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"Play First! Find something else after..."

This game is a truly excellent game, but when you finally understand how to play the game...its quite easy and you find out how simple it really is. You'll understand what I mean at the end of the review. But why don't we start with the points...

Gameplay- Rating: 5
5 out of 10? Is that too low! Heck no. The game really is fun for about 4 months. Its really hard at the beginning. And I would definetly recommend only playing on (the greatest multiplayer server). Don't bother creating a single player game, its much more fun and much easier if you have cable with this game. The game is really fun. Basically you get a choice of 5 classes. Each class has different skills and uses different weapons. You go through 5 acts, each with a boss (Diablo the fourth and Baal the fifth). You do this three times, (Normal mode, Nightmare, and Hell) and then you get to do Cows, which is basically training.

Story- Rating: 4
I didn't really pay attention to what EVERYBODY says, but I got the storyline pretty down. Your a hero trying to hunt down the evil that has risen. Diablo and the other 3 guys, Mephisto, Duriel, and Andariel, are basically all you have to fight, and then in this expansion, it adds the evil Baal. The game itself is more fun than paying attention to the storyline.

Audio- Rating: 3
The music is good, but it gets so boring after awhile, soon enough you'll mute it and play MP3's in the background. Its much better. But the music doesn't bother me that much anymore.

Graphics- Rating: 4
Not much to brag about, but the graphics for the spells are pretty good. The characters are good, not great. The terrain is pretty cool...most people don't pay attention how long that must of took to make so many different worlds with the tiniest rocks. But its not to great...

Replay- Rating: 9
Its not really called replay, but its creating a new character. I've made 1 of every character and beaten the game with each of them to test out their skills! Replay isn't really replay, its creating new characters. But its still awesome!

=Extra= Multiplayer- Rating: 9 (This has a few secrets/tips)
Holy crap this is addicting. This is really fun, there is so many people online and trading is coo. Lets say you find sumtin for an amazon when your a sorceress...its fun because there is so many people and finding the right person with the right tool can be entertaining. Now the first time you get this game, its really cool. Its fun explorin and cool when you don't have any high level friends to help you. When you beat the game all the way to hell mode, or just get really bored, the fun really begins. You gotta get a friend to poweract you. Thats when you make a level 1 character, and they'll beat all the bosses for you. Then you get all the way to hell mode. Then you get to the Cows, and kill 'em over and over. Now that you know what you're doing, because you've beaten the game, you pick the good spells and skip the level 1-20 spells. Then you finally keep killing the cows and try to get the best items. Thats the entire point of the game from now on. It gets boring. Kill guys, try and get best items. BORING!

To buy or to rent...
I would DEFINETLY recommend at least renting or borrowing this game for about 4 months. Unless you want to buy it because you have the money to waste...its fine. But otherwise I wouldn't recommend buying it because it gets really boring after 4 months of gameplay. Rent it though! Definitely! Its a really good game for the time. Even if you play it for a month and say ''Dude this is sweet...i wanna buy it!'' You'll get over that after the time. Even if you still say that after 3 months...just trust me on that. I bought the battle chest for 50 bucks and I havn't played it for about 2 months after I beat it. So DON'T BUY IT. Borrow or rent it! (if you have a place that rents out comp games...)

Gameplay- 5
Story- 4
Replay- 9
E. Multiplayer- 9
Overall- 5.6 (6 for GameFAQS) (That’s a D- folks…)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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