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    FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                          80   .v.     j
             FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun            80.  .o,      m
                     File Version 1.1                     80.  .C.      ;88
                 ------------------------                 80.   t:      .5888
                                                          80.           .08888
    How you doin'? Welcome to my Mafia Walkthrough. Here   0    :        588888
      I'll show you through the gangster-ridden city of   88.            58888888
      city of Lost Heaven. It's a difficult business we   88.            C500CC00KM
       Mafiosos run, and I'm here to get you youngin's   888.               5  ..0M
                 through it with a pulse!               8880.              #2    0M
                                                      888885.             .P.    0M
                                                     888805vj             28     0M
                       0C;88              02265008888888800; .jC0S8C.   .hMC     0M
                     8852:88            80v:.tt.;t08888850v  PMMMMMMt  v#MM;     0M
                    8886v:08            800056Cj;.68880055. .##PP#MMEhPMEME.     0M
                    8882j:88            05v...t;Cv8886086j   jSEP0hMMEh0CM#.     0M
                    85;tj.08           885222jt..;882:C66j th86C:.CMBS..KME.     0M
                    8C ;;:08           8805ttvvvtv88C.2.     .;vv.2v086PMMK..    0M
                  6885.;t.08           86C2.  ;  t882:t      :6;.v60MMMMMM0..    0M
                 66888. ;:8           48880: .v::t88C         SE0#MMMB#8BMj..    0M
                885080. :.08         8802Ct   ;.. :;:         t#MMMMB555hM002.   8M
             82;;j:C88. ..08        888800t  .jj;             :SPPBB:...8MMMM8   8M
            8Cvvt; C88; ;:08       08868062   tt;            j#M#MMMP...EMMMMS.  8M
            052tjv.688;.tt88      8v8822j2C  .; ;          .0MMMMMMMMj.CMMMMMMv..8M
           C:6C..; C88..;t8065Cv.:t;256C600: :j.j.          tKMMMMMMBK#MMMMMMM#:.8M
         88C60066vj688.  ;88C:.:;    220506   . ;           5MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMC.8M
        800686j..;.C8j   ;880:       :t6058   C;v.         tMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMt.hM
        8088525... C86   ;852.       tC050j.  2.2:         KMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP..hM
        888t;5v..j 28C   .0Ct.       .26000:  t :.        ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM5..hM
        888vC0C  : v8C    C6v;       .080Cj:  ;.         .KMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM0..8M
        888808v   .v8C    2j.        :62v     t.         2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB0;8M
        8C50;v;  .:j6:    2t;        :665;              .SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMKCCj.8M
        5.t2:5v    ;5;    :.t        :065C    :         ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM5.. .8M
        8jj6;2.    vC2    ..2        :600:              2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMv.. .8M
       t2v055v     jj.    ; j        :Cvj               SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMt..  8M
       0j.t00.     6t     C:l        j00:              :BMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMt.   8M
      22. ;t.      66     t.y        26v;     ;.        8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMj.   8M
    B08.  ;t;.     ;v                C::t     t;        2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB;.   8M
    M85;  :;2.      t                j. .               8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMK..   8M
    B;tt    .       C.               . .C              :EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMh..   8M
    B:::                             ijt.              6MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8.    8M
    B:.v. jj                          .2;             .KMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM5.    8M
    M2.      6MMM#;      .KMMMMMP.     8MMMMME.        .0MM6....vMMMMMM0.... :KMMMM
    MC.       6M#:       .PMMMME:      .PMMMME.        .0MM6   .vMMMMMP..     tEMMM
    MC.       .hj        .PMMMMC   .:   tBMMME.    8KKKKEMM6   .vMMMME;.  ;.   6MMM
    MC.   2C   .   :h.   .KMMMK.   C0   .hMMMB.    PMMMMMMM6.   vMMMM0.. .Sv   .EMM
    MC.   CMv     .PE.   .KMMMC   .S#.   jMMMB.    C5555EMM6.   vMMMB;.. .B8    0MM
    M2.   CM#     vME.   .KMMB;   .#B:   .EMME.       ..PMM6    vMMM#.   tMK.   tMM
    M2.   CMM:    0ME.   .KMM#.   :BMj   .PMME.        .PMM6.   vMMMh.   CME.   .BM
    M2.   CMM;    8ME.   .KMMP    tMM2    0MMB.    SEEEBMMM6.   vMMM6.   6MB:   .#M
    M2.   CMM;    8ME.   .KMMh    :66t    6MMB.    PMMMMMMM6.   vMMM2.   t6C.    PM
    M2..  CMM;    8ME.   .KMM8            CMMB.   .PMMMMMMM6    vMMMv.           SM
    MC.   CMMt    8MB.   .PMM8     ..     2MMB.   .PMMMMMMM6.   vMMMv.   ...     hM
    MC..  CMMt    8MB.   .PMM8    tBMC    2MMB:   .PMMMMMMM6.   vMMMv..  6MB;    hM
    MC....CMMt   .8MB.   .PMM8.   tMM6   .CMMB:.. .PMMMMMMM5....jMMMv.. .5MMt    8#
                                   Table of Contents
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       i.   ChangeLog
       ii.  Legal
       iii. Contact
     1.)  Welcome to the Family!                                           [m-intr]
     2.)  The Ropes                                                        [m-basc]
     3.)  The Rods                                                         [m-guns]
     4.)  The Goods
           • An Offer You Can't Refuse                                     [w-offr]
           • The Running Man                                               [w-runn]
           • Molotov Party                                                 [w-prty]
           • Ordinary Routine                                              [w-rout]
           • Fairplay                                                      [w-fair]
           • Sarah                                                         [w-sara]
           • Better Get Used to It                                         [w-used]
           • The Whore                                                     [w-whor]
           • A Trip to the Country                                         [w-trip]
           • Omerta                                                        [w-omer]
           • Visiting Rich People                                          [w-rich]
           • Great Deal!                                                   [w-deal]
           • Bon Appetit!                                                  [w-lnch]
           • Happy Birthday!                                               [w-hppy]
           • You Lucky Bastard!                                            [w-luck]
           • Creme de la Creme                                             [w-crem]
           • Election Campaign                                             [w-elct]
           • Just for Relaxation                                           [w-rlax]
           • Moonlighting                                                  [w-moon]
           • The Death of Art                                              [w-deth]
     4.)  Ciao                                                             [m-gbye]
      i. ChangeLog
         v1.1   Hopefully (shut up, MS Word) the "Death of Art" level is more
                clearly explained than before.
         v1.0   Initial Version. Everything's done.
      ii. Legal
    You   may   distribute this file, upload it to any web server, put it on
    BitTorrent, print it out, etc. You needn't even email me for permission!
