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    Walkthrough by Cartman

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    (Complet Walkthrough)
    authorized by Cartman
    · Talk to Gregor and ask him to create the diversion · Follow him up to
    the gate house · While Gregor is distracting the sentry, crouch and walk
    towards the main door ? making sure the pacing guard is walking in the
    other direction or talking to the smoking guard · Once inside, turn to
    the left and read the notice on Kiefer. Return to previous screen, walk
    through the door in the middle of the screen · Have conversation with
    guard, then proceed to the showers (door on the left) · Stay close to
    the cover by the door · Wait for one of the guards to leave the shower
    room, then creep up behind the remaining guard by the lockers and punch
    him from behind (do not fire your gun) · Search body for ammo · Use lift
    in bottom right hand corner to access canteen area · Ask technicians
    about the football match / Kiefer · Proceed to the far end of the
    canteen and use the lift to office 2 · Knock out guard standing next to
    the lift · Take the door in the middle of the screen, then talk to the
    technician by the digger about the American agent. · Return to previous
    location · Proceed through door on the left (into office 3) · Proceed
    through door on the left (into office 4) · Interact with the computer
    terminal ? look up information on kiefer · Back into office 3 ? down the
    steps and through the door on the right · Up the stairs, down the
    corridor take the door on the right when the camera changes
    Mine Session  · Talk to the storeman · Walk through archway into test
    firing room · Interact with induction accelerator & plasma target · Find
    a test bolt, interact with the accelerator holding the test bolt, and
    fire at the target · Push the target out of the way · Repeat previous
    interaction to break the window · Interact with window (to climb out) ·
    Interact with cable on the floor · Talk to storeman (about cable) ·
    Threaten storeman (about cable) · Take pin from crate behind the player
    · Player will automatically combine the cable and split pin · Back to
    test firing room · Interact with accelerator while holding cable & pin ·
    Access exterior ledge again · Interact with cable to traverse ravine ·
    Overhear conversation between Chi and Tolstov in the adjacent room · Use
    Tolstov’s computer to look up info on him · Can now look up info on
    Tolstov’s daughter · Talk to Tolstov about his daughter · He is now more
    forthcoming ? ask about the mine section B etc. · Walk to the locked
    door on the left of the screen ? Tolstov will now  open it · Reply to
    Kostov’s mail ? asking for help · After the diversion ? run across to
    the door on the right · Turn to the left corridor · Take the first door
    on the right of the screen · Talk to the technician · Access computer
    terminal ? view information on the lift systems · Proceed through door
    in the middle of the screen · Avoid patrolling guards · Take the door at
    the end on the right · Examine lift · Take door on the right of the
    screen · Examine fuse · Take the other door to the lift anti room · Take
    lift down to mine workings
     Mine Workings Session  Take the door on the left · Talk to the
    technician ? player knows to disable the main lift · try the emergency
    lift ? player knows to enable from switch room · Take the main lift back
    up to the previous session · Return to switch room and access console ·
    Enable emergency lift · Take main lift to mine workings · Return in
    emergency lift · Remove the main lift fuse ? (this will slow the robot
    down) · Return to the safety lift · Access the mine workings again ·
    Knock out standing guard · Take cover behind the barrels · Wait for
    alerted guard, to investigate dead guard · Punch him when he’s facing
    the other way · See patrolling guard, wait to walk off screen · Run up
    and take cover behind the mine cart · Punch the patrolling guard, and
    shoot last remaining guard · Interact with fusion cutter ? knows need
    power cell · Return to main lift location · Take the tunnel on the left
    of the screen · Mini gun tracks Cord’s entrance into this location · Run
    past the lasers while they are in the off position · Interact with
    locked door to see where to finish mission · Climb down ladder ·
    Interact with Kiefer to pull out his body · Interact with Kiefer to
    search his body · Find power cell and information · Access previous
    location  · Cross bridge and return to fusion cutter · Interact with
    fusion cutter while holding power cell · Interact again to fire it ·
    Avoid robot · Run off the right hand side of the screen · Run down the
    tunnel away from the camera · Run towards mine car and interact with it
    · Mission complete
    SECURITY HQ  · Start mission. · When the robot comes into view it will
    start its patrol. · Walk around the walkways until you get to a point
    near to where the robot disappeared and hide behind the crates/boxes. ·
    When the Robot has returned and then moves off on its patrol again,
    follow after it at a discrete distance, making sure it doesn't see you.
