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    Amazon (Bowazon) FAQ by Xythar

    Version: 1.04 | Updated: 02/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               || Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Amazon (Bowazon) FAQ  v1.04 ||
    Copyright (c) Xythar (gmmazz@hotmail.com) 2001-2003
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    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.
    This is version 1.04 of this FAQ, last updated 18/1/03. This version of the FAQ was
    written for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction version 1.09. Some information may be 
    incorrect for other versions of the game.
    Revision History
    *Corrected a slight error. Try and work out where! :)
    *Added permission for IGN to post this FAQ.
    *Added permission for Cheat Happens to post this FAQ.
    *Added a section on Mercenaries. I can't believe I forgot them.
    *Corrected a few minor discrepancies in the stats of my equipment (I WAS writing
    from memory..)
    *Added permission for Gamespot and Neoseeker to post this FAQ.
                                || TABLE OF CONTENTS  ||
    1) Introduction And General Commentary
          1a) Introduction
          1b) Multishot vs Strafe vs Guided
          1c) Physical Immunes: Your Nemeses
    	1d) Choosing a Mercenary
    2) Stat & Skills Distribution
          1a) Stat Point Distribution
          1b) Bow & Crossbow Skills
          1c) Passive & Magic Skills
          1d) Spear & Javelin Skills
    3) Suggested Equipment
          3a) My Equipment
          3b) Recommended Equipment
    4) Acknowledgements
                         ||  INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL COMMENTARY ||  
                                       | Introduction |
    So, why did I write this? Well, after being a GameFAQs regular for just about
    two years now, I thought it might almost just be time for me to write an FAQ
    of some kind, and since I happen to be playing D2:LoD obsessively at the moment..
    Anyway, I *would* be writing one for the Sorceress, except that my current Sorc
    was made pre-LoD and is, as a consequence, fairly ineffective. With the way the
    Sorceress was completely turned around in LoD, I'm not as sure as I used to be
    about how to build an effective one (maxing Firewall and Fire Mastery and playing
    nowhere but the Bloody Foothills doesn't count as "effective" in my book, thanks)
    and will hold off that until I get around to making a Charged Bolt sorc or 
    something. Anyway, my Amazon is currently level 83 and doing pretty well in Hell 
    difficulty (first time I can claim that for a character.. heh..) and I thought I'd
    write up what strategy I've gleaned so far. Don't follow this blindly, please, 
    and remember that I could be wrong about anything... this is all opinion and 
    suggestion and should be treated as such, with a grain of salt. This guide deals 
    with a "bowazon", or bow-using Amazon. If you wish to create an Amazon specialising
    in javelins or spears, or hardcore Amazons, I don't cover strategies for them here 
    as I have not played them myself. 
                                 | Multishot vs Strafe vs Guided |
    IMO, this is the basic trinity of bow skills. In general, most treat Guided Arrow
    separately, but what irritates me is the apparent tendency for a lot of Amazon 
    players to think that Multishot and Strafe are mutually exclusive. If you ask me, 
    get both. Multishot, Strafe and Guided are all useful skills to have at high levels
    (don't max Multishot, tho.. waste of points to take it past 15 or so). Believe it
    or not, but the Amazon has no real bow uberskill that people can mindlessly max and
    use for the rest of the game.. there's three that are useful situationally, which 
    means you might actually have to use strategy (gasp!) to use the right one at the 
    right time.
    If the enemies are bunched up tightly, use Multishot on them. Works particularly 
    well with piercing effects. If your Multishot is a high level, you may be able to
    change "bunched up tightly" to "all on one side of your character".
    If the enemies are spread apart around you, use Strafe on them. And if you're beset
    by hordes of, say, those damn teleporting Demon Imps, Burning Souls (not sure which
    I detest more..) or otherwise extremely-irritating-to-hit enemies, Strafe 'em into
    oblivion. And use Strafe when you want to use a skill that simply looks freakin' cool.
    Just watch out for the Strafe lock.. if you've got Death Lords, Undead Stygian Dolls or 
    some other fast-moving, hard-hitting melee enemy after you, it's unwise to use Strafe.
    Same if you're fighting spellcasting enemies such as Blood Lords and their meteors, or 
    Hierophants and their blizzards.
    Against single or a few enemies (particularly hard to hit ones), use Guided Arrow with
    a decent level Pierce or a good piercing bow (especially Buriza-Do Kyanon Unique
    Ballista). A piercing Guided Arrow can whittle down a unique or Act Boss's health 
    incredibly quickly. And, it's very useful for "scouting ahead" and eliminating enemies
    before they can even see you. I usually have Guided on my left mouse button, and switch
    between Multishot, Strafe, Slow Missiles and Valkyrie on the right button (they're 
    hotkeyed to A, S, D and F for easy reach).
                                  | Physical Immunes: Your Nemeses |
    Some of the biggest threats your Bowazon will face are enemies or uniques with the 
    "Immune to Physical" attribute. This basically hurts in two ways:
    1) All physical bow damage you do will be totally useless, forcing you to rely on 
    (usually a small amount of) elemental damage
    2) Since only elemental damage will have an effect and elemental damage does not 
    work with mana/life leech, you WILL NOT be able to leech off these enemies and will 
    consequently need to keep a closer eye on your health and mana (you should carry
    some mana potions just in case you run out of mana versus a physical immune)
    Firstly, this is not the BEST way to deal with physical immunes. The best? Ally with
    a sorceress. :) But, the second best way is to find a bow with a lot of elemental 
    amage (and equipment that adds to it if possible) and possibly also add to it with 
    an elemental bow skill of your choice (but this is by no means necessary as I will 
    explain). Where to get a bow with a  elemental damage? Well, firstly, if you have the
    Buriza-Do Kyanon Unique Ballista, the 21-196 cold damage on it will do nicely, 
    especially if you spam Guided Arrows at the enemy and let the 100% piercing do its work.
    If, like many, you don't have an uberweapon like the Buriza yet, the Skystrike Unique 
    Edge Bow will do nicely with its 1-250 lightning damage and 2% chance to cast a level
    6 Meteor (from use the chance seems to be more than 2%..) and an even better unique bow
    to use is the Kuko Shakaku (I hope I spelled that right..) Unique Cedar Bow which has
    piercing attack (albeit not 100% like the Buriza), 40-160 fire damage, and +3 (THREE) to
    all bow skills and another 3 to Immolation Arrow. With it, you don't even have to invest
    in elemental bow skills IMO because it gives you a level 6 Immolation Arrow for free (plus
    other bonuses to bow/Amazon skills). The only disadvantage it has over Skystrike is the
    slower firing rate. If you can't find a good unique bow with elemental damage, a bow 
    socketed with six perfect emeralds will do the job (but very sloooowly... spamming guided
    arrows will be useless) or otherwise, a bow socketed with six Ort runes will do 6-300 
    lightning damage. In addition, other equipment (such as circlets) can add to your 
    elemental damage.
    It helps to have two elements of damage handy (I have the Buriza *and* Kuko Shakaku ready)
    in case you encounter an enemy immune to Physical AND your bow's elemental damage. 
    Yes, these are rare and you could just avoid them, but then you'd have to live with the
    knowledge that your character can't quite handle everything, wouldn't you? :)
    Some also like to max a elemental bow skill - generally either Freezing Arrow or 
    Immolation Arrow (but the underrated Ice Arrow is also a contender). This can add about
    300 or 400 damage to your attacks, but using one (particularly Freezing and Immolation)
    can drain your mana very quickly (level 20 Freezing Arrow costs 28 mana and level 20 
    Immolation Arrow costs 25..). Also, you won't be able to hit your enemy multiple times
    per arrow as you can with Guided Arrow and elemental bow damage. In any case, I will 
    discuss this in greater detail, as well as which to choose in the Skill Distribution 
    section - but remember that maxing an elemental skill is 20 skill points used for the
    sole purpose of killing physical immunes that are not also immune to the skill you 
    choose. The damage is otherwise pitiful compared to regular bow damage, and Freezing
    Arrow's other useful effect, the freezing, only requires 1 point to be effective (and
    I would recommend you put one point into it for that purpose, because it's very useful
    in that respect)
                                    | Choosing a Mercenary |
    You will need to select a suitable Mercenary/Hireling for your Amazon. The mercenaries
    available are:
    I can't really recommend a Rogue, since all they will do is fire arrows that will
    be considerably less effective than yours (all they use is Cold or Fire Arrow and
    Inner Sight, so they're definitely outmatched in the skills department). I'd pick a
    merc that offers something you don't have.
