Review by SSJ_Gohan1

"Airport Tycoon? That's not its real name."

Hmm. Weird. That's the first thing I noticed when I installed the game. Airport Tycoon? That's not its real name. Its real name is ''Air Mogul''. I said, Air Mogul? What the heck? I bought Airport Tycoon! I checked the box, and sure enough, I had bought Airport Tycoon. I played the game a little. Soon I checked online. I found out that Talonsoft was an overseas company, (Australia, I think), and they couldn't box a title right if their lives depended on it. False advertising, I'd say. I wasn't paying much attention to the company, but I would have never bought it had the game been boxed as, ''Air Mogul''. Anyway, to the game itself.

Graphics: 4/10 - Just plain bad.
Well, considering this game is so stinking slow, it ought to have a REASON for that. Nope. No reason. Even the menus were slow. The text was also messed up. On both of my graphics card, one was worse than the other, though. The text was the biggest reason I hated the graphics, if they can't even get the basic right. The graphics detail makes too much difference with speed, and not enough with graphics. Even with the lowest detail, the game really dragged, and was rather choppy. My computer isn't slow, if that's what you're thinking. It runs Half-Life at a healthy 30 FPS. Sure, that's not the fastest one, but considering the eye can only see 32 of 'em...

Sound: 2/10 - Ouch.
Ugh. The sound is terrible. There isn't much to the actual sound effects, the only good sound is in the long, boring introduction. And the MUSIC! That's gotta be the most annoying soundtrack I've ever heard! Think tribal dances, and think elevator music. About a 50/50 mix. I never knew until then how much I hated tribal elevator music.

Gameplay: 1/10 - Trust me, I'd give it lower if possible.
The game was just no fun to play. It was work. Sure, work isn't that bad, but when its SUPPOSED to be fun, there's just no place for it. The soundtrack sure didn't help keep me from being annoyed. Anyway, I could never figure out how to play the game very well. There is no documentation, nobody likes this game, so there aren't any FAQs around, and the tutorial is the worst to date. It's just so SLOW! I've checked around with other reviews, and I'm correct, it's NOT MY COMPUTER. The tutorial is actually meant for someone who reads at 10 WPM. I'm not joking, that's how slow it goes. I have a friend who waited through it, he says it took over 30 minutes, and it didn't teach him anything.

In summery, the game is not worth a dollar. It sure didn't give me a dollar's worth of entertainment.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/22/01, Updated 06/22/01

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