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    FAQ/Walkthrough by btaylorstl

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    MMMMM	      MMMMM    AAAA	AAAA	FFFF	     IIIII    AAAA       AAAA	
    MMMMM         MMMMM    AAAA	AAAA	FFFF         IIIII    AAAA       AAAA
    			   Illusion Softworks, 2002
    Unofficial FAQ, v 1.0 by Brian Taylor. Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.
    This FAQ was proudly composed using Notepad, the closest to bug-free software
    that Microsoft has ever produced.
    v 1.0
    23 November 2002 - Inception of FAQ, composed ugly ASCII title art.
    		   Wrote Table of Contents and the Disclaimer.
    		   Wrote the Introduction.
    		   Drank a little bit too much beer.
    24 November 2002 - Wrote the General Game Notes/Hints section.
    		   Started the Walkthrough (Missions 1-4).
    27 August 2003 - Resumed work on the FAQ. Completed nearly 50% of the
    		 Walkthrough. First submission to GameFAQs.
    I.   Disclaimer
    II.  Introduction
    III. General Game Notes/Hints
         A. Game Description
         B. Basic controls
         C. General Strategies
         D. Game Structure
    IV.  Walkthrough/Mission Strategies
         A. 1930
    	01 - An Offer You Can't Refuse
            02 - Running Man
            03 - Molotov Party
            04 - Ordinary Routine
         B. 1932
            05 - Fairplay
            06 - Fairplay (The Race)
            07 - Sarah
                 Better Get Used To It
            08 - The Whore
                 The Priest
         C. 1933
            09 - A Trip To The Country
            10 - Omerta
            11 - Visiting Rich People
            12 - A Great Deal!
         D. 1935
    	13 - Bon Appetit!
    	14 - Happy Birthday!
            15 - You Lucky Bastard!
    	16 - Creme de la Creme
         E. 1938
    	17 - Election Campaign
    	18 - Just For Relaxation
    	19 - Moonlighting
    	20 - The Death of Art
    V. Extra Game Modes
         A. Free Ride
         B. Free Ride Extreme
    VI. Story Summary
    VII. Coming Soon
    VIII. Acknowledgements
    I. Disclaimer
    We've all been through this before, but it's kind of like the Miranda warning
    so I'm going to blather it all again...this FAQ is solely the work of myself,
    Brian J. Taylor, and it may not be reproduced, sold, stolen, plagiarized, or
    in any way used in a fashion other than your own personal use. If you want to
    use any part of this guide, you must request written permission, which will
    be granted at my discretion. The only authorized poster of this FAQ at the
    moment is www.gamefaqs.com, and it may not be placed anywhere else on the
    Internet without my express written permission. I realize that there is
    a significant amount of gray area with regard to Internet communication, so at
    the very least, please use common sense and respect the work of others. If
    I've forgotten anything, I'm fairly certain it's covered under the Copyright
    Act, so I don't feel too bad about it.
    Now that that's out of the way, on to the FAQ!
    II. Introduction
    Thank you for reading my FAQ on Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. I suppose I'll
    take the opportunity to tell you a little about myself and why I chose to 
    write this FAQ, so bear with me or just scroll down for the goods.
    Mafia was released in late August of 2002 with very little fanfare or media
    hype. I am an avid gamer, and I had not heard word one about the game until I
    happened to stumble across a glowing review of it on GameSpot. Ever since the
    day I bought it I've been hooked on the addictive gameplay, sweeping scale, 
    and majestic story of this phenomenal title.
    I had played through the game in about a week, and put it aside for a while,
    but like most great games, I couldn't stay away for long. I recently completed
    it for the second time straight through, and I thought it would be nice to 
    write a FAQ for this game as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of all
    the people involved in creating it. I also want to make sure that anyone
    who plays Mafia is not deterred by its occasionally high difficulty level, so
    that they will be able to experience the game and its storyline in its 
    This is the first FAQ I've written but I've read enough to know how they work,
    and I've written enough papers to be fairly confident in my ability to write
    clearly and concisely.
    The personal scoop: I am a 21-year old college senior who is working
    on finishing up a degree in computer science, and my dream job would be to work
    with people like Illusion and write quality entertainment software. That's 
    a ways off, however; at this point I'm just enjoying the college life and my
    fraternity (Phi Sigma Kappa).
    I do happen to have somewhat of a background in the video game journalism
    industry. If any of you happen to remember Scott McCall's N64HQ site, which
    was getting more hits than IGN before it shut down...well, I have the
    glorious distinction of being the last writer hired there before it was closed
    down. Just a bit of little known trivia that I thought I'd throw in. (Also so
    you don't think I'm just a complete crackpot who knows nothing about the game
    about which I'm writing.)
    Now that we've been introduced and you know why I wrote this thing, please
    enjoy reading it. I hope it aids you in your quest through this unheralded
    yet fantastic game.
    III. General Game Notes/Hints
    A. Game Description
    Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is a single-player, 3rd-person shooting/driving
    game set in the fictional city called (you guessed it) Lost Heaven in the
    1930's. The story is told from the perspective of a high-ranking member of the
    Salieri family of organized crime, in what contemporary lore loves to call the
    Mafia. The story uses a Spielberg-esque framing sequence in which the
    introduction shows Tommy talking to a member of the Lost Heaven police force
    because he wants to cut a deal for immunity. The game is presented in the form
    of flashbacks of TOmmy's rise in the Salieri family, starting in 1930 and
    culminating in 1938, the year in which the introduction takes place. This 
    story scheme is quite effective for a story of this nature, particularly
    because it allows for the conclusion to chart territory not yet covered by the
    flashback. You'll have to see it yourself to believe it.
    The game is geared more toward the 3rd-person action shooting sequences, with
    occasional car chases and escape sequences; however, you will spend a
    significant amount of time travelling around the city by car to get to your
    various destinations. Some feel that this element of the game is a bit
    excessive, but I disagree; it is a lot of fun driving around town and the
    sense of anticipation for the missions ahead is heightened with this approach.
