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    Free Ride Extreme Solutions by HiRisque

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Concise Free Ride Extreme Solutions
    for Mafia by Illusion
    version 1.5 9/29/02
    by HiRisque
    The Missions are listed in the order the bonus cars have in the Free Ride
    Prototype list.
    Sniper Mission - Manta Prototype
    This mission involves a Manta Prototype that is parked on the front steps of a
    building in the center of downtown. There is a sniper rifle next to it and 3
    enemy snipers who start shooting as soon as you take the mission. Run towards
    the cars right side jumping as you go. Pick up the rifle and head back towards
    the building, go around the left to the back of the building. You must jump
    when you're moving as the snipers are very good. Continue around the back of
    the building. As you do you will notice a sniper across the street from the
    drivers side of the Manta. He is up high on the building. Kill him and continue
    around the building. The second sniper is directly across the street from the
    front of the Manta halfway up the center of the building. The last sniper is
    across the street from the passenger side of the Manta. He is on the short
    black building by it's sign.
    Invisible Man Mission - Bolt Thrower
    This mission starts by Morello's Bar. It involves following an invisible man
    who is relatively difficult to see as he tries to escape. Although he can run
    a little faster than you he pauses frequently. The easiest place to lose him is
    as he gets on the elevated train. It is best to do this mission first if you
    are trying to save all the cars in the Extreme Free Ride Home gamesave. It
    seems that if the invisible man can see a dead body somewhere on the map he
    will stop moving at certain points.
    Sea Monster Mission - Hotrod
    This mission starts in the north west corner of the square in Chinatown. You
    are given a SW Model 27 with six rounds of ammo. You must rescue a fair damsel
    chained to the rocks on the beach in south west Downtown before she is devoured
    by a sea monster. This location is where Paulie had his gun jam in the Morello
    assasination attempt. It helps to use a fast bonus car for this mission such as
    the Flamer as you are not given much time. Take the Terranova bridge and go
    past the armory, turn right and go south by the most direct route to the beach.
    When you get to the parking lot get out of the car and go left by way of the
    rocks to get above the fair damsel. Shoot off the lock to free her.
    Gangster Killing Mission - Black Dragon 4WD
    This mission starts in the Works Quarter in front of the "agreed upon place"
    from the Cigar Heist Mission. Upon excepting the challenge dive for the
    Thompson machine gun in front of you and then proceed to kill about 8 gangsters
    placed strategically around the balconies of the yard and alley in this area.
    UFO Chase Mission - Mutagen FWD
    This mission starts at the "T" dead end in the center of the Works Quarter. You
    must follow a UFO. Drive over by the alien and the UFO will make it's first
    move. The UFO moves to a new location each time you go under it and then waits
    until you get under it again. It is easy to lose sight of the UFO however it
    makes a sound you can hear when you are close to it. It goes through Little
    Italy then to Central Island over the Central Island Tunnel. It crosses from
    Central Island to a point due west of the one way street by the Downtown Church.
    It goes straight over the Oakwood Church to the front of Oakwood Junior High
    School. It then goes to its last stop at the Lighthouse. You are given a large
    amount of time to complete the mission.
    Flame Spear Circuit Mission - Flame Spear 4WD & Flamer
    The Flame Spear 4WD is located in the same alley that you boosted the truck for
    the Cigar Mission. This involves following a timed course defined by magenta
    smoke pots. The mission ends at the south side of the Municpal Building. If you
    make it you also get the Flamer, a nice little Celeste based hotrod. As far as
    I can tell if you want to put the Flame Spear 4WD someplace in your Extreme
    Free Ride Home gamesave, do not get out of the car after you win the mission.
    You can not get back in the car after you exit. I put mine by a filling station
    as a display piece.
    Timed Explosive Truck Mission - Masseur 
    The start point for this mission is in a parking lot north of the Hoboken
    entrance to Oak Hill. You must drive the Truck that is loaded with explosives
    to a location in the Works Quarter. It is a timed mission, you really have to
    hustle and by all means be careful as a collision will result in the truck
    exploding. The best route is a follows, turn left, go to end of the street and
    turn left, go straight to the end and turn left. Make the right hand corner and
    follow the street over the Guilliano Bridge. Make the turns to go over the West
    Marshall Bridge. Go straight to the end of the street and then go left then
    right down the alley shortcut. Go straight out the alley and where the street
    ends go through the loose doors to the next alley shortcut (if you haven't
    knocked them down prior to this). Be careful in the dirt part of the alley. As
    you come to the end of the alley you will see the Massuer across the street on
    your right.
