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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AgRaMaToS

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    _____________________________________________The city of Lost Heaven
                        Mafia FAQ/Walkthrough for DOS/Windows
                        Version 1.3 - Last Revised: November 2 2002
                        Author: Andreas Constantinou (AgRaMaToS)
                        Email: MafiaFAQs@hotmail.com*
    *Note that i made a special email just for this FAQ.
    Legal Disclaimer
    This document is copyright © 2002 Andreas Constantinou, all rights reserved. You 
    are not allowed to reproduce it, edit it and make money from it. You can't publish
    it to your site without permission from the author first. This document can only 
    be on the following sites. If you find it on other sites not listed here then 
    email me and tell me. Thank you.
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    Due to the size of the FAQ, you can get to several sections of the FAQ easily by 
    typing special key words in the search box of Internet Explorer. Press CTRL + F 
    while in the FAQ and type the special key word. Then press 2 times ENTER and you 
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    Section = Keyword
    1)Introduction = Eisagogi
    2)Revision History = Ananeoseis
    3)Mini-review = Parousiasi
    4)Story = Ipothesi
    5)Characters = Iroes
    6)Basics-General Tipc = Vasika
    7)Walkthrough = Apostoles
      Mission 1 = Ap1
      Mission 2 = Ap2
      Mission 3 = Ap3
      Mission 4 = Ap4
      Mission 5 = Ap5
      Mission 6 = Ap6
      Mission 7 = Ap7
      Mission 8 = Ap8
      Mission 9 = Ap9
      Mission 10 = Ap10
      Mission 11 = Ap11
      Mission 12 = Ap12
      Mission 13 = Ap13
      Mission 14 = Ap14
      Mission 15 = Ap15
      Mission 16 = Ap16
      Mission 17 = Ap17
      Mission 20 = Ap20
    8)Weapons = Opla
    9)Cars = Amaksia
    10)The city = Poli
    11)Other features = Alla
    12)Easter Eggs/Secrets/Cheats/Bugs = Mistika
    13)Frequently asked questions = Erotiseis
    14)Credits = Epilogos
    Table Of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Revision History
    3.  Mini-Review
    4.  Story
    5.  Characters
    6.  Basics - General Tips
    7.  Walkthrough
    8.  Weapons
    9.  Cars
    10. The city
    11. Other features
    12. Easter Eggs/Secrets/Cheats/Bugs
    13. Frequently Asked Questions
    14. Credits
                                  1.  Introduction (Eisagogi)
    I've been waiting for this game for a long time and finally its here. Mafia is
    another game from the developers of Hidden & Dangerous. You live the life of a
    gangster, stealing cars, shooting etc and having fun. I decided to write a guide
    for the game...
    Everything is my opinion and you can disagree with something on the guide. Also i 
    need a lot of help on this guide so please, anything you would like to add or
    correct here, email me.
    The system requirement for the game to run smoothly are:
    - Pentium III or AMD K7
    - 64/128 MB ram
    - Graphics card that supports Direct 3D with at least 16 Mb ram
                                  2. Revision History (Ananeoseis)
    -Version 1.3
    First of all i would like to apologise for the lack of updates over the last month.
    I didn't update because my PC refused to run Mafia! I tried several methods to make
    it work but i don't know what happened. But since i received a hella lots of emails,
    i will just update this to add user submissions until i get my damn PC to run Mafia
    again. I also added the search feature - just read the note at the beggining of the 
    FAQ. And a quick note: If your question hasn't been answered its beacause of the 
    following reasons;
    1) It's already answered in the FAQ somewhere.
    2) It's a technical question which i cannot answer.
    3) It's a stupid or "unanswerable" question.
    4) I missed it by mistake.
    -Version 1.2
    - Walkthrough 80% complete
    - Finished weapons section
    - Added links to save files after the race
    - Added race tips (by viperlance@hotmail.com)
    - Minor corrections and additions
    - Started working on the Free Ride Extreme walkthrough and the other sections as
    -Version 1.1
    - Finished Walkthrough up to Mission 15
    - Added a few Easter eggs
    - Added a few player strategies for some missions for the Walkthough section
    - Added a few bugs
    - Minor corrections
    -Version 1.0
    Still working on the "Other Features", "Cars" and "Easter Eggs/Secrets/Cheats" 
    sections. The Walkthrough is 25% complete. The Review is finished. This is the 
    first version and i will keep working until i finish the guide completely! 
    You can email me questions for the FAQ section and Easter Eggs, Secrets and 
    Cheats. You can also email me other strategies for the "Player Strategies" 
    sections of the walkthrough missions... Remember, you will get credit for 
    sending  me anything to help on this FAQ. 
                                  3. Mini-Review (Parousiasi)
       Mafia is a breathtaking experiance in the eartly 1930s with old cars and nice
    gangster shootout. If you watched movies like the Godfather before then thats 
    exactly how the game is... Packed with lots of features such as stealing a car 
    in the road, shooting wyres, a free ride mode where you do anything you want
    there, lots of guns and cars, nice damage and character models, advanced police
    and enemies AI and many more. You will love Mafia and if your PC is not strong
    enough to run it then wait for the Playstation 2/Xbox version...
    Graphics: Detailed to maximum! Amazing damage marks on cars, the characters and
    animations are very well detailed and the textures and awesome. A trully graphical
    masterpiece. If you have a nice 3D card such as Geforce 2 then you will enjoy 
    Mafia at its maximum.
    Sound: Nice backround music and the voice acting is actually decent. The city sounds
    are real such as the car horns and the voices and the atmosphere in general. 
    Gameplay: Tons of features and things to do. You will enjoy every minute of it.
    First of all, you drive old cars and you can still every single car. You have 
    a lot of weapons such as the Tommy gun, Sniper Rifle and the baseball bat and
    you are going through a very well detailed story mode with action and shooting
    and intense driving. Neato!
    Lifespan: Its hard to beat all the missions but its rewarding (eg the free ride
    extreme mode). Plus the free ride mode {which it allows you to have a free roam 
    around the city and practically do anything you want like in GTA3} is fun if 
    you want some action. Then we have the multiplayer patch which its supposed to be
    released really soon!
    Overall: 9/10
                                  4. Story (Ipothesi)
    "The hero, Tommy, is a cabdriver who is glad to have a job during the depression.
    His happiness, however, does not last long. By a freak chance, he managed to 
    save some members of a Mafia Family from being killed by hit men from another
    Mafia gang. Three Mafiosi, who were being chased, had jumped into his cab and 
    ordered him to shake off their pursuers ... and Tommy, thanks to his excellent
    skills as a driver, managed to do just that.
    While the rescued gangsters, seeing what a capable driver he is, offer him a job 
    their boss, Don Salieri, the killers working for Don Morelli only thirst for revenge.
    This leads to Tommy losing his cab under dramatic circumstances, and thus also 
    losing his livelihood. Only by seeking refuge with Don Salieri's gang can he save
    his life. Visualizing himself in the dismal position of having to stand in some
    soup-line, he accepts the job offered to him by the Family.
    In the beginning, Tom likes his new job as a gangster. t gives him an opportunity
    to take revenge on Morelli's men, he is never short of money, and all he has to
    do is occasionally give someone a bit of a warning or a quick thrashing. People
    in the city respect him. He meets a girl, whom he eventually marries and and 
    has a child with. 
    Gradually, he starts to see the other side of his work: murders, assassinations,
    dangerous shootouts, and hight-speed car chases in which the smallest miscalculation
    can mean death. The real horror of his job gets through to him only when he is 
    ordered to kill people who he knows personally, and who he likes.  He is asked to
    kill an accountant working for the Family who co-operated with the police in order
    to save his loved ones, and then kill his own wife's friends.... Tommy is by now a
    respected man in the Family, and therefore nobody suspects that he might not carry
    out his assignments to the letter, even though sometimes he does just that. However,
    nothing lasts forever."
                                  5. Characters (Iroes)
    Tommy Angelo
    The main character of the game. Tommy used to be a cab driver, but because of
    some unpleasant circumstances, he was forced to join the Mafia. He’s quite a 
    nice guy, but his difficult childhood and the hard circumstances of the thirties
    modified his set of values somewhat. And so he is prepared to do things that are
    not quite acceptable or understandable to an ordinary person. His conscience, 
    however, does wake up from time to time and so sometimes he acts in an entirely 
    unexpected way...
    A typical representative of an American detective from the school of hard knocks.
    He is an unpleasant and badly groomed lout who gives the impression that he despises
    everyone around him. Tom tells his life story to Norman, which can’t be at all 
    easy for him.
    Don Salieri
    The Boss of the Family that Tom is working for. Salieri is a man who's lived through
    a lot, and there aren't many things that make him lose his cool. He is one of those
    Mafiosi for whom the money wasn't the main reason for building up his position. 
    Although he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, his first course of action 
    is not necessarily the most violent or aggressive one. He is friendly, but when it
    comes down to it, he can get really angry. His motto is 'business first' and 
    friendship must be put aside sometimes.
    Tom's gang-leader. He’s a small guy, full of energy. He is a choleric and 
    sometimes behaves quite unpredictably. However, when he takes a liking to someone,
    he is the truest friend there can be and is always reliable - if he isn't busy 
    causing you some trouble, that is. Paulie and Tom like each other immediately 
    and become good friends; they work together quite often.
    Another of Tom's colleagues. He is a big, friendly guy, with a nice smile. In 
    spite of his size, he is timid and a little clumsy, and doesn't talk much. He 
    often works with Tom and Paulie, and they are good friends.
    Frank is Don Salieri's best friend, associate and advisor. His main concern is
    family finance and the legal side of business. He is well suited to this. At
    first sight he doesnt seem to belong among these criminals, as he is a very 
    quiet incospicuous nice guy. He does his work mainly because of an attachment to
    Don Salieri, as well as their mutant past. They grew up together in a poor quarter
    and thanks to Don he gained most of what he has, so he cant just turn his back on
    him. If he'd grown up in any other place he would certainly be a succesful lawyer
    or businessman.
    He has worked for the family for a long time and it means everything to him. It's
    strange that such a good guy like Vincenzo found his greatest love in guns, but
    thats why he takes care of Salieri's arsenal of weapons and selects the best
    equipment for a mission.
    Ralph is excellent when it comes to dealing with vehicles. He can take apart,
    repair, improve and then rebuild whatever he gets his hands on and thats about
    it. His world revolves around anything on four wheels, and he knows little 
    about anything else. Thats why he'll only talk about vehicles, though even
    conversations about vehicles arent easy for him.
    Salieri's main advensary, where Salieri opts for negotiation, Morello uses an 
    army of men with Thompsons.
    Where Salieri punishes treachery, Morello indiscriminately shows his might.
    Beacuse of this he has a big influence in the icty, which he is trying to 
    extend into Salieri family territory. He is greatly helped by his brother Sergio.
    However, he ultimately destroys everything he's involved in through his overly
    brutal behavior.
    Lucas Bertone
    Lucas is a pleasant Italian of middle age, a car mechanic for the rich. He is 
    very big-hearted even though, in view of the services he provides to the Mafia,
    he is no saint
    NOTE: Although not part of the Salieri family its often worth visiting Lucas when
    you have spare time as unlike Ralph, Luca's work means that he has access to some
    of the more luxurious and exotic cars in the city.
                                  6. Basics - General Tips (Vasika)
    Intro: Select this option to replay the intro to the game.
    Tutorial: Choose this option to learn how to control Tommy and the basic functions
    in the game.
    New game: Select this option to start a new game.
    Load game: Mafia automatically saves the player's progress after completing certain
    important tasks. Automatic Saving is indicated during the game by an on-screen 
    message. Each player's profile has seperately saved positions, allowing several
    players to play on one PC. After opening the menu, the last saved position is auto-
    matically selected. Information about the selected save game can be displayed at the
    bottom of the window.
    Free Ride: Selecting Free ride will allow you to drive freely around Lost Heaven
    and the surrounding countryside. You can use the options in the menu to select the
    density of pedestrians, traffic and police.
    NOTE: Not all of the Free Ride options are available at the start of the game.
