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"So good, your spouse will hate it"

Ah yes grand theft auto with better graphics and story. When I first started playing this game, I thought to myself, this reminds me of GTA3, what a rip, I soon found out, this was far beyond GTA adn into a whole new realm.

Some of the best I have ever seen, the facial details are wonderful, you can see the shave marks on their faces. The city itself is layed out wonderful, there is so much detail on every little thing, that is hard to believe you cant just go over and start using somthing on the side of the road, somtimes you can. The color is nice, the cars are detailed as well as the town, it seems like they over did things they could have just left off. The graphics ran smmoth on my 64mb card, as well as a friends 32mb nvidia card.

Great gun sounds, wonder voice overs, and great city noise. The voice acting is awsome, it is very movie like. there are problems but easy to fix, by default the music is way louder then the game(not cut scenes) so basically you go into options and turn downt he music, adn the gun fire and cars are a little loud, especially when you are trying to hear conversation, but nothing too bad.

Control: 9
Nothing really bad here, it plays alot like GTA3, although a little smoother. The cars can be operated pretty easy witht eh keyboard, the character is moved by the arrow keys and the mouse for aim, pretty easy stuff, very resposive, although you have to push the right mouse twice to get out of a car and back into it, which is weird to me.

How it runs on computer: 9
This will vary, I have a 1gig system with 384 ram and a 64 mb video card and it runs wonderful, the only slowdown is when alot of crap gets on the screen at the same time, which is like that for most things, it is very smooth, and very clean. Very little lag on most parts.

Story: 10
Wonderful, would be a great movie, in fact I bet it has been. Wonderful voice acting, missions make since with the story. Keeps you in suspense and you actually know characters by the end. Plenty of cut scenes to keep the story going. Has as good of story as some RPG's.

Fun factor adn replay:10
I will ink these together, just a great time in the story and when you are done with that, you can jump over and play free ride, where there are other things and missions to do. It could last all night. Once you beat the game it opens up everything is free ride and the result is endless. I mean this is a pretty violent game where you can do most anything is free mode, and for that matter the missions in the story and get away with it. In the story and the missions there are police and mobsters out there, I mean you can speed or run a red light without a cop coming after you(if they see you), its pretty easy to lose the cops, but if you do pull over they will just ticket you...unless you kill them. Like I said you can do endless things on this game, great replay value.

Well all in all, I had a great time with this game, in fact I still am, with a combination of freedom and great sotry, this game is a must for any fan of GTA3, it has some violence and some adult situations, but its pretty dang fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/06/02, Updated 11/06/02

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