    Update: I've read that these mercs, given exactly +3 skills on equipment (pluses to
    Amazon skills will work, so a Cliffkiller & Tarnhelm or other +1 helm is a good
    combination) will use a very damaging shortish range lightning attack. Sounds like a
    glitch to me, tho, and while I've not tested it myself I've heard enough reports to
    be fairly sure of its veracity. So does this make these mercs more useful? IMO, not
    really. All they still have to offer is damage. I really prefer a merc to complement
    my damage with, say, an aura rather than contribute to the damage themselves, as I do
    plenty of damage already.
    Their damaging and fast Jabs and auras make this merc the best, IMO. The auras mean
    they actually benefit you directly instead of just providing an extra target. The
    auras are:
    Offensive: Blessed Aim (Normal, Hell) or Might (Nightmare)
    Defensive: Defiance (Normal, Hell) or Holy Freeze (Nightmare)
    Combat: Prayer (Normal, Hell) or Thorns (Nightmare)
    I would recommend the Might merc, an Offensive one hired in Nightmare to make your
    arrows to significantly more damage (my max damage goes from about 2200 to about 3400
    with my merc's Might aura) since you won't need defence or AR that much, Prayer is
    pretty useless, Thorns isn't very useful either and Holy Freeze can be duplicated by
    Cleglaw's Pincers and Multishot, or Freezing Arrow.
    Well, firstly, the only one you should consider hiring is a Cold one. Even then,
    he's not that useful, generally freezing one enemy at a time when you can freeze
    entire groups with Freezing Arrow. The damage he does is pitiful and there's not 
    much of a way to aid it through equipment (since he has to equip a damn sword, grr..)
    so I don't recommend him. Sazabi's set is ideal for these, but most people don't exactly
    have those lying around.
    The Barbarians are tanks, basically, although to be honest I've found that Town Guards
    actually seem to die less. In any case, I'd rather have a beneficial aura than a tank,
    especially seeing as you already have a Valkyrie (the best tank there is) so I'd skip
    this one in favour of a Town Guard.
                                  || STAT & SKILLS DISTRIBUTION ||
                                    | Stat Point Distribution |
    So, what to spend those 5 stat points per level (and a bonus 5 per difficulty) on? 
    Well, we will start with the most straightforward:
    Energy: Zero
    You should never spend any stat points at all in Energy. The initial score of 15 is 
    fine. You can wear equipment & charms with bonuses to mana, at least until you get a
    decent amount of mana leech, which you'll need a bit of. Manald Heal Unique Ring is
    reasonably common, and is excellent for starting due to the 4-7% mana leech (my Amazon
    at first wore two and even now still wears one). Just any jewellery with mana leech 
    will do well, as will one of the several unique/set belts with 5% mana leech (Wilhelm's
    Pride; Orphan's Call Set Battle Belt, M'avina's Tenet; M'avina's Battle Hymn Set 
    Sharkskin Belt and Gloom Trap Unique Mesh Belt come to mind..) but those can be rarer.
    Look for it in an amulet and circlet also, of course, and then any on your bow will be
    a bonus, as Windforce is the only "uber" bow to possess mana leech (leeching of any 
    kind, really..) and you certainly shouldn't expect to find one. If you're maxing a 
    elemental arrow skill, you may be tempted to invest in Energy.. but you've already 
    spent 20 skill points for the sole purpose of killing physical immunes, so I certainly
    wouldn't advise that you sink stat points into it too...
    Dexterity: The Sky's The Limit!
    This is where most of it goes. To increase your damage (Dexterity increases damage for
    bows the same way Strength increases damage for melee weapons) and keep your Attack 
    Rating manageably high you'll need to pump Dexterity a LOT. Every single spare point 
    you have that you're not spending on Strength (up to a prereq number) or Vitality 
    (assuming you decide to get any Vitality at all.. more on that later) should go in 
    Dexterity. My Amazon currently has about 350+ Dexterity (off the top of my head.. don't
    calculate the numbers and email me saying it's impossible to have that much because I
    may have remembered it slightly wrong) including the +35 Dexterity bonus from the 
    Buriza-Do Kyanon.
    Strength: 72, 97, 108, 110, 134
    Strength needs to be increased only so far as to wear your target equipment. Firstly, 
    if you think you can manage on Ward Bows alone (I don't recommend it) then you only 
    need to take Strength to 72, which will allow you to use a Ward Bow and wear all normal
    armour except full plate mail and ancient armour (tower shields don't count because
    you can't wear them anyway). 97 is the requirement for a Crusader Bow, which is about
    equal to a Ward Bow.. also, the Eaglehorn (one of the "uber" bows) is a Crusader Bow.
    All normal armour except Ancient Armour with this one. 108 Strength is the requirement
    for a Grand Matron Bow, the best choice if you intend to find a "standard" bow, and 
    also for M'avina's Caster (another very good bow, particularly if you have the rest of
    the set.. good luck finding it and some of the other pieces) and will allow you to 
    wear all normal armour and some exceptional and elite armour (Archon Plate, notably).
    110 is the requirement for the Buriza-Do Kyanon, one of the "uber" bows and my weapon
    of choice (partially because I don't HAVE the Eaglehorn or Windforce :) ) and lets you
    wear about the same armour (this is the value I recommend you increase  Strength to).
    Finally, if you somehow get your hands on the Windforce before you make your Amazon,
    134 is the Strength requirement for the Windforce and other Hydra Bows. As the Windforce
    is the only Hydra Bow worth using, I wouldn't increase your Strength this high without
    good reason ("good reason" being actually *having* the Windforce).
    Vitality: Some or Nothing
    When faced with Vitality, you have a choice. You can either add to it as well as
    Dexterity to get more life (Amazons get 3 life per point of Vitality, which isn't bad)
    or you can choose not to add anything at all to it, leaving it at its initial value of
    20 and solely putting points into Dexterity. If you think you're skilled enough to avoid
    being hit, by all means go for the latter. That's what I'm doing, and it's manageable
    especially with equipment such as Hwanin's Refuge (which gives a massive +100 boost to
    life) and a high level Valkyrie tanking for you. In general, I find that not adding to
    Vitality makes for a more cautious gameplay approach, and I find it nicely challenging
    and strategic (you'll often need to use tactics like using Guided Arrows to "scout ahead"
    and recasting your Valkyrie ahead of you when playing solo in Hell) and if you think you
    can manage, go for it. It is easier to find bonuses to life on equipment (duplicating
    points added to Vitality) than enhanced damage (duplicating points added to Dexterity)
    after all.
                                   | Bow & Crossbow Skills |
    Level          Mana Cost           Damage
      1               1.5                 0
      2               1.3                +1
      3               1.2                +2
      4               1.1                +3
      5               1.0                +4
      6               0.8                +5
      7               0.7                +6
      8               0.6                +7
      9               0.5                +8
      10              0.3                +9
      11              0.2                +10
      12              0.1                +11
      13              0                  +12
      14              0                  +13
      15              0                  +14
      16              0                  +15
      17              0                  +16
      18              0                  +17
      19              0                  +18
      20              0                  +19
    Pros: Save on Arrows, yay! Mana cost goes down with levels.
    Cons: Damage increase is awful. Useless in general.
