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    Easter Eggs FAQ by Underground

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 10/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mafia Easter Eggs
    Version 2.7
    By: Underground
    27 October 2003
    **WARNING! This file contains spoiler materials**
    Version History:
    v 2.7 - 27/10/2003
    -Added Knife in the Hotel, Morello's Alternate End, and Painting easter egg
    -FAQ section updated
    -Fixed some location/spelling errors
    v 2.6 - 07/09/2003
    -Added Objective and Shoe easter egg
    -Free Ride Hidden Cars and Big Monster Face easter egg updated
    -FAQ section updated
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    v 2.5 - 09/05/2003
    -Added Burned People and Wire Area easter egg
    -Silver Fletcher (b.) easter egg updated
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    v 2.4 - 30/03/2003
    -Added five new easter eggs
    -Free Ride Hidden Cars and Urinating easter egg updated
    -Fixed some spelling errors and name
    v 2.3 - 4/03/2003
    -Added Sailor, Haunted Hotel, and LMS easter eggs
    -FAQ section updated
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    v 2.2 - 23/02/2003
    -Free Ride Extreme cars cheat added
    -Behind the Counter and Big Monster Face easter egg updated
    -FAQ section updated
    v 2.1 - 10/02/2003
    -Added four new easter eggs
    -Free Ride cheat updated
    -Gangsters and Car easter egg updated
    v 2.0 - 1/02/2003
    -Added four new easter eggs
    -Date created added
    -Version History added
    v 1.9 - 18/01/2003
    -Added four new easter eggs
    -FAQ section updated
    -Some spelling errors fixed
    v 1.8 - 13/01/2003
    -Added Paulie and Lighthouse easter eggs
    -FAQ section updated
    -Updated Free Ride hidden cars and Strange Police Behavior
    v 1.7 - 01/01/2003
    The update was just one day after v 1.6, pretty funny maybe...
    -Added Yellow Pete easter egg
    -Added lines on sections title
    -Fixed and updated Walk Trough Things easter egg
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    v 1.6 - 31/12/2002
    -Added Civilians Madness, Censor, and Walk Trough Things easter eggs
    -FAQ section updated
    -Some errors location and mode spelling fixed
    v 1.5 - 21/12/2002
    -Added Free Ride hidden cars, Falling Bucket, and Urinating easter eggs
    -Contact forum updated
    -Name changed from "Weird Stuffs and Trick in Mafia" to "Mafia Easter Eggs"
    v 1.4 - 29/11/2002
    Version 1.3 skipped because there are major updates.
    -Added a lot of easter eggs
    -Contact forum updated
    -Easter eggs were classified into 6 parts
    -FAQ section updated
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    -Silver Fletcher easter egg updated
    v 1.2 - 08/11/2002
    -Added 6 new easter eggs
    -All easter eggs are positioned in alphabetical list
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    v 1.1 - 20/10/2002
    -Added Big Monster Face, Heavy Weapons in Car, and Whistle easter eggs
    -Change the easter eggs list from letter to number
    -Some spelling errors fixed
    v 1.0 - 18/10/2002
    -Initial release
    I've seen dozens of unique and weird things in Mafia and read report about
    this. I'm trying to collect information about all of these and put it here so
    you know and can try to check this. You may not believe, but watch out...you
    could fall laughing off your chair :)
    So here the list of easter eggs that can happen in Mafia which I've tested. All
    of them worked and I've classified them into 6 parts.
    1.Free Ride Hidden Cars
    In Free Ride there are few hidden cars that is unlocked since the beginning of
    the game. You can always use them at anytime. They are:
    -Lassiter V16 Roadster
    It's the car that Salieri and Tommy use in Bon Appetit mission, when Tommy
    drives Salieri to Pepe Restaurant. You can find this car at Works Quarter. This
    green car is located in the corner at the two-storeys parking lot beside (at
    the left bottom of the map) a small alley.
    -Bruno Speedster 851
    This car is in Central Island located besides Star Hotel. Look for "Ferrara"
    banner and there'll be a small alley next to the main road with trolley, on the
    left side of the road if you come from Giuliano Bridge or China Town tunnel.
    -Lassiter V16 Appolyon
    You can find this car at Down Town near Corleone Hotel (used during The Whore
    mission). Simply, from Corleone's hotel main doors, turn left, cross the road,
    and turn left again. Then if you watch carefully, on the right side of the road
    there's an alley, go there and Appolyon is waiting for you :)
    -Bolt Truck
    It's parked on a ramp of a factory building at Works Quarter. Drive towards the
    Racing Circuit and enter the last street to the left. Follow the road and look
    to your right to find that building, a Bolt Truck is there waiting.
    -Lassiter v16 Pheaton
    This can only be found when you play City - Night mode. It's located at Works
    Quarter, on the "meeting point" place of "Just for Relaxation" level. There are
    three alleys which you can use to reach this place.
    -Silver Fletcher
    This car was used by the prosecutor when he returned home in "Visiting Rich
    People" and by Morello as his getaway car. It's located on just downhill south
    of Oak Hill near the lighthouse, where there's a dirt road leads into it (very
    bottom right of the map). It's parked beside a small house just near the
    2.Gangsters and Car
    In Free Ride mode, there are many gangsters roaming around the city. You can
    always found them in area like Little Italy and Down Town and they always use
    black suit. Try to find any gangster driving the car then stop it with your
    car. Shoot or do anything to make them exit their vehicle, quickly enter their
    car then escape, but keep distance with them about 300 feets (see them use
    backward view). They usually try to get a new vehicle either by jacking from
    civilians or your abandoned car then chase you. This time try to use a racing
    car (or car like Crazy Horse) to do this trick. They will quickly enter your
    racing car then chase you like maniac (or maybe like racer?), notice how they
    drive. Sometimes they will make the car runs out of control then rolling over
    and when you check back...they're gone
    *Also remember, the gangster's cars are cheated. You can't outrun their car
    even your speed reaches more than 100 mph (150 kph). They just (or always) ram
    your car from behind or do pit maneuver, although their car's speed limit is
    less than 100 mph!
