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    Supplementary FAQ by DChan

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         Wizardry 8 for Windows
         Supplementary FAQ (Version 2.5 - Incomplete Struggle)
         Current Update: Monday, 18 March 2002
         Previous Update: Wednesday, 13 March 2002
         Created: Thursday, 13 December 2001
         By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@hotmail.com)
         Note: I read Guiler's WIZ8 FAQ as I play WIZ8. This
         FAQ is "supplementary" because this FAQ skips the
         details that his FAQ already explained. OTOH, this FAQ
         reports details that aren't or weren't in his FAQ,
         and clarifies details that are ambiguous in his FAQ.
    0.   Wanted
    1.   Acknowledgements
    2.   1st Impression
    2.1  2nd Impression
    3.   The Party
    3.1    Character Creation
    3.2    Character Development
    3.3    Strategies and Tactics
    4.   The Adventure Begins
    4.1    Lower Monastery
    4.2    Upper Monastery
    4.3    Arnika Road
    4.4    Arnika-Trynton Road
    4.5    Arnika
    4.6    Trynton
    4.7    Trynton Upper Branches
    4.8    Rattkin Tree
    4.9    Swamp
    4.10   Mine Tunnels
    4.11   Northern Wilderness
    4.12   Umpani Base Camp
    4.13   Mt Gigas Caves
    4.14   Mt Gigas Upper Caves
    4.15   Mt Gigas Peak
    5.   The Alchemist's Guide
    6.   The Gadgeteer's Guide
    7.   The Ranger's Guide
    8.   Recruitable NPCs
    9.   Links
    "Setsunasa!" (*1)
    0.   WANTED
         I'm looking for:
         - A list of merging which two potions will produce
    which other potion.
         - A list of quest items, including their names,
    locations, and the NPCs who need them. For example, the
    components that Antone in Arnika needs to make his special
         - A list of swear words that the NPCs dislike.
         - Any Easter Egg or weirdness that the overworked and
    underpaid Sir-Tech Canada programmers planted, or any
    undocumented feature that the debuggers missed.
         - WIZ8 players who will write entire chapters of useful
    hints about the areas that my party hasn't explored,
    including Ascension Peak and even Marten's Bluff!
         - Osama bin Laden, dead or alive.
         Disclaimer: I send the newest version of this file
    to only five Websites:
         - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
         - http://vgstrategies.about.com/
         - http://DLH.Net/
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         - http://www.cheathappens.com/
         If you downloaded or read this file at other
    Websites, the SysOps of the other Websites probably
    leeched it from one of the above Websites.
         Dementi: J'ai envoye la plus recente version de ce
    fichier a seulement cinq sites webs.
         - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
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         Si vous avez telecharge ou lu ce fichier a partir
    d'autres sites, les responsables de ces sites l'auront
    probablement pompe a partir de l'un des sites ci-dessus.
         Thanks to these sierra hotel persons/organisations:
         - Amakusa, Chickenator, Don Barlone, dr490n, Jowy,
    Kimpo, Klef, MrPink, Paladin, phunky1, Quesius, remoh,
    ribald, the fallen one, Thor the Almighty, ZephyrKai, and
    other WIZ8 players in the WIZ8 message board in
    GameFAQs.com, for Q&A.
         - Borgman of Philippines and his wife.
         - Drechenn, Guwahaha, kiah, Kthulu, Muley, and
    tangentz, for chara creation hints.
         - Guiler and Jack Leung, for the WIZ8 FAQs.
         - Jean-Luc Barbera of France, for the French
    translation of the Disclaimer, and the English translation
    of the NOIR foreword. (After all, English and French are
    the two official languages up here in Canada, the True
    North Strong and Free.)
         - John Hubbard, for hints.
         - Matt Majewski, for gadget list.
         - Miguel Sanchez, for feedback.
         - Peloi, for attribute, dungeon, magic item, potion,
    spellbook, music instrument (WIZ7 and WIZ8), and Omnigun
         - Philip In of Hong Kong, for being yet another
    non-Japanese friend who works in Japan.
         - Razorclaw X, for the WIZ8 RPC (Recruitable Player
    Chara) Guide.
         - Slankers, for gadget list and recruitable NPC list.
         - NATO personnel participating in Operation Enduring
    Freedom. The Empire Strikes Back.
         (Social democracy in action.)
         No thanks to these lima delta persons/organisations:
         - The EVIL terrorists responsible for the attacks in
    the USA in the morning on (Tuesday) 11 September 2001
    (local time).
         - M27Power.Com, for computer virus.
         - Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda.
         In memory of:
         - The victims of the terrorist attacks in the USA in
    the morning on 11 September 2001. God bless America.
         "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine
    le nom du destin.
         "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
         "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
         - NOIR (TV: 2001)
         Wizardry 8 for Windows, by Sir-Tech Canada, has three CDs. Disc 3 is 
    the play CD.
         This game installs as 1.19 GB (without levels and cinematics) to 1.85 
    GB (with levels and cinematics). I chose to install it with levels and 
    without cinematics, which consumes 1.59 GB.
         WIZ8 is a direct continuation of the previous Wizardry games. The 
    player can actually import old chara from WIZ7.
         The WIZ8 party can have six PCs and two NPCs. The PCs' races and 
    classes are same as the PC races in Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Crusaders 
    of the Dark Savant.
         In each chara's inventory screen, the figure that represents that chara 
    is blurry and naked, and the figure remains naked when that chara's wearing 
    armour. (-_-;) (Then again, I knew we Canadians are more liberal than the 
    Americans to our south.) Unfortunately, the male figures of the Human and 
    Human-like races (Dwarf, Elf, &c) don't look (ahem) anatomical correct.
         (The ancient American proverb "Naked man standing in revolving door is 
    going to Bangkok" doesn't apply in WIZ8.)
         During the game, the player can change the chara's names, portraits, 
    and voices anytime. A chara can change her/his portrait to a portrait of 
    another race of the same sex, but not to a portrait of another sex. IMO, 
    most of the female voices sound either overly cheery or overly macho.
         The game world is 3D, not square-based like WIZ7. Combat is turn-based, 
    but can be set as continuous. The monsters are also 3D.
         The BGMs are MP3 files.
         When the party damages some monsters, disengages from the monsters, 
    exits the monsters' area (map), re-enters the monsters' area, and re-engages 
    the monsters; those monsters' HP will be the same as when the party last saw 
    them. The damaged monsters' HP don't regenerate.
         At the same experience level as a PC, each non-recruitable named NPC 
    has at least 100 more HP than a PC. Also, the NPCs are like 7-Eleven. They 
    are awake and open their shops 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
         After a chara equips and fights with an unidentified armour or weapon, 
    in its description, the name and attributes of the armour or weapon remain 
         In combat, when a chara's missile weapon runs out of ammo, it's a free 
    and instant action in her inventory screen to take a slot of ammo from her 
    personal slots and reload her missile weapon.
         Else, such as when a chara wants to equip a weapon from her personal 
    slots, she must use the Equip command in the next turn.
         When a Valkyrie's Cheat Death works after the party falls down from a 
    high place, she remains awake and has about half her maximum HP. In combat, 
    after a hit that should've decreased her HP to 0 or below, she becomes 
    unconscious and has 1 HP. But Cheat Death doesn't seem to work against 
    poison damage. A poisoned Valkyrie, when neglected, will buy the farm.
         A Gadgeteer tunes up her Omnigun about once per two levels.
         When a Gadgeteer has two Omniguns and she levels up, she tunes up only 
    one Omnigun. When she has 1) an Omnigun in her active primary weapon slot 
    and another in her inactive primary weapon slot, or 2) an Omnigun in her 
    primary weapon slot and another in her Carried slots; she tunes up only the 
    Omnigun in her primary weapon slot. When she has an Omnigun in her personal 
    slots (primary weapon or Carried) and another in the party slots, she 
    doesn't tune up the Omnigun in the party slots. If both Omniguns are in her 
    Carried slots, she tunes up only the Omnigun closer to the upper left corner 
    of her Carried slots.
         When a Gadgeteer has three or more Omniguns and she levels up, I 
    presume the game complies with the above rules.
         When a Gadgeteer has no Omnigun in her personal slots, and 3) has both 
    Omniguns in the party slots or 4) in another chara's Carried slots, she 
    tunes up only the Omnigun closer to the upper left corner of 3) the party 
    slots or 4) the other chara's Carried slots.
         When the party has dropped all their Omniguns on the ground and the 
    Gadgeteer levels up, she expectedly doesn't tune up any Omnigun. After she 
    levels up and picks up the Omniguns, she doesn't retroactively tune up the 
         My party doesn't have two Gadgeteers, and I don't want to yomp all the 
    way back to Trynton Upper Branches to recruit Madras, so I don't know what 
    happens when both Omniguns are in the other Gadgeteer's primary weapon 
         Further, when the mark of the Omnigun to be tuned up is below the mark 
    appropriate to the Gadgeteer's Level, the game tunes up the Omnigun to the 
    mark appropriate to the Gadgeteer's Level. For example, a Level 12 Gadgeteer 
    will tune up an Omnigun Mk.5 ("borrowed" from a Level 8 Gadgeteer) to Mk.7.
         When the mark of the Omnigun to be tuned up is above the mark defined 
    by the Gadgeteer's Level, I don't know if the game tunes down the Omnigun?
         The next time my Gadgeteer levels up, to Level 14, she can't tune up 
    her Omnigun Mk.7. But if she has only an Omnigun Mk.6, I don't know if 
    she'll tune it up to Mk.7 anyway?
         A Bishop or Priest's Turn Undead ability damages and sometimes 
    paralyses Undead monsters.
         After a Bard successfully uses an unidentified music instrument, the 
    name of the music instrument remains unknown, but its description explains 
    its effect.
         After the party has collected a lot of items that they don't want to 
    carry in their party slots or sell to NPCs, they can store the extra items 
    in safe places. For example, the empty houses or NPCs' shops in Arnika 
         In a house/shop, to deposit an item, go to the inventory screen, click 
    an item to stick it to the pointer, click the chara's head or the icon at 
    the lower right corner to exit the inventory screen, then drop the item in 
    the room. For example, in Arnika, my party store weapons in Antone's shop, 
    and magic items in He'Li's inn. OTOH, I don't think the party can pack items 
    back into chests.
         WRT Pickpocket, I downloaded the WIZ8 patches, but I'll not install 
    them unless I bump into and can't overcome a serious bug, because the 
    patches reportedly tune up the NPCs' resistances to Pickpocket.
         Also, I think different difficulty levels (Novice, Normal, and Expert) 
    just make the Pickpocket attempts harder, but don't change the items that 
    the party gets from the NPCs.
         (FYI, when I was playing the AD&D2 CRPGs Icewind Dale (IWD) and Icewind 
    Dale: Heart of Winter (IWD:HOW), my female Human Paladin also used Detect 
    Evil on every NPC, and my female Gnome Illusionist/Thief used Pickpocket on 
    every NPC. It was like Rings of Free Action R Us.)
         [From Paladin (2002.02.09):
         I think the items you PP is not at random. Every NPC has a set of items 
    you can PP.]
         [From Don Barlone (2002.02.09):
         The items set that you can PP from an NPC changes, if you steal 
    everything from then you will get a new set of items, for example: you need 
    to steal several items from Don until you got the Cane.]
         The Elementals that the Summon Elemental spell summons:
         Level 1: Air Pawn (Level 3, 140-145 HP), Earth Pawn (Level 3, 296-350 
    HP), Fire Pawn (Level 3, 117-135 HP), Water Pawn (Level 4, 190-216 HP).
         Level 3: Lesser Air Elemental (Level 5, 206 HP), Lesser Fire Elemental 
    (Level 5, 280-288 HP), Lesser Water Elemental (Level 6, 198 HP).
         Level ?: Major Water Elemental (Level 9, 276 HP).
         IDK if the WIZ8 patches already fixed these "features":
       - An ale seems to have a "max item per slot" of 1 instead of 10.
