the Square button, hold down the X 
    button, and now you can drag the guard around. Remember to periodically 
    press the Square button to prevent the guard from escaping.
    | Knock on the wall |
    Press against the wall and hold it. Now press the action button 
    (CIRCLE) and you will knock the wall. When done correctly and near the 
    guard, the guard will turn around and investigate the situation. Useful 
    to drive the guards away.
    | Shoot while running |
    This only works for FAMAS and SOCOM. All you need to do is press Square 
    and X simultaneously. You can release the Square button, but you must 
    make sure that you are still holding the X button. By doing so, you can 
    still move freely and all you need to do is press Square to shoot. 
    Useful if you are in the time attack mode. 
    | Crawl |
    Just press the X button and you can move around. Good to crawl into 
    tight places.
    | Throw |
    Just press any D-pad and Square to throw the guard. Must be near to do 
    // MODES \\\
    There are 4 modes introduced by Metal Gear Solid. They are as followed:
    This mode is divided into 2 parts: N o Weapons and SOCOM
     --- No weapons ---
    There are 15 levels each for practice and time attack.
    (any questions on how to get past them, just email me at 
    Only 5 stages that are unique to the training mode which cannot be 
    found in the previous version of Metal Gear which are 7, 9, 11, 13, 14.
    Stage 7
    There will be infra red sensors all over the place and you have to 
    avoid them, there is also one guard.
    Stage 9
    There is one long path leading to the check point but the path is being 
    guarded by a row of Cameras. Try to avoid them. Hint: there is a box in 
    your inventory.
    Stage 11
    The first use of trap doors. Do not stop on any of them or you will 
    fall to your doom. There are 4 guards patrolling the area.
    Stage 13
    There will two guards on duty and two spot lights.
    Stage 14
    There will a lot of columns that are built with 1 or two boxes. There 
    are five guards constantly on the move sometimes stopping to survey the 
    +++ Time attack +++
    Same stages except with the introduction of time ( DUH!!!! ? )
    --- SOCOM ---
    Basically you have to go through all the stages in the No weapon mode 
    but with a twist. You have to kill the guard in order to past the 
    level. Try not to waste unnecessary bullets in the time attack mode, it 
    will reduce the time thus giving you a better chance of getting 1st 
    ranking. (HINT: it takes 3 bullets to kill a guy, so count your 
    Now you get to use all the weapons to get through the training mode.
    There are 10 levels for each weapon, 5 for practice and 5 for time 
    They are as follows:
    There are ten levels for each weapon, five for practice and 5 for time 
    However, unlike the WEAPONS MODE, you have to fight guards instead of 
    holograms. You will not fail the mission if you get spotted so don't 
    worry. However if you do get spotted in the time attack mode, not only 
    will you lose precious time, you will also lose the 3 second bonus they 
    will give you for sneaking bonus, so play carefully.
    The list for the weapons is the same as the WEAPONS MODE.
    This perhaps the coolest mode that was ever created. There are a total 
    of 8 sections that can really get you going. They are as follows:
    --- 1 MIN. BATTLE ---
    --- VS 12 BATTLE ---
    --- MYSTERY ---
    --- PUZZLE ---
    --- VARIETY ---
    --- VR MISSION ---
    --- NINJA ---
    --- NG SELECTION ---
    --- 1 MIN BATTLE ---
    This section is divided into 2 parts: VS TARGET and VS ENEMY. These two 
    sections have the same weapons used in the WEAPONS and ADVANCED MODE 
    including no weapon. (yes you get to fight bare handed)
    All you need to do is get the highest possible score in 1 minute using 
    the weapons accordingly. In the target mode, you will be fighting 
    against targets that will not fight back. But in the enemy mode, that 
    is a whole different story. You can actually get killed in the enemy 
    mode, and when you get spotted they will come after you.
    --- VS 12 BATTLE ---
    This mode allows you to kill 12 guards with the arsenal of weapons 
    given to you. The time limit is 5 minutes. And only 4 guards are let 
    out at once. So think fast and kill fast.
    There are only 8 levels here, but as you progress each level, things 
    tend to get hot under the collar and less ammo  is given.