    When Free Ride is fully unlocked, you can select any car that you have collected
    during the game to roam freely through the city. You can collect money as a taxi
    driver or by fighting gangsters and destroying cars. With the money you can pay
    to heal yourself at the city hospital, repair your car at Bertone's or buy weapons
    at yellow Pete's gunshop.
    Free ride extreme: This mode becomes unlocked after you complete the single player
    game. You can roam the city without any police patrols and complete different
    tasks to enable you to receive special cars like hotrods. These cars are then 
    added to your garage and can be used in the normal Free Ride mode. 
    Carcyclopedia: Here you can view all the vehicles that are available in the game
    and their specifications. Scroll though the list of makes and models on the left
    hand side of the screen and information about the selected vehicle will be displayed
    in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 
    You can view the vehicles in more detail by pressing "H" key to enter show mode.
    Options: In the options menu you can adject the controls and change the graphics 
    and sound set-up according to your preferences and computer's performance.
    Credits: Select this option to display the credits for the game.
    Change Profile: Here you can change to another saved profile if one has been
    previously saved on your computer. You are also able to create a new profile
    or delete an old profile as you wish.
    NOTE: Deleting a profile will mean that the save games accociated with it will
    also be deleted.
    Quit: Exit the game and return to Windows.
    The default controls are the best in my opinion and i am going to use them in the
    walkthrough. If you've changed them then its your problem.
    Player Controls
    Forwards - Cursor Up
    Backwards - Cursor down
    Left - Cursor Left
    Right - Cursor Right
    Toggle Run/ Walk - Caps lock
    Walk - Right Shift (Hold down whilst moving)
    Turn on the spot - Right Alt (Whilst moving)
    Action Button - Right Mouse Button
    Fire - Left mouse button
    Crouch - Right Ctrl
    Jump/Climb - Num pad 0
    Aiming - Mouse Axis X and Y
    Cycle up & down (for weapons) - Mouse Wheel
    Inventory - I
    Hide Weapon - H
    Drop Weapon - Backspace
    Reload - L
    Sniper Mode - S
    Objectives - F1
    City Map - Tab
    Car controls
    Accelerate - Cursor Up
    Brake/Reverse - Cursor Down
    Steer Left - Cursor left
    Steer Right - Cursor Right
    Handbrake - Spacebar
    Speed Limiter - F5
    Maual/Automatic Gears - M
    Change Gears Up - A
    Change Gears Down - Z
    Horn - K
    Look Left - ,
    Look Right - .
    Use Clutch - X
    Change Camera - C
    Replace (repositions the car during races) - Num pad 0
    Also for First Person Shooters fans (like me), you CAN use the WASD configuration.
    It is in the defaults. "E" Is Jump/Climb button and "Q" is the Crouch button. 
    Running/Walking: To run you just go forward. The "Caps Lock" button will toggle
    the walk/run mode. While running, you can press and hold SHIFT to walk
    Crouching: This is useful while in battle or when you can to sneak somewhere.
    Pressing Ctrl (or "Q") will allow you to crouch. When you press and hold the crouch
    button and then move forward, you will sneak. Sneaking is useful when you want to 
    go somewhere quietely without causing any trouble and drawing attention. Also when
    crouch and shoot, your gun and aim will be more stable.
    Jump/Climb: Press "Num Pad 0" or "E" to perform this command. You just jump. When
    you have an object like a box or a higher ledge, you will climb it.
    Side Roll: Double tapping left or right will make you to side roll. Side rolling 
    is useful when you are shooting and you dont want to be hit. Use it wisely.
    Fire: Press the left mouse button to fire. If the weapon can be charged (like the
    baseball bat) you can hold the left mouse button and charge and hit someone harder.
    Reload: "L" reloads your weapon. Be careful though, when you already have a magazine
    that has some bullets in, when you reload you are going to lose those bullets. Annoying
    but its realistic ;).
    Aiming: For some weapons, when you shoot, the aim mark will go up. Try practicing
    aiming and shooting. If you crouch and aim its better. You can also aim from inside
    the car if you are using a handgun weapon.
    Cycle up & Down: Moving the mouse wheel up & down is extremely useful because you
    change weapons very fast. So if your weapon is empty or you want to use a different
    weapon you just do this quickly.
    Hide Weapon: Hiding the weapon is good when police is around or you dont want other
    gangsters to shoot you. Press "H" to hide your current weapon.
    Droping Weapon: When you have 2 big weapons (like the shotgun) you cant hide them
    both. One must be on your hand and the other one is your coat. Thats where droping is
    useful. Doing so you drop your current weapon. So when police is coming near you,
    you can drop it, wait for them to leave and then pick it up again!
    Steal a car: Go next to any car and press and hold the right mouse button. You will
    pick the lock and steal the car. Note that early in the game, some cars CANT be
    stealed because you must learn how to steal them in the single player missions.
    Shooting while in the car: Cycle through your weapons and choose a handgun. Press
    the left mouse button. Now you can shoot and drive the same time! Note that you cant
    shoot at the right side of the car simply because your hand is out at the left side.
    The Speed Limiter: Pressing F5 allows you to turn on the speed limiter which it
    stables the car to 40 miles per hour and you cant go more. This way is safer from
    breaking the law (over 40 mph) when there are police cars around.
    Horn: Press "K" to horn. Using the horn is useful when you want stupid people and
    to get out of your way.
    Manual Transmission: Press "M" to switch to the manual transmission. "A" moves
    a gear up and "Z" a gear down. "X" is the clutch. Manual transmission is harder
    than the automatic one (duh!) but its more fun. Not recommended to people who 
    never drived a real car before :).
    The cops are a real pain in the ass. Make sure that you dont break the law. Be 
    aware of the following things:
    - Dont run more than 40 mph while in the city and there are cops around.
    - Dont crash onto other cars when there are cops around.
    - Dont steal a car when there are cops around.
    - No passing with the red lights.
    - Dont carry a gun (except the bat) when there are cops around. Hide it.
    Policemen will do the following actions on you:
    A) Fine you: You will see a notebook icon. You must STOP so you will be 
    fined (and pay).
    B) Arrest you: If you dont stop while being told to stop, they will arrest you.
    C) Shoot at you: If you shoot any gun, police will go after you and return fire.
    Also if they are chasing you for a long time, you will be wanted by every single
    police vehicle. But if you get our of your vehicle and steal a different one when
    they are not there (the cops) you will slip away! You will see a confused cop icon.
    Objectives: Press F1 to view your objectives. 
    The TAB button: VERY useful. Pressing it, brings out the map which is extremely 
    useful! Remember it!
    Filling up: If you go to a gas station, you will fill up your car with... gas!
    If you watch the down right icon, it shows when you need gas. Its like in the real
    cars. Cars provided by Ralph will be full of gas when you first enter in them.
    Public transport: You can enter trains and trolleys to move around the city.
    Inventory: Pressing "I" allows you to gain access to your inventory so you can
    see and use all the weapons you have and some other special things like hats.
    Tips by Amul Gurung
    - If you are using the Thompson gun, just tap and fire a single shot at once 
    because if you hold
      the fire button, then your player cannot resist Newtons 3rd law of motion 
    (Every action has its equal reaction). While tapping the fire button you will 
    have stability on the gun.
    - When shooting, shoot crouching cuz the enemy will have hard time getting you 
    right and it also increases the stability of your current weapon.
    - With a knife, you can do a combo and finish the guy.
    - Always kill the enemy who has better weapon. Like if you find two guys, one 
    with Pump action shotgun and another with Colt 1911, you should kill the guy 
    with the pump action shotgun.
    - Sawed-off shotgun can kill instantly only if you are close to the enemy. Like 
    if you are very close to the enemy, he/she will get killed instantly and if you 
    are far from the enemy, all the bullets get scattered.
                                  7. Walkthrough (Apostoles)
    This is the walkthrough. It guides you through the missions and if you can't pass
    a mission you can refer here and read my strategies and the player strategies as 
    well to help you go further in the game. Enjoy :)
    NOTE: If you know an easier way or a different way on how to pass a mission (or
    an objective in it) please email me and tell me so i can add it to the 
    "Player strategies" section of each mission of the walkthrough. Thank you!
    Mission 1: An offer you can't refuse (Ap1)
    What is it about: You are taking a break from your job as a taxi driver while 
    some Mafioso gangster chased by other gangsters come there and point their gun
    at you telling you to get them out of this mess. You dont have a choise.
    - Lose the tail
    - Get The Gangsters to Salieri Bar
    How to pass it:
    1) First of all, you must avoid the other car. Easy. All you have to do is quickly
    take a left when you begin and then start running. If they come close to you then try
    some zig-zag patends and you will be able to avoid them. I dont find this very hard,
    actually its very easy and if you cant pass it then you are a lousy gamer or a dumb.
       Now you have to go to the Salieri bar. Just follow your compass. Since the bar is
    at a different island, all you have to do is go over a bridge (either the big hanging
    or the lifting bridge) to get to the bar. You can also press the TAB button to bring 
    out the map and study it to find where you need to go and plan the quickest roads. 
    There is no police so you can hit pedestrians, run as much as you want and of cource 
    pass the red traffic lights. No rush here though because you have a lot of time to 
    take them there. If you need help with driving then read the basic section and practice a 
    bit at the Free-Ride mode. 
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 2: The Running Man (Ap2)
    What is it about: Enjoy this mission and take it easy because its very quiet and peaceful.
    Its a normal day at work, you are supposed to deliver 5 fares as a taxi driver. Delivering
    them is easy but i will help you doing it the fastest way possible. When you take a break,
    you get attacked by the Morello men...
    - Take your passenger to the Church downtown
    - Take your passenger to the hospital in New Ark
    - Take your passenger to the theater on Central island, by going across the Guiliano 
    - Take your passenger to the Pompeii bar in Hoboken
    - Take your passenger to the department store car lot in little italy, by going 
    across the Guiliano bridge and then through the tunel
    - Escape to Salieri bar. Take cover to the back alleys
    How to pass it:
    1) Delivering the first passenger is quite easy. But before i explain the quickest and 
    easiest way possible to deliver this fare i need to tell you some things you need to 
    be aware of. First do not step over the pedestrians. You will have to retry. Second 
    there are police patrols in this mission. Press F5 to turn on your speed limiter so 
    you wont have any problems with the police. Always look at your radar and When you 
    see a blue mark its a police car, try not to pass the traffic lights with red, 
    or crash into cars while the police car is around. Anyway to take the fare to the 
    church you just have to go to the lifting (south using the map) bridge. Press TAB 
    to bring  out the map and go there. Remember if the bridge is half-lifted then 
    you might flip  your car jumping it so just take it easy. You have a lot of time. 
    Now after the  bridge take the first left and then keep going straight and turn 
    right at the fourth turn. Keep going and after the hotel sign stop next to the 
    stairs next to the church. Easy. Remember though, dont step on to pedestrians 
    and be aware of the police. 
       To take your passanger to the hospital, just drive opposite the church and go 
    north. Take out map (TAB) and just drive to the hospital. 
       Now, the easiest way to take the woman to the theater is the Guiliano bridge 
    as mentioned in the introductions. Drive opposite the hospital and take the 
    first left then the first right. Keep driving and at the end of road turn left.
    Now turn right and then left and here you are at the big hanging bridge! Drive
    across the bridge and just watch your map and you will see the theater marked
    on your map and just go and stop there. No running on to pedestrians! 
       The easiest way to go to the Pompeii bar is going across the lifting bridge.
    Take the first turn right and at the end of the road (where there are 2 lines)
    turn left. Now turn right and keep going straight. You will see a wooden ware-
    house at your left so that means you are on the right palce. Go straight now
    and take the first left after the warehouse. You will see a sign saying down-
    town. That means you are onto the lifting bridge. Now simply drive and drive
    until you go to the end of the road and turn left. Bring out your map. Keep
    following the yellow line road and the Pompeii bar is around there. REMEMBER
    dont step on to pedestrians!
       Here just do it yourself. The map automatically marks the Guiliano bridge
    and drive there. Then it marks the tunel and go there. Then stop to the place
    where the fare wants you to. 
       You are now supposed to take a break. But the Morello gangsters still hate
    you so they attack you. Run and go to the first alley. There is a green arrow
    pointing it. It is hard to avoid the bullets if you dont know the trick. Well
    all you have to do is zig-zag while running and you will avoid a lot of bullets.