    Speed Explosive Truck Mission - Masseur Taxi
    This mission starts in the parking lot where Paulie had his gun jam in the
    Morello assassination attempt. You must drive the truck loaded with explosives
    to a location in the Works Quarter. You have a limited time to attain 30mph and
    after that you have to keep it above 34mph or the truck will explode. Although
    there are many routes you can take I will give you the most direct possible
    route. Get in the truck and accelerate towards the East Marshall bridge. Turn
    on the speed limiter. Go over the bridge and then turn right (turn the speed
    limiter off before you go over the bridge and let the speed build to 50 mph,
    then when you are on the bridge turn it back on). Remember to make wide turns
    and not to hit anything. Next turn left and go west on the divided street. A
    block before you have to turn right and go north, turn the speed limiter off
    again. This is to carry enough speed while going over the West Marshall Bridge.
    When you're on the bridge turn the limiter back on. Take the 3rd left after the
    bridge and then the next right. You are going to a location just past the sheds
    that are west of the concrete mixing towers. This is one of the toughest missions
    to beat.
    Airplane Chase Mission - Demoniac
    This mission starts from the small dirt road in easternmost Hoboken. You must
    drive a Celeste Marquee 500 that has a bomb in it. The bomb goes off if you get
    more than 200 meters from the airplane that is passing over. To win this
    mission it is essential to drive as fast as possible and be sure of where you
    are going. Take the road in front of you straight out until it ends and go left.
    Take this road over the Giuliano Bridge. Take the first right, then go left
    through the alley under the el train. Turn right and go through the Central
    Island Tunnel. Go straight down this road and as it turns left. Make the next
    right (it helps to cut the corner) and then it is a straight shot to the end.
    Vision Distortion Race Car Mission - Crazy Horse
    You must drive a Trautenberg Racing from the start point in the alley west of
    Yellow Pete's, through a series of points to the finish location in front of
    the Police Station. This is a timed mission and your vision is distorted by
    speed. The trick is avoiding collisions and watching the map for your turns.
    Bomb Defusing Mission - Bob Mylan 4WD
    This mission starts in the easternmost area of Oak Hill. There is a black Thor
    812 at the start point that can be used for the mission. The mission consists
    of defusing dynamite bombs in a limited amount of time. The first bomb is by
    the gate of the house behind the start point. The next bomb is in the middle of
    the traffic circle in Oakwood. Then on to Downtown to the bomb at the front door
    of the Church. Then go across the East Marshall Bridge to the bomb at the front
    door of the Gallery. The next bomb is across the West Marshall Bridge at the
    front door of the Railroad Station. The next bomb is at the front door of the
    Fire Service Pumping Station. The next bomb is at the top of the stairway inside
    Ralph's garage behind Saliere's Bar. Then go across the Terranova Bridge to the
    bomb at the front door of the armory. The last bomb is a very large one behind
    the building across from the Hoboken entrance to Oak Hill. You will spot the
    bonus car as you come up the street.
    Exploding Car Mission - Disorder 4WD
    In this mission you must drive the white Celeste from the start point by the
    westernmost parking lot in the Works Quarter to the parking lot on Central
    Island that was in the "Great Deal" mission. You must start out as fast as
    possible and maintain a great deal of speed to keep the explosions behind you. I
    did this by using the manual transmission and carefully planning a route with as
    wide of turns as possible. This is one of the hardest missions. I wish I could
    tell you how fast you actually have to go, but I was so busy driving I didn't
    have time to look. It's got to be close to 50. Mess up and lose your speed and
    it's all over.
    Gas Guzzling Trautenberg J Mission - Speedee 4WD
    In this mission you have to drive a gas guzzling Trautenberg J from the start
    location in East Hoboken to the Fire Service Pumping Station. You must practice
    fuel management and stop at each gas station along the way to refuel. Keep
    gathering speed and then putting the car in neutral to coast. You can also use
    the down hill portions to gather some speed not using the gas. The first station
    is easy to get to. Go straight down the street you're pointed at and go through
    the area where there is no fence (there is a drop) and make a right on the main
    street that goes to the station. I generally give it enough gas to hit about
    40mph and then pop it into neutral. Refuel at the first station. Go out of the
    station up the hill and make the first right. Remember to cut over the sidewalks
    and make wide gentle turns. you then make a left then a quick right, and then
    you're going down a slight down slope (if you've done this right you have hit
    the gas twice so far). Hit the gas again to make the left to the street to the
    bridge and coast to the bridge (by the way I generally do not let the car get
    below 10mph). Then you accelerate up the bridge and then coast down. You will
    carry a lot of speed down the bridge. As you are going down make a right by the
    parking lot and go left down the alley that goes under the el train. Go left
    then right to get to the gas station.  Make a u-turn just past the gas station
    to come in the right way. Believe it or not I was doing the mission over for a
    new profile and forgot about the third gas station and made it from the second.