    I will be telling what kind of weapons you had been provided with
    They are as follows:
    Level 1
    3 grenades, 3 nikita, 10 PSG1 bullets and 3 stingers
    Level 2
    1 C4, 1 Claymore, 1 Nikita, 1 grenade, and 30 Socom
    Level 3
    2 nikita, 2 claymore, 1 grenade, 1 C4 and 12 Socom
    Level 4
    2 C4, 2 Stinger, 3 grenades and 12 Socom
    Level 5
    1 C4, 1 Stinger, 1 Claymore, 8 Grenades and 2 PSG1
    Level 6
    2 C4, 4 PSG1, 12 Socom, 4 Grenade, and 2 stinger.
    Note: this stage will not give you any bullets at all even though you 
    can access the menu. The ammo is all the way to the north, so try to 
    kill a few guards or distract a few while you go all the way top the 
    Level 7
    2 C4, 2 Claymore, 12 Socom and 6 grenades.
    Level 8
    1 C4, 2 PSG1, 12 Socom, 2 Grenades and 2 Claymore
    note: this stage reminds me of the second encounter with Vulcan Raven. 
    So be wise with your bullets. ?
    --- MYSTERY ---
    This mode is damn freaking cool. Instead of using your fists, you have 
    to use your brain to figure this one out. There are 10 levels in this 
    mode, and basically you have to find out who is the murderer base on 
    the clues that are given. It is quite easy and obvious. In this 
    section, I will tell what are the clues in each stage and any questions 
    on them you have to email me. I don't want to take the fun out of it by 
    putting the solution on this FAQ. ?
    Hint: you have to use the first person view to see the clues in order 
    to get a better look at them. Just hold down TRIANGLE and you are in 
    +++ Level 1 +++
    Just look at the broken surveillance camera just located at the passage 
    +++ Level 2 +++
    There is a ski mask being clutched by the dead man.
    +++ Level 3 +++
    There is an ice cream near the body
    +++ Level 4 +++
    There is a broken spectacle near the body
    +++ Level 5 +++
    There is a man looking over the body and all you need to do is chase 
    him and captured him before he escapes. Not so easy with all the other 
    guards running in from all over the place but you have to keep your 
    eyes sharp. ?
    +++ Level 6 +++
    There is a name written in blood spelling out JOHNNY
    +++ Level 7 +++
    You have to follow the correct set of foot prints that will lead to the 
    +++ Level 8 +++
    No clue whatsoever, but here is a hint, try using the first person view 
    on each guy. ? 
    +++ Level 9 +++
    There is a broken spectacle near the body. However, this is not the 
    same as the previous level. See whether you can solve this one.
    +++ Level 10 +++
    The grand finale of all mysteries. All you need to do is find the 
    murder weapon, but this is not so hard as it looks to be. HINT: 
    Patience is a Virtue.
    --- PUZZLE ---
    There are 10 levels to this and true to the namesake, they are all 
    puzzles. See whether you can solve them by yourselves.
    Level 1
    There are 7 guards you have to kill, and they are all standing on 
    separate columns all in a row. You only have 6 grenades.
    Level 2
    You are standing on top of the tallest column with a guard. There are 6 
    columns with a guard each. These 6 columns are divided into three 
    descending rows. What do you do???
    Level 3
    There is a guard all the way to the highest column and a camera. You 
    have a stinger. What do you do? Hint: do not destroy the camera!!! Time 
    is limited, try shooting the guard when he is between the first and 
    second pillar. You will get a cool effect and saves time. 
    Level 4
    There are 29 red cubes and you have 50 stingers. However as you destroy 
    the boxes you noticed that you have 6 boxes left and they are behind 
    the wall. Hmmmm
    Level 5
    You have 140 Famas bullets and you are standing on a "noisy" straight 
    path. You are between two walls and there is a guard on each side. As 
    you walk on the path, you noticed walls that can be destroyed. But if 
    you make a sound or fire the FAMAS too close to the guards, it is a 
    fail mission. Hint: you have just enough bullets to clear the area. So 
    Level 6
    You have 50 Nikitas and there is 16 red boxes to be destroyed. This is 
    a maze and if you shoot the wrong box you can't go any further.
