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    PvP Throwing Barbarian Guide by J.Lau

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 05/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
    PvP Throwing Barbarian Guide
    By: Joey Lau (J.Lau)
    Email: joeyl128@hotmail.com
    For: Computer
    Date: May 5, 2002
    Latest Version: 1.03
    Patch: 1.09
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    Joey Lau. It can be found
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    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Stat Distribution
        - Strength
        - Dexterity
        - Vitality
        - Energy
    III. Skill Distribution
    VI. Equipment
        - Main Weapon
        - Secondary Weapon
        - Armor
        - Helm
        - Gloves
        - Boots
        - Belt
        - Ring1
        - Ring2
        - Ammy
        - Charms
    V. What To Do Against...
        - Barbarians
         a. Weapon/Shield
         b. Lancers/Maulers/etc.
         c. Throwers
         d. Hybrids
        - Paladins
         a. Chargers
         b. Smiters
         c. FoH'ers
        - Druids
         a. Weapon/Shield Werewolf
         b. No Shield Werewolf
         c. Werebear
         d. Elemental
        - Assassins
         a. Martial Artists
         b. Trappers
        - Sorceress'
         a. FO/TS
         b. Nova
         c. Hydra
        - Amazons
         a. Bowazons
         b. Javazons
         c. Hybridzons
        - Necromancers
         a. PDR/block
         b. 9 frame/block
         c. No PDR/block
    VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution
    VII. Where to find good Throwing Weapons...
    VIII. Thanks To...
    I. Introduction
    Hi this is AzN GaMeR - My GameFAQs account name (Was known as *HolySamurai, 
    now is *HostileFire on the USEast Realm). This is a Barbarian I have been 
    playing with for about 4 months now (SpEeDyThRoWeR, lvl. 93) and he is doing 
    extremely well in most duel games I join (legit private and public). I will 
    help you out with my experiences as a PvP Throw Barb during the duration of 
    this guide and I hope you will appreciate what I’m doing. Also this is 
    pretty much my very first FAQ so manner please. I'll be using a lot of 
    Diablo II terminology so if you need help go ask on the boards or check out 
    Sashanan's Terminology FAQ...
    II. Stat Distribution
    Strength: If you can use your equipment without the +stats from your shield 
    or weapon you will not run the risk of popping too much. So put just enough 
    str for you equipment without the shield or weapon boosting them.
    Dexterity: More dex means more damage and chance to attack (+AR items help 
    more though) but the damage doesn’t go up too much so leave it just enough 
    for the use of all your equipment.
    Vitality: All the rest of the stat pts. go in here.
    Energy: None needed since it doesn’t require too much mana to Dbl. Throw...
    III. Skill Distribution
    I’ll only be listing the ones you need to put pts. in and remember to put 1 
    in all the prerequisites.
    1      - Battle Command (+1 for BO)
    1      - Frenzy (Fun to charge up and throw)
    10     - Inc. Speed (Adds by % of your original R/W which means it can add a 
    10     - Nat. Resistance (It doesn't really need to be so high in legit 
    duels because duels are usually held in NM but most of the people reading 
    this go to PK/duel games which means a lot of Hell games)
    1      - Leap Attack (There are sometimes when you need to jump... You can 
    use this to leap over rivers if needed to run away O_O)
    Max    - Battle Order (Mmmm double life...)
    Max    - Throwing Mastery (Only way to deal more damage)
    Max    - Dbl. Throw (More AR = must have... 8k AR = the minimum you should 
    Random - The rest of the pts. or more in Inc. Speed and Nat. Resistance... I 
    chose Iron Skin because casting Shout is annoying...
    VI. Equipment
    I’ll list the top choices of each armor, weapon, etc. below... Keep in mind 
    Throw Barbs can't use Titan's Revenge and they cannot socket throwing items. 
    Also if you pass 55% IAS on a Throw Barb a glitch starts up in which only 1 
    javelin will lose quantity which will result in fairly short duels (Edit: I 
    believe this only happens with Cruel Winged Harpoons).
    Main Weapon:
    1) 2xCruel Winged Harpoons
    2) 2xCruel Stygian Pilums
    3) Cruel Ghost Glaives if it has 20%+ IAS mod
    Secondary Weapon:
    1) Two +3 Warcry Swords/Javelins/Axes/etc.
