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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Geezguy

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                    -- JOIN THE FAMILY –-
    =                       MAFIA                        =
    =                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                    =
    =                       PC                           =
    =                   Version: 0.0                     =
    =               Written By: Geezguy                  =
    =             Started: June 20th, 2007               =
    =             Updated: August 5th, 2007              =
    =        E-mail: Geezguy-(at)hotmail(dot)com         =
    =             Document © 2007 Geezguy                =
    =          The Guide Contains Spoilers!!             =
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    Table of Contents
    01. Introduction
    02. Copyright Law
    03. E-Mail Policy
    04. Game Info
        a. Getting Around
        b. Cops
        c. Weapons
        d. Characters
    05. Walkthrough
        a. An Offer You Can’t Refuse
        b. Running Man
        c. Molotov Party
        d. Ordinary Routine
        e. Fairplay
        f. Sarah
        g. Better Get Used To It
        h. The Whore
        i. The Priest
        j. A Trip To the Country
        k. Omerta
        l. Visiting Rich People
        m. Great Deal!
        n. Bon Appétit!
        o. Happy Birthday!
        p. You Lucky Bastard
        q. Cremé De La Cremé
        r. Election Campaign
        s. Just For Relaxation
        t. Moonlighting
        u. The Death of Art
    06. FAQ
    07. Version History
    08. Credits
    Hello, and welcome to my walkthrough for one of the best games in the world,
    Mafia. I have already done two attempts on creating a guide for this game
    but changed my mind because the PS2 became too boring to play, even if I
    liked it a lot. Now I got the PC version and it has everything I missed!
    This version is recommended to all of you who are going to play Mafia.
    Anyway, this FAQ/Walkthrough has everything you need to know about Mafia.
    Detailed strategies on each story mission and side mission, lists on cars
    and weapons and where to find them. And much more making this FAQ/Walkthrough
    the best you can get out there, I hope. If you have any questions regarding
    Mafia, you’re welcome to e-mail me. Now, enjoy this beautiful game and this
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright © 2007 by Mikael Eklund, Geezguy. And
    it should not tried be sold anywhere on a site, magazine, book, or whatever
    the thief is trying to do. To get this guide on your site, you must E-mail
    me at the adress below and get a permission. If you do rip of parts of this
    walkthrough or steal it, you're guilty of plagiarism. As we all understand,
    this walkthrough can only be used in a private use and it can be copied
    If you have any suggestions, questions, recommendations, strategies or
    anything that can help my Mafia guide in any way to become even more better,
    please feel free to e-mail me at my adress which can be found above. Your
    reply will come in at least one-two days or less. Sometimes I might have
    gone somewhere so the answer might be late then. But I always answer e-mails
    that has a relevant subject. It's also very important that you now that
    if you want me to read you mail you must input "Mafia" as the subject,
    because I don't open mails that doesn't have a subject or has a strange
    subject. And don't be rude, insulting, complaining or anything else bad.
    Be nice and we will have no problems.
    You will only see this FAQ/Walkthrough at GameFAQs, Neoseeker and
    Supercheats. Should you spot it anywhere else, please infrom me at once!
    If you find any spelling errors, please infrom me about it too.
    03. GAME INFO
    This section will contain some important information I’m sure you
    will have some use of.
    You have different ways to get around in Lost Heaven. You either walk
    your way, which I don’t recommend. You can steal any car you want but
    only if you’ve learned to pick the car’s lock, which you will learn from
    Ralphie and Lucas. You can take the train and the tramcar. You will find
    the tramcar going around in each one of the three islands, and when it
    stops, you can press the action button (right mouse button) to enter it.
    You can get to the train by finding a train station and take the stairs
    up. Then just wait for the train to come and enter it with the action
    button. The train will stop at different stations just like the tramcar,
    so just exit it as soon as you reach your location.
    The cops are very smart in Mafia. If you drive a little over 40 mph they
    will try to stop you and fine you. If you drive like 70 mph they will try
    to arrest you on the spot. I recommend that you stop and pay the bill that
    the cops will give you so they will disappear. But if they try to arrest
    you, you can try to escape them, but if they chase you for too long, they
    will alert all the cops in the city and a red bar that says “Wanted” will
    appear. If you exit the wanted car they’re chasing, they will get confused
    as they don’t know it was you who was in the car as long as they don’t see
    you exit it. If they don’t see you exit the car, you can then steal a new
    car and pretend like nothing has happened! If you’re wanted when you’re
    not in a car, they know it’s you, but they will lose track of you if you
    enter a car.
    If you crash into trashcans or other destroyable objects or crash into
    another car and the cops spots it, they will try to stop you and fine you.
    If they see a weapon of yours they will respond with fire. These are the
    different icons of the police:
    A papernote: They will try to stop and fine you.
    Cuffs: The cops will try to arrest you.
    A gun: They will try to kill you.
    They will act different depending on which icon you have. If you have the
    papernote on top of the screen, they will as said try to fine you. If you
    pull over, they will ask you to step out of the car. If you have the cuffs
    or the gun icon on the screen they will pull you out of the car with force.
    Also, if drive over the speedlimit which is 40 mph or crash into another car
    or into a destroyable object the cops will try to arrest you instead as you’ve
    broken the law too much.
    There’s a lot of different weapons in this awesome game. In this section I
    will list every weapon in the game. Hope you will get some use of it.
    - S&W Model 10 M&P
    Magazine: 6/36
    This is one of the worst pistols in the game. It takes a lot of shots to
    kill one enemy, so imagine how it will end if you try to take out a group
    of gangsters with this gun?
    - Colt 1911
    Magazine: 7/35
    This gun is strong and is the best handgun in the game. You can take out
    a group of two-three with this gun. Just try to take some cover when you
    - Colt Detective Special
    Magazine: 6/36
    This one is just like the S&W gun, but just a little better than that one.
    Otherwise, it’s useless but it can be a good backup gun though.
    - S&W Model 27 Magnum
    Magazine: 6/36
    This is a powerful magnum, and it's very useful since it's usually a
    one-shot-kill weapon. You will find this gun more useful than the Colt
    1911. But it takes a while to fire a round after the other, so the Colt
    1911 can deal more damage faster, but the magnum can kill on one shot if
    you aim for the head.
    - Pump-Action Shotgun
    Magazine: 8/32
    Yes! This shotgun is so powerful and awesome especially at a close range.
    Otherwise it’s quite useless from a long range, but it will blow someone
    away in middle range with one or two shots. You will have a lot of
    firepower with this baby, and I think we all know it's the right weapon
    to use in a close range.
    - Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Magazine: 2/34
    This shotgun is very handy. It’s easy to hide, and it has a lot of firepower
    just like the pump-action shotgun. There’s only two bad things about this
    shotgun, it only has two rounds and it’s not capable to kill at a long range.
    - Thompson 1928
    Magazine: 50/200
    There you have it, the best weapon in the game. Almost as powerful as a
    shotgun and capable at killing someone at very long distance as well as a
    close distance just like a sniper rifle.
    - U.S Rifle M1903 Springfield
    Magazine: 5/15
    This rifle is missing a scope, so it’s quite difficult to hit someone at a
    long distance. But you can still kill a target with the crosshair if you’re
    good at aiming.
    - Mosin Nagant 1891/30
    Magazine: 5/35
    This rifle has a scope added to it, so now it’s very easy to hit a target from a
    long distance. Unfortunately you will only see this weapon once in the game
    during a mission.
    - Molotov Cocktail
    This weapon is throwable. It’s a bottle mixed with liquid and has a greasy
    rag sticking out of the bottle which makes it burn when you light it. When
    you throw the bottle, it will break and the fire will come in contact with
    the liquid and it will then explode. It's useful when you need to light a
    few gangsters or destroy a car.
    - Grenade
    Once thrown, it will explode after a while and will kill anyone who stands
    near its exploding-range. It’s as rare as the molotovs so you will probably
    just see it once or twice.
    - Baseball Bat
    Yeah, this can be very useful. Hit someone in the head with it from behind
    and the victim will be knocked out cold and won’t distrub you any longer.
    - Iron Knuckles
    This is used on Tommy’s hand and it will deal much more damage when hitting
    someone with your fists.
    - Crowbar
    This deals more damage than the baseball bat since it’s made of iron.
    - Knife
    Very good melee weapon. Charge a full attack to swing this blade around!
    - Wooden Plank
    This is as powerful as the baseball bat. Nothing new to report.
    - Iron Pipe
    This is as powerful as the crowbar since it’s made of iron.
    Info taken from http://www.mafia-game.com and game’s manual.
    - Tommy Angelo
    The main character of the game. Tommy used to be a cab driver, but because
    of some unpleasant circumstances, he was forced to join the Mafia. He’s
    quite a nice guy, but his difficult childhood and the hard circumstances
    of the thirties modified his set of values somewhat. And so he is prepared
    to do things that are not quite acceptable or understandable to an
    ordinary person. His conscience, however, does wake up from time to
    time and so sometimes he acts in an entirely unexpected way...
    - Norman
    A typical representative of an American detective from the school of hard
    He is an unpleasant and badly groomed lout who gives the impression that he
    everyone around him. Tom tells his life story to Norman, which can’t be at all
    for him.
    - Don Salieri
    The Boss of the Family that Tom is working for. Salieri is a man who's lived
    through a lot, and there aren't many things that make him lose his cool. He is
    one of those Mafiosi for whom the money wasn't the main reason for building up
    his position. Although he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, his first
    course of action is not necessarily the most violent or aggressive one. He is
    friendly, but when it comes down to it, he can get really angry. His motto is
    'business first' and friendship must be put aside sometimes.
    - Paulie
    Tom's gang-leader. He’s a small guy, full of energy. He is a choleric and
    sometimes behaves quite unpredictably. However, when he takes a liking to
    someone, he is the truest friend there can be and is always reliable - if he
    isn't busy causing you some trouble, that is. Paulie and Tom like each other
    immediately and become good friends; they work together quite often.
    - Sam
    Another of Tom's colleagues. He is a big, friendly guy, with a nice smile. In
    spite of his size, he is timid and a little clumsy, and doesn't talk much. He
    often works with Tom and Paulie, and they are good friends.
    - Frank Colletti
    Frank is Don Salieri's best friend, associate and advisor. His main concern is
    family finance and thelegal side of business. He is well suited to this. At
    sight he doesn't seem to belong amongthese criminals, as he is a very quiet and
    inconspicuous nice guy. He does his work mainly because of an attachment to Don
    Salieri, as well as their mutual past. They grew up together in a poor quarter
    thanks to the Don he gained most of what he has, so he can't just turn his back
    him. If he'd grown up in any other place he would certainly be a successful
    or businessman.
