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Reviewed: 05/06/02 | Updated: 05/06/02

Its never the same with Fallout Tactics now

This game may shock you when it first came out if you're a Fallout fans. You may think that this is Fallout 3 but no, it isn't. And it doesn't plays like the original Fallout series either.

Fallout Tactics have a Continuous Turn-Based instead of the original Turn-Based where you take turns killing each other. In Fallout Tactics, you can switch though, but with Continuous Turn-Based mode, you'll feel the excitement as there is no pause in between and every move you make can change the outcome of the battle.

Though the original Turn-Based mode is still there, I'd prefer to play the Continuous Turn-Based, its like playing a fast, quick and deadly version of chess. The A.I in Continuous Turn-Based resembles real people in real situations. It is very fast thus, you'll need a computer with decent gaming speed.

The creepy 'Wind Music' are back and this time, their more creepier than before! But in this game, you can get rid of those nasty music and replace them with your own music. You can transfer music files in the directory and play the game with your favorite music. Not much game has this function though.

Another good and nice thing about this game are the weapons, new weapons were added and items. And drugs overdose are powerfully dangerous. New drugs were also added as well as a whole new graphic instead of a 3D looking like a 2D like the previous Fallout series, this is one really good graphic game I've ever played.

New perks were added as well, like 'Bracing' and this time, you can play as a Deathclaw and Ghoul, and also not to forget, dogs and mutants, not to forget the Brahmin in the multi-player mode.

It isn't like controlling one character at a time, instead, you control all your team members and make them move where you want them to, stealing has become useless as you can easily get spotted, but who needs stealing anyway? When you can get great items and experience points as well.

Many who are waiting for Fallout 3, why not get this game first to kill your time while waiting for it? Its a really cool game you'd enjoy. It also have a training mode that teach you how to sneak, shoot, ambush and snipe your opponents.

Gameplay 9 out of 10

Pros: Its may be difficult to play at first, but you can always start at the Turn-Based instead of playing Continuous Turn-Based. But there's always a training mode you can turn to. It doesn't lag much like other games as well, although it will lag, its occasionally though.

Cons: Its hard to play as you get deeper into the game, and it doesn't go like the 'Freelance' like the previous Fallouts, instead, its by one mission at a time, it's boring and new maps can only be shown when you accept a mission, unlike the previous Fallouts where you can find them once you are near a location.

Graphics 10 out of 10

Pros: Great graphics and realistic looking blood that makes the game realistically fun. And really good weapon graphics. AK looks like an AK and not like a plastic toy gun, sniper looks like a sniper and not like a piece of paper with colors.

Cons: Not much to talk about anyway, it has got great graphics so there aren't any bad points.

Control 10 out of 10

Pros: Its easy to control and an Optical Mouse is advisable as you need to scroll real fast to take a good shot at the enemy. And items are easier to pick. And mouse are easier to scroll.

Cons: No comments on this one.

Replay Value 5 out of 10

Pros: Its a nice game and you'll want to play it once more, you can try the multi-player mode with Game Spy. And you need no registration to play online either, isn't that great?

Cons: You'll get sick of it once you complete it, you can roam or explore once you complete the game like the previous Fallouts, once you complete the game, its gone, you cannot replay using the same character and you can only play online if you want to kill time. But playing online also makes you sick with people using hack on their character.

Multi-playing 10 out of 10

Pros: You can try out your tactics online and customize your character as well.

Cons: It will lag and fire wall is a problem, you can't create games with fire wall and a 56K modem will eventually start to lag. You'll also meet hackers as well, whatever you do, don't be one.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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