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    FAQ by Logik

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    FAQ/Walkthrough - Arx Fatalis
    Written by: Logik (Chris Seale)
    Email: logikzer0@rock.com  <-- Any Questions or Comments, send here.
    Version: 0.50 - FAQ w/ partial walkthrough
    This guide is permitted for use ONLY on www.gamefaqs.com.  Use of this guide on 
    any other website or other publication is prohibited without the express 
    written consent of the author (Chris Seale).  Copyright 2003, All Rights 
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    ASCII Art by: Jorg Seyfferth (www.network-science.de/ascii)
    Basic Story:
    Thousands of years ago the city of Arx, in the world of Exosta, was full of 
    life.  The races lived together under the sun-lit sky.  Suddenly and without 
    warning the sun stopped shining, putting an abrupt end to this age of harmony.  
    Driven underground into the Dwarf mines by the darkness and cold, the 
    inhabitants of Arx were forced to start new lives in the shafts and caverns.  
    For a while, the Humans, Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls alike, were united by a 
    common purpose, but quickly animosities started to build.  The lack of 
    resources caused the races to resort to violence and conflict.  
    The build-up of hate, anger, and violence brought forth a terrifying evil, 
    Akbaa, the Lord of Destruction.  Akbaa took great pleasure in the suffering and 
    death of humans.  Legend has it that Akbaa aligned himself with former High 
    Priest Iserbius and founded a cult.  This cult was hell-bent on spreading the 
    terror of their masters, constructing hidden temples, and performing human 
    sacrifices.  Finally, an astronomer of the King uncovered the High Priest's 
    evil doings.  Shortly before Iserbius's death he sent a message to the 
    mysterious Sybarta.  The Sybarta kept the balance of power between the gods, 
    and after receiving the message, sent a guardian to Arx.  No one has seen 
    this guardian, no one knows when he will arise, and no one knows when the 
    threat of Akbaa will finally by neutralized.  This guardian is you.
    Before starting this game I HIGHLY suggest downloading the patches from
    www.jowood.com.  The box release has several bugs, and most of them are 
    addressed on the latest patches.  You also get a mini-map, which is infinitely 
    FAQ Contents:
    I. FAQ/General Information
      A. Getting Started
        1. Creating your Character
        2. Controls
        3. Interface/Inventory
        4. Using/Combining Items
        5. Combat
        6. Magic System
        7. Hints and Tips
      B. In-depth Tables and Info
        1. Character Attributes
          a. Indirect stats
          b. Direct stats
        2. Character Skills
        3. Enemies
        4. Weapons and Armor
        5. Item Combinations
        6. Runes and Spells
      C. Frequently Asked Questions
      D. Cheats
    II. Walkthrough
      A. Main Quests
        1. Escape from the Goblin Prison
        2. *MORE TO COME*
      B. Side Quests/Fun Stuff
        1. *COMING SOON*
        2. *COMING SOON*
    -=Section I - FAQ and General Information=-
                                -A. Getting Started-
    1. Creating your Character
    After starting a new game you will immediately be taken to the character
    creation screen.  There are two sides to this display.  On the left you will
    notice a portrait of your character and six icons representing your attributes.
    Click on "Appearance" at the bottom to change your character's look; yes, there
    are only four choices.  By hovering the mouse over the different icons you can
    see the names of the various attributes.  Starting on the left, top to bottom, 
    the attributes are Armor Class, Resistance to Magic, and Resistance to Poison.  
    On the right is Life Energy, Mana, and Damage (More details on these in
    section B1).  The number below each icon is your current points level.  You
    can't directly change these points, they change as you add or subtract points
    from the right side.
    On the right you will see four icons across the top, representing your 
    character's major attributes, and nine icons below, representing your 
    character's skills.  Hover the mouse over each icon to see a description.
    Starting on the top row, left to right, you have Strength, Intelligence, 
    Dexterity, and Constitution.  The skills at the bottom are Stealth, Technical, 
    Intuition, Ethereal Link, Object Knowledge, Magic, Close Combat, Projectiles, 
    and Defense (more details in section B2).  When hovering the mouse over any of 
    these icons, you will notice a number (16 to start for attributes, 18 for 
    skills).  This number is the current amount of points you have left to add.
    You can add points to your various skills/attributes by left-clicking; right-
    click to subtract points.  Notice that each time you add points to an 
    attribute, points in certain skills (and attributes on the left) will also be
    added automatically.  When a point level is red it indicates the minimum points
    allowed for that skill or attribute.
    Add or subtract points to your skills and attributes until you are content with
    your characters stats.  Be sure to keep your character somewhat balanced, 
    putting all your points into one attribute will only make the game more 
    difficult.  If you aren't in the mood to manually create a character, just 
    click "Quick Generate" at the bottom.  This will create a balanced character, 
    and will still allow you to tweak his stats.  When you are happy with your 
    hero, click "Done".
    *NOTE - In-depth stats and tables will be listed in Section B*
    2. Controls
    Moving right along, it's time to learn how to control your hero in the Arx 
    world.  There are two different types of "modes" that you will need to be 
    familiar with, you switch between these modes by right-clicking.  The first 
    mode has your center cursor fixed, meaning that you can look around by using 
    the mouse.  The second mode allows you to move your cursor, giving you access 
    to icons on the screen, as well as your inventory (while in this mode, your 
    inventory is displayed).  You will need to use both of these modes throughout 
    the game, so get comfortable with them at the beginning.  
    Before I move on, I would like to make a strong suggestion regarding the 
    default controls in this game.  By default, the mouse moves your virtual 
    "head", meaning that you look around and aim yourself with the mouse.  The 
    arrow keys by default are a little strange.  Up and down move your character 
    forward and backward, but left and right also cause your hero to look left or 
    right, this is redundant.  Press escape and go to Options > Customize Controls.
    Set left strafe as the left arrow and right strafe as the right arrow.  Now you
    will move your virtual legs with the arrows and your head with the mouse.  This
    setup, to me, is much more intuitive.
    After doing so your controls should be set up as follows:
    Use/Equip - ENTER or F
    Action - Left mouse
    Jump - Space
    Magic Mode - CTRL 
    Stealth Mode - SHIFT
    Forward/Backward - Up, Down arrows
    Strafe left/right - Left, Right arrows
    Crouch/Crawl - X
    Open Inventory - I
    Open log - Backspace
    Battle Mode - Numpad 0, TAB
    Switch between "look" modes - Right mouse
    Activate auto-spell - num 1, 2, or 3, respectively
    Cancel spell - num 4
    Add Item to Inventory - Shift-Click
    These are the basic controls needed to get yourself around.  For more in-depth 
    controls, refer to the manual or press escape > options > customize controls.
    Note that Battle Mode is a toggle button, meaning that you press it once to 
    activate it and again to deactivate it.  Magic and Stealth Mode you must hold 
    down the button, as well as crawling.