    However, the below rules comprise my few terms:
      a) My alias (black hole sun) and name (Paul Lauria) is on ANY and ALL
         distributions of this file
      b) This guide is NOT used for ANY commercial purposes whatsoever
      c) This file remains completely, 100%,  _UNALTERED_ - in its wholly original
    Any violation of the above terms will result in the termination of your right
    to distribute and/or host this file. Please don’t abuse the few rules I’ve set
      iii. Contact
    Well I'm not expecting a whole lot of email for a game as old as this, however
    if you want to contribute or comment on this guide, my (new) address is
    lauriafour74NO@SPAMmchsi.com (of course, remove 'NO' and 'SPAM')
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
      1. Welcome to the Family!                                            [m-intr]
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
    It's 1930. You're taking a smoke and leaning against your cab when you hear a
    crash. Before you can investigate, a pair of gangsters in suits are pointing a
    gun at your head and telling you to get in the car and drive. Say goodbye to
    your former life, because from here on out, nothing's gonna be the same.
    You'll be playing as Tommy, a cab-driver turned gangster, moving on up through
    the ranks of the Lost Heaven's mafia branch run by Don Salieri. You'll be
    stealing cars, assassinating rival gangsters, swiping alcohol shipments,
    beating people over the head with baseball bats and all that good stuff
    associated with mafia life. And you're going to have a damn fine time doing it,
    Since there are only two complete guides for Mafia PC, and since those two are
    absolute rubbish, I've taken the opportunity to write this walkthrough to help
    out my fellow gamers with this excellent, superb masterpiece known as Mafia.
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
      2. The Ropes                                                         [m-tutr]
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
    Listen up, rookie! Here's the skinny. There's alot to learn before you can call
    yourself a true gangster, so we're going through this tutorial before we jump
    right into the gameplay.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
         Da Law
    The law is the scourge of the gangsta's existence, and it's also what keeps you
    in line as you romp through Lost Heaven like you own the joint. Essentially, to
    keep the cops off your back, you'll just need to obey the laws of real life,
    which include (but aren't limited to) speeding, running red lights, hitting
    pedestrians, publicly equipping a weapon, etc. When any of these acts are
    committed in the presence of police, they will chase you (see the cops section
    Let's expand a bit on the subject of speeding, the most frequent offence. When
    within the city, it's always a good idea to keep your speed limiter on (F5,
    default). This limits your speed to the local limit, which is 40 mph. This may
    seem slow, but most of the time 40 mph will get the job done unless you're
    really pressed for time. Besides, it isn't worth attempting to escape the
    cops who really like to enforce this rule.
    One other no-no I'll go over is using a weapon in public. This I think is
    reasonably self-explanatory - unless you're on the job you shouldn't normally
    have a need to take out a heater, unless you're dealing with a troublesome car
    owner who won't relinquish his vehicle.
    Back on the police topic, the only police you'd need to fear are those in
    vehicles - the ones on foot are easily avoidable and even if they catch you
    doing something, you can just drive away and the charges will be dropped. In
    fact I make it my sadistic little habit to run over every patrolling policeman
    I find, but of course you don't have to follow in my footsteps...
    How will you know when you've been spotted for a crime? Well, one of four keys
    will appear on top of the screen, giving you foreknowledge of just how the
    police intend on punishing you.
      • For the lightest of offences, a scroll will appear for a minor infraction,
        which means the cops are going to write you a ticket. No big deal, pull
        over and let them - it ain't worth the chase. Of course as mentioned,
        simply drive away if it's just a cop on foot who in no way can keep up with
        even the slowest of vehicles.
      • The second symbol is more serious -- the handcuffs. This means you're
        going to be arrested if caught, and arrested = game over. The cops will
        approach you and if you let them get too close, you will automatically be
        arrested. If there is only one car chasing you, and you lure them into a
        secluded portion of the city and pack some reasonable firepower, you can
        get out of your car and rub out the troublesome cops, making the charges
        go away...
      • The third symbol is a gun, which means you fired a weapon in a cop's
        presence. In this mode they'll shoot first and ask questions later,
        which *can* be a good thing if you feel the cops are bearing down on
        your arrest and you'd rather fight than get a game-over.
      • The last symbol is the wanted sign, meaning a warrant is out for your
        arrest; now all cops in the city have been alerted, and if you go near
        any police they will chase and arrest you. If you manage to elude them
        for a time, the symbol will change to a cop with question marks over
        his head, which means they've lost you; during this mode the wanted
        meter will decrease.
        A good way to get out of wanted mode is to ride the tram, which travels
        about the islands and has various stops (on your map, the trams route is
        marked in a blue line). The cops will almost certainly lose you, and you'll
        just have to literally 'ride out' the wanted period. Of course on some rare
        occasions they will somehow know you are in the tram and will actually
        follow the train in their cars, however this is very rare and has happened
        to me only once.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
         Da Wheels
    There are a ton of cars in Mafia, and eventually you'll learn to steal each and
    every one of them through the teachings of car thieves Ralfie and Lucas. It's
    good to have a fast car - just for kicks, to avoid the cops, or for a quick
    getaway. If your character has the know-how he can stop any car on the street,
    toss the driver on the ground, and take the car for himself.
    Be wary of the people from whom you steal, however, because you won't always
    be tossing out little old ladies or cowardly rich men - sometimes gangsters or
    punks, who don't like being thrown out of their expensive rides, will fight
    back. You'll have to deal with these troublesome people, as they are often
    armed with a bat and won't hesitate to throw you out of the driver seat in the
    same fashion with which they were ejected.
    Remember that cars DO take damage as they are shot or as you run them into
    light poles. The more damage the cars take, the less well---"well"...if only my
    english teacher was reading---your vehicle will run. They can even get flat
    tires, which greatly increases your chances of spinning out. Therefore when
    your car gets too banged up and its acceleration is shot to hell, it's probably
    a good time to jack someone else's wheels.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
         Da Heaters
    Combat in Mafia's not easy. Third person aiming + 1930 weaponry can make for
    some frustratingly difficult battles. However there are a few tricks of the
    trade (aren't I full of cliche's?) to be learned. One of my favorite might well
    be an exploit, I don't know; whenever you begin to reload any gun, do a roll -
    this will skip the rest of the reload animation and you'll have a full clip
    when you land back on your feet! This is a very good 'tactic' for some of the
    later firefights.
    While on the topic of reloading, you must remember that unlike most games,
    when you reload you lose ALL the bullets in your current clip - so no more
    reloading out of habit after only a few shots, as you'll want to conserve ammo
    and not reload until you've reached the very bottom of your clip.
    Crouching can be very advantageous. For one thing, it makes Tom extend his arms
    in a firing position, and for another, it slows his movement and steadies his
    aim. Going around corners can be deadly, so you'd better take it slow!
    Lastly, I must mention this in every FPS guide but, always aim for the head
    region. Some of the thugs you'll have to waste pack a lot of body flab acting
    as flak jackets so you need to shoot the head as much as possible. Furthermore
    it's just common sense, as you're shooting to kill and not to maim.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
         Da Travel
    Getting around Lost Heaven requires you to be a good driver...and even better
    with maps (default TAB). On most of the timed missions, driving speed isn't
    nearly as important as finding a fast and short route to where you need to go.
    Often this requires much planning, determining where to get off your current
    street, how to get to whatever bridge, etc.
