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"Truly one of the best games I've ever played"

Mafia is a great game set in the seedy underworld of the 1930's in a fictional city called Lost Heaven which is like a combination of Chicago and San Fransisco in which you follow Thomas Angelo's life story through a series of flashbacks.

This is what 4 star movies are made of. Easily one of the best storylines ever in a game. They even hired professional actors to do the character's voices, which is very obvious because it's done great. Okay, on with the storyline. The game starts off with the beginning credits that looks like what you would see in a movie, after about 5 minutes we cut to a man walking into a restaurant, this of course is Thomas Angelo, the character you'll play throughout the game. In the first of many greatly done cutscenes, we see that Thomas is meeting with a detective because he's willing to exchange information about his years in the Salieri family's mafia for witness protection because The Don wants him dead for reasons that will later be revealed as you play the game.

Stunning is the only way to describe it. You'll sometimes find yourself stopping what you're doing just to look around at the city. The cars reflect light off of their shiny surface and show scratches and dents very realistically. The cutscenes are what really shows off the games graphics. The detail on almost everything is done beautifully. From the lace on the curtains, to the leather on the seats.

This game never get's boring. Almost every action sequence in Mafia is well done. This game has great realism to it, the cops patrolling the city will fine you if you break a law, like run a red light, break the speed limit, etc. And the cars can run out of gas, so you can drive to a gas station and refill, you'll rarely have to do this. Also, if you shoot at where the gas tank would be located on your car, it will either blow up or cause you to lose gas very quickly. A cool thing in this game is when you're in a gun fight with enemies, they have to pause to reload, too. Which is something you never see in other games. After I beat this game, I decided to start the game again, It's very addicting. It's quite lengthly, too so you won't have to worry about the game being over too quick. I've never timed how long it takes on average to beat, but it's about 15+ hours. The missions really range in difficulty because the very first mission on the game is really quite hard for it being the first and you not being used to the game. But you'll come across the occasional impossible mission that will take you about 30-40+ tries, so occasionally this game get's frustrating at times , but it's worth it to get another cutscene seeing where the story leads next. And I should also mention that when you beat this game you unlock a mode called "Free Ride Extreme" This mode lets you drive around Lost Heaven without any police interference while uncovering 19 very weird driving challenges and once you beat it, it unlocks a new vehicle which you generally wouldn't see in the 1930's.

Should you buy this game?:

Buy, definitely, buy. Not to mention, it's only $10.00 now because it's so old (It came out about 2 and a half years ago) so geez, how cheap are you?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/05

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