    3.Kinetic Power
    When a driver is getting in or out of his car, he/she and the car are
    completely invulnerable as long as the door of the car is not closed. You can
    bump in them with your car or shoot the driver, but it will do nothing to them.
    Even with the Metal 4WD, you'll stop crashing in a rock trying to hurt them.
    The funny thing is that if you crash in the car something like half a second
    before the door of the car is closed, when the door closes, the car starts to
    suffer the damages, and is sent away like if you had just bumped it. Who knows
    that the kinetic power could be stocked this way :)
    4.Morello's Alternate End
    In the mission "Creme de la Creme - Manhunt", where you chasing Morello's
    Silver Fletcher, just stay behind Morello’s car at full speed and don’t drive
    on the wrong side off the road, so if you are lucky, Morello won’t drive into
    the airport but instead he continues head up the street in the direction of the
    mountain where there's a large bridge. Continue your pursuit until you reach an
    under construction bridge. You will then see a cut scene where Morello’s driver
    hits the brake and stops at the moment exactly on the edge of the bridge, and
    then Tommy just knocks him off the bridge with his car. His car falls of
    hundreds of feet below, and it explodes a moment later. After the cut scene
    take a route down to the road you see under the bridge (take the first left on
    the way return), after you drive a while you will reach Morello’s burning car.
    The strange thing is you can walk trough the car and the flames which won’t
    harm you. You can also try to jump with your car from the bridge to get over
    this place fast, but I can't guarantee your safety :p
    5.Silver Fletcher
    Again, in the mission "Creme de la Creme - Manhunt", where you chasing
    Morello's Silver Fletcher, you should be able to stay behind him as long as
    you've got a solid, powerful car (any of the Lassiters will do). Your goal is
    to ram him off the road, by any means possible. This also requires a great deal
    of luck. Sometimes, Morello will turn into the airport and this is your chance.
    Forget slowing down; just ram his car as fast as you can as he turns into the
    airport. You should send him (and maybe yourself) flying. If you're lucky you
    might have knocked him so far off he's facing the wrong direction; that's good.
    Try and pin him into a wall with the Lassiter. Now try to kill him. Morello's
    Silver Fletcher is completely bulletproof, the only completely bulletproof
    available car in the game (beside Black Metal from Free Ride Extreme, and if
    you take it in the airport it's not bulletproof). If you've got Morello
    stationary, he will occasionally wind his window down and take potshots at you
    with his pistol, and this is your golden chance. Take Saw-Off Shotgun then aim
    it to his face and pull the trigger. Now, it should say in the objectives
    "Return to Salieri Bar, or alternatively go see Lucas Bertone". Kill the driver
    and other passenger too (drag them out of the car if they don't wind the
    windows down). Now, you can drive Morello's car around with him hanging out of
    the back window, or drag his corpse out and put a few more bullets in his head
    for good measure. Of course, you can also ram the Silver Fletcher off the road
    at other points (if you're lucky and it hits a normal road user), but I've had
    best results as it turns into the airport.
    b.Learn How to Steal Silver Fletcher
    You can learn how to steal Silver Fletcher from "Visiting Rich People - The
    Safe" level; it's (save part) where the prosecutor has returned home with his
    car and Salvatore has succeeded open the safe. At first, you must enter the
    house and reach to the prosecutor's room silently without being spotted by
    anyone, because if you're spotted the Silver Fletcher will quickly leave the
    house after it drops the prosecutor. Once inside the room, quickly take the
    document from the safe and get out of the room. But instead of exiting the home
    silently, turn right then go downstairs and kill all the guards you see (don't
    kill the prosecutor or the mission fails). Next, approach the car and try to
    open it, Tommy will order Salvatore to unlock it. Once the car unlocked, you'll
    have knowledge on how to steal Silver Fletcher :)
    It's easy to do this. Just find some civilians driving car then try to stop
    his/her car. Do not jack the car yet, shoot all the tires until they're off the
    car. Now jack his/her car, when you try to drive the jacked car...it'll jump!
    Then all the wheels will appear again :)
    1.Free Ride Extreme Cars
    You can unlock all Free Ride Extreme cars without finishing any Free Ride
    Extreme missions. You can unlock these but first you must have gained access to
    Free Ride Extreme (by either completing the main missions or using cheat
    below). Then in Free Ride Extreme go to the most North East point (top right)
    of Oakwood. If you go there (at the last turn) and walk south you will see the
    first phone box on the right side of the road and a house with blue door on it.
    If you get on that door an icon will appear, right click on it. Just like Free
    Ride cheat, it won't tell that you have unlocked all Free Ride Extreme cars. Go
    check the Free Ride car list on the main menu and you'll see that you have
    gotten some "special" cars unlocked. Also, don't forget to save the game.
