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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MS3FGX

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/13/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The X-Files Game Guide Version 1.00
    Copyright 2007, TJ Nardi (MS3FGX@gmail.com)
    = Contents                                                                     =
    1. Introduction & Overview
         1.1...The X-Files Game
         1.2...About This Guide
    2. Equipment
         2.2...Cellular Phone
         2.6...Evidence Kit
         2.7...Lock Pick
         2.8...Digital Camera
         2.11..Night Vision Goggles
    3. Chapters
         3.1...Disc 1
         3.2...Disc 2
         3.3...Disc 3
         3.4...Disc 4
         3.5...Disc 5
         3.6...Disc 6
         3.7...Disc 7
    4. Running The Game
         4.3...Mac OS
    5. Credits
    = 1. Introduction & Overview                                                   =
    In the highly unlikely event that anyone is actually reading this Guide, some
    8 years late...I welcome you to my "The X-Files Game" Guide.
    I realize that is a terrible name, but there is not much I can do about it. It
    was certainly a poor choice on the part of the developers.
    Initially, I had my doubts about doing this Guide. After all, this game is
    pretty old, and fairly obscure. But after sitting down and playing, I just
    couldn't help but documenting my journey through it.
    I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who found this Guide useful,
    as I am genuinely interested in how many people out there even know this game
    exists, let alone felt the need to track down a Guide for it.
    At any rate, even if I am writing this text for nobody's benefit than my own,
    let's get on with the show.
    - 1.1  The X-Files Game                                                        -
    Never heard of this game? I wouldn't be surprised. I am a serious fan of the
    "X-Files" series, and even I didn't know this game existed until literally a
    few days ago. Once I found out about it, I made a mad dash to eBay, found the
    one in best condition, and now here we are.
    So what is this game you might be wondering? Well, perhaps you have seen or
    heard of the PS2 X-Files game, "X-Files: Resist or Serve", a 3rd person action
    adventure title. This game is nothing at all like that.
    "The X-Files Game" is a point-and-click FMV game. But fear not, this is no FMV
    game from the painful Sega CD era, no sir, this is one of the last of the
    genre. While most early FMV games were just an utter mess, this game benefits
    from some very polished technology. The level of environmental interaction is
    amazing, and the video and audio quality are nearly as good as some of the
    early episodes of the show itself.
    Of course, by the time this game came out, the entire FMV game concept had been
    completely replaced with the 3D polygonal games that we know today. I can't
    help but wonder how people's impressions of FMV games could have been changed
    had some more games of this caliber been released earlier on.
    Then again, a game based on a TV show sort of lends itself to the idea in the
    first place.
    Regardless of the reasoning behind it, I can say confidently that this game is
    simply fantastic. If you are a fan of the series, then you owe it to yourself
    to track down a copy. They aren't so rare as to be hard to find, and go pretty
    cheap, so there is nothing to lose. The awesome box it comes in is worth the
    purchase price alone.
    - 1.2  About This Guide                                                        -
    Even though I have a number of huge Guides that lay unfinished as I write this
    text, I can't seem to bring myself to work on them. The scope of my other works
    are so huge that it is nice to just be able to write about a game I really got
    into. Still, I need to get back to the real work soon....
    My love for everything "X-Files" put this project right on the top of my list.
    I am well aware that this Guide might go all but completely unread, but I just
    had to go through with it anyway.
    But don't you think for a minute I am slacking here, all the same rules apply.
    This Guide is written entirely in Vim, and I manually maintain an 80 character
    width with carriage return. As always, it has been big fun.
    = 2. Equipment                                                                 =
    What is a big fancy FBI Agent without his equipment? Nothing, obviously. What
    a stupid question.
    - 2.1  PDA                                                                     -
    Your PDA is a very useful device. It gives you quick access to many different
    functions, which will prove invaluable to your investigation. Plus, it's a
    This function allows you to travel to the different locations in the game.
    Areas you can travel to are represented by a red dot on the map of Seattle. You
    can generally go back to any area you have been previously, though in some
    cases an area might be locked. If this happens, you will hear a tone when you
    try and travel to that area.
    Field Notes:
    As you play the game, notes will automatically be added to this section. These
    are important tips or clues that will prove useful to help solve the
    investigation. You also have the ability to forward your notes via email by
    clicking on the envelope icon.
    This option allows you to send and receive email messages. When you turn on the
    PDA, a voice will alert you if you have received new mail.
    Contact Database:
    Here you will find all of the contact information for different characters in
    the game. It contains names, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
    - 2.2  Cellular Phone                                                          -
    Your cell phone can be used at any time to contact various characters in the
    game. You can call any number that is listed in your PDA, on your computer, or
    in the phones built-in phonebook. To enter a number, you can type it in with
    the numerical pad on the keyboard, or use your mouse to click the buttons on
    the phone itself. You can also simply click on phone numbers that are stored
    in the phone's memory.
    A brief overview of the buttons on the phone (though I doubt I need to cover
    them in this day and age):
    After you have entered in a phone number, you click on the green "Send" button.
    Clicking on the red "End" button ends the call. Still with me here?
    Believe it or not, clicking the "Clear" button will clear the current number
    from the phone's display. Use this if you have made a mistake dialing in the
    phone number.
    It's not really a menu actually, but clicking the "Menu" button will bring up
    all of the numbers stored in the phone. This is a quick way to get access to
    numbers you will use often.
    The "Scroll" button allows you to scroll through the list of contacts on the
    phone. Pressing "Up" and "Down" scrolls the list in that direction.
    I hope I am not insulting you with this one? Clicking on the small red button
    labeled "Off" will turn the phone off and put it away. Alternately, you can put
    the phone away by clicking the "Back" icon when you move the mouse off the
    phone itself.
    - 2.3  Badge                                                                   -
    Your Badge proves you are an FBI Agent, and you generally need to flash it to
    get people to cooperate with you.
    Try using the Badge to gain access to restricted areas or when you are trying
    to question a civilian.
    - 2.4  Gun                                                                     -
    The Gun is, quite obviously, a gun.
    Specifically, it is Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol. This bit of information does not
    matter in the least, but I thought you might like to know.
    The important thing to remember about the Gun is basically not to use it. It is
    only to be used in an emergency situation, you should not use deadly force
    unless there is no other alternative. Using the Gun improperly (say, shooting
    a civilian) will usually get you booted out of the FBI and end your game.
    - 2.5  Handcuffs                                                               -
    The Handcuffs are used to arrest a person. Just like the Gun, you need to think
    before using this item.
    - 2.6  Evidence Kit                                                            -
    The Evidence Kit is used to both collect and store important evidence. Once you
    have collected evidence, you need to turn it over to a Crime Lab to actually do
    anything with it.
    When you are in a Crime Lab, a second inventory bar will appear over the main
    one, which lists your collected evidence. Click on one of the icons there to
    give it to the lab technician.
    - 2.7  Lock Pick                                                               -
    Reserved for the master of unlocking, the Lock Pick allows you to gain access
    to rooms or buildings that you would otherwise be unable to enter. This Lock
    Pick is of the "speed" variety, which looks more like a handgun then the usual
    set of picks and levers.
    - 2.8  Digital Camera                                                          -
    The Digital Camera is a very interesting tool. You can use the camera at any
    time, to take a picture of anything you want.
    You can only hold 24 pictures in the camera's internal memory before you need
    to upload the pictures onto a computer. You can use the computer in your office
    or apartment to get the images off of the Digital Camera. Once you get the
    images onto your computer, you can examine them more closely, and perhaps find
    some clues.