    Level 7
    You have nothing in your inventory but there are two spotlights 
    hovering in the middle. The check point is being shielded by a 
    breakable wall. Hint: there is a mined detector all the way to the 
    Level 8
    You have 30 grenades. As you walk all the way to the north you will see 
    12 red boxes on the ground. (long drop to the ground too). Objective: 
    try to make all 12 boxes pop up!!!
    +++ Level 9 +++ ( By popular demand and popular frustration )
     As you can see many people are asking me on how to clear this level. 
    This level (by popular demand, ? ) is perhaps the most tricky level 
    ever encountered. It involves one guard and two stationary cameras. 
    This is how to do it.
    All you need to do is plant the c4 on the guard.
    this is how I did it.
    I knock on one of the shallow walls (preferably at the maximum 
    distance, :) ), and lure the guy over there.
    Then as he turn around to walk back to his position. i walk up behind 
    hiim and plant the c4 on him (not too close, he will turn around). You 
    know you succeed when Snake seems to be planting the C4 in mid-air not 
    on the ground. Then i wait. 1 minute later, he will make his rounds by 
    walking through the 2 cameras. as he does so just detonate it and you 
    would had completed the stage already... :)
    Level 10
    You are in a snow area. One guard and a wall that is guarding the 
    checkpoint. There is a mine detector that you can see. Hint: after 
    getting the mine detector, try luring the guard with your foot prints.
    --- VARIETY ---
    There are 13 levels in this stage which is actually a mixture of all 
    the sections listed in the SPECIAL MODE.
    I won't be detailing about the structure of the levels but will go 
    right into detail about the solution.
    Level 1
    Just drag the guard all the way to the south and break his neck. A 
    check point will pop up in the south.
    Level 2
    All you need to do is knock on the wall to lure the guard all the way 
    up to the hole, then use the punch-kick combo to get him down into the 
    Level 3
    All you need to do is knock the guards into the hole below. Any hole 
    will do.
    Level 4
    What you can do here is you put a C4 on the nearest guard then 
    detonate. Quickly, put another C4 near the next guard. Do the same for 
    the rest. This will create some sort of domino effect. ( I am trying to 
    figure out how the heck the demo show the C4 is planted on every guard, 
    and how he detonate them all at the same time)
    Level 5
    What I did was I went up to the guard who is moving on to the left ( 
    first guard you see ) and do the punch-kick combo. He will then knock 
    the guy who is coming in from the north. Then I quickly move to the 
    check point while avoiding the other guards. I manage to get 00:06:66 
    time for it. ( a coincidence isn't it ? , sign of the devil )
    Level 6
    This is a tricky stage. All the guards here are invisible. And the only 
    way you could tell is knock on the walls. No definite amount of guards, 
    I think there are 6.
    Level 7
    This quite an easy stage, all you need to do is destroy 28 red boxes 
    that are floating towards you. 
    Level 8
    You have to destroy 5 targets with a PSG1. What I did was I get one 
    diazepam and go to the lowest platform. I shoot accordingly until the 
    4th one. I wait until the target is at the left of the sleeping guard 
    and no guards are near the area. I shoot it and then quickly shoot the 
    one behind the sleeping guard before the others surround it.
    Level 9
    You have to destroy 74 targets using the Socom. Use the running while 
    shooting method. It saves a lot of time.
    Level 10
    Same thing with the socom except you are now using the FAMAS, use the 
    same strategy.
    Level 11
    First you have to destroy 20 red boxes to fight the UFO. Keep blasting 
    at it. A spoof of X-files is here. Before you start the stage you will 
    see the words "THE TRUTH IS OVER THERE"
    Level 12
    This stage reminds me of Ghostbusters. All you need to do is shoot at 
    the huge guard walking towards you. Here is a hint. Try shooting the 
    guard in the stomach. If that is not the target, then all the other 
    targets will disappear leaving the true target.
    Level 13
    Same thing as stage 12 but this time you have to fight two guards. Just 
    use the same trick as above and you will breeze thru' it .
