"Greatness for the PSX, for the PC"

Snake. Solid Snake.

The name of the hero of the game. The wonderful game from Konami made for the psx now comes to the pc. How does it fare? Quite amazing results I must say.

GAMEPLAY -10 (of course)

If you own a PSX and not knowing about MGS, well, I can't help you now. It all started when the first Metal Gear game came out for NES. It was called, er.. METAL GEAR. People liked it, loved it.. (I think) and they made a sequel, METAL GEAR 2: Snake's Revenge. In the originals, you have to basically beat the game using stealth and brains instead of guns blazing. MGS is essentially a more complicated version with much better graphics. (and some gun firing, actually, quite a bit. :) You can have Snake run(yes, obviously), crawl, punch, kick, shoot, use things ...etc.. (and snap people's necks.. ouch!) The gameplay is much related to the story, which makes it shine. It balances out the gameplay and the storyline so flawlessly it feels truly like a cinematic experince.

STORY- 10 (11, if i could)

Amazing. This is in my point of view, the most important things that made MGS so great (apart from gameplay). It seems simple at first, but so many twists and turns will make your head spin. It starts out with terrorists attempting to threaten the world but I don't want to ruin it for you. It is amazing. I didn't know an action game can have such a great story but here it is. A little drama, suspense, mystery and romance all packed into the game.

GRAPHICS- 8.5 (well, great for PSX standards)

It's good, but nothing revolutionary. The graphics for the previous games were adequate at best, for NES standards. This is very good. At the highest resolution with 3D-Acceleration, it looks darned good but still not as good as some current pc titles. (QUAKE 3 for example)

SOUND/MUSIC- 10 (sheer goodness)

Awesome. From the dramatic music to the shouting of your enemies, the game sounds amazing. The voice acting is a little dry sometimes.. but it is quite adequate. (didn't make the game sound stupid at all, so it's pretty decent.)

REPLAY -8 (well, it's sort of linear)

It's a story driven game. There are 2 ending to the game (one sad of course), and you get a special item for beating the game and you can play through it again using the item to make things easier. Then, there's the occasional secrets in the game. VR- Missions are nice, 300 of them in fact to keep you busy. The ninja missions are the best, but you be the judge. Overall, it depends on how much you like the game.

CONCLUSION - yes it's a winner. The good outweighs the bad. This is a great game. It is an instant classic. I hope the hardcore MGS fans are happy that I said that. My friends love this game even more than me. I've never seen someone that told me MGS sucks. No one I know told me that. So that should tell you at least something.

Great game. (methinks that I have said that before.)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/05/01, Updated 02/05/01

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