    - 2.9  Flashlight                                                              -
    The Flashlight works as you would expect, lighting up the area that you point
    it at.
    Using the Flashlight actually does brighten up the FMV a bit in the area you
    shine it on. It is just a simple effect, but it is a nice touch.
    - 2.10  Binoculars                                                             -
    The Binoculars are actually quite interesting. Rather than triggering a
    scripted "using the binoculars" scene as you would expect from an FMV game,
    using the Binoculars actually zooms in on the FMV video that is playing in the
    background, letting you freely pan around the entire scene at any time.
    It is just one of those little details that shows how advanced this game's
    engine really is.
    - 2.11  Night Vision Goggles                                                   -
    The Night Vision Goggles allow you to see in near darkness without having to
    use a visible light.
    The manual claims that the Night Vision Goggles will go on automatically in
    darkness, but they never did anytime I was playing the game.
    While you can activate the Night Vision Goggles at any time, they are only
    effective in total darkness, in situations where you don't want to have to
    give away your position with a flashlight.
    = 3. Chapters                                                                  =
    The game is divided into sections, with each section or chapter taking up one
    of the seven discs.
    Here I will cover each disc individually, with each one getting it's own
    independent walkthrough. This way you can read just the walkthrough for the
    disc you are currently on, without risking getting a spoiler for what happens
    on the next disc.
    Speaking of spoilers, I will pull no punches in this Guide, so if you don't
    want any of the plot ruined I suggest you only read the lines that actually
    pertain to the information you need.
    - 3.1  Disc 1                                                                  -
    We start the game in the Seattle FBI offices. Your character, Agent Craig
    Willmore, arrives late for work. When you walk in, you are greeted by your
    partner, Mark Cook. He informs you that that a high-up from Washington has
    arrived at the office today. You can respond to him with a joke, with
    indifference, or with paranoia.
    The first thing you should do after you are done talking to your partner is
    immediately turn to the right and enter the meeting room. Then face left, and
    open the case marked "Authorized Agents Only". Inside you will find the
    Binoculars, Lock Pick, Digital Camera, Flashlight, Night Vision Goggles, and
    Evidence Kit.
    Going back into the hallway, you will find your office at the first door on the
    left. Go into the office and sit at your desk. There are a number of things you
    will want to check here. First, look down and open the desk drawer. Inside you
    will find the Badge, Gun, and Handcuffs. On the top of the desk you will find
    your Case Files, which you will need in a few minutes. You can log into your
    computer by entering the name "Craig Willmore", and the password "Shiloh". You
    won't be able to do much with the computer yet though.
    By now, the phone will probably be ringing, so go ahead and answer it. On the
    other end will be Director Shanks asking you to come to his office.
    Leave your office and head to the left. When you get to the end of the hallway,
    you can go into the left office to talk to your partner, though he doesn't have
    anything important to say. If you head right, you will appear to be going into
    a closet. Go forward anyway, and then turn left and you will see the door to
    Shanks office.
    In the office, Shanks will introduce you to Walter Skinner. Skinner will update
    you on the current situation. Mulder and Scully have gone missing while on an
    investigation, and Shanks wants you to help Skinner locate them. You will get
    the Travel Requisition Form from Skinner.
    Ask all available questions of both Shanks and Skinner. At this point, Shanks
    will tell you to hand off all of your cases to your partner and put out an APB
    for Mulder and Scully.
    For some reason, I had a lot of problems leaving Shanks office. You will want
    to exit through the door through which the filing cabinet is visible. Once you
    navigate out of his office, your partner will ask what happened. Respond as you
    You will now need to enter your partner's office and give him your case files
    by selecting them from the Inventory and then clicking on him.
    You have two choices for filing the APB. You can either ask your partner to do
    it for you, or you can go back to your office and do it from your computer. It
    doesn't matter which one you do, so you might as well just ask your partner to
    do it for you since you are already there.
    Once you have given your partner the Case Files and got the APB filed, walk out
    into the hallway. Skinner will meet you and suggest that the two of you check
    out the hotel in which Mulder and Scully were staying.
    To head to the hotel, select the PDA from your Inventory and click on the red
    dot over "Everett". When the new map appears, click on the red dot over the
    "Comity Inn".
    - 3.2  Disc 2                                                                  -
    Right off the bat, let me warn you. After playing through Disc 1, you might
    assume (as I did), that the game is going to be very short and simplistic. I
    assure you, you will not feel that way after going through Disc 2.
    Disc 2 starts with Willmore and Skinner arriving at the "Comity Inn" hotel.
    Upon your arrival, you will immediately be put into a conversation with the
    girl behind the front desk. She has a bit of an attitude, and won't talk to you
    until you flash your Badge. Not that she is much more pleasant after the fact.
    Ask her all the questions and she will eventually wright down the information
    on Mulder and Scully's rental car, which will go into your Folder. For some
    reason, she looks to be hitting on you at this point. She is a flip-flopper,
    to be sure.
    Finally, ask her to see the Agent's rooms, and she will return to her previous
    manner. Once in the rooms, Skinner will tell you to check Mulder's room while
    he goes into Scully's room.
    There is nothing of terrible importance in Mulder's room. Looking around you
    will see some case files on his bed, which have a note mentioning that a
    warehouse is operating as a cover for Operation Majestic. You will also see a
    copy of "Magic Bullet" on the dresser, as well as some alcohol on top of the
    TV. Mulder had been drinking before he left, that can't be good. Take a step
    towards the door and then turn around. You will then be able to look at the
    nightstand and collect the book there, "From Outer Space". You can give this
    book back to the girl in the office, but I am unsure of it's significance.
    Now that you have checked everything in Mulder's room, head over to Scully's
    room and meet Skinner. Talk to him, making sure to use the "Phone" suggestion
    that pops up on the top of the screen. He will tell you to check with the girl
    at the front desk to get the records of outgoing calls. Before you leave
    though, turn around and collect Scully's laptop. If you are wondering, nobody
    has ever figured out the password, if there even is one. You can also read her
    Bible, if you are so inclined. Make sure to turn on the TV to check for
    critical information.
    Leaving Scully's room, head back to the main office. Here the girl at the front
    desk will be miserable as ever. Ask her for a record of the calls made by
    clicking once again on the "Phone" icon on the top of the screen..
    On the record will be two calls:
    Washington, DC - 202-555-0149
    Seattle, WA - 206-555-0182
    Call the Washington, DC number to have a quick conversation with Frohike, ah,
    that Frohike.
    Attempting to call the other number will prove useless. You will need to run
    a trace on it using the ING. So head back to the Field Office.
    When you enter the Field Office, Skinner will tell you he is going to be going
    over his notes in the Meeting Room.
    Move to your office, and sit at the desk. Note that Willmore will place
    Scully's laptop on the small table by the door, it will no longer be in your
    Log into the computer and go to the ING. Run a check on both the rental car and
    the remaining phone number. The car's license plate doesn't turn up anything
    you don't already know, but a search for 202-555-0149 produces the following
    Dockside Warehouse
    62 Bell
    Seattle, WA 98121
    This creatively named location was where the Agents called right before they
    went missing. Sounds like something that should be looked into. Accordingly,
    you will see that "Dockside Warehouse" has now been added as a location in your
    PDA. Your business is done here for now, so move on to the Warehouse.