    2) One +3 Warcry Sword/Javelin/Axe/etc. and Whistan's Guard (Eld rune) - My 
    dex is high enough so that I have max block at lvl. 93 but keep in mind not 
    all shields only need that little dex to max block some need more
    1) Shaftstop (ED/IAS, ED/Max, IAS, ED, Um rune or Jah rune)
    2) Guardian Angel (Um rune) - Only use is for elemental type characters but 
    isn't needed too much
    3) ED/IAS or ED/Max Jeweler's (insert light armor with low str requirement 
    and can reach 4 sockets here) of the Whale
    1) .09 Arreat's Face (ED/IAS, ED/Max, IAS, ED, Um rune or Jah rune)
    2) .08/.09 Vampire Gaze (ED/IAS, ED/Max, IAS, ED, Um rune or Jah rune) - Not 
    the best choice of helm but the extra PDR helps against Zons
    1) Sigon's - 10% life leech and 30% IAS allows you to tank arrows, WWs, etc. 
    and gives you speed in your attacks
    2) Crafted 20% IAS, Knockback gloves - Any extra mods like life leech would 
    help a lot
    1) Sigon's - The only spot where it would be viable without totally screwing 
    a build
    2) War Travelers - +damage, +Vit and +Str = very useful
    3) IK's - the +AR and +life is also good another of the Thrower's top 
    1) String of Ears - Hopefully perfect PDR and life leech which helps out a 
    2) M'avina's Tenet - Extra 20% R/W helps a lot against Zons though not as 
    much as Strings help
    1) Raven Frost (+AR is more useful then +dex so try to get the highest +AR 
    1) Corruption Grip (+AR and mana leech is needed with all the #1 choices)
    2) Viper Whorl (+AR though not as high as Corruption Grip but has +life and 
    +mana mods)
    1) Corruption Heart/Havoc Torc (Corruption Heart for more leech and +dex but 
    Havoc Torc for Hell if your resistance doesn't max)
    2) Cat's Eye (R/W, 20% IAS and +25 dex is very useful)
    Charms: (Any of these put together is very useful as well)
    1) R/W SCs
    2) +Life SCs
    3) +AR, +dmg SCs
    4) +1 Warcry with +40 life GC
    V. What To Do Against...
    Any other problems you have against any other characters just message me or 
    post on the board and I can help you out if I have experience against them. 
    Keep in mind I don't over abuse absorb the most I usually use is the very 
    least a Raven (standard) and Guardian Angel. Also as you can see reading the 
    above I don't use poison since its bugged in PvP and doesn't go through the 
    1/4 PvP penalty but its your choice you pubbie duelers ^_^
    1) Barbarians
    A. Weapon/Shield
    Most Weapon/Shield Barbs out right now have max PDR, max block and a lot of 
    life. This is one of the hardest match-ups for the Throw Barb since desynch 
    will most likely allow for them to hit you and you ending up losing all the 
    damage you have done or your Javelins will most likely run out for you and 
    you'll end up having to end the match. Try to get them on the run chasing 
    after you and start chucking javelins back at them is the only thing you can 
    do. Any other Barb that doesn't have too much PDR will most likely die 
    though since you can pretty much stand there and watch there life go down 
    (Hehe I actually did that it was funny tanking WW against a Barb with max 
    block but couldn't tank damage for ****). Also while running around the 
    ponds it seems as you get stuck on it a lot which seems to cause more 
    desynch so try not to use it too much.
    B. Lancers/Maulers/etc.
    Well any Barb without a Shield, even with max PDR will not beat a good Throw 
    Barb unless your javelins break. Use the same strat that you use vs. 
    Weapon/Shield Barbs but most likely you can tank the Whirlwind and they will 
    end up on the floor after the Whirlwind because you would've been still 
    chucking the javelins at them while they were Whirlwinding. Good Barbs with 
    no shields though have high IAS on their weapon and either has high AR or 
    the Eth bug which means tanking might equal your death pretty quick.
    C. Throwers
    One of the most fun match-ups. Try to anticipate where they will be going 
    and to dodge the javelins that come towards you. Also keep in mind that 
    "locking" on them isn't a good idea since it is easily avoided by running 
    around and they get a better chance to hit you by stopping and then tossing 
    1 Dbl. Throw then start to run again.
    D. Hybrids
    Most Hybrids I know are of the Weapon/Shield - Thrower variant and are very 
    versatile taking the best of both worlds (Lol go buy that CD). Play more 
    defensively seeing as how you'll never know when they switch and change on 
    you. Take advantage when they get lag before the switch and they end up 
    using WW as a Thrower (Haha thats you PKPKPK).
