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"A + Action/Driver game"

It started out having a bad day at work and I thought I pay a visit to EB (Electronic Boutique)and check out what they have. I didn't expect to see anything new or exciting until I saw this Mafia game on display. I looked at the cover and said WOW! Looks sweet! So I bought it right then and there. I come home and install it wondering if I wasted another $50 on another game. I try it out for the first time on Free Play mode and I thought the graphics were great. Detail looked really nice.

Graphics: (9/10) I thought this game looked great. Pedestrians, the cars...couple flaws but not much.

But one thing kinda bugged me was the music. I didn't really approve the music. But if you think about it...I'm living in the 30's here. So I ended up turning it off the whole game.

Music: (5/10) Nothing I like personlly but it fits the atmosphere.

The next thing I did is drive off in this slow car. I kinda figured that I would start off in a slow car like so. But the sound was great. The birds in the background chirping, the car idling, other cars driving around, the people's bodies thudding against my car and screaming at me, old style horns and sirens, glass breaking, cars smashing against buildings...etc.

Sound: (10/10) Excellent sound effects!

I played the whole game on a keyboard and it was a great experience. Driving with the infamous keyboard arrows wasn't too bad at all. Running and gunning or driving and gunning. It's all cool. Two weeks later I bought myself a Logitech MOMO Racing wheel from for a $50 difference than everbody else such as BestBuy who sell it for $200. Anyways if you have a Racing wheel...this game is PERFECT with a Steering Wheel. The bumps in the road, wooden ramps (on Free Ride Extreme), car collision...they basically had it all on the game...Force Feedback felt good, and the handling was great.

Controls: (10/10) What an awesome experience with the steering wheel.

I left Free Play and went on with the Real Game. It had a nice opening, the character's were nicely made. The whole game felt like experiencing a whole life of The Godfather. Nice cut scenes. A hell of a story to go along with the whole game. At one point of the game you become a race car took me 5 tries to beat it though with the keyboard. What a tough race. But don't let it get to you.

Story: (10/10) It was an honor to be on Paulie's side. What an experience!

It took me quite a while to beat the whole game. Pretty long game. I'm still playing it ever since i got it on the first week it came out. I'm currently working on Free Play Extreme and I have 9 prototypes and the race cars. The Crazy Horse...That is a BEAST. Possibly too powerful to drive...hehe. The game is filled with extremely fast cars though.

Replay: (8/10) Free Play Extreme raised the replay value with plenty of challenges and fun things to do. And I am tempting to restart the whole game as well just to experience it again.

Overall this game is a must buy. If you like Grand Theft Auto III then you just might like this one too. I built a computer with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.65Ghz), Gainward Geforce 4 Ti4600, 19'' KDS AV-195TF Flat Screen Monitor, 1024MB Ram and I run the game on 1600x1200 at 85 Hz, Fullscene Antialiasing is OFF, triple buffering, True color, compressed texture, hardware transform and lighting, W buffer, and EAX. With them setting's it runs great. I wish my computer was a little faster though so i could max out all the settings.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/02, Updated 09/25/02

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