    Once you arrive at the Dockside Warehouse, you will be presented with a large
    locked door. You can pick this padlock with your Lockpick, or you can go around
    to the back of the building and use your Lockpick on the back door there. It
    makes no difference, so you might as well just go in through the front, since
    you are already standing there.
    When you gain entrance, Skinner will tell you he is going to check out the back
    office, and you should search the main area you are currently standing in.
    There are a number of important clues that must be found here before Skinner
    will agree to leave the area, so make sure you have found everything before
    attempting to continue.
    The first piece of evidence is easy to find. If you are coming in the front
    doors, move to the right. You should see large boxes piled on the floor. Move
    close enough to them and you will be able to look down and examine it. Hear
    that ominous sound? That means this is important, if you could not guess.
    If you examine the box, Willmore will try to open them but just get frustrated.
    For now, leave the boxes alone, you will come back to them in a few minutes.
    Looking up from the boxes, you should see some barrels on the opposite side of
    the warehouse. Move towards them until you are even with a pillar on your
    right. If you have good eyes, you might have noticed the small copper dot on
    it. Examine this area and you will see it is a bullet lodged into the wood. Use
    your Evidence Kit to extract it.
    Once you are done there, look directly at your feet to see a puddle of blood.
    Again, use your Evidence Kit to collect a sample.
    Now, if you turn right and walk a few steps, you should see an object on the
    ground to your right. Examine it to see that it is a cigarette butt. Use the
    Evidence Kit to collect it.
    After you have collected these key pieces of evidence, head into the office
    where Skinner is. Note the disarray of things here, it is obvious somebody
    cleared the place out in a hurry. Don't talk to Skinner yet, instead go up the
    stairs that are located here.
    It's dark upstairs, so select the Flashlight or Night Vision Goggles from your
    Inventory, and proceed into the small room located at the top of the stairs. On
    the floor here you will see a tool box. Examining it will allow you to take out
    a crowbar, which will be added temporarily to your Inventory.
    Take this crowbar back to the boxes that you found when you first started
    searching the room, and use it to open one of them. You will discover a black
    powder inside. Use your Evidence Kit to take a sample of the substance, and
    then head back to where Skinner is.
    Ask him all of the questions listed, and be sure to show him all of the
    evidence by clicking on the icons along the top of the screen. Once you have
    talked to him about everything, leave the room and walk straight ahead to the
    far end of the warehouse. On the left side, you should see a small doorway
    leading towards the back. Go through here, and then down the hall that connects
    to it. Once at the end of the hall, turn left and exit out of the door there.
    Once outside, you will see a large fishing boat has docked here, and a man is
    washing it. Turn to your left and navigate your way down the docks until you
    are behind him. Flash him the Badge and behind asking him questions. He will
    tell you his name is James Wong. Ask all of the questions, and show him the
    evidence you have. He won't have much to say about the evidence itself, but he
    does tell you that the warehouse has played host to some strange activity,
    including shipments under armed guard. He will also say that the activity has
    died off lately, as has the fishing in the area. At this point, you should see
    another icon come up on the top of the screen, this time some fish. Click on
    this to ask about the fishing problem, and then his background and home life.
    He looks a little nervous answering some of those questions, doesn't he?
    Once you have questioned Wong, go back up the docks, and towards the front of
    the building. In the distance you should see Skinner standing by the car.
    Walk up to him, and he will tell you that a car has been following the two of
    you all day. There are a few questions that can be asked here, but nothing of
    any importance. He will just tell you to use your best judgement about the car
    situation. As they might know something about Mulder and Scully, you should at
    least attempt to question them.
    Move a step towards the car and pull out your Digital Camera. As soon as you
    do, the car will start to pull away. Take a few quick shots as they go to get
    their license plate number.
    Once they have left, return to the car and travel to the Crime Lab. Give the
    technician all of the evidence you have collected. He will tell you that the
    black powder is harmless industrial lead. As for the rest of the evidence, he
    will have to run some tests and get back to you.
    Now head back to the Field Office. Once again, Skinner will go into the Meeting
    Room. You need to ask him all of the available questions, and discuss with him
    all of the collected evidence. When you are done, Shanks will come in and tell
    Skinner he has an important call. After he speaks on the phone, he will tell
    you that he must return to Washington, DC immediately, and that you should
    maintain surveillance on the Dockside Warehouse. He will also be taking a
    sample of the blood you found so they can run a DNA check on it against Mulder
    and Scully.
    Once Skinner leaves, head into your office and sit at the desk. Your partner
    will immediately enter the room and start speaking to you. There are a few
    dialog choices here, but the end result is that he will ask how he can help you
    with the case. When he asks if you want him to take the laptop to the Computer
    Crimes Division, say yes. He will then take it from the table and leave.
    After he is gone, log into your computer. Download the pictures from your
    Digital Camera to see the license plate number of the car that was following
    you: 240 EAK.
    Take this number and search for it in the ING. You will notice it does not come
    up as a civilian license plate. Switch the search over to "Government/Military"
    and run the search again. This time you get a result, but it says "Restricted
    Data". Obviously, whoever is following you is pretty important.
    Now do a background search on James Wong. You will see that he completely lied
    about his history. He did not come to America when he said, in fact, not only
    has he been living here most of his life, but he is an accomplished criminal.
    Clearly there was a reason he was so nervous when asked about his personal
    If you have checked in all of the evidence, checked out James Wong, and Skinner
    has left, you can now go back to the Dockside Warehouse and begin a stakeout.
    Considerable time passes, because once you begin play again, it is now the
    middle of the night. A car will pull up to the front doors of the warehouse,
    and two figures will enter, bringing along with them a large box. It is very
    important not to reveal yourself yet, as you will find the result is quite
    Once they have entered the building and the door is closed, move forward
    towards the building. Note that this car is the same one that had been
    following you earlier in the day. Turn right and head to the back of the
    building, and use the Lockpick to open the back door. Once inside, select your
    Night Vision Goggles and move towards the center of the warehouse. Just as you
    would come into the main area, you will see the two men removing boxes from
    inside a compartment that was hidden under a lose floorboard. Stay hidden in
    the shadows until they are done their business, and then put your mouse over
    the loose floorboard to examine it. You will see that the compartment is now
    empty. Whatever was in there, they have gotten back now.
    Leave the Dockside Warehouse and head back to your apartment. Enter the front
    door and then turn left and head all the way down the hallway. On the right is
    the bedroom, enter it and then click on the bed to fall asleep.
    Once you wake up in the morning, head to the Field Office.
    - 3.3  Disc 3                                                                  -
    Another morning, another day at work.
    Except this time, when you come into the Field Office, you will notice your
    partner knocked out on the floor. For some strange reason, your character
    doesn't actually appear concerned about this.
    Even if your character is ignorant, you should still go check on him. Approach
    him on the floor and then click on his body to wake him up. He isn't hurt, he
    was just knocked unconscious. He says you should check to see if anything is
    Since you have only brought one object into the Field Office during the course
    of the entire game, I am willing to bet you know what is missing already. Check
    out the evidence locker and you will see that the laptop has been stolen.
    As soon as you see the laptop is gone, the phone in your office will start to
    ring. Head back there and pick it up.
    On the other end of the line is Agent Pendrell, who has some bad news. The
    blood you found was positively identified as being Scully's. While there is no
    way to tell if she is dead or not, the amount of blood is enough to confirm
    that she was considerably injured at the very least.
    As if you needed more bad news, when you get off the phone your partner will
    tell you that the suspect you questioned, James Wong, was found dead. Odd, you
    don't remember telling your partner about Wong, do you?