    Recommended Points: 1 (prerequisite)
    Comments: Worthless, worthless, worthless. This skill's only purpose is to let you
    fire an arrow without using one up. Seeing as arrows and bolts are dirt cheap and a
    crazy thirteen points are required to achieve a mana cost of 0, this skill is
    completely pointless. And, of course, you'd still need arrows for every OTHER bow
    skill, so all this would do is save you from using arrows when you use a normal
    attack, and when you get Guided Arrow you should be using it INSTEAD of your normal
    attack. The damage increase is pitifully tiny, it doesn't "always hit", and it does
    physical damage. Any further skill points in this one after the single prereq point
    are wasted.
    Level          Mana Cost          Fire Damage
      1               3.0                1-4
      2               3.2                3-6
      3               3.5                5-8
      4               3.7                7-10
      5               4.0                9-12
      6               4.2                11-14
      7               4.5                13-16
      8               4.7                15-18
      9               5.0                17-20
      10              5.2                19-22
      11              5.5                21-24
      12              5.7                23-26
      13              6.0                25-28
      14              6.2                27-30
      15              6.5                29-32
      16              6.7                31-34
      17              7.0                33-36
      18              7.2                35-38
      19              7.5                37-40
      20              7.7                39-42
    Pros: Small amount of elemental damage. Always hits.
    Cons: Terrible damage, and no other reason for using except a certain bug.
    Recommended Points: 0 (1 if you intend to get Immolation Arrow)
    Comments: Again, any points here past the prereq point for Immolation Arrow (if
    you're getting it) are wasted. The damage is simply nothing in any difficulty past
    Normal and other bow skills offer much greater damage. Currently (as of v1.09) there
    is apparently a bug (I have not tested this myself as I do not have Fire Arrow)
    which causes ALL damage dealt by Fire Arrow to be fire damage and not just the
    additional damage. This, as you can imagine, would make it very useful against
    physical immunes.. that is, if you want to exploit a bug which will be fixed sooner
    or later rendering any points you invested in this skill for the sole purpose of
    the bug to be completely wasted. It also always hits, which is nice, but then so does
    Guided Arrow, which also provides a decreasing mana cost and increasing damage bonus
    at higher levels.
    Level          Mana Cost          Cold Damage    Cold Length (seconds)
      1               3.0                 3                   4.0
      2               3.2                 5                   5.2
      3               3.5                 7                   6.4
      4               3.7                 9                   7.6
      5               4.0                 11                  8.8
      6               4.2                 13                  10.0
      7               4.5                 15                  11.2
      8               4.7                 17                  12.4
      9               5.0                 19                  13.6
      10              5.2                 21                  14.8
      11              5.5                 23                  16.0
      12              5.7                 25                  17.2
      13              6.0                 27                  18.4
      14              6.2                 29                  19.6
      15              6.5                 31                  20.8
      16              6.7                 33                  22.0
      17              7.0                 35                  23.2
      18              7.2                 37                  24.4
      19              7.5                 39                  25.6
      20              7.7                 41                  26.8
    Pros: Minute amount of elemental damage. Always hits. Chills enemy.
    Cons: Damage is awful. Why chill when you can freeze?
    Recommended Points: 1 (prerequisite)
    Comments: No more than one point here, either. The chilling is nice, but Ice
    and Freezing Arrow freeze your enemy, and you can get chilling effects by
    equipping things with cold damage (the Eye of Etlich is especially good) or
    Slows Target items such as Cleglaw's Pincers. Duration is nice, tho, and
    considerably higher than Ice and Freezing Arrow's freezes, but it still
    isn't worth the skill points at all. However, you need to have one point in
    this skill in order to get Guided Arrow. You do need Guided Arrow, so I
    recommend you put one point in Cold Arrow and one only.
    Level          Mana Cost          # Of Arrows 
      1                4                   2
      2                5                   3
      3                6                   4
      4                7                   5
      5                8                   6
      6                9                   7
      7                10                  8
      8                11                  9
      9                12                  10
      10               13                  11
      11               14                  12
      12               15                  13
      13               16                  14
      14               17                  15
      15               18                  16
      16               19                  17
      17               20                  18
      18               21                  19
      19               22                  20
      20               23                  21
    (Damage Reduced By 25%)
    Pros: Great for hitting lots of targets quickly. Fires fast. Devastating
    with piercing.
    Cons: You only do 75% of your base damage, which sucks. High mana cost at
    higher levels. Enemies can't be hit by more than one arrow each.
    Recommended Points: 12-14
    Comments: One of the three key bow skills, used for hitting enemies in
    clusters as was said above. The -25% damage is certainly a problem, so
    don't use this on just one or two enemies unless you need to quickly slow
    them with Cleglaw's Pincers or something. It's dependent on your attack
    rating, so you won't always hit. Points past 12-14 are not worth it, as
    the arrows cover a large enough area already by then and further points
    will raise the mana cost to prohibitively high levels. Something to know
    about Multiple Shot is that the further you click from your character, the
    closer together the arrows will be, and the closer you click to your
    character, the more spread out they will be. Depending on the size of the
    group, set the spread of your arrows appropriately.
    Level          Mana Cost          Fire Damage
      1               5.0                2-4
      2               5.5                7-9
      3               6.0                12-14
      4               6.5                17-19
      5               7.0                22-24
      6               7.5                27-29
      7               8.0                32-34
      8               8.5                37-39
      9               9.0                42-44
      10              9.5                47-49
      11              10.0               52-54
      12              10.5               57-59
      13              11.0               62-64
      14              11.5               67-69
      15              12.0               72-74
      16              12.0               77-79
      17              13.0               82-84
      18              13.0               87-89
      19              14.0               92-94
      20              14.0               97-99
    Pros: Always hits. Adds elemental damage. Hits multiple enemies.
    Cons: High mana cost. Damage is too small to be useful.
    Recommended Points: 0 (1 if you intend to get Immolation Arrow)
    Comments: Another skill you're better off avoiding. The damage is very low
    and dwarfed by Immolation Arrow's, so there's really no reason to invest
    points here. Multishot can hit multiple targets with quite a lot more
    Level          Mana Cost          Cold Damage    Freeze Length (seconds)
      1               4.0                 6-10                 2.0
      2               4.2                12-16                 2.2
      3               4.5                18-22                 2.4
      4               4.7                24-28                 2.6
      5               5.0                30-34                 2.8
      6               5.2                36-40                 3.0
      7               5.5                42-46                 3.2
      8               5.7                48-52                 3.4
      9               6.0                60-64                 3.6
      10              6.2                72-76                 3.8
      11              6.5                84-88                 4.0
      12              6.7                96-100                4.2
      13              7.0               108-112                4.4
      14              7.2               120-124                4.6
      15              7.5               132-136                4.8
      16              7.7               144-148                5.0
      17              8.0               162-166                5.2
      18              8.2               180-184                5.4
      19              8.5               198-202                5.6
      20              8.7               216-220                5.8
    Pros: Alright elemental damage. Low mana cost. FREEZES! Freeze length
    increases with more points.
    Cons: Not as much damage as Immolation or Freezing arrow. Freeze length
    is cut down greatly in Hell difficulty (1/4). Only hits one enemy.
    Recommended Points: 1 (as a prereq) or 20
    Comments: This is an interesting skill. The damage starts off low, but
    ramps up considerably at later levels.. it's still quite low, but a
    respectable amount compared to other elemental bow skills up until this
    point. Unlike Freezing Arrow, additional points will increase the freeze
    time. The big advantage this skill has over Freezing Arrow is its low mana
    cost, which makes it more feasible for spamming against phys immunes 
    (Freezing Arrow costs more than 3 times as much mana for 50% more damage,
    making Ice Arrow MUCH more mana efficient). Of course, it only hits one
    target compared to Freezing Arrow's large area of effect, so it's your call
    on whether you want to get this or one of the other two if you choose to
    max an elemental bow skill.
