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    FAQ by Shirow

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     Game: FIFA 2001
     System: PSX & PC
     Written by: Orochi K
     E-mail: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
     Final Version - Last Revised: April 29, 2002
     Webmasters, if you're interested in posting this FAQ on your site, mail me
     first. It must remain in its original form, no banners or advertisements,
     your site must be free. If you are interested to put some info from this FAQ
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     a crime punishable by law. This document is protected by US Copyright Law,
     and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. And don't claim this FAQ to be
     This FIFA 2001 FAQ is Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K.
     FIFA 2001 is Copyright EA Sports, America and FIFA, Europe.
     This FAQ may be viewed only at the following sites: www.gamefaqs.com
     Version 1.0 on June 7, 2001.
     - Created FAQ.
     Version 1.1 on June 15, 2001.
     - Corrected a few typos. (Sorry for these).
     Version 1.2 on July 6, 2001.
     - Added ASCII art. (How d'ya find it!?)
     - Fixed stuff.
     Final Version on July 16, 2001.
     - Final Version, revised.
     - Added quote (see end of FAQ).
     Final Version on April 29, 2002.
     - E-mail change.
     If you already know me, welcome back. If not, well, hello to you all. This
     FIFA 2001 FAQ is mainly as a guide to you since some people do find it
     difficult. Some buttons have more than one function and you do need to know
     them all to be able to play the game well. For any contributions or additional
     info, just em-mail me but read the e-mail policy first!
     Well since this is the last version of this FAQ, no need to send me
     contributions as they won't see the light of day! Other type of mails like
     criticism and queries are still welcome though!
     This is a list of the e-mails which I will accept and those which I will
     delete. Also, keep in mind that you need to put the game name in the subject
     line as this isn't my only FAQ. 'FIFA 2001' is well enough!
     E-mails I will accept:
     - Contributions.
     - Corrections.
     - Comments.
     - Positive/Negative feedback.
     - Webmasters who wish to post this FAQ on their site.
     - Your mail must be in text only, no executables.
     E-mails I will not accept:
     - People asking me for cheats for this game. There are sites and message
       boards for this.
     - People asking me to send them this FAQ.
     - Nonsense e-mails like 'I think I love you' or 'Where can I find this game
       in my country?'.
     - E-mails that are all in CAPS.
     - Chainletters.
     - Spams.
     - Info already stated in this FAQ.
     1. Menu Controls
     2. Game Features
      a) Play Now
      b) Game Modes
      c) Options
      d) Inside EA SPORTS
     3. Getting started
      a) League/Cup Menu
      b) Team Management
     4. Game Controls
      a) Attack
      b) Defend
      c) Air Ball
      d) Dead Ball
      e) Defend Dead Ball
     5. Pause Menu
     6. Hints and Tips
      These are the controls when you are at the menu screens. These apply for each
       Directional Buttons - Moves highlight through buttons
       START               - Moves forward to next screen
       SELECT              - Moves back to previous screen
       CROSS               - Selects buttons and icons
       CIRCLE              - Moves highlight between button and icon groups
       TRIANGLE            - Activates/De-activates Help Text
      Game Features
     This is what you'll see on the first screen.
           -------> PLAY NOW
           -------> GAME MODES
           -------> OPTIONS
           -------> INSIDE EA SPORTS
     a) PLAY NOW
     This makes you pick a quick match for 1 or 2 players. You can choose any
     team whether it is an English club or the German Selection. To change Team
     Category, simply highlight the first green square (you start on it anyway)
     and press right or left to toggle between the categories. To change the Team
     itself, press Down once and press left or right to toggle between the different
     b) GAME MODES
       As the name itself, you can play a friendly match. It's just the same as
       'Play Now'.
     - SEASON
       You play a season in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium,
       Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, MLS(the US League),
       Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden.
       The choice is all yours. But note that, depending on the club you chose, you'll
       play Cup matches at the same time. As examples, Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga
       (German Season) will have to play the Champions League and the German Cup too,
       Liverpool in the Premiership(English Season) will have to play the AXA FA Cup
       and the UEFA Cup.
       You take part in a tournament. The tournaments available are the World Cup,
       The EFA Trophy (a.k.a. UEFA Cup), the ECC (a.k.a. the Champions League, but
       the qualifying matches are necessary even if you choose a club like Manchester
       United or Real Madrid).