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
      3. The Rods                                                         [m-guns]
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
    Profile of the game's guns. Don't expect anything technical, just some basic
    info and opinions from yours truly.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      Thompson 128 (Tommy gun)
      50 round clip, 250 max ammo, smg
    For all intents and purposes, this is the best weapon in the game. An extremely
    high firing rate, coupled with decent accuracy at long range and deadly power
    in close quarters makes it the most versatile gun of Mafia. One tip for firing
    it though, if you intend on expending much of your current clip; you've got to
    overcome the initial "kick," or recoil - however once you've done this you can
    maintain a pretty good sight on your target. It is most accurate while in
    crouching position.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      Pump-Action Shotgun
      8 shells, 40 max ammo, pump-action
    Hmm, this shotgun is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's pretty decent for
    clearing away any target in front of you, but because it requires 'pumping'
    it is by no means ideal for multiple person firefights, since your pumping
    leaves you open for a counter attack if you don't get your man right away. And
    of course, since it *is* a shotgun, it ain't worth s**t over 20 or so yards.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      Colt 1911
      7 round clip, 42 max ammo, semi automatic
    The colt 1911 is the best handgun in the game; it's accurate, has low recoil,
    and is very powerful, though it isn't the magnum. It's good enough to hold its
    own on small time jobs or even large scale firefights; this along with the
    Tommy gun make for one powerful repertoire!
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      Sawed-off Shotgun
      2 shells, 34 max ammo, semi-automatic
    This is not my favorite weapon at all...it's much like the pump-action, but it
    has only two shells to spend before you've got to reload it, and since it's
    sawed off it's got even less accuracy than its bigger brother. Of course, since
    it's a semi-automatic you can fire two shells in close succession, making for
    quite a bit of damage dealt. Vincenzo thinks of it more an assassination
    weapon than for general melee, and that's pretty close to all it can do since
    it's no good at all for fights with more than one person.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      S&W Model 10 M&P
      6 round clip, 36 max ammo, semi-automatic
    Weapon of choice for the police force of Lost Heaven. It's a common POS that
    I'd never use - it's weak, got short range, and has a bad recoil to boot;
    however if you're ever in need of a quick gun, knock off a patrolling police
    officer and grab the one he's carrying.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      S&W Model 24 Magnum
      6 round clip, 36 max ammo, semi-automatic
    While the other S&W models are general crap, this magnum revolver packs quite a
    punch. One shot in the right place and your enemy is down for the count; in
    fact a shot or two in the axial region of your foe and they're done for.
    Furthermore it isn't that bad at the longer ranges. However, this power doesn't
    come free; it's got a very high kick and can be very difficult to aim steadily.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      1903 Springfield
      5 bullets, 35 max ammo, rifle
    It may look like a sniper rifle, but it has no scope attached. As you might
    expect, it's probably the most accurate weapon in the game, but the lack of a
    scope really hurts its functionality since the crosshairs can be deceiving and
    difficult to land on a distant target.
        ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___    ___
      Mousin Nagant
      5 bullets, 35 max ammo, rifle
    This hacked-together Russian gun comes with a scope. Through the sights you can
    pick off targets from afar, although it's difficult to steady Tom's shaky
    hands; try crouching. It's a very powerful rifle, and in most cases (except for
    if you get an arm or a foot) it will take down your prey quickly.
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
      4. The Goods
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
    The walkthrough...
         An Offer You Can't Refuse                                         [w-offr]
    This introductory level is very simple - lose the tail and then travel to the
    Salieri bar, but it introduces the concepts of timed objectives and car chases,
    something you'll be only too familiar with later in the game.
    \  \ Lose the tail!
    The beginning objective of the game, you're only supposed to lose the crooks
    chasing you. It might take you awhile to familiarize yourself with the vehicles
    control's and maneuvering, but once you've got that down losing the tail is
    easy. Try and find a long street to speed down. Don't worry about the cops,
    they aren't on duty tonight.
    \  \ Go to the Salieri bar
    Once you lose the tail, go to the Salieri bar. This bar is marked on your map
    (default TAB) and you have a limited time to get there before your passengers
    lose patients with you.
         Running Man                                                       [w-runn]
    At first you'll be required to drive around five different passengers in your
    cabby. Pretty boring, I know, but it's also easy and will further familiarize
    yourself with the city and the handling of the cars. After you drive around the
    five passengers, Tommy will take a smoke break...
    \  \ Get to the Salieri bar!
    You've got to escape the hoodlum's chasing you, and the best way to do this is
    to get to the Salieri bar, which isn't too far from here. The game will take
    your hand and walk you through this with arrows on where to go, which back
    alley's to take, etc. Along the way you might notice the vibrant, alive feeling
    of the city, with couples sparring, a bum pissing on a wall, a girl who's date
    stood her up...it's pretty neat, actually. Anbyway, you'll find the Salieri bar
    in no time.
         Molotov Party                                                     [w-prty]
    Your first job with the mob is to take out some cars belonging to some of
    Morello's thug's. This shouldn't be too difficult (although it was for me when
    I first began - I couldn't figure out how to get out of the car >_< )
    Talk to Ralfie and Vincenzo, who will get you a car and some weapons,
    respectively. Hop in your car and drive out into the city.
    \  \ Drive to the Morello bar and destroy the cars parked in the backyard
    Once you reach the Morello bar, park somewhere off to the left of it,
    preferably in the vacant lot next to the backyard. Get out of the car (stop the
    car completely and then right-click a few times) and take out your baseball
    bat. Enter the backyard through the gate behind it and then use the baseball
    bat to smack the thug guarding the front entrance (he will alert the guys in
    the bar if you don't take him out).
    Now it's on to destroy the cars. Use the pair of Molotov cocktails Vincenzo
    prepared for you - throw them on two different cars, which will explode in a
    second or two, so stand back. To deal with the third one, just use your bat;
    after enough swipes you'll get a notification that you've done enough damage.
    Now leave the backyard, hop back in your ride and drive back to Salieri's.
         Ordinary Routine                                                  [w-rout]
    After your brilliant performance, wrecking the cars, you're now officially part
    of the family! Your mother would be proud. Err, no she wouldn't. Now the Don
    wants you, Paulie and Sam to collect some protection money from various pubs
    and hotels around town.
    \  \ Collect the protection money from <X>
    X will vary. Along this routine job, you'll have to visit a pair of hotels. The
    first two are within town and are a cinch. To get to the third stop, a motel,
    you've got to drive outside of town...and this one won't go according to plan!
    \  \ Save Sam
    Your first action! It seems Morello's men have taken over the motel and are
    beating information out of Sam. The front door is locked, so go around back.
    You'll have to shoot the nasty dog there, then jump onto the table with a bunch
    of junk on it to get to the second story of the building.
    Crawl through the window and turn right down the hall. Open the door at its end
    to find a bathroom, with a thug on the pot. Cap him and go into the bedroom
    next to the bathroom where you'll find a Tommy gun, lying on the bed. Ah,
    things are getting better already!
    If you need to replenish your health, there's a medicine cabinet in the
    bathroom in the second floor master bedroom. Once you've taken your pills, go
    downstairs and introduce your Tommy gun to the goons there. Clear the
    entryway and open the door opposite the bar to find Sam, lying on the floor and
    twisted in pain. Right-click him to prop him up and begin to take him outside.