       - A recruitable NPC won't let the player give her special item to another 
    chara or the party slots. Trying to force this to happen may hang the game.
         For example, in Domina's inventory screen, when I tried to give her 
    Stun Mace to my Priest, Domina vocally complained and blocked the attempt. 
    In a safe room, I ran the party (Shift+(movement key)) until she was 
    unconscious. In her inventory screen, I tried to give her Stun Mace to the 
    Priest again, but failed because the Priest's also unconscious. I tried to 
    give the Stun Mace to the conscious Bard and Gadgeteer, and to the party 
    slots, but got a message window that says: "This item belongs to Vi. You 
    can't remove it." Closing this message window doesn't change the situation.
         I clicked the Stun Mace on the chara's portraits and Exit icon (lower 
    right corner) to try to drop the Stun Mace, but got the same message window. 
    I clicked the Stun Mace on the Drop icon, and the pointer became an 
    arrowhead again, as I assumed the game successfully dropped the Stun Mace on 
    the floor, but when I tried to exit the inventory screen, I got the 
    abovementioned message window. I clicked a weapon in the party slots and 
    tried to give it to Domina (unconscious) and another chara (conscious), and 
    to drop the item, but got the abovementioned message window.
         About the only things I didn't try are to dismiss Domina, dual-class 
    her, paralyse her, and get her killed.
         BTW, after the party ran to and fro, when everyone else was 
    unconscious, the Stamina bars of the Bard and Gadgeteer, who wore Necklaces 
    of Endurance (female only), remained almost 100%. But in combat, their 
    Stamina bars don't regenerate as fast.
         Later (2002.02.12): Domina doesn't complain when she has two Stun Maces 
    and the player takes away one of them.
       - In the first few slots of my party's items are two Poison Daggers, two 
    normal daggers, and a Sprite's Dagger. Each time I click the Sort By Type 
    icon, the Sprite's Dagger plays musical chair with the normal daggers. That 
    is, the Sprite's Dagger cycles through the slots holding the normal daggers.
       - When a chara equips a Cursed weapon as her active weapon, she can't 
    remove the Cursed weapon, or swap between her active and non-active weapons. 
    But when a chara equips a Cursed weapon as her non-active weapon, she can 
    remove the Cursed weapon. Also, when a chara equips a Cursed weapon as her 
    non-active weapon, and swaps the Cursed weapon as her active weapon, she 
    can't remove the Cursed weapon.
         Thus, a chara can test whether an unidentified magic shield or weapon 
    is Cursed or not.
       - When a Gadgeteer tunes up her Omnigun to Mk.6, does it "Kill 5%" or "KO 
       - When a Gadgeteer tunes up her Omnigun to Mk.7, the game claims it has 
    an Arrow Attachment. Its description doesn't mention the Arrow Attachment, 
    and it really doesn't accept arrows as ammo.
         The Wizardry 8 for Japanese Windows (WIZ8J) is made by Locus and came 
    out on 2001.12.20.
         The Mycom PC Web HP has a review at
         And the 4Gamer.net HP has a review at
         The text in the game are evidently in Japanese, but I don't know if the 
    voices are also in Japanese?
         I presume the Chinese (Taiwanese) version is on its way. (X_X)
         As of 2002.02.23, my party's Sierra Hotel list, sorted by kills:
    Class                    Level     Kills     Alias
    Valkyrie, Female Human   12        221       Vi
    Samurai, Male Dracon     12        179       Battousai
    Ranger, Female Mook      11        162       Mireille
    Bard, Female Felpurr     13        138       Chierin
    Gadgeteer, Female Elf    13        128       Kirika
    Bishop, Female Elf       12        104       Maki
    Priest, Female Elf       12        74        Misato
    Monk, Male Android       11        55        RFS-81
         For comparison, as of 2002.02.09, the party's previous Sierra Hotel 
    Class                    Level     Kills     Alias
    Valkyrie, Female Human   10        118       Vi
    Samurai, Male Dracon     10        115       Battousai
    Bard, Female Felpurr     11        101       Chierin
    Ranger, Female Mook      9         99        Mireille
    Gadgeteer, Female Elf    11        76        Kirika
    Mage, Female Elf         10        76        Asuka
    Priest, Female Elf       10        54        Rei
         The Valkyrie gets the most kills because her polearm does excellent, 
    multiplied damage against hostiles affected by Freeze All, Freeze Fresh, and 
         The Bard, Ranger, and Samurai's secondary weapons are magic bows and 
    crossbows with magic ammo, so they can take down heavily wounded hostiles 
    who begin to flee from the party.
         The Bishop is dual-classed from a Level 10 Mage. She gets kills with 
    her high-level, single-target offensive spells less often than the Bard's 
    multiple-target Piercing Pipes and the Gadgeteer's single-target Lightning 
         The Priest uses a Holy Basher as an extended weapon, but doesn't use a 
    missile weapon, because the Bishop/former Mage already uses a Wrist Rocket 
    sling, the Gadgeteer (logically) uses an Omnigun, and thus the party's 
    always low on sling ammo. Though every chara has bombs, potions, and 
    powders, the Priest thus has fewer chances to hit the hostiles.
         (To take advantage of the Gadgeteer's high Modern Weapon skill, she's 
    just begun to use a musket, after the party bought 400-500 musket balls from 
    Kunar in Umpani Base Camp. Earlier, the Ranger has a blunder buss reserved 
    for the tough hostiles, such as Golems and Moraxes.)
         Revision history of this file:
         Version 0.5 (Limited Edition): Tuesday, 18 December 2001
         Version 1.0 [46 KB]: Sunday, 20 January 2002
         Version 1.5 [74 KB]: Saturday, 9 February 2002
         Version 2.0 [113 KB]: Saturday, 23 February 2002
    3.   THE PARTY
         Note: To paraphrase the anime studio KSS, all
         characters, stock prices, and three sizes in this
         game are fictional.
         The player can create a new WIZ8 party, or import a WIZ7 party. This 
    defines the area where the party begins the adventure. I created a new WIZ8 
         The way I formed my first party is to create six new chara, and not use 
    any default chara. First, I choose six different Classes.
         Based on my WIZ6 and WIZ7 (Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Crusaders of 
    the Dark Savant) experience (and prejudice), I prefer Classes that can KIA 
    (critical hit)... and hope they don't get Charmed or Confused in combat. I 
    naturally also need a Priest-type and a Mage-type. I choose Samurai (melee 
    KIA and speed), Ranger (missile KIA), Bard (Music), Gadgeteer (Engineering), 
    Priest, and Mage... but hope they don't get doubled by NPCs with higher 
    Levels in the same Classes.
         I dislike Monk and Ninja because they have light armour and weapons. 
    Though Monk and Ninja have melee KIA, stealth, and thief skills; I can use 
    Bard and Rogue for stealth and thief skills. Instead of Rogue, I choose Bard 
    because Bard can use music instruments.
         As I'm a Mechanical Engineering grad (U of T, MEC 9T3+1, N PSI SUX, 
    ERTW), I feel a sense of duty to try Gadgeteer. (^_^;)
         Instead of Alchemist, Bishop, and Psionic, I choose Priest and Mage for 
    simplicity. I remember the WIZ1 Bishop's "Identify Item 9" trick that 
    instantly warped a WIZ1 Level 1 Bishop into a Level 234 Bishop (Tiltowaits R 
    Us), but I think a WIZ8 Bishop might level up too slowly and need to divide 
    his bonus points amongst too many skills and spells. I might change my mind 
    later and reform the party with the other Priest- and Mage-type Classes.
         (WRT the WIZ8 Ranger's missile KIA, when I was playing Phantasie III by 
    SSI, the magic weapon called Gnome Bow impressed me. It could cause 
    excellent damage to and remove a monster's body parts, and KIA many monsters 
    with one shot. In the real world, I've a lot of respect for the USMC (United 
    States Marine Corps) Scout Snipers, but I prefer semi-automatic sniper 
         Second, after I choose the above six Classes, I review the default 
    chara of those Classes, to note their primary attributes, and the attributes 
    that control their primary skills. Then, I choose a Class, and cycle through 
    the Races to note which Race gives 50-60 points in the important attributes 
    of that Class, without decreasing more than one of the other attributes to 
    25-35 points.
         I avoid Faerie because I think despite the AC bonus, his size prevents 
    him from using many items.
         Finally, my party are:
         Samurai:       Dracon, Male        "Battousai"
         Ranger:        Mook, Female        "Mireille"
         Bard:          Felpurr, Female     "Chierin"
         Gadgeteer:     Elf, Female         "Kirika"
         Priest:        Elf, Female         "Rei"
         Mage:          Elf, Female         "Asuka"
         I hope there aren't many powerful items that Elves can't use.
         Also, I don't have any Fighter, Lord, or Valkyrie. I initially wondered 
    if I should replace one of the first four chara by a female Human Valkyrie, 
    or eventually change one of the female chara's Class to Valkyrie. Later, in 
    Arnika, the party recruited a NPC Valkyrie (see below).
         Without a Bishop, IMO the party can't conveniently identify new items 
    and unequip Cursed items.
         (No prizes for the Netters who identify the origins of the chara's 
         Later (2002.02.19): Make sure every chara has average or above 
    Vitality, so they have as many HP as possible. Despite all the armours, 
    shields, and defensive magic; the enemies' melee, missile, and offensive 
    magic damage will penetrate! Worse, most magic attacks will simultaneously 
    affect the entire party.
         Reportedly, after a chara changes class, she can't use the equipment 
    and skills of her previous class, unless the equipment and skills overlap. 
    For example, a Mage who was a Fighter can't use most armours, shields, and 
    weapons. OTOH, a Ninja who was a Samurai can still Critical Strike.
         A dual-classed chara's level isn't necessarily her level in her current 
    class. For example, when a Level 10 Mage dual-classes into a "Level 11" 
    Bishop, she actually functions as a Level 1 Bishop. She can't even learn 
    most Spell Level 2 spells from spellbooks.
         More about the Change Class function in a later version of this FAQ.
         WRT spells, low-Level Priest obviously should choose spells that heal 
    the party (Heal Wounds, &c), and spells that affect multiple targets (Sleep, 
    Terror, Web, &c).
         Low-Level Mage obviously should choose spells that damage one or more 
    targets (Energy Blast, Frost, &c), and spells that affect multiple targets 
    (Sleep, Terror, Web, &c).
         In the game, a spell-caster learns a new spell everytime she advances a 
    level, or uses a spellbook that the party gets from NPCs and treasure 
         Finally, some practical comments about the chara's skills:
         Alchemy: Just as a Gadgeteer can merge otherwise useless items into 
    gadgets, any chara with the Alchemy skill, even a Ranger, can merge two 
    different potions into a better potion.
         After a chara successfully produces a potion, the new potion is an 
    unidentified potion in the inventory, but the party should've no problem 
    with identifying the new potion. So, producing new potions can increase both 
    the chara's Alchemy skill and the party's Artifacts skills.
         Locks & Traps: My party has Bard and Gadgeteer, but no Rogue. So, WRT 
    Rogue skills, the Gadgeteer takes care of Locks & Traps, and the Bard takes 
    care of Pickpocket.
         Modern Weapon: Muskets are useable by Fighter, Lord, Valyrie, Ranger, 
    Rogue, and Gadgeteer. Blunder busses are useable by Fighter, Lord, Valkyrie, 
    and Ranger.
         Thus, unless the party begins in the Umpani Base Camp area, when they 
    eventually get some guns, the Gadgeteer probably has the best Modern Weapon 
    skill because of her Omnigun, but she can't use the best gun. Though a 
    Gadgeteer's Omnigun can also use musket balls as its ammo, don't waste them 
    this way.
         Pickpocket: My party has Bard and Gadgeteer, but no Rogue. So, WRT 
    Rogue skills, the Bard takes care of Pickpocket, and the Gadgeteer takes 
    care of Locks & Traps.
         Polearm: A polearm is a two-handed weapon. It has extended reach and 
    high minimum damage. Against an immobile or sleeping enemy, even a low-level 
    warrior with an awl pike can easily cause 20+ damage points.