    - Don Morello
    Salieri's main adversary, where Salieri opts for negotiation, Morello uses an
    of men with Thompsons. Where Salieri punishes treachery, Morello
    shows his might. Because of this he has a big influence in the city, which he is
    trying to extend into Salieri family territory. He is greatly helped by his
    Sergio. However, he ultimately destroys everything he’s involved in through his
    overly brutal behaviour.
    - Vincenzo
    He has worked for the family for a long time and it means everything to him.
    Strange that such a good guy like Vincenzo found his greatest love in guns, but
    why he takes care of Salieri's arsenal of weapons and selects the best
    equipment for a
    - Ralph
    Ralph is excellent when it comes to dealing with vehicles. He can take apart,
    improve and then rebuild whatever he gets his hands on and that's about it. His
    revolves around anything on four wheels, and he knows little about anything
    else. That's
    why he'll only talk about vehicles, though even conversations about vehicles
    aren't easy
    for him.
    - Lucas Bertone
    Lucas is a pleasant Italian of middle age, a car mechanic for the rich. He is
    very big-
    hearted even though, in view of the services he provides to the Mafia, he is no
    NOTE: Although not part of the Salieri family
    it’s often worth visiting Lucas when you have
    spare time as unlike Ralph, Lucas’s work
    means that he has access to some of the more
    luxurious and exotic cars in the city.
    This is the walkthrough for Mafia. This game offets a great variation of
    the story is amazing and there’s a lot of cars and weapons to play with. There’s
    also a lot of different events and details to see in this game, which makes this
    game very unique. I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I did and still do.
    Since the game’s map doesn’t show names on it, I will refer to this map when I
    tell you to cross a certain bridge or anything else that isn’t marked on your
    You can save this map onto your computer by following the link below, right
    on the picture and select "save image as".
    AUTUMN 1930
            An Offer You Can’t Refuse
    When you start a new game you will see a cutscene. The game will begin in 1930
    where the main character, Tommy Angelo is standing outside of his taxi. He’s on
    a break and suddenly two gangsters forces him to drive them away from their
    When you get control of the taxi, drive forward and drive like a maniac just to
    lose the tail. It’s quite easy, but it might also take some turns if you’re not
    used to chases. My advice is to try to lose them in narrow alleys or drive
    tricky places where you know that the computer might have a hard time to go
    without get stuck or crash. It’s also good to drive zick-zack between cars so
    the pursuers will crash into them. Just try to be creative and I’m sure you’ll
    them. You will see a lot of these chases later in the game so get used to it.
    Alright, when you’ve lost the tail, the gangsters wants you to drive them to
    Salieri’s Bar on Central Island. You can go there by crossing Giuliano Bridge
    to the west of this island or take the other bridge to the southwest. Press
    the TAB button to display the map and drive towards the blue X where a cutscene
    will take over. The gangster, Sam gives Tommy an envelope with a lot of money
    to fix the car, or rather more than necessary to fix the car. He also tells
    him that Salieri offers Tommy a place in the family. Sam tells Tommy to think
    about it. But Tommy decides to forget it all and just move on.
                  Running Man
    In this mission you must drive a total of five passengers to their locations
    (this first part of the missions was called “Taxi Driver” in the PS2 version).
    You will get a time limit for each passenger you pick up, but you should get
    to their locations without trouble. The first passenger wants to go to the
    church in downtown so go there by first crossing the bridge to the southeast
    and then just drive to the church which is displayed on the map. You can
    basically just look at your map and take the path that fits you. The second
    passenger wants you to drive him to the hospital in The Ark, which isn’t
    very far from here. When you reach the hospital, a woman wants you to take
    her to the theater on Central Island. You can get there quickly across the
    Giuliano Bridge. After you’ve dropped her there, a man asks you to take him
    to the Pompeii Bar in Hoboken, so just drive there and drop him off. Your
    last passenger will appear now and asks you to drive him to the department
    store parking loton Central Island. Go across Giuliano Bridge and then take
    the second right turn you see. Then just follow the street to the end and
    turn left. Then just park in one of the parking spaces. A scene will start
    once the passenger has left the taxi.
    Morello’s men found you and they are not happy for what you did last night.
    Once you get control of Tommy, run straight forward across the street and
    try to avoid the shooter that will follow you from behind. Follow the alley
    here to the left and when you reach the street, cross it to the upper left
    corner and then turn right into another alley (watch out for the car that
    drives out of it). Turn left when you can and then go down the stairs to
    the right of the man that you can see in front of you. Turn left again
    here at the street and enter the next alley to the left. Just go through
    this alley to the street and  turn left. You’ll now see Salieri’s Bar in
    front of you, so run for it! Once you’re near it, a scene will take over
    which will end the mission.
                 Molotov Party
    Tommy decided to join the mafia since he has no choice. Morello is after
    him so it isn’t safe to be driving a taxi alone in town. Salieri, your
    boss is going to give you a shot to get revenge on the bastards who
    wrecked your taxi. Paulie, on of your fellow gangsters, will introduce
    you to the weapons expert, Vincenzo and then the stuttering car expert,
    Ralph. You will visit these guys a lot before a mission to get new
    weapons and cars. Vincenzo will give you a baseball bat and some
    molotov cocktails. Ralph will give you a Bolt Ace Fordor, not fast
    car but it’ll at least take you somewhere.
    Once the scene is over, your objective is to get to Morello’s Bar
    and then wreck the cars that’s parked next to it. Try to avoid the
    cops along the way there. If they start to chase you, just step out
    of the car and pay. Once you’re at the bar, you’ll see a guard
    standing in front of the entrance to the bar. Park your car in
    the alley to the left of the guard and then step out of it. Go
    left and you’ll see a red door to the right in this narrow alley.
    Now, sneak up behind the guard and hit him with the baseball bat.
    Be sure that press and hold the left mouse button until the bar
    is filled so you will have a full charged hit. When the guy
    collapses, throw a molotov on two of the three cars. Step away
    until they explode. Wreck the last car with the baseball bat
    until the screen says that you’ve done enough damage. Now, get
    back to the car before the gangsters comes out of the bar! Once
    inside the car, drive back to Salieri’s Bar and go through the
    entrance or the back door to complete the mission. Tommy will
    now become one of them in the Salieri family.
                 Ordinary Routine
    Alright, so now you’re going after some protection money from the
    locations that you’re guarding. Get a S&M Model 10 from Vincenzo
    and a Bolt Model B from Ralph. First, drive to the restaurant on
    Central Island and collect the money there. Just wait for Paulie
    to do the collection and then drive off to the next location which
    is the Pompeii Bar in Hoboken. Once Paulie has come out from the
    bar, drive to the motel outside of town. You can get there by
    following the signs that says “airport” or by following the arrow
    on your map which is also easier. Follow the road until a scene
    takes over. This time, both Paulie and Sam will go to do the
    collecting. Tommy will stay outside to watch the car and have
    a smoke. After a while, Paulie will come out wounded! They’ve
    got Sam and you must rescue him or they will pump him for
    information. When you start, shoot the yellow car’s tires
    to the left. Trust me and you’ll thank me later.
    Now, go to the left around the hotel and kill the dog when you
    see it or it might attack you. Now, see the pile of boxes which
    leads up to a balcony? Climb them up to it and open the door.
    Open the next door in front of you and grab the Thompson on
    the bed! Exit the room and turn left. Open the door there in
    front of you and kill the guard inside the restroom. Three
    guards will now come from behind so shoot them when you see
    them. Grab their guns if you want.
    Now, go down the hall and turn right when you can. Go through
    the only door at the end of this short hallway and go inside
    the bathroom to find a medkit on the wall. Use it ONLY when
    you’re low on health. There will be some shooting downstairs
    so I recommend that you save it for later if you have at least
    60-70 HP left. Now, exit to the corridor and take the stairs
    down. Crouch down and look into the pool room carefully to see
    three gangsters. Try to shoot them in the head while peeking
    out of the corner. There’s two behind the pool tables and one
    with a Thompson behind the bar counter at the far left side of
    the room. Once they’re all dead, grab the Thompson if it has
    any bullets left and then kill the guy that comes out of the
    room to the right with a white shirt. Once he’s dead, enter
    the room he came from (or grab the Medkit in the bathroom on
    the 2nd floor if you need to now) and you’ll find Sam. In the
    pool room you’ll get knocked by another guy in a white shirt.
    But this one has a gun. When you get control of Tommy again,
    hide behind the pool tables and shoot the bastard when you
    get a good shot. Once he’s dead, go towards Sam to start
    another cutscene.
    A man has now stolen all your money and are now going to
    escape from here. When you start again, run to your car
    and start to chase him. The man will escape in the yellow
    car I told you to shoot its tires on! He will now drive
    like a drunk. The game will load a little when you hit
    the streets but when you start again. Try to position
    yourself beside him and then shoot him with a gun in his
    head to kill him. Or, you can chase him for a little
    longer time and try to explode his car by shooting like
    crazy at his car. Or another strategy is to pull up
    beside him and then force his car into a wall which
    will make him exit the car and try to shoot you. Don’t
    exit the car, instead, drive away a little and then hit
    the gas towards him and kill him by hitting him! A
    cutscene called “Intermezzo One” will take over which
    will also finish the mission.
    This is my least favorite mission which is because I don’t like
    races and time limited missions. Well, Salieri has bet on a racer
    who he now knows is going to lose to a European who has a much
    faster car. Ralph told him that AFTER he made his bet and now you
    must go the garages at the city race tracks and steal the Europeans’s
    race car and then take it to Ralph’s friend Lucas to tune it down
    a little so Salieri’s driver will win. Sounds fun? Alright, start
    off by going to Ralph and get a Schubert Six. Once you’re on the
    streets, a clock will start to tick and this is the time you’ll
    have to get the car from the garage and to Lucas, so get going!
    Once outside, look at your map and decide which way you think
    is the fastest towards the “X” on the map. Once you reach that
    “X” your map will not display that area since it’s outside of
    town. You’ll know you’re at the right place if you saw a sign
    to the left at the beginning of the road that said “Lost Heaven
    Racing Circuit”. There’s only one road to follow so drive
    forward until you see a small house to the right. Stop next
    to it, and talk to the man who is Ralph’s friend, Bobby.
    He’ll rise the bar who I blocking your path into a tunnle
    which leads to the race car’s garages. Jump into the car
    while he’s rising the bar and when he’s entered the car,
    drive through the tunnle and stop at the garage where the
    green arrow is pointing. Bobby will open the garage and a
    small sequence will play once you try to enter the garage.
    It might be a little frustrating when they’re talking when
    the clock ticks at the same time! Anyway, when you get
    control of Tommy, get into the racing car and drive to
    Lucas’ auto-shop in Downtown.
