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Reviewed: 01/31/08

At last! A pure racing game

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is a Racing game developed by Codemasters. The setting of this game is the World Rally Championship and for those of you who prefer the wackos that race through special stages, in difficult areas with mud, gravel, trees, rocks, etc, this is the game for you. Get ready for a great driving experience where every millisecond and small mistake or skillful move counts.

Graphics: 8.2/10

Usually I don’t really care about the graphics of a racing game but Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is a game to stare at. First of all you are racing out in the open meaning that you won’t be bored by looking at the same tarmac stages, with stacks of tires for barricades, advertisements in each turn and generally the usual racing game scenery. In CMR2 you’ll have the opportunity to race in wonderful places like Finnish forests, Greek mountains, (and as a Greek person myself I have to say that Greece looks like Greece), Italian and French green mountains with asphalt roads, vast Australian and African plains, snowy Sweden and the hellhole, errr… I mean UK, (now that’s what I call a hard stage). The horizon looks great with mountains visible and great sky design too with realistic clouds, mornings, sunsets and dark nights, snow, rain and many more that all look great. Also stages are full of details like trees, rocks, various stuff like fences, animals, etc and even structures. Finally the car… now that’s what I call a car. All cars have great design and look just like the real ones due to their excellent detail, have excellent movement and most importantly their appearance changes dramatically when being damaged, with broken windows and lights, distorted body and mud covering your car when driving in muddy roads.

Sound: 6.7/10

Apart from the Arcade Mode there isn’t any music in CMR2 something that I like in games like this but it would be good to add some music for these people that like it the other way. Apart from that everything else is good in the sound section. Each car has its unique and very realistic engine sound, their tires sound good in each of the different road types, ambient sounds are ok I guess and the co-driver’s voice is good and not irritating and if it becomes boring after a while you can shut his mouth! Generally, very good sound quality.

Gameplay: 8.8/10

The core of every racing game, (if not of all games), is the gameplay of course, so how much fun is playing CMR2. First of all this game is my all time favorite in terms of control. Great, realistic and very responsive controls that help you to do great things with your little monster if you know what you are doing of course. Each road type needs a different way of driving, for example dry gravel is your average type where you can maintain a good speed with an average handling, in tarmac you can compete a stage in extreme speeds without leaving the break due to excellent handling but the slightest mistake can lead you to hit a wall or tree and finally snow and wet surfaces, especially mud that require excellent control of the car if you don’t want to loose precious time.

In CMR2 you have opponents… but in fact you never get to see them. You race against the times that are automatically generated each time you start a race. Each stage is divided in checkpoints and every time you reach one you see in what position your car by comparing the times of all drivers. In easy mode the game is quite boring I must say so but in Normal the distance between you and your opponents can be count in seconds and in Hard Mode in milliseconds meaning that you have to be both fast AND careful in a set of very demanding stages. In Championship Mode you can tune your car before starting your race something very important since each stage is quite different in terms of road type and elevation and stages that are full of straight lines or tight turns.

Apart from the Championship there is the single race mode and the Time Trial where you compete against you own times with a “ghost” of a car that is actually a replay of the best time of the current stage you are playing. You can’t imagine how fun this mode is since each time you make a better time record it becomes more and more hard to win against your own self something that apart from being fun lets you become very good in each stage by becoming more skillful and memorizing their various difficult parts. Also for those of you who want to play against other cars there is the, (boring I must say), Arcade Mode. There are many unlockables in the game that range from strange cars to cheats greatly improving the replay value of the game.

-Excellent controls
-Very good graphics
-Very good Championship and Trial Modes

-No music available for those who want some
-Forgettable Arcade Mode

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Overall: 7.9/10

A very good racing game and my personal favorite I believe that the fact that I’m not a racing game fan shows how great this game is. A game that isn’t just accelerate, break, turn but a game where skills are a necessity…

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (EU, 12/08/00)

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