    Level          Mana Cost          Damage Bonus (%) 
      1               8.0                    0
      2               7.7                    5
      3               7.5                    10
      4               7.2                    15
      5               6.0                    20
      6               6.7                    25
      7               6.5                    30
      8               6.2                    35
      9               5.0                    40
      10              5.7                    45
      11              5.5                    50
      12              5.2                    55
      13              4.0                    60
      14              4.7                    65
      15              4.5                    70
      16              4.2                    75
      17              3.0                    80
      18              3.7                    85
      19              3.5                    90
      20              3.2                    95
    Pros: Seeks and destroys. Fantastic range. Damage bonus. Low mana cost
    that DECREASES with more levels to become a REALLY low mana cost.
    DEVASTATING with piercing. Always hits.
    Cons: Only hits one enemy. That's about it.
    Recommended Points: 20
    Comments: Another of the key bow skills.. and against single enemies
    or even small groups of enemies, it ROCKS. I would suggest putting it
    on your left mouse button (particularly at high levels just about any
    mana leech at all will leech the casting cost back and more), where it
    basically increases the damage of your arrows greatly, makes them seek
    out targets (often before said targets can see you) and makes them ALWAYS
    hit. That's right, it's superior to Ignore Target Defence, and it's in a
    skill (and one that increases damage, not adds a miniscule amount like most
    of the elemental bow skills) that practically makes the Eaglehorn obsolete.
    In particular, if you have the Buriza-Do Kyanon, this is THE skill to get.
    A constant stream of these will kill bosses in seconds. If you're cautiously
    advancing through somewhere dangerous, fire a few through doorways and watch
    them to see if they branch off. Then cast your Valkyrie ahead or fire more.
    Use them to kill way offscreen monsters before the monsters even know you're
    there. Use them to kick ass in duels :)
    Level          Mana Cost         Impact Fire Damage    Fire Damage Per Second
      1                6                   10-20                     8-10
      2                7                   20-30                    14-16
      3                8                   30-40                    19-22
      4                9                   40-50                    25-28
      5                10                  50-60                    31-33
      6                11                  60-70                    37-39
      7                12                  70-80                    43-45
      8                13                  80-90                    49-51
      9                14                 100-110                   55-57
      10               15                 120-130                   60-63
      11               16                 140-150                   66-69
      12               17                 160-170                   72-75
      13               18                 180-190                   78-80
      14               19                 200-210                   84-86
      15               20                 220-230                   90-92
      16               21                 240-250                   96-98
      17               22                 270-280                  101-104
      18               23                 300-310                  107-110
      19               24                 330-340                  113-116
      20               25                 360-370                  119-121
    (Fire Duration = 3 Seconds)
    (Casting Delay = 1 Second)
    Pros: Highest damage elemental bow skill (marginally higher than Freezing
    Arrow). Lasting fire. Always hits.
    Cons: Damage still isn't that high. Insane mana cost. Lasting fire's damage
    is so pitifully low it might as well not be there. Casting delay ruins it.
    Recommended Points: 0 (20 if you really, really want it)
    Comments: Well, as far as elemental bow skills go, I really can't see any way
    in which this is superior to Freezing Arrow. The damage is about 50 higher at
    level 20, and the casting cost is about 3 lower. Big whoop. The radius of effect
    is TINY, the lasting fire does such pitiful damage it's useless, and the skill
    just otherwise does damage and no other effects and will make you run out of mana
    quickly vs. phys immunes. And most damning of all, the one-second casting delay.
    One second might sound like a short time, but compared to Ice and Freezing Arrow
    (both of which don't have a casting delay at all) it is an eternity. In the space
    it takes to fire one Immolation Arrow, you could fire two Freezing Arrows with a
    fast enough bow. Or two Guided Arrows that, with decent Pierce, would hit the enemy
    at least twice each, and if you had 200 elemental damage on your bow (easy to get)
    they would do 800 elemental damage in total. If you really want this skill, max it,
    but I can't recommend it.
    Level          Max Targets         Damage Bonus (%) 
      1                5                     5
      2                6                     10
      3                7                     15
      4                8                     20
      5                9                     25
      6               10                     30
      7               10                     35
      8               10                     40
      9               10                     45
      10              10                     50
      11              10                     55
      12              10                     60
      13              10                     65
      14              10                     70
      15              10                     75
      16              10                     80
      17              10                     85
      18              10                     90
      19              10                     95
      20              10                     100
    (Mana Cost = 11)
    Pros: Auto-aims. Damage bonus. Fires several arrows at one target when a Valkyrie,
    Decoy etc is around, which Multishot cannot do. Mana cost does not increase with
    levels. AWESOMELY COOL.
    Cons: Often not as fast to kill bunched-up enemies as Multishot. Strafe-lock is
    Recommended Points: 12-20
    Comments: Strafe is a love-it-or-hate-it skill, I would say. Still, I think you
    should invest pretty heavily in it, because it's very useful. When practical, you
    should use Strafe, because it is crowd control without the damage penalty (a damage
    bonus, actually). Strafe auto-aims, which is great for killing large groups of 
    hard-to-hit enemies quickly like Demon Imps.. you can only kill one at a time with
    Guided Arrow. And of course, it's a supremely cool skill just to look at. Watch out
    for Strafe lock, however, and don't use it in any situation where you might suddenly
    have to move quickly (charging melee enemies and Ghoul Lord meteors come to mind)
    Level          Mana Cost          Cold Damage
      1                9                 40-50
      2                10                50-60
      3                11                60-70
      4                12                70-80
      5                13                80-90
      6                14                90-100
      7                15               100-110
      8                16               110-120
      9                17               125-135
      10               18               140-150
      11               19               155-165
      12               20               170-180
      13               21               185-195
      14               22               200-210
      15               23               215-225
      16               24               230-240
      17               25               250-260
      18               26               270-280
      19               27               290-300
      20               28               310-320
    (Freeze Length = 2 Seconds)
    (Radius = 3.3 Yards)
    Pros: Freezes groups of enemies at once. Can freeze entire armies with Pierce.
    Good damage for an elemental bow skill. Always hits. Full bow & elemental damage
    applied to all targets in radius, unlike Exploding Arrow.
    Cons: Freeze length is too short and does not improve with levels. Insanely
    high mana cost. Actual damage is still quite low.
    Recommended Points: 1 or 20
    Comments: A good skill if only for the freeze effect. It's very short, but you can
    add to it with items like the Eye of Etlich (which adds a "secret" number of seconds
    to the freeze time) and various sources of cold damage (which add one second each I
    believe). If you have good Pierce or the Buriza, you can fire one of these and freeze
    a huge group of enemies - and the full damage is applied to EVERY enemy hit by the
    splash damage, not just the one you hit directly with the arrow. As are chances to
    cast spells on striking - try it on a group of enemies with decent piercing and
    Goldstrike Arch or Skystrike for an impressive display. I would suggest at the least
    that you put one point in here for the sheer usefulness of freezing groups of enemies,
    and more if you need an elemental bow skill - but be sure to consider Ice Arrow as well
    because Freezing Arrow's mana cost is outrageous. Fortunately, it has no casting delay,
    so you can spam it (while you still have mana, that is :P)
                                   | Passive & Magic Skills |
    Level          Duration (sec)      Enemy Def. Reduced By 
      1                  8                      46
      2                 12                      50
      3                 16                      54
      4                 20                      57
      5                 24                      60
      6                 28                      62
      7                 32                      63
      8                 36                      64
      9                 40                      66
      10                44                      67
      11                48                      68
      12                52                      69
      13                56                      70
      14                60                      70
      15                64                      71
      16                68                      72
      17                72                      72
      18                76                      72
      19                80                      73
      20                84                      73
    (Mana Cost = 5)
    (Radius = 13.3 yards)
    Pros: Erm.. lights up enemies. Duration is freakin' ages at high levels.
    Large area of effect. Constant low mana cost.