    You also are forced to fully absorb your surroundings and it creates an 
    atmosphere that Lost Heaven is a real place that could have existed in the
    eastern United States in the 1930's. Anyone who considers the excessive driving
    a flaw, however, will be assuaged by the save structure of the game, which I
    will discuss later, that basically eliminates this "problem" upon replay of the
    The beauty of the game's engine is that it flawlessly allows the 3rd-person
    perspective to play with the precision of a 1st-person shooter. You are
    continually aware that you are controlling Tommy, because you see him, yet
    he is not intrusive to your view in any way. The way the developers handle 
    the perspective changes is subtle but beautiful when you realize that you get
    the best of both worlds (in seeing the character yet playing like a first
    person shooter simultaneously.)
    Hopefully this description will give those who haven't played or heard of the
    game a solid understanding of what it's all about. It is mostly linear (with
    a few notable exceptions) and heavily story-driven, and a highly satisfying
    gaming experience. 
    B. Characters
    In the course of playing the game you will meet many different characters
    that play an integral role in Tommy's rise and fall in the Salieri family.
    This is a brief list of the major players along with my own personal
    description of them.
    Tommy Angelo: The protagonist of the game, whom you control during the course
     	      of each mission. Tommy began as a cab driver, who due to 
    	      extenuating circumstances ended up having little option but to
    	      join the Mafia. He develops into a hardened killer, but has a
    	      human side that does not always befit a Mafia soldier...
    Don Salieri: The boss of the Salieri family, who is at odds with a former
                 ally of his, Sergio Morello, who heads up the other main 
    	     mob family in Lost Heaven. He is a no-nonsense guy, but 
    	     surprisingly warm-hearted at times for a Mafia boss. He
    	     is loyal to his soldiers and treats them well, and enjoys a
    	     fine cigar and whiskey between missions.
    Frank Colletti: Don Salieri's consigliere, who handles the legal side of 
    	        the business. Frank has been at Don Salieri's side for
                    years, and takes pride in his work. He will give you many of
                    your missions as well as some personal advice. Frank cares
                    about the people he works with and tends to worry about their
                    well-being and bad habits.
    Sam: One of Tommy's cohorts in crime, a good friend and a loyal partner. He
         is fiercely loyal to Don Salieri, and is a good man to have on your side
         in a firefight. He wields a Tommy gun like nobody's business.
    Paulie: Another of Tommy's cohorts. Paulie has a hot temper but becomes one of
            Tommy's best friend. Enjoys the company of beautiful women and several
            bottles of booze. While fleeing a gunfight with Sam, Paulie flagged down
            Tommy's cab one fateful night in 1930...
    Luigi: The bartender at Salieri's place of business, Salieri's Bar and
           Restaurant in Little Italy. As the Don says in the game, "This business
           can be tough to swallow, but Luigi's a terrific cook."
    Sarah: Luigi's daughter, who helps out at the bar on occasion and seems to have
           an eye for Tommy...
    Ralph: The family mechanic, is a wizard with cars but stutters incessantly,
           leading many of his cohorts to believe he is mentally retarded. Oh, the
           misconceptions of the 30's...at any rate, he maintains all of the cars
           that Tommy acquires through the course of the game and always seems to
           have a new model when you want to arrive at a mission in style.
    Vincenzo: The family weapons specialist, who always seems to have the right
    	  weapon for the job, whether it is the traditional Colt 1911 or the
    	  more flashy, stereotypical Thompson 1928, straight from the movies.
    	  When you feel more creative, Vincenzo often has Molotov cocktails
    	  and other explosives when the need arises.
    Detective Norman: The hardened veteran of the Lost Heaven Police Department to
    		  whom Tommy confides his life story in the hopes of making a
    		  deal. Norman has little sympathy for Tommy, yet seems a bit
    		  awed by what he has to say.
    Lucas Bertone: A friend of the Salieri family, also a mechanic located near the
    	       river on Central Island. During the game, Lucas will often give
    	       Tommy the scoop on where particular sports cars can be swiped, in
    	       exchange for a small service...
    Sergio Morello: Don Salieri's arch-nemesis and main competitor in Lost Heaven.
    		He rules his territory by fear and violence, while Don Salieri
    		is more tactful and selective in his approach. As Tommy becomes
    		embroiled in the Mafia life, Morello begins making a push for
    		complete control over the city's illicit activities...
    C. Weapons
    Tommy has a varied array of weapons to use during his missions; here is a
    sampling of the arsenal.
    Melee Weapons
    1. Fists - The last resort when you have no ammunition, but you will more than
    	   likely find good use for these at certain points in the game.
    2. Brass Knuckles - Adds an extra oomph to your punches.
    3. Crowbar - probably self-explanatory.
    4. Baseball Bat - You will find quite a few uses of this versatile weapon during
    		  the game; a fully-charged hit from behind will render an 
    		  enemy unconscious for a while.
    5. Knife - Slash your enemies to ribbon, but only use as a last resort.
    1. Colt 1911 - The most common, and probably most well-rounded pistol in the
    	       game. Amazingly accurate...
    2. Colt Detective Special - The police use these; not quite as accurate as the
    		            1911 but a solid weapon in a pinch (read: don't use
    			    unless you're out of ammo for everything else)
    3. S & W Magnum - Packs a powerful punch but not very accurate.
    4. S & W Model 10 - Decent weapon, but use the 1911 when you can.
    1. Sawed off shotgun - Limited in range, but will blow an enemy to bits.
    2. Pump action shotgun - Not as powerful as the sawed-off, but has the advantage
    			 of 6 rounds per load.
    1. Thompson 1928 - IMHO the best weapon in the game. Can spray lead at rates of
    		   600 rounds/second, but best used in short, accurate bursts.
    		   The clip holds 50 rounds, making it a great weapon when you
    		   don't have time to blink, much less reload...
    1. Springfield 1910 - A highly powerful, accurate rifle, but somewhat rare. You
    		      can buy it from Yellow Pete or find it in certain missions.
    		      Rest assured that you will be notified when you can get it.
    2. Sniper Rifle - This weapon is used only once in the story mode of the game.
    		  You can buy it from Yellow Pete and will be supplied with it
    		  in the Election Campaign mission. It is rather primitive and
    		  doesn't seem terribly accurate, partly due to its confusing
    		  scope view.
    I'm sure I've forgotten some, but you'll see them when you get them.