    You can ask him how he knows about Wong, but no matter which choice you make,
    he seems to want to evade the question.
    In addition, you can ask him about what happened to him earlier. All he knows
    is that he was knocked out from behind when he came in early this morning. He
    doesn't know who attacked him, or why. Very helpful.
    There is nothing else to do at the Field Office, so head out to the Dockside
    Once you get there, flash your badge at the officer standing in front of you to
    be allowed into the crime scene.
    You will then see two crime scene investigators over Wong's body. The one on
    the left is the photographer. You can ask him for copies of his pictures, but
    beyond that he has nothing at all to say.
    The one on the right is the actual examiner. Turns out you have worked with him
    on a case previously, but you are such a bigshot FBI Agent that you forgot all
    about him. How do you sleep at night?
    Anyway, he gives you some interesting information. There was no sign of a
    struggle, and he was killed with a single shot to the back of the head. Not
    only did the killer use a powerful weapon, but he hit a particularly nasty weak
    spot which causes more damage than a normal wound. Clearly the killer was a
    professional, there was no chance Wong could survive. Whoever wanted Wong out
    of the picture wanted to make sure it was done right.
    Both of the men tell you to talk to Detective Astadourian, who happens to be
    standing to your immediate left.
    Hm, she is quite the looker for being a detective. You know how to treat a
    lady, be suave; you don't want to come on too strong. Feel free to take the
    opportunity to hit on her though, the ladies love that.
    After you have asked her all the questions (she doesn't tell you anything you
    already didn't know), she will take you down to search the boat.
    As soon as you get aboard, she will check the hold and see that there is no
    place to store fish; instead, the cargo hold is full of gas tanks. This
    fishing boat is more than meets the eye. But rather than turning into an
    awesome robot, this boat was likely used for illegal smuggling.
    Once the cutscene is over, move forward into the cabin. There are two major
    things you need to see in here.
    The first item of interest is on your left when you are inside the cabin. It's
    a yellow jacket with the name "Tarakan" written on it. Did he work security for
    a metal concert or something?
    On the right side of the cabin, you will see a cabinet next to a mirror. Open
    the cabinet and examine the pills inside. Turns out our friend Wong liked his
    candy quite a bit.
    Head back out of the cabin and talk to Astadourian about the things you have
    just found. When you are done talking to her the Dock Master will show up.
    Get out of the boat and talk to the Dock Master. Ask him all of the available
    questions, and talk to him about all of the evidence thus far. He confirms the
    story about the fish stocks being bad, and causing a lot of financial problems
    for the local fishermen; but doesn't know why Wong's boat wouldn't have any
    hold for fish, especially since he didn't seem to have any shortage of money.
    But he does know what the Tarakan is though. Turns out it was an ocean-going
    tub boat that caught on fire a few months back. All of the crew died, but he
    doesn't know how Wong could be connected with the ship.
    As it turns out, the Tarakan is still docked nearby where they performed the
    fire investigation, and he can take you and Detective Astadourian there if you
    wish. Walk back to the car, or just use your PDA, and head over to the Tarakan.
    Once you get there, the Dock Master starts telling you a little bit about the
    story of the Tarakan. Agent Willmore notices that while the hull is badly
    burned, it doesn't look like the inside of the ship was damaged at all. How did
    a fire on the outside of the ship kill everyone aboard?
    After the Dock Master leaves, head onto the ship by going to your left, and
    then walking down the dock to get to the plank that leads onto the back of the
    The ship is a pretty big area, so you will want to take each section separately
    to make sure you don't miss anything. Let's start from the bottom and work our
    way up.
    Head towards the front of the ship until you see an open door to your right,
    Inside of this door should be a sign saying "KECUALI CREW". Go down the stairs
    here to enter the bowels of the ship. This area is pretty large, but most of
    it is just decoration. You only need to see two things down here.
    To get to the first one, walk forward and take the first right. Walk forward
    again, and you should be able to look down on a pile of crates. Examine them
    and you will see the logo that is printed on each one. It isn't added to your
    Inventory or anything, it is just something you should see.
    Now navigate your way to the very front of this area. You will move through
    a number of small rooms until you see a small hallway that leads to a wooden
    box laying on the floor. Open it up and examine the object inside. It appears
    to be a very large and heavy lead sphere. Once you examine it, it will be added
    to your Inventory under your Evidence Kit.
    Now that you have seen everything down below, head back on deck. Once you get
    out, turn to your right and continue to the next door. On the other side of the
    door is a stairway going up. At the top of the stairs there are two small
    Enter the room on the left and pick up the Captain's Journal on the table. You
    can't read it, but it will be added to your Inventory.
    Go across the hall into the other room. Here you will find a desk with a
    computer on it. Look down and you will see an open safe that has a book in it.
    This is the Payroll Log, which will also be added to your Inventory.
    Once you have gotten these two items, head towards the door with the window on
    it to get back outside. You are now on the second level of the ship. You want
    to first head to the left, and go past the stairs. Turn to your left again and
    you will see strange shapes of people burned into the side of the ship. Not the
    sort of thing you usually see.
    Now turn left again, and this time head up the stairs you just past. You are
    now at the very top of the ship. Head forward until you get to the door that
    leads into the Wheelhouse.
    Inside you will find Detective Astadourian. Talk to her and show her the Lead
    Sphere and the Payroll Log. She will ask how you want to approach the
    translation of the Payroll Log. You can either let her people do it, or refuse
    to let anyone but the FBI handle it. Do whatever you feel is appropriate.
    You also show her the White Shadows on the side of the ship. She isn't sure
    what could have caused them, but they remind her of images she saw of the
    Hiroshima bomb.
    After you speak with her, examine the table she is standing in front of. You
    will find a set of fingerprints that were already dusted and pulled. She will
    comment that it looks like somebody has put fingerprints on top of the existing
    set. You suggest that they should be pulled to see if anything interesting
    comes up.
    If it isn't obvious (I know I didn't realize it at first), but you now have to
    call John Amis (the Crime Lab technician). Is number is in your Cell Phone, so
    pull it out, press "Menu", scroll to his number, and then hit the green send
    button. Wait awhile, and eventually you will see a scene where Willmore talks
    to Amis about the crime scene and what he needs.
    After that, the officer from the earlier crime scene should show up and tell
    Astadourian that Wong's autopsy has revealed some strange results. You can now
    use your PDA to travel to the Coroner's Office.
    When for first arrive at the Coroner's Office, you will be on the outside of
    the examination room. Go through the doors in front of you and you will see
    Astadourian and the Coroner. Astadourian will introduce you to the Coroner, and
    you will then be able to question her. You should first examine the table to
    her right and pickup the bullet, which will be added to your Evidence Kit.
    From there, you should question the Coroner and ask about Wong's drug usage and
    the Tarakan. After you ask about the Tarakan, the Coroner will comment that you
    are the second, actually third, FBI Agent to ask her about that ship this week.
    It turns out Mulder and Scully had been here earlier, and Scully had the
    bodies of the crew members exhumed so that she could perform another autopsy.
    Apparently Mulder and Scully were not convinced they were killed by the fire.
    The Coroner tells you that the bodies are still here if you and Detective
    Astadourian would like to have a look. But upon going to the storage area, she
    finds that all of the bodies have been stolen.
    After she leaves to get to the bottom of the disappearance, Detective
    Astadourian asks you what you think of the situation. It doesn't matter too
    much though, since she has already came up with her own theory which she is
    adamant about. She demands that they two of you cooperate fully on this case.