    · Once inside the recharge room, make sure that you stop just inside the
    doorway because if you get too close the static robot in here will
    become active and start to shoot at you. · Place the EMP mine into the
    recharge point and walk over to the gap between the crates and the wall
    and duck behind them. · Wait until the patrolling robot returns and is
    zapped. · Leave the EMP mine in the recharge point.  Let Cord stand once
    more and make sure he is facing the static robot. · Draw the gun and
    shoot the static robot to draw its attention. · Immediately it starts
    turning towards you, duck behind the table once more.  The robot will
    move towards Cord but get killed before it gets there. · Retrieve the
    EMP mine.  (This is not actually necessary as there are no other robots
    in this section, but the player won't know this.) · Move out of the
    recharge room and into the corridor.  There are two doors opposite, each
    of which leads into an interrogation room.  The guards in here should be
    ignored to avoid raising the alarm.  · Move to the other section of
    corridor and then walk towards the camera.  · Interact with the
    grill/window on the cell door nearest the camera. After a brief pause
    the view changes to a camera inside the cell where Alexandra is pacing
    up and down. · Talk to Alexandra.  It is important that you do so or you
    will not be able to progress.  Particularly you must talk to her about
    her father or you will get nowhere at all. · After the conversation,
    walk down to the other end of the corridor and interact with the door.
    The door is locked and cannot be opened even with the remora. · Return
    to the cell and talk again to Alex about the door.  She will tell you
    that it's locked, but that she can call a guard who will come down and
    open it in the process. · Hide in the adjoining corridor. When the guard
    comes down kill him. You must kill him by coming up behind him and
    punching him to avoid setting off the alarm. · Once the guard is dead
    you can move through the previously locked door and into the rest of the
    building. · In the stairwell area there are two other doors and the
    stairs to the ground floor.  One of the doors cannot be opened without a
    pass card. One of the doors leads to the storage room and contains a
    sewer key, pick it up. · Take the stairs up to the ground floor. · The
    ground floor must be played carefully.  If you get your gun out and try
    to kill the officers an alarm will be sounded which effectively prevents
    you from completing the mission. · Walk through the door at the rear of
    the location behind the stairwell. You will find yourself in the
    building's main lobby. · Talk to the officer in here.  This is forced on
    you the first time, but you will need to talk to him again later. · Do
    not walk under the arch. It will detect your gun and sound an alarm. ·
    Go over to the stairs and go up to the first floor. · Immediately you go
    up to the first floor an alert is sounded and you are asked to leave. Go
    down the stairs again quickly. · Turn around immediately and return to
    the ground floor.  You need to turn off the automatic guns on the
    landing.  In order to do this you need to find out where the controls
    for them are located. · Back on the ground floor you must talk to the
    officer in the lobby who will tell you that you need to ask the duty
    officer about the gun controls. · Go into the rooms on the left of the
    lobby screen and talk to the officers in here and ask about the duty
    officer or the guns. · Find the showers/toilets and talk to the duty
    officer who is in here. You will find out that he's put his pass card in
    his locker and the controls are in the power room. · If you return and
    question the other officers again you can find out that there is a
    roster pinned up in the briefing room. · Find the briefing room and look
    at the roster to find the duty officer's name. · Go into the duty office
    and use the computer with your Remora to search for details on the duty
    officer.  One of the things you find out is the security number of his
    locker. · Go to the locker room and find the duty officer's locker (this
    is at the rear of the location).  You can now get access to his locker
    and get his pass card. · Return to the basement and find the power room
    (next to the stairs). · Use the card on the card slot and gain entrance
    to the room. · Inside you need to use the Remora on the control panel by
    the door.  This gives you access to the controls for the guns and you
    can disable them. · Return to the ground floor and then go straight to
    the first floor. · The guns being disabled means that you can move about
    in this level fairly freely.  However, if you try and get past the
    guards they will stop you. · Go through the door at the far end of this
    location, try to ignore the man in this room and go through the other
    door · You will see a ladder sticking down from an access hatch in the
    ceiling. · Us the sewer key on the access ladder to pull it down and
    then climb the ladder. · You will find yourself in a store room -- leave
    this room. · Head to the other side of the landing pad and enter the
    double doors over here. · In this location you must interact with the
    grill on the floor. · The camera cuts to a view through the grill and
    you will see an important conversation between Nagarov, Lukyan and Chi.
    A guard enters at one point to announce that your presence has been
    discovered, so you need to take care from that point. · After the
    conversation the control returns to you.  Go back the way you came to
    return to the interior of the building.  You now find that all of the
    guards and officers have been put on alert and will shoot you as soon as
    they see you. · Leave the toilets. There is a short sequence with the
    accountant ? ignore him. · Leave this room and then go into the room the
    guard was guarding (The main guards have left with Nagarov).  Kill the
    officer in this room. · Go into the main office -- this is where you
    spied on the conversation.  At the far side of the room is the
    main-server where you need to plant the bug. · After planting the bug
    you find that there is a protocols conflict. · Leave the room by the
    nearest door and you will be in a small  corridor.  Enter the room on
    the opposite side of the corridor and talk to the computer programmer in
    here.  He will download the protocols onto your Remora. · Return to the
    main office and upload the protocols onto the main-server.  This is the
    first objective completed. · Return to the landing and then enter the
    room on the left of this location. · Go through the other door in this
    location and then find the computer in here (it is similar to the
    main-server). · Try to take out the data cell.  You will find that it is
    stuck and you need something to prise it out. · Return to the ground
    floor where you will find that three officers will appear and start
    shooting at you.  You need to dispatch them as quickly as possible. ·
    Find the quartermaster and ask him about a device to remove hard
    drives.  He will tell you that he has some in a drawer in the other part
    of the store-room. · Go through to the other area and interact with the
    drawers by the door -- you will now have a removal clip in your
    inventory. · Return to the first floor and to the computer with the hard
    drive you  need to remove.  Use the clip on the hard drive and remove
    it.  This is your second objective achieved and you now can leave the
    building by the way you came in.