         (OK. The sources of the chara's names are: NOIR, Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji 
    Kenkaku Romantan-, Sentimental Graffiti/Sentimental Journey, and Shinseiki 
    Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion): Ayanami Rei (II and III), Hitokiri 
    Himura Battousai, "Chierin" Matsuoka Chie of Fukuoka (Fukuoka), Mireille 
    Bouquet, Souryuu Asuka Langley, and Yuumura Kirika.)
         Some of the chara's skills automatically increase (grow) when the party 
    is yomping about the game world, Dominus. For example, everytime the party 
    finds some hidden items, some chara's Scouting may increase. Everytime the 
    party identifies some items, some chara's Artifacts may increase. Everytime 
    the party sees some monsters, some chara's Mythology may increase. Everytime 
    the party survives a battle, some chara's combat and weapon skills may 
         Later (2002.03.09): To complement my earlier comments below, when the 
    player creates a party of new chara, each Level 1 chara's Vitality and the 
    attribute that's important to her class should be as high as possible. The 
    aim is to ensure the chara will have high HP, and her important attribute 
    will reach 100 naturally (without magic items) as soon as possible, which 
    unlocks a special skill related to that attribute.
         For example, a Mage should have high Vitality and Intelligence. Even 
    when she begins with Intelligence 70, and she allocates 2-3 points per Level 
    to her Intelligence, she needs at least 10-11 Levels before her Intellgence 
    reaches 100 and unlocks the Power Cast special skill.
         When a chara "levels up" or gains a level, I evenly allocate the bonus 
    skill points to the skills that aren't amongst the above-mentioned. For 
    example, Samurai increases his Critical Strike and Dual Weapons, but not his 
    Sword. Gadgeteer increases her Engineering and Locks & Traps.
         Also, when a chara levels up, I evenly allocate the bonus attribute 
    points to the attributes that control that chara's primary skills. For 
         Samurai:       Dexterity, Senses, Speed
         Ranger:        Dexterity, Intelligence, Senses
         Bard:          Dexterity, Intelligence, Senses
         Gadgeteer:     Dexterity, Intelligence, Senses
         Priest:        Dexterity, Intelligence, Piety
         Mage:          Intelligence, Piety, Senses
         On second thought, I'm neglecting Vitality, which controls each chara's 
    all-important HP. (My Mage's maximum HP is very pathetic.) Maybe I'll 
    increase their Vitality instead of Dexterity or Senses... (9_9;)
         When the primary attribute of a chara's Class reaches 100, she gains a 
    new speical skill. For example, when a Mage's Intelligence reaches 100, the 
    Mage gains a special skill called Power Cast that allows the Mage's spells 
    to penetrate the high-level monsters' 100% Resistances.
         The special skills are:
         Strength: Power Strike.
         Intelligence: Power Cast.
         Piety: Iron Will.
         Vitality: Iron Skin.
         Dexterity: Reflection.
         Speed: Snakespeed.
         Senses: Eagle Eye.
         When, for instance, Ranger and Samurai reach Level 5+ and can learn 
    spells, they should choose either defensive spells that heal (Heal Wounds, 
    &c), or offensive spells that affect multiple targets (Sleep, Terror, Web, 
         Let Priest and Mage choose spells that cure, heal, or protect the party 
    (Armourplate, Bless, Heal Wounds, &c), and spells that affect or damage one 
    or more targets (Energy Blast, Frost, Sleep, Terror, Web, &c)
         Later (2002.01.30): When a chara levels up, the player can't allocate 
    points to a skill that's 75 or above.
         After my chara were Level 5-6 and began recruiting NPCs, when they 
    gained levels, I improved their attributes this way and hoped some of their 
    attributes eventually hit 100:
         Warrior-type:  Dexterity, Strength, Vitality
         Priest-type:   Dexterity, Piety, Vitality
         Mage-type:     Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality
         Also, instead of a Priest and a Mage, maybe my party should've started 
    with a Priest and a Bishop, with the Bishop concentrating on Mage-type 
    spells, because the Bishop uses way better armours and weapons than the 
    Mage. Though the Bishop's Artifacts bonus is inferior to the Mage's Wizardry 
    bonus, I'm considering dual-classing my Mage to Bishop.
         Later (2002.02.10): As advertised, I dual-classed my Mage 10 to a 
    Bishop 11. She loses the Wizardry bonus, but can learn more spells and use 
    better armours, weapons, and items. I also changed her name from Asuka 
    (Souryuu Asuka Langley) to Maki (Miyamura Yuuko, the former adult video 
         During combat, if the party has no monster in their melee range, or the 
    player predicts the party can survive one turn of attacks by the monsters 
    that are already in their melee range, the party can choose to walk or run 
    in the next turn.
         Then, in the next turn, when the party's walk/run is pending, the 
    monsters will probably move or attack before the party can walk/run. When 
    the game allows the party to walk/run, the party can cancel the walk/run. 
    Before the player clicks the "X" to cancel, the chara can adjust the targets 
    of their weapons. After the player clicks the "X", all the chara 
    consecutively attack the monsters.
         This voluntary delay is useful when, for instance, some monsters 
    affected by a Terror spell in the previous turn, flee in the current turn. 
    The delay allows the chara with missile weapons to not attack the fleeing 
    monsters, switch to melee weapons, and attack the monsters in melee range.
         During combat, damaging a spell-casting PC or monster doesn't abort 
    her/its spell-casting.
         Right-click a monster to learn its immunities, if any. For example, in 
    Arnika, don't bother to Sleep or Terror a Savant Trooper.
         When a low- to middle-level party has warriors who can throw spells, in 
    the first turns of a battle, when the monsters are in missile to thrown 
    range, the warriors can break up the monsters' formation with Terror, 
    instead of wasting missile weapon ammo for minimal damage. The Mage can 
    soften the monsters with Energy Blast and Frost. Then, when some monsters 
    are in melee range, the Priest and Mage can hinder the monsters and multiply 
    the other chara's melee weapon damage with Sleep, Terror, and Web.
         If the party has a Bard, remember to use the Poet's Lute to Sleep the 
         (BTW, a sleeping or unconscious Humanoid remains standing. A sleeping 
    or unconscious flying monster (bat, &c) floats in the air.)
         [From Miguel Sanchez (2002.01.17):
         If you go to somewhere that is "restricted" while you are in Marten's 
    Bluff, just stand right where they first warn you, and hit tilde ~ to go 
    into combat mode, enter run mode and once you can run right past the guards, 
    this way you can get the Idol and then do whatever else it is you need, fix 
    the teleport with the red & yellow wires and such...
         I have a method to remove the guards guarding the combo lock in 
    Marten's Bluff too, they seem to run away from combat, so you could just 
    ensure there was an encounter near them, it was purely chance for me, they 
    also stay in the hallway, or wherever...
         I also have used the turn on combat and run technique to quickly close 
    distance or even open doors and run right into shelter, where I can then 
    engage more safely...]
         If the player creates a new WIZ8 party, they begin on a beach in the 
    Lower Monastery area.
         If the player imports a WIZ7 party who was alone with Vi Domina, they 
    too begin on a beach in the Lower Monastery area.
         If the player imports a WIZ7 party who was allied with the Umpani, they 
    begin in the Umpani Base Camp area.
         If the player imports a WIZ7 party who was allied with T'Rang, they 
    begin in the Marten's Bluff area.
         The player can't import a WIZ7 party that kept the Astral Dominae.
         (Thanks to Jowy and phunky1.)
         First, go to Options and customise the keyboard commands, especially 
    the party's movement and look left/right keys.
         (I use the arrow keys for movement and num-pad for looking.)
         Second, adjust the chara's formation, such that the warriors are in the 
    front and the wizards are in the back. Go to the chara's inventory screens 
    and check everyone's armour pieces (including boots and shoes) and shields. 
    When possible, give the best armour pieces to the chara with the worst HP. 
    *Everytime the party buys or gets new armour pieces, shields, or weapons, 
    repeat this check!*
         (I call this repetitive procedure the "Lube, Oil, and Filter Sh_t".)
         Return to the external view.
         Gadgets: None.
         NPCs: Burz (male Trynnie, Level 5, 334 HP, not recruitable).
         Switch on Search mode. Without moving, look around and check the radar. 
    *Always check the radar for items and monsters!*
         Left of the party is a huge brownish yellow door. For now, ignore it.
         Near the party is a chest. Open the untrapped chest and get all items. 
    *Regularly press Q to quick save after the party does or finds something 
         (Indeed, Q to quick save and Shift+Q to quick load is essential when 
    the party is Pickpocketing or Shoplifting a NPC!)
         On the cliff wall way behind the chest is a grey panel. Guarding the 
    grey panel are three Softshell Crabs, or just "Crabs" when the party can't 
    ID them. Terminate them.
         Look right. Standing in the water is a grey wing-like panel. Patrolling 
    in the water around the panel are two mobile Softshell Crabs. Move the party 
    into the water (no chara will drown) and terminate the Softshell Crabs.
         With the grey wing-like panel on the party's left side, way before the 
    party is a ramp. Move onto and slowly up the ramp until the party can just 
    see some Softshell Crabs. When the Softshell Crabs also see the party and 
    become hostile, move the party backwards to the first bend of the ramp, with 
    the bend behind the party and the two patches of grass left of the party, 
    and wait for the Softshell Crabs. Don't allow more than three Softshell 
    Crabs to simultaneously engage the party. Also, a critical hit by a 
    Softshell Crab can kill a chara with fewer than 10 HP!
         (To quote the Murphy's Laws of Combat, "When the enemy is in range, so 
    are you.")
         After the party terminates the Softshell Crabs, go to the structure at 
    the top end of the ramp and get all items.
         Return to the beach. Open the untrapped huge door. Enter the corridor. 
    Down the corridor are some classic Green Slimes.
         (The gem-like object in a slime is its nucleus, and disappears when the 
    slime is terminated.)
         The party eventually reaches a doorway and a ramp... and some hostile 
    Bats. FYI, in this dungeon, other monsters include: King Crab (boss monster 
    with 107 HP), Noxious Slimes (which shoot missiles), Roaches (ugh), Seekers 
    (lizards that shoot missiles), Small Spiders (which shoot missiles that can 
    paralyse), Swarming Roaches, and Tanika Fishes.
         (WRT monsters that shoot missiles, to quote the Murphy's Laws of 
    Combat, "Incoming fire has the right of way.")
         Anyway. In the room with the ramp and the Bats is a door that's barred 
    on the other side. Later, when the party enters that room from the other 
    side, to unbar and open the door, don't click the door. Click the horizontal 
    bar on the door, then click the door.
         In another room where the party gets a Book of Light, walk around the 
    room and the party will find more items. For example, walk beside the 
    bookcases and table. *In fact, in any dungeon, rub the party against the 
    furniture and they might find items!*
         (Reminds me of some ancient action RPGs, such as the Ys series by 
    Falcom, where the protagonist's SD figure bumps into a monster to attack it, 
    or bumps into a chest to open it.)
         The Poseur's Cap isn't Cursed.
         WRT the locked doors of the small rooms that have corpses in them, just 
    force the doors with your warriors (brute force). The party can get the 
    items in a room through the window on the closed door, but the party must 
    enter the room to find and get hidden items... and find and engage hidden 
         WRT the King Crab in a big room behind a locked door, try to make it 
    unconscious with spells, to minimise its damage to the party.
         When the party finds Burz, they aren't suicidal. They won't or can't 
    jump off the cliff that Burz's facing. Burz won't react when the party opens 
    the trapped chest near him and get the contents.
         *In the auto-map, write short notes to mark Burz and other NPCs' 
    locations, and the locations of interesting things! For example, a locked 
    door that the party can't open until they get a special key later in the 
         Burz can add these keywords to the party's vocabulary: Arnika, Higardi. 
    Also, ask him about "trade" and "pickpocket". The party can even ask him 
    about persons and places that the party hasn't seen, such as Ascension Peak.
