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Reviewed: 08/18/01 | Updated: 03/03/02

Looking for a computer game?

Gameplay: 9/10
I loved this game, Not only cause you could beat your enemies senseless with their own decapitated heads, But you have fun while doing so. Sure if you take this approach to the game you wont get past the second level (I actually beat the first level using only a stool as a weapon, Then i died on the second level with my beloved stool) since these enemies are out for collect your head. Another huge factor to the game play is the ability to throw pretty much any thing you can pick up. Cups, Mugs, Chairs, Severed limbs, Weapons, bones, You name it, You can throw it. Enemies are repetitive, But difficult, Maybe a little to difficult so thats why i gave it a 9.

Graphics: 10/10
All i have to say is Damn. These graphics are better then any thing i have ever seen! The blood is in real time, So if your fighting next to a wall and you do a horizontal slice, The blood will go on the wall and look great too. The levels are designed almost flawlessly, All the enemies are drawn out perfectly, Shadows and all. Weapon designs are all excellent. Although the necessary computer requirements are a little high unless you have a new computer. I my self have a 400 MHz PC with a ATI video card. That is near minimum requirements and my computer really lags when a fight starts. But newer computers with 500 MHz and higher system performance should do just fine with this game.

Sound effects and music: 9/10
The sounds are great, if you slice threw an enemy, You hear flesh being ripped, When you throw your weapon, you hear the blade smashing against enemies and other surroundings, But the music seems to be the problem. When a fight starts, battle music starts, But if you leave the fight the battle music still goes and seems out of place. Also if you end the fight early by chopping your enemy up into itty bitty bits the battle music continues. So 9 because the music is out of place some times.

Overall: 9/10
I give this game a 9 out of 10 mainly cause my computer is crap and doesn't run the game very smoothly. Also cause this game is a dutch made game so its very hard to find in the states. but if you have a computer with good abilities, And love beating enemies with their own severed limbs, This is the game for you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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