    Dont roll because obviously you wont go further. After you exit the first alley,
    go across the street (keep zig-zagging) and after he Rose Bar go to the alley
    there. There is a point in this second alley where you will have to choose
    where to go, left or right. You just run right and keep going. Pass the third
    alley (while still zig-zagging) and the Salieri Bar is there. Just run there.
    Congratulations! You survived! ^_~
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 3: Molotov Party (Ap3)
    What is it about: Mr.Salieri helps you take revenge on the Morello gangsters. 
    You will have some Molotov bombs and a baseball bat. You go and thrash their
    cars and teach them a lesson!
    - Drive to the Morello Bar and destroy the cars parked in the back yard
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Use the tunel or the Guiliano bridge to get to the other island. Be a little
    careful of the police and judt drive there. There is no time so just take it easy.
       Once you get there (to the Morello bar), park your car on the road and then step
    out of the car. Take out your baseball bat and walk to the back alley behind the car
    park of the Morello bar. There is a fence door there. Use it to gain access to the
    three cars you are supposed to wreck. Note that if you go front the front entrance,
    the stupid guard there will detect you and "nail" you to the other gangsters in the
    bar. Anyway once you get into the car park area that guard i was talking about is
    there. In front of you. Crouch and press and hold the left mouse button while having
    your bat out. You will charge it. Once its fully charged, move forward while crouching
    and having the bat charged (you must hold CTRL and Left mouse button) and sneak
    behind the guard. Now release both buttons (or just the left mouse button) and he
    will die the same moment (the guard). Now quickly go to the first car and start
    hitting it with the bat. You dont need to charge it because it will do the same
    damage as a normal hit. Just tap it several times to destroy the first car (watch
    the damage meter). You dont have to move from your position to leave your mark
    to other positions of the car, just stay there until its wrecked. Do the same 
    to the second car. Now *quicly* switch to the Molotov cocktail and go away from
    the third car, press and hold fire, aim the last car and then throw it! Go away
    now and get in your car. You must do all these quick because if you are slow, the
    gangsters from the bar will come out and shoot you. Drive back to Salieri. Dont 
    blow it while driving back and get arrested or killed etc because you have to do 
    it again.
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 4: Ordinary Routine (Ap4)
    What is it about: You finally start your life as a gangster. At this very first
    "gangster" mission you have to drive Paulie and Sam to 3 locations to collect
    protection money. Unfortunately at the last place, a motel, they guys there
    refuse to pay the protection money and they shoot Paulie and Sam. Paulie manages
    to get out while Sam stucks in there. You have to save Sam and then chase one
    of the gangsters to get the money back...
    - Go see Vincenzo to get a weapon
    - Talk to Ralph
    - Collect protection money
    - Save Sam
    - Kill the man who stole your money
    How to pass it:
    1) Go to the back door of the bar and find Ralph there. Speak to him and he will 
    introduce you to a new car. Don't enter the car yet. Go to Vincenzo. To find him,
    just go outside the back yard and before you enter the road, climb the stairs and
    enter the door to your left. 
       Now to get the protection money is easy. First of all get the car Ralph gave 
    you. Go near Paulie and Sam (or use the horn) and they will enter the car as well.
    Go to the first location. There, Paulie and Sam will exit and go and get the money.
    You just wait there. Once Paulie comes out, drive to the second location. Do the 
    same here as you did with the first location. Now you have to drive outside the
    city limits to a motel. Try not to damage your car and slowly take the road towards
    the countryside. Once you get there to the motel you will watch a cutscene.
       Here is your first real shooting mission. Take out the gun Vincenzo gave you and
    shoot the four tyres of the yellow car. Dont ask why, you will see later. Now go
    behind the mission. Try not to shoot the dog to avoid wasting your bullets and 
    climb ("num Pad 0" Key) the box there and climb again the other boxes to get to
    the second floor because the first floor's doors are locked. Open the toilet door
    to your right and shoot the guy using the toilet on the head. Once he dies, get
    his weapon and turn around. Press "Ctrl" to crouch and shoot the other 2 guys on
    the stairs. If you are out of bullets then just use the other gun you took from
    the toilet guy. Now keep going and shoot the third guy on the stairs. Collect
    everything there and go downstairs. There are 3 people in the living room waiting
    to kill you. Crouch and kill the first one once you get downstairs. Then move a
    bit to the right and kill the other one. Always aim for the head and crouch and
    stay close to the wall so they can miss. The third one is a bit tricky. He has
    a Tommy gun as well which is extremely powerful. Dont kill him from this position.
    Go forward to the other toilet room downstairs and enter it. Now turn around and
    slowly get him in your sight and kill him. REMEMBER rolling left/right, crouching
    and shooting on the head is very helpful. Now go and collect bullets and weapons
    there. A fat guy without any weapons will come and try to "kill" you. Just shoot 
    him and go to the room with Sam. After the cutscene, that fat guy will grab a 
    weapon and try to kill you. Now its a 1vs1 fight. Roll off a bit and shoot him on
    the head. If you took the Tommy gun from the guy at the bar then it will be easier.
       Now after this OTHER cutscene, you see a guy taking the bag with the money and
    leaving the motel. You rush to your car and enter it. Now you have to chase him.
    He is slow of cource because you shot his tyres! Its a piece of cake. While driving
    choose a hand gun. Drive to his right side and shoot him. Keep shooting him and he
    will fall. You can also make him crash on cars and walls and it will be easier to
    kill him this way. 
    Player Strategies:
    - Once you kill the guy in the bathroom upstairs, immediatly walk back out
      into the hallway, and walk to the first closed door.
    - Open the door, and walk to the bed. The thompson "tommy" gun will be
      there. Pick it up.
    - Once armed with the tommy gun, you can easily kill the guys in the
      stairwells/ hallways donwstairs.
    - Collect their guns and walk back upstairs.
    - Go back outside through the hallway door and climb down the boxes.
    - Walk to the yellow car, and use one of the handguns that you collected,
      preferably the magnum.
    - Aim at the center of the wheels, and unload your gun on them.  shooting
      the wheel will result in the tires seperating from the axel.
    - After this is done, switch back to the tommy gun, climb back into the
      building, head down the stairs, and take care of the guys on the first
    Skipping ahead to the last part of the mission, instead of the guy getting
    in the car and driving away, he now just stands outside with a handgun and
    is tremednously easy to kill. Just blast him with the tommy gun. You can
    hide behind the bench seats in the diner and shoot him through the doorway.
    (by Brian Jones)
    Comments: This is a nice method if you want to blast the gangsters easily and
    skip the chase chapter which is annoying for a lot of people. Nice!
    2)Play through the mission as you normally would;don't bother shooting out his tires, 
    they are as good as new when the final part of the mission starts, just like yours is. 
    (That's how it worked in my game anyway- but don't take that to the bank) Anyway, once 
    you start to chase him, get up just a tiny bit in front of him, to his side. You 
    should be able to do this fairly easily. Don't bother shooting at him while driving 
    either- it's not productive and it makes driving the car much harder. When he swerves 
    to avoid traffic, ( which he does quite often), just pull in front of him to cut 
    him off, with you on one side of him and the fence (if you're lucky enough to get 
    him right when he's driving in front of that fence) on the other, he'll get out 
    of his car. Get out of yours and give him two to the head. Mission Accomplished.
    Mission 5: Fair Play - Part one (Ap5)
    What is it about: It is midnight and you have to find Bobby and get a car to Lucas,
    a mechanic. Then after that, the morning you are supposed to take part in a race
    which is very hard if you dont know the tricks. I will help you pass this tricky
    mission which it is halfed in two parts so its actually two missions.
    - Find Bobby
    - Deliver the sports car to Lucas Bertone without damaging it
    - Return the sports car to the garage at the race track
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) You should have learned how to drive around the city by now. If not then practice
    the Free Ride mode and get familiar with the city and also experiance the "TAB" button
    to help you go through with your game. To get to Bobby you have to go West. Look at
    your map and go to that road that leads outside of the city. Keep going forward 
    until you go to a gate. Thats the racing track entrance. Get out of the car and go
    speak to the man at the guardhouse's door. He is Bobby. He will open the gate for 
    you and enter the car. Now just drive forward into the tunel and follow the compass
    to reach the garage. Remember though that you have time in this mission. But if
    you are careful then it should be a piece of cake. 
       Bobby will give you this amazing car and you have to deliver it to a new character
    named Lucas which he is a car mechanic and a car expert (like Ralph). Get yourself
    familiar with the controls of this racing car which are hard. Also you have to 
    deliver it ro Ralph which he is located at the third island east in 5 minutes. 
    Sounds impossible huh? Well it aint because the car is very very fast. Go out of
    the tunel and exit the racetrack. Use the outside road and try using the tunel to
    get to the Central island. Then use the Guiliano bridge and Lucas should be there.
    Iam not telling you exact directions from now on (exept if it is very tricky) 
    because you should have learned to use the map.
       After you get to Lucas, he will repair it for you and you have to take the 
    car back to Bobby to the racetrack. You have around the same time so just use the
    same routes you used when you came over to Lucas and you will be fine...
       Now you don't have time and easily drive back to Salieri bar. You will watch
    the cutscene of the next missions this instant.
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 6: Fair Play - Part two (Ap6)
    What is it about: After last night, you go to bed and sleep. Then late in the
    morning you go to the Salieri bar and you find Luigi alone there. He says to
    you that everybody else have gone to the racetrack. Then you receive a call from
    Frank and he says that you have to meet him to the racetrack to race. Aha!
    - Drive to the race track and find Frank
    - Drive to Lucas Bertone's
    - Steal the Lassiter parked near the Manicipal building
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Now simply drive to the Lost heaven racetruck which you visited last night. 
    Get a car from Raplh's garage and drive there. There is enough time to do that.
    When you get to the racetrack, you will find Frank there and he will give you
    a race car to race because the original driver has broken his arm.
    - Complete 5 laps
    - Finish First
    How to pass it:
    First of all i will give you so basic tips you have to keep in mind so you finish
    the race succesfully. Firstly, do NOT go out of the road. This will cause you to
    flip and spin. Secondly you must brake before the turns. When a turn is not very
    sharp then just stop pressing forward for a second. Also do not go near the other
    cars because you will spin/flip. Also you should TAP the left/right cursors and do
    NOT hold them when you turn. This will cause the car to spin which is extremely
    annoying! If you are less than 8th after the first lap, start over. And do not
    panic. Take it easy. If you were 2nd and somebody overtook you and became 3rd, just
    dont panic. You will get your position back again. There are 3 strategies i can give
    you for this mission so use them wisely. I know its complicated but i cant explain
    it a different way. The race mission needs practice and practice and practice. 
    Words cant make you win. Anyway...
    1) Here, iam going to explain how to finish the race, step by step. When you 
    begin, the first blue driver will stuck there so the easiest way is to avoid him
    by going either left or right (left is better). This strategy is used for Automatic
    transmissions so if you use manual, then just switch to Automatic by pressing "M".
    Now you go to a sharp left turn with a small cliff on your left. Slow down and go
    up the cliff near the road. Dont climb the cliff early because you will have 
    dissapointing results. Just climb it a bit outside of the road and if you used
    your brakes right then you will stable your car. Now we have 2 small right turns.
    You can pass them if you stop pressing Accelerate just before you drive on them.
    After that there is a left turn with a brown mud outside the road. Slow down and
    do NOT touch the mud! Stay on the road. The next turn left may look a bit tricky
    for you but its easy to pass. Use your brakes just a bit before you turn for a 
    short time and tap left. Now there is the Zig-Zag turn which is hard if you dont
    know the trick. You can risk it and jump over the right side and land safely or
    you can slow down and take it easy. Then we have a left turn. Try to take it close
    to the left side because there are chances that you will hit on the mountain at
    the right side. Now there are 2 easy turns (right and Left) and the final speedway.
    Repeat this 4 times and practice, practice, practice!