         "(Heard anything about pickpocket?) Technically, it's
    only stealing if you get caught. At least I think so."
         - Burz, Lower Monastery
         Burz demands cash for these keywords: messenger (72), monastery (24), 
    ship (20). Of course, a cheap party can pay him, then Load Game.
         The party can Pickpocket, speak with, and trade with Burz, but can't 
    recruit him.
         "Come back and see me if you need anything."
         - Burz, Lower Monastery
         Unless your alignment is Lawful Awful or Lawful Goody-Good, the party 
    can Pickpocket Burz. Quick save before an attempt. Leave and quick save 
    after a successful attempt. Quick load after an unsuccessful attempt that's 
    detected by Burz. After an unsuccessful attempt that's not detected by Burz, 
    try again. When the game claims Burz has nothing for the party to 
    Pickpocket, leave, hail him, and try to Pickpocket again. When the game 
    consecutively claims Burz has nothing for the party to Pickpocket for six or 
    more times, he probably really has nothing for the party to Pickpocket. If 
    the Bard or Rogue's Carried slots are full, the items will go to the party 
         "What the!? Hey, that's my job!"
         - Burz, Lower Monastery
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Burz: Bearded 
    war axe, bo, two buckler shields, bullet stones, bullwhip, bundle of arrows, 
    bundle of quarrels, bundle of Viper Arrows, chamois gloves, cloth pants, 
    Death Bomb, Dragon Kite (magic shield), Enchanted Bow, Faerie Dust, kitchen 
    sink, leather boots, leather greaves, leather helm, light crossbow, mail 
    mittens, morning star, musket (1 shot), oliveskin doublet (AC -2, Cursed!), 
    plate mail (L), two Potions of Light Heal, Robes (L) +1, short bow, 
    shuriken, silver sollerets, skullcap, sollerets, Staff of Blessing (5 
    charges), steel gauntlets, Stink Bomb, Stud-Cuir Bra +2, studded hauberk, 
    suede pants, throwing knife, war hammer, 500 GP (0 GP, 157 GP, 343 GP).
         (The heavy metal armour pieces are excellent, but my party doesn't have 
    a Fighter, Lord, or Valkyrie to use them.) (T_T)
         If Burz realises the party is Pickpocketing him, he doesn't attack the 
         "Now you're gonna get it!"
         - Burz, Lower Monastery
         If the party attacks Burz, he has 334 HP and defends with a spear. 
    Though the game claims he's Level 5, he can summon Oak Elders ("Wood 
    Spirits"). If the party murders Burz, they get all of his 500 GP.
         [From Paladin (2002.02.06):
         BTW, I tried to sell a poignard to Burz and he accused me stealing from 
    him and attacked me. I shoplift one from him, but any poignard triggers this 
    event. I also sell a spell book (I forgot which one) to Braffit and he 
    accussed me too but didn't attack me. It seems the NPC also have personals 
         To open the gate at the other end of the bridge-elevator, the party 
    needs a Wheel Key. Three areas (maps) later, in Arnika (town), the party 
    will get a Wheel Key. Behind the gate is a room with two Screaming Heads 
    (Undead), two trapped chests, and a coffin. The chests and coffin contain a 
    magic great bow, a magic long sword, two Rings of Granite, and a Ring of 
         I actually miss the traditional low-level monsters, such as Kobolds, 
    Goblins, Orcs, Skeletons, and Zombies. Sigh.
         Gadgets: Magnifying Glass, Microwave Chip.
         Gregor has 120 HP and three attacks/round (melee and missile). Paralyse 
    or somehow disable it, so the party's physical attacks get bonus damage.
         In the hall with six coffins, a pool, and a female statue, some coffins 
    are untrapped. One coffin may summon an Apparition (35 HP, Undead, can blind 
    a chara). Give your Bishop or Priest a chance to prove her deity exists, by 
    dispelling this monster.
         Another coffin may have a trap that nauseates or make unconscious 
    multiple chara. Worse, the trap has multiple charges. Everytime the party 
    opens or closes the coffin, they activate the trap again, until every chara 
    buys the farm. (^_^;)
         From one of the coffins, the Puck's Cap may be Cursed (Piety -10)!
         South of Gregor's room, in the room with a female statue that's holding 
    a skull, don't touch the statue, but touch the skull. This opens a small 
    secret door behind and right of the statue, and the party can get the Safe 
    Key. If the party touches the statue, the square on the floor before the 
    statue opens and the party may fall to the intersection in the lower level 
    and get some damage, unless the party are standing on the edge of the 
         Northwest of the Safe Key room, slowly enter the room with a red 
    button. Small Spiders from the ceiling engage the party.
         (To quote NATO combat pilots, "You always find a better class of people 
    in the vertical.")
         A Pustulant Slime's poison is temporary. It stops to damage when the 
    party wins the battle.
         In the kitchen, the cleaver isn't Cursed. Set the dial of the microwave 
    to maximum warp (3), click the red button, and get a Microwave Chip 
         In the Hall of Meditation, spell-casting automatically fails.
         Waiting in the garden are two groups of some Seekers. Disable some of 
    them with Sleep, Sonic Boom, Terror, or Web. If the Seekers include some 
    Poison Seekers, the party can get from them some Venom Sacs that Antone 
    (NPC) wants.
         In a room west of the Phoonzang statue and upstairs is a Lightning Rod 
         Use the Crude Iron Key to open the locked door in the Hall of 
    Meditation and enter the bells room. In the bells room, set the dial to 
    maximum warp (3) and click the red button. The bells shake the screen but 
    don't damage the party. The bells open the glass display case, glass wall, 
    and glass window elsewhere in this level.
         Return to the control room above the crates in the first hall in the 
    Upper Monastery area. Slowly walk to the edge of the broken glass window and 
    look down. Aim for the centre of the crates and land there. Open an 
    untrapped crate to get an Hunter's Cape that isn't Cursed.
         In combat, I don't think the Higardi Rogues will Pickpocket the party. 
    Also, in melee range, they don't look handsome.
    4.3  ARNIKA ROAD
         Gadgets: ?
         The east half of this area is hilly. The west half is forested. Near 
    the hill-forest border, the east-west road becomes a T-intersection, marked 
    by a Monastery/Arnika sign. Northeast of the sign is a house. Such houses in 
    the wilderness are teleporters operated by the T'Rang and Umpani.
         The forest is overrun by Higardi Rogues (80+ HP) and mobile plants 
    (Acidvines and Iron Weeds, 30+ HP). Nodes patrolled by them are: The 
    Monastery/Arnika sign, the bend north of the sign, and the bend south of the 
    sign. Way north of the sign is a Hogar (400+ HP).
         Terminate the Venom Crabs to get some Venom Crab Shells.
         (Maybe because of the simplistic radar at the corner, the mesas and the 
    terrain of the pass west of the monastery, the appearance of the Piercer 
    Modais, and the look of the auto-map, this area reminds me of the 
    battlefields in MechWarrior 1 by (IIRC) Activision.)
         Sige the Sorceress (Level 4) and her four Piercer Modais (Level 7) were 
    a pain to my party of Level 5-6 chara who had poor armours and few missile 
    ammo. (X_X) Sige's Enchanted Blade and Terror spells are a smaller problem 
    than the Piercer Modais' HP. Sige has only 16 HP, but each Piercer Modai has 
    101 +8/-0 HP. In theory, to terminate all Piercer Modais, the party must 
    cause 420+ damage points. In practice, the party's missile weapons do feeble 
    damage (when they hit...), only the Mage can throw two or three overcharged 
    Energy Blasts and Frosts at a Piercer Modai for 10-30 damage points each 
    before she depletes her MP, and to engage multiple Piercer Modais with melee 
    weapons is suicidal.
         The tactic my party uses is: When the monsters are in visual range, 
    engage and break up the monsters' formation with Sleep, Sonic Boom, Terror, 
    Web, and the like. Keep the monsters in thrown- to long-range, and use the 
    auto-map to navigate and run backwards/away from the monsters when 
    necessary. Don't allow the monsters to end their turn in the party's melee 
    range, or in the next turn, the monsters will attack the party before the 
    party can run. Target the party's missile weapons and spells (Energy Blast, 
    Frost, and the like) at one monster at a time. Occasional Bombs and Powders 
    launched by the other chara certainly help, but my party didn't use any. 
    (OK. I'm cheap.)
         When the Mage depletes her MP, run backwards/away from the monsters to 
    disengage. After the party runs for three or four turns, and are far away 
    enough from the monsters, the monsters will turn about and retreat. Also, 
    after chasing the party enough times, some of the monsters will deplete 
    their Stamina and fall unconscious, and wake up one or two turns later. 
    OTOH, as long as at least one chara has positive Stamina, all six chara can 
    walk/run together. (Thank gods the monsters have lower movement and Stamina 
    than the party.)
         When the monsters retreat, disengage the party too, unless all monsters 
    have almost 0 Stamina, only one monster is near the party, the other 
    monsters can't end their turn in the party's melee range if the monsters 
    change their minds and charge towards the party, and the front-line chara 
    have 30+ HP. In this case, the party can engage the lone monster for one or 
    two turns, then run backwards/away.
         Repeat this hit-and-run tactic until the party has attrited all five 
    monsters. (-_-#)
         (Actually, after the first time my party ran out of ammo, and the Mage 
    and Priest depleted their MP, the party returned to Burz in Lower Monastery 
    for resupply, ie, for the Bard to practise her Pickpocket skill. Later, when 
    the party returned to Arnika Road, I suddenly realised/remembered the 
    Gadgeteer had a photon torpedo launcher, ie, a Lightning Rod that costs only 
    Stamina and not MP to use, like the Bard's music instruments. When the party 
    aren't in combat, they naturally recharge their Stamina very fast. Thus, the 
    Lightning Rod complemented the Mage's spells: The party sees the monsters, 
    engages, launches spells, the Bard and Mage deplete their Stamina and MP, 
    runs backwards/away to disengage, and repeat.
         Finally, my party attrited all five monsters earlier than I assumed, 
    but they didn't get any Piercer Modai Claw?
         On second thought, I also used this hit-and-run tactic against monsters 
    that were willing to retreat in Icewind Dale, and cleared that game before 
    the monsters' AI became more clever and dedicated in Icewind Dale: Heart of 
    Winter. But in WIZ8, I'm executing the tactic in first-person view, not 
    simply point-and-click.)
         The northwest exit of this Arnika Road area leads to the Northern 
    Wilderness area.
         Gadgets: ?
         NPCs: Rattus Rattus (male, Level 7, 283 HP, not recruitable)
         Stay on the east side of the road to reach the entrance of Arnika.
         West of the first Monastery/Arnika sign are some Knock Picks.
         Northwest of the second sign, beside the wall, is a purple potion.
         Southeast of the second sign is a house. Northeast of the house is a 
    buckler shield and chain hauberk.
         "Right here, you freakin' idiot."
         - Rattus Rattus, Arnika-Trynton Road
         The first time the party speaks with Rattus^2 (Rattus Rattus) of the 
    Ratkin Razuka, if the party says "Yes", he gives the party 25 musket balls, 
    a Rattus Note, and a Zip Gun (musket).
         If the party says "No", but changes their minds and wants to execute 
    his mission anyway, speak with him again and say "Job".
         If the party uses the Rattus Note on him, he says:
         "Heh, heh, heh, heh... chumps."
         - Rattus Rattus, Arnika-Trynton Road
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Rattus^2: 
    Amulet of Spiders, Amulet of Static, Ankh of Speed, Ankh of Youth, Book of 
    Energy, dagger, Doom Darts, leather hauberk, leather legging, poignard, 2 
    Potions of Light Heal, Potion of Restoration, Rattus Note, Rubber Shoe (1), 
    shuriken, silken gloves, silver gloves, skullcap, Smelling Salts, Stink 
    Bomb, throwing stilleto, 500 GP (14 GP, 21 GP, 465 GP).
         OTOH, my party didn't get the musket balls and Zip Gun. (T_T)
         "I look like Blienmeis to you?"