    It took me 4 tries and is close to impossible I must have got lucky. Anyway use
    the same tactics to get to the third station and then to the Fire Service Pumping
    Telephone Mission - Luciferon FWD
    This mission starts across the street from the location that you took your last
    passenger before being beat on by Morello's goons. Or as the passenger described
    it the car lot by the department store. You answer the telephone at the start
    point. As you get near a phone booth you can hear the phone ringing. You are
    then directed to a phone booth in Chinatown. It is in an alley off the east
    entrance to the square. The next phone booth is by the Central Island
    Tunnel exit on Central Island. Coming from Chinatown go through the tunnel and
    make the first right and then the next right, the phone booth will be on your
    right. The next phone is at the Central Island harbor. It is behind a building
    just south of where the paddle wheeler was tied up. The next phone booth is next
    to the north east building in the park by the Terranova bridge. The last phone
    booth is in the cemetery on the north side of the Oakwood Church. It is a VERY
    SMALL phone booth. You will hear it ringing, look down.
    Bridge Bombing Zeppelin Mission - Black Metal 4WD
    This mission starts in front of the Hospital. You must drive the Bolt Ace across
    the Terranova Bridge to a location behind the first building on the right after
    the bridge. As you go under the Zeppelin it drops bombs on the bridge. One thing
    you must do is use the speed limiter as the vehicle cuts out if you go much
    above 40mph. This mission seems to involve a lot of luck. I've won by driving on
    the extreme left side of the bridge, but it took a few tries. Alternately you
    can push the vehicle across the bridge with another car before you start the
    mission, then use a faster sturdier car to drive to the car, get in and finish
    the mission. The Black Metal 4wd is bulletproof and is very good at ramming
    other vehicles. It is on the other hand very slow.
    Carry the Box Mission - Hillbilly 5.1 FWD
    This mission starts in the parking lot on the Central Island side of Giuliano
    Bridge. Perform some simple out of car tasks. Do not drop the box with the drop
    items key, use the action key. Dropping the box in the wrong place will fail the
    mission. The box goes in front of the other box, not on top or alongside by the
    wall. Watch for the exclamation point to appear, then you know you have the
    right location.
    Kill Speedy Gonzalez Mission - Flower Power
    This mission starts at a location just south of your house and can be seen from
    your front door. Take a fast car with you and run down Speedy Gonzalez. He's
    fast, if you dog him sometimes a street car will get him. He's easiest to run
    down on the Gulliano Bridge. There are quite a few ways to kill Speedy. You can
    block his doorway with a car and then shoot him. If you watch him he initially
    runs up the street and pauses at the corner. If you have the sniper rifle you
    can shoot him from a distance. You can also go around the block the opposite way
    and run him down while he stands on the corner.
    Taxi Time Bomb Mission - Manta Prototype Taxi
    This mission starts by the waterfront in New Ark. There are a number of Taxis
    with time bombs that are defused by dumping them in the water. It helps to set
    up for this mission before hand. Take a Thor (any model will do) and leave it
    next to the first Taxi. Steal another Thor and take it to the harbor on the
    South West of Central Island. Leave this Thor by the water. Steal another Thor
    and go over the West Marshall Bridge towards the Works Quarter. Take the first
    left and then the next left. As you go down this road you will see an alley that
    goes to the right. Go down the left side of the alley and leave the Thor just
    past where you can get out of the car. This leaves some room so you can drive
    the Taxi you will get past the Thor. OK, steal one more Thor and go back to the
    start point. Get into the taxi and drive it up to the water and leave it in
    neutral. Get into the Thor you left previously and knock it into the water. You
    will then be shown the location of the second Taxi. Go up the ramp, turn
    right, just before you go under the bridge turn down the alley and go East. The
    alley comes straight out onto the Road go East and make the fourth right. Go
    left just past the fence and you will see a large building project. The second
    taxi is on the East side of the Westernmost building. Take the Taxi back the
    same way you came. When you get to the ramp going down to the water, stop, put
    it in neutral and get out. It should go in the water on its own. Get into the
    Thor and go over the Giuliano Bridge to Central Island. Go down the road past
    the Theater, turn left and you will see the second Taxi in an alley on your
    left. Park on the sidewalk on the right side of the Taxi pointing towards the
    water. Get in the Taxi and move it by the water where the wall is lowest and
    leave it in neutral. Get back in the Thor and push the Taxi in the water. The
    fourth Taxi is on the South side of the State Capital. Take that taxi to the
    harbor where you left the Thor and dump it in the water. The fifth Taxi is in
    the Port of Lost Heaven parking lot. When you get there take the Taxi on the
    left (standing in front of them) the other Taxi does not have a bomb. Take the
    Taxi down to where you left the Thor and dump it in the water.