    Cons: Slow Missiles also lights up enemies and is far more useful. Defence
    reduction is insignificant except in early stages of game. Diminishing
    Recommended Points: 1 (prereq)
    Comments: Useless, really. The defence reduction won't make a difference
    past act 1 or possibly 2 Normal because it's a straight number and not a
    percentage, and suffers from huge diminishing returns at higher levels (er,
    why? It's not like it would be unbalancingly high otherwise..) Duration is
    huge, but who cares? You'll forget all about this skill when you get Slow
    Level          Chance For Double Damage (%)
      1                      16    
      2                      25   
      3                      32   
      4                      38    
      5                      42    
      6                      46    
      7                      49    
      8                      51    
      9                      54     
      10                     56     
      11                     58     
      12                     59     
      13                     61     
      14                     62     
      15                     63     
      16                     65     
      17                     65     
      18                     66     
      19                     67     
      20                     68
    Pros: A passive chance to do double damage is incredibly good.
    Cons: Diminishing returns at higher levels.
    Recommended Points: 6-8
    Comments: You definitely want this skill, because it is in effect all the
    time and DOUBLES your damage when it activates. Put about 6 to 8 points in
    it (8 is recommended unless you have +2 to skills) to get it to around 50%
    and leave it at that, because extra points won't really increase it enough
    to be worth the points. However, those 6-8 points will be a fantastic
    Level       Chance To Avoid Melee Attack (%)
      1                      18    
      2                      24   
      3                      29   
      4                      34    
      5                      37    
      6                      40    
      7                      42    
      8                      44    
      9                      46     
      10                     47     
      11                     49     
      12                     50     
      13                     51     
      14                     52     
      15                     52     
      16                     54     
      17                     54     
      18                     55     
      19                     55     
      20                     56
    Pros: Grants a straight percentage chance to avoid melee attacks, works while
    Cons: Heavy diminishing returns. Not that useful to a Bowazon.
    Recommended Points: 2
    Comments: As with most of the dodging skills, this skill shouldn't be invested
    into heavily but 2 points will give you a good benefit which can be further
    enhanced by +skills. Dodge isn't that useful for a Bowazon because it only works
    while standing still, and you shouldn't be standing still within melee range of
    enemies (unless you're lagged..). It's a solid skill, however, because it gives a
    straight chance to dodge (unlike shield blocking % which is modified by dexterity)
    and works while attacking (unlike defence which is reduced to 1/3) - but generally
    more useful to a more melee Amazon such as a Spearazon or Tankazon.
    Level             Duration (sec)
      1                     12   
      2                     18 
      3                     24 
      4                     30  
      5                     36  
      6                     42  
      7                     48
      8                     54  
      9                     60   
      10                    66   
      11                    72   
      12                    78  
      13                    84   
      14                    90   
      15                    96   
      16                    102  
      17                    108 
      18                    114 
      19                    120 
      20                    126
    (Mana Cost = 5)
    (Radius = 13.3 yards)
    (Enemy ranged attacks slowed to 33%)
    Pros: Makes enemies with ranged attacks much less threatening, low mana cost,
    stupidly high duration at higher levels, lights up enemies, large radius of effect.
    Cons: Only the duration increases with more points. You still have to dodge ranged
    enemy attacks, it's just easier to.
    Recommended Points: 1
    Comments: Useful, but one point is all you need here as further points only increase
    the duration (not worth extra points). This skill will make it very easy to dodge
    enemy missile attacks as they will move at one-third of their normal speed - just
    make sure that you DO dodge them as they hurt just as much as before. It can 
    sometimes also be tricky to get close enough to the ranged enemies to use this, but
    once you do you can cast it on entire groups at once. Makes enemies like Oblivion
    Knights quite a bit less threatening, and useful in duels (don't use it on orb sorcs!)
    Level       Chance To Avoid Ranged Attack (%)
      1                      24    
      2                      31   
      3                      36   
      4                      41    
      5                      45    
      6                      48    
      7                      50    
      8                      52    
      9                      54    
      10                     55     
      11                     57     
      12                     58     
      13                     60     
      14                     61     
      15                     61     
      16                     63     
      17                     63     
      18                     64     
      19                     64     
      20                     65
    Pros: Provides a straight percentage chance to avoid ranged attacks while standing 
    still. Well suited to a Bowazon.
    Cons: Heavy diminishing returns.
    Recommended Points: 2
    Comments: As with Dodge, 2 points is the best idea here. Useful for a Bowazon if
    you are standing still and attacking a group of ranged attackers, although you
    should really be trying to dodge their attacks with Slow Missiles instead. However,
    it's useful if you're Strafe locked.
    Level            Attack Rating Bonus (%)
      1                      35    
      2                      45   
      3                      55   
      4                      65    
      5                      75    
      6                      85    
      7                      95    
      8                      105    
      9                      115   
      10                     125    
      11                     135    
      12                     145    
      13                     155    
      14                     165    
      15                     175    
      16                     185    
      17                     195    
      18                     205    
      19                     215    
      20                     225
    Pros: Passively increases attack rating by a percentage! No diminishing returns.
    Cons: None, really, unless you spend points here that could be better spent elsewhere.
    Recommended Points: At least 1, more as necessary
    Comments: Well, you should have at least 1 point in this for the 35% bonus (and
    more from +skill items). If you find that your attack rating is so low that your
    to-hit chance is suffering, put more points in. Note, however, that your to-hit
    chance will AUTOMATICALLY suffer if you fight enemies that are a much higher level
    than you, so take that into account and don't put points in blindly. In general, if
    you've maxed a lot of what you want to, extra points in here if you have some spare
    won't hurt... just don't go overboard if you have other places to spend them.
    Level            Mana Cost      Duration (sec) 
      1                 19               10
      2                 18               15
      3                 17               20
      4                 16               25
      5                 16               30
      6                 15               35
      7                 14               40
      8                 13               45
      9                 13               50
      10                12               55
      11               11.5              60
      12               10.7              65
      13                10               70
      14                9.2              75
      15                8.5              80
      16                7.5              85
      17                7                90
      18                6.2              95
      19                5.5              100
      20                4.7              105
    Pros: Provides an extra target for enemies. Extra arrow fired in Strafe. Mana
    cost DECREASES with levels, unlike Valkyrie.
    Cons: Has the same life as you and will therefore not live long. Increasing
    the duration is pointless as it will generally die before the duration runs out.
    Recommended Points: 1 (prereq)
    Comments: Not worth more than one point, as I've found it simply dies too quickly
    to be useful (and it's immobile...) You might want to have an extra one out when
    using Strafe as it adds an extra arrow, but I've never bothered. In general, this
    skill is made COMPLETELY obsolete by Valkyrie.
    Level       Chance To Avoid Any Attack (%)
      1                      18    
      2                      24   
      3                      29   
      4                      34    
      5                      37    
      6                      40    
      7                      42    
      8                      44    
      9                      46    
      10                     47     
      11                     49     
      12                     50     
      13                     51     
      14                     52     
      15                     52     
      16                     54     
      17                     54     
      18                     55     
      19                     55     
      20                     56
    Pros: Works while moving! Works for ANY attack, even area-of-effect spells like
    Cons: Heavy diminishing returns. Evade lock can be a problem.
    Recommended Points: 2
    Comments: 2 points again here for best effect. This one has the heaviest
    diminishing returns of all the avoidance skills, so don't invest any more points
    into it. It's handy for dodging all kinds of attacks while running, tho,
    especially as your defence is nullified (or reduced to 1/3.. can't remember..)
    while running, and it's saved me from countless hits. Just watch out, however,
    as you can get "evade-locked" in the avoidance animation... however, this doesn't
    happen that often, so don't worry too much about it.
    Level            Mana Cost          Life 
      1                 25               362
      2                 29               422
      3                 33               483
      4                 37               543
      5                 41               604
      6                 45               664
      7                 49               724
      8                 53               785
      9                 57               845
      10                61               906
      11                65               966
      12                69               1026
      13                73               1087
      14                77               1147
      15                81               1208
      16                85               1268
      17                89               1328
      18                93               1389
      19                97               1449
      20                101              1510
    (Note: The Valkyrie also gains percentage bonuses to damage, attack rating and
    defence with levels. However, I did not list them here because frankly, they're
    not in any way important and I couldn't be bothered writing them out.)