    D. Basic Controls
    I do not find it necessary nor even advisable to simply reprint the manual in
    a FAQ, but for those who may have misplaced their manual and want to know what
    the default controls are, here they are. Note that power users can (and probably
    would) change these controls to their liking in the Options menu.
    Controls on foot
    Move forward - Up arrow
    Move backwards - Down arrow
    Strafe left - Left arrow
    Strafe right - Right arrow
    Toggle run/walk - Caps Lock
    Walk - Left shift (hold down)
    Action Button - Right mouse button
    Fire - Left mouse button
    Crouch - Right Ctrl
    Jump/Climb - 0 on Num Pad
    Side roll - Double tap left or right arrow
    Aiming - Mouse Axis X/Y
    Cycle Weapons - Mouse wheel (Axis Z)
    Inventory - I
    Hide Weapon - H
    Drop Weapon - Backspace
    Reload - L
    Sniper Mode - S
    Objectives - F1
    City Map - TAB
    comments: I used the default control scheme throughout the game and had no
              real problems with it. It is perhaps difficult to walk with the Left
    	  Shift button, but you don't really need to walk very often anyway.
    	  The secondary mode is set to the traditional WASD combination if you
    	  prefer to use that, but that requires re-mapping more keys to fit it.
    	  When you get used to using the arrows, it's not a big deal at all.
    Controls in car
    Accelerate - Up arrow
    Brake - Down arrow
    Steer Left - Left arrow
    Steer Right - Right arrow
    Handbrake - Spacebar
    Toggle Manual/Automatic Gears - M
    Change Gears Up - A
    Change Gears Down - Z
    Honk Horn - K
    Look Left - ,
    Look Right - .
    Use Clutch - X
    Speed Limiter - F5
    Comments: While it is not impossible to drive the car with the keyboard, I
    	  believe it is much wiser to use a decent joystick/gamepad such as
    	  the Microsoft Sidewinder, as I did. I think this makes life much 
    	  easier in heated car chases or in the much-maligned racing sequence.
    Recommended Equipment
    In order to get the most out of your Mafia experience, I recommend that you
    have (along with a fast PC with a good video card and plenty of RAM) the
    1) A standard keyboard
    2) A Logitech or other quality optical mouse
    3) A Microsoft Sidewinder or Logitech Wingman RumblePad (for analog control
       and force feedback). The Logitech Wingman is a PS2-style controller and the
       force feedback is actually quite well done in Mafia. I recommend remapping
       the accelerator and brake to the top shoulder buttons, and setting any other
       desired functions to the face buttons. 
    E. General Strategies
    These are some useful tips that I believe will help people who are new to the
    game or this type of game in general. Mafia is a bit unique in many aspects,
    so I hope these will help you get comfortable with it at an early stage.
    These strategies assume that you have successfully completed the game's
    Tutorial. Play the tutorial to get acquainted with the basics; I will not be
    dwelling on all of the details provided in it.
    In the car
    1. First of all, make sure you are aware of how the radar and compass works.
       The compass does NOT point you in the direction you should turn, as quite
       a few people seem to expect. It merely gives you a constant update as to 
       what direction the given location is. To navigate the streets of Lost
       Heaven, press and hold the TAB key to view the map in-game. This will point
       you in the right direction. Follow the map to figure out the fastest way to
       arrive at your destination.
    2. The police will pull you over for many infractions, including speeding
       (driving over 40 mph), running red lights, crashing into other vehicles,
       hitting pedestrians and others. When you are in the middle of a mission, you
       do not want to be hassling with the police, so use the speed limiter in most
       situations. Even though this forces you to go slower, it saves time in the
       long run between paying fines or trying to shake the cops if they happen to
       be trying to arrest you (for more grievous violations).
    3. Obviously, use discretion when you break the law; check the radar and make
       sure there are no blue rectangles in your vicinity. They won't bust you for
       what they don't see, but it's amazing how quickly they can pop into sight
       when you're speeding 90 mph downhill after the bridge...
    4. When you are involved in a car chase, it is generally a better strategy to 
       force the other car off the road rather than attempt to shoot the
       passengers. It is simply too difficult to aim accurately while driving, and
       you risk getting into a severe accident which may cause you to lose your
       prey altogether. Just try to get the other car in a jam that the driver
       cannot get out of, then exit the vehicle and shoot then. It just works
       better, trust me.
    5. When you do not have a time limit, take the opportunity to explore the city
       and get familiar with the streets. If you pay close attention, you can
       actually learn to get around town without the in-game map, which is an
       immense help when speed is of the essence.
    On foot
    1. When you are walking/running around in the city, ALWAYS hide your weapon. If
       a cop even sees a weapon out for a split second they will be all over you
       and shooting to kill. You do not need this hassle unless the situation is
       drastic. Just hide your weapon...
    2. During firefights, the cardinal rule of thumb is to PLAY IT SLOW! Mafia is
       not a game that rewards brazen charges into impossible situations. You must
       learn to fight like you would in real life. Take cover, crouch to make your
       self a smaller target, and inch forward, checking all areas where enemies
       could be. Shoot enemies from a distance if you can, it makes it much less
       likely that they'll hit you.
    3. During missions, be aware of musical cues. You know you can let your guard 
       down a bit when the dramatic music stops, but always be prepared for a
       surprise attack.
    4. Always be crouching. There is no reason to shoot from a standing position
       unless you simply cannot hit your target otherwise. Standing gives enemies
       much more to shoot at and makes head shots more of a risk.
    5. Keep an eye on your ammo. There is nothing more dangerous than being in a 
       close-quarters firefight and having to reload while your enemy is unloading
       a full clip on you. Always be prepared. If you have 2 or 3 bullets left in
       a clip, it is usually better to reload and lose those bullets than risk
       having to reload in the middle of a fight, unless you are extremely low on
    6. Always collect the ammo that enemies drop. If you do this consistently, odds
       are you will never have many problems running out of ammo.
    7. Use the side roll to get across doorways/openings to decrease the odds of
       getting hit.
    8. Another crucial point is the fact that if you side roll while reloading,
       the process is not slowed at all. This is very helpful if you absolutely
       need to reload and you have no cover. You can often start the reload 
       animation, roll to the side, and be able to fire the instant you roll out
       of it. Very useful...