    This car is REALLY fast, so be careful with it. And Bobby told
    you to watch out for the cops like the devil, but during the 10
    times I’ve beaten this game, I’ve never and I mean never seen a
    police car during this mission! I hope you have the same luck as
    me. Anyway, the way I always get to Lucas is the following (you
    also need plenty of time, but somehow, the time seems to move
    slower in the PC version thankfully. The PS2 versions clock was
    moving fast as hell!); move to the southern road on the map and
    take the third left turn. Cross the West Marshall Bridge and then
    move towards and cross Giuliano Bridge. You’ll see an event when
    you cross it. A man is about to jump from the bridge and there’s
    some people and an ambulance there trying to help him. This was
    not on the PS2 version since it had to load everytime you crossed
    that bridge. Anyway, now just head for Lucas’ shop under the
    Giuliano Bridge. Look at your map and you won’t be confused.
    Drive into the garage and a cutscene will play. After Lucas is
    done with the car you have to take it back to the garage at the
    race track. You’ll have a new clock and a new damage bar so
    don’t worry. But this clock seems to be ticking a little faster,
    so drive the exact same way back to the garage without crashing
    into other crs or objects which will slow you down. Once at the
    garage, drive inside to leave the car. Now, all you have to do
    is to drive back to Salieri’s bar and go through the back or
    the front door.
    Now, the mission is far from over. Frank now wants Tommy to
    get back to the race track the next morning. Alright, so get
    inside the car and drive to the race track with a time limit.
    But you should not have any trouble to get there. But this
    time the cops will be on the road so watch out. If you get a
    papernote on the screen, stop the car and let them fine you.
    At the race track, stop the car and talk to Frank who is
    standing there at the “X”. This is probably no surprise for
    you, but Frank wants you to race because the original
    driver was not able to make it. Now, if you have the
    patched version like I have you will be able to select
    difficulty and if car damage is about to be on or off.
    If you do have it, select “Very Easy” and “Off” on car
    damage. You can now days download a UK patch from the
    net which allows you to select difficulty. When the
    race starts, the race car you tuned down will crash
    at the beginning of the race and have no chance of
    winning since he will drive slow and spin around all
    the time! You should be able to drive past the other
    drivers at the beginning and then stay as number one
    for the rest of the race if you take it easy in the
    turns, there’s no hurry. You’ll be driving a white
    Brubaker 4WD, and it’s almost as fast as the blue
    one you tuned down earlier. There’s a total of 5
    laps and you must end up as number one in order
    to win, which should not be a problem if you
    select very easy. If you crash into something
    or spin around you can press the “0” button near
    the right arrow on your keyboard to be placed
    back on the track. Once you win, congratulations!
    Back at the bar, Salieri tells you to go and see Lucas
    since he might have a reward for you. So grab a vehicle
    and drive at Lucas’ auto-shop under the Giuliano Bridge.
    Once at his garage a cutscene will play. He will show you
    an awesome looking car which he tell you where to steal.
    You will after the cutscene learnt how to pick the lock of
    a Lassiter. Now, go the the northern parking lot on Central
    Island. There’s a police walking near the building in front
    of the car, so either drive over the cop with another car
    or pick lock the Lassiter’s lock when the cop is walking
    with his back turned to you. When you have the Lassiter
    V16 Phaeton, drive back to Salieri’s bar to complete the
    Luigi, the barkeeper asks Tommy if he can walk his daughter,
    Sarah home tonight. Just last night some stupid punks gave
    them some problems, and god knows what could happen if she
    walked alone now. Tommy of course agrees to help him. Once
    outside the bar, equip the iron knuckles and walk with Sarah
    until a cutscene starts in an alley. There’s punks ready to
    strike. Sarah will run away once the cutscene is over but she
    will be fine. Right now you have to take care of the three
    punks who will attack you with a knife and iron knuckles. Kill
    them easily by hit them with the iron knuckles while you’re
    walking backwards. Remember to charge up a full blow. Pick up
    the weapons they drop and maybe you can kill the rest of them
    with one of them, especially the baseball bat, if you don’t
    kill the man with the baseball bat first, just continue to
    hit the rest with the iron knuckles. Now, continue into the
    alley and take the stairs to the left. Turn right up here
    and kill kill the two bastards with the baseball bat or the
    iron knuckles. Remember that they’re not showing any mercy,
    so hit them and never stop. Once they’re taken care of, talk
    to Sarah who is standing on the right side. Now, just follow
    Sarah to her apartment as nothing else will happen. Once inside
    the apartment, go forward until a cutscene starts which will
    end the mission afterwards.
               Better Get Used To It
    Salieri wonders why Luigi didn’t tell him earlier about the
    punks who attacked Luigi and Sarah, you could have taken care
    of them right away. And also, they were making trouble in
    Salieri’s territory! You will go with Paulie to their hangout
    and teach them a lesson. First, go to Vincenzo and get a
    baseball bat and a Colt 1911. Then, grab the Lassiter V16
    or another car if you want. Now, drive to the streets and
    head for Chinatown just north of Little Italy. Biff, the
    person who might know something is standing in the middle
    of the square in central Chinatown. Talk with him and he
    tells you that the punks were going to meet up at the old
    service station. So that’s your next target. Jump back into
    the car and drive to the location on the map where that old
    station is. It’s on the west side of Chinatown, so it’s not
    far. Once there, kick the red door in or if you’re not fast
    enough, Paulie will do it for you. Remember, you can not
    shoot in here unless the other punks as a gun. You must use
    the baseball bat for now. Walk into the station and a small
    sequence will start. Kill the man that attacks Paulie. Just
    be careful so you don’t hit Paulie.
    Walk forward and three punks will come and attack you. Do
    your best to kill them with the baseball bat. When they’re
    dead, walk forward and speak to the man that you saved from
    the punks. What he says isn’t exactly important. Go up the
    staircase in front of you. Jump carefully down on the other
    side so you won’t lose any life. Once at the bottom, take
    out your Colt 1911 as the punks are carrying guns. There’s
    four punks in sight to shoot. Then there’s one to the far
    left near the beginning of an alley. Go to that alley but
    DON’T go around the corner. A man with a magnum is around
    the corner and he can easily kill you. Look carefully around
    the corner so you’ll know where you have him. Roll out and
    shoot him. When he’s dead, walk forward and keep to the right
    wall as there will be two punks up a head. One is above you
    on the tracks and one is one the ground. Shoot them and walk
    forward. Turn right and a cutscene will play. The rest of the
    punks will escape in a car! When you get control of Tommy
    again you’ll be outside the station. Jump back into the car
    and drive after them. You can get two different scenes here.
    One will start if they crash into something or if Paulie shoots
    the car enough. Another will start if you chase them long enough.
    Choose what you want, but don’t lose them or you will fail the
    mission. Once the scene is over the mission will be complete.
                     The Whore
    This mission is quite long, but fun. Frank tells you that you
    didn’t kill all the punks last night, one of them got away. It
    was the guy in blue shirt that Paulie didn’t shoot because he
    thought he was already dead. He wants you to shut up a girl
    who’s mouth has lost you a big bag of money. He then tells you
    that the equipment that you need is in the car. When the sceen
    is over you’ve learnt how to steal a Falconer. And you’re now
    heading for the Corleone Hotel in Downtown. Drive there and try
    to avoid the police. Remember to pay the fine if you get one or
    it might cause trouble. Once outside the hotel, go through the
    entrance. Here, your objectives is to kill the hotel manager,
    the girl in one of the hotel rooms, grab any important documents
    at the managers office and then blow it up. Speak to the receptionist
    and he tells you where the hotel manager is, he’s having a dinner
    in of the rooms to the left.
    Ask him then about the girl but he refuses to answer. Talk to him
    a few times more and he will threat you that he has a sawed-off
    shotgun under the desk. Alright, let’s not bother him any more.
    Turn left and go to the last room where the manager is sitting to
    the right. Talk to him and then shoot him (if he gets away, he’ll
    be at his office, and we’ll get there later). Then shoot the guard
    in front of you if you stood to the left of the manager and behind
    you if you stood to his right. Three guards will come here from the
    entrance to these rooms. One of them is the receptionist with his
    sawed-off. Kill him and the rest with the Colt 1911 and pick up
    their weapons, especially the sawed-off shotgun.
    Watch out for the sailors as they actually are equipped with a S&W
    Model 10! Anyway, there’s one in the first restaurant room and then
    one in the lobby, but he went with one of the whores, so he should
    not give you any trouble unless he sees you somewhere. Now, go behind
    the reception and pick up the key to the manager’s office from the key
    holder. There’s a med-kit to the right of the key holder, but I
    recommend you to save it unless you have below 50 HP. Now, take the
    stairs up and watch out for any guard. Go to the corridor to the right
    once you’ve taken the first staircase up. Turn left in the corridor and
    follow the corridor until you spot a wooden door to the left (not the
    double door with glass on it, go past that one) and go through it.
    There’s a staircase here. Take it up one floor and go through the door
    there. Turn right out here in the corridor. There might be guard here
    so watch out, they can move anywhere. Go around the corner to the right
    and open the first door to the left to find the girl’s door. A cutscene
    will also start.
    After it’s over, follow the corridor to the right and then find a
    glass-door on the left side. Go through it but beware of any guards.
    Now, take the staircase to the right up to the top floor. Turn right
    and open the door the left in the corridor. There’s a guard in here,
    so find out where he is and take him down (the manager is also here
    if you failed to kill him in the restaurant). After that, before you
    grab the documents on the desk, go down to the first floor and grab
    the med-kit on the wall behind the reception if you didn’t take it
    and you’re low on life) and then grab the documents on the desk and
    Tommy will place the bomb under desk automatically. Now, run out of
    the room and just run straight forward in corridor to start a cutscene
    where Tommy escapes the hotel by jumping out of the window onto a roof.
    Be quick though, you only have a couple of seconds to escape, so you
    won’t have time for anything else.
                    The Priest
    This is the same mission but it will be called “The Priest” here.
    Alright, so you’re on the rooftops now. Run forward and jump onto
    the ledge to the right. You’ll hear some sirens here, it’s because
    the police is after you now! Jump down the ledge to the stairwell.
    Follow it up to the top and run right to get to another roof. Turn
    right and cut the corner to the left. Wait here for the cops to come
    around the corner and shoot them with a good weapon, like the Colt
    1911 or the sawed-off shotgun. When they’re taken care of, grab their
    guns and go through the door behind you. Take the stairs up to the
    left and go through the door at the top. Climb onto the ledge to the
    left and then onto the other ledge to the right. Jump down from the
    ledge to the roof. Run to the right and jump onto the ledge there,
    and then jump over the space between the roofs onto the one in front
    of you. There’s a cop with a sniper right in front of you on the roof
    quite far away. Run to the end of this roof and crouch down. Aim a
    headshot at him and kill him. Now, jump onto the ledge to the left
    and jump down from it to the other side. Turn right and you’ll see
    a small set of stairs leading down. Don’t go down them yet, move
    close to it and a few cops will come out of a door down there. Climb
    up on the platform to the left on top of the stairs, it’s quite
    tricky, but move close to it and hit the jump button in order to
    climb it. Then you’ll have a good view of the cops down there.
