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"Ever wanted to be a Mafia hitman? Well now you can!"

In the height of the depression you're a small time cab driver who gets a big break with the Mob. This game has many similarities to Grand Theft Auto 3, and if you've played it, you'll pick up on this game in no time. With that said, let's delve on in!

Gameplay - There's two main ways of playing, on foot or in the car. You'll start off mainly in the car, but you'll soon find yourself on foot surrounded by bad guys in no time. But what can you do if you can't run them over? Give 'em a bat to the head! While it takes a while to kill a person with the bat (unless you knock them out from behind), you can always pick up a colt. I found the controls to be a little confusing at first, but with the proper tweaking, I was on a rampage in no time. There is also new strategies to stealing cars, as it isn't as simple as just opening the door. You must learn how to pick the car's lock in Story mode before you can use it in free roam. This brings about another point. The main game tends to be a bit linear, but once you unlock some stuff for Free Roam, you'll be running over pedestrians and fleeing from cops with style in no time. 7/10

Story - What's it all about? You're a taxi driver who gets hired by the mob. Run errands and get engrossed in this interesting tale of crime in the early '30s. 6/10

Graphics - The graphics of this game are definitely superior to GTA3, as you can now see even more facial and vehicle details. Nothing spectacular, but nothing to whine about. 9/10

Sound - While there isn't a radio, there is still a nice instrumental soundtrack with violin, clarinet, and much more playing in the background. Very good music, you wont grow sick of it for a while. 10/10

Replayability - If you've beaten GTA3, you know about how often you'll be replaying this. It's good for a few kicks, but there's not a terrible amount of fun once you've done everything. 6/10

To buy or to rent? - If you've never played Grand Theft Auto 3, and you want to try it, rent it. If you absolutely despise GTA3, rent only if you want. If you have even the most remote liking for GTA3, you'll eat this game up, though you may find it a little shorter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/04/02, Updated 09/04/02

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