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    PvP Burizon Guide by J.Lau

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
    PvP Burizon Guide
    By: Joey Lau (J.Lau)
    Email: joeyl128@hotmail.com
    For: Computer
    Date: May 5, 2002
    Latest Version: 1.02
    Patch: 1.09
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    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Stat Distribution
        - Strength
        - Dexterity
        - Vitality
        - Energy
    III. Skill Distribution
    VI. Equipment
        - Main Weapon
        - Secondary Weapon
        - Armor
        - Helm
        - Gloves
        - Boots
        - Belt
        - Ring1
        - Ring2
        - Ammy
        - Charms
    V. What To Do Against...
        - Barbarians
         a. Weapon/Shield
         b. Lancers/Maulers/etc.
         c. Throwers
         d. Hybrid
        - Paladins
         a. Chargers
         b. Smiters
         c. FoH'ers
        - Druids
         a. Weapon/Shield Werewolf
         b. No Shield Werewolf
         c. Werebear
         d. Elemental
        - Assassins
         a. Martial Artists
         b. Trappers
        - Sorceress'
         a. FO/TS
         b. Nova
         c. Hydra
        - Amazons
         a. Bowazons
         b. Javazons
         c. Hybridzons
        - Necromancers
         a. PDR/block
         b. 9 frame/block
         c. No PDR/block
    VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution
    VII. Thanks To...
    I. Introduction
    Hi this is AzN GaMeR - My GameFAQs account name (also formerly known as 
    *HolySamurai, now is *HostileFire on the USEast Realm). I've been playing 
    Amazons since I bought the Expansion on and off for awhile now. She was 
    usually always fun because it was so easy to win in public duel games with 
    and nothing was too much of a challenge other then those PDR/Block Sorcs. 
    This is a Zon for you people that just want to own public game duelers with 
    lil problems ^^ My latest Zon was a Hybrid Bow/Java Amazon (BurizaNewbie, 
    lvl. 83) and didn't lose too many duels at all. Again I'll be using Diablo 
    II terminology so if you need help go ask on the boards or check out 
    Sashanan's Terminology FAQ... I don't believe in most pubbie duel rules 
    though and I refuse to abuse anything other then pierce O_O
    II. Stat Distribution
    Strength: If you can use your equipment without the +stats from your shield 
    or weapon you will not run the risk of popping too much. So put just enough 
    STR for you equipment without the shield or weapon boosting them.
    Dexterity: More DEX means more damage and but the damage doesn’t go up too 
    much so leave it just enough for the use of all your equipment and to max 
    Vitality: All the rest of the stat pts. go in here.
    Energy: None... (Notice how no PvP character at all needs any pts. in 
    III. Skill Distribution
    I’ll only be listing the ones you need to put pts. in and remember to put 1 
    in all the prerequisites.
    1   - Jab (More pts could help but its going to hurt in other skills by 
    putting more in)
    1   - Pierce (Only needed for LF)
    1   - Valkyrie (More pts. aren't needed its suppose to be a short term tank 
    5+  - Critical Strike (Works in PvP to double damage)
    12  - Dodge (50% - Dodges melee attacks while standing)
    12  - Evade (60% - Dodges range attacks while standing)
    13  - Avoid (50% - Dodges both melee and range attacks while running)
    Max - Lightning Fury (Mostly for leveling purposes but its still useful in 
    PvP situations)
    Max - Guided Arrow
    VI. Equipment
    I’ll list the top choices of each armor, weapon, etc. below... I mainly went 
    for a super leech Burizon and it proved very useful being able to tank 
    Windy, Ith, etc. bows and come out on the winning end.
    Main Weapon:
    1) Buriza (duhhhh... Amn rune = thnx~)
    Secondary Weapon:
    1) Ethereal Titan's Revenge w. Whistan's Guard (Eld rune)
    2) Titan's Revenge w. Whistan's Guard (Eld rune)
    1) Shaftstop (ED/Max, ED, +resist jewel/rune, or Jah rune)
    2) Guardian Angel (Um rune) - In those 1v1s against Sorcs it could be useful
    3) Smoke Armor ('NefLum' I used it in a Ghost Armor) - +50 prismatic is a 
    lot if you don't have a lot of resist anywhere else.
    1) .08/.09 Vampire Gaze (ED/Max, ED, +resist jewel/rune or Jah rune) - .08 
    would be best but if you can't afford it you can do with .09...