    2.Free Ride Mode
    This is true! You can unlock all Free Ride modes including police patrols,
    traffic and pedestrian density and even Free Ride Extreme without even
    completing the game! To unlock all of these, you must first play Free Ride in
    City - Small mode. Then, go to south west of Works Quarter where you should see
    a small parking lot (it has no sign on the map) opposite the final tram station
    distance away (from racing track go right on the second intersection). From
    there go trough the alley (it's like backyard) and be on the look out for the
    buildings with red brick. You should see four boxes with the 4th box on top.
    Stand near the boxes then look east where you should see a yellow door with
    grass on its way. When you get to the door an icon will appear then right click
    on it. It won't tell that you have unlocked all Free Ride modes (not cars). But
    now try to check the Free Ride on the main menu; all of them unlocked even the
    Free Ride Extreme. Have fun with it!
    Yes! You actually can cheat the race mission and beat it easily! It's a bit
    tricky, at the beginning of the track, you should see a dirt road with rock
    blocked its way. But you still can pass the road, pass it! "Wrong Way" message
    will appear but IGNORE it. Then, just before you reach the end of the dirt
    road, click 0 button (the one near arrow buttons). Your car will move
    automatically near the finish line, then cross the finish line! You'll notice
    that you're in the next lap! Enjoy ;)
    1.Burned People
    In "You Lucky Bastard! - The Harbor" mission there's a train wagon with four
    big barrels (with explosion power) on top of it near a large ship and two
    cranes (opposite the warehouse where Morello hide). You can shoot barrels on
    the train wagon and a big explosion will take place causing a large crate to
    falls and two men with Thompson to ignite in flames. The first man will jump
    into the water while the other one will run like crazy and finally die but he
    will still be in flames.
    2.Civilians Madness
    Some of the civilians in the game (either in mission or free ride) will
    sometimes fight you back if you jacked their car. Many of them use baseball bat
    to strike you. Now try to jack as many cars as possible until there are at
    least five civilians chasing you. Then, search for police patrolling the street
    and commit crime to make you have wanted level. Now all the civilians that
    chasing you will turn on and try to kill the police who also chasing you! They
    also attack any gangster that chasing you.
    3.Female Punch-up
    On the level "Omerta - Airport", go through the level until you've handcuffed
    Frank to the railings. Then, he asks you to find his family and as you know,
    they're in the small building just to the left of where Frank is cuffed. Go
    inside, and next to Frank's family is a man hugging a woman. Get a precision
    weapon (like the Magnum) and shoot the man in the head. The woman will then
    snap out of the 'hugging pose' and attempt to punch you to death! This is the
    only woman in the entire game who actually tries to punch you. Furthermore, if
    you run away from here, she'll chase you all around the airport!
    4.Man on the Boat
    In the mission "Election Campaign" when you get to the top of the prison tower
    (with the sniper rifle), look around to the island where you have to
    assassinate the politician, and find one man standing on his boat. You have
    plenty of bullets so you can snipe and see him flying off his boat into the
    5.Meeting in Passage Way
    During the level "The Running Man - Coffee Break" at the second alley, just
    after you get in to the alley, you should hear a man said, "Where the hell is
    she? I said three o' clock in the passageway." The man seems waiting for the
    woman, but keep running until the last alley. There you should hear a woman
    said the same thing, she's waiting for the man. They clearly go to different
    place. If you want to do a favor you can tell the woman so she knows it's a
    6.Paulie Still Alive
    After recon the bank where Paulie and Tommy are going to rob at "The
    Moonlighting - Going Shopping" mission, Paulie will returns to his apartment
    using train. Follow Paulie and he will waits at the nearest station until the
    train comes. Before the train comes, quickly go behind him and give him a full
    power punch. He will then stumble forward holding his head. Do this 3 to 5
    times until Paulie ends up on the tracks. Then head back onto the platform and
    watch the speeding train run Paulie over. Paulie dies, but your mission won't
    be over. You will eventually see him again when you pick him up at his
    7.Paulie and Sam
    In the mission "Creme De La Creme" where you have to assassinate Morello, if
    you get out of the car, Paulie and Sam will exit too after a while. Then if you
    quickly re-enter the car leaving your two friends there and follow Morello's
    car, after exiting the city you'll discover that Paulie and Sam are with you in
    the car again!
    During the Intermezzo 4, Tommy tells Norman that Peppone, were Morello's and
    Salieri's Don back in the ‘20s. But during the visit to the bank in 1938 (in
    "The Moonlighting - Reconnaissance" mission), Peppone is sitting in the first
    box to the left talking to a banker proposing to build a Theme Park in Hoboken.
    That conversation is taking place after Paulie has left. Make sure you don't
    get in too close to the banker or he will be disturbed and stop the
    9.Raising Hand
    Try to get a taxi and search for anyone who wants to use taxi (they'll raise
    their hand). When you stop between two or more people, one of them will of
    course walk and get in to your taxi, but look at the other person(s). They will
    sometimes get "nerves" and walking with their hand still waving, and also
    sometimes even both hand are waving like nuts.
    10.Receptionist Threat
    During the hotel mission (The Whore), just after you enter the hotel you should
    see a receptionist writing at his desk. Talk to him, then Tom will ask about
    the manager and the receptionist will tell you where. Talk to him again, this
    time you'll ask about the girl (that Frank mentioned in photo) but he won't
    tell you. Ask again, and he'll warn you that he has a saw-off shotgun under his
    desk and ask you to leave...He won't talk anymore :p
    In the hotel, also during "The Whore - Hotel Corleone" mission. As you enter
    the building you should see a woman asking a sailor (who's sitting), "You want
    a good time, sweetie?" You know what that mean ;) The sailor will follow her to
    the room, but this time, punch the woman so she'll scare. Strangely, none of
    the guards or even the sailor reacts. The sailor will just keep following the
    woman no matter where she runs into!