    RAID ON THE LAND TRAIN  · Wait for the section to load and for Cord to
    throw his snow suit away. · Walk over to the door and stand so Cord is
    facing it, at which point you can interact with it.  Bring up your
    inventory and choose the limpet mine and then interact with the door. ·
    As soon as Cord has placed the limpet mine on the door, walk him away
    and out of sight of the door so he doesn't get blown up by the
    explosion. · After the door is open walk through into the Engine Room. ·
    Walk around the corner of the L-shaped walkway until the camera changes
    view. · Just to the character's left is an object with flashing lights
    on it. This is the fire detector.  Use the lighter from your inventory
    on the fire detector. · Wait for the technician to come down in the lift
    and have a conversation with her.  You can either kill her or leave her
    stranded down here.  Walk over to the lift and enter it and you are
    transported to the Ready Room. Draw your gun immediately as there are
    two guards in the Ready Room who must be killed very quickly before they
    have a chance to realise you're not the technician. Move over to the
    door, but instead of opening it, use the Remora to perform a scan of
    your surroundings.  You will see a robot waiting outside in the corridor
    ? if you wait you’ll see it’s not going anywhere.  Might as well risk it
    ? go through the door. As Cord spots the robot, it moves off on a
    patrol.  Walk out into the corridor and turn to the right. Run along the
    corridor to the far end.  The camera will change as you get to the far
    end.  Move towards the door straight ahead.  It will open automatically
    and you should walk into the room. Turn immediately to the left as you
    go in until the re-charge point is highlighted (not the door button) and
    then use the emp mine on the recharge point. As soon as it is in place
    move quickly out of the room before the patrolling robot comes into the
    room from the opposite door. When you have seen the patrolling robot get
    zapped retrieve your EMP mine. Go back into the corridor you entered
    this room from and open the other door in here.  Walk into the Comms
    Room. Use the Remora on the computer in here and you will find
    information  about the Comms Room being used as a secondary bridge.
    Return to the room where you "killed" the robot and go through the door
    at the far side.  You are in a corridor with a guard stationed about
    halfway down. You need to kill him and keep alert as killing him brings
    out a series of guards from the side rooms. The best way to do this is
    to draw your gun and shoot the first guard.  Then immediately jump to
    the left so you are hiding behind the crates on the left (near the
    door).  As the other guards appear you can jump out of cover and take
    pot shots at them until they have been killed. They have been set up so
    they duck behind crates themselves so you need to time your moves
    carefully.  Once all of the guards are dead you can move down the
    corridor and enter the room on the left. You can use your Remora on the
    gun controls to get information about the gun.  Go back out into the
    corridor and through the door at the far end.  Kill the guard and be
    wary because if he sees you before you've killed him he sends out an
    alert which causes another guard to come running. Dispose of this guard,
    too.  Go through the door immediately opposite. Talk to the prisoner.
    The prisoner gives you information you need to progress.  The main being
    the bomb information and the existence of the re-timer key.  He also
    gives you his name allowing you to look up details on the computer.  The
    bomb’s timer will appear on screen and begin counting at this point.  Go
    into the room next door and use the Remora on the computer to look up
    information on the prisoner.  You find that his possessions are in
    locker 23.  You need to keep the contact with the computer open and use
    the remora to unlock the locker, choosing security operations to do so.
    Go over to the locker and open it and take out the probe. You can go and
    kill the guards in the firing range if you wish.  (out of the current
    room and through the far door and then through the opposite door).  The
    firing range has a supply of Ammo for when this is implemented.  Return
    to the room with the dead robot and take the door on the right wall.
    Walk along the corridor and enter car 4. You will notice that there is a
    security laser across the door opposite barring your way. Return to car
    5. Make your way to the Comms Room and use the Remora on the controls.
    Choose terminal operations and then choose to deactivate the laser ? the
    ones in the other cars are automatically done too.  Return to car 4.
    Walk through the first room into the short corridor.  Turn to face the
    door on the left and use the Remora to scan into the Room. A robot can
    be detected patrolling inside the room. Wait until it reaches a point
    just past the door and then close the Remora scan down. Open the door
    and enter the room. As the robot is facing away from you it won't see
    you.  Turn Cord to his left and use the emp mine on the recharge point.