         - Rattus Rattus, Arnika-Trynton Road
         If the party Pickpockets the Rattus Note from him and uses it on him, 
    it disappears. If he willingly gives the Rattus Note to the party and the 
    party uses it on him, it doesn't disappear.
         In the southeast corner of this area is a cemetery.
         From the T-intersection where the Arnika-Trynton Road divides into an 
    eastward path towards Trynton and a southward path towards the cemetery, 
    walk southeast to find and get a Holy Water (blue potion) amongst the trees. 
    Don't use this Holy Water when your party fights the monsters in the 
         Outside the cemetery, walk around its outer walls to find and open two 
         BTW, when the party is outside the cemetery, the radar shows a group of 
    red dots are beside the party, and the party can actually see the tops of 
    the monsters' heads on the other side of the outer wall, the party can't 
    cast an area-effect spell through or over the outer wall to ambush the 
    monsters. The rod-like pointer of the spell can't move through or over the 
    outer wall.
         (To quote the Murphy's Laws of Combat, "Smart weapons aren't. Dumb 
    weapons are.")
         Near the entrance of the cemetery are a Sige Spirit and her Trynnie 
         (BTW, my party cleared the cemetery during daytime.)
         Near the centre of the cemetery is a Mummy. Terminate the Mummy to get 
    a Mummy Dust. Enter combat mode when the party can see the Mummy and is far 
    from it. The Mummy has many immunities, but a Mage can Web it.
         At the centre of the cemetery is a tomb containing a holographic 
    hanging corpse, a Skull, and a trapped chest. The party can use a Holy Water 
    on the hanging corpse to get 1,000 XP.
         BTW, even in combat mode, a Priest won't cast the Holy Water spell on 
    or near the hanging corpse. My party got/Pickpocketed a Holy Water from 
    He'Li in Arnika (see below) before they cleared the cemetery...
         After the party "switches off" the hanging corpse, they can't drop into 
    the lava pit.
    4.5  ARNIKA
         Gadgets: Doll (northwest house), Empty Bottle (northwest house and 
    hangar in spaceport), Hinged Box (Vi Domina's room), Porthole (pier), X-Ray 
    Chip (spaceport).
         NPCs: Anna L'Am (female Higardi Human, not recruitable), Lorrac (female 
    Higardi Human, bank teller, not recruitable), Vi Domina (female Higardi 
    Human, Valkyrie 6, recruitable), Antone Rapax (male Rapax, not recruitable), 
    He'Li (female Higardi Human, not recruitable), Lord Braffit (male Higardi 
    Human, Level 9, 195 HP, not recruitable), Myles (male Higardi Human, Rogue 
    5, 182 HP, recruitable), Tramain (male Higardi Human, Level 7, 98 HP).
         The party can't trade with Myles, but can Pickpocket, recruit, and 
    speak with him.
         Myles demands cash for these keywords: Cosmic Circle (24), Mook (15).
         Later (2002.02.14): After my party went to the Mine Tunnels and 
    returned to Arnika, they could Pickpocket some more items from Myles: Amulet 
    of Healing, bullet stones, buskins, dagger, Dust of Dessication, Fire Bomb, 
    leather cuirass, Potion of Cure Poison, Potion of Dracon Breath, Potion of 
    Hv Heal, Potion of Light Heal, sling, suede pants, throwing knife, 1,000 GP.
         East of the fountain is the spaceport. Its entrance is locked. Inside 
    the spaceport are Savant Guards, which aren't immune to Web.
         On the runway is the Mook ship Callisto. The party can speak with 
         The building northwest of Callisto has a doorway and an elevator. Go 
    upstairs to get an X-Ray Chip, and speak with Orbittracker (computer).
         Later (2002.02.14): The party must use a Shiny Metal Ball (see below) 
    on the Orbittracker. Afterwards, speak with it to learn the Nargisst's X-Y-Z 
    coordinates and order it to calculate the Nargisst's location.
         In a hangar southwest of Callisto is an Empty Bottle.
         Small squads of friendly Higardi Patrols patrol the main streets. They 
    automatically engage hostile Higardi Rogues and Savant Troopers. Follow and 
    help the Higardi Patrols to get some easy XP, GP, and items. Also, the 
    party's spells are smart. For example, when the party casts Web, it affects 
    only the bandits in its area of effect, and not the Higardi Patrols.
         Northeast of the fountain is a statue of Phoonzang. Beside the statue, 
    examine the "Phoonzang" sign to get some items.
         Southwest of the statue is the Arnika Community Bank.
         "Dating clients is against our policy. And so many of you, too..."
         - Lorrac, Arnika Community Bank, Arnika
         In the bank, the party can't trade with or recruit Lorrac the Meganekko 
    OL, but can Pickpocket and speak with her.
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Lorrac: Acid 
    Bomb, bastard sword, bipennis, bronze cuirass, bullet stones, bullwhip, 
    bundle of Armour Piercers, 2 bundles of arrows, bundle of Barbed Arrows, 
    bundle of Precision Arrows, 2 bundles of quarrels, bundle of Shrike Arrows, 
    chain hauberk, dagger, Enchanted Katana, Enchanted Mace, halberd, heavy 
    crossbow, lance, leather cuirass, light crossbow, long bow, longsword, Magic 
    Nectar, main gauche, Napalm Bomb, poignard, Potion of Hv Heal, Potion of Hv 
    Stamina, 2 Potions of Light Heal, 2 Potions of Mod Heal, Potion of Mod 
    Stamina, short bow, sling, Spike Stones, steel helm, 2,302 GP (69 GP, 70 GP, 
    259 GP, 350 GP, 462 GP, 483 GP, 609 GP).
         - Lorrac, Arnika Community Bank, Arnika
         If Lorrac realises the party is Pickpocketing her, or the party clicks 
    one of the three buttons behind her, she attacks the party and summons some 
    Bank Guards. After the party murders her or a Bank Guard, the game says 
    their relation with the Higardi Bank faction decreases. The party's journal 
    doesn't show a Higardi Bank faction, their relation with the Higardi remains 
    Friendly, and the Higardi Patrols in the streets don't engage the party.
         Later, after the party gets a Diamond in probably the Northern 
    Wilderness area, they can give Lorrac the Diamond for 2,000 XP (each of 
    eight party members) and 1,001 GP.
         Downstairs, in Antone's vault is the magic sword Bloodlust. If the 
    party has it and speaks with Antone, he thinks the party got it from his 
    brother Ferro in Rapax Castle.
         In Anna and He'Li's vaults are untrapped chests that contain magic 
    potions and powders.
         Unlocking the other vaults, opening the chests in the other vaults, and 
    terminating the dutiful Guardian Golem won't upset Lorrac and the Bank 
    Guard. Despite the Guardian Golem's 256 HP, the party can Freeze Flesh or 
    Paralyse it.
         Anyway. My party didn't use the Rattus Note on Lorrac. They went to the 
    Arnika Jail, entered the tunnel in the floor in the middle cell, cleared the 
    Spewing Slime, cleared the special vault, used the transporter to beam out 
    of the special vault, cleared the Higardi Highwaymen, and didn't upset 
    Lorrac and the Bank Guard.
         Northwest of the statue, and north of the Arnika Community Bank, is 
    He'Li's Inn & Tap.
         The party can trade with He'Li, but can't recruit her.
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from He'Li: Ale, 
    bundle of Hunter Quarrels, Canned Elemental, Flash Powder, Holy Water, 
    Icicle Stix, Impaling Stones, Mana Stone, Potion of Dracon Breath, Potion of 
    Light Heal, Potion of Superman, Powerpaks, Renewal Potion, Resurrection 
    Powder, Rocket Stix, Scroll of Terror, Smelling Salts, 761 GP (154 GP, 278 
    GP, 329 GP).
         "What?!? THIEF!"
         - He'Li, He'Li's Inn & Tap, Arnika
         If she realises the party is Pickpocketing her, she attacks the party 
    and summons multiple squads of Higardi Patrols. If the party murders her, 
    they get a bag of items: Cherry Bomb, Potion of Cure Poison, Potion of Light 
    Heal, Sneeze Powder.
         [From RyuChan (2002.02.05):
         This happened right after I showed the teller Antone's card and went 
    down into the storage area. First I lockpicked the three doors that don't 
    require the cards (grabbing the loot and killing the Golem). If it matters, 
    I let the party camp for 8 hours since one of us got seriously wounded by 
    the Golem. After that, we went and used the cards on all 3 doors and grabbed 
    all the loot inside.
         The problem was when we decided to go up the in the elevator. We went 
    in and pressed the button as we did when we went down. Then when the 
    elevator was halfway up, the party suddenly went right through the floor and 
    took falling damage, landing at the bottom of the elevator shaft. The 
    problem is, the elevator's above us now, so we can't go anywhere. I tried 
    reloading... we still fell through the elevator.]
         Northeast of the statue are the Arnika Jail and Antone's Armoury.
         Antone's Armoury is the building with purple banners and grey shields 
    beside its entrance. Antone Rapax will make special items for the party when 
    the party collects and gives him some special components:
         Beastslayer: Cleaver, Picus Egg, Piercer Modai Claw.
         Ebon Staff: Ebon Gem, Mummy Dust, Spirit Staff.
         Featherweight: Djinn Eye, Plumed Serpent Feather, Wasp Wings.
         Steelhide Armour: Iron Weed Thorns, Steelhide Skin, Venom Sac.
         Zynaryx Plate: Skull, Spider Silk, Venom Crab Shell.
         The party doesn't need to simultaneously give Antone the three 
    components he needs to make a certain item. Just give him one or more 
    components as the party finds them, and the party will record this in their 
    journal. When the party's given him the three components for a certain item, 
    he'll recognise the condition and tell the party to come later and buy (or 
    possibly shoplift) the item.
         If the party gives Antone an Eau D'Rapax Perfume, he doesn't accept it. 
    AFAIK, Arnika has no female Rapax for him to attract anyway.
         (To quote an ancient American proverb, "Say 'No' to drugs.")
         If the party attacks Antone, he counter-attacks the party and summons 
    multiple squads of Higardi Patrols.
         (I agree with Domina and He'Li that law and order in Arnika stink. My 
    party was speaking with Antone in his shop when they suddenly entered combat 
    mode. A group of Savant Guards were at the doorway of the shop, which has no 
    door that automatically closes. So my party helped Antone take down the 
    bandits, but he didn't summon any Higardi Patrol...
         Then again, my party wasn't just speaking with Antone when the bandits 
    interrupted them. My Bard was Pickpocketing a shipload of items from Antone. 
    (^_^;) I initially thought he'd caught my Bard again, and I was ready to 
    Shift+Q to quick load.
         BTW, Antone isn't as tough as he looks and sounds. Once, outside his 
    doorway, three Savant Drones engaged my party. My party ran into his shop 
    and stood right behind him. He blocked the Savant Drones' LOS to my party, 
    and he was vulnerable to the Savant Drones' KO and paralysis attacks. He 
    didn't summon any Higardi Patrol, and was down to about 30 HP, when my party 
    lost their respect for him, healed him a bit, and re-engaged the Savant 
         "Lest you think that thievery is without its price..."
         - Antone Rapax, Antone's Armoury, Arnika
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Antone: 
    Bascinet & camail, bo, bronze cuirass, bronze greaves, buckler shield, 
    bullwhip, bundle of arrows, chain chausses, chain hauberk, chain hosen, cuir 
    gauntlets, Dragon Kite, Enchanted Broadsword, Enchanted Wakizashi, Faust 
    Halberd (Cursed!), halberd, hatchet, heavy crossbow, Holy Basher, light 
    crossbow, long bow, longsword, mace, mail coif, mail mittens, Mantis Boots, 
    Mantis Gloves, Mystic Spear, plate mail (L), plate mail (U), Poison Dagger 
    (Cursed!), quarter staff, round shield, shillelah, short bow, sollerets, 
    steel gauntlets, steel helm, war hammer, Wrist Rocket (magic sling), 900 GP 
    (49 GP, 49 GP, 154 GP, 648 GP).