    12.Strange Police Behavior
    Most the time, the police often have strange behavior. Shoot one of the
    gangsters or criminal on the street, surely they'll fight back. After that,
    search for the police patrolling the street and hide behind the police. The
    gangster will try to shoot you but their shots will hit the police, but the
    police won't do anything, they'll keep walking or driving. Now show your gun in
    front of the cop, they'll try to arrest you although the gangster keep
    shooting. Not only that, when you're doing mission with your partner and
    involve chase or shootout. The police won't do anything if they see your
    partner or enemy shooting, running over speed limit, or running red light.
    Apparently Lost Heaven Police biggest (and probably only) threat is you!
    *Another strange police behavior is when cops chasing you but then their car
    crash near the wall and the cop on passenger seat can't leave because of the
    wall. So when they want to arrest Tommy, the cop (on driver seat) and the other
    cop leave the car by the same door; that's normal. Now try to lose tail then
    enter a car (not that cop car), and the cops will return to their car. The
    first cop enter the car as a driver, and because the other cop can't enter the
    car by passenger's door, he carjack his friend! :D
    13.Stupid Gangsters
    In "The Death Of Art - Grand Finale" mission (shootout in the Art Gallery), as
    the fight starts quickly run straight up the stairs to the door on the right
    (the one that will open). There is a gangster who just stands there. If you
    crouch behind him while he stands there then the other gangsters will not shoot
    you unless they get around behind him. You can sometimes hear them say
    something like "He must be here somewhere", like they can't see you (although
    they clearly point their guns right to you!). It gives you enough time to
    crouch there and shoot the gangsters as they run into Tommy, then shoot the
    standing gangster in the back of the head to kill him and get his gun.
    14.Suicidal Man
    There's a suicidal man in one of the mission. You can find him at Giuliano
    Bridge, the biggest bridge with red color, in Fairplay Mission (Mission 5)
    where you have to bring a racing car to Lucas Bertone to be fix. The man is
    standing and everyone has their cars stopped and two men are gawking and trying
    to talk him down. There is actually nothing you can do except watch and kill
    the people (besides the suicidal). If you punch the suicidal man, it'll make
    him moves off the bridge but keep standing (on air).
    Punch or shoot any of the Salieri family or crew members (like Luigi or
    Vincenzo) when you're in the bar. They'll quickly take their guns (if they
    have) and everyone will punch or shoot you. Vincenzo usually shoots you with
    Saw-Off shotgun, and in certain missions, Luigi shoots you with a Pump Action
    Shotgun and cause an instant death. So think again when you want to become a
    traitor :p
    16.Woman in Bank
    You will see her in a bank cut scene just after you take the money from safe.
    The woman use orange dress and has brown hair. She WASN'T INSIDE the bank when
    Tom and Paulie start enter the bank, and she appears there during and after
    bank safe cut scene. She's screaming and anger Paulie, and Paul shot him dead
    because she tried to escape and you should see her body near the bank door...
    17.Yellow Pete
    If you look at Yellow Pete carefully you will see that he has only one (normal)
    arm, his left arm is broken. But that doesn't mean he can't use gun well. Shoot
    him, and he will quickly fire at you with headshot...
    1.Behind the Counter
    In the mission "The Whore - Hotel Corleone", you can actually get past the
    receptionist behind the counter and get the key to the director's room without
    actually killing anyone. However, the receptionist is in the way, and the only
    way to get into the small room with the keys is by killing him. But don't kill
    him, just go behind the counter and stand next to him. Jump at the small coffee
    table behind him; you'll eventually climb up on it. Simply drop down behind him
    and take the key. Now here's the strange part, Tommy talk (to himself) and the
    hotel manager somehow knows you have his key and runs all the way to his
    office. While Tommy talking, you can quickly get out of the room and pass the
    receptionist by climbing the table behind him then moves above his head and get
    back to the main lobby (sometimes you need to jump or roll few times). By that
    time the hotel manager should have run to his office, but nobody else moves and
    only the manager knows you're a threat. It gives you enough time to chase the
    hotel manager up the stairs.
    2.Big Monster Face
    There's a big bad monster face in Free Ride Extreme. Go to North East of
    Hoboken, near the end of railway track. Look at the cliff, a big monster face.
    It was made from rock and its mouth open. There is a big empty room inside
    (made from rock) and to the left side (on the inner part) there's a small
    passageway that leads to a non-textured door connected to the railway. However,
    the door is locked. You can get in to it by using a truck and drive backward
    fast right onto the grass hill so it'll jump to the hill. Then, park the truck
    near the monster's face so you can jump to the topside of the truck and jump to
    inside the cave. Obliviously, there's nothing inside beside the door. This (the
    cave) is what some people said who believes there's a casino there. But don't
    believe them... :)
    *Here's how to get the door in the tunnel to open: In Free Ride Extreme start
    next to the tunnel beneath the cave (end of tracks South of Salieri's
    warehouse) facing back into town. Get onto the main road and turn South (left),
    take the second right, just before the parking sign on the map. A little way
    down on the right hand side is an Ironmonger's shop (just after intersection)
    set back off the road, get out and click on the door when you see the action
    button icon appear, nothing will happen. Go back and walk into the tunnel (park
    a car next to the bank, jump onto the bonnet then up the bank, lower yourself
    carefully down the wall inside the barriers and walk along the right hand wall
    until another action icon appears, click it and a hidden door will open leading
    into a tunnel which goes to the cave.