    Walk over to the boxes and hide behind them making sure that Cord is
    well out of view. When the robot comes around he is zapped by the mine
    and you are then able to recover it. Walk over to the lift and descend
    to the Lower Cargo Bay. Kill the guard but not the technician. Talk to
    the guard while holding your gun on him to ask about  a crate. Use the
    Remora on the computer to find the location of the crate of coils. Call
    the other lift and use it to go up to the Starboard Cargo Bay. Take out
    the three guards as quickly as you can.  Turn to the crate in the
    foreground (crate 66) and use the bomb probe on it. Walk to the other
    end of the room. Take the door on the left of the screen out onto the
    walkway and climb the ladder.  On the roof walk towards the right and
    then turn left.  As soon as the gun starts to shoot head back. Make your
    way back to car 5 but just before you leave car 4 use the remora on the
    panel to the left of the exit door.  Doing this enables you to cut
    communication between car 5 and the rest of the land train. Go to the
    Comms Room and use the remora on the controls.  This hacks into the
    controls and authorises the gun controls. · Go to the Gun Room and use
    the Remora on the controls.  You can now target and destroy the gun on
    the top of car 4. Once destroyed make your way back to car 4 and across
    the roof safely. Kill any guards you see as you descend the ladder at
    the other side. Enter the door on the walkway and kill the guard in
    here. Walk through into the next room and then through the door on the
    right of the screen. Walk down the corridor and enter Car 3. Proceed
    into the next corridor Interact with the ladder Climb ladder onto the
    roof Use the other ladder to descend onto the walkway Proceed through
    the large door  Walk through the door on Cord’s right ( the one in the
    centre of the  screen) Follow patrolling guard down the corridor and
    then run through the door on the left Take the lift down to the vehicle
    bay Wait for ground floor guard to turn away then silent attack
    (interact)  Climb ladder and shoot 2nd guard Proceed round gantry and
    use ladder to the Rec room Walk up to the door Use the REMORA to scan
    for the patrolling robot Wait for it to pass the door, nip out and plant
    EMP mine in the recharge point Use door in left foreground to access the
    next corridor The robot will be deactivated but leave the EMP mine in
    recharge point Use the REMORA to over ride security lockout on the door
    on the right Run back into previous corridor  And then back into the Rec
    room Use the motion scanner to see the robot deactivated Re-enter
    previous corridor Take EMP mine Back into the corridor with the high
    security lock Which is now open Proceed through the next 2 locations
    into car 2. Proceed through the link room into the next corridor Take
    the door on the right and walk down to the missile tube with the
    maintenance sign Use the REMORA on the console and open the top hatch
    Walk back through to the previous corridor and proceed through the door
    on the left Shoot the guard Chat to the technician Take the lift down to
    the missile storage bay Proceed to the third missile tube Use the REMORA
    to open the bottom hatch Try to deploy maintenance platform  Take the
    lift back up to the location above and ask the technician who would
    issue a maintenance order Return to the comms room in car 5 to issue the
    maintenance order  Back again to the missile storage bay to deploy the
    maintenance platform Use the platform to access the roof. Take the exit
    near the top of the screen, to a walkway  Proceed through the location
    the walkway leads to into the next corridor The door on the right is
    locked, and can only be opened from the robot recharge room. But the
    robot is alerted if the player goes too close to the required door
    switch  Attract the robots attention by shooting at it or getting too
    close Then run through the corridors and outside onto the walkway, use
    the ladder to access the roof  Across the roof to the other walkway
    ladder Enter the robot room and use the EMP in the recharge point  Run
    through into the next location Use the motion scan to see that the robot
    is deactivated Return to the robot room  Interact with the door switch
    The door that was previously locked is now open Proceed through the next
    2 locations into car 1 Cord should first go through the link room, the
    room beyond it and then the corridor beyond that. He should go through
    the far exit rather than the one nearest to him He will be behind a
    patrolling guard. Kill the guard. Enter the room nearest to the camera
    in this new corridor. A guard is holding Chi hostage. Wait until she
    kicks him and gets clear. Draw and shoot the guard. Go back down the
    corridor, down the previous corridor and through the left hand door
    nearest the camera. Kill the guard. Approach the camera and enter the
    nearest door to it on the right. Kill the officer. Open the wall safe
    and take the keys. Return to the link room. Interact a key with the key
    unit on the right of the door. Talk to Chi. Interact a key with Chi to
    give it to her. Repeat the key interaction with the unit. Go back to the
    corridor that led to the room in which Chi was held hostage and go into
    the cell furthest from the camera on the left (cell 04). Interact with
    the ladder, Cord notes that the access hatch is closed. Go back to Chi’s
    cell (01) and REMORA the computer to open the hatch. Go back and climb
    the ladder. Traverse the top of the car. Climb down the ladder. Enter
    the bridge. Kill the bridge crew, kill them all! You have finished the
    mission and are now in control of the Landtrain. Drive carefully.
    CONTAINMENT Session Alphabeta  You start outside the containment ? you
    need to get inside  Cause a distraction to lure one of the guards away
    from the front door If you don’t lure one away they will sound the alarm
    when they see you and loads of guards will stop your progress From the
    first game screen walk round the left-hand side of the truck. Interact
    with the truck bonnet, slamming it shut. One of the guards will come
    over to investigate. Run round to the back of the truck as he comes to
    the front. Run round and kill his mate with a hand job. Then kill the
    other guard however you want, as long as he dies.  Use your remora on
    the door to unlock it. Watch out once you’re inside. Your tech-suit will
    give you some cover, but if you get too close to certain guards you
    might get asked for some ID, which at this stage you don’t have. In the
    first indoor location there are 2 exits. Go through the one in the
    middle of the far wall. A technician will talk to you. Use your remora
    on the computer in the room. It has some project Vodyanoi files on its
    hard drive and it also controls the door locks. You can’t do anything
    here at the moment because you need a file number or a door ID number to
    progress on this machine. Go back out through the same door you came in.
