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    Puzzle Mode FAQ by CMacDonald

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
     Puzzle Mode Mini-FAQ, v1.0
     by Charles MacDonald
     E-mail: cgfm2@hooked.net
     Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Charles MacDonald
     This guide cannot be reproduced in any way, shape, or form, nor can
     it's contents be submitted to magazines, other web pages, etc.  It
     cannot be put up on any web page and is only to be found at GameFAQs
     and my homepage <http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/>.  This guide was
     created and is owned by me, Charles MacDonald.  Furthermore, it is
     protected by US Copyright Law and the Berne Copyright Convention of
     Since no FAQs exist that explain how to solve all of the Puzzle Mode
     missions, I've decided to write up my solutions to help people playing
     this game.
     When I refer to lines or intersections, I'm referring to the green grid
     lines present on each stage. They are very useful for positioning Solid
     Snake correctly.
     Puzzle 1
     Stand on the 2nd intersection from the right edge of the platform,
     and throw a grenade straight forward.
     Puzzle 2
     Stand on the 2nd intersection from the bottom edge of the platform,
     and press the attack button three times. (Only the kick needs
     to connect)
     Puzzle 3
     This level is shaped like a big question mark. There is a camera blocking
     your way to the upper level where the guard is.
     You can beat this stage in two ways:
     - Use a Stinger to take out the guard. You can then use another missile
       to destroy the camera. The goal will appear at the left end of the
       top level.
     - Use a Stinger to knock the guard into the lava pit. You need to quickly
       move to the left and face forward, (giving you a clear view of the guard)
       then shoot a Stinger to hit him, knocking him into the lava. You cannot
       wait for the Stinger to lock on, you have to shoot and predict when
       the missile will hit the guard in time. The goal will appear a bit
       in front of you on the lower level.
     Puzzle 4
     Shoot any block to destroy most of the other blocks. You can pick
     off a few more by directly facing a block.
     For some blocks, you'll have to get your target indicator to light
     up (meaning you've locked on to the target), then aim for a nearby
     window. Your missile will fly through the window and home in on
     it's target.
     To destroy the lowest block, stand on the second grid down from
     the left edge of the flat area between both stairs. Face north and fire
     through the window after locking on to the block.
     To destroy the easternmost block, stand in the first grid of the
     flat area between both stairs, face east, and aim between the two
     windows that are at eye level. You should see the target box light,
     press up to point at the upper window and launch a missile.
     To destroy the block right in front of the easternmost block, stand
     on the left edge closest to you, of the 2x3 grid platform at the end of
     the last flight of stairs. Turn around and shoot at the block. An easy
     way to turn without moving forwards is to crouch, press forward, then
     stand up.
     To destroy the northernmost (farthest away) block, stand on the
     first grid of the flat area at the bottom of the second flight
     of stairs. Face north, and shoot the block through the window
     by locking on to it first.
     Puzzle 5
     Run straight forwards. Shoot down the first wall while running, then
     stop shooting and tap the equip button twice to re-load your machine
     gun. This way you won't stop in the middle of breaking down the other
     walls. Repeat for all the other walls. Don't stop moving, and don't
     waste your bullets until you are close enough to a wall.
     Puzzle 6
     Stand on the upper-left grid of the 3x3 platform at the northwest
     corner. Use you 1st person view to aim diagonally towards the right,
     so you are pointed at the tunnel in the tall building. Shoot a Nikita
     missile, then switch to first person view.
     Fly through the tunnel, then turn left and head up the first ramp.
     Fly forward and turn left towards the second ramp, then fly up it.
     Turn right, and fly towards the third ramp. Turn right, fly up the
     ramp, then thrn left and head towards the two blocks. Detonate your
     missle underneath the blocks to destroy them.
     The key to conserving enough fuel is to allow your rocket to fly
     faster when not pressing the directional controls.
     Now fly the same path again, but at the second ramp, fly forwards
     to destroy the block that was above the 3x2 platform you were
     previously standing on. You should move Snake down to the 3x3 grid
     below so you don't get injured by the blast.
     Move down the ramp near the lone block at the middle of the intersection.
     Fire a missile up the ramp, and detonate it while it flies over the
     two orange blocks connecting the two platforms you were previously
     standing on.
     Now move away and destroy the lone block you were near to. Head
     south and go down the small ramp and two orange blocks. Shoot
     a missile forward, then move it north then west to hit the lowest
     two blocks under the building. Do not hit the blocks near you.
     Head across the blocks to the next platform, then move all the way up.
     Destroy the two blocks above the single block intersection.
     Head down, and right to the southwest 3x3 platform. Destroy the blocks
     to the north, to the east, and the low blocks near the ramp.
     Puzzle 7
     Head northwest until you reach the middle dividing line. When the
     spotlights are far away, run to the right down the line. Near the middle,
     crawl until you pick up the Claymore. Run northwest to avoid the
     spotlights, then place a Claymore in front of the wall. Walk over the
     Claymore to destroy the wall (you can sustain the damage), and head
     for the exit.
     Puzzle 8
     Throw a grenade standing at the middle of the north platform edge.
     Throw a grenade standing at the far left of the north platform edge.
     Throw a grenade standing at the far right of the north platform edge.
     Throw a grenade from the intersection at lines 3, 2 at the right side.
     Throw a grenade from the intersection at lines 3, 1 at the right side.
     Throw a grenade from the intersection at lines 3, 2 at the left side.
     Throw a grenade from the intersection at lines 3, 1 at the left side.
     Puzzle 9
     Hide behind the wall. Wait for the guard to look to the left, then
     run right, then up, then hide behind the northern wall. (remember
     to crouch). The guard will make two passes towards your direction,
     on the second pass he will walk left and then down (the same route
     you took coming up). When he is walking in that direction, place
     C4 on his back, then detonate it when he walks between the
     two security cameras when coming back to make the third pass.
     Puzzle 10
     Get next to the wall by the guard's chamber. When he turns around, run
     in and choke him, then dump him on the ground. Head north, and crawl
     until you get the Claymore. Run down the pathway until the soldier
     loses sight of you and your footprints. After he returns to his post,
     go back to the wall where you first waited, and knock again to have
     him follow you. Carefully make your way to the glass wall. It's
     important that you stay out of the guard's range of vision (use the
     radar screen to know what he is seeing), and to advance slowly enough
     that he will not lose track of your footprints, which disappear after
     To place the Claymore correctly, walk up towards the glass wall a bit,
     then walk back and place the Claymore facing towards the wall. This
     ensures the guard will follow your footprints *into* the Claymore,
     and not just to the point where you placed it.
     In Closing
     Feel free to e-mail me with questions or comments.
     I will at least read your letter if time does not permit a response. :)
     Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Charles MacDonald

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