"A good conversion of a great game!!"

Note: If you played the PSX version and have all the secrets and so on give this game a score of 7 !!

Gameplay: Well the game plays pretty good!! The controls should not take a long time getting used to but it might be better using a gamepad! I think the game can be quite easy or quite hard depending on what you choose but I think that even new players will be able to start with the Normal difficulity setting without too much trouble !! 8/10

Story: I must say that the story is completely thrilling!! I have not seen so many twists and turns and revelations in any other game!! Plus the story changes depending on what actions you made in the game making the story even better!! 9.9/10

Video: I must say that the game has sonme pretty nice graphics but nothing special!! The only most noticable change is the support for higher resolution!! Another thing that is noticable is that some of the areas that were very messy looking in the PSX (not to offend anybody) version have been cleared up!The lips still don't move while talking:-( !! 7/10

Audio: Well the sounds and melodies are nice!! The melodies give you a very action like feeling and make you think that you really are an agent that was sent to a mission :-) !! Plus the tunes also put you in a mood of stelth! 10/10

Replayability: Once you get all the items and win on all dificulities it might become quite boring!! Plus once you've seen the story it will never change making it boring since you know what exactly will happen!! I would have given this category a 7 but since there are points in the game that will change how the rest of the game continues I will give this category a: 7.9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/30/00, Updated 10/30/00

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