    Use the lift in the right hand corner to get down to the lower level of
    this session. Walk down to the next screen and interact with the
    brightly-lit door. It’s locked. Use the remora on the door button. This
    gets you the file number you need to get info out of the computer
    upstairs. Go back and interact with the computer. Input the file number
    and read the file.  This gets you a door ID number. Use the ID number to
    access the door lock circuitry on the same computer. Unlock the door.
    Go back down the lift to the door which was locked and it’s now
    unlocked. Go through into the room beyond. Interact with the dead
    technician to get his ID pass. Get out of that room then back up the
    lift. Once up the lift exit the room by the right hand door and then
    exit the following room through the left-hand door. In this room,
    approach the guard standing in front of the door. He will ask for your
    ID, which you show to him. Go through the door that he was guarding and
    pick up the “cable”. Get back to the lift and go down to Beta level.
    Exit this room from the right, through the door close to the lift and
    then exit the following room through the nearby door. In the next room
    interact with the (bright red) lift access hatch cover. A technician
    will ask you to show some ID. After that you’re into the lift shaft. Use
    the cable on the hook next to the door and you can rappel down into the
    next session.
    Session Kappa   You start at the bottom of the lift shaft. The cable has
    broken on your descent so you can’t go back up into Alphabeta. The door
    in front of you is locked. Use your remora on the control box to open
    it. Use BEELZEBUB. Move through into the first corridor. Shoot the
    minibots. (pick ammo and health packs up off dead bodies lying around
    the session)  Be ready to be attacked by minibots throughout the whole
    session, until they are all dealt with.  Go through the door straight
    across the room from the one you came in. Cross this room  and go
    through the door. Proceed straight through this room and through the
    opposite door. Move down the screen until the view changes. Go through
    the door at the bottom of the corridor. You should be in a room with a
    laptop computer in it. Interact with the computer using the remora.
    Re-boot the machine and read the e-mails. When you leave this room the
    Spectre robot may start chasing you, bullets don’t harm it so keep well
    away. Go back to the corridor you were in after getting through the lift
    shaft door.  Go through the middle door on the left. Interact with the
    safe using the combination you learned by reading the e-mail (it’s in
    your inventory).  Get the fuse from the safe. Leave this room to get
    back into the corridor. Leave the corridor through the door opposite the
    lift shaft door. Do a U-turn through the door below the one you just
    came through and in the same wall. You will be in a room with a big
    robotic arm. Go over and use your remora on the terminal near the arm.
    Prime the pods to receive power and activate the switching mechanism.
    Get out of this room and back to the corridor you came into from the
    lift shaft. Exit the corridor through the only door you haven’t used yet
    (at the top on the left). Follow this new corridor to the  end where it
    turns round by 90-degrees. Go through the middle door on the left.  In
    this new room go up the stairs. There is a power source and a fuse box
    next to it. Put the fuse in the fuse box and use your remora on the
    power source to route power to the pods. Go find spectre, if he hasn’t
    already found you. Lure him into the room with the robotic arm. Pull the
    switch and if spectre is in the arm’s swing path he will be hit by the
    arm. He will hit electric cables and die. Interact with his defunct body
    and get the key-chip. Go back to corridor you came in  from the lift
    shaft. At the top of the corridor and on the right is a locked lift
    door. Use the key chip on the door and then it can be used as a normal
    door. Use the lift.
    Session Omega  You start on a balcony. Your cover is now blown so the
    guards are out to get you. Get down the lift to the lower level and kill
    the guard behind the computer. There are two terminals, the lower one
    controls the pods and the other holds information on the occupants.
    Interact with the higher computer (with the Remora) and look at the
    record for Oliakov (should be the first one). Use the other computer and
    push button 8. Pod 8 rises. There is a mad bloke in there.  Talk to him.
    After talking to him let him out of his pod using the button on the
    front. He will roam around. Look at the main door at the top of the
    room. Cord suggests that he should use the balcony. Use the computer to
    raise and lower pod 11. You need to be on top of 11 to get to the
    balcony… Keep talking to Oliakov. He will eventually divulge some
    information about Nagarov. Keep talking until he wants to play a game
    called secrets - play along. Talk again and suggest a new game he will
    follow you move him over pod 11 where he will wait. Use the console to
    raise pod 11. Let him down a bit later. He will say it’s your turn. Move
    over pod 11 and he will send you up. Interact with the balcony once
    you’re at the top and you can jump across to the balcony on the right.