    3. Interface/Inventory
    The interface consists of several icons; make sure you get comfortable with the
    locations and meanings before you start your quest.  At the bottom-left of your
    screen you will see a red orb that represents your health.  When the orb is 
    completely empty, you are dead and you must restart from a save.  
    Directly to the right of the health orb is your inventory panel (access this by
    right-clicking).  You can store all the items you pick up here.  There are 
    several spots to place items, and you can expand your inventory later in the 
    game.  Simply drag and drop to place items, double-click to combine items, and
    press enter to use an item.  
    To the right of the inventory panel is another orb, blue in color.  This orb 
    represents your current mana or magic power.  When you use spells this drains,
    if it is too low you must either use a potion or wait for it to regenerate 
    before casting another spell.  
    Above the mana orb are four icons, not always visible.  First is the inventory
    icon, you can click this instead of right-clicking to access your inventory.  
    Above that is your journal/spell book icon; click this to bring up your
    journal.  The journal contains information about your character, including his
    stats.  It also contains a map, a spell book, and a personal journal that 
    records your main quest objectives.  Next is your purse, which contains all of
    your gold, hover the mouse to check your current total.  When you level up a
    red cross shape will appear above your purse; click this to add stats to your 
    Moving to the top-right of the screen, your runes will be displayed as you cast
    spells.  If you draw a rune that you don't currently have, a red 'X' will be
    displayed over the rune. Below this displays any spells that are currently
    active, these runes are displayed in white.
    At the top-center of the screen will be descriptions of items that you hover
    the mouse over, or important messages from the game.  Statistics for the items
    are displayed as well, including requirements for their use, and stat
    increases/penalties for using them.
    The top left and center of the screen is reserved for another type of
    inventory.  This inventory will display when you are checking dead corpses or
    searching chests.  To take items, simply drag them into your own inventory, 
    which automatically displays when you search chests or bodies.  This display 
    also appears when buying goods from dealers, hover the mouse to show the price
    of the item you are interested in.
    Finally, directly below your secondary inventory, there are four more sections
    of interest.  First, a torch will be displayed if you use a torch.  Following
    that is the Stealth icon, which will appear when you are in "stealth mode", and
    will display brighter the more hidden you are.  Use this icon to sneak up on
    foes, if it isn't displayed then you CAN be seen.
    After the stealth icon, you will eventually see your weapon, armor, or shield
    displayed.  The color of the icon indicates how damaged your weapon or armor
    is.  Green indicates that the weapon is intact, yellow indicates some damage, 
    while orange or red indicates major damage, which needs to be repaired 
    Lastly is the area where your memorized spells are displayed.  These icons are
    blue, and display left to right in the order you cast them.
    4. Using/Combining Items
    In Arx Fatalis, you will spend a great deal of time dealing with the different
    items you discover on your quest.  It is imperative that you learn to use and
    combine different items to help you along. 
    To look at an item that you find, simply hover the mouse over it.  This will
    give you a detailed description at the top of the screen.  If you want to take
    the item with you, simply drag it into your inventory, or just shift-click and
    automatically pick it up.  To throw away something in your inventory, just drag
    it over the top-half of the screen until a blue arrow appears and toss it away.
    To activate doors, look in barrels or chests, or speak to NPC's, simply 
    At some points in the game you will be required to combine the items you gather
    with other items, inside and outside of your inventory.  To combine an item, 
    double click on it to bring up the combine icon, and click on another item, 
    door, treasure chest, or NPC.  You can unlock chests, unlock doors, make 
    potions, carve wood, and give away items by using the combine command.  For
    example, if you have many keys, buy a key ring, then double click on a key and
    click on the key ring to add the key to the ring.  Then double click on the key
    ring and click on a chest to use the key on the chest, if it is the correct key
    you will unlock the chest and be free to take anything inside.
    Shopping in Arx is very simple.  You just double click on the seller's box, 
    which opens up your inventory as well as theirs, and drag and drop items you 
    wish to sell or buy.  Note that once you click on an item the transaction is 
    final so be careful.
    5. Combat
    To draw your currently equipped weapon press numpad 0; this will put you in 
    combat mode.  To attack simply left-click.  Hold down the mouse button to gain
    power.  A diamond at the bottom of the screen will glow brighter the more power
    you've built up.  Release the button to attack.
    You can change the way in which your character swings his weapon by pressing 
    an arrow key before clicking.  If you are walking forward you will execute an
    overhead attack.  Walking backwards will draw the weapon towards you and jab at
    your enemy.  Strafing either direction will cause you to swipe crossways.  You
    will find yourself using the backwards jab attack more often, because you will
    normally be trying to distance yourself from an enemy.  Note that you will
    cause less damage this way.
    The best strategy for melee weapon combat is hit-and-run.  Charge your attack
    to its fullest power, hit your enemy, and quickly walk away while charging
    another attack to avoid a counter-strike.  Repeat this method until they fall
    over dead.  Many foes, especially near the beginning of the game, can take you
    out rather fast.  You don't want to get hit more than you have to.  Be patient
    with your attacks.
    6. Magic System
    Using magic in Arx is rather unique.  When you've gathered the proper runes,
    spells will be placed in your journal.  You must draw these runes in the air to
    cast the spells.  The downside to this is that you must do this EVERY time you
    want to cast a spell, which is very difficult when you are in the heat of
    battle.  To alleviate some of this, you are allowed to memorize up to three
    spells, but you still must draw them ahead of time.  
    Drawing runes is not as easy as it sounds either.  The game is rather picky 
    about what the runes look like, and you will often find yourself drawing a rune
    three or four times before it registers.  I suggest you play around with 
    drawing the runes way before you start battling foes; once you get a feel for
    them, it should get easier and easier.
    To activate magic casting mode, hold down the CTRL key.  You must continue to
    hold down the key while casting your spell.  Draw the runes necessary for your
    target spell (If it registers you will hear the name of the spell audibly, 
    along with a picture of it in the top-right of the screen).  After drawing the
    necessary runes you have two choices.  Simply release the CTRL key to cast the
    spell immediately, or hold down SHIFT and release CTRL to memorize the spell
    for later use. 
    In my personal experience, I used the spell Fireball more than any other spell.
    This is probably the best all-around offensive spell in the game.  Have three 
    fireballs memorized at all times when you get the proper runes (Aam, Yok, and
    Taar).  Use the '1' key to cast it immediately, without the annoyance of 
    holding down CTRL, trying to run from a monster, AND draw the rune.
    Inevitably you will be faced with a situation where you come across a strong
    enemy and you have no spells memorized.  It is not advisable to try and cast a
    spell at this point, as your concentration is broken when you are attacked.  
    The best thing to do in this situation is keep moving and attacking with a 
    melee weapon.  If you are unable to succeed, simply reload and be prepared with
    spells on the next go round.
    7. Hints and Tips
    More coming soon!
                        -B. In-depth Tables and Information-
    These tables are taken either from the manual or the game itself.  The tables
    in this section are for people who do not have a manual as they are taken 
    directly from it.