       Tournaments take place a lot quicker than a Season but also require saving.
       The time length of each cup is different though with the World Cup being
       greater followed by the ECC and the EFA Trophy.
       Create your own tournament/cup.
       --------> Cup Name: Give a name to your cup.
       --------> Cup Format: League/Knock-out or Knock-out only
                 In League/Knock-out, you play group matches first and then
                 access the knock-out phase
       --------> Types of Teams: Club or International
       --------> Number of Teams: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32
       --------> Number of groups: this changes depending on the number of clubs
       --------> Matches v each group team: 1, 2 or 4
       --------> Teams advancing from each group: depends on number of clubs and groups
       --------> Legs v each knock-out opponent: 1 or 2
                 Choosing 2 means you'll have home and away fixtures
       --------> Legs v opponent in final:  1 or 2
                 Same here
       --------> Month to begin cup: all 12
       Train here. You have to choose your team first. Choose attack or defence.
       Options will change depending on which you chose.
       AS ATTACK:
       --------> Penalties: Take penalties. CIRCLE to shoot, SQUARE to make your
                            player change side.
       --------> Set Pieces: Free Kicks, Corners, Throw-ins
                             You choose whether there's a keeper or not. You can
                             choose any spot for the free kicks and throw-ins.
                             Corners can be on either side.
       --------> Training Match: Choose number of players for attack and defence,
                                 whether there is a keeper and play a quick match.
       --------> Options: Set your Difficulty Level and the Game Speed.
       --------> Quit Training: Return to Menu Screen.
     c) OPTIONS
      This is divided into 4 parts: Match Options, Gameplay Options, Visual Options
      and Audio Options.
       --------> Half Length: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, or 45 mins
                 If 4 mins is chosen, the whole match will last 8 mins.
       --------> Language: English, US English, Deutsch, Espanol, Svenska, Nederlands
                 Sets the language in the game.
       --------> Weather: Clear, Hot, Rain, Snow, Random
                 Sets the weather when you play. Choosing Random will pick one in
                 each match.
       --------> Substitutions: 3, 5 or Unlimited
                 Determines how many players you can substitute in a match.
       --------> Fatigue: On or Off
                 Sets whether players get tired or not
       --------> Clock Type: Continuous or Out of Play
       --------> Day/Night: Day, Dusk or Night
                 Sets the time at which the match will be played, A 'Random' feature
                 would be most welcome here.
       --------> Difficulty Level: Amateur, Professional, World Class
                 Set your level here.
       --------> Game Speed: Normal, Fast, Faster, Fastest
                 This is where you set your speed. However, you need to keep in
                 mind that the speed is different depending on the difficulty level.
                 Thus, a World Class match at Fast will be much more fast than an
                 Amateur match at the same speed!
       --------> Referee Strictness: Defined or Random
                 Set referee strictness here. If you choose defined, you will have
                 to define it yourself. If you pick Random, it'll change each match.
       --------> Define Strictness: - ------- +
                 You get this only if you set the Referee Strictness as Defined. It's
                 all up to you here. Putting it at maximum makes the referee really
                 mean. Just a push and you'll be carded!
       --------> Bookings: On or Off
                 Choose whether the referee will take out his cards or not.
       --------> Offside: On or Off
                 Here, you choose whether the linesmen will signal offsides or not.
       --------> Injuries: On or Off
                 Set whether the players can take injuries or not.
       --------> Vibration: On or Off
                 Obviously, this is meant only if you are playing with the Analog pad.
                 The pad tends to vibrate a lot, I strongly advise you to switch it off.
       --------> Camera: Tower, Tele, End to End, Action
                 You select your view here. Here's how each camera works;
                 Tower - The camera is located on a 'tower'. You have a good range
                 of vision with this but it is kinda slow and sometimes, it doesn't
                 focus well on the action. Moreover, the angle never changes.
                 Tele - As seen on TV. It will follow the action just as if you're
                 watching the match LIVE and is closer to the pitch. The best IMO.
                 End to End- As seen from behind the net. Bad angle and doesn't
                 provide you with a close look enough. Avoid!
                 Action: Follows the ball. Quite good but some are the angles are
                 weird and you may even lose track of the action.