    Not so fast! The thug who was giving Sam a beating will wake up from his
    slumber and come to punish you, too. Take him out, and in a curious twist of
    fate another of Morello's goons will arrive out of nowhere and demand the money
    from you at gun point, which brings us to your next objective.
    \  \ Kill the man who stole your money
    Get in the car and pursue the yellow convertible down the highway. You will
    have to stop the car by getting in front of it and acting as a roadblock.
    You'll need to be an effective roadblock as well to draw the thug out of his
    car to fight, as he will try his damndest to push on with his sleek yellow
    vehicle. I usually manage to stop him before we enter the tunnel with the long
    slope, which our car of 40 horsepower has quite a bit of trouble climbing.
    Once you draw him out, you can easily kill him with a few rounds from your
    Tommy or Magnum.
         Fairplay                                                          [w-fair]
    Fairplay, the ironic nick of this level, will have you fixing up a race so the
    Don's chosen racer will win, and thus Don and his compatriots will get the
    dough from the bet. Lot's of people have trouble handling the racer you'll be
    driving around, and if you're one of them expect this level to be one of the
    hardest in the game.
    \  \ Drive to the race track and find Frank
    Do as the objective says. The race track's outside of town and is quite a drive
    from Salieri's bar, and you've got to hurry because of time constraints.
    the time limit you shouldn't have the need to go over the speed limit, as I
    stayed at a consistent 40 mph and got to the track with time to spare. It's
    more about choosing the most quickest, most efficient route than raw speed,
    though a car that can pull a stable 40 mph certainly wouldn't hurt.
    When you reach the place, talk to Frank and he'll let you in. Drive on over to
    the garages to the one that's open to find the Euro racer.
    \  \ Take the racer to Lucas Bertone / back to the track
    Lucas will be the one to 'fix' the car. His offices are located near the bridge
    that goes east of central island. You won't have to worry about the cops
    despite Frank's warning, since through neither of the two times I've played
    Mafia have I encountered cops on the way to or from Lucas. Once again, the need
    for speed isn't as pressing as the need to find a fast, short route to Bertone.
    Controlling the racer is difficult at first to say the least, so make sure you
    take turns slowly so as not to spin out. Adding to the difficulty is the need
    for it to 'not have a scratch on it'. A damage meter appears on the bottom of
    your screen and indicates just how much damage the racer can take before it
    becomes noticeable, so you'll need to be careful.
    Once you take the racer to Bertone, after a cutscene you'll get a new time
    limit, this to get back to the garage. Just drive carefully and make heavy use
    of your brakes and this should be easy.
    \  \ Complete the race!
    Well it seems the driver crapped out at the last moment and the Don needs
    another one, and FAST. Tommy is of course the most likely candidate.
    This race can be very hard for some people...well for me it's very, very easy.
    Though I'm sure you don't care to hear that.
    First, remap your keys to the following (NO I'm not crazy, the default controls
    are seriously messed up...who the **** uses the numpad for racing, or ANYTHING
    for that matter!?!)
    W - Accelerate
    D - Right
    A - Left
    S - Brake
    Now download and install the 1.1 patch from the www.mafia-game.com website.
    This lessens the race's difficulty, among other things.
    For the actual tips:
     • SLOW DOWN on the turns!! I cannot stress this enough. Otherwise you'll spin
     • If your back tires start to skid, lightly tap the accelerate button until
       the car regains its equilibrium, or brake a bit to get back on track.
     • There are FIVE laps. FIVE. So don't restart the race just because you drop
       to the #4 spot or something. Remember, YOU HAVE THE FASTEST CAR ON THE
       TRACK, you can ALWAYS surpass the other racers on that long stretch of track
       leading to the finish line.
     • As mentioned above, getting ahead of the other racers isn't difficult at
       all. However, not flipping over and being killed / spinning out is the major
     • GO SLOW down near the rock/forest area, and I mean slow as in no more than
       60/70 mph slow!
    Once the race concludes with you the winner, the Don will congratulate you. Job
    well done! Once you return to Salieri, he will want you to meet up with
    Bertone, who has an easy job for you to steal a car.
         Sarah                                                             [w-sara]
    It seems Luigi's daughter, Sarah, is being harassed by some neighborhood thugs,
    and Luigi wants you to walk with Sarah home tonight. This ain't gonna be no
    walk in the park as Tommy reckons it...
    \  \ Escourt Sarah home
    You can walk with Sarah without incident until you reach the alley, where
    you'll be accosted by some crooks. Sarah will run and you'll be forced to
    fight, hand-to-hand and three-on-one. Equip your brass knuckles (called
    "Knuckle Dusters") and start throwing punches.
    A good strategy for taking on the trio is to run in circles. You can't hold
    your ground and fight, because they are just too numerous - you'll be a
    punching bag and won't be able to get off any counter swipes. Running in
    circles and throwing punches on the run is the best strategy because they never
    really grab hold of you, while you wear each of them down. After you do enough
    damage to each of them, they will run away.
    Sarah will be in trouble in the next alley, with some more thugs assaulting
    her. This time you'll have to deal with a guy with a baseball bat - use the
    abovementioned strategy against him and he'll be on his knees in no time. Grab
    his bat and take out the remaining goons. Afterwards, talk with Sarah and
    she'll proceed to walk home.
    Fap if you must to the fireworks that ensue.
         Better Get Used to It                                             [w-used]
    The Don is outraged that a gang of hoodlums would be assaulting people in his
    territory. Therefore, he wants you and Paulie to go teach these hooligans a
    lesson they'll never forget. But first you've got to find their hideout. A trip
    to Big Biff in Chinatown will reveal their location, which is in fact just
    outside of Chinatown.
    \  \ Teach those bastards a lesson!
    Once you enter their hideout you CANNOT fire your weapon. Doing so would alert
    their leader, who'd escape, and we don't want that. So, equip your bat and
    begin the beating. If possible let the hoods attack Paulie - while their backs
    are turned to you, one good lashing of the bat will take them down. Of course
    the hand~hand combat tactics discussed in the Sarah chapter still apply - run
    in circles and make small hits here and there as you go.
    Eventually you'll reach a civilian, saying something to the effect of "Thank
    God you guys showed up! Cops won't touch these guys because apparently their
    leader is the son of a higher-up in City Hall!" Keep that in mind as you
    progress through the level. Climb the fire escape to get over the dead-end
    alley - once you drop down you'll start being shot at! So these young punks
    wanna play hard ball, eh? You are now allowed to start shooting - so take out
    the hostiles in the area until you reach the leader, who will flee the scene.
    \  \ Chase and kill the leader
    Quickly get into your car and pursue the getaway car of the gang's leader. To
    get these guys to stop, you have to do one of two things; smash into the side
    of the car at a very high rate of speed, or simply follow them to a scripted
    event which will cause them to crash. The crash seemingly kills one, and Paulie
    shoots the other.
         The Whore                                                         [w-whor]
    Because Paulie shot the son of a city councilor, the family's in a lot of
    trouble with the cops, who've sided with Morello's gang on this issue. The Don
    isn't happy about it, but at the moment we've got bigger issues - one of
    Salieri's biggest sources of income has betryayed us to Morello. Furthermore, a
    woman has been leaking information to Morello's gang. Both must be liquidated,
    and both are conveniently located in the same Corleone Hotel.
