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"Divine what?"

Divine Divinity is a an Action\RPG developed by Larian Studios. Oh, god… another of these Diablo clones… developers pleeeeeease! If you want to make a rip-off at least make it a good rip-off. Gamers beware! if you expect a great Hack n' Slash Action\RPG avoid this game. Even less popular games than Diablo 1 & 2 are way, waaay better than this divine fail.

Story: 3/10
Presentation: 1/10

Divine Divinity starts like almost any other game of its kind. Some bad guys get ready to wreck havoc on the world and you are one of the few heroes that can stop them. In the intro of the game we can see a holy-looking spirit being divided in 3 parts with one part entering the body of a warrior, the one supposedly controlled by you. There isn't something special or original about the plot. Diablo 2 also had a very simple plot but it also had something that DD doesn't… presentation! The cutscenes and the dialogues with the NPCs were simply wonderful, making you feel like part of some truly epic events, making you feel that you are actually trying to save a “real” world from a great evil. Divine Divinity is pretty lame, with boring NPCs, tons of boring fetch quests of no importance and dialogues that range from the extremely typical ones to the extremely badly written. Finally the various attempts at making the game a bit funny, (like the existential ponderings of two skeletons), make the game more bad than entertaining.

Gameplay: 4/10
Replay Value: 1/10

Divine Divinity plays like any other Diablo-type game, meaning that it is a point a click Action\RPG where you control almost everything with the mouse, kill enemies and improve your character by gaining for exp points, better equipment and advancing your skills. But how does this game stand out from the rest? Lets see: First of all we have 6 characters to choose from… did I say six? Sorry I mean 3… 3 and their female counterparts, (is that lame, or is that lame?). We have a fighter class, a magician class and a rogue class, however apart from the different stats the gain each time they level up, they have little differences between them. In fact all classes can get ALL skills. This is something I generally like in this kind of games but here Divine Divinity has failed epically. Skills are either completely useless or unbalanced. You can create class hybrids but it's not exactly recommended. Who needs a magic using fighter with only a few Mana points at his disposal? Characters are maybe the most important aspect of a game like this… the next most important thing is probably the actual fighting. First of all the challenge is very bad. You can go almost everywhere since the game is very open ended, however you simply can't because it's impossible to survive! Not only is the game hard but also the hit detection is very annoying with you clicking on an enemy and instead of hitting the enemy you run around! The game lets you aim the closest enemy by clicking Ctrl but that's not they way a game like this is supposed to be!!! In the end the game is very boring and repetitive. All quests are of the kill [# of enemies] and the rewards are never special. The weapons, the skills, the enemies, (the few of them), the quests… all are very, very boring, unoriginal! And don't get me started on the awful game-crashing bugs!!!

Graphics: 7/10
Design: 4/10

Like many games I've played, when it comes to graphics Divine Divinity makes most things right but forgets the most essential thing. Technically it's an ok game… not groundbreaking but ok. Everything from the characters to the landscape to the HUD is nicely done. The characters look good and change look depending on what they wear, the landscape is fantastically detailed and offers some nice effects like reflections in water, and night\day cycle and I thing some weather effects. The enemies are also ok so are the in-battle special effects, which are simple but good. So what's the problem with the game? Well there are 2 of them. First of all, it's sometimes hard to actually see things! It's extremely irritating when you have to push a lever which has the exact same colors with the wall, enter a door which can be barely seen and so on… very bad color\lighting contrast. The second and most important problem: THE GAME LOOKS EXTREMELY BORING!!! This Diablo-clone must be one of the most boring looking games in existence! You expect hellish landscapes and magical havens, you only get endless grasslands or dark brown colored dungeons, you expect “demons & angels” with an original design, you only get 10000 skeletons & Orcs to fight, you want cool looking characters like battle ready Amazons, cool Assassins or sexy Magicians? Forget it! All you get is 3 crappy “heroes” and their female counterparts.

Sound: 5/10
Music: 6.8/10

The sound quality is simply average… I've seen much, much better in many games with a smaller budget. The voice acting ranges from the good to ok, (your characters for example), to the below average or annoying, (the rest of the NPCs). The music themes of the game don't have anything special to offer… just your typical and simple symphonic themes and so on.


-Repetitive and unrewarding
-Boring plot. Lame attempts at humor
-Very unbalanced or useless skills
-Bad controls
-Some severe bugs
-Extremely boring design

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Overall: 4/10

Divine Divinity easily gets beaten by games 10 years older. It was so damn boring that I simply never felt like completing it…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/07/11

Game Release: Divine Divinity (US, 09/22/02)

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