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"Another treasure in Blizzard's Battlechest"

Excellent and Fun-filled. Two words in describing Diablo II armed with its expansion. Excellent because of its astounding gameplay, sound effects, cinematics and character classes. Fun-filled because you will not be bored playing it and you'll never decide to throw the disc you bought. With new character classes, it is surely one of Blizzard's treasure in its Battlechest.


Very good. Easy controls. Same as Diablo's style of gameplay but there is a difference. New equipments like Claws that is obviously used by Assassins. The use of second set of weapons. You can alternate between two weapons by pressing your assigned key. When buying something in the blacksmith, you can see a big difference, you'll see that on the lower-right of the blacksmith's window, there is a new icon which is Repair All. It will instantly repair all of your equipped equipments. New items, namely, Charms, Runes and Jewels. With my 5 years gaming experience (I am 13 years old at present) this is one of the best games with Battle Realms on its tail. Back at the description of the gameplay. It also has a bigger stash space. Which makes a better gameplay.

Score 9/10: It lack with the variety of weapons and equipments side. I would prefer to play a game with hundreds of weapons and armors.


First, Audio. Sound effects are very good. From the talking of the NPCs to their shouting. The ''ouch'' sound effect of monster are truly one of the best. Also your character can talk now but not as always. Only when he/she needs to talk. Video. Very astounding. Cinematics are very nice and Graphics are great. Every change of weapon/armor will change the appearance of your character. You'll really like playing this game with its Audio and Video characteristics.

Score 10/10: Perfect!


Much like Diablo II's story but added one Act which contains the Barbarian Highlands. Wherein Baal escaped to the north and scattered demons in its surroundings. You should kill Baal to finish the entire quest. It is very interesting and you'll be excited to see each of the towns and the prime evils. Just try to buy a compact disc.

Score 10/10: Nothing more to say, just one word which is PERFECT!


When you finished the whole game using one of the character classes, I think you'll be eager to repeat it again and try another class. Each class has unique skills. You might finish the game using all of the classes before you decide to stop playing it.

Score 10/10: Variety of classes is one element that makes you repeat the game all over again.

To Buy or to Rent?

It is better to buy a compact disc of your own. Because as I have said, the came is excellent and fun-filled. Wasting a buck or two for the game is worth it.


This is probably, for me, is one of the best games made by Blizzard and even the best game for the year 2001. A must-buy for all you gamelovers. Those elements said above just add more flavor to the game. It is really worth buying and specially worth playing!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/21/02, Updated 04/21/02

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