    Pros: Ungodly amount of life that scales up with difficulty & players. A "meat
    shield" that costs nothing but mana. Can be recasted to move.
    Cons: Ludicrously high mana cost at higher levels. Doesn't actually KILL
    anything. Slow and stupid.
    Recommended Points: 11-12
    Comments: The Valkyrie will be your main "meat shield" and is such, incredibly
    useful. I wouldn't be able to survive Hell difficulty without this skill. The Valk
    takes hits instead of you, basically... think of her as a decoy with a lot of life
    that can move. Don't expect your Valk to be able to kill anything, because she sucks
    at it (which is why the percentage bonuses she gets aren't important). All that
    matters is her life, basically. Her base life increases over difficulty levels (I
    don't have the actual numbers but from observation it seems about 2x in Nightmare
    and about 3.5x in Hell) and also increases proportionally to the number of players
    in a game - ie in a 4 player game she will have 4 times her base life. All of this 
    makes the Valk an incredible tank to keep enemies busy. Unfortunately, she is sloooow
    and constantly skulks behind you instead of running ahead to engage the enemy, which
    means you'll have to get used to recasting her to move her. It'll use up half or all
    your mana, but one or two Multishots should get that back right away with sufficient
    mana leech. In dangerous dungeon areas like the Durance of Hate, try firing Guided
    Arrows ahead through doorways to look for enemies, and if there is some, recast your
    Valk ahead into the room and kill the enemies while they attack her. 11-12 points in
    Valkyrie will give her enough life to generally survive easily, and if you get much
    more you'll be hampering your ability to recast and move her (believe me, you WILL
    need to do this very often). Your Valk will not regenerate like a merc, so in general
    if her health bar turns yellow or red, recast her.
    Level         Chance To Pierce Target
      1                      23    
      2                      34   
      3                      42   
      4                      49    
      5                      55    
      6                      59    
      7                      63    
      8                      65    
      9                      69    
      10                     71     
      11                     73     
      12                     75     
      13                     77     
      14                     79     
      15                     80     
      16                     82     
      17                     82     
      18                     83     
      19                     84     
      20                     85
    Pros: Passive. As it provides a chance for your arrows to pass through a target,
    you can get many hits from one arrow. Elemental arrow effects like Freezing Arrow
    apply to every target hit if the arrow pierces several. Devastating with Guided
    Arrow and very powerful with Multishot too.
    Cons: Diminishing returns. Doesn't always help. The Buriza makes it redundant.
    Recommended Points: 0 or 1 if you have the Buriza. Otherwise, about 5-10.
    Comments: Firstly, if you have the Buriza or even intend to get it, don't put more
    than one point in this skill (don't even put one if the Buriza is the only bow you
    use). This is because the Buriza has a built-in 100% piercing attack that makes
    points in this skill totally useless (and kicks ass, btw ^_^). Otherwise, I would
    recommend about 4-5 points and letting +skill items take it higher, but some like as
    many as 10 or even 20 (although I question the value of taking it from 15 to 20 when
    you're spending 5 points to get 5 percent extra chance..) - it's up to your preference
    and playing style, basically.. if you use the skills it works best with (Freezing,
    Immolation, Guided Arrow) heavily or duel a lot you'll want more points in it. With
    a good level of Pierce, a single Freezing Arrow can freeze entire armies and a Guided
    Arrow can hit two or three times and Multishot hits entire groups instead of the front
                                || SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT ||
                                    | My Equipment |
    This is the equipment my Amazon is currently using... not all of it is my target
    equipment, of course. The item statistics here were taken from the Arreat Summit
    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (Death Mask, Tal Rasha's Wrappings Set)
    Defense: 99-131 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-86)
    Required Level: 66
    Required Strength: 55
    Durability: 20
    10% Life Stolen Per Hit
    10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    All Resistances +15
    +45 Defense
    +30 To Mana
    +60 To Life
    Simply an awesome helm, basically. The 10% dual leech is fantastic, the
    resistances are nice, the defence is good, and the mana and life bonuses
    are great. I have mine socketed with a perfect ruby so that it adds 98 life
    instead of 60. That's nearly 100, and greatly helps me keep fairly high life
    with only 20 vitality. The only thing it lacks is Damage Reduced By %...
    Vampiregaze has this, but I'd only want a v1.08 one as the v1.09 one doesn't
    have as much DR%, and both versions lack as much dual leech as Tal Rasha's mask,
    and also lack the resistances and life/mana bonuses. There isn't much better
    than this when it comes to helms for an Amazon.
    Hwanin's Refuge (Tigulated Mail, Hwanin's Majesty Set)
    Defense: 376-390(Base Defense: 176-190)
    Required Level: 30
    Required Strength: 86
    Durability: 36
    +200 Defense
    10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Static Field When Struck
    Poison Resist +27%
    +100 To Life
    Certainly not the best I armour I could have.. I'm wearing this for the +100
    life, basically, which I need... the other mods aren't particularly good. I'm
    aiming to get a Shaftstop for here, which I will socket with a perfect ruby for
    +98 life, just about as much, and it will have 30% damage reduction and higher
    defence to boot. Also, Tigulated Mail is "heavy" armour, which means it makes
    you move slower than if you're wearing "medium" or "light" armour and also drains 
    stamina faster.
    Buriza-Do Kyanon (Unique Ballista)
    Two-Hand Damage: (85-102) To (142.5-415.5) (113.75-258.75 Avg)
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 110
    Required Dexterity: 80
    Base Weapon Speed: [10]
    +150-200% Enhanced Damage(varies)
    + (2.5 Per Character Level) 2.5-247.5 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
    Adds 32-196 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
    Piercing Attack (100)
    Freezes Target +3
    +75-150 Defense(varies)
    +35 to Dexterity
    80% Increased Attack Speed
    As said above, the enhanced damage on this is variable (mine has 194%). This is
    basically the second or third best bow there is for an Amazon. Damage is the best
    on any bow other than Windforce, 80% increased attack speed brings it up to the same
    speed as most longbows, it adds a large amount of elemental cold damage and duration
    (makes Freezing Arrow freeze for ages..), freezes target (not that useful, since it
    only happens sometimes and lasts a VERY short time), gives a small boost to Defense
    and a massive boost to Dexterity, and has a 100% piercing rate making Pierce redundant
    and making skills like Multishot, Guided Arrow and the elemental bow skills devastating.
    A fantastic weapon. Mine is socketed with a Nef rune for knockback, to compensate for
    my non-use of Cleglaw's Pincers. I believe that the Nef rune IS the best choice for
    socketing in this bow. Why? Well, firstly, due to the way Increased Attack Speed 
    actually increases the attack speed for different weapon classes and in varying amounts..
    to cut a long story short, socketing a Shael rune will make next to no difference in
    the Buriza's firing speed, trust me. The only other contender would be something that
    gives enhanced damage such as a 40% enhanced damage jewel or an Ohm rune, but they don't
    exactly grow on trees and again, my Buriza already has nearly 200% enhanced damage and
    a little more won't make a HUGE difference. I'd really rather have the knockback to
    stunlock enemies and keep them off me. An interesting fact: This weapon's name is
    Japanese for something along the lines of "Blizzard Cannon" :)
    Laying of Hands (Bramble Mitts, The Disciple Set)
    Defense: 79-87 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-62)
    Required Level: 63
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 12
    +25 Defense
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    +350% Damage To Demons
    Fire Resist +50%
    10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Holy Bolt On Attack
    Simply fantastic gloves. The main feature of these gloves is the whopping +350% damage
    to demons boost. This will make you do 4.5 times as much damage (notice the plus sign..)
    as usual against Demon-class enemies - and seeing as Demon-class enemies are very common
    (and all the Act bosses are demons) this is very, very useful. They also provide 20%
    increased attack speed, which is helpful (except if you're using the Buriza, in which
    case it barely makes a difference). The huge +50% boost to fire resistance is GREAT, 
    seeing as the most damaging attacks in the game are fire attacks. They also have decent
    defence, and an annoying tendency to make you constantly fire off Holy Bolts when
    attacking (cool at first, very annoying in quite a short time). I can't really think
    of any other gloves I'd rather be using.