    After speaking with Astadourian, head over to the Crime Lab. Talk to Amis about
    the fingerprints, and then present him with the new evidence. He will compare
    the bullet from Wong's body to the one you recovered from the Dockside
    Warehouse to see if they came from the same gun. He has no idea what the Lead
    Sphere is, but he will look into it. Finally, if you didn't let Detective
    Astadourian handle the Captain's Journal and Payroll Log, hand those over as
    After you drop off all of the evidence, head back to your Apartment. This ends
    Disc 3.
    - 3.4  Disc 4                                                                  -
    We start Disc 4 inside of Agent Willmore's apartment, having dropped off a load
    of evidence with John Amis at the Crime Lab.
    As soon as you enter your apartment, head over to your computer table. Click on
    the answering machine to receive a message from John Amis about the prints he
    pulled off the Tarakan (Amis works very fast, apparently).
    He will tell you that while he had no problems recovering the prints, he was
    unable to find a match for them in any database he has access to. Amis suggests
    that you check them against the more complete FBI databases, and has sent you
    an email with the data attached so that you can do so.
    To check the fingerprints, log onto the computer and click on "E-Mail". Then
    click on the email from John Amis, which will have the file "TARAKAN.DAT"
    attached to it. Click on the file to load it into the "ING" program.
    From the ING program, you are going to need to select which database you want
    to search. I'll save you the trouble and tell you to search the FBI database.
    After selecting the FBI database and clicking "Search", prepare for the
    "dramatic discovery" sound effect...
    It's your partner, Agent Cook! Why was he aboard the Tarakan, and why did he
    keep it from you? You won't have much time to think about it though, because as
    soon as you click "Quit" on the computer, there will be a loud knock on the
    Oh look who it is, Judas himself. Agent Cook will barge into the room angrily,
    complaining that he feels left out of the loop on this case (which of course he
    has no business being involved in) and looking clearly anxious about something.
    He will also tell you that he is being followed by what he believes to be
    government agents.
    While he complains about how mean you have been to him, three response options
    will show up. You can act Angry, Peaceful, or Indignant.
    Play it cool, hotshot.
    Once he has calmed down a bit, he will tell you his theory of what is going on.
    He thinks that Mulder and Scully stumbled upon a corrupt smuggling ring that
    went all the way to the top of the FBI. They were killed for knowing too much,
    and now the same government agents that killed them were coming after him as
    well. You will be given a choice of responses after he finishes, respond
    however you want.
    Once you have given your opinion, Cook will want to be filled in on the current
    situation with your case (of course he does, the narc). You will get three
    response choices to his this: "Lie to him", "Tell him everything", or "Tell him
    what he wants to hear". Keeping the truth from this guy for the time being is
    probably a good idea.
    After all of that, you will be given the opportunity to ask him about his
    fingerprints being found on the Tarakan. Clearly nervous, he will give you a
    story about being assigned to investigate the Tarakan earlier and simply not
    telling you because he didn't think it was a big deal. He has a rather fishy
    notion that the prints he left there were what got the government agents on
    his tail in the first place.
    Agent Cook will leave once he is done giving you his story. You now need to
    head back out to the Dockside Warehouse.
    When you arrive, you will see a "Gordon's Hauling" van parked outside of the
    warehouse. Walk up to it and enter the driver's side door, but don't walk
    behind it (there be dragons). Inside, look to your right and examine the glove
    compartment. Inside you will find a piece of paper with some information
    written on it:
    RR# 1121 & 82434
    As soon as you have read the piece of paper, the driver of the van will start
    walking up to the cab. Quickly exit the van from the passenger's side door
    (which will be open).
    After making your quick escape the truck will leave. Get back in your car and
    return to your apartment and go to sleep.
    You will be awoken the next morning by Detective Astadourian, who is excited
    about a new development in the case. She tells you that another person has been
    killed with the same injuries as those of the Tarakan crew, and even has video
    of the incident. While the video is rewinding, ask Astadourian all available
    It turns out the victim was the driver of van you saw last night. The video you
    are about to see was taken from a gas station surveillance camera at 6:17 AM.
    You will then watch the video, which depicts what appears to be Agent Mulder
    exploding into a ball of light when confronted by the driver of the Gordon's
    Hauling van.
    After the video, one of two things will happen.
    If you let Astadourian get the Tarakan documents translated, she will show you
    the translated document and  point out that is showed James Wong was on the
    ship's payroll. You will then get a fax from John Amis with the results of the
    analysis on the Lead Sphere.
    If you dropped the Tarakan documents off with Amis rather than letting
    Astadourian handle it, call Amis at the Crime Lab and he will fax all of the
    information over to you.
    Speak to Astadourian and ask all available questions, then show her the fax
    from Amis. She feels all of the evidence is clearly pointing to a large scale
    smuggling operation, possibly bringing nuclear material into the US.
    Now head to the Coroner's Office. Ask the Coroner all available questions. She
    feels that the burns could only be caused by nuclear radiation, and some type
    of nuclear blast at that. She will also tell you that she has been unable to
    recover the bodies of the Tarakan crew, and that whoever took the bodies knew
    what they were doing.
    After speaking with the Coroner, travel to Gordon's Hauling. Enter through the
    gate, and then go into the building through the front door. Once inside, enter
    the office in front of you, collecting the Shovel leaning against the far wall.
    Then turn to your right and look down. There will be a log book on the ground
    that you can examine. As soon as you look at it, the man from the video will
    appear and attack you. You are completely owned in the attack, and are unable
    to help Astadourian as she too gets laid out. After laying the smack down on
    the both of you, he runs out of the room closing the door behind him. The
    blinking red light on the door is a sure sign of danger.
    After you briefly speak with Astadourian, she will discover the door is locked.
    Once the FMV is done, turn to Astadourian, at which point she will discover a
    bomb in the filing cabinet.
    To escape in time, face the refrigerator and then look down. There will be a
    small grate on the left side of the refrigerator. Use the Shovel on this grate
    to break it open and escape before the building explodes.
    Once you have escaped, you will have the stereotypical action-scene chance to
    kiss Astadourian. Don't let stereotypes keep you from getting a little taste.
    Afterwards, ask her all of the available questions and use all of the Idea
    Now that you've had your "Dramatically running away from exploding building"
    moment, head back to your apartment and go to sleep, feeling content in the
    knowledge that the tax payers money has been well spent on awesomeness.
    - 3.5  Disc 5                                                                  -
    When you wake up, head into the FBI Field Office.
    You will find Cook in the meeting room, ominously loading a weapon. Talk to him
    and you will find out that he is getting ready to go on a raid. Seems he has
    taken it upon himself to find you Wong's killer. He claims that a witness
    saw the suspect, a smuggler named Smolnikoff, kill Wong. Cook ordered
    surveillance of Smolnikoff's warehouse, and apparently found enough information
    to get a warrant.
    There is no talking him out of it, so head to Smolnikoff's Warehouse in
    Now things get a little interesting. Once you arrive at Smolnikoff's Warehouse,
    you will be under fire from the men within. You need to get inside and take
    out the armed men without getting yourself killed. First make sure you have
    selected your Gun from the Inventory, then speak to Cook so he can lay some
    suppressing fire.
    Turn to the right to enter the building. Inside you will face three assailants,
    who will either be on the left, right, or middle of the room. The order they
    appear in is random, but their positions are always the same. They don't move
    to fast, so as long as you are quick there shouldn't be a problem. Remember,
    one hit and you are done for, so take your time and make sure you are accurate
    with your shots.