    2) You can switch to Manual transmission just before you begin. Then do the whole
    lap with the 2nd gear. Dont switch to 3rd. And when you turn, dont switch to 1st,
    just brake and turn {unless you spinned and you need to switch to 1st to accelerate
    again}. To move up a gear press "A" and to move down a gear press "Z". Clutch is
    "X" which is useful when changing gears. So, drive the whole lap using the 2nd
    gear and when you go to the final speedway, just switch to 3rd when is neccesarry
    to speed up. Careful though to switch back to 2nd when you get to the cliff left
    turn. This strategy is better and easier if you experianced manual transmissions
    cars before (in a game or in real life) because it accelerates faster and turns
    3) Well this is not a strategy exactly. Its just that if you have a wheel and
    petals, you can finish this in your first try. And its fun! 
    Player Strategies:
    --------------------------RACE TIPS FAQ--------------------------
    By :
    Version 1.0
    Okay Most people think that the race is the hardest mission in this game. Well 
    I don't know whether they are right or wrong because I haven't finished this 
    game yet. Okay the first thing is you should not be afraid of this mission. 
    Because if before you start the race you are already afraid then you have lost.
    Here are the steps:
    1. Change the control keys!
    4=turn left
    6=turn right
    5=hand brake
    This way it would be much easier to stir your car. (Your car will turn sharper, 
    and will slid less often)
    2. Try to lead the race as soon as possible, when the race starts take the left 
    because the orange and green car  would likely turn right and smash most of the 
    car in the right (good for them)
    3. Use brake! It is better to slow down a little then to slid a lose the race.
    4. There are 4 deadly turns that cannot be handled even though you have changed 
    your control keys.There are
    01. In the beginning of the game
    Slow down your car until 60 and take the turn slowly. Be very careful because 
    in the beginning of the game there would be a lot of cars making it harder. 
    02. The turn where you can read Aribo sign
    Again slow down your car until 60 and take the turn for the left side.
    03. The Slalom turn (right after the aribo turn)
    This one is the deadliest! Slow down until 50-60, release the gas and take 
    the turn slowly. Avoid hitting the side road at any cost, because if you flip 
    then you will be out of the race.
    04. The forest turn (right after the slalom turn)
    This in is not too dangerous just slow down until 60
    5. Concentrate because the race consists of 5 laps and you cannot save during 
    the race if you screw up that you must do the race all over again.
    There hope this help you to finish the game! I made this guide after playing 
    the race for over than an hour so don't copy this!
    2) Drive up to the first checkpoint and slow down. Behind the boulders is a 
    short patch of sand where you can drive onto the closed road. This of 
    course is the "wrong way" and if you plan to go through it, you will be 
    faster but not complete the lap. You will not win unless you do the 
    following. Drive up to the end of the road, just past the "Dunniel" (or 
    something similar) sign, where you get your checkpoint information and 
    select "Replace Car" (default is [Keypad 0]). The goal is now just a few 
    inches away. You must to do this five times. By doing so, you can finish 
    the race in a little less than six minutes. Note: Make sure you do not 
    crash on the closed road as the "Replace Car" might not work there, or 
    will place you back to the first checkpoint.
    Comments: Very good. This was submitted by many people (thanks guys) but the
    first person who found out this trick was Lutz (i think).
       Whoooo now rest your hands for a minute because the race mission was intense!
    Drive back to Lucas and enjoy this ride. I reccomend using the new Bolt parked
    outside Ralph's door, it is pretty cool.
       Now, Lucas teaches you how to steal a yellow Lassiter (similar to the car
    the gangster used in the "Ordinary Routine" mission). Its your first official
    steal-a-car mission. You just go there and you press and hold the right mouse
    button to steal it. Careful though because there are guards and if the see you,
    you know...
       Now experiance this new car, and drive back to Salieri's bar. I like this car
    a lot, the speed is pretty okay but its long! 
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 7: Sarah/Better get used to it (Ap7)
    What is it about: You meet Luigi's daughter, Sarah and Luigi asks you to escort
    her home. On the way home, some punks try to rape her and you save her. You tell
    Mr.Salieri what happened and you go with Paulie to teach those gangsters a lesson.
    - Escort Sarah on her way home
    - Go to see Vincenzo and get a weapon
    - Find Biff in Chinatown and ask him where the hoodlums are hiding
    - Teach those bastards a lesson
    - Chase the escaping gang leaders
    How to pass it:
    1) Now just walk (press SHIFT) and go where Sarah goes. You will have a small
    conversation. When you go into the alley, some gangsters will attack you. Cycle
    through your weapons once (or use the inventory) and wear the Knuckle Duster.
    Do not charge against the first 3 guys. Just hit them all the time until they run
    away. Now turn left and right and you will see 2 guys trying to harm Sarah. Make
    them run and now do the same (walking) with Sarah to escort her home. Enjoy the
       Next morning you will tell Salieri what happened and he orders you and Paulie
    to make those guys pay! Go to Vincenzo in the usual location and he will give you
    a baseball bat and a Colt 1911. Grab the yellow Lassiter you stole before and
    horn to Paulie so he gets in.
       You will notice that a new area has oppened, the Chinatown. Go there using the
    map and park outside of the park-square. Go and speak to Biff. He will tell you
    that the gangsters you are looking for are in the back yard of the old station.
    The station is now marked on your map, so just drive there. Exit the car and
    equip your bat. Do not use your gun... yet. If you use it then the gangsters
    will hear it and run away. Anyway with the bat equipped, kick the metal red door
    (action button) and rush in there.
       Paulie will attack the first one. The trick here with the bat is to charge it
    and hit them from BEHIND! If you do that, they will die that instant! While Paulie
    is fighting with that guy, hit him from behind. Now go to the alley behind those
    punks (dont turn right before the alley, there are punks there but you dont have
    to eliminate them, just go to the alley behind that man you just killed). There
    you will find 4 other gangsters with crowbars, bats and empty hands. First of all
    kill the ones Paulie is fighting (Charging your bat and hit them from behind).
    Some of them will probably go after you so charge the bat, move back then release.
    Repeat. Once you will them, proceed. A citizen there will thank you for coming to
    save him. Go up the stairs in front of you and fall down into the thrash. Take
    out your Colt 1911 now. Kill the first guy standing there. Then crouch and kill
    the two guys climbing up the wooden fence opposite of you. Then kill the guy in
    the yellow shirt in the alley behind the first man you killed. He is a bit tricky
    so we wise. Roll off a bit, Crouch and aim for the head. Collect the guns and go
    to the alley. The guy there used a strong weapon so dont stand there and shoot him.
    Move and roll and then kill him. Proceed and there is another guy there just off
    the corner. Kill him and then watch the cutscene...
       Go to your yellow Lassiter in front of you and wait for Paulie to enter the
    car as well. Go after the gangsters. You dont have to shoot them yourself, just
    go to their left side and Paulie will do the work. There are points where they
    go into alleys, be a little careful there not to crash. Follow them and they
    will crash eventually.
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 8: The Whore (and The Priest) (Ap8)
    What is it about: Frank gives you explosives and tells you to go to a hotel. 
    You have to kill a woman who nails your moves to Morello, kill the manager and
    bomb the hotel. 
    - Drive to the Corleone hotel
    - Kill the manager
    - Search the hotel to find and kill the prostitute Frank mentioned
    - Steal the documents and set the explosives in Director's office
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) After Frank's introductions, you will start in a new car which is quite fast.
    Use it to get to the Corleone hotel. I dont beleive you are going to have much
       Enter the hotel and go to the reception. Speak to the the man there and he
    will tell you that the manager is located in the hotel restaurant. Go left now
    and enter the restaurant. At the last room of the restaurant, on the top right
    of the room, the manager (in a white costume) is eating there with a friend of
    his. Speak to him and cycle up your weapons once and get out your gun and shoot
    him on the head. Now hide behind the small wall there and crouch so you can avoid
    fire by the manager's men and kill them. Use strong tactics such as hiding behind
    the pillar next to the wall when you reload and aim for the head. After you kill
    them, collect the guns on the floor and walk into the reception room. Kill every
    enemy there. Enter the reception and grab the key there. If you are injured, use
    the medic box to restore 30 hp. Now walk up the stairs in front of you. Skip the
    1st floor and go up to the second floor. Dont stay in the stairs area because 
    people will come down from the 3rd floor and shoot at you. Hide in the rooms 
    corridor and aim to the stairs area. When they come down, shoot them on the head 
    if possible. When you will them all, stay on your position for 5 more seconds 
    just in case another one shows up. Now search the rooms and in one room, you 
    will find the girl you are supposed to kill. After the cutscene, go to the third 
    floor and you will find a green door with the words "Director" on it. Open it and 
    if anyone is there, kill him and go to the office and press the action button. 
    You will take the papers and set the bomb. Now, run to the door and go straight 
    toward to the window. After the cutscene, you will find yourself on the rooftops 
    trying to escape from the cops!
       To survive easily there, you need at LEAST 20hp. When you begin, go to the 
    wall on your right and climb it (using the jump button, NumPad0 or "Q"). There
    are stairs now. You dont have to stay there and fight the cops, just quickly go
    upstairs to a higher roof. Once you get of the stairs, go right and then left
    and enter that door. Exit from the next door. Climb the ledges there and get to
    the higher roof. Now you have to jump to another rooftop by using the jump button
    and running. One you get to the next roof, pull out a gun of yours and try to
    shoot and kill the cop at the other building. Move sideways left and right when
    he shoots at you because his weapon is very strong and you will die and when he
    tries to reload, shoot him on the head a couple of times. Now go left and climb
    water tank (?) there and go down the stairs. If you have a shotgun, shoot all the
    cops that come out of that door. Note that there is another policeman hiding behind
    a wall so be careful. Once you kill them all, aim for the roof there and try to
    eliminate those 2 cops there. Now, keep going and get the Springfield from that
    cop you killed before and jump to the wooden stairs there and go to the other 
    side to watch a cutscene.
       Now you get to the church rooftop. If you paid attention to the introductions
    Frank gave you at the beggining of the mission, Billy's funeral [the guy you 
    killed some days ago] was supposed to be today. Anyway use the health box to fully 
    refill and go downstairs to the door. Billy's friends notice you and say that you 
    killed Billy! And they start the shooting. In the Church! Anyway take out your
    Springfield rifle and aim for the head/chest. Doing so will kill them with 1 shot.
    Dont waste all your bullets of the rifle for the first guys, use the Colt or the
    shotgun a little. Go to the sacred place of the Church by turning left once
    you enter the Chuch and hide there. Note that there is another guy at the second
    floor of the church near the lights. He has an automatic so be careful. Once you 
    kill them all, another 4 gangsters will enter the Church and attack you again. 
    Use the springfield bullets left and if you dont have any, just use your current 
    weapons. Dont let them get near you. One of them has a deadly shotgun and he aims
    good damn him so careful. Once you kill them all, walk to the coffin and watch the
       Now you are outside of the Church. And you are fully wanted. Get the dead carrier
    car in front of you. If nobody sees you (a cop, guard) the Gun icon will change into
    a Confused cop icon. Hide somewhere (an alley, grass) and wait. The wanted bar will
    go empty and you will no longer be wanted. Now simply drive back to your friend's
    place, the Salieri Bar!
    2) You can also kill the manager using another strategy. When you enter the hotel
    go behind the reception and crouch and kill the man at the reception desk. Grab
    his shotgun and rush into the small room. Reload if needed and wait there. There
    are around four gangsters to kill. Once they enter the room, whoop them and then
    get the key from the keys place and heal yourself. Be careful when you exit because
    a gangster may be there waiting for you. Now go to the second floor and repeat as
    the first strategy, kill everyone in the 2nd floor and go speak with the girl. 
    Now go to the 3rd floor and the Director's office. Kill the gangster once you get
    there and then kill the hotel manager. Set the explosives and run away.
    Player Strategies:
    Instead of going straight up to the manager, go around the reception counter first. 
    You'll find that with a little bit of jumping and walking you should be able to get 
    over the area directly behind the guy on the desk. You should now have access to the 
    key on the rack.
    Once you've picked up the key, the manager should start to panic and run off to his 
    room. However, because you haven't drawn your weapon yet, none of the guards will be 
    alerted :D This will give you plenty of time to find the girl on the third floor 
    before even one shot's been fired!