    3.Councilor's Room
    In the mission "Happy Birthday - At the Party" (the one on the boat), bide your
    time until the councilor's speech. Watch and listen to the speech. You'll have
    noticed that throughout the whole of this level, the councilor's room is
    locked. Wait for him to finish his speech, and follow right behind him, back to
    his room. He'll open the door and while it's open, you can get inside. As soon
    as you get in, the guards will turn on you, but it's interesting to see what's
    inside his room.
    4.Haunted Hotel
    On "The Whore - Rooftops" mission, go upstairs the way you usually do to
    escape. This time however go left, onto the other roof. Then go to the left
    side of that roof and jump onto the next roof in front of it. You should be
    back in the Corleone Hotel, but something has gone very wrong...
    5.Hole on the Rock
    Behind the small building at South East of Down Town (where Paulie's Thompson
    jammed) there are rocks near the beach below. Go to the rock on the left side
    by jumping over the fence. Then, keep going until you reach some untextured and
    invisible objects. You will eventually see hole among the rocks and if you walk
    to it you will fall to a place without ground and the game will over.
    6.Morello's Bar Parking
    In Free Ride go to Morello's bar at New Ark and go around the back where you
    sneak in on the mission "Molotov Party". The door should be closed but walk in,
    you should be able to go through it. This also works on the gate where you
    knock the guy out (not the one in black suit) in the same mission.
    7.Under the Bridge
    During any mode in Mafia, there's a secret place under the Giuliano Bridge on
    the Central Island side. Just before you cross the bridge on Central Island,
    there's a small passage way between the bridge fence (with red color) and the
    big sidewalk on the right. Walk trough that passage way but be careful not to
    pass the fence because it's not solid if you're on that small passage way but
    it becomes solid after you pass that. After walking for a while, you should see
    some small buildings (like warehouse) below. You can try to jump there but make
    sure Tommy has at least 95 health because after Tommy reaches the ground, he
    will lose almost all his health. The buildings below there are not solid, and
    at certain places you will fall to the hole and cause the game over.
    8.Wire Area
    There are some wire areas in Mafia, but this one is a bit different. It's
    located at Hoboken, right next to Market Ave train station. It has "Used Car
    For Sale" sign on its wire. You may think you can't enter it since it's
    surrounded by wires and wall on the other side, but you can! From Market Ave
    station go to the other side of that wire place (turn left on intersection)
    then go near the end of the wire and you should be able to go trough it. That's
    the only non solid wires there. This place is good if you want to hide from
    gangster or police, or if you want to have fun with them :)
    Actually this is not a weapon, but you can get this from a toilet at the bottom
    level of the steamboat in Happy Birthday mission. Grab the bucket and punch
    someone, you'll see that Tommy also uses the bucket to hit. This bucket is in
    fact use to clean the toilet with "Skipper Has Key" message, where the revolver
    hidden. You can also grab bucket from Vincenzo's gun room at certain mission.
    2.Drive-by 1
    In the mission "Just for Relaxation", lure the people that are chasing you back
    to the trap that Paulie and Sam have prepared. After you've dealt with them,
    Paulie says you should drive the truck with the cigars on the back to Salieri's
    warehouse, but ignore this. Instead, follow Sam and watch him get in his car,
    parked just a bit further down the alleyway and get in the passenger side. Sam
    will now drive back to Salieri's warehouse at a moderate speed and you can now
    shoot people or anything else with any of your weapons (see HEAVY WEAPONS).
    It's drive-by time :D
    3.Drive-by 2
    Similar type of trick in Drive-by 1, but this one's harder to pull off. In the
    mission "A Great Deal! - Car Chase" (It's the one set just outside the car park
    with the rival gang chasing you), you can get in Sam's Car and shoot from the
    passenger window. Simply drive the truck you start in a few meters and block
    Sam's way, get out then finish off the enemy gangsters. After that, get back to
    the truck and move it just for few inches then quickly rush over to Sam's car.
    With luck he'll still be stationary and you can get in the passenger side. This
    time, he drives over to the Works Quarter, so you've got a lot more time to do
    drive-by shootings. And if you're so lucky, Paulie should get in to the Sam's
    car too and by the time you arrive at the warehouse (with Paulie) the mission
    is complete :)
    4.Faster Reload
    If you perform a sideroll when you're reloading your gun, you will notice that
    you have full ammo again and ready to shoot anything. If you happened to be
    shot when reloading, you will have full ammo too.
    5.Heavy Weapons in Car
    You may have notice it from "Creme De La Creme" mission during the chase at the
    airport. Yes, you can use Thompson to shoot everything outside the car. Not
    only Thompson, you can also use heavy weapons like Shotgun and Saw-Off. You can
    do this if you are not sit on the driver seat, because on driver seat you can
    only use small guns. After you sit on the car seat, then left-click and Tommy
    will takes his weapon and you can shoot everything outside the car.
    6.Knife in the Hotel
    You can find knife in the hotel in the mission "The Whore - Hotel Corleone". As
    you may know the knife is capable of silently eliminating enemies with one full
    powered stab to the back just as the bat is effective with full powered hit to
    the head. In Hotel Corleone there is a knife on the second floor. Once the
    mission start, enter Hotel Corleone, choose the right door from the lobby to
    the hall, go left to the first and only door on the left hand side of that
    short hallway, go up the fire escape stairs until you reach the first exit door
    you find, which is located in the second floor. Open that door and there should
    be another door directly in front of you, open it to enter the room and on the
    near right corner night table there is a knife. With this, you can kill the
    hotel manager and the receptionist without getting attention from the guards!