       --------> Auto Replay: On or Off
                 Set whether you'll get auto replay here. Auto replay is present
                 only for goals.
       --------> Time Display: On or Off
                 This sets whether you'll have a time display on the screen. Setting
                 ON is way better since you'll always know how much time is left before
                 the match ends. Suppose you're back 2-5, by looking at the display,
                 you will quickly know how much time is left and you'll know what
                 attitude to adopt. If there are about 25 mins left, you can go for it
                 and try to equalize. If there are 15 mins left, you can fool around
                 and start pulling out horrendous tackles or scoring own goals out of
                 anger  :)  Useful, eh!?
       --------> Score Display: On or Off
                 Same as above, it lets you decide which strategy to adopt and what
                 to do during the remaining time, i.e. pass the ball around to preserve
                 your advantage or try to score more and concede goals on the counter ^-^
       --------> Radar: On or Off
                 Although this may sound a great option, it is not useful. Don't bother
                 setting it ON. It will just spoil your fun as it takes quite much of the
       --------> Visual Indicators: On or Off
                 This is a very useful option. It gives you indications of your other
                 players' positions and tells you whether they're marked or not. Put
                 this ON all the time!
       --------> Player Names: On or Off
                 As the name itself, the players' names will be written on the pitch
                 (it's at their feet!).
       --------> Music Volume: 0 - 100%
                 Set the music volume here. Note that there is music only at the
                 menus. There is NO music during the matches.
       --------> Commentary Volume: 0 - 100%
                 Set the commentary volume.
       --------> Game SFX Volume: 0 - 100%
                 Set Game SFX. Examples of Game SFX are the crowd and players' noises
                 when they are brought down.
       --------> Menu SFX Volume: 0 - 100%
                 Increase/Decrease Menu SFX. Menu SFX are done when you select options
                 and change screens.
       --------> CREDITS: View the game's credits.
       --------> MOVIES: View the movies.
      Getting Started
     OK, you must set your options beforehand and SAVE them so that you don't have
     to do it again all over each time.
     Now, choose your team and what type of competition you want to play (league
     or cup). The following are to help you undertand what each feature does.
     Playing FIFA isn't just about going on the pitch and playing, you also need
     to keep certain things in mind. Read the following before playing your first
     match. Remember, a badly set-up team makes a losing team!
     Now, the first screen you'll see after that is the League/Cup Menu.
     There isn't much to be done here as the only keys you'll be using here are
     the Directional Buttons to view your progress.
     Options here are accessed by pressing the CIRCLE button. Doing so highlights
     the icon groups.
     Below is the description of the icon groups from the first to the last (thus,
     from right to left, on the screen!).
     -----> FORWARD
            Moves you to the next screen.
     -----> QUIT
            Makes you quite game and return to title screen.
     -----> SAVE GAME
            Please note that this game doesn't have autosave options. Use this
            often if you don't want to start everything all over again.
     -----> OPTIONS
            Takes you to the options. Note that once you start a tournament or
            a league, some options are saved and cannot be changed.
            Lets you manage your team. More on this in the Team Management Section.
     -----> TRANSFERS
            Lets you buy and sell players. You can build a better team here and even
            better, make your team just as in real life, with all your new players.
            Enables you to view the best scorers and those with the most cards both
            overall and in respective clubs.
     -----> FIXTURES
            Lets you view when and at what time all the next matches will take place.
            Also lets you view the scores of past matches.
     -----> CUP
            Lets you view your cup progression (if you are in one!).
     Once you access this option, you'll see the following:
                                           -    Season / Cup     -
             YOUR CURRENT IGM              -      Your Team      -
                                           -   Starting Lineup   -
             YOUR CURRENT STRATEGY         -        IGM          -
                                           -     Kick Takers     -
     -----> Starting Lineup: Use this to determine which players will begin the
                             Players which are in the starting lineup will
                             have a 'Start' status.
                             Players which will be on the bench and which CAN be
                             substituted will have a 'Subst' status.
                             Players which CANNOT even be substituted will have
                             a 'Rsrvs' status.
                             Set your team here and go on to IGM.
     -----> IGM: IGM is divided into 2 distinct parts - Formation and Strategy.
                 Here's a brief explanation of how each works.