    1. Character Attributes
    a. Indirect Stats (These stats are not directly changeable)
    ARMOR CLASS - Your armor class is simply how well your character takes damage
    in battle.  The higher the number, the better defense your character will have.
    RESISTANCE TO MAGIC - This stat influences the effect that spells have on your
    character.  The higher the number, the more resistance you are to magic.
    RESISTANCE TO POISON - Obviously, this effects how well you resist poison.
    LIFE ENERGY - This represents your red orb, which is how many hit points you 
    have.  If this reaches zero, you are dead.
    MANA - This represents your blue orb, which is the amount of mana energy you
    have remaining.  This must be replenished to cast spells.
    DAMAGE - The amount of damage you inflict upon your adversaries.
    b. Direct Stats (These stats are changed by the player, which effect many other
    STRENGTH - This stat gives you a damage bonus the higher it is.  It also
    influences your ability to carry and use heavier weapons and armor.  Bonuses 
    to object knowledge and close combat are also given when points are put into
    Table 1 - Strength Bonuses
    Strength        Bonus Damage       Close Combat      Obj. Knowledge
        3                0                 +6                 +1.5
        4                0                 +8                 +2
        5                0                 +10                +2.5
        6                0                 +12                +3
        7                0                 +14                +3.5
        8                0                 +16                +4
        9                0                 +18                +4.5
       10                0                 +20                +5
       11               +1                 +22                +5.5
       12               +1                 +24                +6
       13               +2                 +26                +6.5
       14               +2                 +28                +7
       15               +3                 +30                +7.5
       16               +3                 +32                +8
       17               +4                 +34                +8.5
       18               +4                 +36                +9
       19               +5                 +38                +9.5
       20               +5                 +40                +10
       21               +6                 +42                +10.5
       22               +6                 +44                +11
       23               +7                 +46                +11.5
    INTELLIGENCE - This influences your mana reserve, and your resistance to magic.
    It also effects several skills including: ethereal link, casting, technical
    skills, intuition, and object knowledge.
    Table 2 - Intelligence Bonuses
    Intel.   Mana*      MgRes    Tech   Intuition  Ethereal  Obj.Knw.   Casting
      3     3*(lv+1)     +6       +3       +6        +6       +4.5        +6  
      4     4*(lv+1)     +8       +4       +8        +8       +6          +8     
      5     5*(lv+1)     +10      +5       +10       +10      +7.5        +10
      6     6*(lv+1)     +12      +6       +12       +12      +9          +12
      7     7*(lv+1)     +14      +7       +14       +14      +10.5       +14
      8     8*(lv+1)     +16      +8       +16       +16      +12         +16
      9     9*(lv+1)     +18      +9       +18       +18      +13.5       +18
     10    10*(lv+1)     +20      +10      +20       +20      +15         +20
     11    11*(lv+1)     +22      +11      +22       +22      +17.5       +22
     12    12*(lv+1)     +24      +12      +24       +24      +19         +24
     13    13*(lv+1)     +26      +13      +26       +26      +20.5       +26
     14    14*(lv+1)     +28      +14      +28       +28      +22         +28
     15    15*(lv+1)     +30      +15      +30       +30      +23.5       +30
     16    16*(lv+1)     +32      +16      +32       +32      +25         +32
     17    17*(lv+1)     +34      +17      +34       +34      +26.5       +34
     18    18*(lv+1)     +36      +18      +36       +36      +28         +36
     19    19*(lv+1)     +38      +19      +38       +38      +29.5       +38
     20    20*(lv+1)     +40      +20      +40       +40      +31         +40
     21    21*(lv+1)     +42      +21      +42       +42      +32.5       +42
     22    22*(lv+1)     +44      +22      +44       +44      +34         +44
     23    23*(lv+1)     +46      +23      +46       +46      +35.5       +46
    *For example, if your hero is level 7, and has an intelligence of 16, his mana
    would be: 16*(7+1) = 128.
    DEXTERITY - This determines your accuracy and the chance that you'll deal a
    critical blow, and the time it takes you to aim.  It also affects skills
    including technical, stealth, close combat, distance weapons, and object
    Dextr  Cr. Hit%  AimTime  CloseCom   Stealth   Tech   Obj.Know.  Dist.Wea.
      3      -3%     +140 ms*    +3        +6       +3       +1.5       +6
      4     -2.5%    +120 ms     +4        +8       +4       +2         +8   
      5      -2%     +100 ms     +5        +10      +5       +2.5       +10
      6     -1.5%     +80 ms     +6        +12      +6       +3         +12
      7      -1%      +60 ms     +7        +14      +7       +3.5       +14
      8     -0.5%     +40 ms     +8        +16      +8       +4         +16
      9       0       +20 ms     +9        +18      +9       +4.5       +18
     10      0.5%       0 ms     +10       +20      +10      +5         +20
     11       1%      -20 ms     +11       +22      +11      +5.5       +22
     12      1.5%     -40 ms     +12       +24      +12      +6         +24
     13       2%      -60 ms     +13       +26      +13      +6.5       +26
     14      2.5%     -80 ms     +14       +28      +14      +7         +28
     15       3%     -100 ms     +15       +30      +15      +7.5       +30
     16      3.5%    -120 ms     +16       +32      +16      +8         +32
     17       4%     -140 ms     +17       +34      +17      +8.5       +34
     18      4.5%    -160 ms     +18       +36      +18      +9         +36       
     19       5%     -180 ms     +19       +38      +19      +9.5       +38
     20      5.5%    -200 ms     +20       +40      +20      +10        +40
     21       6%     -220 ms     +21       +42      +21      +10.5      +42 
     22      6.5%    -240 ms     +22       +44      +22      +11        +44
     23       7%     -260 ms     +23       +46      +23      +11.5      +46
     *ms = milliseconds
    CONSTITUTION - This attribute affects your character's health and resistance to
    poison.  It also gives a bonus to your defense.
    Constitution          HP            Resist Poison        Bonus Def.
         3             6*(lv+1)               +6                 +9
         4             8*(lv+1)               +8                +12
         5            10*(lv+1)              +10                +15
         6            12*(lv+1)              +12                +18
         7            14*(lv+1)              +14                +21
         8            16*(lv+1)              +16                +24
         9            18*(lv+1)              +18                +27
        10            20*(lv+1)              +20                +30
        11            22*(lv+1)              +22                +33
        12            24*(lv+1)              +24                +36
        13            26*(lv+1)              +26                +39
        14            28*(lv+1)              +28                +42
        15            30*(lv+1)              +30                +45
        16            32*(lv+1)              +32                +48
        17            34*(lv+1)              +34                +51
        18            36*(lv+1)              +36                +54
        19            38*(lv+1)              +38                +57
        20            40*(lv+1)              +40                +60            
        21            42*(lv+1)              +42                +63
        22            44*(lv+1)              +44                +66
        23            46*(lv+1)              +46                +69
    For example, if your character is level 6 and his constitution is 16, his HP
    would be 32*(6+1) = 224.