    9. You only have limited space in your hands and coat to hold weapons. You 
       must be aware of what you're dropping in this situation, because the game
       will do it automatically. For example, if you're relying on your Tommy gun
       with 200 rounds left, and you happen to pick up a shotgun with 3 rounds in
       it, you could be screwed later if you're looking for it and it's not there.
       Be careful...
    10. Keep an eye out for medical kits (small yellow cabinets mounted on walls).
        These can be life-savers in tough missions.
    11. When trading lead with enemies, try to count their shots. If you give them
        a tiny target to shoot at, they'll likely unload their whole clip at you
        and be forced to reload. When they do, pop out and waste the defenseless
        suckers. Get accustomed to this because it is possibly the single most
        useful combat strategy in the game.
    11. One more reminder...PLAY IT SLOW and TAKE COVER and with patience you'll
        beat any mission in the game. Whenever you need to be fast, I'll make sure
        I'll explicitly tell you. But use common sense: if you need to clear out
        an area before one of your partners (who has 9 health) dies, you need to
        speed things up so you don't fail the mission.
    The cops can be a severe nuisance in the game, particularly when you're trying
    to complete a mission, so here's the lowdown on how to get them off your case.
    1. If you are speeding and you see a notepad icon on the top of the screen,
       you are being cited for a fine. If you hear a whistle, then a beat cop
       walking the street called it on you and you can just keep going because
       he'll never catch you. If a squad car's sirens come on, you must be more
       careful about trying to outrun them because if you stay in their sights
       long enough, they'll call a full-scale alarm on you and you will have to
       lose your wanted level.
    2. If you are wanted, you must lay low for a while to get rid of them. First
       of all, if you are in a car, get out of it. Then run around corners until
       the icon is slightly transparent (this means they can't see you right now).
       Quickly steal another car. This will confuse the cops (indicated by the
       picture of a cop with question marks above his head) and they won't 
       recognize you. This is probably the best strategy to shake the cops.
    3. If you are in an area with an enclosed alley, you can try to hide in it,
       but if you are spotted, you'll have to start all over with a maximum
       wanted rating. Your mileage may vary with this strategy.
    4. As a last resort, if all else fails and you don't have a city-wide
       wanted bar, you might be able to get away with killing the cops that are
       after you. If you can off them before they can get the alarm off, you'll
       be walking away scot-free.
    F. Game Structure
    Before we launch into the full game walkthrough, I want to describe the game's
    structure so you have some idea of what to expect. While there is a
    considerable amount of creativity in the way that Illusion Software designed
    the missions, there are still threads of commonalities through the course of
    the game.
    Most missions (after the first two chapters) begin with a briefing of sorts
    at Salieri's bar. This is generally a cutscene in which Salieri or Frank
    details the plan for the mission. Then you often will have to acquire a car
    from Ralph and/or weapons from Vincenzo before you take to the streets. Then
    you generally must drive (often all the way across town) to the location 
    where the mission takes place. Then you carry out the mission, often in
    several stages that will take you to many different parts of town, then you
    must drive back to Salieri's bar to end the mission. 
    The argument can be made that some of the driving required is excessive, but
    as I hinted at above, I believe it more fully immerses you in the life of a
    Mafioso. This is just a brief taste of the monotony that goes along with the
    job. As Paulie says in a mission, "Nothing happens for a few months, and then
    boom, some action!" This approach also sets up the Lucas Bertone sidequests
    (which will be discussed in detail in the walkthrough), which allow you to
    do the sidequests between missions in a logical manner. The Lucas Bertone
    missions give you access to some of the sweetest cars in the game.
    The beauty of it all is the game's save structure. While you cannot save at
    any point during a mission (a wise approach, I believe), you are given
    several save points during each mission at logical break points. You will
    get anywhere from 3 to 12 save points per mission, and if you do all of the
    sidequests, you will have 112 save points when you complete the game. This
    allows you to replay your favorite parts of the game at the click of a mouse,
    which enormously adds to its replay value.
    With all the preliminaries out of the way, it's on the fun stuff...the
    IV. Walkthrough
    A few notes before I begin: I will try to avoid putting too many spoilers in
    these mission strategies, but the approach I am taking is that if you're
    reading a guide, you are in effect spoiling the satisfaction of figuring it
    out for yourself to begin with, so a few spoilers are unavoidable. I will
    provide story points inside of the mission descriptions to improve clarity
    and distinguish this FAQ from the others out there. It's simply the approach
    I'm taking. If you don't like it, there are other FAQ's you can read, and my
    feelings won't be hurt. I just believe that the story is an integral part of
    the game and describing the missions without describing the plot in which they
    take place would simply make for an incomplete guide. Long story short: don't
    read ahead unless you want to ruin the game for yourself!
    PART ONE - 1930
    01 - An Offer You Can't Refuse
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Characters: Tommy, Paulie, Sam
    Objective: Lose the tail and get Paulie and Sam to the Salieri Bar.
    Background: Tommy is on his break from his work as a cab driver when
    	    two cars scream down the street firing weapons at each
     	    other. One of the cars crashes, and the two occupants
    	    point a gun at Tommy and order him to lose the tail.
    This mission is not exactly a definitive one for a learning curve. You are
    quickly thrust into the action with an aggressive enemy car chasing you,
    firing at you, and trying to force yourself of the road. Your first task is
    to lose them, which is easier said than done. This can be a tough mission
    until you realize one key point; the enemy car will always attempt to approach
    from the left (probably because the gun-toting passengers inside it are on
    the passenger side). At any rate, use this against them by getting up some
    speed and inch over to the left side of the road and try to get them to run
    into light poles or other vehicles. If you are going fast enough, you should
    be able to get enough speed to lose them. Keep making turns and go as fast
    as you can. It may take a while to finally get rid of them, but when you do,
    your only remaining task is to return your criminal passengers to the Salieri
    bar in Little Italy. Use the map to find it (the best way is to take the 
    Guiliani bridge and then the tunnel). Once your passengers are safe, you have
    completed the mission.
    Warning: If you take too long to shake the enemy car or get lost trying to
    find the bar, you might run out of gas and fail the mission. If your gas
    light is blinking, try to get to the gas station a couple blocks away from
    the bar and fill up before returning your passengers.