    2) Paladins
    A. Chargers
    Another hard match-up if its against a really good Charger but most aren't 
    too good so just keep running back and tossing and use the ponds to your 
    advantage (Edit: Ponds will stop the constant charge attack). Run away as 
    fast as you can when you see the Holy Freeze aura under him and they will 
    most likely take it off so you can run at them again and start chucking. 
    They desynch a lot more then Barbs though so be careful.
    B. Smiters
    Probably a lot easier then the Chargers since they aren't as fast. Keep 
    running and then chucking javelins back most Smiters probably also have FoH 
    though so try to get away if you ever see the Conviction aura under you. 
    Leap Attack out at times when you seem to be stuck to a wall, pond, house, 
    C. FoH'ers
    Most of the ones I duel just stand there casting FoH so I don't know how 
    good they really are because most of them die even with max block and PDR...
    3) Druids
    A. Weapon/Shield Werewolf
    Sort've like dueling a Zealot but usually a lot stronger and has more R/W. 
    Duel them exactly like the Weapon/Shield Barbs and they will die easy since 
    they don't have Whirlwind to screw with you though the across the screen 
    Fury can hurt a lot. (Remember the pond desynch~)
    B. No Shield Werewolf
    Easy... Duel same as above but they die a lot quicker since they don't use a 
    C. Werebear
    Wearbears don't do sufficient damage to hurt you greatly though they do have 
    more life the Werewolves. You can usually tank all their attacks while 
    chuckin' Javalins of your own.
    D. Elemental
    I've dueled these a few times and I think that one of them might've been the 
    best PvP Elemental Druid (from the DiabloII.Net forum of course). Not hard 
    at all other then that they seem to have a lot of life, max block and max 
    PDR and it was a very annoying duel while they run around like a madman.
    4) Assassins
    A. Martial Artists
    Another one of the harder match-ups against experienced ones (Haha too bad 
    there aren't too many other then from the people at DiabloII.Net forums). 
    They usually MB then DF in then put you in a sort of stun lock (I had 56% 
    FHR and can barely get out) with real damaging Scissor Suwayyah's, nice 
    ethereal claws, quick weapons, etc... Try to run downward or to the left 
    which sort've screws with the DF targeting. And whenever they cast MB try to 
    LA out of it right after cause you don't want to be caught in the stun lock. 
    Or you can try to cause them to get block animation, which might allow you 
    to run away for a short time.
    B. Trappers
    Haha most of these aren't too good at all. The only 2 Trappers I knew that 
    beat me a few times was *CC-Maxus and my cousin PKPKPK and they both had an 
    awesome trapper with 75% PDR, max block, 1.9k+ and 10-12 frame MB. Try to LA 
    out a lot when you see MB and just so you know LS isn't too good of a 
    Trapper skill and any Trapper using solely LS isn't too good. WoF should be 
    the choice for most Trappers.
    5) Sorceress'
    A. FO/TS
    This is what most Sorcs are though not many know how to use them well. I've 
    been seeing a lot of PDR/Block Sorcs now, which may cause some trouble since 
    they can just tank you and cast FO most of the time. The ones with no block 
    and Oculus (or Wizzy for that matter) though usually die very easily since 
    they usually cast at 8-9 frames and you can get a "lock" onto them and they 
    will die in about 2 Dbl. Throws. Not many know that maxed CM works real well 
    too so the FO isn't as damaging as it should be. Again the real hard ones I 
    duel I can barely beat (8 frame cast/max block/1.5k+ life/high FO and CM) 
    and of course they come from DiabloII.Net and that person I'm mainly talking 
    about is GirI so if you ever want a challenge message him. What you do 
    against most good Sorcs though is toss Javelins in the direction they will 
    probably tele into or are tele-ing from. The FO trap = nasty though so watch 
    out for that.
    B. Nova
    Haha Nova Sorcs die real fast unless they have both PDR and block. They 
    think you're a Zon and they think a few measly lvl. 40+ Nova's and their TS 
    will kill you but they are usually very wrong. Just tank the Novas and toss 
    javelins like mad. Message *awksamurai if you want to own someone... He 
    casts at 9 frames, has no block, around 1.2k life and thinks his lvl. 42+ 
    TS/Nova will kill all (keep in mind he complains a lot about any kind of 
    absorb or Guardian Angel even when no one uses it and he will accuse you of 
    using them probably whenever you kill him)...
    C. Hydra
    Play defensively and wait till they come after you. Some just hide in their 
    Hydras, which is when you toss at them from a screen away. Try to target 
    using your cursor and aiming for them.