    Race Car Exchange Mission - Caeser 8C Mostro
    This timed mission starts at the Hoboken entrance to Oak Hill. You must exchange
    race cars onto transporters in a certain order. First take the Caeser 8C 2000 to
    the transporter located next to the Old Prison, exchange it for the Carozella
    C-Otto 4WD. Take the Carozella to the transporter located in the Harbor area
    close to the West Marshall Bridge. Exchange the Carozella for the Brubaker 4WD.
    Take the Brubaker back to the mission start point and put it on the transporter.
    You really have to hustle on this mission. It is also very tricky to get the
    smaller race cars on the transporters. Success unlocks the Caeser 80 Mostro and
    all the race cars from the racing mission in single player. This mission also
    seems to unlock the Trautenberg J. If you want to place the Brubaker somewhere
    in your Extreme Free Ride Home gamesave do not get out of the car when the
    mission ends. Once you get out of the car you can not drive it again.
    Secret Car
    There is a secret car hidden in the southwest building of the building project
    west of Yellow Pete's. You will see it in your car radar when you are close to
    it. Just walk thru the large wooden door. Caution, take a look at this car from
    Extreme Free Ride as the effect that the car gives does not go away. You might
    not want to be this way for your Extreme Free Ride Home gamesave. I've been told
    the effect can be canceled by kneeling, but I haven't tried it yet.
    Sinister Face Cave
    There is a sinister face on the cliff next to the railroad tunnel in East
    Hoboken. If you get close to it you will notice the mouth opening seems to go
    back into the cliff for quite a distance. Being of a curious nature I took a
    Bolt Truck and ran backwards at full speed into the raised ground in front of
    the face. I then drove the truck under the mouth of the face. By climbing up
    the cliff next to the face I was able to jump on the truck and then climb into
    the mouth. It has very sharp teeth. A cave continues on behind the face for
    quite a distance. There is a small tunnel with timbers that goes off to the
    left and down from the cave. It ends at a non-textured door that can't be
    opened. The non-textured door can also be seen in the railway tunnel a short
    distance from the entrance.
    Free Ride Unique Cars
    While driving around in Free Ride (city daytime) I've found two unique vehicles.
    There is a red Bruno Speedster parked in an alley near the center of Central
    Island. There is a Bolt Truck with Atlantic Import markings parked on a loading
    dock in the south west corner of the Works Quarter. While not unique there are
    some other cars parked at various locations:
    Silver Fletcher - By the Lighthouse keeper's house.
    Lassiter Appolyon - In the alley south east of the Hotel Corleone
    Lassiter V16 Roadster - On top of the parking structure next to the guy who had
    the white Celeste exploding car mission.
    Real Car Names
    If you are interested in what the real cars were that the Mafia vehicles are
    modeled after:
    Bolt Ace - Model T Ford
    Bolt Model B - 1930 Model A Ford
    Bolt V8 - 1933 Ford V8
    Schubert Six - Chevrolet
    Falconer - Falcon Knight by Willy's (not sure)
    Crusader Chromium - Pontiac
    Guardian Terraplane - Terraplane by Hudson
    Thor 819 - 812 - Cord
    Wright - Buick
    Bruno Speedster 851 - 1935 Auburn Speedster 851
    Celeste Marque 500 - Mercedes 500K
    Lassiter - Cadillac 
    Silver Fletcher - 1938 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow
    Trautenberg J and 4WD Racer - Duesenberg
    Carrozella C-Otto 4WD - Bugatti
    Brubaker 4WD - Miller
    Ceaser 8C Mostro and 8C 2300 Racing - Alfa Romero
    Bolt Thrower - Thunderbird
    Manta Prototype - 1938 Phantom Corsair created by Rust Heinz

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