    Go through into the next room. Go down the stairs. The door on the left
    is locked, but the door on the right (under the stairs) is not. Go
    through it. nteract with the red button on all of the cylinders to
    reveal nasty critters. Nagarov will come in, holding the girl Alexandra
    as a shield ? you can’t shoot him. ou can talk to him. He will proudly
    talk about his achievements so far then he’ll back out of the door. Run
    out after him ? he’s disappeared. He must have gone through the locked
    door. Go back into the room with the mutants in it and a technician has
    appeared ? he was hiding from Nagarov behind one of the cylinders. Talk
    to the technician and he’ll get you through the locked door in the other
    room. Go through this door. You’re in a room with no exits that Nagarov
    must have come into but he’s not here. Interact with the right side of
    the cupboard, where it meets the wall. Interact with the cupboard to
    open it.  Interact with the gun inside the cupboard to make the cupboard
    slide out of the way of… a secret passage! Woo! Before going down the
    passage interact with the computer in this room to find out that it is a
    radar communications terminal. Then head down the passage. Go up the
    ladder. Then up the next one, timing your ascent so that you come out in
    the top location when the patrolling guard has his back to you. Get up
    the ladder and kill him. Nagarov’s nephcopter takes off. E-mail Chi to
    get a radar bearing on him. She can’t cos she’s seeing too many
    nephcopters on her radar, even though you can’t see or hear any in the
    sky. Something funny’s going on… Talk to the technician (there may be a
    problem with the camera, if so find him with the remora) working on the
    front of the truck. Get his password out of him for the radar computer
    inside. Go back and find the computer again. Interact with the computer
    using the remora. The first try fails but the next attempt works. Find
    out about the ghosting technology (NEPHJAM). Turn off ghosting cover for
    the containment area.  Chi will mail you saying all the nephcopters have
    vanished and she’s  coming to pick you up. Get back up the ladder and
    outside and Chi will pick you up in the chopper. Cue end sequence.
    Try to open the steel gate. Talk to Gregor about it ? he has no ideas,
    so… Wander up the tunnel at the left of the screen Creep up behind the
    guard and punch him out.  The technician will start shouting but Gregor
    will quiet him down.  Meanwhile, Interact with the big lever twice.
    Cord notes that it doesn’t stay up. Talk to the technician about it, and
    tell him to hold it open for you. Run back to the gate and get through.
    Avoid the lasers and punch the guard at the far side, Gregor will
    follow. Continue up the tunnel until the bridge with the gun
    emplacement. Speak to Gregor about the gun.  He comments it may be
    motion sensitive. Speak to Gregor about Gregor. He will provide cover so
    you can get across the bridge. Now run quickly across the bridge,
    turning right at the other side to hide behind the rocks. While crouched
    here, you can take the guards out as they come down the tunnel. Also
    Gregor can help as they are unaware of his presence. Gregor now leaves ?
    the bridge has been destroyed so he can’t join you on this side.
    Continue up the tunnel.  A guard here is using an old mine cart for
    cover. Kill him. Use the remora on the console to open the large metal
    door. Go through the door into the room with claw machinery and a lift.
    Talk to the technicians, then punch the console. Use the remora on the
    console in here, and operate claw 3. The other two are jammed. The
    barrel blocking the lift will be removed, allowing you to access the
    Refinery   Go up one of the ladders onto the ledge. Examine the window,
    and then climb through it. Conversation with Tolstov ? Alexandra,
    Vostograd Submarine Base etc. Shoot the guard who comes to investigate.
    Leave the room before the robot arrives (through the window). in game
    cutscene of Tolstov being shot. Climb down the ladder into the room with
    no roof. Quickly run into lab, and place an emp mine in the recharge
    point. Now run back out before the robot arrives. The robot is destroyed
    by the emp mine. Search Tolstov’s body. You will get his id card (allows
    access to the first floor). Head into the main hall, making sure to
    avoid the guard’s gaze. Climb the ladder Use Tolstov’s id card on the
    lift and push the button. You can now reach the first floor. Step on the
    conveyor, and interact with the pipe overhead before you fall off the
    end. Once over the crusher, shoot the guards on the opposing ledge.
    Climb over the furnace, making sure you aren’t dragged in beforehand.
    Follow the conveyors around onto the ledge with the guard. Shoot him.
    Pull the lever. Wait until the guards have left the room below, and then
    go down on the platform. Kill the two remaining guards, and then quickly
    place the bomb on the panel on the front of the baby blue.  A timer
    starts. Get outside before the guards return. Help Gregor out of his
    sticky situation. Go around the corner and through the door into the
    office building.
    Office Building   You must get out exit before the bomb explodes... Head
    down the stairs and into the next room. Go through the door on the
    right. Then either : Head up to the first floor in the lift. Kill the
    guards in the canteen, and take the other lift down into the showers.
    Or : Carry straight on into the guard room. Kill the guards hiding
    behind the table. Go through the lobby and the reception, killing any
    guards in your way. Leave the way you entered in mission 1.
    MAINLAND BASE  Climb the ladder. Move carefully over to the building
    with all the guards. Cord should start talking. Creep up to the fence
    using darkness for cover. Wait until the fence guard has moved away.
