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"Wan't To Stop.... But I Can't......"

Ahhh Diablo 2. Anybody who's anybody has heard about the game, or has a friend that has succumbed to its addicting format. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is the expansion patch to the award winning game Diablo 2. I have spent many hours playing this game, and quiet possibly if I could, I would ask for that time back. Don't get me wrong, but after a while cow runs etc. become tedious and uninteresting. I will go into more detail in the review

Gameplay: 7/10

The game play is fairly straight forward. Left click, Right click, Level Up. Customization is possible, mostly through items and the skills you pick. Unfortunately, besides the small choices you make on skills (almost every maxes out the same skills, and some skills are laughably useless *see Bone Teeth*) the game is pretty basic. It is fairly fun playing characters such as the Sorceress however, and trying to maintain and cast 5 - 6 spells in the heat of battle can be a fun challenge. There comes a point in the game, however, where nothing except the strongest bosses pose even the SLIGHTEST chance of scratching you or your uber l33t items. The great thing about this game is the ability to play on This is a double edge sword however, as there are a plethora of hackers and dupers out there, just itching to rob you of your hard earned items. (This is really what this game is all about if you break it down...)

Story: 5/10

Fairly basic story, with the predictable plot twists, betrayals etc. I won’t say to much, as some people really treasure the feeling of plot and surprise. What I will say though is that here are 3 brothers of hell, Diablo, Mephisto, and Bhaal. They all have a sinister plot to..... Well, I'll let you find out. It's nothing out of the ordinary though, and its quiet obvious an intriguing story is not one of D2: LoD strong spots.

Graphics: 8/10

Some things could be better (and are improved with the 1.10 patch) but overall I enjoyed the graphics of Diablo 2: LoD. Be sure to view the game through 800 x 600, or even better 1200 x 800 to get the best effects, as the lowest resolution screen is fairly choppy and weak. A lot of the bad guys just change colours and names later in the ''Act'' to resemble tougher enemies. Most people will be satisfied with the games graphics, but they are by no means earth shattering.

Sound: 8/10

The sounds effects in this game don't really add a lot, other than the sounds of spells, monsters attacks etc. Also, the sound of the cows in the ''Not So Secret Cow Level'' gets extremely irritating, to the point where I turn my sound effects off completely. Some of the songs are interesting though, especially one of the symphony pieces from act 5. The song in the chat room isn't that bad as well.

Replayability: 10/10

Ok, this is where the game shines. Although the game is virtually the same if you replay it, you can play with an ENTIRELY new type of character (Ranging from Paladin, Sorceress, Barbarian, Necromancer or Amazon, as well as the Druid and Assassin which are added in the expansion pack) with unique skills. You can even replay the game with the same character type, using a new branch of skills. You can also use different items each time, but most people will be on the quest for the more l33t stuff, so they can kill cows faster. Trading with people can be either a chore or a rewarding experience, depending on who you hook up with. Many people are out for themselves, and only themselves, and their greediness can get on your nerves. On there other hand, there are some very nice people out there, looking to enhance peoples experiences by offering help and items. After playing through the game once or twice, I can sum up your online experience in 2 simple words

Items. Levels.

This game is fairly enjoyable, but doesn't get that deep, so don't expect a divine RPG experience. I have played through with each of the characters offered, and some are much more interesting to play than others. For example the Barbarian is hack and slash, and is really only feasible for duels and possibly cow runs if he’s really pumped up. The Sorceress on the other hand is much more fun to play, and is used mainly for Magic Find runs. This game is played best with a group of friends, utilizing the friend list which is given to you. The friends list is actually a very helpful tool, telling you which of your friends are online and, if you are on their list, the name of the game they are in. Whispering is also a very important aspect of communication, and should be utilized as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/12/03

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