    --- VR MISSION ---
    This section is like the previous Metal Gear Solid, except that the 
    whole thing had been "renovated". There are 10 levels in the mission, 
    and you have to find all sort of weapons to help in your mission. As 
    you get further into the game, you find that the mission will get 
    harder. The most useful weapon I know is RUN. However you need to get a 
    few weapons to help along the way especially the PSG1 and SOCOM. They 
    are really useful in the mission. As you can see from this solution 
    that I had found, I did not bother to get the other weapons as it might 
    consume a lot of time. As you also can see I did not kill all the 
    guards, as I have limited bullets and limited time. The aim here is to 
    finish the mission in the less time possible. So I only kill when 
    necessary. I did not put in the times that I had done as people can 
    make mistakes and I am trying to see whether I can find a better way to 
    do it. So far by using this method you are able to get less than 7 
    Stage 1
    There is a Socom and a suppressor in the north-east. All I did was take 
    the right path making sure that I am behind the guards while I am 
    moving. Once I get past the two guards, I have to move a bit more to 
    the north to avoid the guard coming in from the right. After that he 
    will look down, and then you can go to the right. Once there, go and 
    get the Socom. Knock on the wall from which you had taken the Socom, 
    and quickly get the hell out of there. The guard will investigate the 
    sound and you can freely get the suppressor. Make your way back to 
    where you can see the guard (you are coming in from the left so you 
    should be abe to see the guard standing in the north) and flip him when 
    he is not seeing. Then make your way to the check point. 
    Stage 2
    Just take the left route and walk into the place where there is a Box 
    A. now place yourself on the wall just south of the box, and knock on 
    the wall. After you do that walk into the hole from which you came in 
    from the trapdoor area. Wait until he investigates, and then break his 
    neck. Wait to get the 10 bullets from him (get the box if you want), 
    and move to the north. Just flip the guard over when he is not looking 
    and make your way to the checkpoint.
    Stage 3
    Walk slightly north and you will be able to see a hole. Crawl into the 
    space and out into the noisy footsteps. Arm your Socom, and keep 
    toggling upwards (just press the d-pad slightly, so that you can move 
    upwards without making a sound). Wait for the guard and kill him. Now 
    walk between the two pillars just behind the north pillar where there 
    are 2 guards. Wait until the guard on the left begin to look to the 
    west, then knock on the wall. The guard on the right will come down to 
    investigate. Now avoid this guard and you are able to get to the 
    checkpoint easily.
    Stage 4
    Walk to your left and walk three more space up from the hole in the 
    wall. Knock on the wall and then hide in the wall. Wait until the guard 
    moves back to his position, then quickly drag him and break his neck. 
    Now this is a crucial part. Wait until the two guards look away from 
    your position, and then quickly move into the check point area. Use 
    your Socom on the blue wall. 
    Stage 5
    This will be a infra red room. So all you need to do is use your 
    cigarettes. Go into the room and start smoking. Make sure you are 
    crawling when you do this. There are claymores in this room. Best way 
    to crawl to safety is to stay in the middle path. However there is a 
    thermal goggles on the right but you must crawl to get because there 
    are 2 claymores guarding it. So crawl all the way to the top stopping 
    before each infra red. And then sprint away to the checkpoint. )if done 
    correctly, you will be able to avoid the guard who is patrolling as 
    Stage 6
    Get the sniper rifle and the bullets on the right. Then avoid the 
    camera so you can go to the left of the platform that you are in. you 
    should be behind the camera. Equip the sniper rifle, and kill the guard 
    on the right. (there should be 2 in your scope if you have done it 
    correctly, and fast). Kill the guards one by one. Now after you kill 
    the 4th guard he will drop some bullets. Avoid the camera again and get 
    the bullets and make your way to the checkpoint. 
    Stage 7
    This a killer stage because you can't use you radar. Not only that, 
    there is a guard who is patrolling on the platform and if you happene 
    to be near him he will see you even though you are on the lower 
    platform. Anyway, take the left route and quickly move north to avoid 
    the first guard (if you use your first person view you are able to see 
    him). Then carefully make your way to the north-west wall and hide. 
    Wait until the guard make his round south, then go into the junction in 
    the north. You should be able to see the guard there. Wait until he 
    fall asleep, then proceed to break his neck. From the guard's position, 
    go north to get some PSG1 bullets. Avoid the guard patrolling on the 
    platform and use the Socom on the blue wall.