    Drive on over to the place and go through its main doors.
    \  \ Kill the hotel manager
    Inquire the location of the manager from the clerk at the front desk. He points
    to the restaurant whose entrance is near the front desk; he is the gentleman in
    a white suit having lunch with someone in the back corner. Talk to him to give
    him his death message, then put a bullet in his head. You'll have to deal with
    the joint's security, comprised of shotgun touting goons in tuxedo's.
    \  \ Kill the prostitute Frank mentioned
    The prostitute is located on the third floor. The exact door she's inside is
    somewhat difficult to describe, so just knock on every door on that floor and
    on one, a cutscene will commence.
    \  \ Plant explosives in the Director's office
    Go back down to the first floor and grab the key to the director's office,
    which is behind the front desk (there's a health cabinet there, too). The
    office of the director is on the top floor, and it's not very difficult to find
    - it's labeled "Director." Inside, kill the hotel manager, grab the docs off
    the table, and plant the bomb by crouching down under the desk.
    \  \ Escape!
    You're going to have to roof-hop on over to a church in the distance. So, from
    your starting spot, jump onto the fire escape and head to the top, ignoring the
    cops below. Once you've reached the building's roof, hop on over to the roof of
    the subsequent building. Continue to do this until you reach the roof with a
    wooden scaffolding attached to it - jump onto this, go to the top of the
    scaffolding, and use the ladder to get across to the church.
    Please note that if you stay on any one roof for too long, cops will bust
    through the blue doors (which you cannot enter). You're guaranteed at least
    one big battle with the cops, on that last roof, so be prepared!
    Once you've gotten inside the church, climb down the stairs to the health
    cabinet. This will restore your no-doubt battered body to tip-top condition!
    At the bottom of the stairs, a short cutscene will take over. This show's the
    body of Billy, the thug Paulie shot a level before. You'll be found out by the
    priest, and then have to deal with Billy's very angry family.
    Your first order of business is to kill Billy's friend, who was about to
    deliver Billy's eulogy when you so rudely interrupted. After he's gone, stick
    to the cover of the stairs as you take out the thugs in the seats, in the
    balcony, and near the door. After everyone in the church is dead, Tommy
    will speak with the (corrupt) priest.
         A Trip to the Country                                             [w-trip]
    You, Paulie and Sam have got to oversee the import of some quality Canadian
    liquor. Should be a routine job, eh? Hah, what job thus far has been "routine?"
    Drive over to the warehouse to meet up with Paulie. When you reach the meeting
    place, Sam won't be there to greet you as expected, so Paulie tells you to get
    out and investigate.
    \  \ Find out what happened to Sam's men and the whiskey shipment
    The farm appears to be...deserted! Well, on the end opposite that of Paulie and
    your truck is one of the trucks with the whiskey in it. Examine the driver,
    only to find him dead. Looks like Morello got to the shipment before we could!
    Kill your way back to Paulie, but be wary of the doors of the local houses -
    they will open as you cross them, and emerging will be Morello's men.
    Once you get back to Paulie, he'll say that we've got to save Sam; so let's get
    to it. Return to the large, open barn, following Paulie who at that point will
    run to the second floor of the barn to grab a crowbar. He'll use it to pry open
    the doors of the other barn where it's suspected that Sam is captive.
    Kill the thugs inside, and on the third floor you will find Sam, injured and
    lying on his back. You will have to defend him against Morello's men and the
    cops while Paulie fetches the truck. Once the attackers are dead, meet back
    up with Paulie who'll put you in the truck's back along with Sam and tell you
    to shoot the pursuing cars.
    Use the Tommy gun to take out the drivers - you don't need to bother with the
    gunners. There should be about four cars you'll need to deal with before you
    are once again within the city limits. When you regain control of Tom, drive
    over to Lucas' place for another car-stealing sub-quest..
         Omerta                                                            [w-omer]
    Salieri found out that Frank's the one that sold us out to Morello's thugs.
    Naturally, Frank is going to pay with his life. He's under witness protection
    now and in an unknown location, so you're going to have to find a guy who
    know's a guy who knows a guy who might know Frank is. Got all that?
    \  \ Use your contacts to find Frank
    Big Biff won't know jack, but you'll have to talk to him anyway to find one
    "Little Tony" on Central Island. He'll direct you to "Idiot Joey", under the
    bridge near Bertone's auto services. Joey's a bit shy, so you'll need to rough
    him up a bit to get him to squeal (aka, shoot him in the foot).
    \  \ Get the books from Frank, and then kill him
    Go to the location our friend Joey gave us. Watch the cutscene, then follow the
    highway patrol car (a white dot on your radar) to the airport. Watch out for
    Frank's driver, who's leaving and won't stop just 'cause you're in front of
    him. In the lobby you'll duke it out with five or so cops. Stay outside for
    most of the fighting - if you go indoors you'll get shot full of holes as
    there's no cover to duck to with crooked cops on all sides.
    Once the lobby is clear, Frank and his entourage will flee the building. Some
    cops will stay behind to cover them and delay you, but there's no real hurry to
    catch up with them - they are heading to a parking lot, a bit past one of the
    hangars. The only cop you might have a problem with is the one on the red
    tower, touting a Springfield rifle; him you'll want to take out up close with a
    Tommy gun.
    Once you eliminate Frank's bodyguards, go and talk to him. Before he'll spill
    the beans he wants you to find his family.
    \  \ Find Frank's Family
    Frank's family is located just around the corner, in a flying school where a
    pair of cops have gone outside for a smoke. Kill them and head inside - down
    the end of the hall you'll find Frank's family, but also a guy in a phone booth
    calling the cops: KILL HIM BEFORE HE FINISHES HIS CALL. Otherwise later in the
    level you'll have to deal with cars full of policemen. Now talk to Frank's
    wife and then return to Frank to escourt him to his loved ones.
    Now he want's some plane tickets. My my, he's awfully demanding for a
    hostage, eh? Well, go back to that first building, the lobby, and find the
    tickets on the desk. Bring them back to Frank and his family, and cringe as
    weak-willy Tom cops out on the killing of Frank.
    \  \ Get the books from the First National Bank
    First National Bank? They're always the "First" national bank, you never see a
    "Second" or "Third" national bank. Anyway, this is a straight-up job with no
    twists. Just go to the bank and get the goods. Afterwards, return to Salieri,
    or take a drive on over to Bertone's for a mission from him.
         Visiting Rich People                                              [w-rich]
    Now the Don want's you to collect the remaining evidence against the family. To
    do this you'll have to break into the prosecutors house and swipe the docs from
    his safe. Getting in the safe requires the services of one Salvatoré (Tommy has
    an annoying habit of making sure that 'e' is very pronounced).
    Pick up Salvator-'é' and drive him to the prosecutor's estate up in Oak Hills.
    Take him to the side entrance, and ask him to open the door for you and he'll
    do so.
    \  \ Break into the safe and steal the incriminating evidence
    Whip out your big stick (your... *other* big stick, you perv) and tell
    Salvatoré to sit next to the bench a step or two away. Take out the moving
    sentry off to the left. Now go to the other end of the estate and wipe out the
    guard on the patio, who's leaning out on the railing, looking the other way
    allowing you to come up behind him.
