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"Diablo meets Morrowind"


I was expecting a lot less. I find the graphics extremely detailed and more impressive than any of the older games I've been playing recently, or the 2D ones anyway. I've heard people complain about the graphics, that's probably because you have to change settings on the config tool. For me, the default settings were causing really bad framerate and blurry graphics.


Like any other 'diablo clone' game, it's easy to move, attack, and pickup items with a few clicks. Still, it seems like they were done better and less cluttered at times in other action rpgs.


Now I have to be honest, and say that I've actually *never* played Diablo. Yeah. But still, I've played my share of 'diablo clones' and spent a LOT of time with Morrowind when the GOTY edition came out for the Xbox. So I feel it would be accurate to say this takes the gameplay elements of Morrowind and puts them into a Diablo-esque game engine.

Anyway, you can play as either male or female version of one of 3 classes, Warrior, Mage or Survivor (thief, basically). This may sound limiting, but its not since this choice is really just setting up your different starting stats and how they are increased through points given. You'll be able to learn any mix of Warrior, Mage, and Survivor skills. And just like creating your own class in Morrowind, this is important as you will want to be able to pick locks and create potions as well as use magic/physical attacks for battling. Unlike a lot of the other designated 'action rpgs', this really is a role playing game, and you may be turned off if your looking for a mindless hack n' slash. You can really get immersed in the world, everything is open ended and you can ignore or complete many different kinds of quests, or even kill and/or rob townspeople. Of course, if you've played Morrowind, you'll know what might happen if you do choose to be the bad guy!

As for the story, I've heard complaints about it being just another 'generic good vs. evil' plot, but honestly, isn't that true for all rpg's, if not most games? The thing thats great about this is the funny and well done dialogue you can hear or things you can read. And just when you think they've gotta screw up somewhere, the music and sound effects are amazing as well.

If there's a major fault here, it's that the game lacks a polish and seems flawed in some areas. One thing is that the quest system seems confusing and badly organized. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what the game wants you to do next or what your even really suppose to do.

Bottom line, this game does so many things right, it's easy to ignore most of the flaws, or even write them off as adding to the sense of a realistic and immersive rpg world. If your a real fan of deep and challenging rpg's, I highly recommend picking this one up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/08

Game Release: Divine Divinity (US, 09/22/02)

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