    Now move straight ahead and go up the stairs. On the second floor you will
    encounter two more armed men, these ones being a little trickier. Just keep
    your eyes sharp for any movement and you should be able to take them both out
    before they even get into firing position.
    After you have cleared the second floor, head up to the third floor. Now move
    into the only room up there, and navigate to the circular staircase in the
    corner. Head down these stairs to find Smolnikoff.
    When Cook arrives, speak to both of them and ask all available questions. You
    will be able to ask Smolnikoff about most of the things you have seen thus far
    in the game, but he isn't going to give you any answers. Cook will tell you
    to go back and check out the first floor, so reverse your path through the
    building to arrive back at the front door.
    Facing away from the front door (the same way you were when you had to shoot
    the first three men), you will want to head to the back left corner of the
    building. You should see a payroll log on a table, much like the one found on
    the Tarakan. Now turn to the right and walk forward until you see a gun on the
    ground, pick it up. Return to Cook, who will tell you to get ballistics run on
    the gun to match it to the bullets you have found so far in the investigation.
    With that, head over to Amis at the Crime Lab. Amis doesn't look too good and
    complains that he has not been feeling well. But he is still able to run the
    tests for you, and finds that they are a match. The gun you found in
    Smolnikoff's Warehouse was the one that fired all of the recovered bullets,
    including the one fired at Mulder and Scully.
    Return to Smolnikoff's Warehouse to question him about the weapon now that you
    have the ballistics results. He will continue to deny any knowledge of what
    you are talking about, and Cook decides to take him in and question him later.
    As soon as Cook leaves, you will get a call on your Cell Phone. Pick it up to
    speak with a very upset Amis. It seems that his illness is in fact radiation
    poisoning, which he got when collecting evidence from the Tarakan. As you can
    imagine, he is a little upset that you sent him in there.
    Now that you know you almost killed Amis, head back to your Apartment to cry
    yourself to sleep.
    Before you get a chance to sleep though, there will be a knock on the door. It
    is Astadourian, and she is upset too. I guess this is just not your day,
    It seems that Agent Cook's raid on Smolnikoff's Warehouse didn't go over too
    well with her. No matter what you say, she is going to be upset, so don't worry
    about it too much.
    While she is yapping at you, the phone will ring. You let the machine get it,
    and both of you hear the strange message. The caller claims that Mulder and
    Scully are still alive, but won't be for very long. The smuggling theory is
    completely false, and your investigation is headed in the wrong direction. He
    tells you to meet him at dawn, alone, if you want to know the truth.
    After that, Astadourian will leave, and you are free to go to sleep.
    When you wake up in the morning, travel to Sand Point Hanger 4, in Seattle.
    Once inside you will be alone. Spin around to the right until you see some open
    doorways, and move towards the one on the right.
    Once you enter this area, the man from the answering machine will approach you.
    Let's call him...X.
    You will be able to chose how you react to his entrance and a few other lines
    of dialog. When he asks for your word that you will not reveal this meeting to
    anyone else, select "You have my word".
    X will tell you that Mulder and Scully are still alive, but are involved in
    something much more serious than simple smuggling. He says you will have to
    face a man who can only be killed with a special weapon, a weapon which has
    been kept a secret for many years. He will loan you this weapon, only because
    without it you will never manage to save Mulder and Scully. The Stiletto will
    be added to your inventory.
    He says that Mulder and Scully have been separated, and that the key to solving
    this case is a woman that was admitted to a hospital in Gold Bar three days
    ago. The hospital has her listed as "Jane Doe" because they do not know her
    true identity.
    After giving you the information and the Stiletto, X will leave. As you turn to
    leave yourself, Astadourian will come out from hiding. It seems she took the
    message on the answering machine a little more seriously than she lead on, and
    had to come and see for herself what this man had to say.
    Since she already knows the big secret, you might as well let her tag along.
    Open up your PDA and select the Hospital in Gold Bar.
    - 3.6  Disc 6                                                                  -
    As soon as you enter the Hospital, a nurse will approach you and ask if she
    can help. Tell her that you are looking for Scully and that you are from the
    FBI. You will need to show her your badge before she will continue talking to
    As you speak with her, she will reveal that while Scully's gunshot wound was
    only minor and is already healing, she has another, more pressing, condition.
    Apparently she is in some state of depression, along with physical symptoms
    such as nausea and feeling weak. Sounds a bit like poor Amis over at the Crime
    Walk past the nurse to enter Scully's room. As soon as you enter she will get
    up and start asking questions. Select "I'm with the Bureau.", and show her your
    badge when she asks. She will then ask how she can trust you, and who told you
    she was here at the hospital. Don't select any of the phrases listed, instead
    show her the Stiletto. This will gain her trust, and you will be able to
    question her.
    Ask her all available questions and use all of the suggestions. Scully will
    confirm your suspicions that the Tarakan crew were exposed to massive amounts
    of radiation, akin to a nuclear blast of some type. She will also confirm that
    she herself may have radiation poisoning like John Amis.
    Mulder believes the source of the radiation was an alien craft that was in
    close proximity to the Tarakan, while Scully believes that it was an accident
    involving the plutonium that they were smuggling aboard the ship.
    As for the incident at the Dockside Warehouse, she remembers entering the
    Warehouse after observing suspicious activity, at which point her and Mulder
    were attacked by multiple armed men. She was shot in the shoulder by one of the
    men, and then remembers seeing a strange white light. After that, Mulder
    carried her out of the Warehouse, and she lost conciousness. She awoke in the
    Hospital, with no memory as to how she arrived there.
    Beyond that, she has no more information to give you. She will ask you to tell
    her what you have found so far in your investigation.
    After hearing your side, she advises that you go to the truck route used by
    Gordon's Hauling in an effort to find the man that attacked you and
    Astadourian. Gordon's Hauling was clearly involved with whatever was happening
    at the Dockside Warehouse, and may lead you to the whereabouts of Mulder.
    In the meantime she will contact A.D. Skinner and update him on the situation.
    She says she will meet you later at the Field Office.
    Pull out your PDA and travel to "Rural Route 1121".
    You are looking for the shipping container marked 82434, which is the number
    written on the piece of paper you found in the Gordon's Hauling fan.
    Astadourian suggests you split up to cover more ground, and will go off on her
    Before you start your search, pull out your PDA. You should receive an email
    from a bomb technician in regards to the device used at the Gordon's Hauling
    yard. Apparently it was made of a highly specialized explosive used only by the
    US Navy SEALs. As far as the technician knows, this material has never been
    available on the black market, meaning the bomb must be military in origin.
    Now walk straight ahead until you come to a dead end. Look up, and then click
    on the telephone pole to climb up it. Turn around and pull out your Binoculars
    to see the number 82434 on the top of a silver boxcar.
    Come down from the pole. Astadourian will be standing there, you can speak with
    her if you wish, otherwise turn right, walk between the train cars, turn right
    again, and then walk forward until you get to the car you saw from the pole.
    Astadourian will note that there appears to be fire damage. Walk into the car
    and open the door. Smoke will come out, meaning the fire must have been very
    After looking around, turn around and walk back out. As you walk back, you will
    see a homeless guy trying to jack your wheels! Ask the man if he knows anything
    about the fire. He will say that he saw the men who lit it, and that he took
    some things from the boxcar that you might be interested in. But he won't just
    give it to you straight away of course, oh no. You have to guess what it is.