    Stage 8
    This stage requires you to destroy 21 boxes in order to finish the 
    level. There are four guards that must be kill in order not to arouse 
    suspicion when you use your explosives. From your starting position use 
    the Socom to kill the guard at the south. Then move all the way to the 
    right of the platform and kill the guard over therewith the Socom. Go 
    and get the C4 at the north of the second guard that you killed. Now go 
    south and kill the guard with either your bare hands or the Socom. Move 
    to the south-west and kill the guard there as well. Put the c4 on the 
    west of the pillar that are housing the boxes and on the south of this 
    pillar. Now get the grenades in the south-west. Detonate the bombs. Go 
    to the south of the pillar and throw the grenade into the pillar. Now 
    move all the way to the south to the check point.
    Note: how you kill the guards and which priority to get which weapon is 
    up to you. There are a lot of ways to do this, but the first two guards 
    are dealt with this way as they both block your path. However make sure 
    you have 3 or more bullets left for the next stage.
    Stage 9
    Take the left route. And hide at the second or third box from the 
    north. (kneel down, these boxes are the low ones) Wait until the guard 
    moves back to the north and flip him to the south of the wall. This way 
    he won't be able to see you when you hide at the north of the wall and 
    give you some time while waiting for the next guard to come down. There 
    will be a guard coming in from the north but will stop to look into the 
    hole on the left wall. At this time, you should sprint past the guy and 
    made it to the checkpoint. Did you save your bullets at stage 8? Well 
    you need to destroy the wall here. Don't say I did not warn you!! ?
    Stage 10
    Well did you take the PSG1? Well you need it here. This stage requires 
    you to kill all the guards before you can end the mission. This stage 
    is the easiest if you have the PSG1. Well all you need to do is equip 
    the weapon and kill the guard directly in front of you. Now aim your 
    gun to the right (use the radar to help you) and kill two more guards 
    here. Then unequipped the gun and place yourself just south of the two 
    pillars that is marking your path. Use the PSG1 to kill the guard and 
    you are home free. Congratulations !!! you had finish the mission!!!!
    Note: this solution will guarantee your 1st ranking provided that you 
    follow these conditions
    1)	try not to get spotted!!! Once or twice is ok but not all the 
    2)	Rehearse this method. Best you should complete the mission first to 
    get the general idea of the whole layout. Then use the method above 
    to get the 1st ranking. 
    3)	Do not continue or restart as the timer still goes on.
    --- NINJA ---
    There is only 3 levels in this mode. You get to use the ninja or Grey 
    FOX/ DEEPTHROAT depending on your preference. 
    There are two ways of getting the ninja, of which I call the "hard way 
    / tough guy's way" OR "the short way / if-you-got-a-pocketstation-and-
    you-just-don't-want-to-go-through-the-whole-damn-freaking-trouble way" 
    OR "even better and shorter way / if-you-have-a-gameshark-and-feel-
    that-why-go-through-all-the-nonsense-mentioned-above" . ? (no offense, 
    amigo!!!!! Just a bit of humor!!!!)
    (all hints below had been cut and paste to preserve the originality of 
    the submitter of the hint, and also to show these guys some respect and 
    gratefulness of my behalf, Copying with permission is the best 
    flattery. Thanks again guys!!!)
    +++ hard way / tough guy's way +++
    To get Ninja in Metal Gear Solid Integral, just get the best ranking
    In the main game in any difficulty except Very Easy (i.e get Hound in 
    Mode, or Doberman in Normal Mode, or Fox in Hard Mode or BigBoss in
    Extreme Mode). To do so, you must...
    1) Complete game in under 3 hours
    2) Kill less than 25 people
    3) Use at most 1 ration only
    4) Be spotted only 4 times (this is the least number of times you HAVE
    to be spotted. In other words, don't be spotted anywhere else in the
    5) No continues
    (you can save as many times as you wish)
            Once you have the clear file, load up the VR Disc and you'll 
    see the
    title screen have Ninja's mask open. And you'll have the Ninja levels
    opened up (rather disappointing in my opinion).