    6) Amazons
    A. Bowazon
    Not too hard actually unless they have real skill and abuse Buriza, slow, 
    knockback, Windy and/or pierce. Get them to chase you and chuck those 
    javelins back at them or use that aiming you should be practicing and toss 
    from one or two screens away. Keep yourself running and this is where the 
    secondary weapon + shield comes in with 80% block (glitched for Whistan's 
    supposedly) you can run away and not cause too many invisible arrows on 
    yourself. Never get too close so they can "lock" on you because against good 
    7-8 fps Zons you're dead.
    B. Javazon
    A very annoying match-up being they are pretty much the better Thrower. They 
    can dodge your attacks, max block, max PDR, and get around 1.5k+ life. Duel 
    them like you would Throwers other then that try to be a little more 
    defensive. Also there are a few good "Jabazons" out there with perfect 
    ethereal Titan's, max block, a lot of IAS, good % to hit, max PDR, 2k+ life 
    and high R/W which might cause a lot of trouble if you don't run a few 
    frames faster then them.
    C. Hybridzon
    This is what most legit duelers go. Very annoying since they can tank 
    themselves in near you then switch to a Bow and shoot you down. Most of them 
    don't actually use LF in duels though and mainly use the Titan's for R/w and 
    the shield to tank for them until they can get near you. Run a lot and 
    attack backwards hoping to get them while they are running.
    7) Necromancers
    A. PDR/block
    I play most Necromancers very offensively since they go down pretty fast 
    after the BA wears off. Actually try to dodge most of the BS' since it hurts 
    very badly and to keep them on the run so they don't cast it too much. Not 
    many will try to go BS for Dbl. Throw since the Throw Barb will always win. 
    I've beaten a few of the better Necromancers from the DiabloII.Net PvP 
    forums. This is a match where you really have to anticipate where they go 
    next since they are usually on the run. All PDR/block Necros usually cast at 
    10 frames. Use walls to block Invisible BS' which happen a lot and never 
    stop and stand in the open.
    B. 9 frame/block
    Same as above other then maybe play even more offensively and chase him down 
    and chuck those javelins like mad. No PDR = very bad against Throw Barbs.
    C. No PDR/block
    Haha the crappiest of the Necro duelers other then they have an advantage 
    over you in Necro vs. Sorc, Necro vs. Necro, etc. They might have around 
    1.8k+ life but that block could save their lives. Play all out offensive and 
    don't even bother dodging the BS' and they might try to get very few of them 
    off at once after they notice that.
    VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution
    1) My Equipment
    Main Weapons:
    A. Cruel Winged Harpoon of the Wraith (298%ED, 7% mana leech)
    B. Cruel Winged Harpoon of Strength (285%ED, +2 str)
    Secondary Weapons:
    A. +3 Warcry Sword
    B. +3 Warcry Sword
    A. Shaftstop (ED/IAS)
    B. Guardian Angel (Um rune)
    A. Perf. .09 Arreat's Face (ED/Max)
    A. Sigon's
    A. Sigon's
    A. Perf. String of Ears
    B. Thundergod's Vigor
    A. Corruption Grip
    B. 248AR/20dex Raven
    A. Corruption Heart
    B. Havoc Torc
    The same I listed above other then most of them have secondary mods...
    2) Base Stat Distribution
    Strength: 123
    Dexterity: 150
    Vitality: 277
    Energy: 10
    3) Stats
    Life w. BO: 3633
    Mana w. BO: 319
    Attack Rating: 9659
    Defense w. Shout: 5521
    Throw Damage1: 301-2170
    Throw Damage2: 295-2110
    VII. Where to find good Throwing Weapons...
    They sell them here... Or you can find some magic elite throwing weapons in 
    the Hell, Moo Moo Farm.
    |Difficulty | Act | Shop from?|
    |   Hell    |  4  |   Halbu   |
    |   Hell    |  5  |   Anya    |
    |   Hell    |  5  |   Malah   |
    VIII. Thanks To...
    CJayC - For finally posting it after I mailed him it 2... 3 times was it? 
    Phreek (DiabloII.Net forum) - He got me all excited about this build and too 
    bad he's quitting wish him luck with DAoC
    PhiSig67 (DiabloII.Net and GameFAQ name) - Pretty much made up the Hybrid 
    build and he keeps bugging me to make one... I started on one but my sword 
    disappeared so I quit on him again...
    PKPKPK (GameFAQ name) - Haha my cousin. We practice duel a lot and our skill 
    is pretty much equal.
    People from clan gosupvp - Thanks for the duels!
    Unpublished FAQ © 2002 Joey Lau

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