    Postscript: After dropping off the passengers, Sam approaches Tommy's car and
    	    gives him an envelope of cash to pay for his services and repairs
    	    to his cab. He also hints that there may be work for a driver like
    	    Tommy in the Salieri organization. Upon returning home, Tommy is 
                amazed by the amount of money he received, but decides it's not
    	    worth the risk to join up and wants to go back to his job and
    	    forget the whole incident.
    02 - Running Man
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Characters: Tommy, Morello henchmen
    Objective: Take 5 passengers to their destination, then escape to
               the Salieri Bar.
    Background: Tommy heads back to the grindstone the next day, taking
    	    passengers to their destinations for fares.
    The first segment of this mission is very straightforward: you must deliver
    a series of passengers to the destinations they desire. This mission is
    rather monotonous at first, but it is easy and helps you get a feel for the
    lay of the land. It is also necessary both to establish Tommy's previous
    job as a taxi driver as well as show how he ended up joining the Mafia. So
    don't complain...
    The first passenger wants to go to the Church in Downtown. Just turn around
    and head across the bridge. Follow the map and go to the X. It's just that
    simple. The second passenger asks you to take him to the Hospital in New
    Ark. Same deal. The third passenger wants to go to the Theater in Central
    Island. This time take the Giuliano bridge to get there in the allotted time.
    The fourth wants to go to the Pompeii Bar in Hoboken. Pretty straightforward.
    The final passenger needs to get to the Department Store car lot in Little
    Italy (conveniently where Salieri's Bar is located). You should take the
    Giuliano Bridge again and head through the tunnel like you did in the first
    At this point Tommy will take a smoke break, realizing he's not far from
    Salieri's Bar, when he is suddenly jumped by a group of henchmen, who take
    a baseball bat to his cab and start beating him up. Tommy shoves away from
    them, realizing his only hope is to get to the salieri Bar and have the favor
    The second part of this mission is a bit tougher than the first, but if you
    follow these directions you shouldn't have too much trouble. Start running 
    straight ahead across the street as soon as the cutscene breaks, weaving
    side to side a little bit to throw off your pursuer's aim. He will be taking
    potshots at you from behind the whole time, so try to spend as little time
    as possible in his sights. Cut corners off sharply and stay behind walls and
    obstacles as long as you can without stopping.
    Keep your eye on the compass at the top of the screen; it will point you in
    the general direction you need to go. When you're out in the streets you will
    see large green arrows pointing into alleyways that you should take. Once you
    cross the first street, head into the alley on the right and follow it around
    to the left. Keep going straight through the fences and cross the street 
    ahead. Go into the marked alley on the right, where you'll see a guy taking a
    leak (nice touch). Head up the stairs, but go to the right immediately
    afterward. (If you keep going straight here you'll hit a dead end and have to
    face some shots trying to turn around). Go down the stairs on your right
    and head left at the street, going into the alley where the Oriental Beer sign
    is. Head through the alley, which bends right toward the street through a 
    tunnel. Once you get to this point, you should see the arrow pointing to the
    Salieri Bar about a block down across the streets. Just keep running and
    weaving toward it and you'll complete the mission.
    Postscript: Tommy's pursuers peer into the bar to see where he went, and then,
    	    against wiser judgement, enter. Luigi locks the door and puts the
     	    'Closed' sign up, and two shots are fired. Tommy is grateful for
    	    the assistance and realizes that with Morello after him and the
    	    Cab company's reluctance to employ those involved with the Mafia,
    	    he has little choice but to join up. At the end of the cutscene,
    	    Tommy's two very dead pursuers are dragged out to a waiting 
    03 - Molotov Party
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Characters: Tommy, Paulie
    Objective: Damage the cars parked at Morello's Bar and
    	   escape back to Salieri's Bar. 
    Background: Tommy is now about to embark on his first job for the Salieri
    	    crime organization. Salieri wonders what Morello is up to,
    	    and gives Tommy the opportunity to exact revenge on the hoods
    	    who roughed him up the previous day.
    This mission is very easy and straightforward, designed to get you started
    in your new role working for Salieri. Your first task is to see Vincenzo,
    whose "office" is located in the alleyway next to the bar. This will be
    done via a cutscene this time, but you should know how to get there for when
    you need to do it yourself in the near future. Head up the stairs and through 
    the doors, and Vincenzo will supply you with a baseball bat and a couple of
    Molotov cocktails. Sorry, no heater yet...
    Then you'll talk to Raplh about a car. Ralph is always located somewhere out
    back in the car lot or the garage. He'll set you up with a Bolt Ace. Nothing
    fancy, but the key is that he teaches you how to steal it so you'll be able
    to pick a lock on one of these babies later if you need to.
    Once you've got the weapons and car, drive to Morello's Bar in New Ark. Just
    follow the map and you should have no trouble. Using the bridge is probably
    the best way.
    Once you arrive at the bar, be careful not to alert the guard who is standing
    at the entrance to the car lot. Instead, go around back behind the fence and
    open the gate. You'll be able to sneak up behind the guard and charge up a 
    full-strength swing of the baseball bat and knock him out cold. Now you can
    go about your business undisturbed. Start with the car in the back and just
    keep pummeling it until the damage meter is full. Then go to the next one and
    repeat the same process (smashing the glass is especially fun, but even if you
    hit the car in the same spot over and over the meter will still go up. Now
    it's time for a little fun. For the remaining car, switch to a Molotov
    cocktail and throw it at the car. The fire will quickly do more than enough
    damage, so once you receive the message, run out to your waiting car and
    drive off. You should be treated to a nice explosion as you're making your
    getaway, and nobody from Morello's Bar is the wiser.
    Simply drive back to Salieri's Bar the way you came to complete the mission.
    Postscript: Paulie praises Tommy as a "natural" to Salieri, who is pleased
                that the mission went off so successfully. Salieri tells Tommy
    	    that he's passed his first test. Once he's left, Frank tells
    	    Salieri that maybe he shouldn't trust Tommy so much, but the
    	    Don shrugs it off. He clearly has more important things to
    	    worry about...like Morello.
    04 - Ordinary Routine
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Characters: Tommy, Paulie, Sam
    Objective: Collect protection money from various venues
               around town.