    Pick "Equipment", "Recorder", "Video Recorder", and finally "Video Tape". He
    will then give you the tape...or more accurately, will sell it to you. Doesn't
    seem fair you have to play the game and pay too.
    Head back to the Field Office, and place the tape in the drive next to your
    computer. Cook will show up and watch the video with you. The video appears to
    depict medical experiments being preformed on some sort of alien creature. It
    also shows a closeup of the man who attacked you at the Gordon's Hauling yard.
    Cook suggests freezing a frame of the video and running it through the computer
    to try and identify the man. The frame of the video with his face will already
    be loaded, so just click "Capture". Then select "Government/Military" and click
    His identification comes up as Col. Johnathan Rauch.
    Now click on "Quit". As soon as you do the computer will start making noise,
    and Cook will tell you that somebody is trying to establish a video linkup with
    you. Click "Connect" to start the link.
    It's the Lone Gunmen!
    In their usual style, the Lone Gunmen have broken into your secure computer to
    deliver a message. Scully contacted them with details of the case, and it is
    their belief that a secret government base in Alaska is involved. The base is
    a known hub of UFO research by the government, and if there is any possible way
    for Mulder to get there, they are sure he will try to get inside.
    They will ask about the man who attacked you at Gordon's Hauling. They know of
    Rauch, His identity confirms their suspicions about the base, he is one of the
    men who works there. The Lone Gunmen advise you to first head to Rauch's home,
    then try and enter the base itself. They will email you the information to your
    As they are doing that, a FAX will come in saying that Mulder's car has been
    spotted heading into Alaska. It is confirmed then, you need to head to Alaska
    if you hope to save Mulder.
    After a brief goodbye with Astadourian, open up your PDA and go to the email
    from "B/9 Force 10", and click on the file "GPSJUNEAU.DAT". This will add a new
    window to your PDA's map, allowing you to head to Alaska.
    Select Alaska, then "Rauch's House".
    - 3.7  Disc 7                                                                  -
    As soon as the seventh disc starts, you will see a man quickly leaving Rauch's
    Move up to the house and enter, proceeding to the second floor. On the ground
    you will see Rauch, unconscious and covered in oil. You can question him, but
    he will not respond.
    Examine the small skeleton hanging from the ceiling to pull down the steps
    leading up to the attic, Here you will find Mulder tied up. Free him and ask
    all of the questions.
    Mulder says that he called the Seattle FBI Field Office for backup, but instead
    all he got were more NSA agents after him. He doesn't know who took his call
    from the office though. When you ask how he got her, Mulder will explain that
    he was investigating the Rural Route when Rauch attacked him and put him in the
    trunk of the car, where he has been the whole time.
    After you have spoken to Mulder, your Cell Phone will ring. It's Scully calling
    to say she is on her way to Alaska to meet you and Mulder. As you both get set
    to leave, NSA agents will pull up outside of the house. Mulder asks you to
    delay them long enough for him to escape and get to the base, where he and
    Scully will meet back up with you.
    Walk downstairs and talk to the NSA agents. They will tell you the same tired
    story you have already heard and try to get you to come with them. I would
    suggest you not enter their vehicle, as that will be a bad ending for poor
    You instead have two options. You can either pull out your gun and try and kill
    both of the NSA agents, or run away.
    If you want to shoot them now...well go ahead and do that. I don't think I need
    to explain that.
    If you want to run, turn to your right and you will see the action icon come
    up. This starts a sequence that leads you into the woods. Once in the woods,
    turn right, then walk forward twice. Quickly pull out your weapon and shoot
    the two NSA agents. It seems like it is a little easier to shoot the one on the
    left first. Alternately, you can hide in the hollow under the log in front of
    you, Frodo-style.
    Either way you chose, you will then automatically arrive at the secret base.
    Now I should say here, that the following area was one of the more frustrating
    game experiences I have ever had. It consists of painful trial and error
    through an unnecessarily large building. I went through the pain of having to
    do this all manually, I suggest that you follow theses instructions exactly to
    prevent yourself from gouging out your own eyes.
    At the entrance to the base, walk past Scully into the next room. Walk forward
    again, then turn left. Walk forward two more times, then turn to the left to
    see the body of a soldier laying on the ground. Now might be a good time to
    pull out your weapon.
    Walk into the room and turn right. Mulder will be there, but doesn't quite look
    himself. When you have the chance to speak to him, don't chose anything but
    "Scully, run!".
    After Scully runs away, turn to the right and shoot the rather odd looking
    soldier that is standing there. Now turn to your right and open the door. From
    the move forward, right, and then walk forward to get into the hallway.
    Then proceed forward towards the other end of the hallway, occasionally turning
    to the left to meet the curvature of the hall.
    At the end of the hallway there will be a medical examination room to your
    right. Enter the room, turn to the right, and examine the cattle prod that is
    laying on the counter. When you pick it up, Cook will sneak up behind you and
    hit you over the head.
    As you lay on the ground and get kicked in the stomach, Cook will reveal that
    everything you investigated was manufactured by him as a cover-up. He was
    getting paid a lot of money to keep people away from the truth, so he created
    this elaborate charade to draw you off track. Wong, the plutonium smuggling,
    everything; it was all a lie. Unfortunately you figured it out, so now he will
    have to kill you.
    To escape, put the mouse cursor over the end of the cattle prod that is
    sticking out above your head. Once you are done listening to Cook's confession
    (don't wait too long though...), use it to knock him out.
    After your reunion with Cook, leave this room and turn to your right. In this
    room there is a very odd looking chamber with glass walls. You will have some
    fun with that soon. For now, just walk past it and head to the opposite side of
    the room to the doorway.
    Inside you will meet Scully, where she will explain her plan. For some reason
    Willmore will stare at her and have a completely ridiculous face on during her
    entire explanation. Don't ask me; I don't make the games, I just play them.
    Her plan consists primarily of having you do all the work while she just
    stands there. Wonderful. Her instructions are also not very clear, and I must
    have died 5 times before I figured it all out. Again, good thing you have this
    Guide to follow.
    Basically you need to power up the chamber in the room, then lure Mulder inside
    so the alien will leave his body. To lure him into the chamber you will need
    to get the key Mulder wants from the guard and run through the chamber. Sounds
    real easy.
    On the left side of Sully's head is a panel. Examine the panel to see a green
    button. Activate this button to power up the chamber.
    Walk back into the room with the chamber. On either side of the chamber are
    doorways with a red button next to them. You must press both buttons to open
    both of the doors before you proceed.
    Now head back into the hallway you entered from. Walk down to the other end and
    turn right to enter the control room. Move to the center of this room and face
    left. On the wall will be a button labeled "Life Support Systems Entry",
    press it.
    Return to the room with the chamber and walk towards the doorway where you last
    saw Scully. Instead of walking into that room, turn to the left to see an open
    door. I would suggest saving the game at this point.
    This is the second part of Scully's plan, where you get the key from the guard.
    She is going to distract him while you knock him out and take the key.
    Now, before you read any farther, I want to reiterate how frustrating this
    sequence is. If at any time you make a wrong move, the game will end with a
    needlessly slow nuclear-blast, followed by another scene that shows Willmore's
    grave. This happens every time, and you can't skip it. You cannot imagine how
    aggravating it was for me to get through this sequence using trial and error,
    one wrong turn at a time. Ugh.
    Enter the room and Scully will ask which side you want to take.