         By 2002.01.20, my party dumps their extra equipment in the street 
    outside Antone's Armoury. The extra armours before one banner, extra weapons 
    before the other banner, and extra spellbooks before the temple.
         (Looks as if Antone and the monks are having a yard sale. (^_^) I hope 
    the items in the street don't fade away.)
         South of Antone's Armoury is Braffit's Temple.
         Braffit is in the upper floor. The party can use the Fellowship Pass on 
    him, which expends it and adds an entry to the party's Journal.
         (My party did this after they already used the Wheel Key in Lower 
    Monastery to get the magic weapons...
         BTW, when the party is on the balcony of the temple and sees some 
    monsters in the street below, the party can't cast an area-effect spell 
    through or over the temple wall, but can cast it around the temple wall to 
    ambush the monsters. That is, the rod-like pointer of the spell can't move 
    through or over the temple wall, but the player can "walk" the pointer down 
    a ramp and into the monsters, as if plotting the course of a Tomahawk cruise 
         The party can trade with Braffit, but can't recruit him.
         "You would steal from a member of the cloth? How unfortunate for your 
    eternal soul..."
         - Lord Braffit, Arnika
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Braffit: 
    Anointed Flail, Book of Angels, Book of Banishing, Book of Blessings, 2 
    Books of Disease Cures, Book of Enchantment, 2 Books of Healing, Book of 
    Holy Water, Book of Lesser Cures, Book of Missiles, Book of Paralysis Cures, 
    Book of Poison Cures, 2 Books of Resting, Book of Souls, Book of Wounding, 
    Magic Nectar, Pickmeup Potion, Potion of Cure Disease, 3 Potions of Hv Heal, 
    Potion of Hv Stamina, 3 Potions of Light Heal, 3 Potions of Mod Heal, 2 
    Potions of Mod Stamina, Potion of Restoration, Renewal Potion, Resurrection 
    Powder, Scroll of Identify, Scroll of Resurrect, 2 Smelling Salts, 350 GP 
    (28 GP, 84 GP, 98 GP, 140 GP).
         (The Anointed Flail does double damage vs Undead, but my party already 
    swept the Arnika-Trynton Road cemetery before they got the flail. The Book 
    of Disease Cures is way rad. Before my party met Braffit, they got the Wheel 
    Key from the basement of the temple, and used it in the monastery. Somewhere 
    in the monastery, in a battle vs some Rabid Rats, my Mage and Samurai got 
    Diseased. Since then, the two have been playing musical unconsciousness all 
    the way from the monastery, back to Arnika. Worse, my Mook Ranger still 
    hasn't returned from the UMA Building.) (-_-;)
         North-northwest of the statue, enter the burning shuttlewreck to get 
    some items, including a Damaged Black Box.
         (When the party uses the Damaged Black Box on one of the computers in 
    the Arnika spaceport, it gives the party nothing useful. When the party 
    tries to drop the Damaged Black Box, the game forces the party to keep it. 
    But the party can drop it into a chest. BTW, maybe the programmers could've 
    named this town "Lockerbie" instead.) (-_-;)
         Inside the shuttlewreck, enter the building northwest of the 
    shuttlewreck, open a door, fight some Savant Troopers, and find Vi Domina 
    the SM Queen for 500 GP and 7,000 XP! In her room is a Hinged Box (gadget).
         (IMO, her eyepatch makes her look like a Borg. BTW, she bounces and 
    wears shorts.)
         The party can't trade with her, but can gawk at and recruit her.
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Domina: Acid 
    Bomb, bronze cuirass, bullet stones, Cherry Bomb, Concussion Powder, Flash 
    Powder, leather legging, mace, Potion of Light Heal, Potion of Superman, 
    sling, Smelling Salts, 150 GP.
         "What? Why are you ripping ME off!?"
         - Madame Vitalia "Vi" Domina, Arnika
         Afterwards, when the party recruits/assimilates her, she still carries 
    or wears a bronze cuirass, leather legging, mace, and sling. In her 
    inventory screen, the figure that represents her is also blurry and naked.
         (The ancient Roman proverb "Semper ubi sub ubi" ("Always where under 
    where") doesn't apply in WIZ8.)
         If she realises the party is Pickpocketing her, she doesn't attack the 
         After my party recruits Domina, when she advances a level, I plan to 
    allocate two points each to her Dexterity, Strength, and Vitality; and hope 
    they eventually reach 100.
         The player can't give her Stun Mace to another chara.
         (BTW, I call her Domina because in the old Black/Matrix FRPG for Sega 
    Saturn, which I didn't play, one of the heroines is also called Domina.)
         Northeast of the statue is the UMA (United Mook Alliance) Building. 
    When the party approaches its entrance, a holographic Mook appears and 
    greets the party. If the party has a Mook, she automatically becomes Missing 
    for one day. While the Mook's AWOL, her record remains in the screen, but 
    her status is Missing and the player can't add or remove items to/from her 
         Also, when the Mook's missing, and the party tries to Pickpocket a NPC 
    and chooses the Mook for the attempt, the Pickpocket attempt fails.
         (When the party has more than one Mook, I don't know if all Mooks 
    become Missing? Also, I don't know what happens if all chara are Mooks and 
    the party has no NPC?)
         After the Mook's missing for about 24 hours (game time), the party must 
    camp and rest once to let the Mook come back.
         (In my party's case, when my Mook Ranger was missing, my party 
    recruited Domina, swept the monastery again, swept the Arnika-Trynton Road 
    cemetery, and was ready to enter Trynton, before my party finally camped for 
    the very first time on 2002.01.27, since the game began on 2001.12.11. The 
    screen said they rested for the standard eight hours, but the save game 
    clock said they rested for about an hour before my Mook came back. She was 
    Level 7 with 91,315 XP when she left, and now everyone else was Level 9 or 
    10 with 319,878 XP. So, Level-wise, she didn't miss much.)
         East of the UMA Building is Anna's Marina & Bait Shop.
         The party can trade with Anna, but can't recruit her.
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Anna: Amulet 
    of Healing, beanie, bundle of arrows, bundle of Hunter Quarrels, bundle of 
    Mystic Arrows, bundle of quarrels, bundle of Shrike Arrows, bundle of Viper 
    Arrows, cloth pants, cloth shirt, copper gloves, Doubleshot Sling, flak 
    vest, fur halter, leather boots, leather cuirass, leather legging, Potion of 
    Hv Heal, 2 Potions of Light Heal, Potion of Mod Heal, Powerpaks, 3 quilt 
    tunics, robes (L), Robes (L) +1, Robes (U) +1, sandals, Scroll of Crush, 
    Scroll of Fireball, Scroll of Magic Missiles, Scroll of Magic Screen, Scroll 
    of Terror, sollerets, Spellbook of Resting, 2 suede doublets, 2 suede pants, 
    500 GP (247 GP, 273 GP).
         "You know, I was ready to give you a chance, too! Get outta my shop!"
         - Anna L'Am, Anna's Marina & Bait Shop, Arnika
         If she realises the party is Pickpocketing her, she doesn't attack the 
         Northeast of Anna's Marina & Bait Shop is a pier. There, on top of some 
    crates is a Porthole (gadget).
         In the northwest corner of Arnika, some houses have locked doors and 
    contain an Empty Bottle (gadget), Doll (gadget), and spellbook.
         In the southeast corner of Arnika, the houses are empty.
         West of the Savant Tower, on the ground near a tree is a NAS-81 (purple 
         At the entrance of the HLL Building, if the party has the Marten ID 
    Tag, the scanner between the two Unicorn heads automatically opens the door 
    for them. Inside, the CO of the HLL, Tramain, is upstairs.
         The party can Pickpocket and speak with Tramain, but can't recruit or 
    trade with him.
         "Who do you think you are?!? I should have left that alarm on! 
         - Tramain, HLL Building, Arnika
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Tramain: 
    Amulet of Life, Ankh of Dexterity, Ankh of Speed, Aqua Ring, armet, Book of 
    Blessings, bronze cuirass, bundle of Hunter Quarrels, bundle of Viper 
    Arrows, chain chausses, chain hauberk, claymore, Devil Dust, Dust of 
    Banishment, Enchanted Broadsword, Eye for an Eye Potion, Fire Bomb, Forest 
    Cape, Granite Potion, halberd, heavy crossbow, Ice Bomb, long bow, 
    monstrance, plate mail (L), plate mail (U), 2 Potions of Dracon Breath, 
    Potion of Heavy Heal, Potion of Mod Heal, Potion of Razor Cloak, Potion of 
    Superman, Raven's Bill (Cursed!), Resurrection Powder, Ring Pro Magic, 
    Scroll of Armourplate, Scroll of Haste, Smelling Salts, Tarnished Mail, Wand 
    of Static, 300 GP.
         If the party murders Tramain, they get about 27,024 XP (3,378 x 8), and 
    the HLL Officers downstairs remain friendly.
    4.6  TRYNTON
         NPCs: Chief Gari (male Trynnie, Level 9, 165 HP).
         The party's goal in Trynton is a giant tree with platforms up on its 
    trunk, which is some distance southeast of the bridge.
         (My party hoped to avoid the monsters, moved north along the cliff-top, 
    then moved south, but groups of Picuses, plants, and Rapax Patrols engaged 
    the party anyway.
         I wanted to NOT engage the Rapax Patrols, but they trapped the party at 
    the triangular point where the cliff-top meets a hill, and the party had to 
    counter-attack in self-defense. After the first and second Rapaxes' deaths, 
    the game commented the party's relation with the Rapax Common worsened. The 
    relation apparently changed from Friendly to Neutral, then to Hostile.
         The party's Hostile relation with the Rapax Common reportedly won't 
    upset Antone in Arnika, because faction-wise he belongs to the Higardi.
         BTW, the Rapax Patrols' 300+ HP (per Rapax) consumed a lot of the 
    party's magic dusts, potions, and powders, but in return, they gave some 
    good armours.)
         The rare green dots in the radar are friendly groups of three Trynnie 
    Hunters, armed with throwing spears. They won't speak with the party. Also, 
    they aren't as helpful as the Higardi Patrols and Lay Brothers in Arnika, 
    because the Trynnie Hunters don't wander about.
         (OTOH, I haven't tried luring a Battering Hogar or Hogar to Chief Gari 
    and see how more powerful than Burz he is?)
         If the party says "No" to Chief Gari, he asks the party for help 
    everytime the party tries to speak with him, until the party says "Yes". 
    Just say "Yes" and he'll get out of the party's way into his tree.
         The party can't recruit or trade with Chief Gari, but can Pickpocket 
    and speak with him.
         "Why, you...!!!"
         - Chief Gari, Trynton
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Chief Gari: 
    Awl pike, bascinet, bastard sword, Book of Removal, Book of Terror, bronze 
    cuirass, 2 bronze greaves, Canned Elemental, dagger, Chieftain's Sceptre 
    (magic mace, male only), Death Shroud (magic cloak, Cursed!), feather darts, 
    halberd, leather cuirass, leather greaves, Mana Stone, morning star, Poison 
    Dagger (Cursed!), Potion of Cure Poison, Potion of Dracon Breath, Potion of 
    Hv Heal, Potion of Mod Heal, Potion of Restoration, Raven's Bill (magic 
    polearm, Cursed!), Ring of Protection, Ring of Sanity, Ring of Stars, Scroll 
    of Fireball, Scroll of Freeze Flesh, Scroll of Resurrect, Scroll of Slow, 
    shuriken, skullcap, Sneeze Powder, spear, Stink Bomb, studded hauberk, 
    throwing knife, Wrist Rocket (magic sling), 212 GP.
         In the Trynnies' tree, the party's objective is the 1st Bough, a series 
    of platforms patrolled by friendly Trynnie Patrols. Click the hand-like 
    pointer on a ladder or rope to climb it. On the way, to avoid confusion, 
    split and drop one arrow at each of the bottom and top ends of the ladders 
    and ropes that take the party to the 1st Bough.
