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Reviewed: 08/11/02 | Updated: 08/11/02

Fallout? I think not. Good game? Of course!

Fallout Tactics is a squad based game set in the same post apocalypse environment as Fallout 1 & 2. Fallout Tactics puts you in control of a Brotherhood Initiate. You will gain rank and lead the brotherhood to victory. That is unless you die along the way.

Fallout Tactics offers many weapons, most real world weapons, such as the M14 and M1 Garand.

In Fallout Tactics, you can customize a lot! Your character is very customizable, you can choose skin color, hair, and the color of his or her armour. And his or her stats.
Your can choose your own squad as well. In the bunker there is a recruit pool where you can recruit soldiers. as you gain rank, more recruits will become availiable.

There editor that comes in with the 1.27 patch is awesome! Its actually not user friendly at all, but a little practice with it and you'll be making maps in... well 5-6 hours! Yeah, I hope you noted my sarcasm. I like the editor, but making a good map requires quite a bit of time, and for the slower computers it requires quite a bit of more time.

Multiplayer is what keeps this game alive. you'll find about 30-40 people online everyday on Gamespy. Multiplayer offers its own unique challenges, and is 56k friendly!

Most people dislike this for the sole fact that its not exactly ''fallouty''. It offers its own challenges however. but petty skills such as science and repair will have little role. However, the missions can became long and annoying if you don't know what your doing.

The major advantage that Fallout Tactics has over the other fallouts is Real Time Combat. While I'm happy with Fallout 1 and 2 combat engine, I'm so glad they added CTF(Continual base combat) in Fallout Tactics. It makes the missions more realistic and faster. Not exactly easier though.

8/10 Gameplay: This game is one of the best Squad based games I've played. And while it isn't exactly Fallout type game it is still good in it own way.

9/10 Music/Graphics: The graphics are better than Fallout 1 & 2, but still rather simple. The music, is decent. I never did pay much attention to it. The sound effects are excellent however.

5/10 Replay Value:Sadly, the replay value... well sucks. I've played through it twice. Though once is enough to see all the endings. However, if you get into Multiplayer, you'll be hooked on this game for a few extra weeks;)

4/10 Story: Uh..? What Story? It has a decent story... but nothing to be proud of..

8/10 Overall: Like I said, its not exactly fallout, but you'll be satisfied with this game after you kill some raiders with your sub machine guns:)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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