    Get to the director's room and draw your weapon - shoot both manager and bodyguard, 
    plant the explosives, then run like wild fire through the door. If you're lucky, you 
    should have almost all your health intact!
    (by Battleman100)
    Comments: Very nice glitch indeed. Obviously the manager doesnt rush to his room
    when you start shooting but when you grab the key. Cool!
    2) The Whore Walkthrough 
    Okay,this one's long and tough,so make sure you know what your doing and your 
    head is straight,this is how i beat it,it may take multiple attempts,but you 
    should get it.Okay you start off in the lobby of the hotel,now before you klonk 
    the manager goto the 3rd floor of the brothel using the main staircase and hang 
    a left,then a right in the hallway and open the door,a cutscene will occur with 
    a woman in a tub,you'll have a quick flashback of deja vu and you'll notice that's 
    Sarah's best friend,well after some more cutscene Tom will let her go and you'll 
    end up back in the hallway.Now for the next part,Kill the manager,this is tough 
    yes,but alls i did was go kamikaze style,anywho,the manager is the guy sitting in 
    the restaraunt on the first floor in the back table too the left,talk to him and 
    you'll say a really cocky coment,and he'll start screaming,and all of the guards 
    from the brothel will come for ya(Alternative:You can just blast him right off the 
    bat,will save you from chasing him)anyway,just crouch behind the chairs and use 
    various objects for cover and shoot any guard that come for ya,watch out for the 
    guy who comes from the front desk,he's got a sawdoff shotgun and he'll smoke your 
    ass.Anyway there's about 6 guys total on the first floor,2 on the second,1 or none 
    on the 3rd floor,and top floor there's 2,now before you goto the director's room 
    too place the bomb,go behind the front desk in the little room and take the key,
    and there's a Medical thing back there too i believe,after you got those,head on 
    up too floor 4 taking out the guards as they appear(Remember always pick up there 
    weapons when there dead,you get ammo,and guns)k,now on the 4th floor hang a right 
    and the director's dorr will be right there in the hallway,open it and be careful 
    there's a guard in there,so enter with caution.After you got him search the desk 
    and steal the papers,then place the bomb,run outta the room into the hallway,a 
    cutscene will ensue and Tom will jump out the hall window onto a nearby roof 
    during the explosion,now onto part 2.
    The Whore:Part II 
    Okay,now your on the rooftops and the cops are going mad wild for ya,and they 
    know your up there,so just stick too the rooftops killing  police officers as 
    you go,careful though,the first one you'll meet has a springfield rifle and 
    will pick you too nothing,it'll be tricky at first just executer your jumps 
    good,and always use stuff for cover from fire.After some roof action you'll come 
    too a wooden platform jump on it and you'll see a ladder,then a cutscene will 
    ensue where tom does some acrobatics with the ladder,crawling from the wodden 
    platform too the church roof,now onto part 3. 
    The Whore:Part III 
    Well,you'll start off in like a open part of the roof,go down the staircase,
    BE SURE you grab the medical station on the way down,you'll need it,and you'll 
    come too a door,a cutscene will then occur and you'll see a fueneral taking 
    place,you soon find out it's the funeral of that counsil man's son,and after 
    some cutscene stuff,one off the guys will reconize you,and a huge gunfight 
    will break out.Okay right after the cutscene there will be a guy right 
    there in front of you,quickly dive too the left too avoid fire,creep 
    around the corner and kill him,now the'll be 2 guys on the left side 
    ducking behind the seats,1 guy on the left also ducking,and a guy on the 
    staircase on the right with a pump action shotgun,also there's a guy with a 
    tommy gun on the far back wall second floor by the front doors,after you 
    eliminate these guys,a whole slew of about 4-6 guys will come bustin through 
    the door fully armed with every weapon,and there tough too take out,just stick 
    too manuvering around stuff,firing right away and use things for cover,it'll 
    take a few attempts but you'll get it.after the big gun battle the'll be a 
    cutscene of Tom talking too the priest and the'll exchange thoughts,words,etc.
    after that you'll be in the hearse and the cops on full alert(great!)now,take 
    that speedlimiter off and haul ass back too Saleri's full speed(it don't really 
    matter seeing as your wanted meter is maxed anyway)
    i can't really remember but i believe if you hide in an alley till your meter 
    drops the cops won't be after you anymore,can't remember.Anywho,once you've made 
    it back too Saleri's pat yourself on the back and take a breather.There ya go,
    Hope you can make sense of all this. 
    (By Dennis Lubins)
    Comments: Well its similar to mine but with different words, still helpful.
    Mission 9: A trip to the country (Ap9)
    What is it about: You must meet Paulie and go to farm in the country to get some
    alchohol equipment. Apparently something goes wrong when you get there :S.
    - Meet Paulie at the warehouse
    - Find out what happened to Salieri's men and the alcohol equipment
    - Return Back
    - Save Sam
    - Return to Salieri bar, alternatively you could visit Lucas Bertone on the way
    - Warn Lucas's friend
    - Return to Lucas Bertone's
    - Steal the car in Oakwood
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Get a car from Ralph and drive to the marked spot on your map. This is a night
    raining mission and it really shows this game's powers. Amazing sound and raining
    effects (you can even hear different sounds of the rain hitting wood, metal etc).
    Just enjoy this mission because its very good and classic.
       After you meet Paulie, he will drive to a farm outside of the city. You are
    supposed to make a deal there and get some alcohol boxes. When you get there you
    will find out that nobody is there. Bring out your weapon and go straight to the
    path. Walk right after you get to the warehouses areas, then left and run towards
    to the truck. You will see a cutscene and find out that Salieri's men are dead!
    Kill the 2 gangsters in front of you and rush back to Paulie. Be careful and try
    to shoot everything that gets in your way. Once you get back, talk to Paulie and
    he will ask where is Sam and you got to go back and save Sam now.
       Walk back to the farm and kill every enemy you face. Use strong tactics such
    as hiding behind obstacles when reloading. Also collect the guns from the enemies
    you kill. Once you get to the warehouse where they are hiding Sam (its on the
    left side), Paulie will kick the door and rush in. There are a couple of bad guys
    there as well so be careful where you walk because they hide. There is also a
    health box there to heal you a bit. Try to cover Paulie as well because he can't
    make it alone. When you reach the top, you will find Sam lying there. After the
    cutscene, wait for the truck and climb in with Sam.
       Here we have the chase mission. Its a bit hard. Do not let the car get overtake
    your truck. Aim for the driver. When you shoot, the target gets higher so keep it
    lower all the time. And always aim for the driver. You will eventually kill him
    and the car will stop chasing you (duh!) so just wait for this peaceful ride to
    end :).
       Go to Lucas now and he will say that you have to warn a friend of his because
    the cops are getting there to his house to arrest him. You have only 2 minutes.
    Quickly get out of Lucas's garage, turn left and then right to get into the main
    road. At the end of the road, turn left and keep going. This is a pretty long
    route and if you check the map, the yellow line is there. Once you get to his
    place, quickly get out of the car and knock his door. You will warn him. Note
    that you shall turn your speed limiter off to beat easily this one.
       Go back to Lucas and he will teach you how to steal another car... Simply
    drive to Oakwood, steal the car and go back to Mr.Salieri as usual.
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 10: Omerta (Ap10)
    What is it about: Frank is a traitor. Find him and kill him. But the question is:
    Why? Well he had his own reasons so go through the mission to find out why. You
    will once again realise how good hearted Tommy is.
    - Find Frank and acquire the account books, then kill him
    - Find Frank's wife and child
    - Find the tickets
    - Collect the account books from the bank in DOwn Town
    - Return to Salieri bar, alternatively you could visit Lucas Bertone on the way
    - Find Stan and teach him a lesson
    - Steal the Thor 810 parked in Oakhill
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Firstly get a car from Ralph and weapons from Vincenzo. Drive to find this guy
    at Chinatown. He will send you to another guy. That other guy will send you to
    an annoying other guy. Get to the annoying other guy :P.
       Anyway once you get out of your car, punch the two bodyguards around him and
    they will run away like wussies. Now talk to him. If you want, keep talking to
    him but he will always make fun of you and say nothing. All you have to do is
    punch him a couple of times and he will spit out everything for you. After he
    is done you can shoot him for the trouble he caused!
       Now go to the place he mentioned. You have to follow a car. You may want to
    steal a fast enough car to keep up with them. When you get there, go to the west
    side of the house because the car you are supposed to tail turns right once it 
    leaves the house. Follow it and try not to crash anywhere so you can keep up 
    with it. You will realise that you are heading for the airport.
       When you get to the airport, you will see a cutscene with Frank and the other
    gangsters running in there. When the cutscene ends, double tap left (roll) so you
    can avoid the car heading towards you. Get in the airport room and kill everyone
    who shoots at you there. Do not enter yet. Just stay outside, then side walk inside,
    kill, etc. When Frank rushes out with his bodyguards, grab a tommy and walk outside,
    turn left and shoot as much bodyguards as you can. Follow them. A truck will come
    from the left and stop there. The driver will come out of the car so you can shoot 
    him to take the crowbar if you want. You may want to jack the truck to kill several
    guys easily. When you steal the truck, turn left and go into the hangar. There are
    a few bad guys there so step on them. Be careful and dont crash because it takes
    a while to reverse and you might get killed. Once you kill everyone there in the
    hangar, get to the place behind the grass and you will find Frank and a few other
    guys there. Do not kill Frank because it will cause the mission to end. Kill the
    other guys and go to Frank to watch the cutscene.
       Frank says he did what he did because the gangsters were going to kill his 
    family. Tommy ties him on the post in case he is lying. Now just turn back and
    his family is in that house behind you. Be careful though because there are still
    some baddies lying around. When you get there to the house you will notice 2
    people hugging, one other guy calling the cops (bastard) and Frank's wife and
    child. Speak to them and go back to Frank and tell him to follow you there to 
    his wife. Now they want tickets to run away.
       Go back to the first airport room. While running there, you will notice the 
    cops there in tha parking lot. Do not bother with them because there are too much.
    Just go into the building and get the tickets of the table and go back to Frank.
    The cops might shoot at you but ignore them. If you turn back to give back fire,
    you will waste time and health. Just go to Frank. Tommy will let Frank go away
    to Europe and spare him. Frank will give Tommy the key to a bank to get the book
       Now, simply drive back to the bank. Frank was right and the books were there.
    Drive to Lucas Bertone now to get another mission. He will ask you to teach a
    gorilla a lesson. Drive to the bar there and speak to Stan and deliver him a
    few punches until he runs away like a baby. Go back to Lucas.
       Lucas will teach you how to steal a marvelous car (in both speed/acceclaration
    and style). You have to climb the Oakhill (a.k.a the Rich Families hill). Climbing
    it is a pain so just go to the north place to climb it to make it easier. Once
    you get to the car you are supposed to steal, drive over the bodyguard there and
    kill him. Also you can just steal the car and go away. Wait for the guard to look
    the other way and pick up the lock. If he sees you he will take you out of the car.
    Just take out a crowbar or a gun if you have one and kill him. Watch out for the
    Player Strategies:
    1) After you tied frank to the post and go and search for his wife and daughter 
    (which are in the building). 
    This guy who's calling the cops ... if you enter the building run to him and shoot 
    him(kill) right away. The cops wont be there!! Because he hadnt got time to finish 
    his conversation.
    Comments: COOL! Note that this has been sent by both Dev none and Roy Gibson.
    Mission 11: Visiting Rich People (Ap11)
    What is it about: You have to go to a villa and steal some documents for Salieri
    with the help of an expect thief, Salvatore.
    - Pick up Salvatore on the corner next to the stadium in Hoboken
    - Retreive the evidence that implicate Salieri from the prosecutors villa. You
    can give WAIT and FOLLOW ME orders to Salvatore by talking to him
    - Take Salvatore back home next to the stadium in Hoboken
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Go to Salvatore and pick him up. This is a night mission and its a pretty
    interesting one. Its is all about sneaking. Unfortunately it doesnt have the
    fantastic exploring and depth Hidden & Dangerous had in these kind of missions
    but its still similar and it reminds it a lot. And guess where the mansion it! YES,
    the oakhill. Sigh, you have to climb it again.