    2) Rockstopper/Harlequin's Crest - Just because ^^
    1) Sigon's - 10% life leech and 30% IAS covers a lot
    1) Sigon's - Well you can't get that 10% life leech and 30% IAS anywhere 
    1) String of Ears - Hopefully perfect PDR and life leech which helps out a 
    2) Thundergod's Vigor - Real useful against only Nova/TS players...
    1) Raven Frost (+DEX is more useful then +AR so try to get the highest +DEX 
    1) Viper Whorl (+AR isn't too important but has +life and +mana mods and the 
    all important resist that all Zons seem to need)
    2) High life leech ring (I had an 11%LL/+47 life/etc. crafted ring which I 
    planned to use in those 1v1s against people that didn't abuse poison and did 
    physical damage)
    1) Any Ammy with 3 of the following: life leech, +life, +STR, +DEX, 
    +resistance, or +skill...
    2) Cat's Eye (R/W, 20% IAS and +25 DEX is very useful)
    Charms: (Any of these put together is very useful as well)
    1) R/W SCs (I'd advise at least 125% R/W which is used to dodge arrows and 
    use the Javazon mode for fun sometimes)
    2) +Life SCs
    3) Poison SCs (You can choose to abuse poison if you want but I don't like 
    V. What To Do Against...
    Any other problems you have against any other characters just message me or 
    post on the board and I can help you out if I have experience against them.
    1) Barbarians
    A. Weapon/Shield
    Practice to dodge WWs and if you're really having trouble put on Atma's 
    Scarab, which has a chance to cast Amplify Damage, which totally annihilates 
    anything... If you get real good though you can soon start fast switching to 
    Titan's Revenge and Whistan's and tank for awhile then switch back and forth 
    to block and shoot. You can also if you have a good Ethereal Titan's start 
    chucking LFs and running and tossing them back at the Barb chasing you if 
    you felt really bored and wanted some fun.
    B. Lancers/Maulers/etc.
    Usually any character without max block would die utterly and that is the 
    case with all of the ones that should be here without a Shield or range... 
    Just run, then shoot, run, then shoot, and repeat till they die which 
    shouldn't be too long. You can also tank them usually with the amount of PDR 
    you should have
    C. Throwers
    If you were actually the least bit skilled a Thrower wouldn't give you too 
    much of a problem though once in awhile you might die due to the excellent 
    aim of a good Thrower. A few chucks from a good Thrower weapon can kill you 
    easily so keep them away from you at all times.
    D. Hybrid
    The usual Hybrid being a Thrower - Weapon/Shield Barb which takes advantages 
    of both. Play it pretty much like it’s mainly a Weapon/Shield Barb though 
    since thats what it usually resorts to...
    2) Paladins
    A. Chargers
    Not too many good ones at all but the good ones will destroy you. Never stay 
    in one spot for too long and try to keep away from ponds since when running 
    it seems that you get stuck in the ponds for some time and they seem to get 
    you stuck there.
    B. Smiters
    Might get caught in a stun for awhile but usually you will get out of it and 
    leech back all your life with 1-2 shots. Keep them blocklocked is the best 
    C. FoH'ers
    Put on TGod's and run a lot of the time when Conviction is on you. Leave and 
    comeback from their screen a lot and shoot. Always have a Valkyrie and Decoy 
    up at all times.
    3) Druids
    A. Weapon/Shield Werewolf
    Stay away from ponds like always against a character that causes desynch. 
    You can probably just keep running and chucking Javelin's back but it might 
    take awhile. Keep on attacking the Oak Sage/HoW since they will always 
    recast it then try to blocklock them while they do. Keep on the run and 
    never shoot more then 2-3 arrows at one spot unless you have a good distance 
    between you.
    B. No Shield Werewolf
    Most likely you will be able to tank all the hits from since your LL will 
    most likely be higher and the stun you do will kill them quickly. If it does 
    become to hard to do so though just shoot 1-2 then run back then shoot 1-2 
    and usually they'll be dead by then.
    C. Werebear
    Doesn't really do enough damage in PvP to kill much... With our without 
    shield this should be no problem at all. Just stand still and shoot till 
    they die ^^
    D. Elemental
    No problem here at all unless your resist is in the -100s and you don't have 
    any leech and can't shoot O_O say GG~
    4) Assassins
    A. Martial Artists
    One of the three harder characters to duel against if it’s a good one... 
