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"The Best Mafia Game Of All Time!"

Mafia is in my opinion the best third person shooter game of all time. The story is amazing, the sound effects are awesome, the graphics suits the game well and there are a lot of details in the game. You'll play as Tommy Angelo, who starts off as a taxi driver. But one evening, his whole life changes. When two gangsters forces Tommy to lose the tail behind them, they're very impressed with his skills. They offer him a job at the mafia, but Tommy has his doubts. It's a lot better to be poor and alive than rich and dead. But soon, he sees no other option that to join the mafia and I'll find the reason why once you play the game. One of the good things about this game is that the missions are very, and I mean very different from the other. You will mostly do your missions by going to places in a car, or you can take the train or walk all the way there. In one mission for example, you will do a burglary in a villa to steal an important folder and in another mission you will do an assassination on a politician with a sniper rifle. Or what do you say about to blow up a hotel and kill the manager? The missions are as said very different from the other, so there's absolutely no disappointment in the gameplay.

In almost each mission you'll be taught how to steal a new car from your family's car-expert, Ralph. This is something you'll do before each mission, get a weapon from the weapons-expert, Vincenzo and then get a car from Ralph. You can also do some side missions at Lucas Bertone's auto service to get some new cars. During missions, you'll get to use a lot of different weapons. For example you'll get to use revolvers, shotguns, sniper rifles, melee weapons like a baseball bat, wooden plank, knife and more. You'll also get to use the most important mafia weapon, a Thompson! After you've completed all mission objectives in a mission, you'll always be told to drive back to Salieri's bar, which is your boss' name. Once there you'll start a new mission. Or you'll get an alternative to visit Lucas Bertone to do a side mission and be taught how to steal a new car before returning to the bar.

Like Grand Theft Auto, you'll have some cops to deal with if you break the law. But fortunately, they won't go crazy at once at you like in GTA. If you drive a little over 40 miles per hour, they will try to stop and fine you. If you drive like that again for the fourth time, they will try to arrest you. And if you drive 70 miles per hour they will try to arrest you since you're speeding. They will try to arrest you if they see you with a weapon, and they will try to kill you if you open fire at them or anything else harmful at them. Don't think you can drive a car for too long like in GTA. You'll have to keep an eye out for the fuel bar. When a red light is flashing, it means that you'll have to visit a fuel station to fill the car up. Fortunately, the cars won't lose their fuel fast. It will take a very long time. The only time that car might have to be refilled at once or a while later is when you steal a car. That should be enough for you for now about the game, so let's go through the graphics, sound and the controllers.

Graphics: 9
You might have seen better graphics nowadays, but I think it suits the game very well since it's the 30's. The animations are very well done, and it feels alive, almost like a movie. And also, the game is from 2002, so it might have been the best looking game during that year. It also has some nice details sometimes when you blow up a car for example. You'll then see that the body inside the car has been barbecued. You'll see bullet holes in both cars, walls and anything that you fire at except people which is a little disappointing, but nothing big. Fortunately, there's a lot of blood (you can adjust the blood level), so there's really no need for bullet holes. If you shoot a window you'll see the shards lying on the ground. And if you fire a weapon, you'll see the cartridges coming from it! And if you reload a gun, you'll see the magazines. If you crash a car into the wall or something else, it will stop working after a while, and parts from it will be lost. The graphics are in overall very well done and detailed.

Sound: 10
The sound is amazing. The soundtrack for this game is very touching and it suits the title well. The actors are very talented and they are the reason that the characters look so alive. You will hear the cartridges land on the ground when you're firing a weapon, and it will suit to the environment you're in. For example, if you're firing a shotgun next to a gate. The sound of the cartridge will bounce on the gate and give a sound that matches it. Or if you fire a pistol on the grass, you will hear the sound of the cartridge that lands on the grass. The sound is absolutely amazing.

Controllers: 10
The controllers for this game are very easy to get used to. In fact, you can configure the controllers for yourself so it will get extra easy then! The only thing that might be a problem if you're playing with the default controllers is that it might be hard to steer the car and fire a weapon at the same time because you're moving the car with the arrows and shooting with the mouse. But if you configure the controls for yourself, it's nothing to worry about. So in overall this game is so awesome that it's almost unbelievable. I give the game a solid 10. Buy it NOW if you're thinking of buying it. But only for PC though. The console versions look terrible and it misses all the sound and graphic details I mentioned!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/26/07

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