            Level 01: Find and slice 15 poles
            Level 02: Kill 30 guards
            Level 03: Find Solid Snake and kill him only without being 
    Moves:  L1 - Cloaking device (reduces health)
            R1 - Electric Field (reduces health)
            Weapon Button - Grab and slice neck
            Direction + Weapon - Rushing spin slice
            Action Button - Sword Swing
            Crouch/Stand Button - Jump
            Once you get 100%, they'll show a picture labelled confidential 
    What looks like a new Metal Gear Rex.
    Further note: on a safety side (and also to save time) try not to use 
    the stealth item to complete the mission, I think it had something to 
    do with the ranking system like resident evil. It might lower the rank 
    for using the stealth item. Thus is unadvisable to use the item at all. 
    About the gameshark there might be a possibility that it might work. No 
    -	submitted by Gouki / Rolento (rolento@geocities.com)
    +++ the short way / if-you-got-a-pocketstation-and-you-just-don't-want-
    to-go-through-the-whole-damn-freaking-trouble way +++
    To get Ninja mode you must do the following:
         Finish the game on any level except "very easy"
         Download your save data to a PocketStation
         Exchange your save data with a total of 5 other players within 7 
    days.  You can not use the PSX memory card manager to copy data for 
    this purpose. NG Selection are VR missions which did not fit into any 
    other category or were for some reason disqualified from the regular VR 
    missions.  Famitsu PS suggests you play these "out takes" with an open 
    -	submitted by Chris Barker <chris@superfami.com>
    *** Note ***: there has been some misunderstanding with the contributor 
    of this hint. It seems that it has brought to my attention that the 
    previous contributor was "cut and pasting" the whole hint from another 
    site that did not approve of such actions. Like I said before, I do not 
    take kindly on others who copy my work without crediting it to me. And 
    it really ticks me off. Thus, I am putting up the original contributor 
    and I hope that there is no more misunderstanding.
    +++ even better and shorter way / if-you-have-a-gameshark-and-feel-
    that-why-go-through-all-the-nonsense-mentioned-above +++
    As you can see, I had decided to add this new section dedicated to all 
    gamesharkers (if there is a word for it). This code will get you the 
    ninja mode but if you do so, your percentage will rise considerably and 
    you won't get the picture of ninja unmasking. I guess this is the price 
    to pay. ? 
    *** Ninja mode code ***
    enjoy the code!!!!
    For the American Version.
    "The really easy American way" – thought up by Wynn
    I bought the American version of the VR missions this past week, and I
    used your FAQ to help me through it, so I thought you might be 
    interested in
    what I found out.  To play as the Ninja in the American VR Missions 
    follow this (you could probably call it "The really easy American way" 
    In the intro movie, it'll show the title screen a few times, the Ninja
    with his mask closed, but if you wait about three times, the fourth 
    it'll be open, press start at that instant, and the title screen will 
    have his
    mask open.  You can then select the Ninja option from the Special 
    -	contributed by VRTemjinVO@aol.com.
    **** TIP #2 *****
    I think I know how to get the Ninja/Grey Fox in Metal Gear Solid
    Special missions.
      I'm not entirely sure but I think you have to have the game 85%
    complete but I'm not sure as I got it at about 86.6% complete and I
    didn't have it before and when you get Ninja the picture at the
    beginning changes to Grey Fox with his mask off like in the intro.
    Martin French 98FrenchM@ridgeway.swindon.sch.uk
    Another way…… 
    I tried the GameShark CD, and it worked! I love ninja mode!! BTW, the
    Link is http://www.cmgsccc.com/900x.shtml
    You need a CD Burner + a MOD chip to use it though.
    - "Kevin Baker" <albaker@netspace.net.au>
    --- NG SELECTION ---
    This is one of the hardest section I had ever played which involve a 
    lot of guts and wits. The guards here are really weird looking almost 
    like C-3PO. It is bit of a variety of weapons you can use and a lot of 
    thinking and patience needed to pass this level. This section involves 
    the time attack mode in each level which sometimes give you an 
    amazingly short time to do it. Not only that you have to contend with 
    robot guards that sometimes have amazing eye sight, making it difficult 
    to get to get past the guards. There are only 8 levels.