    Move to the large tyre propped against the fence the fence and interact
    with it a couple of times. When the guards aren’t looking, move trough
    the gap and find some cover behind boxes. Being careful that the guards
    don’t spot you, move up to the maintenance building (with the garage
    door) Climb the ladder to the roof of the maintenance building. The
    guard from the fence should walk into the building. Look into one of the
    windows. The guard is watching tv.  Interact with the tv aerial a couple
    of times then hide from the guard behind the thing near the ladder.
    Punch him from behind or shoot him when he’s checking the aerial. Search
    him for his pass card. Go down the ladder and into the maintenance
    building (use the pass card to get in). Find the light switch near the
    tv and turn the outside light on and off to attract the guard outside.
    Then hide and kill him when he comes in. Go to the other building. Use
    the pass card to enter. Talk to the technician inside. Place the EMP
    mine in the recharge point. Use the technicians console to recall the
    robots. The should come into the building and get zapped. The technician
    will give you some useful information. After the robot has been zapped
    go back to the fence. There is a building near it with a gas pump. Turn
    the gas on with the valve wheel and ignite it with the pocket lighter.
    Cross the compound again and go through the gate. The session will
    change to the cable car building. Go up the stairs and through the door.
    There is a door that you can’t open so go up the ladder. Kill the guards
    and move over to the SAM launcher. Interact with it and ask the remora
    to find targets. Launch the missile. Go back to the compound session.
    Walk through the compound (probably best to ignore the guards here) and
    through the gap in the fence. Go to the bunker building and kill the
    guards outside. Go in and access the console. Return to the monorail
    tunnel. Gregor has turned up and he gets violent. Chi shoots him.
    Download the code from the remora into the monorail door and go through.
    Shoot all the guards and proceed across the floor. You will trip an
    alarm which brings down a guard who releases minibots. Kill these. The
    elevator won’t work any more so climb the maintenance ladder to get to
    the top of the train. Go along the top of the train killing any guards.
    Climb the ladder and walk to the iris door. It will open and you should
    quickly shoot the guard inside. Go through the door and shoot the guard.
    Go through the next door. Chi  gives instructions to take the left side.
    Kill everything in this room and go into the next one. Look at the
    console. It is decided that you go on while Chi stays behind to operate
    the controls. Go down in the personnel lift. Go over to the cargo lift
    console and use it to open the cargo bay doors. Use the cargo lift to
    take you up into the cable car building. Kill the guards here. Call down
    the personnel lift and go up. Plant your EMP mine in the recharge point.
    Use the terminal to open the security doors. The robot gets zapped.
    Return to the terminal to set the cable car moving. Run through the
    security door and the next door to the outside of the building. Run
    around the walkway to jump onto the roof of the cable car.
    ISLAND BASE  Crouch behind crates to avoid being seen by patrolling
    guard Wait for him to walk the other way, then take him out with a
    silent attack. Interact with console and rotate turn table 3 places in
    either direction (orientation stays the same, but the direction of
    travel on the conveyor is now the opposite) Step onto the conveyor ? do
    not walk or run as the guard will hear you and alert the robot. Access
    the pump room Use the ladder to access the raised platform Knock out the
    guard Access the console Rotate turntable 2 places anti clockwise Cross
    the turntable ? again do not walk or run Access cable car upper Being
    careful not to wake the robot…. Access console and rotate turntable 1
    place clockwise Take the emergency power pack Cross bridge to access
    adjacent raised area Use turntable to access target location Keeping out
    of sight of the robot, plant an emp mine. Hide behind crates and wait
    for the robot to deactivate. Call lift Insert power pack Take lift down
    to manufacturing Take the door to the power room Walk around the gantry
    to the next door. Try lift button ? it doesn’t work Walk up to door
    button ? realise there is a robot in the adjacent location (can walk in
    and not get shot if the remora doesn’t bleep) Turn valve wheel to
    attract the attention of the technician Talk to technician Either let
    him turn the wheel, or do it yourself ? but the technician must not take
    the lift back down to the floor below so knock him out Take the lift
    down Run past the guards to the door on the right Use scanner in front
    of the nearby with the door button. ? see patrolling guards Use stair
    case Take door into adjacent location  - see patrolling guards Take
    either door but enter the room with the guard and the recharge point
    Kill the guard, insert an EMP mine Access adjacent location and cross
    the gantry Walk through door, but stand in the doorway Shoot guard and
    attract robot Run back across the gantry, into the location with the
    recharge point Robot should be deactivated Go back to the robot’s
    original room Take the door on the left Take stairs down to the door on
    the right  Access lift area ? kill guard Take lift down to the security
    session Take the only door available into the connecting corridor When
    the robot isn’t looking use the door on the left of the screen to access
    the interrogation room Talk to the technician and find out where the
    door control room is Use the remora scanner to watch for patrolling
    robots Access connecting corridor again Use crates in the foreground to
    hide behind and wait for the patrolling robot When he is facing in the