    Near the estate's front entrance is another moving sentry; wait till he comes
    down and patrols with his back to you, and take him out. Now return to
    Salvatoré and give him the follow command, take him to the front entrance, but
    watch out - there's a fat maid inside that likes to enter the foyer and switch
    on the lights, and when she sees you she'll waddle her flabby ass outside and
    call the guards. Beat her over the head with your bat before it comes to that.
    The safe is on the upper floor, near the back of the estate. You may come
    across the prosecutors's wife in your rummaging through the bedrooms, but she's
    got cucumbers in her eyes (!?!?!?) so she won't notice you. Once you find the
    safe, a cutscene will commence, showing the prosecutor's unexpected return. IF
    you got into the estate without killing the guards where the car parks, he
    won't immediately be aware of the burglary.
    Now quickly grab the stuff inside the safe, and shuffle on out to behind the
    estate. Whack any guards there, and ask Salvatoré to open the slick looking
    vehicle the prosecutor drove up in. He'll teach you to jack it, so you can
    make a stylish getaway.
         Great Deal!                                                       [w-deal]
    Paulie found out about a sweet-tasting liquor shipment, and Salieri's
    interested in purchasing it. You'll go with Sam and Paulie to oversee the
    transaction; Bill is on the third floor of the parking garage, use the stairs.
    However, before you can close the deal... you're interrupted.
    \  \ Get the shipment out of the building
    Taking out the car-loads of goons shouldn't be of any difficulty for your Tommy
    gun. Bill will be killed in action - don't worry about it, he's no longer
    relevant. Once you reach the first floor, watch out because the thugs have made
    a barricade blocking your way and will use grenades on the cars to blow them up
    (careful, the explosions have a large blast radius).
    This same fear of cars blowing up should be enough to prevent you from taking
    the more-dangerous staircase, which has a small V8 Turbo parked in front of its
    end and it'll blow once you get near.
    There is a health cabinet on the bottom floor if you need it. Afterwards, once
    all the thugs are taken care of go and get the truck of whiskey and ride it out
    of the garage.
    \  \ Take the whiskey to the warehouse
    I've found it alot easier to stay and fight rather than run from the pursuing
    gangsters - you should be able to run over a few of them as they scramble for
    their cars, and when they get in they're easy targets. Once you've finished
    them off, take the shipment on over to the warehouse.
         Bon Appétit!                                                      [w-eats]
    Salieri wants some lunch, and his bodyguard called in sick, so you're going to
    escourt him. Take him to Pepi's, where lunch takes a sour turn.
    \  \ Survive
    Not an actual objective, but you aren't given one, and since this is the only
    thing to do, well. Follow Salieri's instructions - go out the back door. Use
    the health cabinet on the wall and leave the restaurant through the back.
    Outside, take down the thug with the Tommy gun, who's awaiting you on the
    sidewalk, and use his Tommy gun to flank the crooks shooting at the pinned-
    down Salieri. From here it ought to be easy.
    After the fighting, the Don wants revenge on the crook that set him up - he
    suspects his bodyguard the defector. Drive him over to the bodyguard's
    residence and enter his apartment. His wife will be there, but the bodyguard
    has fled to the back alley to the open arms of his cronies, whom you'll also
    have to kill. A cutscene will end the level after you kill them all.
         Happy Birthday!                                                   [w-hppy]
    The attempt on Salieri's life has made the Don good and mad. He wants to take
    down Morello's evil empire once and for all, and to do this we must first
    remove some of Morello's 'generals,' the first of which being the city
    councilor that set up the prosecution of Salieri's family. He's having a
    birthday bash at sea on a luxury cruiser leaving later today, and there you
    will give him the Don's birthday present, a bullet to the head.
    \  \ Infiltrate the paddle steamer, assassinate the councilor
    Drive down to the dock where the paddle steamer is set to take off. The bouncer
    won't let you on the boat, seeing as you aren't invited; however, go through
    the door next to the nearby telephone booth. Inside you'll reach a basement,
    and hanging on a coat rack is a white uniform fit for a sailor. Right-click it
    to put it on, and the bouncer will let you onto the ship.
    Since you couldn't risk taking a gun aboard, one has been placed on the ship
    for you to retrieve. This is one of the most frequently asked questions...how
    and where to get the gun?! Well first, go to the midlevel of the cruiser and
    head to the back of the ship. Near the ship's quaint old paddle is a room with
    a sign saying "Skipper Has Key." That's the bathroom in which the gun is kept,
    but you need the key.
    Go below deck and find the bathroom on the port side ('port' = left side of the
    ship when facing forward); inside will be a bucket. Pick it up and equip it,
    then talk to the sailor in the blue shirt who should be pacing near by. He'll
    brush off your question at first, but if you pester him he'll reluctantly hand
    over the key's to the bathroom on the promise that you'll promptly return them
    and clean the mess in the bathroom.
    Return to the bathroom and pick up the gun on the floor; but don't welch on
    your deal, clean up the mess and then return those keys - otherwise he'll find
    and question you, which will expose what you're really doing here! Once you've
    got the gun, just wait for a cutscene that will indicate the councilor's speech
    is beginning. Now find a spot where you can see the councilor, and unload on
    him. In the confusion that follows, go below deck to the speed boat Paulie's
    brought as a means of escape.
         You Lucky Bastard!                                                [w-luck]
    Now we're going to kill Morello's right-hand man, his brother Sergio! This
    ain't going to be easy, and in fact you're going to screw up this job more than
    once (story-driven, not your fault).
    \  \ Attempt to Kill Sergio (1)
    The plan behind your first assassination attempt will be Paulie's; you and him
    will drive to a restaurant Sergio frequents, and there you will phone the
    restaurant and ask for Sergio. When Sergio answers, Paulie will take him out
    with his Tommy gun from the outside. Only Sergio ain't there today, so now
    you've got to get your butt out of there and back to Salieri's. Strike one.
    \  \ Attempt to Kill Sergio (2)
    The second plan is for you to plant a bomb on Sergio's car. Tommy can do this
    himself, so drive over to the house in which Sergio's visiting. WAIT for the
    thug taking a smoke by the car to go inside - he can't see you plant the bomb.
    Once he goes indoors, go to the front of the car, and crouch down near the
    radiator and RIGHT-click to plant the bomb and watch the ensuing cinema.
    I hate it when women die :*(
    Strike two!
    \  \ Attempt to Kill Sergio (3)
    Now the Don's a bit miffed at your first two screw-ups. Paulie's got another
    idea - to gun down him and his gorilla's in broad daylight in front of some
    store. Well, seems like a great idea - Paulie walks up to them, Thompson 128 in
    hand, delivering the death message...and then his gun jams.
    What a lucky bastard! Strike three. Now you've got to elude capture, but I
    found it quite easy to get away from the thugs.
    \  \ Kill Sergio (fourth time's a charm?)
    Salieri's fed up with your antics, he wants the job done and done RIGHT. So he
    demotes you for this project and hands the lucrative assassination to some
    other guys. Watch the cutscene...and see how the bastard lucks out AGAIN!