       Once you get there, walk to the gate and try to open it, then speak to Salvatore
    and he will open the door for you. When you enter, walk 4 feet and sneak right and
    crouch. Salvatore will do the same. Speak to him so you will tell him "Wait" and
    he will stay on that position. No go left around the left frame and when you get
    to the guard there, crouch and walk and charge your bat. When he stops, eliminate
    him! Now go to the place Salvatore is and go right this time. In that gardenhouse,
    there is another guard there with a shotgun. Sneak behind him again and charge the
    bat and kill him. Take the shotgun! Now go back to Salvatore. This time go straight
    towards the pool. There is a guard there patrolling the pool. When he turns around,
    go behind him and hit him with the bat. Now go into the house using the stairs
    near the pool (dining room). There is a maid there so hide behind the table and
    when she gets there, eliminate her as when from behind and turn off the lights.
    Go back to Salvatore and ask him to follow you. Go upstairs from the main room.
    There is a room where a girl is there, if you enter it she will say "Are you
    back already my dear?". Kill her as well and once you exit her room, go right 
    and at the end of the hallway, left. The safe is there. Ask from Salvatore to
    open it for you.
       After the cutscene, you will see that the owner of the house just arrived.
    MAKE SURE you get the documents from the safe once you regain control because you
    dont grab them automatically in the cutscene. Crouch and tell Salvatore to wait
    there. Take out your Colt 1911 and shoot the wall to attract the bodyguards. 
    Hide behind the wall and kill them with ease. Speak to Salvatore and go downstairs
    and exit from the main door. The car of the owner is there and you can ask Salvatore
    to open it for you so you learn how to steal this great luxury car. You can enter
    the car or just walk to the gate now to exit the mansion. Get in a car and drive
    Salvatore back home. 
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 12: Great Deal! (Ap12)
    What is it about: Don Salieri wants whiskey, you have to get it for him. You
    go to a garage and you make a deal with Bill about the whiskey but some gangsters
    come there and break the deal by shooting you. Escape from the garage and get the
    truck back to Salieri.
    - Find Bill and make the deal
    - Drive the truck to Salieri's warehouse
    How to pass it:
    1) When the cutscene ends, go to the garage guardhouse and the man there will
    tell you that Bill is waiting for you. Use the stairs on the right side to get
    to the top floor of the garage. Walk towards Bill. You will watch a cutscene with
    some gangsters trying to kill you. They succeed and kill Bill and his partners. 
    Stay crouched behind that car and kill the guys in front of you. Cover Sam and
    Paulie if you notice someone shooting at them. You can also shoot some yellow
    barrels there to kill a couple of gangsters. Another car is going to come there
    so eliminate them as well. Grab the ammo on the floor and go to the lower floors
    using the car's way. DO NOT use the stairs because you will die very quick. Kill
    the 2 guys in the fence and use the health box in the fence to heal yourself a
    bit. Kill the next row of gangsters and do not get very close to them. Slowly
    slowly go to the ground floor. You will need to practice your Thompson gun and
    use some strong tactics to finish this mission.
       When you kill them all, Tommy and Paulie will agree and you and Paulie will
    go to the top floor and get the truck with the Whiskey and Sam will follow you
    after that. Take the truck and exit the garage...
       Quickly drive back to Salieri's warehouse. Zig Zag is needed to make the guys
    chasing you crash. Try to say on the road and do not crash because you have a
    damage meter. Practice makes perfect in this mission so keep practicing and
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 13: Bon appetit! (Ap13)
    What is it about: Salieri's bodyguard is sick and he stayed at home so Tommy must
    guard Salieri while he is eating at Pepe's restaurant. But after you finish your
    dinner, you get attacked by the Morrelo men. Apparently Salieri's bodyguard stayed
    home on purpose and he knew that they were going to murder Salieri.
    - Drive Salieri to Pepe's restaurant in New Ark for lunch
    - Drive to Carlo's house near the West Marshall Bridge and kill him
    How to pass it:
    1) Leave Don Salieri there alone and quickly run at the back door of the restaurant
    and open it. Go right and when you enter the other building, go upstairs and kill
    the guy there of the window. Grab his Tommy gun and go downstairs. If you exit the
    building to the road and turn right you will find all the gangsters there trying
    to kill Salieri. Do not show your face yet, just kill one of them and hide back to
    the building behind the wall. This is like an ambush. They will enter the building
    one by one so kill them with ease and grab their guns. Of cource some of them will
    stay there and keep shooting at Salieri.
       Go back and exit the building with the starcases from behind and on your left,
    there should be another guy there aiming at you. Kill him and go right off the 
    corner and kill the other guys trying to kill your boss. Now go back to your boss
    from the back door. There is a health box there so unless you are a god and you
    didnt get hit use it. Then go inside and speak to Salieri. He will say that Carlo,
    his bodyguard set this up and you must go there and kill him. 
       Go to Carlo's house marked on your map and exit the car and go upstairs. After
    Salieri knocks the door, kick it (with the action button) and go towards to the
    window and climb outside. Go downstairs and kill Carlo, he is the one with the
    underwear boxers :P. You will find a couple of other guys there, one has a gun,
    another one a bat etc and just whoop them to finish this mission...
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 14: Happy Birthday! (Ap14)
    What is it about: The war between Morello and Salieri has began. You must enter
    the boat and kill the counsilor during his speech. This way you will scare the
    other politicians off.
    - Inflitrate the paddle steamer and assassinate the counsilor during his speech
    - Find the weapon that Vincenzo hid in the men's room and kill the counsilor
    - Escape!
    How to pass it:
    1) Once you get out of Vincenzo's place, go to Ralph and speak to him to get a
    new car. Take the car and drive to the docks south of the easter island. You
    will notice that you dont have an invite when you try to enter the boat. You
    cant just kill anyone to get their invite tickets. The trick is somewhere else...
       Oppossite the pile of people talking outside the boat, there is on open door
    that leads to a dressing room or whatever it is. Use the door to your right and
    use the clothes there. You are now dressed as a sailor! Great you can enter the
    boat now. Simply walk towards the boat, to the wooden dock and you will get on
    the boat.
       The boat his 3 decks (floors). In the upper deck, you can find a singer there
    (and it also takes place during the counsilor's speech). In the middle deck, there 
    is a bar and the men's room. The lower deck has some sailor's there. Go to the
    middle deck and find the men's room. Its behind/under a stairway. And it says
    "Shipper has the key". Go to the lower deck after you examine that and speak to
    a sailor and he will tell you that the cleaner or whatever has the key. Find that
    other sailor with a different shirt and speak to him twice. Now, get the bucket
    from the other toilet in the lower deck and go to the middle deck back to the
    men's room. Take the Colt Detective special there and use the bucket with the
    toilet to clean the crap there. Hide your weapon and drop the bucket so you are
    completely clean and go back to the sailor and give him the key. After that you
    will see a cutscene with the counsilor going to the place where the singer were
    singing to speak. Go there too. Go to a place where you can clearly see the
    counsilor and quickly take out your Colt. If he crouches before you get the chance
    to shoot him, go into the civilians there and go next to him and shoot him.
    Do not bother with his guards, just go quickly to the lower deck and use the
    boat there, Paulie is waiting for you.
    Player Strategies:
    1) ~No player strategies on this mission yet~
    Mission 15: You lucky Bastard! (Ap15)
    What is it about: After the succesful hit on the counsilor, you have to kill
    Morello's brother in a complicated mission and long mission. The title is "You
    Lucky Bastard" because you attemp to kill him a lot of times and something 
    happens and he survives.
    - Drive to the Italian Garden Restaurant with Paulie and assassinate Sergio 
    - Lose the tail!
    - Drive to Morello's house and place the bomb on his car
    - Drive to the Rainbow Garden Restaurant with Paulie and assasinate Sergio
    - Lose the tail!
    - Kill Sergio Morello
    - Return to Salieri bar, alternatively you could visit Lucas Bertone on the way
    - Take Lucas's wounded friend to the Doctors house in Oakwood
    - Steal the Bruno Speedster near the parking lot on Central Island
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Follow Paulie on his way to Vincenzo. Meanwhile you will see Raplh parking a
    car and smoking a ciggarette :P. Anyway Vincenzo will give Paulie a Tommy gun
    and you a Colt 1911. Now follow Paulie back to Ralphy and Ralph will show a new
    car to Paulie. He will teach you how to pick the lock. Now simply open the Guardian
    and get out of Ralph's garage.
       The plan here is to call to the Italian Garden restaurant using the telephone
    booth outside of the restaurant and when Morello's brother Sergio comes to talk to
    you, Paulie -standing outside of the restaurant- will whoop Sergio Morello. So
    that's what you gonna do. Park the car outside of the restaurant and use the action
    button to use the phone booth. In the cutscene, the restaurant owner will answer
    the phone inside and call "Morello". Unfortunately Morello is not there and as
    soon as a friend of Morello's answers the phone to tell you that his boss is not
    there, Paulie -thinking that the guy talking on the phone is Morello- kills him
    and you have to escape. Quickly get in the car and run. Make the guys chasing you
    crash on posts and walls so you can lost them. Drive very carefully. After they 
    dissapear from your radar, keep going because they might come after you again
    and go back to Salieri bar.
       Salieri and Vincenzo found out a new plan. You have to plant a bomb to Morello's
    car and watch it blow while he is having fun with his girlfriend in there. Simply
    drive to Morello's house, park the car near Morello's car and use the action button
    to plant the bomb. Warning though, make SURE you get the bomb of Vincenzo's table
    because you dont get it automatically during the introductions cutscene. When you
    plant the bomb, you will watch another cutscene of Morello's girlfriend (or is it
    a wrong person?) opening the car and being bombed away. Another mistake by you.
    Sergio Bertone is surely a damn lucky bastard.
       Don Salieri gives you and Paulie ANOTHER chance! You now have to go to the
    Rainbow garden restaurant and kill Morello in public there. Choose a fast car
    from the garage because you will need it later after the "hit". When you get to
    the restaurant, Paulie will attemp to kill Morello but his Tommy gun wont fire!
    Run away! Now you have to lost the tail AGAIN and its harder this time. Drive
    carefully and dont crash and try zig-zagging between the posts etc until they
       Salieri is pissed at you and Paulie and give the job to other people. You have 
    to watch the other people executing the murder. The plan here is the classic
    train trick found in a lot of movies. While they are waiting for the train to pass,
    the car behind you pushes you towards the train and the train makes you dust. But
    Morello is lucky (duh!). So something happens and instead of Morello ending up
    dead, the other people supposed to kill Morello, hired by Salieri are dead. Now
    Chase Morello. 
       His car is quite fast so be careful when chasing him. Use the shortcuts
    wisely and you dont have to try to kill him while chasing him because you will
    never do it. Just chase him and you will notice that he drives into the harbor.
    After the cutscene, the shootout  is going to start. Kill the gangster on your
    right with your gun, then look left of your car and kill the bastard there with
    the shotgun. Then behind the car there are another 2 people crouching there 
    waiting for you to kill them ;). One of them has a Tommy gun so collect it after
    you kill him. Now memorise all the locations of the enemies in the whole harbor.
    Kill as much of them as you can using wise tactics. The 4 sentry guards on the
    towers are annoying as hell. You can just ignore them or kill them with a normal
    gun but its not easy. Take a truck from the entrance of the harbor and go to the
    place with the green car (the one Morello used). Morello is inside the building
    there. A lot of people emailed me on how to pass this point. Well its a bit hard
    to figure out but not impossible. Follow the train tracks in front of the building
    heading left (careful of the snipers). Ignore the first crossroad and press the
    action button on the second so you can change the train's way from right to left.
    Then go to the two wagons and use the action button on the first to kick the brick
    there and then the train will go and hit the building's door where Morello is 
    hiding. You will notice that the door will still be there but just walk to the
    building to see the cutscene. Tommy uses a match to set the wagon on fire to 
    enter the building. Here you can kill the guy on your left first and hide behind
    the packages. Memorise the locations of the gangsters because i cant describe
    exactly where they are hiding as before. A few of them are hiding behind packages
    so be careful. Morello is at the end of the building shooting at you so just
    eliminate him. Finally the luck's symbol is down. Hooray!
