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"My 2002 PC game of the Year"

Wow! This game is incredible. It’s the 1930’s and you are brought into a Mafia family. You are Tommy Vercetti. You start out as a simple driver and raise the ranks as you become a close friend to Don Salieri. This is Mafia: a recreation of the mob world in the 1930s, but also a recreation of the Atlantic United States of the 1930s.

Graphics (10/10)
Both the atmosphere and the people are incredibly done. I was in awe driving around the city and looking at the details of each and every building. I went up to random people’s faces just to take a look at the details of the graphics of the game. Not to mention that almost every character at the same screen look different (have different faces, etc.) except in some battles.

Sound (10/10)
Voice acting = perfect. No thick, phony Italian accents. But they do have slighter accents that you will really appreciate more.
The music fits the game perfectly and changes as you enter certain parts of the city. For example, when you enter the rich area, the music changes to something more fitting of the rich area. It’s really great.

Gameplay (9/10)
Fantastic. This game, like GTA III (but the similarities end there), has you drive around from point to point to do jobs for the boss (like pick up a box of cigars). Most of the time these will lead to action scenes where you have to fight many enemies. The fighting scenes are excellent and you will remember a couple of them months after defeating the game.
As you play more, you basically unlock more cars. The cars look better and are faster and really keep the game from being repetitive in this aspect. You also will carry more guns, like the Tommy Gun, sniper, and different hand guns.
The gameplay is excellent, but I’m going to mention the only problem with the game…and it can be a BIG PROBLEM for some people. The driving becomes very repetitive and boring. Although you will appreciate how cops ticket you for violating traffic laws, this becomes a serious pain when it has nothing to do with the game (ie: going to the part of the level where the action is!). Not to mention, the city is ENORMOUS and driving from place to place with or without speeding still takes a long time. (However, controlling your top speed is easy with a speed limited button you can press). This is the only problem in the game, but I think you should still buy it.

Story (10/10)
It’s like a mob movie. It has plenty of twists and turns. You will be expected to whack other members of the family for what they’ve done to the family.

The ending of the game is the best I’ve ever seen in any video game ever. I just said, “wow, I can’t believe that just happened. That’s so cool.”

How can the story be bad? Unless you don’t like mafia movies or just don’t like video games in general!

Value (10/10)
Although it is at the heft price of $50, this game is LONG and HARD! The infamous racing mission took me more than several hours to defeat because of its difficulty. And the game is long. It took me over a month to beat this game (and I beat Splinter Cell in 4 days and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 4 as well!) Not to mention that after you beat the story part of the game, you unlock another aspect which has you doing side missions. It’s similar to GTA’s side missions, but these happen only after the main story is over. You also have a sort of rampage mode in another part of the game, where you try to kill a certain number of mafia guys and cops for money.

Overall: 9.5
This game is BOTH a shooter and an action game. It’s very different from any game you’ve ever played (INCLUDING GTA 3)! It’s a great game, and definitely worth buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/03, Updated 01/10/03

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