    Try to stab the hotel manager right behind him, he will dead, but the person
    he's talking to won't panic! After you kill the manager, kill the receptionist
    (this is to avoid making the manager panic and runs) with the knife and none of
    the guards near the front door will notice! The mission should be a lot easier
    and you don't need to waste your ammo.
    7.Steel Bar
    You can get this weapon in Bon Appetit mission where you have to knock out
    Carlo, Salieri's bodyguard. There should be a guy in blue cloth chasing you
    when along with two other guys when you are at the backyard, kill the guy in
    blue cloth and take his weapon and you should have a Steel Bar now. Steel Bar
    can also be found in "The Running Man - Coffee Break" mission. Just at the
    first alley, you should see a man trying to open the door. Instead of escape,
    kill the man and you'll get Steel Bar.
    8.Tweaked Saw-Off
    Try to avoid anyone (like gangster) who carry saw-off shotgun; their saw-off
    was tweaked to fire about 8 rounds at the same time and it will be a big
    problem if you're heading with them face to face.
    9.Wooden Plank
    Wooden plank can be used as a weapon in the mission "Sarah - Surprise" (its
    leaned up against a wall), but you can also use it in "Better Get Used To It:
    Chase" mission. You'll have to drive down a steep hill leading down from China
    Town and across a small park. Next to the park there's been a crash and there's
    man and a woman there discussing the crash. Those who've done the mission will
    know that you have to fit through the tiniest of gaps there in order to chase
    the swines. Well, instead of chasing the swines, get out of your car next to
    the truck driver who had a crash (there should be pieces of wood everywhere and
    he's scratching the back of his head as he talks). Run up and punch him so he
    will takes a wooden plank to try beat you to death with it! Kill him (Paulie's
    with you, so it should be easier) and take the plank. Now you can wander the
    streets for about 2 or 3 minutes just beating people up with the plank!
    In Free Ride Extreme there's one mission where you have to rescue a woman
    before a monster eat her. Get this mission from the guy at China Town (near the
    main park at the corner). It's suggested that you use fast car like Lassiter
    (or any other unlocked Free Ride Extreme car) to get to the location objective
    immediately at Down Town, where Paulie's Thompson is jammed when he tried to
    kill Sergio. There, off the beach downstairs is a "Censor!" plank (covering the
    woman if you're doing the mission). You may think she's naked ;P but once you
    have freed her, you'll see she still clothed.
    2.Cops at the Airport
    During the mission "Omerta - Airport", where you have to find Frank's family
    for him, next to the family is a guy on a telephone, who's ringing the cops. If
    you let him speak, cops will eventually arrive at the front gate of the
    airport. However, if you kill him before he has a chance to finish his phone
    call, then no cops will arrive. But if you go around the airport (turn left
    from front gate) and watch carefully, the cops are actually waiting inside
    their car on the road just outside the airport...
    3.Drink Wine
    You can drink wine but only in "Happy Birthday" mission (on ship). Go to ship's
    bar, it's in front of you right after the mission begins. Go to corner left of
    the bar, there's a glass almost full with wine. Click action button and you'll
    drink! After you drink for few times, Tommy should says "There isn't time for
    that". Now walk out of the room, after moment, you'll see that the screen
    becoming weird and moves, it's the effect from that wine. But sometimes you can
    even drink it many times by clicking it over and over again ;)
    4.Fail Murder Attempt
    During the mission "You Lucky Bastard", Salieri's hitmen is wait for Morello to
    come and push him onto the railway track in order to kill him. But instead, the
    Morello has managed to escape and the hitmen getting themselves pushed (by
    train) and killed. The exact same thing happens in Lethal Weapon 4 movie. In
    the movie it also ends up with the pushers (mobsters) getting "pushed".
    5.Falling Bucket
    Just at the beginning of "The Priest - Surprise" mission (the one in the
    church) turn yourself around and you should see a bucket hanging on the air.
    Shoot the bucket and it will falls. Now look below to where the bucket falls,
    there's a man fixing a mailbox and the bucket will hit and knock him out! Try
    to restart that but this time make sure the bucket doesn't hit the man, and see
    the man below. Although the bucket didn't hit him, he will still be knocked
    a.Other people
    It's hard to spot. After you shoot or make chaos, the people will be scare,
    some of them will run for their lives and some will lying the ground. If you're
    lucky, you will see one of the persons that lying on the ground is actually not
    on the ground. The person flies! Yea, you can see there's space between his/her
    shadow and him/her. Shoot or punch him, now you will see that person standing
    but flies...
    This one is easier to do and see rather than the first one with other people.
    First you must find any cop then make your wanted level to arrest, which will
    appear as "handcuff". Then approach the cop, when you are about 4 feet to the
    cop, jump toward the cop. You'll be arrested...but fly! :D
    In the mission: "Better Get Used To It", "Election Campaign", and "Just For
    Relaxation" when you're in Salieri Bar you can listen a music if you turn on
    the gramophone, except in "Election Campaign" where Salieri turns it on himself.
    8.Invisible Chair
    In the mission "Happy Birthday - At the Party" (on the boat) when the councilor
    is giving the speech, you can go up to one of the men in the front row of
    people listening to the speech and talk to him. He will now sit down on a chair
    but the chair is invisible.
    9.Invisible Walls
    There are a lot of invisible walls in the game. One of them located at the end
    of the road that leads to Racing Circuit. Go there then try shooting the
    tunnel. You'll see that you don't shoot the tunnel but you shoot something
    invisible, it is invisible wall. There also invisible walls in the top of the
    Church in "The Priest - Surprise" mission, numerous roadblocks, countryside and
    other buildings aswell. These prevent you to go to certain places.