    Somebody get this guy to Vegas!
    Chase Sergio - or rather, follow at a respectable distance. Going over the
    speed limit is unavoidable here, so you'll have to deal with the cops. The POS
    car you're driving is extremely slow to accelerate, so try not to crash! You
    can't overtake him, you just need to follow him to the pier, which is where the
    game's most difficult puzzle takes place.
    After the cutscene, take out all the guys behind the cover of your now shot-up
    car. Now drive one of the big trucks parked nearby all the way to the other end
    of the pier - you can safely ignore most of these crooks, as most won't follow.
    Sergio's car is parked near a warehouse...which he happens to be hiding in! How
    to get in? Well, for the moment we'll take out the guards near the bins and
    snipers on the red towers - to do this, just shoot the explosive tankers! See
    the below pics for reference:
    Now go to the black cylindrical train sections which look something like this:
    Near that train, there's a switch. Throw it once, then kick the stone block by
    the wheel of the abovementioned train tanker. This will cause the train section
    to careen down the track and into a warehouse door. If it hit the CORRECT
    warehouse, when you approach it a cutscene will take over.
    Take out the bodyguard's of Sergio, then Sergio himself, which is no biggie. A
    straight-up firefight. Afterward if you need the health, there's a cabinet
    near the dead / dying body of Sergio, in the empty room across from him.
    Now leave the harbor, and see if Lucas has any missions for you.
    \  \ Save Lucas' Friend!
    I usually don't cover the Lucas sub-quests, but this one's especially hard.
    For this mission, I highly recommend the yellow convertible, also known as the
    Phaeton V16, which is not only fast, but it's also powerful enough to withstand
    the aggressive bumps from the police cars that'll undoubtedly chase you as you
    speed to rescue Lucas' friend.
    Anyway, from the autoservice, take the main road that goes along the coast,
    straight up north along the map until you reach a bridge - this bridge happens
    to skip Central Island, saving a lot of time. Don't worry about the cops. If
    you get a tail, don't stop until you reach the scene of the injured friend,
    then get out and kill the cops (yes, kill them!).
    Talk to the pair, then get in your car. Honk your horn a couple of times and
    wait for the injured guy to get into your back seat (which is why we need a
    Fordor!). Now take the bridge you arrived here with and make your way to the
    Job well done, on your main quest and sub-quest, two of the hardest in the
         Creme de la Creme                                                 [w-crem]
    "Creme de la Creme"...or Spanish for "Elite of the Elite." If the level's title
    is any indication, you're now going after Salieri's top adversary, Morello
    himself! Morello is going to a play tonight, and when he emerges you, Paulie
    and Sam will be there to gun him down on his way to his limo. But as with most
    of our missions, **** happens...
    \  \ Kill Morello
    You arrive late, just as Morello's limo pulls away from the theater. You need
    to chase him out of town, to the airport, where your car will break down. Boy,
    fate's not on our side on this mission! Pursue Morello and his gang of thugs to
    an airstrip, where Morello has gotten into a plane and is taking off down the
    runway. Run after the plane for a bit and Paulie and Sam will pull up next to
    you - Sam fixed the car.
    Now you're going to have to shoot down the plane with only your Tommy gun. Aim
    for the plane's body, not the engines, and the plane will be destroyed
    promptly. Short walkthrough for a short mission.
         Election Campaign                                                 [w-elct]
    Now the Don wants a politician taken out, this one being a major thorn in
    Salieri's side. To do this you'll get to take him out from a distance, with a
    makeshift sniper rifle Vincenzo puts together. The unnamed politician will be
    making a speech on an island just outside of New Ark, but you won't even have
    to be on the island to take him out; you'll snipe him from the top of an old
    prison tower on the tip of Central Island.
    \  \ Assassinate the politician
    Drive to the old prison. You'll find the main entrance locked, so go around to
    the side where some municipal lackey's are working nearby. Shoot the guy near
    the sewer entrance and then climb down the ladder into the sewer, which will
    bypass the old prison's locked main entrance.
    Ignore the dogs behind the chain linked fence and enter the old prison. Inside
    you'll hear voices from above, whistling, bottles breaking. Looks like this old
    prison isn't exactly vacant! Go up the stair case at the end of the first floor
    to find some armed hobos huddling round a fire; take them out, and proceed to
    the wooden balcony outside that doubles as a staircase.
    On the third floor the door needs to be kicked in, and when you do that you'll
    also knock over a thug on the other side. Grab his shotgun and waste him. With
    your new shotgun, knock off the bums in the room.
    When you reach a medicine cabinet next to a crumbling wall, you'll know you've
    not far to go. Just be careful -- there are quite a few of these hooligans
    armed with shotguns and in close quarters, one shell will take you out.
    Eventually you'll come to a long stairwell heading up to the prison's top, and
    scattered along this staircase are a bunch of shotgun wielding redneck's you'd
    expect in a place like this.
    Equip your Mousin-Nagant rifle and shoot the politician making a speech on the
    island a few miles away. You should probably try and get him with one shot, but
    if it takes two or even three you should be okay so long as he doesn't manage
    to get into his car.
    \  \ Return to the Salieri bar
    You cannot exit the prison building the way you entered it. Instead take the
    stairwell that led to the top tier of the prison building to the bottom. There
    you'll have to deal with some mangy mutts, but the exit is only twenty yards
    away. Shoot off the lock and go through the door.
    This is probably the most difficult part of the level, getting away! Seems the
    feds figured out where the shooting was coming from and ordered a whole
    battalion of cops in trenchcoats to oversee your execution. You're totally
    exposed as you emerge from the loading point, no cover in sight and the
    shooting will begin almost immediately.
    You might try to run for your car, but I've found they'd always throw me out of
    it and beat me to a bloody pulp. Instead I think you should do a 180 turn and
    run down the sidewalk a few steps where a small, protruding section of the
    prison building provides some cover. From here you can use your sniper rifle on
    some of the less imminent threats, and handle the ones closest to you easily
    with your shotgun or 1911.
    Once you manage to flee the scene of the crime, head back to Salieri's.
         Just for Relaxation                                               [w-rlax]
    This is a small time job, just for relaxation - we need to pick up a truckload
    of fine foreign cigars. First, drop Sam off at the place marked on the map,
    then head to the harbor with Paulie.
    \  \ Get the truck and documents
    Wait for the truck to leave (NOTE: If it doesn't and it just sits there, it's a
    bug - reload your most current save game) and then follow it to a warehouse. DO
    NOT ENTER THE WAREHOUSE - you cannot apprehend the truck and sequester the
    driver's papers until AFTER he leaves the warehouse, which will require some
    take awhile as the workers inside it go to unload the truck.
    So, while you aren't doing anything, use your big fordor you got from Ralphie
    and set up a road block down the alley and around the corner. When you stop the
    truck, throw out the driver and beat him over the head with your bat until he
    drops the papers (or just shoot him, which was what I did :P ).