    2. Character Skills
    There are nine different skills that your character can utilize throughout his
    quest.  Here I've listed the descriptions and any relevant tables.
    STEALTH - This skill is pretty self-explanatory; it affects how silent you
    walk, and how well-hidden you stay.  When your stealth is very high, you can
    even pickpocket NPC's.
    Stealth        Backstabbing       Footstep Volume       Visibility
      10                5%                  -10%                -4%
      20               10%                  -20%                -8%
      30               15%                  -30%               -12%
      40               20%                  -40%               -16%
      50               25%                  -50%               -20%
      60               30%                  -60%               -24%
      70               35%                  -70%               -28%
      80               40%                  -80%               -32%
      90               45%                  -90%               -36%
     100               50%                 -100%               -40%
    Backstabbing bonus is added to your attack when attacking someone from behind.
    At stealth levels above 50% you can attempt to pickpocket foes by bumping into
    TECHNICAL - This skill influences your ability to pick locks and disable traps.
    I found this to one of the most useful, since you will discover many locked 
    chests and traps.  Put points in this one.
    INTUITION - Helps you detect hidden objects, secret passages, and detect traps.
    This also gives bonuses to your buying and selling prices.  Every 10 points in
    this skill nets you +5% to selling prices and -5% to buying prices.
    ETHEREAL LINK - This is one of the weaker skills IMO.  It allows you to sense
    hostile creatures in the area, as well as giving you the status of your enemy
    while you are fighting.  Ethereal link also adds a bonus to your mana
    replenishment rate.
    OBJECT KNOWLEDGE - This stat is extremely important because it allows you to
    brew potions, repair your equipment, and poison your weapons.  It also allows
    you to identify higher level items.  The more points you have, the higher level
    item you can identify.  I have yet to find any other way to identify items in
    the game, so it's important to put some points here.
    Object Knowledge           Poisoning (# of charges)          Repair
          10                             N/A                       10%     
          20                             N/A                       20%
          30                              1                        30%
          40                              4                        40%
          50                              7                        50%
          60                             11                        60%
          70                             14                        70%
          80                             17                        80%
          90                             21                        90%
         100                             24                       100%
    CASTING - This stat is relevant to your ability to cast spells, the power you
    cast them with, and your resistance to magic used against you.  I suggest at
    least putting 30 pts into this skill to get Fireball, as it is the most useful
    spell in the game.  Even if you are a warrior-type character, make sure to get
    points in the skill eventually.  You don't want to be stuck at level 10 with no
    casting, it will be much more difficult.  Every 10 points in casting you can
    use the corresponding level spells.  For example, at 40% casting you can use
    level 4 magic spells.  Magic Resistance moves up 5% for each 10 points also.
    CLOSE COMBAT - Adds a bonus to your attack attribute.  Every 10 points in this
    skill you receive 1 point bonus damage and 2% added to your critical strike
    PROJECTILES - Same as close combat, except it adds bonuses to long-ranged
    weapons, such as a bow and arrow.  Be warned if you decide to be an archer;
    there is not a great selection of bows, or an unlimited supply of arrows, in 
    DEFENSE - Obviously, this adds points to your armor class, but it also effects
    your ability to use a shield and resist poisoning.
    Defense               Bonus Resist Poison              Bonus Armor Class
       10                         +3                               0 
       20                         +5                              +1
       30                         +8                              +2
       40                         +10                             +3 
       50                         +13                             +4
       60                         +15                             +5
       70                         +18                             +6
       80                         +20                             +7 
       90                         +23                             +8
      100                         +25                             +9
    3. Enemies/NPC's
    While on your quest you are free to kill anything you see.  Some NPC's are much
    more difficult than others to handle.  Don't worry though, even if you kill
    every NPC in the game, it is still possible to complete the game.  Listed here
    are all the NPC's that you will encounter in the game, hostile or not.  Also, I
    have used the table in the manual that contains all of the specific data for
    each character.
    GOBLINS - These are the first type of creature you will face on your quest. 
    They have imprisoned you, so it is only right that you repay them.  Three or
    four thuds with a bone will take care of your basic goblin.
    GOBLIN LORDS - These are much taller and more muscular goblins, but no smarter.
    Be careful when attacking these guys at the beginning of the game, as they can
    take you out with a few good blows.  Take advantage of their lack of 
    intelligence by using the hit-and-run method.
    TROLLS - Trolls are much larger than goblins, and just as stupid.  You won't
    have to fight many trolls if you play your cards right though.  If you do have
    to fight one, they pack a mean punch.  Magic is the best way to handle these
    guys, from a distance.
    RAT-MEN - You'll only have to deal with these guys during one portion of your
    adventure.  They aren't very strong, but are extremely fast, and use poisoned
    daggers.  Rat-men also like to disappear and reappear in another spot.  Be
    cautious and make your attacks count when facing these guys.
    DWARVES - Dwarves are friendly NPC's that you will deal with very little, in 
    fact, both of the dwarves you see are dead.  They live in the lowest level of
    the game.
    SISTERS OF EDURNEUM - Half snake, half woman, sounds cool, huh?  Well, they
    are.  I especially liked these creatures more than any other in the game.  You
    won't have to fight off too many of them, as they are typically friendly.  They
    are high-level casters, but fold to your sword rather quickly.
    GIANT RATS - You'll see more of these than any other foe in the game.  They
    barely inflict any damage and are really more of an annoyance than anything.  
    Collect their ribs to cook and eat.
    SPIDERS - The only thing bad about spider is the poison they inject with their
    very quick bite.  One or two hits is plenty for both the small and large
    versions.  WATCH OUT for larger green spiders though.  These are called 
    "Were-spiders" and they pack an especially mean bite.  You have to face one 
    near the beginning of the game, and it ain't easy.
    UNDEAD - Your basic zombie.  They don't inflict much damage and can be taken
    down rather easily.  Make sure you use a wooden stake to KEEP them down.
    MUMMIES - Mummies are unlike undead in that you don't have to use wooden stakes
    to kill them, but they are VERY annoying creatures.  Mummies have the ability
    to paralyze you, and they will utilize that ability constantly.  Keep your 
    distance from these things and cast fireballs until they are no more.
    LICH - The lich are very rare in the game, but will scare the living crap out
    of you.  These undead necromancers are fast-moving, high HP foes that can also
    paralyze you.  Liches can summon undead creatures as well, which makes them
    exceedingly difficult to defeat.  There is almost always a great reward for 
    taking them out though.
    BATS - Bats are rare, and easy to kill if they weren't so damn small.  You 
    might have to kill three or four in the whole game.
    GOLEM - These creatures can only be brought to life with a golem heart and a 
    special magical incantation.  Aim for their heart when facing a golem.  They
    are very slow, so use that to your advantage.
    DEMONS - You will only face a demon when someone summons them from the other
    dimension.  They are very fast, and can kill you in a very short time.  Use 
    your best magic to quickly dispatch these foes before they get near you.
