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"A frustrating experience...."

Well, welcome to my review. I have completely finished this game and decided to share my thoughts on it. It was..........OK, and nothing more.

I'm not really sure who created this game (Interplay? 14 degrees east? Black Isle?) so I'll just jump right into it. The story goes like this; the Brotherhood of Steel is now becoming very ''influential'' in the post apocalyptic country. You are one of them, sent out on various missions to help expand the Brotherhood's influence.

WARNING! This game is very different from the first two installments. Instead of just one character, you can control up to 6 people at once and you command ALL of their actions. That seems very unappealing to some, and me included. It's not so bad that you control everyone, it's just that you can pick up teammates very easily.

The massive problem most people will have with this game is that it's no longer an true RPG. You don't have dialogue options. There's no alternative routes. It's completely linear. So it's more like Diablo than a true Fallout game.

That being said, there are positive aspects of the game. The graphics are much improved from before. There are three options in which you can play the game: Turn based mode, Squad turn based (your entire squad gets all their turns in a row), and continuous turn based. The last one is real time, meaning you regenerate action points at a set rate and perform an action (usually shooting) as soon as you have enough points.

But of course, with Fallout games, you get the poor programming. Very choppy play and many, MANY random crashes. This is aggrevating and unfortunate as Interplay does have great writers. They also have numerous bugs in the game and although a patch was released, it didn't cover all the bugs and it's....get this....16 mb. That's ridiculous.

There is also a cool aspect in the game: vehicles. Unfortunately, you don't get to use them much. It seemed rushed just like everything else in the game. It's frustrating because it opened up a lot of doors for the series, yet Interplay won't take advantage of them.

I have heard that the writers for the original Fallouts have left Interplay and went to greener pastures. That would explain the very distant space between this and the other games. It seems like you could make a case for almost every aspect of this game, that if they put just a little more effort into it, who knows....

After all that, I can't say I would buy this game. It's just not like the others in terms of role playing. And that makes it very disappointing. Also unfortunate is that Fallout 3 is many, many years from being made. That and the recent boom for Playstations, GameCubes, etc. I think that Fallout and other computer games will go by the wayside. It's just too bad.....

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/19/01, Updated 12/19/01

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