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"Never did I think that I like a PC RPG, but Diablo II: Lord of Destruction proved me wrong."

I have to admit something before I begin the review. I bought Diablo II and Lord of Destruction at the same time, and tried to install Diablo II. But even if I did a full installation I couldn't for some reason get the game to work. So I tried to install the expansion and for some reason it worked perfectly. So I really have no idea beside what the text back on the box tells me what the differences is. So instead of just mention just what extra features this expansion has, I'm going to review the whole game. Ok now that we got that thing clear lets begin.

Diablo II is a point and click adventure where you are exploring a world of terror and chaos. If I understood the story correct the hero from Diablo 1 who killed Diablo is now on a quest to bring Diablo back to this world to make the devil once again. With him is an old man who I never really understood who he's, maybe he's someone from Diablo 1. Anyway they keep traveling east, and it's up to you the new hero to follow them.

The most important thing in Diablo II is the thing you do right when you start new game, the kind of character you decide to be. In the original there are five different classes, the Amazon, the Barbarian, the Necromancer, the Paladin, the Sorceress, the Assasin and the Druid. Some of them are better with melee combat while the others are much better for using spells and skills. However aside from some exclusive weapons and armor all classes can wear the same equipment as long as the character got enough strength to be able to use it.

You start the game in a camp full of kindly strangers that are more than willing to give you a few tips. You can from most of them buy new equipment if you got any gold and the others tell you interesting background stories. One of them even heal your wounds without taking any charge for it. When you've talked to all of them you will find out that your first quest will be to kill all the monsters in a cave that's located just outside of the camp. This is a test to see if you are worth anything at all, this is actually just quest to let you know how to use the control and such things.

Once you have find the way out of the camp, you are on your first field and there you will find enemies. In order to kill an enemy you simply have to click on them with one of the mouse buttons which is your attack button. Sooner or later either you or the monster will die and if you are lucky the monster will not only give you some experience points but also drop an item or gold. It's not that rare that the monsters drops some of the best equipment that you can afford when you there. This is also another great way to quickly get more gold by selling the equipment that you don't need. There are a lot of monsters on the field so it's just to kill all of them that stands in your way.

When you have collected enough experience points you will gain a level, and here's where Diablo (and maybe all other PC RPGs as well) are really different from most of the RPGs I've played (Most of them comes from Japan). Here you get a number of points that you decide what kind of status you want to increase on your character. Perhaps you want him or her to be able to take more damage and increase vitality and let him or her to use a little more magic so you also increase some Mana.

Another important thing when you've gained a level is that you also get to decide if you want to be better at one skill or if you want to learn a new one instead. The skills are what makes each character class unique and I think it's impossible to master all skills so this is another important thing to choose carefully. You don't want to have wasted a lot of skill points on a skill that you never are going to use anyway, because you can't "unlearn" any skill and get your point back in this game.

Unless you are really good at this kind of games you are going to get slayed by an enemy. When that happens you will lose all your equipment and the monster will also take some gold from you. Now in order to get your equipment back you have to go back to the place where you got killed and search through your corpse, and you get everything back in the same condition it was when you got killed. The only tricky thing about this is that the monster that killed you in the first place might still be here, and maybe it's not so smart to run into a monster that have already killed you once when you this time don't got any equipment.

Playing the game alone in single player is pretty fun for a short while but personally I thought it got boring after that I've finished a couple of quests, so I decided to try to play on the feature which allows you to log in to Blizzard's Diablo II Network. The thing that's impossible for obvious reasons is to take the character you played as in single player mode and use it online. So you have to create a new character that is saved on the Network and you have to start from the beginning on level 1.

You play the game exactly the same as when you play it alone, except now you can play with others and finish the quests together, which made who always have access to the Internet when I'm playing a PC game completely ditch the Single Player Mode and always play on instead. Sometimes when you joined a game you will find out that you can't complete some quests in this session, which I guess can make you want to exit that session. Don't worry about starting from level 1 tough, most of the players are actually really helpful now that the game is so old, most of the stupid people moved on to a more modern game.

The only problems I can think of this game is that it's made to be played with others, so lonely people with no Internet access might quickly get bored from it, and the second thing is that sometimes when you play online people finish quests so quickly that you never get to be a part of the quest. I guess that's not the games fault and you can't get everything.

It's funny that I bought Diablo II with this expansion years ago, barely played it and then never touched it until recently when Diablo II: Lords of Destruction did get far in the GameFAQs game contest. I still have much to discover in this game so I give this an 8 right now, but I might give it an even higher score later when I've tried all the unique classes and such things. But no matter what this game is still fun to play after all these years.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/02/09

Game Release: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (BestSeller Series) (EU, 03/06/03)

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