Review by Guerrero721

"Wonderful addition to the series. Crashing fixes inside too."

Well, I've been pumped up about getting this game for over a year now. I've been waiting and waiting for another addition to the awesome line of Fallout games, and this is no disappointment.

I'd played the demo, and, despite my computer's problems running it, loved it. Now, I was looking for a more complete experience, so I went out and got the full game. At first I was disappointed, very disappointed. I brought it home, looked at the requirements; the processor was labeled as 300MHZ min. Well, I had that, but just barely. I was expecting to only have to supply 266MHZ, as had been stated before. That was hit number one. Number two was the 1.6GIG installation. Ouch. No mercy from Interplay on that option. But, I wasn't hurt too much. I was still ready to kick some butt in my favorite post-apocalyptic world.

Started to install. Waited. Waited. Finished. Now, I was pumped up. So, I quickly jumped into single-player and, as fast as I had jumped it, I was kicked out. Crashed. I figured out that the problem was with my Sound card so I fixed that; turned acceleration down to only the standard level. Now, it was working and I went back into the game. I played for 10min. and crashed again. After 2 days of random crashing I found out my problem; virtual memory. I had it set on 100min to 100max(I don't know why) so I just set it to let Windows handle it. Now, I haven't crashed since, and it's been awesome!

On to the scores!

Large installation size and CD swapping with 3 CDS(One of my little problems. I like to start it and leave it til' it's done, not play CD-boy.)

The best of the best. From traditional turn-based action from Fallout to Real-time action, it's all great. Top quality.

A sad selection of maps, only about 8-12 total. Great action, if the lag doesn't kill you. It's fun, but it's the best when you play on an IP connection with you and your close friends; helps lag and adds some fun to it.

Replay Value
Loads of weapons, loads of levels, loads of just about anything you want. Definitely a strong point.

It seems rushed and has its fair share of problems, but it's still a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 03/31/01

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