    Good ones will MB+WoF to DF to TS, CS then the finisher and keep you in 
    stun. Keep on the run and cast Valkyrie and Decoy every so often to screw up 
    DF (If put in front of you and the Asn the DF sometimes attacks the thing in 
    front of them instead.) Again practice switching to the Weapon/Shield whilst 
    running away.
    B. Trappers
    The second of the three harder characters to duel against... Good trappers 
    have max PDR, max block, 1,700+ life, 11 frame MB~, lvl. 35+ WoF/LS, etc. 
    Usually its very, very hard to get out of the WoF/MB lock but you might get 
    lucky and move lil by lil till you get away from them which usually doesn't 
    happen. Keep on the run as usually and try not to run into any WoF or LS 
    traps since it might stun you for just a little and the Trap Asn will jump 
    right in and MB then trap you right away with WoF/MB.
    5) Sorceress'
    A. FO/TS
    The third of the three harder characters to duel against... Really make sure 
    you have max resist or you won't stand a chance unless you get a lucky shot 
    in, or blocklock the PDR/block or block Sorcs... Always have Valkyrie and 
    Decoy up and keep on the run and when they teleport in shoot arrows. Also 
    keep shoot arrows from time to time even when they aren't on your screen 
    because some might get them while they teleport in.
    B. Nova
    Put on TGod's if you have the chance and make sure you have max resist 
    again. Lvl. 37+ Nova hurts real bad and might cause stun if you don't have 
    enough life and/or TGod's isn't on. Otherwise don't bother to dodge it 
    because usually you always seem to get hit by it.
    C. Hydra
    Play defensively and wait for them to come at you. Dodging Hydras are 
    usually real easy unless you get real impatient you won't lose to easily.
    6) Amazons
    A. Bowazon
    Practice strafing left and right or up and down dodging arrows. What I 
    usually do against these n00b pubbie dueler Zons you find is run around them 
    and shoot which usually takes them surprise and since you're constantly on 
    the run none of the arrows or few should've hit you and you come out the 
    victor. You can also do what I sometimes do and run up to them with the 
    Weapon/Shield and cast SM or wait till they start running from the Jab then 
    switch to Bowazon mode and start pumping arrows in them which usually works.
    B. Javazon
    Not too hard to dodge other then they might have a lot more then the 125% 
    R/W I try to hit... Pure Javazons will most likely kill Bowazons if they 
    have a lot of R/W and they actually try to hit a real good Jab speed and 
    have nice AR... Try to go Java vs. Java and if that doesn't work run like 
    hell with the Weapon/Shield on and then switch back and shoot.
    C. Hybridzon
    Depends on who's more skilled really... Most Hybridzons though usually just 
    use Bowazon so play something similar to the way you play against Bowazons.
    7) Necromancers
    A. PDR/block
    Me used to being one of them I will say they aren't too easy at all unless 
    you play totally offensive. Remember to be always on the run since IBS 
    always seem to be following you and use walls and houses to block them away. 
    This is where you should probably ED/Max armor since PDR isn't needed.
    B. 9 frame/block
    <Look above>
    C. No PDR/block
    <Look above>
    VI. My Equipment/Stat Distribution
    1) My Equipment
    Main Weapons:
    A. 178% Buriza (Amn rune)
    Secondary Weapons:
    A. Ethereal 196% Titan's Revenge w. Whistan's Guard (Eld rune)
    A. Shaftstop (Um rune)
    B. Guardian Angel (Um rune)
    A. .08 Vampire Gaze (ED/Max)
    A. Sigon's
    A. Sigon's
    A. Perf. String of Ears
    A. Viper Whorl
    B. 244AR/20dex Raven
    A. Havoc Torc (Had dual leech and high resist)
    B. Atma's Scarab
    The same I listed above other then most of them have secondary mods...
    2) Base Stat Distribution
    Strength: 105~
    Dexterity: Enough to max block...
    Vitality: 301
    Energy: Base
    3) Stats
    Life: 1521
    Mana: 119
    Defense w. Shout: 1,000~
    Bow Damage: 800 - 1.6k~ (No poison...)
    Jab/LF Damage: 100 - 600~ / 600 - 1,000~
    VII. Thanks To...
    CJayC - Just because...
    Pubbie duelers - For making it just so easy ^^
    PKPKPK (GameFAQ name) - Haha my cousin. We practice duel a lot and our skill 
    is pretty much equal.
    Unpublished FAQ © 2002 Joey Lau

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