    "NG" stands for "No Good".  That is what the Japanese call out takes or 
    bloopers.  The NG levels are not really for everyone (thus the quote 
    from Famitsu about playing with an open mind).
     Contributed by Chris Barker <chris@superfami.com>
    Stage 1
    Get all the claymores and the check point will pop up.
    Stage 2
    There is a robot guard constantly on the move and you have a few 
    grenades. Throw one just behind the box on the right, and then hide. 
    You should be able to kill the guard.
    Stage 3
    There is a guard on a long path, and you have a box. All you need to do 
    is wait until he turns around and walk near enough. With timing, you 
    are able to slip on the box before he turns around. Kill him when he 
    finished investigating the box.
    Stage 4
    You are equipped with a Socom, and you are surrounded by red boxes. The 
    trick here is to get a domino effect. 
    Stage 5
    There are noisy platforms and three guards. This is where crawling is 
    put to use.
    Stage 6
    This is where you have to use PSG1. Here there are three targets, and 
    they are hiding at the back of a "chess board wall". Use your gun 
    carefully as the targets may seem to move freely on their own and they 
    disappear periodically.
    Stage 7
    There is a guard here that must be killed and you have to find the 
    stinger for it. Oh yeah, the place is encased in a noisy platform 
    Stage 8
    Solve the murder mystery here. (quite simple if you look around)
    /// Photography session \\\
    I have decided to add a new feature in this faq. I got people asking me 
    how to have camera sessions with both Mei Ling and Naomi. So here are 
    the ways that people had contributed to me. enjoy!!!!
    +++ Hint 1 +++
    On the camera sessions, you don't get Mei Ling by saving Otacon. Cause
    I have the save file where I've already saved both Meryl and Otacon
    (and Snake wearing tuxedo) and it still gives me Naomi. I'm not too 
    yet, but I think it's like this.
            If you win either Easy or Normal (with radar), you'll have a 
    session with Naomi. Your ranking will determine how long you have and
    how close you can get to them for the picture (if you obtain Ninja i.e.
    get highest ranking), you can go up to nearly next to her.
            If you win either Hard or Extreme (without radar), you'll get 
    Although, I haven't quite done this yet (since busy lately, and after
    playing so much for Ninja, kinda got bored of going through the same
    thing again), but if you watch the intro, Mei Ling's camera session is
    in the area with the words Big Boss next to her (which is the best
    ranking for Extreme Mode).
    Submitted by Gouki/Rolento (rolento@geocities.com)
    Hint #2
    Beat the game on Easy or Normal... and you get Naomi. The best session
    for  Naomi is to earn a "Fox" ranking on Normal (best ranking).
    Beat the game on Hard or Extreme... and you get Mei Ling. The best
    session for Mei Ling is to earn a "BigBoss" ranking on Extreme (best 
    Submitted by DarkCrono1@aol.com
    /// Miscellaneous \\\
    In the time attack mode, all you need to do is to do it fast. Stages 
    that do not require you to kill means that you do not have to kill in 
    order to complete the level. To get a good ranking, you have to 
    literally be a speed demon. So it is advisable, to just zip past those 
    guards rather than stop and break their necks. Don't forget that time 
    is against you.
    If you have completed until 99%, you should be able to see three movies 
    in the extra mode of the training disc. The first on is the demo that 
    was sown in E3 when Metal Gear Solid first arrived, the second one was 
    the demo that was played in Japan before the product was sold. I wasn't 
    sure about the third one and I have to find out more about it!!! As you 
    can see this section is a bit messed up. You see, I did not bother 
    looking into the extra mode options when I played the training mode. So 
    when I finish the training mode, I looked into the extra mode and found 
    out that I had all three movies. So that is why I just put this known 
    little fact here. Sorry for the confusion guys!!!!! ? NB – 
    jesuszhu@mexis.com (Jesus Zhu) said that with only about 79-80% 
    completion of the training mode you should be able to get the movies. 
    Mucho grasias for this note!!!!!
    If you are wondering how to get a good score or ranking on the training 
    mode, you can actually watch the game demos (after the movie)  to see 
    how the programmers play the game their way. I had watch some 
    interesting demos and they looked kinda amazing ?. Just wait and you 
    shall see.