    Aldur's Advance (Battle Boots, Aldur's Watchtower Set)
    Defense: 39-47
    Required Level: 45
    Required Strength: 95
    40% Faster Run/Walk
    +180 Maximum Stamina
    10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    Heal Stamina Plus 32%
    +50 To Life
    Great boots... they basically have everything you'd generally want on boots. 40%
    faster run/walk is the fastest you can get on boots, they give a huge boost to
    stamina and make it regenerate faster (you'll never run out ^_^), a large boost to
    life (very useful for a low vit amazon like mine) and 10% Of Damage Taken Goes To
    Mana is useful against Mana Burn enemies. And Indestructible, although that's just
    gravy, really. There are probably better boots than these, but I can't really think 
    of any at the moment.
    Gloom's Trap (Unique Mesh Belt)
    Defense: 79.2-102.5 (varies)(Base Defense: 35-40)
    Required Level: 36
    Required Strength: 58
    Durability: 16
    16 Boxes
    +120-150% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Increase Maximum Mana 15%
    Regenerate Mana 15%
    +15 To Vitality
    -3 To Light Radius
    Good belt. High defence, a very useful 5% mana leech, +15 to vitality (which
    translates into +45 life for an Amazon) and some mana and mana regen bonuses.
    I'm trying to get String of Ears, however, as it's better.
    The Eye of Etlich (Unique Amulet)
    Required Level: 15
    +1-5 To Light Radius(varies)
    +1 To All Skill Levels
    3-7% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
    Adds (1-2) to (3-5) Cold Damage(varies)
    Cold Duration: 2-12 Seconds*
    +10-40 Defense vs. Missile(varies)*
    Fantastic amulet.. I really can't think of many I would rather have. The +1
    to skill levels is nice, but the main feature is the much needed life leech
    (mine has a perfect 7%) and the added cold duration is also VERY effective if
    you use Freezing Arrow. The only amulet I would really rather have is Crescent
    Moon for the dual leech, and even then I would lose the +1 skills and cold 
    duration, so I don't want it THAT much (the max life leech is lower than Etlich's
    and I don't really need more mana leech). 
    RING 1
    Manald Heal (Unique Ring)
    Required Level: 15
    4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit(varies)
    Replenish Life +5-8(varies)
    Regenerate Mana 20%
    +20 To Life
    A great ring, mainly for the mana leech (mine has an almost perfect 6%) and the bonus
    to life (again useful for a low Vit amazon). The Replenish Life and Regenerate
    Mana are gravy and not really needed. I wouldn't really want any other unique
    ring instead of this because no others have mana leech, although some rare rings
    might be worthwhile.
    RING 2
    Death Turn (Rare Ring)
    Required Level: 48
    Adds 1-18 Lightning Damage
    4% Life Stolen Per Hit
    Fire Resist +11%
    Cold Resist +17%
    Lightning Resist +30%
    Poison Resist +11%
    I found this rare ring a while ago (forgot where) and it's great because it has
    some life steal AND resistances (in particular a lot of lightning resistance).
                                    | Recommended Equipment |
    Here I will list the stats and a short commentary on what I believe to be the ideal
    equipment in each category. I will of course forget things, so don't worry if your 
    favourite (insert type of equipment here) isn't listed because I can't remember
    everything. This is just what I'm aiming to get.
    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (Death Mask, Tal Rasha's Wrappings Set)
    Defense: 99-131 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-86)
    Required Level: 66
    Required Strength: 55
    Durability: 20
    10% Life Stolen Per Hit
    10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    All Resistances +15
    +45 Defense
    +30 To Mana
    +60 To Life
    I've already said above why this one is good, especially when socketed with a 
    perfect ruby or Um rune.
    Vampiregaze (Unique Grim Helm)
    Defense: 122-252 (varies)(Base Defense: 60-125)
    Defense: 60-125
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 58
    Durability: 40
    +100% Enhanced Defense
    Adds 6-22 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
    15% Stamina Drain
    6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
    6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit(varies)
    Damage Reduced By 15-20%(varies)
    Magic Damage Reduced By 10-15(varies)
    A very good helmet, although the v1.09 version is considerably worse than the
    v1.08 version (which always had 8% dual leech and 25% damage reduction) and
    therefore, not that necessary. It lacks life/mana bonuses and resistances like
    Tal's mask, which is unfortunate, but many would say the damage reduction makes
    up for it.
    Valkyrie Wing (Unique Winged Helm)
    Defense: 215-297 (varies)(Base Defense: 85-98)
    Required Level: 44
    Required Strength: 115
    Durability: 40
    +150-200% Defense(varies)
    +1-2 To Amazon Skill Levels(varies)
    20% Faster Run/Walk
    20% Faster Hit Recovery
    +2-4 To Mana After Each Kill(varies)
    Alright if it has +2 Amazon skill levels, but I'd rather have a rare circlet
    with that and some leech, myself. That, and Great/Winged/Spired Helms look 
    terrible on the Amazon :) The v1.08 version of this is far, far better.
    Harlequin Crest (Unique Shako)
    Defense: 98-141
    Required Level: 62
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 12
    +2 To All Skills
    + (1.5 Per Character Level) 1.5-148.5 To Life (Based On Character Level)
    + (1.5 Per Character Level) 1.5-148.5 To Mana (Based On Character Level)
    Damage Reduced By 10%
    50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    +2 To Strength
    +2 To Dexterity
    +2 To Vitality
    +2 To Energy
    A great helm, although it's better for say a Sorceress than an Amazon, lacking
    important things like leech. The life and mana bonuses are great, tho, but it's
    very rare and I wouldn't bother trying to get it myself.
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest - I simply feel this has the best
    combination of mods out of all these helmets, barring a v1.08 Vampiregaze.
    Twitchthroe (Unique Studded Leather Armour)
    Defense: 57-60
    Required Level: 16
    Required Strength: 27
    Durability: 32
    +25 Defense
    25% Increase chance of blocking*
    20% Faster Hit Recovery*
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    +10 To Dexterity
    +10 To Strength
    The 20% IAS on this armour is very good, and the +10 to Strength and Dexterity
    are okay. The rest of the mods aren't too useful, and the defence sucks (not that
    it matters that much). Many Amazons use this, but the IAS won't make that much of
    a difference if you use the Buriza.
    Rattlecage (Unique Gothic Plate)
    Defense: 328-335
    Required Level: 29
    Required Strength: 70
    Durability: 55
    +200 Defense
    25% Chance of Crushing Blow*
    Hit Causes Monster To Flee 40%*
    +45 To Attack Rating
    Two useful mods here - Crushing Blow and Hit Causes Monster To Flee. Both are
    of utility, and the defence is alright, but there are still lots of better 
    armours out there IMO.
    Crow Caw (Unique Tigulated Mail)
    Defense: 442.5-534.8 (varies)(Base Defense: 176-190)
    Required Level: 37
    Required Strength: 86
    Durability: 36
    +150-180% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    15% Increased Attack Speed
    15% Faster Hit Recovery
    35% Chance of Open Wounds
    +15 Dexterity
    Basically Twitchthroe with a lot more defence, 5% less IAS and 5 more Dexterity.
    My comments are basically the same.