         (FYI, the party will later create a shortcut from the top floor of the 
    tree to the ground floor.)
         When the party eventually clicks on a rope to climb up a tunnel and 
    reaches the 1st Bough, don't fall back into that tunnel, or everyone will 
    receive 80+ damage points.
         (BTW, IMO the Trynnies look more like TMNTs without shells than 
    humanoid ferrets.)
         After the party completes the quests in the next two areas, called 
    Trynton Upper Branches and Rattkin Tree, they will return to Trynton. 
    Afterwards, the entrance to the Swamp area is at the southeast corner of 
    Trynton, and is guarded by a Swallower.
    4.7  TRYNTON UPPER BRANCHES (Calzone City)
         Gadgets: Empty Bottle (house), Giant Magnet (Madras's observatory), 
    Glowing Goo (Fuzzfas), Orange Goo (Fuzzfas), Rotten Meat (vending machine in 
    Trynton Zoo), Shiny Chrome Plate (Crocodiles' cage in Trynton Zoo), Shiny 
    Metal Ball (Hogar's cage in Trynton Zoo), Short Gooda Vine (Trynton 
    Sanctuary), Zuzu Petals (Rising Elms).
         NPCs: Fuzzfas (male Trynnie, Level 7, 148 HP, not recruitable), Madras 
    (male Trynnie, Gadgeteer 8, not recruitable), Shaman Das (male Trynnie, 
    Level 3, 64 HP, not recruitable).
         Follow the Trynnies as they patrol the platforms. If they walk pass 
    some monsters without engaging the monsters, manually enter combat mode, so 
    the monsters advance and engage the Trynnies and the party. Trynnies 
    terminated by the monsters will also give the party some items and GP.
         BTW, the Trynnies are dutiful. After a fight, even blinded Trynnies 
    will walk on and continue their patrol.
         The Sprites, though naked, are hostile. They cast Blinding Flash, Crush 
    (10-40 damage points), Eye for an Eye, and Whipping Rocks. After the party 
    terminates a group of Sprites (Leaf or Tree), the party may get a Sprite's 
    Dagger (Faerie only).
         After the party terminates a group of Saplings (Oak or Willow), the 
    party may get a Spirit Staff.
         The party can't recruit Fuzzfas the Master of Magic (self-proclaimed), 
    but can Pickpocket and trade with him.
         If your party has a Gadgeteer, buy his Glowing Goo and Orange Goo, and 
    merge them to make a Lava Lamp.
         "What the...?!? Well, I never! Not recently anyway!"
         - Fuzzfas
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Fuzzfas: Blue 
    Marble, Book of Corrosion, Book of Energy, Book of Traps, Book of Wounding, 
    Boom Bomb, Canned Elemental, Concussion Powder, Dead Frog, Devil Dust, Dust 
    of Banishment, Eye of an Eye Potion, Fire Bomb, Flash Powder, Glowing Goo, 
    Granite Potion, Holy Water, Magic Nectar, Mystery Potion, Napalm Bomb, 
    Orange Goo, Pickmeup Potion, Potion of Cure Light Condition, Potion of Cure 
    Poison, 2 Potions of Dracon Breath, Potion of Hv Heal, Potion of Hv Stamina, 
    Potion of Light Heal, Potion of Mod Heal, Potion of Razor Cloak, Potion of 
    Superman, Scroll of Armourplate, Scroll of Crush, Scroll of Fireball, Scroll 
    of Magic Missiles, Scroll of Remove Curse, Scroll of Restoration, Smelling 
    Salts, Sneeze Powder, 469 GP, 481 GP.
         After the party buys the Glowing Goo and Orange Goo, the party can 
    Pickpocket another Glowing Goo and Orange Goo from him, and make another 
    Lava Lamp. He'll buy the Lava Lamp for 300-something GP, which IMO isn't 
         At the intersection before the Trynton Sanctuary, my party used the 
    fountain, answered "memory", and each chara got Intelligence +5 and 1,000 
    XP! The party also got a Book of Detection.
         In the Trynton Sanctuary, at the far end, when the party gets the two 
    Short Gooda Vines, don't stand on the hot coal under the lizard head, or the 
    party will get burnt (duh). Merge the Short Gooda Vines to make a Gooda Vine 
         Some platforms have no railing, such as the section beside the "The 
    Third Bough" sign. The party can step off these platforms, or get pushed off 
    by a "friendly" group of Trynnies, and fall onto the ground in the Trynton 
    area, for 190-200 damage points each. Only a Valyrie will survive the fall.
         BTW, my party tried to push a Trynnie off the platform, but couldn't.
         In the Trynton Zoo, my party unlocked Bobo the Hogar's cage to get the 
    Shiny Metal Ball, and the Crocodiles' cage to get the Shiny Chrome Plate. (I 
    didn't feel like engaging the Sprites.) The Shiny Metal Ball is on the floor 
    beside the straw bed near the sollerets. Use the Shiny Metal Ball on the 
    computer in the upper floor of the building near the Callisto in the 
    spaceport in Arnika.
         (I don't know whether the vending machine beside the Crocodiles' cage 
    gives an infinite number of Rotten Meat. My party gave up after the 11th 
         My party didn't merge any Faerie Dust and Rotten Meat. If the party 
    drops a normal Rotten Meat into the box beside the "Do not feed the Hogar" 
    sign, the Rotten Meat remains in the box and nothing happens.
         My party also unlocked the door of Bobo's cage when some Trynnies were 
    nearby. Note that while the party's unlocking the door, time isn't paused, 
    and the Trynnies keep walking away. After the door is unlocked, Bobo doesn't 
    automatically become hostile.)
         In the Rising Elms building, get one unit of Zuzu Petals.
         In the 4th Bough, the party and the monsters can't cast/use magic items 
    and spells inside, into, or out of the Pagoda garden. A chara simply doesn't 
    cast a spell or use an item, and won't waste any MP or item.
         OTOH, the party and the monsters can cast/use magic inside the 
    buildings around the garden: the Pagoda Archives, Pagoda Armoury, and 7th 
    Bough. Thus, when the party fights the Leaf Sprites, Oak Saplings, and 
    others that regenerate in the garden, the party can run to and stay in the 
    doorway of a building, so the monsters can't Armourmelt and Crush the party.
         (When my party met the three Oak Saplings in the Pagoda Armoury, which 
    had 300+ HP each, my party exited the Pagoda Armoury and ran to the doorway 
    of the 7th Bough, across the garden. A few rounds later, my Ranger was down 
    to 12 HP and everyone else had almost full HP. She couldn't use a Potion of 
    Hv Heal, so I moved her to one flank. After the party terminated one Oak 
    Sapling, I was anxiously staring at the other Oak Saplings' gnarly 600+ HP, 
    but in the next two rounds, the Ranger luckily Instant Killed them!)
         In the Pagoda Armoury, on a table are two trapped chests. The lock on 
    the safe has five tumblers. In the safe are two more trapped chests. The 
    party can't take any of the masks, AFAIK.
         In the Pagoda Archives, where some Rapaxes and Trynnies aren't 
    peacefully drinking beer together, don't fall into the hole in the floor.
         In the 7th Bough, after the party uses a Mystery Potion and one unit of 
    Zuzu Petals to summon Shaman Das, and before the party speaks with him, he 
    won't disappear when the party exits the building. The party can't attack, 
    magic, Pickpocket, recruit, or trade with him, and can only speak with him 
    for 25,000 XP.
         (BTW, my party hasn't tried luring some monsters to The Shaman and see 
    how powerful he is.)
         In the observatory, the party can't recruit Madras the Gadgeteer to the 
    Stars (until he completes his current project?) or trade with him, but can 
    Pickpocket and speak with him.
         When my party first spoke with Madras and said "No", he mentioned Chief 
    Gari and assumed the party's doing their Operation Extermination anyway.
         "Hey, thief! I thought we were friends!"
         - Madras, Trynton Upper Branches
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Madras: Boom 
    Bomb, cloth pants, cloth shirt, Devil Dust, Duct Tape (gadget, 10 charges), 
    Electrodes (gadget), Enchanted Broadsword, Flash Powder, Icicle Stix, 
    Impaling Stones, leather boots, Lightning Rod, Mana Stone, Omnigun Mk.4, 
    quarter staff, Resurrection Powder, Ring of Breezes, Scroll of Haste, Scroll 
    of Magic Screen, Stink Bomb, 500 GP (206 GP, 294 GP).
         By 2002.02.05, when my party met Madras, my Gadgeteer's already using 
    an Omnigun Mk.5.
         Gadgets: ?
         NPCs: Don Barlone (male Rattkin, Level 20, 319 HP, not recruitable), 
    Milano Calzone (male Rattkin, Level 8, 277 HP, not recruitable).
         At the end of a short platform where the party seems to have to jump 
    (fall) onto a long platform under them, carefully examine the left corner of 
    the end of the short platform, and you'll see a rope that the party can use 
    to climb down to the long platform.
         The first time the party speaks with Calzone, say "Dark Savant".
         BTW, when my party first met Calzone, three hostile wasps were in the 
    corridor behind him. So, before my party spoke with him, my party entered 
    combat mode, and he helped clear the wasps. He has fast and poisonous 
         The party can't recruit or trade with Calzone, but can Pickpocket and 
    speak with him.
         "Listen up, jerk! You don't try to steal from a thief!"
         - Milano Calzone, Rattkin Tree
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Calzone: Bread 
    rolls, Doubleman Draught, Fire Bomb, Ice Bomb, jazeraint tunic, leather 
    boots, Midnight Cloak, Necklace of Endurance (female only), Potion of Hv 
    Heal, Potion of Superman, Ring of Breezes, Ring of Life, Ring of Protection, 
    Scroll of Armourplate, Scroll of Heal All, silken gloves (Cursed!), Sneeze 
    Powder, stud chausses, Thieves Dagger (Rogue only), throwing stiletto, 750 
    GP (168 GP, 252 GP, 330 GP).
         The party can't recruit Barlone, but can Pickpocket, speak with, and 
    trade with him. He sells few items, and doesn't buy any item.
         "Who do you think you are! You NEVER mess with a Razuka!"
         - Don Barlone, Rattkin Tree
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Barlone: Acid 
    Bomb, Amulate of Asphyxiate, Ankh of Dexterity (AC +1, Dexterity +10), Book 
    of Detection, Chamail Doublet +2, Chamail Pants +2, Death Bomb, Dust of 
    Defection, Dust of Dessication, leather boots, Midnight Cloak, Napalm Bomb, 
    Poison Dart, Potion of Cure Poison, Potion of Hv Heal, Potion of Superman, 2 
    Renewal Potions, Resurrection Powder, Scroll of Fireball, Scroll of Remove 
    Curse, shuriken, Smelling Salts, Stink Bomb, Thieves Dagger, throwing knife, 
    3,000 GP (445 GP, 567 GP, 630 GP, 665 GP, 693 GP).
         I don't know what happens if the party murders Barlone before he 
    acquires the Astral Dominae?
         After the party terminates the Rattkin Breeders, return to and speak 
    with Madras in Trynton Upper Branches for 5,000 XP, and Chief Gari in 
    Trynton for another 5,000 XP.
    4.9  SWAMP
         NPCs: Crock (male Humanoid, Level 10, 244 HP, not recruitable), Dark 
    Savant (yes, the Grand Poobah himself, not recruitable).
         In the Swamp, when the terrain beside the path becomes wider, move 
    north to reach a muddy river, then east along the south bank of the river. 
    Move counter-clockwise around a hill, then move along the river till the 
    party can cross it on a bridge. From the bridge, move north to reach a 
    beach. Move east on the beach to find and get an ankh, lots of bullet 
    stones, potions, a Scroll of Resurrect, and a Stun Mace.
         Be warned that in the hills east of the beach are probably lots of 
    Rynjin Empaths, Rynjin Overseers, Rynjin Sentries, and Rynjin Thralls. 