    Just remember to crouch down also so they won’t hit you. When
    the cops are taken care of, move down the stairs and turn left.
    On the other side of the object to the left is another cop hiding,
    so stay focus and shoot him when you see him. Keep a distance while
    you go around that object. Now, two cops will be standing on the
    roof to the right so take cover and try to hit their heads while
    moving around or hiding and then use quick fire. When they’re
    taken care of. Climb the ledge on top of the ramp on the north
    side of the roof. Here you can grab the rifle where the cop was.
    Jump onto the ledge to your left and then down on the wodden
    stairs. Climb the stairs up in front of you and turn right
    around the corner where you’ll find a ladder. A cutscene will
    start there.
    Tommy are now on the roof of a the church in Downtown. Take the
    stairs down and you’ll find a med-kit on the wall to the right.
    It gives you 100 HP back, so don’t take it unless you have at
    least 50 HP left. Take the stairs down to the bottom and a
    cutscene will play. When it’s over, shoot the man in front of
    you and then the one behind the benches to the left. Peek out
    to the right and shoot the man on the floor and the one on top
    of the pillar. There’s one man on top of a balcony at end of
    the room with a Thompson, so take cover behind the casket and
    then try to get a headshot. When he’s taken care of, kill the
    last man on the left side behind the pillars. After he’s taken
    care of, two men with shotguns and one man with a S&W Model 10
    will come through the entrance of the church. Stay behind the
    casket and shoot them as they come with the Colt 1911 or the
    Magnum, otherwise use the sawed-off shotgun if you still have
    it, but it won’t take them down easily until they’re close. I
    recommend the Colt 1911. When they’re taken care of, a cutscene
    will play.
    Once it’s over you’ll start outside the church and you’re wanted
    by the cops. Jump inside the Lassiter Charon in front of you and
    do your best to drive back to Salieri’s bar with the cops on your
    tail. Once at the bar, right click on either the front or the back
     door to complete the mission. “Intermezzo Two” starts here where
    Tommy and Norman talks in the restaurant. You can also lose the
    cops by hiding so they won’t find you. Hide until the “wanted bar”
    has disappeared.
               A Trip To The Country
    This is a funny mission, but it has its annoying parts too. Frank
    asks Tommy if he can follow Paulie to the countryside and pick up
    some good booze, it shouldn’t be any problem. Okay, sounds easy?
    Go to the big garage and talk to Ralph. He’ll get you a brand new
    Bolt V8 Roadster. Enter it and drive to Salieri’s warehouse in
    Hoboken. Once there a cutscene will start and you will
    automatically be taken to the contryside. When you start you’ll
    have a pump-action shotgun to play with. Sam is missing so you’ll
    have to find him. Just follow the road straight forward to the
    end where you’ll spot a truck (also, notice the red barn to the
    left, which is the second building from where you start). Go to
    the driver’s door and a cutscene will play. After it’s over, shoot
    the two detectives in front of you. Then turn around and shoot the
    one behind the truck to the left of the house. Pick up any ammo and
    head to the barn without doors to the right of where to first two
    detectives were. Inside, run forward and turn left to enter another
    part of the barn. Kill the man behind the left door and there might
    be another detective with a light brown coat down here as well, so
    shoot him if he shows up. There’s a med-kit to the left of where
    the man behind the door was. Take the stairs up while walking backwards
    and shoot the two men up here. When they’re taken care of. Run back
    to the truck, but be careful as you will be encounting four
    detectives on the way coming out of the small houses to the left
    and then to the right. Once back at the truck, talk to Paulie and
    Tommy will tell him what happened to the truck crew. Tommy thinks
    Sam is locked inside that red barn, so go and wait outside it and
    Paulie will get an iron pipe to break the lock open with.
    When Paulie kicks the door in, shoot the man directly in front of
    you behind the wagon in the middle. Then there’s one to the left
    of the wagon. Carefully go up the stairs backwards and shoot the
    two bastards up there. There’s a med-kit on the wall in front of
    you at the top of the stairs. Turn left and you’ll see another set
    of stairs leading up. Take them up and you’ll find Sam up here.
    Paulie will go back and get the truck. After a while, two police
    cars will show up! They will of course attack you, so take a good
    position and kill them all. Run down the first set of stairs back
    down, and go to the edge of the floor here where you will have a
    good view of the entrance to the barn. Shoot any cop who comes in,
    and if nobody shows up, take cover and fire from the entrance. Just
    watch your back because a cop might be hiding beside the stairs.
    When they’re all dead, go outside and a cutscene will start.
    This part is quite easy, but you can screw up sometimes. Use the
    Thompson all the time and shoot the cars that comes from behind.
    If they get past you, you’ll fail the mission. Try to shoot the
    driver first so the car will spin off the road. There will come
    four cars in total, so be sure you aim carefully to take them out.
    Once you’ve done that, a cutscene will show which will end the
    mission. You can go back to Salieri’s bar now or visit Lucas
    Bertone in order to do another side mission and get a new car!
    It’s worth it and you’ll unlock them in free ride also.
    **** Alternatively: Warn Lucas’ Friend ****
    If you’re reading this, it means that you want to do the first
    side mission for Lucas Bertone. If not, jump down to the next
    story mission. It’s an easy one. Drive to Lucas’ autoservice
    under the Giuliano Bridge and talk to him. He says a friend
    told him that the cops are going to pick another friend of
    his up in any minute! Get into the car and drive as fast as
    you can to the friend’s house in Hoboken. Once there, knock
    on the door by right clicking on the door. He will get out
    via the back door so no one will see him. If you stay here
    now, the police will arrive at the house in a few seconds!
    Cool. Alright, go back to Lucas and talk to him. He’ll
    learn you how to steal a Ulver Airstream. You can steal
    it from a house in Oakwood. It just stands there outside
    the garage. Look out for any cop before you pick the lock.
    Then just drive back to Salieri’s bar to complete this side
    It seems like Frank sold you out. He has given all your
    account books to Morello which is enough to put Salieri
    and the family away for a while. Your orders are now to track
    Frank down, get the account books back and then finally...
    kill him. You’ll get two photos from Salieri that shows two
    men. One of them might know where the cops are keeping Frank,
    so find them and talk to them. One of them is Big Biff, who
    you’ve already met in the mission “Better Get Used To It”.
    The other one is named Tony. Alright, first thing first. Go
    to Vincenzo and get some weapons, and then go to Ralph to get
    some new wheels. This time he will teach you how to steal a
    Schubert Extra Six. Now, drive all the way to Chinatown and
    talk to Biff. He doesn’t know anything about Frank, so drive
    to the city gallery to the south on Central Island and talk
    to Tony. He tells you that a guy named Joe is supposed to
    know where Frank is being kept. He’s usually under the Giulaino
    Bridge, so there and park the car. Hit the two men beside Joe
    to make them go away (if you talk to them, they will say things
    like “get lost”, “go away”) and talk to him. He won’t tell
    you a thing, so either listen to the different dialogues every
    time you right click on him or start to hit him right away until
    he tells you to stop hitting him. Stop and listen to him. Frank
    is kept in a house in Oakwood, so drive your car there. Once
    there, the cops will drive Frank away so follow the car all
    the way to the airport. Watch out for cops, and try to keep
    quite close to the car as it’s very fast and drives like a
    maniac. Also, the car isn’t displayed on the map, so keep
    your eyes on it so you won’t lose it.
    When you get to the airport, keep to the right side as the
    driver will knock you down with the car if you get in the way.
    Now, go towards the entrance and don’t shoot the civilians that
    comes out from there. There’s a total of four gangsters in here,
    so kill them. One behind the counter to the right, one behind
    the vase behind the right corner, one in the middle of the room
    and the last one is to the far left of the room. Watch out for
    him as he has a Thompson. Kill them all and try to get headshots.
    Once they’re dead, Frank will escape the room. Don’t chase him or
    his five bodyguards will kill you easily with their Thompsons.
    Instead, grab the med-kit on the left wall if you need. Then,
    collect the weapons (especially the Thompson) and then exit
    through the opposite entrance you came in from. Turn right once
    you reach the road and run past the man (he’s a civilian).
    Walk towards the hangar to the right. Once you’re near it, a
    man will pull over in a truck and try to kill you (or any
    gangster that’s near him, so you can avoid him) with a crowbar,
    so shoot the bastard. Okay, now, enter the hangar and shoot
    the gangster to the right behind the container. There’s two
    more gangsters and two more bodyguards to kill here, so find
    them and kill them. Take cover behind the containers and
    always look behind your back. When you think it’s clear,
    move to the other end of the hangar and kill the bodyguard
    to the left (watch out though, he has a Thompson. Or in fact,
    every bodyguard has one). There’s also a sniper in the tower
    there where he was. You can shoot or ignore him and then move
    to the right side of the last house on the row of houses in
    front of you.
    Peek out of the corner to the left and the bodyguards should come
    towards you. Take a good position and crouch down. Shoot all of
    the guards that comes around the corner. Peek around the corner
    again and shoot any remaining guard. Now go to Frank on the right
    side near a light pole. A scene will start. Once it’s over, turn
    around, pick up the Thompsons here to get ammo. Then, there’s a
    house to the right if you turn around from Frank. Go towards it
    and you’ll see one bodyguard and a gangster outside it. Kill them
    and enter the house. Turn left when you can in here and kill the
    man in the phone booth at once! He’s a civilian but if you let
    him make that phone call, a lot of annoying cops will try to kill
    you when you’re the entrance to the airport. After that, talk to
    the woman beside the little girl just next to the phone booth.
    Now you need to get Frank to them, so get back to the light pole
    where you cuffed him and then just walk back to Marge and Alice
    to trigger another cutscene. Now you need to get the tickets for
    him because Frank said that they’re supposed to be here somewhere.
    They’re located on the counter in the first buidling you entered
    here on the airport. Get them and go back to Frank and his family.
    This time, they’re outside the house, so just go past the man I
    mentioned earlier on the runway and just head straight forward
    until you see Frank and the family outside the house. Talk to
    them to trigger a cutscene. Alright, so you got the key for the
    safe where the account books are supposed to be located. Now,
    make your way to the parking lot where you started and get
    inside the car (if you didn’t kill the man in the booth,
    some cops will attack you there). Drive to the National
    Bank in Downtown and right click on the entrance to make
    Tommy collect the books. Now, make your way back to
    Salieri’s Bar to start the next mission or read on if
    you want to do the next side mission for Lucas.