    PRIESTS - You'll only find priests in the Temple of Akbaa, and they are very
    easy to kill.  Don't sweat these guys, just decapitate them.
    GIANT WORM - There is one GIANT worm in this game on the rat-men's level, and
    it is pathetically easy to deal with.  Cast fireball, and if it gets to close
    to you, just walk backwards.  The worm will retreat as well.  Continue to cast
    fireball or any other choice spells until the worm explodes blood and guts
    DRAGONS - One dragon resides in the game, and it is your choice if you want to
    try and take it on.  The dragon has VERY high HP, casts high-level ice spells,
    can freeze you, and is just an all around pain.  I haven't been able to defeat
    this guy yet.
    Name          HP      Armor    Damage        Specialties       Experience
    Chicken       2         1        N/A        Provides Food          1            
    Giant Rat     5        10        2            "     "              12           
    Spider(baby)  4        10        2          Poison Attack          10
    Spider        8        10        4            "     "              20
    Were-spider   45       10        20           "     "              100
    Goblin        12       10        3              N/A                40
    Goblin Lord   25       20        10             N/A                70
    Villager(M)   32       10        5              N/A                40
    Villager(F)   16        3        3              N/A                30
    Arx Guard     60       40        15             N/A                100
    Priest        25        5        12         Spell Caster           70
    High Priest   35        5        16           "     "              100
    Ghost         60       40        15          Invisible             100
    Troll         40       30        18             N/A                100
    Golem         70       80        20         Poison Immune          200
    Giant Worm    200      40        20             N/A                800
    Undead        35       30        12         PA, Resurrect          120
    Mummy         45       30        30         PA, Paralyze           40
    Lich          120      40        12      High Lv Spell Caster      800
    Snake Woman   35       10        5           "       "             100
    Rat-men       25       30        10      PA, Thief, Teleport       400
    Dog           15        1        3        PA, Provides Food        4
    Pig           18       10        5          Provides Food          6
    Dragon       ~300      ??        ??           Freeze               ???
    4. Weapons and Armor
    Arx Fatalis is not exactly littered with all different types of weapons like 
    some other games.  You will find a few types of swords, a bow, a few pieces of
    armor, and maybe some items to enchant your weapons/armor.
    Aiming times listed are in milliseconds.  Price is how much you can BUY the 
    weapon for, not how much you can sell it for.
    Damage: 1
    Special: N/A 
    Required Skills: N/A
    Aiming Time: 700
    Durability: 4
    Price: N/A
    Description:  This is the first weapon you will use in the game, and you'll 
    want to get rid of it quickly.  After you've attacked a few times, a bone will
    snap and leave you with your bare hands.
    Damage: 2
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: N/A
    Aiming Time: 500
    Durability: 50
    Price: 75
    Description:  Most likely the second type of weapon you will run into.  This is
    a much better choice than a bone.  Dagger's are fast and accurate, but never
    inflict much damage.  Unless you plan on being a very stealthy character, I 
    would abandon daggers for larger weapons.  Priests wield these.
    Damage: 3
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: N/A
    Aiming Time: 1000
    Durability: 20
    Price: 40
    Description:  Basic wooden clobbering item, most goblins wield one of these.
    They are slow weapons with bad durability, avoid them.
    Damage: 4
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: N/A
    Aiming Time: 800
    Durability: 50
    Price: 150
    Description:  You'll probably get stuck with one of these near the beginning of
    the game, so get used to it.  Short swords are your basic and most abundant
    weapon.  Guards carry these.
    Damage: 5
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 8 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 1000
    Durability: 60
    Price: 500
    Description:  Slightly stronger and slightly slower than a short sword, a long
    sword is a great choice for a warrior type character through the middle portion
    of the game.  You can enchant a long sword and make a pretty nice weapon out of
    Damage: 5
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 8 Strength
    Aiming Time: 900
    Durability: 50
    Price: 500
    Description:  Basically the same as a long sword, except it doesn't require any
    close combat points.  It's really your preference: axe or long sword?
    Damage: 6
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 8 Strength, 50 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 500
    Durability: 50
    Price: 600
    Description:  You'll be very pleased when you come across a sabre for the first
    time.  Sabres do more damage than swords and axes, and are twice as fast.  
    However, they do require 50 close combat points.  Probably not the best choice
    for mage or thief type characters.
    Damage: 6
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 30 Projectile
    Aiming Time: 2000
    Durability: N/A
    Price: 250
    Description:  Your basic weapon for a ranged attacker.  You can't break a bow,
    but it takes an exceedingly long time to aim, not to mention you have to keep
    arrows in your stock at all times.  Using a bow is a nice alternative to melee
    weapons, but more challenging.
    Damage: 12
    Special: N/A 
    Required Skills: 14 Strength, 50 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 4000
    Durability: 60 
    Price: 1700 
    Description:  I'm not a big fan of this weapon.  It just takes too long to aim.
    Two handed axes do more damage than two handed swords, but I'm not sure either
    one of them is a good choice.
    Damage: 10
    Special: Armor Class + 3
    Required Skills: N/A 
    Aiming Time: 3000
    Durability: 60 
    Price: 60
    Description:  Yes, this weapon adds 3 to your armor class, but it still isn't 
    that great.  Long aiming time combined with mediocre attack make this less
    desirable then say an enchanted sabre.  Ylsides carry these.
    Damage: 5
    Special: Poisonous Attack, Critical Strike + 50%, Stealth + 10%
    Required Skills: 35 Object Knowledge, 14 Dexterity
    Aiming Time: 500
    Durability: 50
    Price: 750
    Description:  Great weapon for thief type characters.  Very short aiming time
    along with awesome special stats make it an excellent come-from-behind weapon.
    All Rat-men carry these.
    Damage: 5
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 20 Object Knowledge
    Aiming Time: 500
    Durability: 60
    Price: 400
    Description:  It's like an assassin's dagger without the special stats.  Not
    worth your time, but better than a regular dagger.
    Damage: 4
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 8 Strength
    Aiming Time: 900
    Durability: 50
    Price: 100
    Description:  Your basic Blacksmith's hammer, pretty useless if you ask me.
    Slower than a short sword, but has the same damage.  Keep one of these in your 
    inventory if you plan to repair your own weapons.
    Damage: 9
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Aiming Time: 4000
    Durability: 60 
    Price: 900
    Description:  AKA "Blacksmith's Club", you could take a nap waiting for this
    thing to aim.  Avoid this unless you really enjoy bashing things with hammers.
    Damage: 12 
    Special: Armor Class + 3, Critical Strike +10%, Stealth -10%
    Required Skills: 40 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 2000 
    Durability: 80
    Price: 2000
    Description:  Very nice heavy weapon for warrior types, if you can find one.