    Move around the perimeter of the room until you see Scully talking to the
    guard. This is a bit embarrassing, but I didn't realize I was supposed to be
    doing anything here the first time I went through it. I thought it was just a
    cutscene I was supposed to watch, and Scully got killed.
    You need to shoot the guard (that is one way to knock him out alright) while
    Scully talks with him. Then examine his body to recover the key.
    That immediately gets Mulder's attention, and you will now need to start
    running towards the chamber.
    As soon as you regain control of Willmore, turn right, walk forward, then make
    a left. You will see a red security door ahead of you, walk through this and
    then move into the room with the chamber.
    Walk forward until you see the scene with Mulder and the guard at the door.
    Quickly shoot the guard before he can turn the key, then take the key from the
    slot, turn to the left, and run forward to the room with the chamber.
    Once you are in the chamber area, you need to run directly to the front door of
    the chamber and run all the way through it. Once you exit the other door,
    quickly turn around and hit the button to close the door on Mulder. Scully will
    do the same on her side, and he will be trapped.
    With no where the go, the alien leaves Mulder's body. But where does it go?
    Yeah, you are about to see in a second or two.
    As soon as Willmore looks away from Mulder, Cook will grab him and head back
    into the room you just left. He will order you to turn the other key at
    gunpoint. As he is pointing the gun at you, Scully will slowly be sneaking up
    from behind. Throw her the Stiletto, and for whatever reason Cook will stand
    perfectly still while she grabs him and stabs him in the back of the neck.
    You will next be in Shanks's office. He will tell you not to feel bad about
    Cook, and that nobody is at fault. Scully will come in to thank you, and to
    say that A.D. Skinner is very impressed with your work. She will also tell you
    that Astadourian searched Cook's house and found her laptop. Even the break-in
    at the Field Office was just part of Cook's lie.
    After she leaves, Shanks will tell you that tomorrow is another day, and he
    will expect to see a full report about what happened on his desk in the
    As Agent Craig Willmore walks back to his apartment, X will come out of the
    shadows and greet him. He says that he is going to let you keep the Stiletto,
    since you will be needing it again...very soon.
    = 4. Running The Game                                                          =
    As often happens with older PC titles, "The X-Files Game" has some compatibly
    issues when running on modern computers and operating systems. Luckily, these
    issues aren't quite as bad as with some games (probably due to it being video
    based), and with only slight adjustments you should be able to play without any
    serious issues.
    - 4.1  Linux                                                                   -
    While this game was only designed for Windows and Mac OS, you are able to run
    it under Linux using Cedega, a product specifically created to allow Linux
    computers to play Windows games.
    In fact, I never once used a Windows machine to play this game or write this
    Guide. Every second I spent playing The X-Files was done under Cedega.
    I was able to install and run this game without any real issues on Cedega 5.0
    and 5.2.3. The game also ran fine under Wine 9.34, but the installation did
    have a few glitches.
    I had all video and audio settings on maximum, and never experienced any
    serious problems. There were a few times that the audio dropped out while I was
    playing, but all I had to do was hit Esc to go the game menu, and then when I
    went back to the game the audio would be working again.
    Ironically, the operating system this game was never designed for is actually
    the easiest to get it working on.
    - 4.2  Windows                                                                 -
    Running this game under Windows XP can be a little tricky.
    The usual problem is that the user already has QuickTime installed when they
    install the game itself. While the game will run with a modern version of
    QuickTime, it is unstable, and prone to various glitches which can make playing
    the came nearly impossible.
    But, if you allow the game to install the version of QuickTime (version 3) that
    is on the installation CDs, you will get quality issues with the audio and
    video, since QuickTime 3 does not run properly on modern versions of Windows.
    Sounds like a Zen riddle, right? You can't use a current version of QuickTime
    because it is too new, and you can't use the version on the CD because it is
    too old.
    Luckily, there is a solution. You need to find the middle ground between these
    two versions, and it just so happens that QuickTime 4 will run the game
    properly, and will also operate correctly on Windows XP.
    After the game installs, go into the "Control Panel", then "Add/Remove
    Programs", and remove Quicktime 3 (say yes if it asks to remove all files).
    After QuickTime 3 is removed, install QuickTime 4.
    You should also adjust the compatibility mode for the game. To do that, go to
    the directory into which you installed the game, right click on "XFiles.exe",
    chose "Properties", then click the "Compatibility" tab. Click the box under
    "Compatibility mode", and then select "Windows 95" from the drop down box.
    Now, you might be wondering where you can find QuickTime 4. At the time of this
    writing, QuickTime 4.1.2 was available at the following address:
    If it isn't still up there when you read this Guide, you will have to try your
    hand at a Google hunt. But Apple is pretty good about keeping even their old
    software available, so I don't think it will be too much of a problem.
    - 4.3  Mac OS                                                                  -
    Just for the record, getting this game to run under OS X was easily the most
    aggravating thing I have done in recent memory. Not because the game itself is
    hard to get running really, but because of various problems I had to resolve
    on my own setup to get everything in order. Regardless, you shouldn't have too
    much trouble getting this running if you have a sane system.
    If it wasn't obvious, this game does not run natively under OS X. It is a
    Classic application, and as such you will need a properly configured Classic
    environment to run it with. Setting up such an environment is well beyond the
    scope of this simple section, but there is a good chance Classic will already
    be setup for you on your machine. If not, when you try and run the X-Files it
    will prompt you to set up Classic and give you a link to the Apple Support site
    which will get you heading in the right direction.
    Once you have Classic installed and running however, there is still a little
    more work to be done.
    Thankfully, you can install the game just fine through Classic, no need to boot
    into Mac OS 9 just to install it (as you need to do with some Classic
    applications and games). I tested both the Standard and Minimal installs, and
    both went fine.
    The issue comes when you actually try and run the game. In fact, do not even
    attempt to run the game after you install it, since you are just going to get
    yourself stuck with a black screen.
    Before you try and run the game you will need to replace the DrawSprocket
    extension installed in the Classic environment with the one that comes on the
    game CD. The version of DrawSprocket included in Classic is too new to work
    with the X-Files, and will cause the game to not display any video.
    To replace the extension, go to your Classic "System Folder" and navigate to
    the "Extensions" directory. You can delete the DrawSprocket extension, but it
    would be better to copy it to a safe location in case some other game needs it
    down the line.
    Once you have removed the extension, insert CD 1 of the X-Files and open the
    "DrawSprocket" directory on the disc. Inside you will find a Readme and another
    version of DrawSprocket. Copy that version of DrawSprocket to your Classic
    "System Folder" in place of the version you removed.
    You should now be able to start and play the game perfectly. Keep in mind that
    replacing DrawSprocket with an older version could cause other games installed
    in your Classic environment to stop working properly. If you have problems with
    other games, simply restore the original version of DrawSprocket, and
    everything should be back to normal.
    Of course, that is on a PPC Mac. If you have a new Intel Mac, then you can't
    run the Mac OS version since there is no more Classic support in the Intel
    version of Mac OS. On an Intel Mac you will need to install Linux or Windows
    alongside Mac OS and run the game from there.
    = 5. Credits                                                                   =
    Thanks to:
    My Wife, for letting me tinker with her Mac for an absurd amount of time
    Chris Carter, for giving the world the gift of the X-Files
    klavsa7274, for selling me this game on Half.com
    TNT, for airing the entire X-Files series, on rotation, 6 episodes per night
    Everyone I don't hate.
    # EOF

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