    **** Alternatively: Big Stan ****
    Drive to Lucas’ autoservice under the Giuliano Bridge. He wants
    you to teach a big guy named Big Stan a lesson from his friend,
    Carlo. You cannot kill him or you won’t get anything from Lucas,
    just hit until he begs for mercy. That’s easier than it sounds.
    Now, get inside the car and drive all the way to Works Quarter’s
    “Black Cat” bar where Stan is standing outside. Walk up the
    stairs and talk to him. Then, keep going backwards while you hit
    him. Just hit him and hit him until he backs off. You only lose
    like 2 points from your health per hit, so don’t worry about it.
    When you’ve teached Stan his lesson without killing him, drive
    back to Lucas and he’ll teach you how to steal a Thor 810 Sedan
    FWD. There’s one in Oakhill waiting for you, so drive all the way
    up there and steal it while no cops are around, and the man in
    a light robe and a hat who’s patrolling around isn’t facing you.
    You can also killhim by running over him with a car. When you’ve
    got the car, drive back to Salieri’s bar to complete the mission.
               Visiting Rich People
    This is one of my favorite missions in the game. There’s so many great
    missions in this game that it’s hard to decide which one is the best
    one. But anyway, Salieri wants you to steal some documents from a prosecutor
    which is some solid evidence to put Salieri away in prison. His villa in
    Oakhill will be empty since he’s at the theater, so you’ll be able to sneak
    inside the villa and steal the documents. The only problem is the home
    security of course, but you should be able to get past them. And the safe
    will be easily opened with one of the best safe-crackers in the world,
    Salvatoré. You will pick him up at the stadium in Hoboken. Also, if you
    bump into the prosecutor, don’t kill him. It will only mean more trouble
    for you.
    Okay, go to Vincenzo and get a baseball bat and a Colt 1911. No new
    wheels from Ralph this time, so choose the car you like the most and
    drive to Hoboken and pick up Salvatoré. When you get him, drive to the
    mark on your map which is the side entrance of the prosecutor’s villa
    in Oakhill. When you get there, get out of the car and right click on
    the door there. Talk to Salvatoré and ask him if he can open it, which
    he can and will. Right click on the door again to open it and go towards
    it to enter the next area. You can give Salvatoré orders here by right
    clicking on him. You can give the orders “follow me” and “wait here”.
    Start by sneaking forward, check around the corner to the left and
    follow the guard there. Walk to the next corner to the left and then
    to the next corner. The guard should stop in the middle of this road,
    so walk up behind him and knock him down with the baseball bat. Turn
    around and go around the right corner. Turn right into a small space
    in the bushes where you’ll find a small panel on the wall in front of
    you. Right click on it to turn off the lights. Now, no guard will spot
    you. But hide as a guard will come down here and try to fix the lights.
    When he’s in front of the panel, knock him down. Stay on the left side
    when you’re facing the villa and follow it past the two guards on the
    right. You should be on the left side of the villa when you’re past them.
    There’s a red door here, so ask Salvatoré to open it. He will kick in
    the door so, hurry up the stairs before a guard comes to check it! Okay,
    so when you’re on top of the stairs, go through the door in front of you.
    Turn left in this corridor when you can and go through the door at the end.
    Sneak to the other end here and go through the door. Turn left when you can
    and go through the door at the end.
    This is the prosecutors office. Right click on the safe on the left side to
    start a cutscene. The prosecutor will arrive now! When the cutscene is over,
    grab the documents in the safe in front of you and sneak to the door you
    entered this corridor from. The prosecutor will come up the stairs here and
    enter his bedroom to the left. So stay out of sight until he has gone in
    there, and then go down the stairs to the right. Go through the entrance
    door in front of you and turn left. Sneak up on the guard there and knock
    him out with the baseball bat. Now, right click on the prosecutor’s Silver
    Fletcher which is parked in this yard. Tommy will tell Salvatoré to open it!
    You can now get into this car and exit via the road to the right. On the street,
    drive Salvatoré home. He lives in an apartment just across the street from where
    you picked him up. Once you’ve dropped him off, drive back to Salieri’s bar to
    complete the mission.
                    Great Deal!
    Paulie has been given a great deal by a man named Billy Gates. He’s selling a
    truck full of expensive whiskey, so you’re going to pick it up. This time you
    won’t have to go to Vincenzo to get a gun and to Ralph to get a car. A cutscene
    will fix everything for you. Some guys will drive you to the parking lot which
    is where the deal will take place, and Paulie will give you a Thompson just in
    case. Enter the parking lot and talk to man inside the left booth and he’ll tell
    you that they’re waiting for you inside. Walk forward and then turn right when
    you can. Turn right again at the end to go up another floor. Now, take the
    in front of you on the opposite side so you’ll get to the top faster. At the
    turn left and walk towards the men there to start a cutscene. The deal will be
    interupted by Morello’s men who will ambush you!
    You will start behind a car when the cutscene is over, and there will be a lot
    gangsters everywhere! Try to shoot the yellow barrels on the left side to take
    of them out. They’re carrying Thompsons and shotguns, so be careful and take
    all the time. When you’re near the way out of this floor a black car will enter
    loaded with gangsters. Shot the car until it explodes to kill them all. When
    floor is secured, go down to the next floor and shoot the two gangsters in the
    in front of you. If you enter that cage, you will find a med-kit on the left
    of the shelf. Grab it if you have 60 HP or less. Now, there’s a gangster behind
    car to the right of the next way out to the next floor. Kill him and then crouch
    down as you kill the gangster in front of you on the next floor and then the two
    gangsters to the left. Now, go down to the next floor which is clear of enemies.
    The next way down to the first floor is blocked by two cars. Be careful as a
    gangster will be throwing molotovs at them which will make them explode. Stay
    away from them until they explode and then crouch down and kill the gangster to
    the right and then the two to the left. This is not as easy as it sounds, and
    you might have to redo it a few times if you’re not careful enough.
    When you’ve cleared the first floor of enemies, stand in front of the entrance
    this parking lot and you’ll see a med-kit on the wall to the right. Alright, now
    you have to grab the truck on the top floor where you met Billy and his men.
    a dark green Bolt Model B Pickup loaded with boxes, so you can’t miss it. Now,
    drive out of the parking lot. Once outside, you’ll be attacked by a few
    behind you. Just put the pedal to the metal and they will give you plenty of
    to get away since they must get inside their car. Drive between cars and objects
    because they will follow you exactly as you drive, so chances are that they will
    crash into something and lose you. The objective is not to lose the tail, but
    good if you do so they won’t bother you. You must only get back to Salieri’s
    warehouse in Hoboken. Try to ignore the gangsters if they’re following you. Or
    to lose them by getting them to crash into objects. Alright, once at the
    the mission will be over and “Intermezzo Three” will start.
                   Bon Appétit!
    This is my favorite mission. You get to drive Salieri to a restaurant, and then
    a guy in his underwear! Alright, so Salieri’s bodyguard has called in sick and
    wonders if Tommy can drive him to Pepe’s Restaurant in New Ark. You’ll take
    car, which is a Lassiter V16 Roadster. Get inside the car and drive to the
    Don’t drive too fast so the cops will see you. Once at the restaurant, a
    cutscene will
    take over. Inside the restaurant you will be attacked by Morello’s gangsters
    You’ll start in front of the windows where bullets are flying, so quickly turn
    and go around the corner to the right. Go through the door and save the med-kit
    on the
    wall to the left for later. Go through the next door to the right. There’s a
    at the end of upper right alley so kill him and take his Thompson. Turn around
    and go
    through the door to the left. A few gangsters will be waiting in front of you
    once you
    open the door, so kill them. Move to the opening on the opposite side and kill
    gangster out there. Once they’re taken care of, walk backwards up the stairs
    you in that corridor and waste the gangster behind the railing (grab the
    med-kit on the
    wall there I mentioned before you kill the final gangster or you will not be
    able to get
    it after the coming cutscene). Once all gangsters are dead, a scene will take
    Salieri knows who set him up, his bodyguard, Carlo. He lives in a rented house
    in Little
    Italy, so you’re going there to waste him.
    Get inside the car (be sure that you have a shotgun or Thompson) and drive to
    apartment in Little Italy. Go through the door and let the game load. Now, walk
    the stairs with Salieri and kick in the door when he tells you to (right click
    on it).
    Jump through the window in front of you which Carlo escaped through. Go down
    the fire
    escape and then straight forward to the last house on the left. Once you’ve went
    around the corner, Carlo should be in front of you. He has a Magnum, so shoot
    fast with a shotgun or Thompson (the Colt 1911 should waste him fast too). Now,
    men will come out of a door to the left of the fire escape. One has a gun, one
    has a
    baseball bat and the last one will try to fight with his fists. Kill the one
    with the
    gun first as he is the biggest threat. Once they’re dead, two cutscenes will
    end the
                  Happy Birthday!
    Now this is a very exciting and funny mission. Your job is to kill the
    from the mission “Visiting Rich People” who celebrates his birthday on a steam
    It’s though to get aboard, but Vincenzo says that you can do it. You don’t have
    worry about a weapon since Vincenzo already has planted a small revolver (a Colt
    Detective Special loaded with six bullets to be exact) in one of the men’s
    During the prosecutor’s speech, you’re gonna shoot him. Paulie will pull up
    the steam boat with a small boat to get you out of there. Okay, go and talk to
    to learn how to steal a Crusader Chromium Streak. Don’t worry, this mission
    isn’t on
    a time limit. Take your time and to the harbor. Go down the stairs to the right
    move towards the “X” marker on your map and a guard won’t let you inside the
    because you don’t have an invitation. Turn around and head straight forward for
    open door. Go through the left door in the this corridor. Take the stairs down
    the right and open the next door at the bottom. In this dressing room, you’ll
    a sailing unifrom. Put it on and head for the boat where the guard will frisk
    you. Then, go forward to start a cutscene.
    Now you’ll start aboard the steam boat. You’ll hear some music and a lot of
    talking and having a good time. Too bad we’ll have to end this party soon...
    go up the stairs in front of you a little bit to the right. Go through the
    double door
    at the top and find a wine glass to the left of the counter. You can drink from
    it a
    few times, but you’ll be drunk and your vision will be blurry. This isn’t so
    good if
    you want the job done, but it’s a nice detail and it’s worth to point it out.
    you’ll have a few minutes to get the revolver until the prosecutor to comes out
    his room and begin the speech. From the restaurant room, go back down the
    stairs and
    turn right. Follow this side of the deck, turn right and left to get to the end
    the boat. Turn right and check the locked door with the sign “SKIPPER HAS KEY”
    it to the left of the stairs. Well, now you have to find this Skipper guy to get
    the key. Now, turn left and then right. Instead of turning right here where you
    came from, turn left and go down the stairs in the middle of this deck. Find the
    guy in a striped shirt (black and white). He’s Skipper. Talk to him twice to
    him give the keys to you. He wants you to clean up the mess in there and then
    the keys back to him. Shouldn’t be hard at all, right?
