"Simply Solid...."

Introduction- Hello, milliondollarman here bringing you a review of a modern classic: Metal Gear Solid, now for the PC. Like most of my reviews, there is a story in this intro. For the older gamers reading this, I hope you've played Metal Gear and Metal Gear II. I have. I remember my cousin coming over one day in 1989. He brought with him an NES game that I had never heard of: Metal Gear. At first I thought that just sneaking around without killing was stupid, but then I realized that it required a high concentration level and not a quick trigger finger. I loved Metal Gear. I begged for a new one. And I got one....not. Snake's Revenge was released a few years later, also for the NES. For me to say that it sucked would be an understatement. It was nothing like the original. More action, less stealth and to top it off, there were damn side scrolling levels!! I was angry; another understatement. I didn't play a Metal Gear game for a long while. Then, on a trip to Japan I got a chance to play Metal Gear II: Solid Snake, on the MSX. It was amazing for one reason: It returned to the original gameplay. And now, we have Metal Gear Solid, for the PC.

Control: Man, you might not like the controls at all. I was using a Gravis Gamepad Pro and let's just say that I didn't quite play the game like a pro. The controls aren't good for the keyboard, and their not good with a control pad.

Sound/Graphics: Can you say amazing? If you can, say it 10 times and you still won't be able to comprehend the sheer beauty of the graphics and sound. The music in this game is eerie and sets the mood. I didn't expect good music, but I got it(see Super Metroid if you want unexpected music greatness). The voice acting is superb as well. The graphics may not be much by today's standards, but they hold their own.

Story: Ok, I'm not supposed to spoil the story, so I'll give you the gist of it: A group of people have built a new Metal Gear and are threatening the world. So Solid Snake(you)is called in to save the world once again. The script in this game is movie like. This game would make one fine movie.

Gameplay: You sneak around, trying not to be detected. The occasional boss fight, etc, etc. I know it makes the game sound bad, it isn't. I got everything that I expected from a Metal Gear game and some.

Replayability: There's not much of that unfortunately. More FMV than gameplay. There are two different endings which adds some flavour to the game. Plus two secret items and a camera mode. Plus the VR missions. Ok, so there's lots of replayability, just not a lot of gameplay.

To rent or to buy?: Well, considering that you can't rent PC games, I say buy.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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