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"Stunning. Simply stunning"

Mafia is a game of gangsters trying to keep their domain and maintain their power within their community of Lost Heaven. All aspects of this game rival any other game (Yes, even GTA). Read on.

Story: 10
You are Tommy Angelo. A taxi cab driver turned mafioso. One day you are minding your own business when a couple of gansters force you to drive them away from a recent accident. You will comply unless you want a head full of bullets. From that point on you follow Tommy on his adventures as Don Salieri is the mafia boss and hires you. The story is based on an account of Tommy as he dictates his whole story to the local authorties and ...well i don't want to spoil it.

Gameplay: 10
WOW. That is all i can say. Currently there is only single player, although a patch for multiplayer may be in the works. All the physics in this game are excellent. From shooting tires off cares to shooting someone in the face. It is all very realistic. Full control customization is available. You will really need a high end graphics card (Geforce2 TI recommended) to get the full graphic potential out of this game. The game mainly consists of a 3rd person shooting perspective and a car perspective with many different camera angles (i enjoy the ''tire'' view). You can steal cars parked on streets. Steal cars with drivers still in them, or you can shoot the driver in the car and then steal the car. It is all very nice and well done. The cars are physically designed perfectly. Handbrake works well, and is realistic towards rear wheel and front wheel drive cars. The LS3D engine doesn't not lag at all, unless your graphics card and CPU are limiting you.

Graphics: 10
This section is probably determined by your graphic ability. Seeing i have a Geforce3 ti200 and run the game will full options and antialiasing, this game is stunning. I spend a lot of time just seeing what small details the game provides. shooting waste baskets from streets. shooting cars and seeing bullet holes and damage. Shooting people walking along the streets (especially the police). The detail is astonishing. The buildings are done very well, and the cutscenes are done perfectly, with excellent voice acting. Cars are made well, with excellent damage action when you smash it with a baseball bat. Character models are very nice, with varying faces all over the area.

Sound: 10
Sound is done very well. EAX effects are excellent. When you turn your character, the sound follows exaclty as it should. If someone is talking it front of you, then you turn right, only the left speaker(s) will have the sound of the person. Very nice. The civilian sounds are well done as well. It is very humourous when you go to a car and drag the driver out and they shout ''Please don't! I have a wife and kids!'' and ''Help! Help! He's stealing my car!'' It just makes you want to shoot them with a sawed off shotgun just to shut them up.
Weapon sounds are very accurate. Loud for the magnums and less loud for the pistols. Ambient sounds are everywhere. You can hear the seagulls flying and the water hitting the ocean. There are so many sounds that i can't even remember them all.

Replay. 10
The story of Tommy Angelo is what will force you to keep playing the game. 20+ levels with sublevels in between keep the action going. You want to know what is going to happen in the next mission, so you want to play. Freeride also allows you to play in Lost Heaven without the constraint of mission objectives. When you finish the game you get a little something as well....

Buy? Hellya! Why haven't you gone out to get it? It is an excellent blast from the past. All the elements are there and the gameplay is extraordinary. I don't suppose you can rent PC games?

Final: 10

This game is probably the best action game i've played. GTA is very close, but Mafia is much more serious rather than comical. Tommy Angelo along with his friends Paulie and Sam are guided under Don Salieri, and this does give the sense of a Mafia community. All the classic elements are present in this game that would pertain to the 1930's.
Highly Recommended.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/02, Updated 11/29/02

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