    Now, go back to the stairs, go to the door behind the stairs and go through it.
    Grab the bucket there and then head up the stairs. Go around the railing to the
    right, and then forward, left, right, left and left again at the stairs. You can
    now unlock the door here to the bathroom. Go inside, right click on the toilet
    clean it, then grab the Colt Detective Special to the right under the sink. Now,
    go down to the bottom deck and find Skipper. Give him the keys back (if you
    give him the keys back, he’ll find you and then push you so the revolver will
    out from your pocket, and he’ll alert everyone that you’re an assassin!) and
    just play around until a cutscene starts that shows the prosecutor exit his
    Okay, go to the crowd on the top deck and listen to his speech if you want, not
    the whole though because you’ll fail the mission since you didn’t shoot him.
    to the left of the crowd where you have a clear shot of his body (you can also
    stand behind him I think!). When you feel ready, draw your revolver and fill him
    full of holes! You only have 6 shots, so make sure he’s dead before you ran out
    of bullets. Now, run to the right and dodge the bullets that the guards are
    at you. Go down all the stairs in the middle of the deck to the bottom deck and
    then go around the stairs to the right. You should spot a boat in the water to
    the right. Open the gate in front of the boat to start a cutscene which ends the
    mission. Thank god Paulie showed up in time...
                You Lucky Bastard!
    This mission is devided into four parts, the last one is the longest. And this
    is also the longest mission in the game overall. You’re now going after Don
    Morello’s brother, Sergio Morello! Paulie says that he’s usually at the Italian
    Garden Restaurant. You’ll call inside a phonebooth just outside the restaurant
    to it and ask if you can speak to Sergio. Paulie will be standing outside too
    and waste him once Sergio answers the phone. That’s quite a good plan. Alright,
    go to Vincenzo to get a Colt 1911. Then go to Ralph, but you can’t talk to him,
    Paulie will do that for you, so wait for him to get there. Ralph will give you
    a Guardian Terraplane Fordor, nice. Get inside and drive to the Italian Guarden
    Restaurant on Central Island. Park the car and listen to Paulie’s plan. Get
    the phonebooth. Right click inside it to start a cutscene. Paulie kills the
    wrong person since Sergio wasn’t there! Now you must lose the tail that comes
    after you. Wait for Paulie to get back into the car and then use your skills
    to lose the them, you should be able to do that by yourself by now. Once they’re
    lost, get back so Salieri’s bar so start a cutscene.
    This time, Salieri says that Sergio spends a lot of time at his mistress, and if
    he’s expensive sports car is parked outside, it’ll mean that he’s in there.
    plant a bomb under his car and just enjoy the show. Alright, grab the explosives
    in front of you on the table and then get inside a car of your choice. Drive to
    Oakwood where the car is parked and exit it. Wait for the guard to the right of
    the house to finish his cigarette. He will then enter the house, and you’ll be
    able to plant the bomb under Sergio’s car without any problems. Now, walk across
    the street to start a cutscene. Well, no luck here either. Sergio’s mistress
    exit the house and gets blown up as she tries to enter the car! Maybe Sergio
    it to her? Anyway, you’ll be taken back to the bar and you’ll come up with
    Paulie tells you that Sergio might be at the Rainbow Garden Restaurant in
    This time, Paulie promises to waste him. You’ll start outside the bar in the
    car you
    choosed to drive to Sergio’s mistress house with. Drive to the Rainbow Garden
    Go across East Marshall Bridge and then just drive straight forward and turn
    right at
    the end of the street to start a cutscene. Isn’t this getting annoying? Paulie
    to shoot Sergio who is finally in front of Paulie’s face with an empty
    magazine! Okay,
    here we go again, wait for Paulie to get inside the car and then lose the tail
    comes after you. Once you’ve lost it, drive back to Salieri’s bar to start
    Salieri has had enough of your failing murder attempts, so he has given the job
    other people. Tommy will go with them in a Guardian Terraplane Coupe just as an
    policy. They will try to ram Sergio’s car onto the train tracks so he’ll get
    hit by it.
    But even professionals can mess up, Sergio’s driver will speed away and the men
    was hired for this job will get hit by the train instead!! Jesus... Okay, now
    go after Sergio and kill him for yourself. He drives pretty fast, so try to
    keep up
    with him. Once he reaches the harbor in Works Quarter, a cutscene will take
    over. Now,
    the real action begins! You’ll start behind your car, and a few men will be in
    of it, shooting at you. Start by killing the man that comes from the right,
    then the
    one behind the bushes to the left. And then the two men in front of your car. Be
    careful and try to get headshots if you want to finish them off fast. When
    dead, grab the shotgun and/or the Thompson and head forward. A truck will come
    from the right alley, and the men inside it are equipped with shotguns. Waste
    and the two other men behind the truck. Now, turn around and head west. You’ll
    a med-kit on the left wall of the house in front of you. Grab it only when
    low on health. Kill the man on the right side of the house, then two men behind
    train that’s behind the house. Now, go all the way to the east side and go
    the warehouse you’ll see in front of you once you’ve turned right. A few men
    come from the warehouse, and also from behind. Kill them all and grab any of
    weapons and ammo if you want. When you reach a grass field on the opposite side
    the warehouse, shoot the two shotgun equipped men on the other side. Then go
    there and go through the blue door on the house in front of you. If you go
    the next door in front of you inside the house, you’ll find a med-kit on the
    to the left. If you open the door in the middle to the right, you’ll find a man
    with a sniper rifle, so shoot him and grab it if you want, there’s rreally no
    for it since I have a better plan.
    Go through the door here and head for the big fuel tanks in front of you on the
    tracks. You should also spot a white tank below the left red tower and behind
    containers. If you shoot it, a huge explosion will start and kill two men behind
    the containers and the two snipers in each of the towers (sometimes, the man on
    the right tower does not die, so you can then use the sniper rifle to take him
    This is also a nice detail, one of the men behind the containers will run out to
    the tracks on fire! If you walk up to him, you’ll see that he’s burned badly...
    Okay, head to the fuel tanks on the tracks and right click on the lever below
    first one to change the tracks into the direction to the hangar where Sergio is
    hidden. Now, right click on the first tank to release it. Once it has hit the
    hangar gate, go to it to start a cutscene. Tommy will blow the gate open and
    you can enter it, but beware of a few armed men inside. Alright, kill the man
    ontop of the container to the left, then hide to the left behind the container.
    Waste any man that comes at you, then just peek around the corner to the left
    and shoot the men who is still alive. When they’re dead, head forward inside
    the hangar along the right side. When you reach the last container, peek around
    the left corner to spot Sergio armed with a Thompson. He’ll fire at you like
    crazy, but he’s easy to kill. Peek around the corner to make him fire at you.
    When he has stopped fire I recommend that you use a Colt 1911 or a Thompson
    and shoot him without stopping. This should kill him. If you miss a few rounds
    and must reload, repeat the process one more time which should be enough since
    you should have been able to kill him on the first round. Once that lucky
    bastard’s finally dead, a cutscene will start. When it’s over, exit the hangar
    and turn right outside. Turn right again when you can and turn left again when
    you can. You should now spot a truck in front of you. Steal it and then drive
    all the way to the right until you see the exit of this harbor. You’ll be
    attacked by Morello’s men along the way, but they should have a hard time to
    hit you when you’re inside the truck. Once outside the harbor, you can drive
    back to Salieri’s bar to finish the mission, or visit Lucas Bertone. You’ll
    have the walkthrough of his side mission below.
    **** Alternatively: Medical Treatment ****
    You must have a fast car for this mission, and it must be a fordor, so find
    one before starting the mission. This side mission can be quite frustrating
    thanks to the cops. Lucas’ friend has been shot in Chinatown, and he wants
    you to pick him up and take him to the doctor in Oakwood. The mission will
    be on a time limit, but it shouldn’t be too hard if you have a fast car and
    can avoid the cops. When the mission starts, jump inside the car and go
    through New Ark and then across the Terranova Bridge. It’s the fastest way
    for sure. Don’t drive over 40 mph if there’s a cop car near you, or you’ll
    get it on your tail. Once in Chinatown, head for the marked “X” on your map.
    You should see a dead body on the sidewalk, it’s not Lucas’ friend. He’s
    lying in a small space to the right of that body. Park the car near him and
    his friend and then talk to the friend in the grey costume. Next, get inside
    the car and wait for the wounded man to get inside the car. He should get in
    pretty fast if you park next to them like I told you. Now, drive fast but
    carefully to the doctor in Oakwood. If a cop sees you speeding and starts to
    chase you, try to lose them or restart the mission if you get too much
    trouble. You can also stop the car and kill the cops and any other cop who
    sees it. Once at the doctor in Oakwood, they will enter and you’ll be told
    to get back to Lucas. Once there, talk to him and he’ll clean the blood out
    of your car, it’s a pretty nice scene to watch. Then he tells you that the
    reward car, Bruno Speedster 851 is parked on a parking lot on Central Island.
    But a man will be guarding it and won’t hesitate to call the cops on you or
    kill you if you try to steal it. Drive to the marked parking lot on your map
    on Central Island and run over the man in a white shirt who’s walking around
    and then steal the car when no cop sees you. Drive back to Salieri’s bar to
    complete this side mission and the story mission.
                 Cremé De La Cremé
    Now it’s time to go after Don Morello himself. You’ll kill him when he exits
    the theater on Central Island. When you’ve killed him, you’ll have full control
    of the city. Visit Vincenzo to get a Sawed-Off shotgun. Paulie and Sam will
    get a Thompson, annoying isn’t it? Anyway, grab the vehicle you want since
    Ralph doesn’t have a new one for you. Now, drive to the theater on Central
    Island. Once there, Morello and his men will take off in a Silver Fletcher,
    so be prepared to follow him. He’ll drive across the Giuliano Bridge and
    then head for the road that leads to the airport. He’ll drive to the
    airport if you aren’t close to him, but if you are quite close to his
    car, he’ll continue straight forward. Then just follow him to a road
    where the unifinished bridge is. A cutscene will start once you’re near
    that end of the broken road. Tommy will ram Morello’s car off the road
    and it will crash and the bottom and explode. This is the easiest way to
    kill Morello, but if he turns left to the airport you’ll get a little more
    to do.