                    FORMATION - Set your IGM, you can choose between 3.
                              - Set your formation.
                              - Set your attack.
                              - Set your midfield.
                              - Set your defence.
                              - Set your style.
                    STRATEGY - Set your attacking style.
                             - Set your marking preference.
                             - Set your defensive style.
                             - Set your marking style.
              Below is how you should plan things to have a good team with
              sensible strategies:
               - Choose a different style for each IGM. As an example, IGM1 should
                 be fully attacking. IGM2 should be defending. IGM3 should be
                 neutral. This will make things easier.
               - Don't try putting a team with too many attackers or too many
                 defenders, these things never work and you'll end up losing each
               - Set different attacking, defensive and marking styles for each IGM.
               - Make sure you have at least one with Counterattack as attacking
                 style. This can be very useful again certain teams and it'll help
                 you out when you need to score goals.
               - You should have at least one long and one short passing preference.
               - You must have at least one defensive style.
               - And finally, make sure everything is correct before moving on as
                 the changes will be saved automatically. Of course, you can come
                 back later and change things again if you're not yet satisfied.
                 Note that all these set-ups are not needed for a friendly match but
                 they're essential if ou plan on playing a whole season or a
     -----> KICK TAKERS: Here, you can choose who will take the left corner, the
                         right corner, free kicks and spot kick takers, and your
                         first 5 penalty kick takers. Note that you cannot make
                         a single player take all 5 penalty kicks!! Darn, no
                         Effenberg each time    :D
      OK, now that you're finished, let's head over to the matches themselves.
      To win or to lose, this isn't even a thought!! So, will you be able to take
      on the best clubs in the world!?  o_O
     These are the controls of the game when you'll be playing the matches. It's
     in smaller sections since the lay-out changes depending on the situation.
     Well, that's what football is about!
               < ATTACK > ----> DIRECTIONS  -  Move PLayer
                                CIRCLE      -  Shoot
                                CROSS       -  Pass
                                SQUARE      -  Lob
                                TRIANGLE    -  Sprint
                                SELECT      -  IGM Select
                                START       -  Pause Game
                                L1          -  Through Pass
                                L2          -  Hurdle
                                R1          -  Shielding
                                R2          -  360 Spin
               < DEFEND > ----> DIRECTIONS  -  Move PLayer
                                CIRCLE      -  Conservative Tackle
                                CROSS       -  Switch Player
                                SQUARE      -  Aggressive Tackle
                                TRIANGLE    -  Sprint
                                SELECT      -  IGM Select
                                START       -  Pause Game
             < AIR BALL > ----> DIRECTIONS  -  Move PLayer
                                CIRCLE      -  Header Shot/Diving Header
                                CROSS       -  Header Pass
                                SQUARE      -  Header Lob
                                TRIANGLE    -  No Use
                                SELECT      -  IGM Select
                                START       -  Pause Game
                                2*CIRCLE    -  Bicycle Kick
            < DEAD BALL > ----> DIRECTIONS  -  Move PLayer
                                CIRCLE      -  Icon Attack
                                CROSS       -  Kick/Throw Ball
                                SQUARE      -  Icon Attack
                                TRIANGLE    -  Icon Attack
                                SELECT      -  Set Piece
                                START       -  Pause Game
                                L1          -  Add Ballspin Left
                                R2          -  Add Ballspin Right
     < DEFEND DEAD BALL > ----> DIRECTIONS  -  Move PLayer
                                CIRCLE      -  Icon Attack
                                CROSS       -  Switch Player
                                SQUARE      -  Icon Attack
                                TRIANGLE    -  Icon Attack
                                SELECT      -  Set Piece
                                START       -  Pause Game
      By pressing start, you will be shown the Pause Menu which gives you various
      options. This is what the Pause Menu enables:
      -----> Resume Match: Continue current match
      -----> Instant Replay: View the replay of the last action. You can switch
                             camera during the replay and you can also view it
                             in slow motion
      -----> Team Management: This is where you make your substitutions. You can
                              also change IGM here and change kick takers.
      -----> Side Select: Choose your team. Weird option if you ask me as it enables
                          you to choose the other team whenever you want. Basically,
                          if you were losing by 5 goals, you can just use this option
                          to play as the winning team and score own goals to make
                          team win! What did EA put this for!?