    Background: Salieri sends Tommy along on a run to gather protection money
    	    from various establishments in Lost Heaven. Frank explains that
    	    the Salieri family actually provides services to those who pay;
    	    they don't simply intimidate people and take their money like
    This mission takes place in many stages; it is the first mission that
    shows off the elegant mission design of this game. Anyway, the first phase
    is getting weapons and wheels. Head up to Vincenzo, who will give you a
    S & W Model 10. Then talk to Ralph, who will teach you how to steal a Bolt
    Model B Fordor. Take the car, let Paulie and Sam get in, and then drive out
    to the streets.
    Just follow the map to the two restaurants. Paulie will get out and collect
    the protection money without incident. Then you must drive to the motel 
    outside of town. The arrow on the map will point you up to the road you need
    to take but once you leave city limits you're on your own. Fortunately, the
    motel is located right alongside the main road leading out of town, and when
    you approach it, a cutscene will ensue.
    Sam and Paulie will go into the motel while Tommy smokes a cigarette outside
    (clearly ignoring the No Smoking sign). Soon, however, things get interesting
    as Tommy hears gunshots and Paulie stumbles out, moaning that he's been hit.
    A thug comes out and tells you to get lost, that this motel is Morello's
    property now. Paulie tells you that you must save Sam before he gives the
    goons any information, so that's what you must do.
    Gaining entrance to the motel is not as straightforward as you'd think. Head
    around the back, keeping an eye out for a stray dog who will attack you. To
    be safe, pull out your pistol and kill it so it won't bother you. Then,
    climb up onto the scaffold on the back of the building with the boxes. Climb
    onto the boxes until you can walk over onto the balcony. Once you're up
    there, get ready for a fight.
    Open the door on the balcony and immediately head to your left. Open the
    door in the back of the hallway, gun at the ready, and cap the guy who's
    relieving himself in the bathroom. Then go back to the hallway, open the
    first door on your right, and snag the Thompson 1928 lying on the bed. Then
    head out into the hallway and crouch. Wait for two thugs to come up the
    stairs and kill them before they can shoot at you. You may encounter a
    third goon, but if you don't, slowly head down the stairs and look for him
    in the hallway. Once he's iced, peek around the doorway really quick and 
    kill the guy hiding behind the pool table. There's another one in this room.
    Do not enter the room unless you want to get raked by a Tommy gun. Once you've
    killed the other guy, roll across to the other side of the doorway and look
    behind the bar. This guy will blast you with a Tommy gun, so cap him in the
    head. Once this is done, it is safe to enter the room. Grab the Tommy gun
    behind the bar and look at the door on the opposite side of the room. A 
    weird looking guy will come out and try to attack you with his fists. Waste
    him and then enter the room he came out of to find Sam.
    After you get Sam to his feet, you'll get sucker-punched by another bum, but
    this guy's got a gun. Quickly waste him and return to Sam. You'll see a
    cutscene where a guy with a briefcase points his gun at you and eggs you on.
    Sam tells you to chase after him and get the protection money, which is the
    last stage of this mission.
    Hop into the car and chase after the guy. You must kill him to complete the
    mission. He'll do his best to get away from you, but he's not the best
    driver in the world. Just keep following him and try to get ahead of him. 
    The tunnel is a good place to cut him off. If you block him off well enough,
    he'll get out of the car and try to shoot you. At this point, get out and 
    crouch behind your vehicle, Tommy gun at the ready. If you can't get him in
    the tunnel, just keep following him or reload the game. You can also try to
    flip his car over, knock him off a bridge, or shoot him, but these options
    are far more difficult. When you finally manage to waste this sucker, the 
    mission is complete. Ordinary routine, huh?
    Postscript: The scene flashes back to 1938, with Tommy talking to Detective
    	    Norman at the restaurant. Tommy explains that the preceding
    	    events were how he got caught up in the mob, and explained why
    	    it seemed superior than a life of anonymity at the time. He also
    	    claimed to have little remorse and went into the details of the
    	    corruption that existed between the Mafia and the police force
    	    and bureaucrats in Lost Heaven. Thus ends the First Act of the
    PART TWO: 1932
    05 - Fairplay
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Characters: Tommy, Lucas Bertone
    Objective: "Borrow" the European race car hidden at the track
               and have Lucas Bertone rig it before the big race.
    Background: Don Salieri tells Tommy that he has a lot of money riding on
    	    the upcoming auto race, and that word has it that a European
    	    has come to Lost Heaven for the race with possibly the fastest
    	    racing machine in the world. Salieri wants to even the odds...
    This is an interesting mission; you must get to the race track north of town
    as soon as possible and take the European race car to Lucas Bertone, then
    get it back to the race track garage, without a scratch, before the next
    guard shows up.
    First things first: drive through the Works Quarter and north to get to the
    Lost Heaven Race Track. Just keep driving north when you get outside of city
    limits, and eventually you'll arrive at the gate. The gatekeeper will let
    you in and accompany you to the garage, where you will take the car. Watch
    out! This sucker is fast, and you cannot crash it! Be careful and follow your
    map closely to get to Lucas Bertone's as soon as possible. It is better to
    err on the side of caution, because you should have enough time even if you
    don't floor it the whole way. Don't worry too much about cops because they
    don't seem to be prowling tonight (even though you were warned about them, I
    think the developers may have taken them out to reduce the difficulty of this
    Once you get to Lucas Bertone's, wait until he is done with the car and then
    get it out of there, back to where you found it. The same strategy applies;
    be fast, but not reckless. Watch out for the car accident on the bridge; it's
    easy to accidentally crash into these stationary vehicles and people. If you
    plan your route well, you shouldn't have any trouble getting the car back to
    the race track's garage in the nick of time. Mission accomplished.
    06 - Fairplay (The Race)
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Characters: Tommy
    Objective: Get to the race track and win the race in place of the
               conveniently injured driver.
    Background: Upon arriving at the bar the day after the job with the
    	    race car, Tommy receives a phone call from Frank at the
    	    track. He tells Tommy that he will have to drive in the
    	    race because the previous driver broke his arm (hmmm),
     	    and you must win.
    This is one of those missions that many people have complained about, 
    complaining about how hard it is to win. I experienced no such difficulty,
    but you might, so I will make a few suggestions herein.