    Shaftstop (Unique Mesh Armour)
    Defense: 517.4-684.8 (varies)(Base Defense: 198-213)
    Required Level: 38
    Required Strength: 92
    Durability: 45
    +160-220% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    Damage Reduced By 30%
    +250 Defense Vs. Missile
    +60 To Life
    IMO, this is where it's at. The defence is good, but the main feature is the
    30% damage reduction, which is amazing. Since Bowazons can't use Stormshield,
    this is the most DR you will be able to get. And, +60 to life is very good, and
    if you socket it with a pruby, it will become +98, very useful for low Vitality
    Hwanin's Refuge (Tigulated Mail, Hwanin's Majesty Set)
    Defense: 376-390(Base Defense: 176-190)
    Required Level: 30
    Required Strength: 86
    Durability: 36
    +200 Defense
    10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Static Field When Struck
    Poison Resist +27%
    +100 To Life
    If you're a low Vitality Amazon, then this is what you use until you can get
    Shaftstop. (still using it myself :) ) The +100 to life is pretty much necessary
    to have on your equipment.
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Shaftstop - the damage reduction is pretty much the best mod
    you can get on an armour, AND it has a large life bonus (one of the other very 
    important mods on armour). Especially if you're using the Buriza and don't benefit
    much from IAS, this is the armour to get.
    Cleglaw's Pincers (Chain Gloves, Cleglaw's Brace Set)
    Defense: 8-9
    Required Level: 4
    Required Strength: 25
    Durability: 16
    Slows Target by 25%
    Great to start off with, and some Bowzons continue to use these for their whole
    career. These will keep melee enemies off you with Multishot as they knock them
    back AND slow them down by a lot. And they're powerful to the point of being fairly
    cheap and unfair in PvP.
    The Hand of Broc (Unique Leather Gloves)
    Defense: 13.3-14.8
    Required Level: 5
    Durability: 12
    +10-20% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    +10 Defense
    3% Life Stolen Per Hit
    3% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Poison Resist +10%
    +20 To Mana
    The dual leech is nice, but there isn't really enough of it. Again, good for
    beginners, but not too much help to higher level characters.
    Laying of Hands (Bramble Mitts, The Disciple Set)
    Defense: 79-87 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-62)
    Required Level: 63
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 12
    +25 Defense
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    +350% Damage To Demons
    Fire Resist +50%
    10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Holy Bolt On Attack
    IMO, these are *the* best gloves in the game for any non-spellcaster, giving
    IAS, a huge boost to fire resistance and most of all, a MASSIVE damage boost
    to demons (quite a common enemy type which the five act bosses also share).
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Laying of Hands - basically for the reason I said above. There
    aren't too many good gloves for weapon-based characters in the game, and these ones
    are outstanding.
    Treads of Chthon (Unique Chain Boots)
    Defense: 22.4-24.6
    Required Level: 15
    Required Strength: 30
    Durability: 16
    +30-40% Enhanced Defense
    +12 Defense
    50% Stamina Drain
    30% Faster Run/Walk
    +50 Defense VS. Missile*
    +10 To Life
    Good to start off with, but overshadowed by Aldur's Advance once you reach
    higher levels.
    Goblin Toe (Unique Light Plated Boots)
    Defense: 28.5-32.6
    Required Level: 22
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 18
    +50-60% Enhanced Defense
    25% Chance of a Crushing Blow
    -1 To Light Radius
    Damage Reduced By 1
    Magic Damage Reduced By 1
    +15 Defense
    The Crushing Blow is fantastic, but the one problem these boots have is a lack
    of faster run/walk. If you can get it on other items or can stand moving like a
    turtle (that's how it feels after using 40% boots anyway) then these are good. Just
    remember that Crushing Blow doesn't work on unique or boss monsters.
    Gore Rider (Unique War Boots)
    Defense: 114.4-162 (varies)(Base Defense: 43-53)
    Required Level: 47
    Required Strength: 93
    Durability: 34
    +160-200% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    30% Faster Run/Walk
    10% Chance Of Open Wounds
    15% Chance Of Crushing Blow
    15% Deadly Strike
    Requirements -25%
    +20 Maximum Stamina
    Great. High defence, faster run/walk, *crushing blow* (albeit less than Goblin
    Toe) AND deadly strike. Only thing it lacks is life bonuses.
    Aldur's Advance (Battle Boots, Aldur's Watchtower Set)
    Defense: 39-47
    Required Level: 45
    Required Strength: 95
    40% Faster Run/Walk
    +180 Maximum Stamina
    10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    Heal Stamina Plus 32%
    +50 To Life
    Also great, as they have all the "boot" mods. 40% faster run/walk, HUGE boost
    to stamina, and you even recover it faster! Also a huge life bonus (for boots)
    and a "vulpine" modifier (10% damage taken goes to mana) that helps against mana
    burn uniques.
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Gore Rider - Fantastic for the crushing blow AND deadly strike,
    but low Vitality bowazons may prefer the stamina and life bonuses on Aldur's Advance.
    Personally, I'd rather use Gore Rider even on my low Vitality bowazon (but I don't
    have it)
    M'avina's Tenet (Sharkskin Belt, M'avina's Battle Hymn Set)
    Defense: 81-86 (varies)(Base Defense: 31-36)
    Required Level: 45
    Required Strength: 20
    Durability: 14
    +50 Defense
    20% Faster Run/Walk
    +5 To Light Radius
    5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Has the relatively common and useful 5% mana steal on a belt, as well as 20% faster
    run/walk. While it's overshadowed by other belts, I still keep it for when I need to 
    run fast (PvP for example)
    Wilhelm's Pride (Battle Belt, Orphan's Call Set)
    Defense: 64-75 (varies)(Base Defense: 37-42)
    Required Level: 42
    Required Strength: 88
    Durability: 18
    +75% Enhanced Defense
    5% Life Stolen Per Hit
    5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Cold Resist +10%
    The dual leech is great, although it doesn't have much else. Still, a very good belt.
    Gloom's Trap (Unique Mesh Belt)
    Defense: 79.2-102.5 (varies)(Base Defense: 35-40)
    Required Level: 36
    Required Strength: 58
    Durability: 16
    16 Boxes
    +120-150% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Increase Maximum Mana 15%
    Regenerate Mana 15%
    +15 To Vitality
    -3 To Light Radius
    The useful 5% mana steal and other good mods - gives you more mana and makes you
    regen it faster, and gives a large boost to Vitality (equates to 45 life for Amazons).
    The defence is also amazing for a belt.
    String of Ears (Unique Demonhide Sash)
    Defense: 90-113 (varies)(Base Defense: 29-34)
    Required Level: 29
    Required Strength: 20
    Durability: 22
    16 Boxes
    +150-180% Enhanced Defense(varies)
    +15 Defense
    6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit(varies)
    Damage Reduced By 10-15%(varies)
    Magic Damage Reduced 10-15(varies)
    Fantastic. Up to 8% life steal (most there is on a belt) which is very useful, and
    best of all, up to 15% damage reduction (and magic damage reduction, but that's
    nowhere near as useful as it used to be). And even more defence than Gloom's Trap.
    The v1.08 version of this is very good because the life steal, damage reduction
    and magic damage reduction are always at their maximum (8%, 15%, 15)
    MY RECOMMENDATION: String of Ears - While it lacks mana leech, it makes up for it
    in a large amount of life leech and the damage reduction is simply amazing.
    AMULETS & RINGS - Not done yet. Coming soon, hopefully. In short, Eye of Etlich is
    a pretty good amulet and Manald Heal is a pretty good ring, although I'm sure there
    are plenty more.
                                   || ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ||
    The Arreat Summit (http://www.diabloii.net/diablo2exp) For providing a lot of the
    information - in particular, the statistics for the skills and equipment. The equipment
    statistics were copied and pasted from there because I am lazy. :)
    Blizzard North for making such an amazingly addictive game with the most replay value
    I have seen on any game, ever, and producing a great online service like Battle.net for
    absolutely free.
    The users of the GameFAQs Diablo II: Lord of Destruction message board for their help,
    support and general community - you're great people to be on a message board with. Thanks.
    GameFAQs and CJayC for hosting this FAQ - it's much appreciated.
    Until next time:
                                                        --Xythar Darkmoon, Master Magus

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