      -----> Options: Lets you access the options. Note that not all options can
                      be changed here.
      -----> Match Facts: This will give you the score, the total shots, number of
                          shots on target, corners, bookings and possessions.
      -----> Score Summary: List of those who've scored in the match and when.
      -----> Booking Summary: Same as Score Summary but for yellow and red cards
                              this time. Booking Time/Player/Team.
      -----> Restart match: Yup, restart the match and kick them if you had just been
                            losing. But it spoils the fun in league or cup matches.
      -----> Quit match: Quit match and return to League/Cup screen.
     This section concerns those facts which you need to bear in match when you
     are playing the matches. There's also a handful of hints and tips to make
     your life easier and to make you enjoy the game even more.
     - Make sure you have a consistent starting lineup with a good formation and
     - Use the quick IGM option (by pressing SELECT) to your advantage. Here is
       an example of how you should play.
       Let's say you have 3 IGMs. Well, you should have 3. Normally, you should
       have a very attacking one and a very defensive one, the last one being
       either neutral or any other type that you had set up. When you have the ball
       in your possession, quickly choose the attacking one to move more players
       forward and to increase your chance of scoring goals. On the other hand,
       if you happen to lose the ball and have to deal with a counter (note: some
       teams are darn good with counters, eg. Hamburg in the German League, they
       score most of their goals on counters), just switch to the defensive formation
       to deal with it. Use the third one in other situations.
     - Substitute an injured player as soon as possible. Injured players will only
       wobble like a sick tortoise and you will lose possession if you have to
       control them. Put the ball out of play if there is the need to do so.
       Another thing you need to know is that injured players may still be out
       for the next match. Check your starting lineup to see if this is the case.
     - At half time, check you player's stats and substitute those who are still
       too tired. A good choice would be to take out those who have less than 50%.
       Keep in mind that you have only 3 substitutions though.
     - Don't substitute your players for no apparent reason or just because you're
       not scoring goals. The only reason you're not scoring goals is because you're
       playing badly, the players are not at fault. Keep these 3 substitutions as
       you'll need them. Your players may get injured or you may have to take them
       out to prevent them from being carded.
     - Remember that players who take 3 yellow cards or more (it depends on the
       country and competition) miss a match. Keep making changes to your starting
       lineup to avoid this problem.
     - Make sure you buy and sell the same number of players. There is NO use in
       buying more players than needed and in selling all your reserves.
     - Concerning free kicks, it is way hard to score directly from these unless
       you're very good at this game and you eat, drink and sleep FIFA... The best
       choice is to pass the ball and have a shot on goal. The same thing applies
       to corners.
     - When taking penalties, don't just rush out and push the buttons too much. Your
       shot will be off target and the commentators will be quick in making you feel
       stupid! Wait for the referee to blow the whistle and take all your time (but not
       too much). There is no need to be quick. Right, Carboni?  :P
     - Practice the different scenarios well, specially the free kicks and corners.
     - Don't play harsh, the conservative tackle actually has more chance of working
       and this way, you'll concede less free kicks.
     - Don't abuse the SPRINT button, it makes your players tire more quickly and
       a player with a fatigue of less than 60% is useless.
     - Watch real football matches, there's nothing like the real thing. Ah, the joy
       of saying Bayern Munich lift the Champions' League after that dreaded night
       in Barcelona. Yes Sir, I'm not afraid to say it, I cried that day.
     - Play the real sport even if you're not good at it. You won't believe the fun
       you can have, playing a football match and laughing at your own mistakes. And
       sport keeps you healthy.
     Well, that's it, I guess! It's been great writing this FAQ. But then, maybe that's
     because I really like football (no soccer, football's the real name!). And sorry
     if I've been talking of unrelated stuff but this season's been a memorable one in
     terms of this great sport, one I will never forget.
     Electronic Arts
     - For making this game.
     CJayC <www.gamefaqs.com>
     - For his great site and for posting my guides.
     Bayern Munich <wearetheeuropeanchampions@2001.com> LOL
     - Like Kuffour, I kept praying for days. Our prayer's been heard this year :)
                          'Let's Kick Racism Out Of Football'
                                  FIFA 2001 FAQ
                               Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K.All rights reserved.

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