       Now, visit Lucas and he will give you a sub-quest. You have to drive a wounded
    friend of his to the doctor you took Sam a long time ago when he was injured. Grab
    a quite fast car than can carry up to four passangers and quickly head to Chinatown.
    Use your speed limiter, its the only way to pass this mission easily without the cops
    in your way. The guy is lying dead there in a corner and another man is there trying
    to help. Stop next to them, exit the car and talk to the man near the injured man. 
    Enter the car again, and start the engine (press accelerate once). Then press the
    horn and wait for the injured man and the friend of his to enter the car. Drive
    quickly to the doctor using the north bridge that skips the central island and
    goes to the east island at once. use your speed limiter to avoid trouble. Thats it.
       Go back to Lucas and he will tell you that there is a nice car at the parking lot
    on Central Island. There is a guard there so just eliminate him from behind and 
    steal this fast machine. Return to Salieri as usual
    Player Strategies:
    1) NOTE: THis is for getting rid 2 of the snipers at the harbor
    Under the latter 2 of the four cranes there is an explosive carriage, shoot that 
    and it will cause a big explosion stting the 2 guards on fire.This is a very funny 
    way of killing those anonying guards as they dive off the cranes. Stay well away 
    from the explosion though.
    Comments: Haven't tried it yet because my PC doesn't run Mafia but i guess this 
    Mission 16: Creme de la Creme (Ap16)
    What is it about: After Morello's brother Sergio dies, you have to kill the
    original Morello now. The plan is to kill him while he exits the theatre after
    the show in public. However you get there late and Morello escapes to the
    airport. Chase him and (suprice) kill him.
    - Drive to the theatre on Central Island with Paulie and Sam and assasinate Morello
    - Chase and Kill Morello
    - Return to Salieri bar, alternatively you could visit Lucas Bertone on the way
    - Take the car that's wanted by the police to the cliffs near the lighthose and
    dump it into the sea
    - Steal the Celeste Marque 500 parked in front of Roy's Grill Restaurant
    - Return to Salieri's
    How to pass it:
    1) Follow Paulie and Sam to Vincenzo and get your weapons. Get a car there or
    speak to Ralph to settle the garage and exit Salieri's bar. Drive to the opera
    house as you would normally but when you get there, you will notice that the 
    show ended earlier. Crap! Get to the south side of the entrance before getting
    there to chase Morello easily. Chase him and don't lose him from your eyes. Meh
    the last missions are full of "Chase him" and "Lose the tail" missions. Grr.
    Anyway, when you get to the road outside the city (towards the airport), the game
    will save automatically and just keep following Morello until you get to the airport.
    Your car stops there once you get to the airport so quickly exit the car, grab 
    the shotgun and head to the hangar. Ignore anybody shooting at you and shoot the
    plane's engines on both wings. There is a damage bar there. Keep following the
    airplane and keep shooting the engines. If you made enough damage, Paulie will
    come with the car there (Sam fixed it). Get in the back and you get automatically
    a Tommy gun there. You are not driving now so its easy to aim. Aim for both engines
    as before and when one gets on fire, shoot the other. Its easy. In the cutscene
    you will watch Morello's plane getting shot down. YES! Morello is finally dead!
       Go to the Salieri bar to drop Sam and Paulie and go to Lucas to get another
    mission. You get to drive this car to the sea and dump it there because its
    wanted from the police. You have to be lucky to get away easily from this one
    without getting seen by the cops. Anyway dont use the speed limiter now because
    you are already wanted and get to the lighthouse using the south side of the
    Oakhill road. There are no tips, you just have to be lucky. Get to the cliff
    near the lighthouse and exit the car. If you are lucky enough, you will see the
    confused cop icon. Stay away from the road and you will no longer be wanted.
    Now steal a car from the road and push the wanted car to the sea.
       Back to Lucas! You have to steal a Celeste from a restaurant parking place.
    If you get there late, the owner will leave with the car so just hurry there.
    When you first attemp to pick the lock, the owner will come out of the restaurant
    and call the police and then shoot at you. Kill him and then kill the cop next
    to him, steal the car easily in peace and return to Salieri ;).
    Player Strategies:
    1) I don't exactly know what you have to do to trigger it, but sometimes Morello 
    drives past the airport. In this case the car chase lasts a little longer. After 
    some time, Morello comes to bridge which is broken or under construction. His driver 
    recognises the danger in the last moment and stops at the edge of the abyss, 
    with one wheel already beyound it. Tommy rams them, so that their car falls into 
    the abyss and they're dead which also means that the mission is accomplished. This 
    mission is easy enough, the shootout at the airport isn't difficult either, but 
    it's interesting that there are two (or more?) endings for the same mission. Maybe 
    there are other missions which got different endings, too.
    Comments: Haven't tried it myself...
    Mission 17: Election Campaign (Ap17)
    What is it about: You have to show the city that Salieri is the most powerful.
    You get to use a sniper rifle for the first time. You have to go to the old prison
    tower and take out a politian from there. Not as easy as it sounds...
    ~Coming Soon~
    Player Strategies
    1) Hey there agian ! I finished the level. Its pretty simple. U drive upto the 
    building. Then, there's a lane to u're left. Go in there and walk up2 this worker 
    standing there. He'll tell u that there's work goin on. Just finish him off. Coz, 
    I left him alive. N he was helping the detectives when I was gettin out of the 
    building after assasination. So anyways, after killin the dude, click the action 
    button on the sewage opening. He gets in the sewage. Got to u're right, where there's 
    a ladder, goin up. You go up and u've enterded the building. There r dogs to u're 
    left. Leave em alon now. Kill em later. Head to u're right and walk up a little 
    distance till u come up2 a door of the building on u're left handside (in the lane). 
    Get into it. As u keep goin up the jail, u encounter quite a few dudes. Finish 
    em off. Dun leave ne. There's even a broken 1st aid box on u're way up. the floor 
    it is, go down, till u reach the ground. Finish off the dogs, or they're gonna 
    bite u. Head up finally. U come on this floor where u open the door n u c this 
    island. Thats the place where the politician is givin sum lecture. Take out u're 
    sniper. Well, u won't really get a steady hand or a close zoom of the guy. But u 
    can c him pretty clearly givin the lecture on sum kinda table. Take a few shots at 
    him till the messege comes up " Return to Salliery". He cuddles down to the floor. 
    In case u dun get him the 1st time, not to worry, coz the game's saved before u open 
    the door. It aint really tough 2 kill the fella. U dun really need any practice. U 
    need a fluke. Thats it. Head down where u killed the dogs, run to u're left to the 
    jail door. Shoot open the lock. Click the action button n u go out. U may encounter 
    the detectives. I did coz I left the fool. Didnt kill him. So he shouted when he saw me.
    Comments: It's good except the nasty spelling. 
    Mission 20: Election Campaign (Ap20)
    ~Coming Soon~
    Player Strategies:
    1) After you see Paulie dead, quickly get downstairs (Innore the police-men) 
    and get on a car. Then get to Yellow Pete's Shop and get some guns as you 
    have to kill a lot of guys in that mission. When you get there, pickup some 
    weapons which are comfortable for you. OK, I took these weapons:
                1. Colt 1911
                2. S&W M27 Magnum
                3. US Springfield
                4. Pump-action Shotgun
    This much should do the trick. Now, if you got time and don't bother about 
    your health in the final mission you can go to Lucas Bertone. But i 
    wouldn't recommend you to go because you can loose your health and since 
    you cannot Hide one extra weapon, the cops will get you and you can go 
    to jail. Ok, after the cutscene quickly Pick-up the Springfield gun as 
    it will be laid down and give them two head-shots. Ok, 3 bullets remaining.
    Now kill the guys coming from the far right, give each of then a head-shot. 
    If you are outta ammo and got to reload then shoot the last guy at the 
    left with the Pump-action Shotgun. Now go from the left, climb to the rails 
    and shoot one guy at front of the door in the head by your Springfield gun. 
    Now other Guys will come, take cover and shoot all of 'em. Take the Thompson 
    from one of the guy Now go upstairs, but quickly come down if you don't want 
    to loose your health from the grenades, Then two guys will come, kill 'em too 
    with Thompson. Go upstairs now, Sam will tell you some hard words then 
    You get bullets from everywhere. Just go down the stairs, Kill one of the 
    guy staying just beside the Left statue and collect his thompson ammo.
    And kill another one staying at the rail just perpendicular to the door 
    Downstairs. Now go upstairs. Take cover at the left statue and kill two 
    guys just North-west from you.
    After that, go upstairs and kill all three men and go forward. You will see 
    a health-pack so get it if you are low on health but beware of the grenades 
    thrown from a guy upstairs. Kill him and collect his greande. Now go to 
    downstairs and find a door. Go throough that door and finish two guys hiding 
    and shooting behid the couch and go forward. You encounter some enemies, 
    kill 'em. The you get a long hallway and Tommy shouts "SAM". Kill the 
    guy there. Follow sam upstairs and open the door. A cutscene will appear. 
    To be honest, this is my best cutscene. After the cutscene, tease Sam. 
    Just go left and right and finally when Sam is reloading, hit him with a 
    thompson in the head! He just can't counter-attack us so keep hitting him in 
    head. After sometime, he will runaway. Get to the place where sam was attacking 
    you and follow the blood-trails. Make sure to reload your gun. Then guve 
    him some last Bullets right in his head. If you wanna play hero, go in 
    front of him and hit him with you hands. That’s the best way to take revenge
    Of Paulies death. After that you'll see a cut scene (its worth it) where 
    Tom kills Sam. Just relax and watch the predictable cutscene at last.
                                  8. Weapons (Opla)
    A list of all the weapons and any information about them here.
    (I need help where to find a lot of weapons)
    1) Empty Hands (punching)
       Type: Martial Arts :P
       Damage: Extremely low
       Range: 1/0
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 8/10
       Why use it: - When you are out of weapons
                   - When you want to die
       Why leave it: - Cant kill
                     - Short Range
                     - Is it really a weapon?
       Where to find it: - No, really! Where???
       Overall rating: 1/10
    2) Knuckle Duster
       Type: Martial Arts
       Damage: Low
       Range: 1/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 8/10
       Why use it: - When you have nothing better to use
                   - More damage than normal punches
       Why leave it: - Short range.
                     - Weak against teams of people.
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 5/10
    3) Crowbar
       Type: Melee weapon
       Damage: Low +
       Range: 1/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - When you have nothing better to use
       Why leave it: - Short range.
                     - Weak against teams of people.
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 3/10
    4) Baseball Bat
       Type: Melee weapon
       Damage: Low
       Range: 1/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - Silent & quick murder
                   - Police won't arrest you for carrying it.
       Why leave it: - Short range (Duh!).
                     - Weak against teams of people.
                     - You have to hit someone several times to kill him.
                       (unless you charge which it takes some time.)
                     - Cant use it in the car.
       Where to find it: - Car Drivers usually carry this one.
       Overall rating: 3/10
    5) Knife
       Type: Melee weapon
       Damage: Medium
       Range: 1/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 7/10
       Why use it: - Silent & quick murder
       Why leave it: - Short range.
                     - Weak against teams of people.
       Where to find it: - ~~~
       Overall rating: 4/10
    6) Colt 1911
       Type: Handgun
       Damage: Medium -
       Range: 6/10
       Magazine: 7 bullets
       Reload Time: 8/10
       Why use it: - Can be used in car
                   - Small and good weapon
                   - Fairly quick
       Why leave it: - Not good against a bunch of people
                     - Not strong enough          
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 6/10
    7) Colt Detective Special
       Type: Handgun
       Damage: Medium +
       Range: 7/10
       Magazine: 6 bullets
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - Can be used in car
                   - Quick
                   - For a handgun, it is strong
       Why leave it: - Not good against a bunch of people
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 7/10
    8) M10 Revolver
       Type: Handgun
       Damage: Medium +
       Range: 7/10
       Magazine: 7 bullets
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - Can be used in car
       Why leave it: - Not good against a bunch of people
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 7/10
    9) Pump Action Shotgun
       Type: Big Gun
       Damage: High
       Range: 6/10
       Magazine: 8 bullets
       Reload Time: 7/10
       Why use it: - Very strong
                   - Can whoop up teams of people
                   - Can kill people with usually one shot
       Why leave it: - Can be used in the car
                     - Bullets go there and there
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 8/10
       Type: Rifle
       Damage: High
       Range: 9/10
       Magazine: 8 bullets
       Reload Time: 8/10
       Why use it: - To instantly kill people
                   - To kill people from a distance
       Why leave it: - Slow
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 8/10
    11)S&W M27 Magnum
       Type: Handgun
       Damage: Medium +
       Range: 7/10
       Magazine: 6 bullets
       Reload Time: 7/10
       Why use it: - Strong weapon
                   - Can be used in car
       Why leave it: - When you have something better in your inventory.