    Damage: 7
    Special: Strength +1, Constitution +1, Armor Class +1
    Required Skills: 40 Object Knowledge, 10 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 1100
    Durability: 60
    Price: 1000
    Description:  Nice substitute for your regular long sword because of all the 
    stat increases.  If you can find one of these early in the game it should help
    you out alot.  I know of one that can be found in the ice caves.
    Damage: 6
    Special: Critical Strike +20%
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge, 10 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 1000
    Durability: 60
    Price: 750
    Description:  Pretty much a lighter version of the long sword, I haven't seen
    many of these in Arx.
    Damage: 8
    Special: Armor Class +1
    Required Skills: 20 Object Knowledge, 10 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 1000
    Durability: 80
    Price: 900
    Description:  This was my personal weapon of choice for a great deal of the
    game (until I got the meteor sword).  If you find this weapon, put a good 
    enchantment (such as paralyze) on it and it will serve you well.
    Damage: 6
    Special: Life Drain
    Required Skills: 20 Object Knowledge, 10 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 1100
    Durability: 40
    Price: 800
    Description:  Life drain sounds nice, but good luck finding this weapon.
    Damage: 10
    Special: Unbreakable
    Required Skills: 8 Strength, 30 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 500
    Durability: N/A
    Price: 2500
    Description:  Mithril is the best metal to make weapons out of, and you can see
    why.  Mithril is unbreakable.  A mithril sabre is what you will use to make the
    ultimate weapon (meteor sabre).
    Damage: 20
    Special: Unbreakable, Armor Class +5, Stealth -10%
    Required Skills: 10 Strength, 40 Close Combat
    Aiming Time: 3000
    Durability: N/A
    Price: 2500
    Description:  This is the other choice you have as far as mithril weapons go.
    It is superior to all weapons in damage, but it's still pretty slow.  You can
    choose to make your ultimate weapon a two handed sword if that fits your 
    character better.
    Damage: 25
    Required Skills: N/A
    Aiming Time: ~500
    Durability: N/A
    Price: N/A
    Description:  This is your ultimate weapon that you have to make near the end
    of the game.  It is superior to all weapons in all ways.
    Protection: +3
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 60
    Price: 550
    Description:  Your basic body armor, you can probably go without this until you
    get to the city of Arx.
    Protection: +2
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 60
    Price: 400
    Description:  Leather pants, nothing special about 'em.
    Protection: +2
    Special: Stealth +5%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90
    Price: 900
    Description:  Good for thief types because it adds to your Stealth rating.
    Protection: +2
    Special: Stealth +5%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90
    Price: 700
    Description:  Yet another good stealthy armor item.
    Protection: +2
    Special: Stealth +5%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90
    Price: 750
    Description:  Looks more like a mask to me.  As you can see, there is an entire
    arsenal of stuff for a thief type character.  It's not a bad way to go.
    Protection: +6
    Special: Stealth -2%, Casting -2%, Magic Resistance -2%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 8 Strength
    Durability: 80
    Price: 1100
    Description:  Finally, some real man's armor.  Keep in mind that there are 
    always consequences for using the heavier armor.  You need to decide early on
    if you are going to be a warrior, mage, or thief type.  Thieves and Mages
    should probably stay away from chain or heavier armor because of the stat
    Protection: +5
    Special: Stealth -2%, Casting -2%, Magic Resistance -2%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 8 Strength
    Durability: 80
    Price: 850
    Description:  Chain armor for your legs, don't forget about the penalty though.
    Protection: +4
    Special: Stealth -2%, Casting -2%, Magic Resistance -2%
    Required Skills: 35 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 80
    Price: 550
    Description:  As you can see, if you equip yourself in chain armor, your stats
    in stealth, casting, and magic resistance would go down by 6%.  Unless you are
    a very strong warrior character, this is not advisable.
    Protection: +6 
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 35 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 80
    Price: 1300
    Description:  This is the best alternative for stealthy characters.  A magic
    leather armor protects you just as well as chain armor without the penalties. 
    You need a decent object knowledge and they are pretty expensive though.
    Protection: +4
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: N/A
    Durability: 70
    Price: 950
    Description:  Alternative to chain leggings, slightly less protection.
    Protection: +7
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1600
    Description:  Plate armor is not worth it unless you are a full=fledged warrior
    type character.  If you aren't, I advise you to wait until mithril armor is 
    available.  The penalties for plate armor are ridiculous.
    Protection: +7
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1300
    Description:  Plate armor for your legs, lots of penalties.
    Protection: +7
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: 90
    Price: 900
    Description:  Plate armor for your head.
    Protection: +10
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 35 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: N/A
    Price: 1800
    Description: Great armor for a warrior, much better protection with the same
    attribute penalties.
    Protection: +10
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1600
    Description:  Magical armor for your legs, actually has better protection than
    mithril leggings, but comes with penalties.
    Protection: +10
    Special: Stealth -5%, Casting -4%, Magic Resistance -4%
    Required Skills: 15 Object Knowledge, 14 Strength
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1100
    Description:  Your character's defense would be exceptionally high if you could
    find a full outfit of magical plate armor.  Just remember that this is only
    beneficial if you are a strict warrior.
    Protection: +10
    Special: Casting +2%, Magic Resistance +2%
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1800
    Description:  Same thing as magical plate armor, but no penalties.  In fact, 
    you get bonuses to your magic for wearing mithril.
    Protection: +8
    Special: Casting +2%, Magic Resistance +2%
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90 
    Price: 1600
    Description:  Not as strong as magical plate leggings, but much better stats.
    Protection: +9
    Special: Casting +1%, Magic Resitance +1%
    Required Skills: 30 Object Knowledge
    Durability: 90
    Price: 1100
    Description:  Slightly weaker than a magic plate helmet, but you don't have to
    take any penalties.
    Protection: +2
    Special: N/A
    Required Skills: 8 Strength
    Durability: 50
    Price: 300
    Description:  Your basic wooden shield is the first shield you will come
    across.  Keep this equipped for the extra protection.
    Protection: +3
    Special: Stealth -5%
    Required Skills: 10 Strength
    Durability: 70
    Price: 700
    Description:  Slightly more protective than a wooden shield, but penalizes your
    stealth rating.  It's up to you to decide what's more important.
    Protection: +5
    Special: Stealth -5%, Magic Resistance +30%
    Required Skills: 14 Strength
    Durability: 70
    Price: 1100
    Description:  This is the ultimate shield to have.  The stealth penalty is 
    nothing compared to the 30% in magic resistance it gives you.  Buy one of these
    as soon as you have the strength.
    You will come across many rings and amulets on your quest, all of which you
    must have a sufficient rating in object knowledge to identify.  It is important
    that you invest some points in that skill so you can use these items.
    Effect: Doesn't seem to have much effect. 
    Price: 150
    Description:  I've never actually seen one of these in Arx.
    Effect: Armor Class +10%, Magic Resistance +10%, Poison Resistance +10%
    Price: 850
    Description:  Great ring to keep equipped, and even better if you have two of
    Effect: Casting +10%
    Price: 450
    Description:  Improves your casting, you may also find other rings similar to 
    this one such as "RING OF GREATER INTUITION".  These rings add 10% to their 
    respective skills.