    How to get the pocketstation game.
    Make sure that you have the pocketstation in the memory slot before you 
    finish the game.
    Once you beat the game it will ask you if you want the save or the 
    Pocketstation game. 
    If you choose the save then you get the normal save for beating the 
    game.  If you choose the Pocketstation game you lose the save but gain 
    the game.  Whatever ranking you get will show up on the 
    -	contributed by Bran Tlintarn _ravensong_@yahoo.com
    NB –try exchanging the data with 5 other people within 7 days, and then 
    you will get the ninja mode by putting in the pocketstation in the vr 
    training disc mode.
    How to get the first person view mode (this should be done when you had 
    completed the game on the any levels except very easy regardless of any 
    1. Go to "Special" from the main menu and load a game from the first
    person mode option.
    2. Once you are in the game, press Triangle twice quickly to move
    in the first person. Press Triangle twice again to return to  the
    regular mode.
    Remember that this is considered a new game, so you will not see the
    bandanna or stealth gear until you earn them again in this mode.
    Contributed by Khairuman Bin Lani <art61462@leonis.nus.edu.sg>
    SPECIAL THANKS!!!!!!!!!
    1)	Azri Y.M. (mightyzaki@hotmail.com) – for giving me the site on 
    helpful hints. (I appreciate it man!!!)
    2)	Gouki / Rolent (rolento@geocities.com )– for giving me the hint on 
    how to get the ninja mode (hard way / the tough guy's way, ? ). Man 
    you really must have taken a long time to figure this!!! I really 
    take my hat off to you!! Keep up the good work!!!!! I also like the 
    pictures you had sent me!!! And thanks again!!!!!
    3)	Chris Barker (chris@superfami.com) –thanks for the pockestation 
    trick!!! I am sorry for any misunderstanding that were caused. 
    However, I am grateful for the hint!!!! No offense for the title!!!
    4)	Michael Diaz (jundiaz@pacbell.net) – for also contributing the ninja 
    mode too, sorry!!! But someone else beaten you to it!!!! ?
    5)	Calene Ong (raftina@hotmail.com) – for giving me "moral support" in 
    the entire training mode, although I could really have done it 
    without her "expert coaching" ? sorry SIS!!!
    6)	Michael Jackson (resident_weevil@hotmail.com) – for clarifying the 
    matter on the camera sessions on both Naomi and Mei Ling. Thanks a 
    lot, I appreciate this. I will see and try to get Mei Ling by saving 
    Otacon ? .
    7)	Bran Tlintarn (_ravensong_@yahoo.com )-  for contributing the 
    pockestation game hint.
    8)	Khairuman Bin Lani art61462@leonis.nus.edu.sg – for contributing the 
    hint for the first person view mode
    9)	DarkCrono1@aol.com – for confirming the camera sessions on the MGS, 
    thanks again !!!!
    10)	VRTemjinVO@aol.com – for contributing the hint on the American 
    Version on getting the Ninja Mode. And also for the title ?
    11)	"Kevin Baker" albaker@netspace.net.au – for showing that there is 
    more than one way to get the ninja mode even if you don't have the 2 
    cds and a gameshark. Thanks !!!!!
    12)	Martin French 98FrenchM@ridgeway.swindon.sch.uk - for confirming 
    the tip by VRTemjin.
    Your suggestions and hints are very helpful, and if you do know how to 
    improve the FAQ, I will be more than happy to post them onto the FAQ 
    with your name beside them. I for one am very appreciative for what 
    others do for me, and I intend to repay the favor by helping them in 
    the game. Thus any hints or suggestions are welcome to this FAQ.
    Not only that, questions posted to me, I will try to answer them as 
    fast as I can. Just email, and maybe a few hours later you should get 
    your answer!!!
    "When the bell tolls, my enemy's march to eternal hell begins!
    Death's dark chariot strikes swift and hard
    And their final thought will be the sound of damnation!
    -Bernard "Dhampire" Ong of the Ministry 
    This FAQ is the Copyright of Bernard "Dhampire" Ong since 8th July 1999. 
    You mess with me and I will mess your life.  Be forewarned!!!!!

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