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 8/10
    12)Sawnoff Shotgun
       Type: Big Gun
       Damage: High
       Range: 7/10
       Magazine: 2 bullets
       Reload Time: 3/10
       Why use it: - Quick murder
                   - Cool weapon
       Why leave it: - BAD reloading time
                     - It can only shoot 2 bullets
                     - Cant use it in the car.
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 5/10
    13)Sniper Rifle
       Type: Rifle
       Damage: High
       Range: 10/10
       Magazine: 8 bullets
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - When you want to kill someone from afar
                   - Safe and easy murder
                   - Powerful
       Why leave it: - Cant be used against a bunch of people
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 9/10
    14)Thompson 1927 Tommy Gun
       Type: Automatic
       Damage: High
       Range: 9/10
       Magazine: 50 bullets
       Reload Time: 9/10
       Why use it: - Very strong
                   - Fun to use
                   - There is nothing better around
                   - Can kill teams of people with no problem
       Why leave it: - Cant be used in the car
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 9/10
    15)Molotov cocktail
       Type: Bombs
       Damage: High
       Range: 5/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 7/10
       Why use it: - Can thrash cars
                   - Can whoop and burn teams of people
       Why leave it: - Might kill yourself doing it.
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 8/10
       Type: Bombs
       Damage: High
       Range: 6/10
       Magazine: None
       Reload Time: 7/10
       Why use it: - Destroy Cars
                   - Eliminate teams of people
       Why leave it: - Must be an expert and use it carefully
                     - Dangerous to you
       Where to find it: ~~~
       Overall rating: 9/10
                                  9. Cars (Amaksia)
    Description of every single vehicle (which you can drive and/or control) and 
    where to find them here.
    ~Coming Soon~
                                  10. The City (Poli)
    Basically here iam going to write down all the interesting locations in the city
    of the lost heaven.
    ~Coming Soon~
                                  11. Other Features (Alla)
    This is the section for the Free Ride, Free Ride extreme, the multiplayer and some
    other modes and features/options in the game, and will include:
    - Walkthrough for the Free Ride Extreme mode
    - Fun things to do in Free Ride, Free Ride extreme and Multiplayer
    - Tips for the multiplayer mode
    - Info about all 3 modes
    and more...
                                  12. Easter Eggs/Secrets/Cheats/Bugs (Mistika)
    Easter Eggs
    2nd Mission: Running Man
    - When you are being chased by the gansters, in the second alley you see a guy
    piss peacefully without giving a damn about the shootout. :P
    4th Mission: Ordinary Routine
    - On the "Ordianry Routine" mission, follow the guide until you descend the stairs. 
    Clear out all bad guys, but don't see sam yet. Instead enter the toilets straight 
    on from the stairs you came down earlier. Stand in the toilets on the far left and 
    press action to perform the biggest piss i've ever seen in a computer game!. Even 
    better, don't kill the bad guys, and get shot up whilst taking a leak! 
    (by Scrotax)
    5th Mission: Fair Play
    - When you go to Lucas, if you go past the Guiliano bridge, you will see someone
    trying to jump out from the bridge. And an ambulance and other people trying to
    make him change his mind. Then go to Lucas and then come back. The in-game clock
    shows that around 15-20 mins have passed. Then go back to the bridge. They are 
    still there! ?_?. Try stepping over the 2 people trying to speak to the guy who's
    supposed to jump. They will be dead. And he will still be talking!
    8th Mission: The whore (The priest)
    - When you go to the church roof, there is a bucket before you enter the church.
    Shoot it and it will fall and hit someone on the head and kill him!
    8th Mission: The whore
    - If you knock on a locked door, you should be able to hear the moans 
    of people *cough*, just go there and figure it out yourself :P
    (by Battleman100)
    - Go to a gas station and drive over the gas machine. LOL ;)
    - Okay,now look at your map,you see all the way at the bottom of downtown you'll 
    see a little square part of raod,we'll go there and get out of your car and go 
    behind the building and too the shoreline,now look too the left on the cliff,and 
    you'll see a censored sign now walk into the beach by the sign while still lokking 
    up,the'll be a girl in lingere(sp?)dancing.
    (By Dennis Lubins)
    - In the last mission for Lucas Bertone,during the Mission Moonlighting you 
    gotta go and give a package too a guy named dick now when you meat him,Tommy will 
    say "Are you dick?" and the guy will say "Dick,no i'm Big Dick" lol,i thought that 
    was pretty funny :D 
    (By Dennis Lubins)
    - That is a special mention about the game's music. Most of it being none
    other than the most outstanding jazz guitar player of all time - Mr Django
    Reinhardt. I was blown away that the developers used his music in the game.
    It's a touch that adds such class to it.
    (By Jim Farrar)
    - I don't know whether you will count it as an Easter Egg, but many names
    of the drivers taking part in the Race are the names of Heavy Metal Musicians: 
    Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) 
    David Vincent (Morbid Angel) 
    Mick Harris (Napalm Death ...) 
    Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under) 
    Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) 
    Thomas Warrior (aka Tom Warrior, Celtic Frost) 
    Bill Steer (Carcass, Napalm Death) 
    Mark Greenway (Napalm Death) 
    Martin Lichtenberg (?) 
    Georgio Popino (?) 
    John Perez (?) 
    Page Hamilton (?) 
    (By Raven14)
    - There are several reports about people walking around and instead of a normal
    human head, they have DOGS HEAD. I have finally experianced this easter egg as
    well. It seems to happen in missions you have already finished! 
    - This has only happened to me once, but if you hit a barrel with a base ball bat 
    just right it will bounce back and kill you quite humourusly. 
    (By WNoyesII)
    - Unlock Free Ride Extreme mode:
      All you have to do to unlock this mode, is finish all the missions in single 
      player campaign.
    ~Coming Soon
    Bugs (Glitches)
    - If you do a sideways roll while loading any gun, regardless of reload time, it 
      will be loaded when you come out of the roll. This makes the sawed off shotgun 
      a fast reload, since you can dodge their shots and come back firing. 
      (by InfamousX)
    - There is a glitch on "The Whore" mission which allows you to re-enter the 
      hotel/brothelafter you have set off the bombs. Once you get to the top of the 
      steel stairs take a left onto the roof and head straight. Once you are at the 
      edge strafe left until you are adjacent with the part of the opposite roof 
      that is sticking slightly out towards you. >From there go ahead and climb onto 
      the edge, and run as far forward as you can (roughly 2 inches ;) and jump. 
      If you jumped right you should "land" on the roof, but of course you don't 
      land, you fall right through.
      The first time I jumped across I fell through the roof and into a bathroom. 
      From there I could roam around the hotel/brothel, and that was about it, 
      since I couldn't find a way to exit the building. Some of the character 
      models were in the building though, all standing ramrod straight, and you 
      could pass right through them. If you try to shoot them they don't react, but 
      the sound of people screaming and running is present.
      The second time I tried this I just fell into eternity until I got a "Game Over" 
      screen. But I just went to see if I could fall into the bathroom again, or if it
      was just a fluke. I've found that if you align yourself with the corner of the 
      slab of concrete on the other roof, maybe just a little to the left of it, you 
      should fall into the bathroom.
      (By Lakanta)
    - When you shoot people in the train or tram, it doesnt matter if you shoot them
      on the head or leg etc, they will hold their belly and die.
    - Try punching people sitting in the Salieri bar from behind. They will die
      immediadly. To make them crouch on the table, take out a gun and shoot on the
      air. You can do this glitch easily in the "Creme de la Creme" mission.
                                  13. Frequently asked questions (Erotiseis)
    First of all here are some helpful and interesting questions from the Mafia 
    Q: Is there going to be a demo available? And if the answer is 'yes' - when?
    A: We're working on many ideas for this but won't be able to confirm until the game
    is finished. Whatever happens, we will provide quite a range of goodies to convey 
    the full flavor of the Mafia game.
    Q: There were quite a lot of news and rumors about the engine of the game. I 
    heard it being the upgraded version of the H&D engine, or the same engine that 
    will be used in H&D2. What will you finally use as the engine?
    A: Originally, we'd been developing the game on a new version of the engine from 
    the first Hidden and Dangerous, but then we found out that it wouldn't be possible 
    to materialize everything we had planned. So - we decided to create a new engine, 
    specifically for Mafia. It wasn't an easy decision because it meant postponing the 
    release of the game, but it will definitely show on its quality. We named the 
    engine 'LS3D'. Later, after it had become apparent how strong the new engine is, 
    we decided to use it also for H&D2, and possibly also for other titles by Illusion 
    Q: Are there different endings?
    A: No. The game carries a very strong story, and so the plot is linear and 
    culminates only in one ending.
    Q: Do building interiors have damage modeling? Is it possible to shoot the Tommy 
    gun through a bedroom wall? Do bullets leave holes in walls even if they don't 
    pass through?
    A: Yes. Yes. Yes, they do.
    Q: Where is yellow pete's gunshop in the Free Ride mode?
    A: You normally meet yellow pete in mission 19 but he is available in the Free
    ride mode as well. He sells lots of weapons. Go to Hoboken and find the twister
    theatre there, and he is at the back door.
    Q: You've made a grammar/spelling mistake here and there in your guide.
    A: Tell me where so i can correct it.
    Q: I've found another Easter Egg!
    A: Tell me where so i can add it to the FAQ and give you credit.
    Q: How do i beat the race?
    A: Please read the walkthrough. And i will not send you my save file so stop 
    asking for it! I had enough!! But you can go to the following sites (hosted
    by Cresent Saber) and get the save file. But i can't give you a direct link...
    Q: Your grammar sucks!
    A: Yeah yeah, i come from Greece, i don't speak english every day so that explains 
    it... i guess
    Q: Are there any maps of the Country side?
    A: Unfortunately, no!
    Q: Where is the casino?
    A: THERE IS NO CASINO IN THE GAME!!! That's from another game called Mafia. You
    cant enter a casino and win money. That is wrong.
    |If you have a question regarding anything on the game or this FAQ/Walkthrough 
    then email me and ask it and if its not answered in the
    guide or if it is a smart one then i will add it here|
                                  14. Credits (Epilogos)
    Special Thanks to:
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - www.gamefaqs.com
      For publishing this guide to his site.
    - Illutions softworks
      For developing this fantastic game.
    - Take 2 interactive
      For publishing this fantastic game.
    - Me
      For writing this FAQ ^_^
    - Ffweapon
      For taking the time to create the ASCII art for me. Its not the best ASCII art
      but its better than nothing ^^ .
    Thanks to:
    Amul Gurung
    Brian Jones
    Dennis Lubins
    Dev none
    Jum Farrar
    Roy Gibson
    Scott Bedard 
    For various additions and corrections...
    If you have ANYTHING to add to the guide, easter eggs, secrets, cheats, tips, 
    strategies for the missions, questions, Cars descriptions, City buildings and
    special places, Weapon descriptions, Character descriptions, basics, tips,
    corrections (grammar/spelling mistakes and misinformation for the game) or
    ANYTHING else you think it might help:
    - Email me to MafiaFAQs@hotmail.com 
    - Add me to your list if you have MSN messanger: Antreasms@hotmail.com 
    Please remember that i will ignore emails to Antreasms@hotmail.com regarding
    this guide and i will never sign in to MSN messanger with MafiaFAQs@hotmail.com.
    Thank you.
    Suggestions on how to improve this FAQ are accepted.
    Copyright © 2002 Andreas Constantinou. All rights reserved.

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