    Effect: Strength -2, Dexterity, -2, Constitution -2, Intelligence -2
    Price: 700
    Description:  Sell this if you find it.
    Effect: Strength -5, Dexterity -5
    Price: 500
    Description:  Why keep this?  I don't know, sell it.
    Effect: Allows you to be invisible for 20 seconds after equipping it
    Price: 950
    Description:  Somewhat useful in key situations, you can enchant it one time
    for a second use.
    Effect: Restores 1 HP every 2 seconds
    Price: 800
    Description:  Enchant it to regain its power one time.
    Effect: Magic Resistance +20%, Armor Class -20%
    Price: 950
    Description:  Use this if you have to fight alot of magic casters.  Otherwise,
    the armor class penalty isn't worth it.
    Effect: Poison Resistance +20%, Constitution +1
    Price: 750
    Description:  Nice ring to have, especially when facing spiders or undead.
    5. Item Combinations
    There are literally hundreds of combination you can use in the game.  Try to
    experiment with different combinations and see what you can discover.  I've 
    listed some of the main combinations that will be vital in your quest.  To 
    combine items, double click on one, and then click on the other.
    Water + Flour = Dough
    Dough + Fire = Bread
    Dough + Rolling Pin = Raw pie + Fire = Pie (add apples to make apple pie)
    Raw food (fish, ribs) + fire = Cooked Food
    Pestle and Mortar + [object] + Empty Bottle + Still = [Potion]
    You can use different objects to make different potions:
    Lilypad = Life Potion
    Fern = Poison Potion
    Snowdrop Flower = Invisibility Potion
    Morning Glory = Mana Potion
    Medicinal Herbs = Antidote Potion
    Rock of Amikar + Weapon = Unbreakable Enchantment
    Bone Powder (Pestle and Mortar + Bone) + Weapon = Strength Enchantment
    Garlic + Weapon = Dexterity Enchantment
    Green Potion + Weapon = Poison Enchantment
    Golem Heart + Weapon = Paralyze Enchantment
    Pole + Rope = Fishing Pole
    Blade + Wood = Wooden Stakes
    Blacksmith's Hammer + Weapon = Repaired Weapon
    6. Runes and Spells
    There are 20 runes total in the world of Arx.  You will need these runes in 
    your possession to cast certain spells.  I've listed all the runes, as well as
    all the known spells in the game.  Refer to the manual for pictures of the
    Rune                Meaning
    Aam                  Create
    Nhi                  Negate
    Mega                Improve
    Yok                    Fire
    Taar             Projectile
    Kaom             Protection
    Vitae                  Life
    Vista                 Sight
    Stregnum              Magic
    Morte                 Death
    Cosum                Object
    Communicatum  Communication
    Movis              Movement
    Tempus                 Time
    Folgora               Storm
    Spacium               Space
    Tera                  Earth
    Cetrius              Poison
    Rhaa               Weakness
    *Fridd             Cold/Ice
    *Secret Rune
    NOTE - This game uses Dungeons and Dragons style dice rolling for some spells.
    For example: "1d4" means roll 1 4-sided die.  "3d6" means roll 3 6-sided dice.
    To cast a spell you simply hold CTRL down and draw the runes.  If you want to
    memorize a spell for later use, just hold SHIFT before you release CTRL.  Below
    is a list of all the known spells in the game.
    Name: Magic Sight
    Runes: Mega Vista (Improve Vision)
    Effect: Allows you to see better in the dark.
    Mana Cost: 3 per 10 seconds
    Name: Magic Missle
    Runes: Aam Taar (Create Projectile)
    Effect: Shoots a magic projectile.
    Mana Cost: 1 x Level
    Name: Ignite
    Runes: Aam Yok (Create Fire)
    Effect: Light's torches and fireplaces in a radius.
    Mana Cost: 2
    Name: Douse
    Runes: Nhi Yok (Negate Fire)
    Effect: Puts out fire in a radius
    Mana Cost: 2
    Name: Heal
    Runes: Aam Vitae (Improve Life)
    Effect: 1d4 x level Heals the caster
    Mana Cost: 2 x level
    Name: Detect Traps
    Runes: Morte Cosum Vista (Death Object Vision)
    Effect: Detects any traps in the area (based on your level)
    Mana Cost: 5 duration
    Name: Armor
    Runes: Mega Kaom (Improve Protection)
    Effect: +1 to Armor Class x level
    Mana Cost: 4 duration
    Name: Weaken Armor
    Runes: Rhaa Kaom (Weaken Protection)
    Effect: -1 to Armor Class x level to Enemy
    Mana Cost: 4 duration
    Name: Speed
    Runes: Mega Movis (Improve Movement)
    Effect: Accelerates Movement
    Mana Cost: 20 duration
    Name: Dispel Illusion (Reveal)
    Runes: Nhi Stregnum Vista (Negate Magic Vision)
    Effect: Reveals fake walls, etc.