    First, you must grab a car (any car) and drive to the race track. You have
    to be fairly quick about it, so don't get lost or sidetracked by cops. If 
    you have the speed limiter on and don't cause trouble, you shouldn't have
    any trouble getting there in time. Once you arrive at the track, Frank will 
    give you a pep talk (more like an ultimatum) and the race will begin.
    I suggest that you use some sort of gamepad for the race, since controlling
    the racecar with the keyboard seems to be very finicky. Hold the arrows
    slightly too long and your car will oversteer, and with some of the sharp
    turns on the course, flipping over is not terribly difficult. I used a 
    Microsoft Sidewinder and beat the race on my second try (once I learned the
    turns). Analog control will probably help immensely as well, if you prefer 
    this type of gameplay, I recommend the Logitech Wingman RumblePad (see 
    Recommended Equipment under Basic Controls).
    Anyway, other advice: take the inside track as often as you can to reduce
    the distance you have to travel. On sharp turns, let up on the gas and even
    brake if necessary to stay on the track. Start on the outside and move
    inside as you turn. The standard racing game strategies apply.
    I've found that if you're lucky you can quickly jump out to a lead after the
    first turn, but if you can't, try to use the S-curve to maintain speed. You
    will find the computer drivers slowing down to take the S-curve more
    methodically, while if you line it up properly, you can blast straight
    through it with a minimal loss of speed. This is where you can take 
    advantage. Be careful you don't hit the side of the track too square, however,
    as you'll flip over. Once you get in the lead, drive conservatively. The
    most important thing is not to crash or slow yourself down too much. With
    some patience and a decent controller, you should have no trouble finishing
    the fifth lap in first place and becoming a racing hero. Fortunately, you
    never have to do anything like this again.
    Postscript: Salieri is much pleased with Tommy's performance in the race,
    	    winning him a stack of dough as well as the maintenance of his
                stature in his territory. It is clear, at this point, that
    	    Tommy's heroics have earned him a permanent place at the side
    	    of Don Salieri, and an integral role in the criminal activities
    	    to come.
    07 - Sarah
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Characters: Tommy, Sarah
    Objective: Escort Sarah to her apartment and put the moves on her.
    Background: Luigi requests that you escort his daughter to her nearby
    	    apartment. He worries because there have been some
    	    hoodlums loitering in the area.
    This mission can be quite difficult if you don't keep Sarah in your
    sights at all times. You start by walking with her and engaging in
    idle conversation. After turning into an alleyway, a group of
    thugs approaches, making snide comments about the vile things they'd
    like to do to Sarah. You must prevent this (obviously).
    You are not equipped with a firearm for this mission, so you must
    dispatch these ragtags the old-fashioned way. Keep circling and
    charging up your punches. Some of them will drop melee weapons which
    you can appropriate for your own use. Sarah will flee, and you must
    be careful here, since some of the thugs will go after her. If she
    dies, you fail the mission.
    Make sure you don't let yourself get surrounded. Keep moving and never
    back yourself into a corner. After thrashing the guys fairly decently,
    the rest will cower in fear and run off (it's entertaining when they
    flee into the street and get plowed by an oncoming car). At any rate,
    make sure you haven't lost sight of Sarah. After you meet up with her,
    the rest of the mission is smooth sailing back to her apartment.
    Postscript: Predictably, this mission serves as the vehicle for 
    	    introducing Tommy's future wife into the story, and
    	    similarly predictably, they consummate their relationship
    	    as the cutscene fades. Tommy has been bitten with the love
    07 - Better Get Used To It
    Difficulty - 6.5/10
    Characters: Tommy, Paulie
    Objective: Find out where the thugs who harrassed Sarah are located 
    	   and teach them a lesson.
    Background: Don Salieri is infuriated by the events of the previous 
    	    night, and wishes to root out these hoodlums and drive 
    	    them out of his territory. While Paulie is anxious to 
    	    gun them down, Salieri instead requests that you beat
    	    them to within an inch of their lives.
    Strategy: Visit Vincenzo, who will supply you and Paulie with baseball
    bats, along with a handgun for backup purposes. After retrieving your
    equipment, speak to Ralph for a set of wheels. Your first task is to 
    locate Biff, an informant who is usually strolling around the circle
    in Chinatown (his location is marked on your map). Talk to him to 
    discover that the thugs have been known to hang out at an abandoned
    service station not far from Chinatown. Use the map and drive to the 
    location of the service station.
    You must take great care that you do not pull your handgun during the
    first segment of this encounter. If you whip a gun prematurely, the
    mission will end. Use the action button on the door to kick it down, 
    and walk through the corridor with baseball bat at the ready. There 
    will be a brief cutscene with the trash-talking thugs, and then you 
    must exact your punishment on them for messing with your girl.
    This section of the mission is probably the hardest, as it is easy to
    get trapped and hammered by the multiple bad guys (just like in
    the previous mission). Try to maneuver around behind a baddie and get
    a full force bat swing at the back of his head, which will immediately
    incapacitate him. You must be careful that Paulie doesn't take too 
    vicious of a beating, because if he dies, the mission ends. Once you
    dispatch the first batch of guys, move forward into the next area,
    where you must give a similar licking to new foes. Make sure you avoid
    being stabbed as you can quickly find yourself dead if you are shanked
    from behind. 
    After these new guys are unconscious, continue forward and listen to 
    the citizen who informs you that one of the thugs is the son of a 
    politician at City Hall. Climb the staircase and drop down into the next
    area. Quickly move across the open space and crouch behind the building.
    At this point, Paulie will shout that the guys have heaters and you now
    have license to shoot to kill. Pull your handgun and poke your head around.
    Pick off all three of the guys who climb down from the building north of
    your current position. Watch out for Paulie; he seems to be a bit erratic
    in this mission. There is another bad guy crouched by the alley to the left
    of the building you are using for cover. Take him out and then slowly
    approach the alley. There is another guy to kill in this alley. Do so. Once
    you have cleared this alley, progress forward and you will see the two 
    remaining hoodlums clamber into a car and take off.
    In the last section of the mission, you must chase after the hoodlums by
    car and attempt to force them into an accident. This can be rather difficult,
    but fortunately, if you follow them long enough, they will run out of gas in
    a somewhat secluded area. However you choose to approach this section, once 
    the hoodlums' car is stopped. Get out of the car and approach it. You will
    see a cutscene, in which Tommy hesitates in shooting the remaining thug. 