    In Free Ride Extreme, you can get a hint by going to the lighthouse, this is an
    idea taken from the classic game Myst. In that game you also had to go to the
    lighthouse on the island to complete puzzles.
    11.London, Midland & Scottish (LMS)
    Anytime you go to the harbor to complete objective in mission like "Just for
    Relaxation" or "You Lucky Bastard!", you will invariably notice a steam train
    on the railway track if you turn right after port's main entrance. That steam
    engine has LMS on the side. The LMS in the 1930's was actually one of the
    largest British railway companies.
    As the mission begins in "The Death Of Art - Paulie's Flat", look at the small
    flower painting just exactly in the same small room near Paulie. Shoot it and
    look what happens; it turns into a bigger painting...
    When you bring Paulie and Sam to collect the protection money in "Ordinary
    Routine - After The Briefing", right when Paulie exits the car to enter Pompeii
    Bar. Drive and park the car far enough from Pompeii Bar then exit the car and
    wait near Pompeii Bar. Once Paulie exits from the bar, he will complain "These
    are brand-new shoes, you think I'm gonna walk over there?" and sometimes Paulie
    will stand (on sleeping position) and stuck onto the sidewalk!
    14.Strange Dead
    It's hard to find and see, and you often find it by luck. If you kill any
    person in Mafia (which standing) they will fall to the ground then die. But
    this time, after you kill a person, the person will remains stand. You may
    think the person is stills alive, but try to punch or shoot that person,
    missed! Try to walk trough the character. Result? You really walked trough that
    person! This person was really dead, but remains standing like a ghost...so
    watch out! :)
    15.The Objective
    In some of the cut scenes, if you press F1 you will see the objectives! Like in
    the mission "Ordinary Routine - Clark's Motel" and "The Death Of Art - Sam".
    This way, you know what your task is earlier.
    Tram (trolley) driver can be shot. When you kill one, the tram instantly stops.
    Then, if you wait, you'll see the following trams waiting on the railway,
    because they can't get too close to each other. Trams stopped this way can be
    useful to block crossroads since nothing can move them. One funny thing to do
    with a stopped tram is to throw a grenade in it. All the windows will burst
    with a strange noise, and all the people sit in it will stay normal during one
    second, and then all slowly collapse together, the effect is terrific...
    17.Unchanged Face
    It's very easy to see. Just find a civilian and then look his/her face. After
    that, kill that person so he/she'll lies. Look again his/her face; you'll see
    that it doesn't change. Do it to people that smile, they will keeps smiling...
    At "Ordinary Routine - Clark's Motel" mission just after you enter the building
    from backyard, go to the main floor of the building and straight of the stairs
    is a toilet. You should kill all enemies first, so it will be easier. Open the
    toilet door, turn left, and open another door (it's man restroom). And go to
    the toilet that's flooded with water and click the action button. Tommy will
    start does it. It also looks more funny if Tommy holding a gun like Magnum :D
    b.Other Person
    At the second alley in "The Running Man - Coffee Break" mission where you see a
    car exiting the alley, you should see a man urinating at the corner. Punch or
    make him scare (he will scare if he hears gunshot) and he will runs but he
    keeps doing that, dirty...
    19.Walk Trough Objects
    There are some events where enemy or friendly vehicles able to walk trough
    objects. That's right! They can walk trough car, barricade, or any other
    objects in the game. For example, at "A Great Deal! - The Parking Lot" mission,
    try to steal some cars at the top floor and block the way from lower floor to
    the top floor (where you meet guys who sell whiskey). After that go meet the
    guys and watch the cut scene. Notice that during the cut scene the enemy cars
    are walking trough the cars you have positioned! Tommy can also walk trough
    some objects that's not solid.
    20.Weird Voice
    When you're going around the bridge that's connecting Central Island and Down
    Town (the smaller bridge), which can automatically open and close. You may
    notice the small bridge building connecting two large similiar buildings. Shoot
    that bridge and you should hear a weird voice...
    I'm sure you already know it. But if you don't know, I'll tell you how to
    whistle. All you need to do are simply stand or walk in foot (not in car or any
    transportation) then press "K" button (default key for car's horn). After that,
    Tommy should whistle, but I haven't figured out what's whistle for.
    To be honest, most of this FAQ were never asked to me but I saw and read many
    people asking about few questions in this FAQ so I decided to put them here to
    Q: Why did one or some of these easter eggs doesn't work for me?
    A: It probably because you don't did it right, or maybe because it's hard to
    find (like Fly easter egg), or you have a different version of the game, or
    probably your game is better :)
    Q: I found the others Silver Fletcher in different mission/place!
    A: Yes, in certain missions you'll find Silver Fletcher driven by normal road
    Q: I never succeed to do "Gangsters and Car" trick, how can I do it?
    A: You must quickly get in to gangster's car as soon as they exit their car,
    then run away before they get Tommy out of the car or kill Tommy. But make sure
    your abandoned car is close enough to the gangsters.
    Q: I did jump when the police approached me, but Tommy wasn't fly!
    A: Like I said above you must close enough to the police (like 4 feet) run then
    jump toward to the police so when you aren't on ground an arrest scene will
    appear and you'll see that both Tommy and the police fly (Notice that there is
    gap between their bodies and shadows).
    Q: You said that I can use heavy weapons in the car, but Tommy didn't even take
    his weapon! What's wrong?