    other direction ? run through the door on the right to… The security
    command room Take the first door on the right. Continue into the next
    room and down the stairs. This is Alexandra’s cell but there’s no way to
    release her. Go back Listen for the robot from the connecting corridor
    and the guard from the lift area When all is clear re enter the security
    command room Hide behind the crates (crouching) so that neither robot
    can see the player When the robot in this location turns to face the
    robot from the connecting corridor… Crouch walk to the door next to the
    boxes Proceed through this corridor into the door control room Knock out
    guard Access console Select door security controls You can not release
    Alexandra’s cell door (2) Lock door 4 when robot is in the room with
    crates…. This makes the security room robot come and check the door
    controls Lock doors 9 & 10 Wait for robot to access previous corridor,
    then lock door 7 Lock door 12 when robot is not in lift area Release
    doors 9 and 11 (the lift door) All robots are now locked out of the way
    Release locked draw from console. Wait for lift guard to be as far away
    as possible… Shoot command room guard…then lift guard when he runs in
    Get security pass from locked draw Access main lift Take main lift down
    to the quayside, and see there are far too many guards Take main lift up
    to the reactor level (2) The middle door is locked Take the door on the
    right of the screen into the control room Wait for patrolling guard to
    be walking away from the camera Run down stairs and knock out guard at
    console Shoot patrolling guard Access console Look up all information on
    reactor and unlock the pump room door  Back up the stairs to the
    internal lift in the middle of the screen Access the area above Talk to
    the technician ? specifically about the auxiliary pump Take the main
    lift up to the cable car docking area nsert EMP into the recharge point
    Shoot at robot to attract it’s attention It will turn round and come for
    the player, so deactivating itself. Access Auxiliary pump, and
    deactivate it with the valve wheel on the wall Return to reactor level
    Go to the pump room ? the door should now be unlocked Deactivate primary
    pump Quayside guards leave for the cable car docking area Main lift is
    in use Access control room ? take internal lift to area above Cross
    bridge to adjacent area Use internal lift to area below Kill guard Take
    the access lift down to the quayside All the guards have left except 1 ?
    shoot him Use staircase to command room Interact with console Cut
    sequence ? game goes real time
    ESCAPE FROM BASE  Talk to Alex Take the main lift down to the quayside
    Proceed to the dockside bridge and find it is in the down position.
    Access the console in the command room Try to raise the bridge Take the
    main lift up to the cable car docking area Take power pack from the
    external power source next to the emergency lift Return to the command
    room Insert power pack and raise bridge Cross bridge and head for the
    chopper Shoot the guards Interact with the chopper to try and start it
    Chopper part is damaged in the shoot out Return to the console in the
    command room and look up info on part Take the main lift to
    manufacturing session Avoiding the patrolling robot, proceed to machine
    room Get the chopper part and limpet mine to rescue Alex Again avoid the
    patrolling robot, and head back to the main lift Free Alex by using the
    limpet mine on the cell door Return to the chopper on the quayside
    Interact with chopper while holding part Run end sequence
     SUBMARINE  Move along the deck toward the hole and kill the guards.
    Interact with the hole to drop down onto the bridge. Shoot the sailors
    Head toward the right of the screen, towards the bows. Kill a guard in
    the next room and move on. Arrive at the door to the secure room. The
    lift suddenly arrives and a sailor shoots at them. Kill him. Interact
    with the secure door. Now that the lift is open, take it to get to the
    lower missile bay and then climb down the ladder to the maintenance
    corridor. Kill the guards here. Climb the ladder at the far end of the
    maintenance corridor and look at the safe in this room. Take the lift to
    return to the upper bridge. Proceed towards the rear of the sub. Talk to
    the technician in the room with no consoles (barracks?). Continue toward
    stern and kill the guard in the engine room. If you wish, go into the
    security office at the end of the engine room and examine the safe
    there. Return to the missile bay The door flies open. Lukyan strides
    forward.  Message arrives ? Chi tells him that she is in trouble.  Cord
    returns to find Lukyan and Chi on the lift.  They disappear. The lift
    barrier slams across the lift area. Both lift barriers are closed &
    locked. Look in the secure room and find the captain cowering. Captain
    thanks you for rescuing him and gives you the combination to the safe in
    the office, which contains the captain’s launch key. Go back to this
    office and get missile key. Having found the first key, rush to the
    bridge. Lukyan jumps from above and knocks you over. Cord loses his gun.
    The gun spins off the edge into the turbine. Stand up and punch Lukyan
    immediately. Continue to bridge. Put key into console in bridge. Try the
    REMORA which offers to attempt to override the remaining key 2
    security. The lift cage snaps open and Nagarov walks out. Nagarov tells
    him that he has hidden the second key An explosion drops a beam onto
    Nagarov who is pinned to the rail around the periscope.    Search
    Nagarov to find the small key. The second key is locked in the safe in
    the lower bridge.  You must hurry here and open it, then back to the
    bridge to stop the launch. Rescue Chi who is handcuffed to a pipe in the
    maintenance corridor. Unlocks her with the small key Nagarov was
    carrying. End sequence

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