    Your car will stop working when you reach the parking lot, so get out and run
    forward to the runway where Morello will try to escape in a plane. His two men
    will try to stop you here also, so shoot them. Run after the plane and Paulie
    and Sam will arrive with the car from the left! Get inside via the passengers
    door to the right beside the driver. You’ll get Paulie’s Thompson so fire at
    the plane as soon as the car starts to move. To kill Morello, shoot each one
    of the two motors on the plane. When the “life” bar is empty, just sit back
    and watch until a cutscene starts that shows the plane crash! Yeah! Alright,
    get inside the car after the cutscene and then drive back to Salieri’s bar.
    Or if you would like to visit Lucas Bertone, you can visit his autoservice
    **** Alternatively: The Wanted Car ****
    If you decide to do this side mission, Paulie asks if you can drop them off
    at the bar and come back here later. You must do that, so get going. Once
    you’ve dropped them off, enter Lucas’ autoservice and speak to Lucas. He has
    a wanted car which some punks left here because of some deal that didn’t work
    out. He wants you to get rid off it by dumping it in the ocean by the light-
    house in Oakwood. Once you get inside the car, you’ll get a full wanted bar
    and any cop that sees you will try to arrest you. Drive all the way towards
    the marked X on your map. Make sure that a cop car is following you. Exit the
    car near the ocean and kill the cops. Park the wanted car near the cliff edge
    and then use the cop car to ram it off the edge. Now, return to Lucas and he’ll
    teach you how to steal a Celeste Marque 500. A guy that just left the shop
    with it said that he was going to Roy’s Grill which is in New Ark, so head
    there. Once you’re near his car in the parking lot, the man will exit the
    grill and try to leave in his car. He’s armed, so shoot him from behind when
    no cop is looking. If he sees you steal the car, he will call for a cop, so
    you’ll do the right thing to kill him. Alright, steal the car and head back
    to Salieri’s bar to start another mission.
                 Election Campaign
    This is a pure assassination mission. You’ll be assassinating a politician
    on a small island from an old abandoned prison on Central Island with a
    scoped sniper rifle! He’s according to Salieri the only one that stands
    in your way now, so once you’ve removed him, you won’t have to see violence
    for a while. Okay, go to Vincenzo to get the Mosin Nagant 1891/30 and a Colt
    1911 too since you never know who you might bump into. Then talk to Ralph
    to learn how to steal a Wright Coupe. Get inside the car and drive to the
    “X” marked on your map. You’re now going to go through the manhole there,
    but since it’s under construction, the construction worker will try to stop
    you. You can ignore him and just go through the hole to the sewers but when
    you get out of the prison after you’ve assassinated the politician, you’ll
    meet him outside and he’ll be talking to the cops and point you out! So,
    it’s best to kill him and then right click on him and select “hide body”.
    Tommy will then throw the body down the sewers. Now, enter the sewers and
    then go up the ladder on the opposite side.
    Go right and through the doorway to the left when you see it. Turn left when
    you can inside the prison and open the gate. You’ll hear some strange noise
    inside here so you’re not alone... Equip the Colt 1911 if don’t have it
    equipped already. Go up the stairs to the right and shoot the man that comes
    from the right. Then kill the three men to the left. They’re equipped with
    magnums and one has a knife. Once they’re dead, grab any ammo you want and
    go through the doorway that the first man came from to the right. A man will
    run to the right inside a room once he sees you. Go there and be prepared to
    waste two of them. Grab the iron pipe to the left inside the room. Now, go
    back to the previous room and go forward this time. Go through the gate and
    follow the wooden corridor, up the stairs. Turn left inside a small room where
    you’ll hear a man say “watch it, he’s coming for us”. Right click on the door
    to kick it in. It will make the man on the other side of the door fall to the
    floor, so shoot him and any other guys that comes from the right. There might
    still be a guy left with a magnum if you carefully look to the right. Now, go
    to the right and when you’re near the doorway in front of you, a man will come
    out from one of the cells with a baseball bat. Kill him and prepare for two men
    to come from that doorway. One with a S&W and one with a shotgun. Take care of
    them and move through the doorway. When you’re near a hole in the wall to the
    left, you can find a med-kit on the wall to the right of the hole.
    Take it if you need and turn around. Go forward down the hall and shoot the
    man inside the cage to the right. Round the cage to the right and peek out
    from the corner to the right up the stairs where a man is crouched. Kill him
    and man that comes from the second floor to the left. Head up one floor and
    you’ll see a man fall down! Kill the shotgun armed man on the third floor
    and then the last man that appears when you’re near the top floor. Go
    through the door once you reach the top floor. Out there, you can see the
    small island in front of you. Go to the right of the balcony as far as you
    can. Crouch down and look through the scope of the rifle. Shoot the man
    that’s talking behind a panel. You’ll probably only get one shot as he
    will be surrounded by bodyguards and escape in his car if you don’t kill
    him on the first hit. Once he’s dead (you can shoot the man to the right
    on the ocean who’s fixing his boat!), go back to the stairs and go all
    the way to the bottom. Go through the doorway here and shoot the dogs.
    Once they’re dead, head left and right click on the door to break the
    lock. Go through the door and head back to Salieri’s bar if you want to
    finish the mission. Or if you want to visit Lucas, you can do that now.
    **** Alternatively: Save Lucas’ Friend ****
    This is an easy mission if you don’t get the cops on your tail. Lucas
    tells you that the cops are going to arrest one of his friends who is
    in the Works Quarters. He wants you to pick him up and then bring him
    here. Get a fast car and get to the man in the Works Quarters on a time
    limit. He’s the man with a black costume with his hands in his pockets.
    Get him inside the car and drive back to Lucas. This should be very
    easy if the cops doesn’t see you speeding or break any other law. Once
    back at Lucas, talk to him to make him teach you how to steal a Lassiter
    V16 Appolyon. There’s one parked in Oakhill. There will be a big party
    there and a lot of luxury cars. Alright, drive all the way to Oakhill
    and you’ll spot the car you’re looking for. Talk to the two men who
    stands in front of it to make them go away. Now, just pick the cars
    lock when no cops are around and then just drive back to Salieri’s bar.
               Only For Relaxation
    This is also one of my favorite missions, but when you’ve completed it 13
    times like I’ve done, you’re getting tired of it, and you’ll see why. Alright,
    so Salieri wants you to steal a loaded truck of... cigars...! Anyway, Paulie
    explains the plan. You’re going an agreed place where you’ll drop Sam off.
    Then you and Paulie will go with the car to the harbor. There you’ll follow
    one of the trucks and then threat the driver at a nice quiet place to give
    you his papers. Then you’ll take the truck and head for the harbor. You’ll
    then load the cigars on the truck. The boxes are identifyed as “Scorsese
    Import Export”. Alright, let’s go to Vincenzo and get a Colt 1911 and a
    baseball bat. Then go and Ralph to learn how to steal a Lassiter V16 Fordor.
    Drive out to the streets and then for the agreed place in Works Quarters.
    When you get there, park the car and get out and you should hear Sam that
    this is the place when you’re near the mark on your map. Watch the cutscene
    and then get inside the car with Paulie. Drive to the harbor and wait for a
    truck to exit it. Follow it to a warehouse, but not inside. Drive to the end
    of this alley and exit the car. Wait for the truck to come there and when the
    driver stops, fire a few rounds in the are to get him out of the car. When
    he’s outside the truck, right click on him to get the papers. Now, ignore the
    man and get inside the truck. Paulie will drive back to Sam in the Lassiter.
    Back at the harbor, drive inside and one of the guards will look at your papers.
    When he has accepted you, drive forward to a big building to the left. Park the
    truck with the end of it towards the man who stands in front of the gateway.
    Exit the truck and talk to the man. He’ll give you an order since he thinks
    you’re a worker to load some crates inside the dispatch hall while he takes a
    You’ll also see the Scorsese crates behind him, but we can’t load all of them
    But we can however load a few of them while he takes a leak. Load as many as you
    can into the truck while you’re keeping an eye to the left of the truck to see
    the man is coming back. To pick up a crate, right click on the box and then
    click again at the truck to unload them there. When the man is coming back, go
    north of the truck and keep moving forward. Talk with the two men on the left
    side to tell them that you need to take the crates (to the left of them) into
    dispatch hall. Once you’ve told them that, do exactly the same as you did with
    the cigar crates and unload them on the boards inside the dispatch hall. Once
    you’ve taken all 20 crates to the hall, the chief will come down here and talk
    to you. Now, once the chief’s back at the hall where the cigar crates are, talk
    to him to trick him that some guys need help at the train. Now, he’ll be gone
    for a long while, so take the rest of the crates back to the truck and drive
    out of the hangar. The guard who checked your papers earlier, will stop you
    again. And since you don’t have the crates that’s in the papers he will get the
    guards after you! Drive back to the agreed place while two cars are coming after
    you. Try to shake them off in the traffic. Once back at the agreed place, grab
    the shotgun that’s leaning against one of the walls. Shoot all the men who
    and when everyone is dead, get inside the truck with Paulie, and drive to
    warehouse in Hoboken to complete the mission. Sam will take the Lassiter to pick
    Salieri up.
    Wow, now this is a cool mission. You’ll listen to Paulie’s plan and do the bank
    Paulie will take you to the bank in Downtown so you can look at it. Follow him
    of the apartment and then to the train. Right click on the opening to the train
    enter it. Look at your map and you’ll notice that you will have a long way to
    there. Enjoy the view, and a few events as well. Along the way you’ll see some
    working on a roof of a station, some workers painting and a guy talking to a
    at a harbor. This is at least what I’ve seen, so if you spot anything else,
    inform me about it. Anyway, once you’re at the Downtown station, exit the train
    Paulie and then walk with him to the bank. Right click on the door to enter it
    you’re there. Follow Paulie inside the bank and listen to his plan. Once he is
    talking, exit the bank and stop outside and listen to the rest of the plan.
    need some weapons and a fast car, and when you’ve got it, honk the horn outside
    Paulie’s apartment and you’re ready to go. He tells you to visit Yellow Pete’s
    in Hoboken, and that you’ll need to take the train to get there since it’s far!
    the?! Steal a car instead and you’ll get there MUCH faster! Once at the shop,
    on the greenish metal door and man will open up for you. Follow him under the
    and talk with the old man in front of you. You’ll get to choose your weapons
    here from
    a list, so select carefully. I always choose a Colt 1911, S&W Model 27 Magnum
    and a
    Thompson. Once you’ve got the weapons, you can visit Lucas Bertone to get an
    car or drive to Paulie’s apartment and honk your horn. Below you’ll find the
    for Lucas’ side mission.