    Paulie shoots him instead and scolds Tommy for his hesitation. Mission complete.
    Postscript: This is the first time that Tommy seems to show some remorse for the
    lifestyle he leads. He wonders in his mind what his mother or Sarah would think
    if they saw him there that day.
    08 - The Whore
    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Characters: Tommy
    Objective: Pay a visit to the Corleone Hotel, where you must kill a hooker who
    	   has been talking too much, eliminate the manager who has decided to
    	   cease his relationship with Don Salieri, and set off an explosion in
    	   his office.
    Background: Outside of the Salieri Bar, Frank informs Tommy that killing the 
    	    thugs the other day could have far-reaching consequences, as one
    	    of the boys that died was the son of a city councilman. As a result,
    	    the police will likely no longer be on Salieri's take, and the 
    	    unconscious driver of the car did not die. He also charges Tommy
    	    with taking care of a situation at the Corleone Hotel: namely, to
    	    kill the manager in public, kill the whore at the hotel who looks
    	    vaguely familiar to Tommy, and set off a grand explosion in the
    	    manager's office as a warning to other establishments who may look
    	    to jump to Morello's ship.
    Strategy: This is the first of the more difficult missions in the game. It is
    also one of the more fun and ambitious in design. You have the option of 
    locating the hooker before you kill the manager, but I recommend that you take
    care of the manager first because if you die you won't have wasted the time of
    finding her. 
    The first order of business is to find out where the manager is. Talk to the
    clerk at the front desk and he will inform you that the manager is in a white
    suit eating lunch in the diner. Walk down the corridor to the left of the desk
    and enter the dining area. The manager will be sitting at the table in the
    far right corner of the second room of the dining area. Keep your weapon 
    holstered and stand behind the manager in the far corner of the room. Nobody
    will suspect anything, but make sure you are in a position where the manager
    can't see you pull your gun. When you unholster your weapon, you must quickly
    fire off a head shot on the manager because a guard is sitting in the opposite
    corner of the room and will immediately open fire on you when you draw. Once
    the manager is dead, spin and fire on this guard. It may be tough to hit him
    through the wooden posts that obstruct your view, but this will also make it
    harder for him to hit you. Kill him quickly and then stay in your position,
    facing the doorway from the adjoining dining room. Three guards will rush in
    piecemeal to see what's going on. The first is toting a sawed-off shotgun, so
    be sure you kill him before he gets too close, because a point blank shot from
    his weapon will almost certainly kill you. Wait for the other two to arrive and
    pick them off from your position behind the manager's table. Once all four 
    guards are dead, proceed into the adjoining room. Even though he appears 
    harmless now, it would be wise to kill the sailor who is with a girl to your
    right as you enter the room; if you don't, he will decide to play hero later
    and pull a gun on you. Don't give him the chance.
    Return to the front desk. The clerk blocking your access to the keyboard is now
    gone after the commotion. Head behind the desk and use the Action button on 
    the board with the keys. You will take the key to the manager's office. Note
    also that there is a health pack on the wall here; you can use it now if you 
    need it or make a mental note to come back for it later if you have reached
    this point relatively unscathed.
    Now that you have the key, you will be able to access the manager's office to
    set the explosives. However, you must first locate the hooker and eliminate her.
    Be aware, however, that there are still three guards in the upper floors of the
    hotel, and it would be wise to take care of them first. To do this, ascend the
    first flight of stairs and look for the man in black cowering near the coffee
    table. Just run up and shoot him before he pulls his gun. (I recommend the
    sawed off shotgun for a quick kill). Switch to a handgun and wait for the two
    other guards to respond to the blast and shoot them while they are descending
    the stairs. With these guards out of the way, you should be able to traverse
    the motel unmolested until you reach the manager's office.
    Now it's time to find the girl. Ascend another flight of stairs and immediately
    turn right. Take a right down the hallway and continue around the corner. The
    whore's room is the first one around this corner. (If you are starting from the
    lobby, just ascend two flights of stairs before following these directions).
    A cutscene will ensue, in which Tommy recognizes the frightened girl as Michelle,
    a friend of Sarah's who congratulated him at the Salieri Bar after winning the
    race. She blabs about how she was only trying to help her brother, and Tommy is
    stricken with a conscience and decides to let her go, warning her never to show
    her face in Lost Heaven again.
    With this out of the way, it's now time to set the explosion in the manager's 
    office. Ascend the third flight of stairs to the top level and turn left. The 
    corner office with the plate Manager on the door is the one you're looking for.
    Before you open it, crouch and ready a weapon. Open the door and prepare to
    shoot a guard who is waiting inside. If you don't see one, he is probably
    crouched behind the door waiting to pounce on you when you enter. In this case,
    pull the sawed off and blast the door, which will kill him. With the guard 
    eliminated, approach the desk and click the Action button, which will prompt
    Tommy to set the explosives. When you resume control, you must quickly turn 
    around and bolt straight out of the office down the hallway. The cutscene will
    show Tommy leap through the glass onto a rooftop across the street (quite a
    After this cutscene, you must navigate the rooftops to find an escape from the
    situation. The cops are aware of your presence, so you must act quickly. Turn
    fast and climb onto the metal staircase and ascend it to the top. Once you 
    reach the top, continue along the rail until you reach a door. Open it and 
    follow the stairs up to the next door. Once through this door, quickly hop onto
    the ledge, and hop onto the next ledge which leads you to another rooftop. 
    Head right to the end of this rooftop and drop down to the next roof below
    (don't worry, you'll make it). Quickly continue downward, ignoring shots fired 
    at you until you reach the short brick stairs. Crouch here and ready your 
    weapon. There are several cops in this area who are waiting for you. Sneak out
    and pop off a few shots and repeat, reloading when necessary. When they are 
    all dead, continue forward and take cover, because additional cops will be
    firing from the rooftops of the buildings to your right. Pop out and take them
    out as well. When the coast is clear, walk up the ramp and look left for wooden
    scaffolding with stairs. Drop down to the wooden platform and climb the
    stairs until you encounter a long plank. Walk up to the plank and this 
    portion of the mission is complete.

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