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Reviewed: 12/30/02 | Updated: 12/30/02

The combination of guns, girls and cars... no he's not James Bond.

After catching a preview of the game from some local TV program. I tought that it's a GTA rip off but it proves me wrong. Mafia could pretty well stand on its own and tell anyone who might be thinking the same thing that they're wrong. The first time I had the CDs of the game I started thinking how good this game'll be basing on the preview that I saw it'll pretty well last up to GTA or Hitman even. The game is very impressive and is quite very realistic and I mean realistic.

The gameplay is pretty impressive and I could say that you won't get bored playing it, though I feel that it has like alot of reload time but hey this good game do need such time to load. Mafia is extremely a very solid game that could make you go playing without stopping and later like most Mafia player would be annoyed with a certain level... the dreaded ''Racing Game'' but I shouldn't be talking about it now you should grab a copy yourself to see what I'm talking about. In the game you'll probably be driving around a large city with a completely alive environment. The realism is quite superb like you'll surely die if your car accidentally was hit by a speeding train (^_^ well that's quite logical anyway), you'll see people go home, park their cars or get chased down by cops for speeding or something else. You see it's quite similar to GTA3 but a different attitude(consideriing the setting is in the mid 1930's). You'll be doing a lot of job starting from a simple taxi driver to a bad boy work like blowing up cars, race in a tourney, hit some guy with a baseball bat and a lot more. The game is in an average to hard diffculty level and could get harder at certain stage. Though it'll require you some basic dodging and shooting as well as a pretty good driving skill then you'll work out fine. The controls on the other hand is extremely easy since you can set your own controls making it even easier for your to get a hang of the game. There's the tutorial and free ride mode for you to at least practice or have fun.

Mafia is set in like around 1930's. You'll start out as a taxi driver, while taking a break you'll stumble upon two men that being chased by a wild group of dangerous men. You took them in and brought them to safety and in return their boss offers you some job(What a nice guy eh?). The story is really based on Mafia things with a twist of a little dark plots and mixed with great weapons and cars. Overallm you'll be driving around the city dropping somebody off, trashing some bad guys or their belongings.

Graphics are at its best though it requires a good video card but the settings is extremly costumizable so you could play the game better. The environment the game works looks so lively. The buildings are drawn and looks a bit real. The people that walks around are pretty nice as well as the cars, lots of them. I could say that the game could take you back to the mid 30's as you play. Though the thing that I don't like is the faces at time you'll see them open their mouth and at time they won't like when Tommy (the lead character) doesn't even open his mouth when he drinks or smoke a cigar(Or maybe he's just pretending to do so ;P). If you try to look at your car with Look left or right commands while driving them you'll see the light reflects prefectly or when you try to trash a car with a bat you'll see that it gets damaged on the part that it's been hit as well as bullet holes.

With the best graphic certainly deserves a great sound and yes the game do have a great one. From the voice overs you'll see that those voices you hear are realy based on the person speaking like a mafia boss do sound like one(though I haven't heard one in real life but it's quite good anyways). A lot of great sounds are in this game from the honking horns down to those people talking by the streets. The background music is by far one of the best that I've heard. The game do brings you back to the late 30's of Italy.

Play Time/Replayability
I believe you won't get tired playing this game coz' surely you'll play this game for hours and hours with only a drink to stop. You can try finish the game over again just for the fun or try out Free Ride or Free Ride Extreme for more fun. You'll be driving around with any car steal any car you want(YES! You could even steal a police car!). I mean the replayability of this game is off the chart maybe as high as the replayability of GTA3.

Final Recommendation
Have you read the review? Then grab a copy yourself NOW!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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