    **** Alternatively: Big Dick ****
    Talk to Lucas at his shop and he need you to deliver a package to a guy named
    under the East Marshall Bridge. That should be easy enough? Get inside the car
    drive to East Marshall Bridge. Once there, go down the stairs on the side of the
    bridge (left or right, you choose). Once down the stairs, find Dick to the right
    if you took the left set of stairs,and to the left if you took the right set of
    stairs. Talk to him and some hoods will show up! Take cover behind the crates in
    front of you and kill all of them with the Thompson if you’ve got it. Just spray
    them down, which is easy so you shouldn’t lose any life here if you’re careful.
    you lose life, you can take the med-kit at Lucas’ shop on the left wall. Once
    hoods are dead, grab any ammo if you need to and drive back to Lucas and speak
    him. He’ll teach you how to steal a Trautenberg Model J. You can find one in
    who will be driving from a school there to Central Island and park the car
    there. But
    you can also just stop him and steal the car from him. Kill him before you get
    the car because he’s armed with a Colt Detective Special. Once you’ve got the
    drive to Paulie’s apartment in Little Italy and honk the horn.
    Once Paulie has gotten inside the car, drive to the bank and don’t get the cops
    on your
    tail since they will only cause problem. Once at the bank, go inside it and
    draw your
    weapon. You’ll have a time limit here, so don’t waste it. Instead of listening
    to Paulie,
    kick in the door to the left when you’ve reach the next room where Paulie says
    it’s a
    heist and go around the corner to the left. Grab the keys on the shelf there
    and open
    the door to the right. Kill the guard on the other side of it and take the
    stairs up
    (you’ll see that they’re leading down also, but we’ll go there once we’ve got
    the safe
    keys. Once on top of the stairs, kill the guard to the right and turn left in
    the corridor.
    Open the first door to the left and talk with the manager at his desk. He’ll
    tell you
    that the keys are inside the cupboard behind you to the left. Grab them and
    kill the
    guard in the corridor who has appeared. Go back to the stairs and take them
    down this
    time. Shoot the guard who might be on the other side of the fence to the right.
    If not,
    proceed down the hall and around the corner to the right. Near the next corner
    to the
    right the guard might come, so shoot him. Turn left when you can and shoot the
    to the left in a small space, and there might be one more to kill also. Once
    taken care of, run towards the big safe in front of you to start a cutscene.
    Once it’s
    over, you’ll have a big bag of money on your back! Make your way to Paulie and
    the bank. Get inside the car and drive to the Palomore Club where your hideout
    is. The
    cops will chase you, but if you drive fast inside the garage, the cuff-icon
    might turn
    into a confused cop-icon. If so, you can talk to Paulie and finish the mission.
    If the
    icon doesn’t change, you might have to kill all of the cops, or just restart
    the mission
    and hope that no cop catches on your tail. Okay, get ready for the final
    mission in
    Mafia now...
                 The Death of Art
    Wow, you’ve done a very good job so far. This is the final mission, and it’s a
    good one. Okay, after the shocking cutscene you agreed to meet Sam at the city
    gallery on Central Island so he can help you out. You can go there right now if
    you want, but I recommend to visit Yellow Pete before going to the gallery. And
    you’ll also get the opportunity to visit Lucas Bertone to get a new car. You’ll
    find the walkthrough for his side mission below. Okay, the first thing you want
    to do now is to get out of Paulie’s apartment before the cops shows up or they
    will start to shoot you. Once outside, grab one of the parked vehicles here or
    another one, then head for Yellow Pete’s gun shop. If you don’t remember where
    it is, you can follow this link to see a map which I made to point out the
    gunshop for you since it isn’t marked on the in-game map:
    Once at the shop, knock on the door and follow the man down to Pete. Talk to
    him and select the weapons you want. I recommend the same weapons I recommended
    in the previous mission, “Moonlightning”, a Colt 1911, Thompson and a S&W Model
    27 Magnum. Once you’ve got the weapons, you can drive to the city gallery on
    Central Island and then go through the main doors, or do Lucas’ side mission.
    **** Alternatively: Persecution ****
    This is pretty fun side mission. Lucas wants to know where a certain person is
    hiding. And he recommend that you follow his whore who brings him food and
    Okay, jump inside the car and drive to the Corleone Hotel and she’ll come out
    through the main doors. You can follow her either on foot on by car. I recommend
    by car, but stay a good distance away from her or she’ll turn around and spot
    and remain suspicious for the rest of the way. If you get to close, she’ll call
    the police and the mission will be ruined. Okay, follow the road she takes. When
    she takes a small set of stairs up at the church, take the road forward and turn
    left. Then go around the church and turn right when you reach the street. She’ll
    now come from the right and go across the street to the left. Follow her while
    keeping a distance to an apartment where she enters. Okay, now drive back to
    and tell him where the person is hiding. Lucas will now teach you how to steal a
    Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD. It’s parked inside a autoshop and it belongs to the
    who isn’t there but he has some nasty guard dogs guarding it. Go to the autoshop
    in Chinatown and shoot the lock to the cage where all the cars and dogs are.
    make sure that no cop is near. Open the gate and shoot all the dogs. Steal the
    and head for the gallery to continue the main mission.
    Watch the cutscene and get another shock. Once it’s over, equip the Thompson and
    kill the two gangsters in front of you. Then one to the left and one to the
    at the stairs. Go up the stairs where the right gangster where and shoot the
    in the next room. Proceed to the next room to the left and then to the next one.
    Kill the two gangsters in here, watch out for the one with the shotgun. Once
    dead, go out to the next room on the opposite side and turn right. Kill the
    around the left corner. When nobody is coming, run over to the opposite side
    and kill
    the possible Thompson gangster to the left or right. A grenade will explode at
    stairs in the middle where you just ran, so watch out. Once it has exploded, two
    gangsters will come down the stairs so kill them and take the stairs up. Another
    cutscene will play. Once it’s over, run back down the stairs and turn right.
    up the stairs and shoot the gangster that comes from the right, than two of them
    on the other side of the railing in front of you. When they’re dead, take the
    up and kill a few gangsters in the circle hall in front of you, they can be
    so watch out. When it seems to be empty, turn around and run to the opposite
    You’ll see a med-kit on the left wall next to the left set of stairs, but DON’T
    run up the stairs as a grenades will come flying down and explode (I had 80 HP
    and when the grenade exploded, I had 19 HP left!). Once it has exploded, run
    down and grab the med-kit if you need to or save it. Now, go up the stairs and
    the gangster on the top just to get rid of him. Now, run back to the circle
    hall and
    open the door on the right side. Kill the four gangsters in this room but be
    as they will have shotguns. Take a good position with the Thompson and spray
    down as they come. When they’re dead, make your wat from room to room and kill
    gangsters that stand in your way. They will hide behind the sofas, so watch out.
    You will encounter two gangsters with Thompsons to the right once you enter one
    the rooms, so stay alerted. Once you come back to the area where the cirlce
    hall is,
    turn left and run to the stairs (grab the med-kit now if you need to). Take
    them up
    and go through the right door if you took the left set of stairs and go through
    left door if you took the right set of stairs. Run forward in this room until a
    cutscene starts. This will trigger the final fight in the game...
    Who could have guessed this from Sam? Anyway, it’s time to kill this bastard
    he’s responsible for Paulie’s death! He’s quite hard if you don’t know what to
    But here’s a strategy I always use. Equip the Colt 1911 and peek very carefully
    the right where you start. You will see Sam on the other side with his
    Thompson. Set
    the aim on him and then step out and shoot him until you have to reload. Step
    and do so. Never stop shooting at him or he will most likely kill you because
    crazy with his Thompson. Once you have reloaded, set the aim on him where you
    he's standing and then step out while crouched down and shoot him until the
    magazine is
    empty again. This method also works with the Thompson or Magnum. But it’s much
    with the Colt 1911. Once you’ve filled two full magazines in him, he should run
    If not, keep doing the procedure until he does. When he’s gone, run right and
    spot a trail of blood leading up the corridor. Equip the Colt 1911 and crouch
    Have the aim on the left side of the left corner and when Sam steps out from
    shoot him until the final cutscene starts! You might get a few retries if
    you’re not
    used to this or if you’re stressed. Anyway, once you finally kill Sam,
    CONGRATULATIONS ON BEATING MAFIA! I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did
    first time I played it. I still enjoy this game and I’m on my 14th run! Now
    when you’ve
    beaten the game you’ll see one of the best endinings ever, at least in my and
    MANY other
    people’s opinions. You’ll also get a freeride mode called “Freeride Extreme”.
    06. FAQ
    This is the section that you should check before e-mailing me a question.
    If the question you have isn’t answered here, then you’re welcome to email
    me. I won’t respond if the question is already in this FAQ.
    Q: Should I get this for PC or console?
    A: I would definitely recommend that you should get it for PC. It has everything
    that the console versions are missing like blood, a lot of effects and sound.
    Q: I can’t beat a certain mission! What should I do?
    A: I have given my personal strategies in the walkthrough, so if that doesn’t
    help you, try out your own.
    Q: Will this game work on Windows Vista?
    A: Yes, my game is working perfectly on Vista Home Premium. I don’t know if it
    will work on other Vista-versions though.
    Q: When I try to start the game it gives me an error. What should I do?
    A: Be sure that you select “autodetect” on the setup so it can detect your
    Q: I can’t get out of the car! What should I do?
    A: It’s just a glitch, restart the game and it should work again.
    Q: This game is too hard for me. Can I choose difficulty?
    A: Unfortunately, you can’t choose the difficulty.
    Q: How do I get “Freeride Extreme”?
    A: If you checked the end of the walkthrough it says that you’ll get it after
    completing the game! Please read the walkthrough for the answer or check here
    before sending me questions.
    Q: Can you put your own music in this game?
    A: I don’t know anything about that. And I don’t see why you would want to do it
    Since this game has perfect music, and it’s the 30’s also. Wouldn’t it look
    silly with mordern music in a game like this? It’s just my opnion, so ask
    else if you want to do it.
    Q: Will there be a Mafia 2?
    A: Do you really think I’m the creator of this game? How should I know? I don’t
    think there will be a Mafia 2 since Illusion Sofworks put down so much work on
    this one and they haven’t mentioned it, but who knows?
    Q: You don’t have a car list?
    A: No I don’t, because I feel that it isn’t that important. Maybe in the
    Version 1.0: August 5th, 2007
    This is the first version of this guide. I just completed it, and since I
    stressed, please inform me of errors, typos or anything else incorrect. I
    am sending this out to Gamefaqs and Neoseeker on a Sunday, so it will be
    out tomorrow I guess. Anyway, I deserve a break now! Next time I will return
    with a walkthrough for Hitman: Contracts. Thank you for reading my guide for
    this superb game, Mafia!
    08. CREDITS
    I'm afraid that it has come to and end...
    I will only update this walkthrough if I get something very important to add.
    Or maybe I just change something. If you want to check out my other walkthroughs
    you can see them at Neoseeker and GameFAQs. Next time I think I will return with
    a walkthrough for Hitman: Contracts. So until then, take care.

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