    A: You must make sure you aren't on driver seat. Also, there are two weapons
    that won't work with the trick: Mosi Nagant and US Army Rifle.
    Q: Where can I find Yellow Pete's gun shop?
    A: You will eventually know this after you tried mission 19 "The Moonlighting".
    Yellow Pete's gun shop is located at Hoboken, near the large construction
    sites. There's a road with dead end there if you see the map. Search for a
    small parking lot and there'll be building with "Twister" banner. Besides the
    building there's a steel door, open it and enter the building. You're now in
    Yellow Pete's gun shop.
    Q: Are there some alternate endings for certain missions beside "Creme De La
    A: In "Better Get Used To It: Chase" mission you will get different ending
    background if you stop the gang leaders before they reach their destination
    (where they get injuries and their car damaged) by either make them stuck, get
    them out of the car, or take them down. I am not quite sure if there are also
    some alternate endings in other missions since I haven't seen them. But you can
    search for them and let me know.
    Q: I know what's whistle for! You can stop taxi or tram when doing it!
    A: Whistle doesn't stop taxi or tram. Even if you whistle like twenty times,
    neither taxi nor tram. Perhaps you saw them stop where they're supposed to
    stop, like the tram where it has certain stop points around the city, or taxi
    that got stuck on traffic jam.
    Q: I've heard that there is a casino in this game, where can I find it?
    A: To be honest, there are NO CASINO in this game. Not even inside the
    monster's mouth. It is a rumour that spread from an old text-based "Mafia game"
    which some people don't understand, then they think that casino is exist in
    this game. I've also seen the picture of Tommy in what appear to be a casino
    with money on upper right of the screen (which shows it's in Free Ride), but it
    just another hoax to fool people. If someone told you about casino in this
    game, then don't believe them...
    Q: How do I finish the racing mission or Sergio mission (or any other missions
    in the game)?
    A: Well, it seems you're asking the wrong guy. I'm not a walkthrough specialist
    or made any Mafia game walkthrough; only Easter Eggs. However, I may answer
    this question if I have extra time...
    Q: Are there more easter eggs like this?
    A: I believe there are some more easter eggs like this, I'll update it when I
    Q: What's "spoiler"?
    A: Spoiler is when you tell someone what is going to happen in a game or movie
    or anything else but you could not even notice it and then...YOU'VE ruined a
    part or fun for some people because they know it earlier even if they don't
    want to.
    Q: I don't understand what you're talking about!
    A: Err...I'm not an English (language) professional and I believe you aren't
    too... :)
    4. CREDITS
    All sites who have hosted my file and help me:
    ActionTrip       ->www.actiontrip.com
    DLH.net          ->http://dlh.net
    GameFAQs         ->www.gamefaqs.com
    GameGuru         ->www.ggmania.com
    Lost Heaven      ->http://lostheaven.co.uk
    Mafia-Town.com   ->www.mafia-town.com
    MafiaMatch       ->www.mafiamatch.com
    Mafiaworld.co.uk ->www.mafiaworld.co.uk
    >>>Thanks a lot for the help!
    Angel- Thanks for Burned People easter egg!
    Ashkan- Thanks for the Wire Area!
    Aussie Muscle- Thanks for Stupid Gangsters easter egg!
    bilciu- Thanks for reminding of Silver Fletcher!
    Bon Bon Bon- Thanks for the Paulie easter egg!
    Brandon- Thanks for Man on the Boat easter egg!
    Christopher- Thanks for Invisible Chair and bar easter egg!
    ColombianViolin- Thanks for Knife in the Hotel!
    C06alt- Thanks for unlocking special cars and Free Ride mode trick!
    DNA Sniper- Thanks for him, I've gotten inspirations from him :D
    E Blackadder - Thanks for the Receptionist trick!
    Eric - Thanks for Kinetic power and Tram easter egg!
    Grissle - Thanks for the Objective easter egg!
    Harley - Thanks for the LMS!
    Julian - Thanks for the Shoe easter egg!
    K.C Nash- Thanks for the Drink trick!
    Kermis- Thanks for the Painting easter egg!
    Kevin- Thanks for Bolt Truck parked car, Bar and Peppone easter egg!
    Laurens- Thanks for Lighthouse and Yellow Pete easter egg!
    markpregen- Thanks for the Suicidal Man!
    Mike Smith- Thanks for Urinating (gun) trick!
    Nicolai Vorobjov- Thanks for the Haunted Hotel easter egg!
    Olive- Thanks for the Appolyon car, police, and Urinating trick!
    Plants- Thanks for a lot of easter eggs!
    prova10- Thanks for Paulie and Sam easter egg and unlocking tunnel door trick!
    r0xjo0- Thanks for the Race Cheat!
    Sandro- Thanks for unlocking tunnel door trick!
    Seth- Thanks for the Sergio Morello's train scene!
    SIWY- Thanks for Gramophone easter egg!
    Soviet- Thanks for him, he gave me a lot of tricks!
    Stefan & friend- Thanks for Morello's Alternate End!
    Sunil Cyriac- Thanks for the Censor easter egg!
    Thomas- Thanks for telling location mistake!
    GodGames- Thanks for creating a wonderful game!
    Joker- Thanks to add this file to MafiaMatch!
    Gangsta- Thanks for allowing me to join his forum!
    You- Thank you for reading this!
    Thanks again for you and everyone who had helped me! I also apologize if I've
    made any mistakes. Please don't send me e-mail in any languages beside English
    or I won't respond since I'm not understand. You can contact me by e-mail at
    my forum at http://emerald.bbboy.net/undergroundsfunsite
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