    Mana Cost: 7 duration
    Name: Fireball
    Runes: Aam Yok Taar (Create Fire Projectile)
    Effect: Shoots a fireball, 1d6 x level
    Mana Cost: 3 x level
    Name: Create Food
    Runes: Aam Vitae Cosum (Create Life Object)
    Effect: Feeds your character
    Mana Cost: 5
    Name: Bless
    Runes: Mega Stregnum Vitae (Improve Magic Life)
    Effect: +1 partout x (level +1)
    Mana Cost: 5 duration
    Name: Magic Field
    Runes: Kaom Spacium Nhi (Negate Protection Space)
    Effect: Dispels magic field in area
    Mana Cost: 7
    Name: Fire Protection
    Runes: Yok Kaom (Fire Protection)
    Effect: Protects you from fire
    Mana Cost: 10 duration
    Name: Telekinesis
    Runes: Spacium Communicatum (Space Communication)
    Effect: Pick up/activate items from far
    Mana Cost: 9 duration
    Name: Create Rune of Guarding
    Runes: Aam Morte Cosum (Create Death Object)
    Effect: 10 damage to creatures close
    Mana Cost: 9
    Name: Levitate
    Runes: Mega Spacium Movis (Improve Space Movement)
    Effect: Allows you to float
    Mana Cost: 10 duration
    Name: Cure Poison
    Runes: Nhi Cetrius (Negate Poison)
    Effect: Removes poison (charges x level)
    Mana Cost: 10
    Name: Repel Undead
    Runes: Morte Kaom (Death Protection)
    Effect: Some undead will flee
    Mana Cost: 9 duration
    Name: Raise Dead
    Runes: Aam Morte Vitae (Create Death Life)
    Effect: Raises a skeleton (1 at a time)
    Mana Cost: 12 duration
    Name: Paralyze
    Runes: Nhi Movis (Negate Movement)
    Effect: Paralyzes target (1 second x level)
    Mana Cost: 3 x level
    Name: Create Field
    Runes: Aam Kaom Spacium (Create Protection Space)
    Effect: Creates an energy field (Force Field)
    Mana Cost: 12 duration
    Name: Disarm Trap
    Runes: Nhi Morte Cosum (Negate Death Object)
    Effect: Disarms detected traps (Based on level)
    Mana Cost: 15
    Name: Flying Eye
    Runes: Vista Movis (Vision Movement)
    Effect: Creates a flying eye to explore areas with
    Mana Cost: 16
    Name: Fire Field
    Runes: Aam Yok Spacium (Create Fire Space)
    Effect: 20 damage x seconds
    Mana Cost: 14 duration
    Name: Lightning Strike
    Runes: Aam Folgora Taar (Create Storm Projectile)
    Effect: 3d4 x level damage
    Mana Cost: 6 x level
    Name: Confuse
    Runes: Rhaa Vista (Weaken Vision)
    Effect: NPC's wont detect you (1 second x level)
    Mana Cost: 3 x level
    Name: Invisibility
    Runes: Nhi Vista (Negate Vision) 
    Effect: NPC's can't see you
    Mana Cost: 30 duration
    Name: Mana Drain
    Runes: Stregnum Movis (Magic Movement)
    Effect: 1d4 x seconds
    Mana Cost: 10 duration
    Name: Chaos
    Runes: Mega Aam Yok (Improve Create Fire)
    Effect: 3d8 all monsters in radius 
    Mana Cost: 30
    Name: Enchant Weapon
    Runes: Mega Stregnum Cosum (Improve Magic Object)
    Effect: Gives bonus to weapon (according to the weapon)
    Mana Cost: 35
    Name: Summon Creature
    Runes: Aam Vitae Tera (Create Life Earth)
    Effect: Summons a demon (only if casting > 90)
    Mana Cost: 20 duration
    Name: Negate Magic
    Runes: Nhi Stregnum Spacium (Negate Magic Space)
    Effect: No magic can be casted
    Mana Cost: 20 duration
    Name: Incinerate
    Runes: Aam Mega Yok (Create Improve Fire)
    Effect: Damage 5d4
    Mana Cost: 100 duration
    Name: Mass Paralyze
    Runes: Mega Nhi Movis (Improve Negate Movement)
    Effect: Paralyze 1 second x level
    Mana Cost: 3 x level x #NPC's
    Name: Mass Lightning Strike
    Runes: Mega Aam Taar Folgora (Improve Create Projectile Storm)
    Effect: 4d6 x level damage
    Mana Cost: 8 x level
    Name: Control Demon
    Runes: Movis Communicatum (Movement Communication)
    Effect: Make a demon attack for you
    Mana Cost: 40
    Name: Freeze Time
    Runes: Nhi Tempus (Negate Time)
    Effect: All NPC's freeze
    Mana Cost: 60 duration
    Name: Mass Incinerate
    Runes: Mega Aam Mega Yok (Improve Create Improve Fire)
    Effect: Damage 5d4
    Mana Cost: 200 duration
    Name: Activate Portal
    Runes: Mega Spacium (Improve Space)
    Effect: Activates a portal
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Cold Protection
    Runes: Fridd Kaom (Ice Protection)
    Effect: Protects from ice
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Curse
    Runes: Rhaa Stregnum Vitae (Weaken Magic Life)
    Effect: Opposite of Bless (Lowers AC)
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Harm
    Runes: Rhaa Vitae (Weaken Life)
    Effect: Damages opponents that come near you
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Ice Field
    Runes: Aam Fridd Spacium (Create Ice Space)
    Effect: Same as fire field
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Ice Projectile
    Runes: Aam Fridd Taar (Create Ice Projectile)
    Effect: Same as fireball
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Life Drain
    Runes: Vitae Movis (Life Movement)
    Effect: Drains life and gives hero life
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Poison Projectile
    Runes: Aam Cetrius Taar (Create Poison Projectile)
    Effect: Creates a poison cloud of gas
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Slowness
    Runes: Rhaa Movis (Weaken Movement)
    Effect: Slows target down
    Mana Cost: ???
    Name: Summon POWERFUL Demon
    Runes: Mega Mega Mega Aam Vitae Tera (Improve x 3 Create Life Earth)
    Effect: Creates a very powerful demon
    Mana Cost: ???
                           -C. Frequently Asked Questions-
                                    -D. Cheats-
    These cheats are taken from Paul Connelly's UHS file.
    Most cheats in Arx Fatalis require you to draw certain hidden runes.  Most of
    these runes are english letters. (A, D, F, L, M, O, P, R, S, U, W, X).
    Below are some crude drawings of each of the secret runes.  You start drawing
    where the 'x' is and follow it to the end.  Email me if you have questions 
    concerning these drawings.
    Rune A
      /  \ 
     /    \
    Rune D
    | \
    |  \
    |  /
    | / 
    Rune F
    Rune L
    | ----->
    Rune M
    |\    /|
    | \  / |
    |  \/  |
    |      |
    X      |
    Rune O
     /  \
    X    \
    Rune P
    | \
    |  \
    | /
    Rune R
    | \
    | /
    X \
    Rune S
    Rune U
    X       |
    |       |
    |       |
    |       |
    Rune W
    X          /
     \        /
      \  /\  /
       \/  \/
    Rune X
    X    /
     \  /
     / \
    Stairs Rune
    Here are the cheats that you can activate:
    Makes your character invincible.  This spell is NOT reversible.
    Activate it using M, A, X.
    Allows you to walk through walls, you won't fall either.  Is reversible.
    (De)Activate it using Stairs, Stairs, Stairs.
    Gives you a very powerful sword.
    Activate using P, O, M.
    This is a weird one.  It displays "Mariana!" and places a portrait of a weird
    lady on your screen.  NOT reversible.
    Activate using M, A, R.
    Makes you constantly move very quickly.  NOT reversible.
    Activate using R, A, F.
    Inscribes the map of the whole level you are exploring.
    Activate using S, O, S.
    Makes NPC's heads huge.  Is reversible.
    Activate using S, D, S, D.
    Reduces graphics to the level of UUW.
    Activate using U, U, W.
    There is a very strange cheat at the beginning of the game that will give you
    tons of good stuff.  It's called the CHICKEN CHEAT.
    To activate the chicken cheat, escape from your cell and kill the goblin.  In
    the corner of the room with the table there are two bones.  Pick up the left
    bone and use it on the chair (double-click NOT attack) 10 times.  The cheat
    places all runes in your spellbook, and gives you many great items.  It also
    places some strange items. 
    A recycle bin.
    2 Scuba Tanks.
    A chicken icon.
    Use any item on the recycle bin to destroy it for good.
    Use the recycle bin on the chicken to read a random note in the game.
    Use the scuba taks on the recycle bin to activate a portal to the seventh or
    first level, depending on the icon used.
    Use the ring on any icons to get random items.
    -=Section II - Walkthrough=-

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