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"Just one word explains this"

After I saw some reviews for this game and on the advice of many of my friends. I went to my local store and picked up mafia. When I got home I popped in the 3 discs and waited for it to install, it did take a while but it really wasn't a problem for me. Well after it was done the screen started up and I began playing, and wow was I impressed. This has to be one of the best games I have ever played all year. I was deeply addicted to it and couldn't stop playing until I was completely finished.

Story 10/10
Your a cab driver named Tom in the 30's during prohibition turned mafia hit man after helping 2 mafioso's escape in your car after an incident. You go around performing various tasks assigned by your boss named ''Salieri'' who operates out of a bar. Now this is something special, enriched, multi layered story telling. This is much better than the one behind GTA 3 and actually shows an abundance of cinematics explaining everything and adding dramatics and suspense in the process. This seems like something out of good fellas but doesn't imitate the story line. Even one of the characters looks like joe pesci.

Graphics 9/10
Very well done in my opinion. Facial expressions are nicely rendered and the mouth movements are right on with character animations. The cinematics are a treat to watch as they are done beautifully and gorgeous. This was one thing that was given a lot of tender love and care on. Although some of the trees are flat as cardboard you really won't care about it or even notice it usually. With over 25 square miles to explore, not one building or road was forgotten and all are done with the same high polygon pixels as even the ones you go into frequently. The only problem you might have with this is if you have a slow computer it will lag tremendously and freeze almost every second due to these high graphics. You may have to sacrifice quality for fps :(

Sound 9/10
The voice acting in this was right on the dot, every person fit their character perfectly and I couldn't have done it better myself. Gun shots, car crashes, punches, moans, explosions, and tire skids are all what you come to expect in the game and don;t fall short in any way. With my 4 speaker logitech sub woofer package I really feel the bass shaking the room when I'm pumping someone full of lead or causing mass destruction. The musical score isn't diverse but it doesn't detract from the game. There are only about 3 or 4 different tracks and there all playing usually while your out driving (sorry no radio gta 3 fans). It's 30's style jazz music and orchestra which is really upbeat and helps you feel the era and how it was like then.

Controls 8/10
This may be the only minor infraction in the game. To some people there may be too many buttons to use in this game. Although the defaults you are given do not suit me well and you can change them accordingly. Usually when I'm out doing a new action that I have never done before I have to refer to the options screen to remember how to do it sometimes (example manual transmission, clutch, speeds, speed limiter, scope for sniper rifle). This will only be in the beginning and won't last that long, other than that the controls are a breeze and didn't really affect the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay 10/10
This is by far the best part of the game that you will get the most joy out of. You will be addicted for hours trying to complete the fun filled missions and non stop action that you have to absorb. Even learning the landscape and exploring the vast region will be enough in itself. This is a gem to play and watch the story unfold. I love how much realism is in the game. With the driving and how you must be careful not to run red lights or go over the speed limit, to using strategy against a superb AI, and even the vast diversity of each car in how they operate, turn, and accelerate. To even having to refill your car with gas when it runs out, and going to the auto shop to get your wheels repaired when your cars been dented and the tires have fallen off. With the arsenal of weapons at your disposal, the bloodshed and mayhem you can cause. The amount of interaction with the world around and the environment and people you deal with. The ability to be sucked right into the game and actually feel your going along with tom as he begins his rough journey in the mafia. There is no reason why you should shouldn't pick up this game right now!!

Replay Value 7/10
After your done with the game you can do free ride mode where you can explore the city and get money performing certain actions, or you can do freeride extreme which has an all new set of objectives and sub quests which deals with the game on a lighter note. After you finish story mode these will last you for a little bit but after that it will get boring very fast.

Buy or Rent:
I would strongly recommend buying this game as fast as possible. This is something great and wonderful, and I'd never actually hear myself saying this.....but in my opinion this is better than gta 3!! So if your a huge GTA 3 fan you surely like this game the moment you begin to play, and if you don't like gta 3 check it out for it's rich story and deep gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/02, Updated 09/21/02

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