    \  \ Get the cigar shipment
    Enter the harbor. From the entrance, go straight until you reach a warehouse
    with its door open - that's where the cigars are kept, but the guy at the
    entrance won't let you take them. He don't like you "standin' around doin'
    nothin'" and will order you to move 20 crates into the dispatch hall. He won't
    be in the bathroom long enough for you to load the cigars onto your truck, so
    you should probably do as he says. Of course you don't have to, you could just
    kill everyone, but that wouldn't be very tactical now would it?
    If you want to obey the 'chief' you'll avoid alot of shooting, so carry
    the crates into the warehouse and lie them onto the palette there. This is long
    and tedious process; I skipped doing this my second time through the game. When
    you finish up, talk to the chief who's back from the John. Tommy will make up a
    story that'll get him away from his post for awhile, and while he's away you
    can load the cigar crates onto the truck.
    Err, wait, how do we get the crates in the truck!? Well, back the truck against
    the warehouse and the truck's bed gate will open up. This will allow you to
    walk into the truck's bed while carrying the crates, which you drop by right-
    clicking. If you're not sure what I mean by this, perhaps this screenshot can
    better demonstrate:
    Once you've loaded the cigars, leave the harbor...of course, once they find out
    you're taking what you aren't supposed to, a car chase will ensue...
    \  \ Return to the rendezvous
     Take the truck back to the alley in which you dropped off Sam. You might have
     to fight there, but with Sam and Paulie it shouldn't be too hard (also note
     the shotgun leaning against a building).
     Afterwards take the truck to Salieri's warehouse, where you and Paulie will
     make an unpleasant discovery...
         Moonlighting                                                      [w-moon]
    Looks like Salieri's screwing us. Now Paulie and Tom want to take 'revenge'
    of sorts and do the bank job Paulie brought up earlier. Follow him to the bank
    - don't lose him, and don't cause trouble along the way. It will take about 5
    minutes to get to the bank, and after you're done inspecting it, Paulie will
    tell you to get a car and some guns.
    \  \ Get the guns from Yellow Pete and car from Lucas
    Go to Yellow Pete's weapons repository and get some guns. Remember the location
    of this place,  as it won't be marked on your map.
    Now we're off to get a car from Lucas. Of course he requires a favor before he
    gets you a new hotrod; after a long explanation, he'll simply say to follow a
    dame that'll leave the Corleone hotel and report back with her destination.
    Following the hooker isn't very difficult, but keep a respectable distance
    since you can't tread side-by-side with her (if you do you'll fail the
    Report back to Lucas and he'll send you off to nab some new fancy car. The
    driver's armed, so watch it. Once you're nice and supplied, go to the front of
    Paulie's apartment and honk your horn a few times.
    \  \ Get the money from the safe
    Paulie will initiate the hold-up; a pair of security guards will come from the
    upstairs area and shoot at you. Kill them, then go behind the front desk and
    grab the keys hanging on a nail near the teller Paulie's questioning.
    Now go upstairs, kill any security guards trying to play hero, and open the
    door marked "Director." Inside the manager will tell you the keys to the safe
    are in the shelf, so grab them and head downstairs.
    Find the stairwell into the basement, and follow the dungeon-like corridors to
    the safe, at which point a cutscene will commence showing Tommy scooping up the
    Return to Paulie, who'll rather heartlessly kill a screaming woman who annoyed
    him, and leave the bank.
    \  \ Escape to the warehouse
    Escaping's no easy task - cops will be coming from all directions and descend
    on the besieged bank. Nevertheless your hotrod ought to be able to stand up to
    the advances of the cops - make your way to the warehouse, get out and kill any
    cops that remain on your tail.
         The Death of Art                                                  [w-deth]
    Tom goes to Paulie's apartment to complete their scheme...only to find Paulie
    shot full of holes, lying dead on the floor. Sam will phone the apartment and
    ask for Paulie, only to get Tom and the bad news; seems Salieri doesn't want
    "crooks" working for him, or at the very least doesn't want to go to jail
    because of what some of his henchmen are doing on the side. Sam arranges a
    meeting at the local art gallery, and you're to be there to discuss your
    options with your one remaining friend.
    \  \ Get some guns from Yellow Pete (IMPORTANT)
    Who knows what might happen, eh? So we're going to stock up on some guns. If
    you can't remember where Yellow Pete's "business" is, go where the H of
    "Hoboken" is on the map to find the Palmero club, into which you and Paulie
    fled to escape the cops in the previous level. Take the road away from the
    Palmero club till you reach a building with a "Twister" sign on its side;
    that's the place.
    I recommend getting a Tommy gun, Colt 1911, Model S&W Magnum, and Springfield
    rifle from Pete. Now proceed to the meeting place.
    \  \ Kill All of the Bastards
    Our friend and partner Sam betray's us, takes our money, and now wants us dead.
    It's the nature of the business, apparently. That's okay, I never liked Sam
    anyway and enjoyed killing him >:)
    Anywho, kill all the bastards in the foyer and head into the first available
    art hall. We're in close quarters now, so it's going to be difficult and
    unnecessary to describe the way from here, as the path is rather linear.
    However I will say that watch out for the crooks that like to throw grenades
    from above.
    At the next cutscene, Sam will gloat above you once more before he lets his
    henchmen have at you. Climb the stairs and waste all the guards there. Search
    the joint and find and kill all the bastards...eventually, you'll think you've
    killed them all, and wonder where the hell to go next!? Don't worry, I did the
    same thing, wandering about for a half hour before I got it:
    Return to the second floor of the musuem, to the circular chamber with, for
    lack of a better word, a hole in the center -- Sam stood near there as he
    dropped down the bag of cash in the opening cutscene. Nearby are a pair of
    doors; the "correct" one that advances the level has the painting "The
    Judgement of Paris" right next to the entrance. For those of you unfamiliar
    with Greek mythology, the painting looks something like the following:
    Or if the above link doesn't work (though it should), try this one:
    Proceed to the gallery's end and you'll find Sam, who will once again flee the
    scene and leave his cronies to do the work. Cut them down and you'll wind up
    back at the second floor above the museums's entrance. Now go down the steps to
    the other side, to a high-roofed room with a health cabinet (and a guard above
    who'll drop a grenade on you). Climb the steps to find a private art showing
    with a lot of vacant seats. Well, this room goes nowhere so go to the one
    across from it, whose doors ought to be open at this point (they weren't
    earlier in the level, however). Follow the hall to Sam, the final
    \  \ Kill Sam
    You probably don't have the health to just expose yourself and open up on Sam,
    so attempt to approach him - this will force Sam to move (he likes to stay
    directly across from you). As he comes to a complete stop, he won't have time
    to react and fire at you; there's your chance! Stop somewhere and begin firing
    at the old boy before he pulls the trigger. I recommend the Springfield rifle,
    from which a few shots will do him in; however, a steady clip from the Tommy
    will also do the trick.
    Once you've damaged him enough, Sam will run away...follow the trail of blood
    down the hall, in which he'll jump around the corner and fire at you! Be ready,
    draw your Colt 1911 and cap him as he emerges.
    Now go and enjoy the long, sad, final cutscene :'(
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
      5. Ciao                                                              [m-gbye]
     ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  ________  _______
    Hope the guide helped. Yadda yadda...
    Hasta luego.
    Copyright © 2004 Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria. All rights reserved.

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