    Rynjins are roughly Troglodytes with martial arts and mental attacks. Rynjin 
    Thralls will protect a Rynjin Overseer.
         (The first two times my party met the Rynjins, they FUBAR my party. 
    There was no third time because I decided to not explore this part of the 
    Swamp for now.)
         Also, if you see Diremares, FLEE!
         Also^2, cast a Light spell to turn on the lights and avoid large (view 
    screen-wide) blackened spots on the ground. When the party walks onto one of 
    these, which the party doesn't spot and the radar doesn't detect, the party 
    eats a Fireball from nowhere for 10-20 damage points each.
         North of the bridge, from the bend where the south-north path first 
    turns east, move east to near the east edge of the map, and the party will 
    enter a tunnel that leads to a pool. In the pool are a Book of Corrosion and 
    some items.
         North of the pool is the entrance to the Mine Tunnels area.
         After the Dark Savant's speech doesn't inspire the party, get his 
    Astral Dominae (Fake).
         (He should study Gihren Zabi's speeches in Kidou Senshi Gundam (Mobile 
    Suit Gundam), IMO.)
         Way south of the bridge, on the south edge of the map is the entrance 
    to the Marten's Bluff area.
         "Yeh thieving spider lovers!!"
         - Crock, Swamp
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Crock: Amulet 
    of Healing, bipennis, Book of Acid, Book of Ego Whip, Book of Elements, Book 
    of Fiery Rings, Book of Fire, Book of Ice, Book of Insight, bullet stones, 
    bundle of arrows, bundle of Barbed Arrows, bundle of Hunter Quarrels, 2 
    bundles of Precision Arrows, bundle of quarrels, Canned Elemental, 2 
    Disruptor Maces, do-maru (L), do-maru (U), Doublestrike Dagger, Eau D'Rapax 
    Perfume, Hayai Bo, heavy crossbow, Large Prism (gadget), leather cuirass, 
    Magic Polish (gadget), ninja cowl, ninja garb (L), ninja garb (U), nunchaka, 
    Resurrection Powder, Ring Pro Magic, Ring of Protection, silver sollerets, 
    sollerets, Voltage Amplifier (gadget), Wrist Rocket, 5,000 GP.
         If the party murders Crock, they get about 67,368 XP (8,421 x 8) and no 
    item. Upstairs, in his room, an unlocked and untrapped chest contains some 
    unexceptional items.
         [From ribald (2002.02.10):
         After you kill Brekke to get your pc back from Crock, you can exit 
    Swamp then return kill Brekke again to get the experience from crock again 
    and again and again...]
         Gadgets: Empty Bottle.
         NPCs: RFS-81 (male Android, Monk 10, recruitable).
         When the party first meets RFS-81 the Class A Savant Trooper, he's 
    Neutral. Threaten has no effect. Friendly makes him Friendly. Recruit 
    immediately adds him to the party.
         (As an android from a hostile faction, he reminds me of the Tai'i in 
    Choujikuu Seiki Orguss (Super Dimension Century Orguss).)
         Near RFS-81's hut is possibly a NAS-81.
         Before RFS-81 joins the party, use the NAS-81 on him for 25,000 XP, 
    then ask him about "Vi Domina".
         After RFS-81 joins the party, in the description of an item, the 
    "Usable by Race" page has a new "Android" icon.
         "RFS-81 detects core shell intrusion!"
         - RFS-81, Mine Tunnels
         Before RFS-81 joins the party, the party can Pickpocket and speak with 
    him, but can't trade with him. I don't think a successful Pickpocket attempt 
    can get any item from him, but he can still catch a failed attempt.
         Another WIZ8 player commented RFS-81 speaks like the Daleks in Doctor 
    Who. OTOH, I'm disappointed that, in combat, RFS-81 doesn't say "Hasta la 
    vista, baby."
         West of RFS-81's hut is a pool. Near the southeast corner of the pool 
    is an Amulet of Healing.
         From RFS-81's hut, move southeast and follow the chain railing up the 
    hill. I don't think the party can climb the giant arch.
         The party eventually reaches a metal panel on the ground, with a T'Rang 
    sign on the right side of the metal panel, and a doorway blocked by laser 
    beams behind the metal panel.
         Ignore the metal panel and move east along the south side of the path. 
    Southeast of the T'Rang sign, where the north-south path turns west, click 
    on a rock on the ground, which is really a switch, to open a secret door on 
    the hillside.
         Enter the secret door. In the T'Rang outpost, when the corridor becomes 
    a Y-intersection, enter the right corridor and turn off the laser beams that 
    block the doorway.
         Exit the doorway and move west to find and get a Lyre. Northwest of the 
    Lyre is a Cap of Wiles. Far west of the Lyre is a Hose (gadget), outside a 
         In the house are a control panel and three mine carts.
         Re-enter the T'Rang outpost to find Tantris T'Rang.
         The party can speak with Tantris once, but can't Pickpocket, recruit, 
    or trade with him. He only advises the party to speak with Z'Ant in Marten's 
         After my party recruited RFS-81 in the Mine Tunnels, I decided to 
    ignore Marten's Bluff for now, return to Arnika to resupply, yomp through 
    the Northern Wilderness, and infiltrate the Umpani Base Camp to get some 
    modern and sci-fi weapons. (Maybe disruptors, phasers, photon torpedoes, 
    plasma torpedoes, and deflector shields?)
         In the Northern Wilderness, northeast of the exit to the Arnika Road 
    area is a ruined house with some Higardi Highwaymen and a Rogue Leader. 
    Their items probably include a Diamond, which the party can give Lorrac in 
         Northeast of the ruined house is a short south-north bridge, which 
    leads to the Umpani Base Camp area. The party can't fall into the river.
         When the party moves east along the river, near the far east end of the 
    river is a long west-east bridge, which leads to the Mountain Wilderness 
    area. On the long bridge is a Marble Golem.
         West of the long bridge is a lake. On the island in the lake are some 
    items, probably including a Book of Frost.
    4.12 UMPANI BASE CAMP (Fort Mt Gigas, or General Yamir
         Military City)
         Gadgets: Empty Bottles.
         NPCs: PFC Sparkle (female Trynnie, Ranger, recruitable), Pvt Panrack 
    (male Umpani, Level 3, 110 HP, not recruitable), Saxx (male Umpani, Bard, 
    recruitable), Sgt Balbrak (male Umpani, Level 8, 438 HP, not recruitable), 
    Sgt Bildublu (male Umpani, Level 5, 259 HP, not recruitable), Sgt Kunar 
    (male Umpani, Level 9, 318 HP, not recruitable), Sgt Rubble (male Umpani, 
    Level 7, 377 HP).
         At the entrance of the Umpani military city is a flagpole, guarded by 
    Panrack. On the flagpole is a winch. The first time the party clicks the 
    winch, it lowers the Umpani Flag. The second time the party clicks the 
    winch, the party gets the Umpani Flag and makes Panrack and all nearby 
    Umpani hostile.
         The party can Pickpocket and speak with Private Panrack, but can't 
    recruit or trade with him.
         "You theivin' [sic], cheatin', stealin', lying', no good vandals!"
         - Private Panrack, Umpani Base Camp
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Panrack: Ankh 
    of Life, bascinet & camail, bearded war axe, Book of Traps, bundle of Barbed 
    Arrows, bundle of Peacemakers, chain chausses, chain hauberk, copper gloves, 
    cutlass, Death Bomb, Dust of Defection, Enchanted Broadsword, feathered hat, 
    hammer, heater shield, Ice Bomb, Icicle Stix, leather boots, leather 
    cuirass, light crossbow, Locket of Reflection (female only), mail coif, 
    morning star, Potion of Cure Poison, Scroll of Armourplate, Scroll of 
    Fireball, Scroll of Freeze Flesh, Scroll of Missile Shield, Shield of Winds, 
    sollerets, spear, Spear of Death (not Cursed!), Spike Stones, studded 
    hauberk, suede pants, Sword of Hearts, walriblade, Wrist Rocket, zweihander, 
    150 GP.
         No guns. (?_?)
         If a Caustic Vine or Iron Weed poisons Panrack, he doesn't cure 
    himself. If the poison kills him, he drops a bag of items: bundle of Barbed 
    Arrows and Scroll of Fireball. Afterwards, if the party lowers and gets the 
    Umpani Flag, the nearby Umpani don't become hostile.
         The Umpani Privates are sometimes cowardly. When the party manually 
    enters combat mode without any monster in sight, they sometimes flee or 
         Inside the military city, the left building contains the Enlisted 
    Barracks and the IUF Recruitment Centre, and the right building contains the 
    Yamo's Roadhouse and the IUF Commissary. (IMO, the buildings are designed 
    like public toilets.)
         Empty Bottles are on the ground outside the southeast corner of the 
    right building.
         At the north end of the south-north road between the two buildings is 
    the EWAXX Building.
         West of the EWAXX Building is the Recruit Training Course.
         In the Roadhouse, before the party has joined the IUF, they can't 
    Pickpocket, recruit, speak with, or trade with Bildublu and Saxx.
         Click the shelves behind Bildublu to get two bottles of ale anyway.
         After the party joins the IUF, they can Pickpocket, speak with, and 
    trade with Bildublu, but can't recruit him. He buys and sells mostly 
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Bildublu: 
    bascinet & camail, bearded war axe, Book of Traps, bundle of Barbed Arrows, 
    bundle of Peacemakers, chain chausses, chain hauberk, copper gloves, 
    cutlass, Death Bomb, Enchanted Broadsword, feathered hat, hammer, heater 
    shield, Ice Bomb, leather boots, leather cuirass, light crossbow, Potion of 
    Cure Poison, Scroll of Armourplate, Scroll of Fireball, Scroll of Freeze 
    Flesh, Scroll of Missile Shield, Shield of Winds, sollerets, spear, Spear of 
    Death (not Cursed!), Spike Stones, studded hauberk, Sword of Hearts, 
    walriblade, Wrist Rocket, zweihander, 600 GP.
         "Whoa! That your hand in my pocket?! Exactly what ARE
    you looking for boys?"
         - Saxx, Yamo's Roadhouse, Umpani Base Camp
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Saxx: bullet 
    stones, leather boots, leather cuirass, leather greaves, leather helm, 3 
    Potions of Hv Stamina, Potion of Mod Heal, sling, Soulful Sax (Soul Shield, 
    Music 45, Bard Level 8), walriblade, 400 GP.
         In the Commissary, even before the party has joined the IUF, they can 
    Pickpocket, speak with, and trade with Kunar, but can't recruit him. He 
    sells only an Umpani Flag, and doesn't buy anything. Ask him about "Astral 
    Dominae" and "Destinae Dominus".
         Click the cash register on the counter to get about 6 GP.
         After the party joins the IUF, when they speak with Kunar, they can 
    trade with him. (Though my party could enter the Mt Gigas Caves area, thanks 
    to an IUF Top Security Pass (Fake), they joined the IUF because they were 
    very overloaded. Each chara was carrying more than her carrying capacity. My 
    party needed to sell their extra armours and weapons to Kunar, and to dump 
    other useful items on the ground between the buildings.)
         The door behind Kunar is locked. After the party Pickpockets Kunar's 
    Key from him, they can use it to unlock the door. In Kunar's room, click the 
    carpet on the floor to disclose a symbol. If the party stands on the symbol, 
    the game asks if the party wants to teleport to Marten's Bluff. If the party 
    answers "Yes", the symbol teleports the party to a spot near a lake in 
    Marten's Bluff, but it's one-way.
         If the party clicks the red button on the other side of the counter 
    before Kunar's legs, an alarm rings and he engages the party.
         "That's it! I knew you couldn't be trusted! Get the hell out!"
         - Sergeant Kunar, IUF Commissary, Umpani Base Camp
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Kunar: Acid 
    Bomb, awl pike, bascinet, blunder buss, Book of Armourplate, Book of 
    Chameleons, Book of Energy, Book of Knocks, Book of Light, Book of Razors, 
    Boom Bomb, breast plate, buckler shield, bundle of arrows, bundle of Hunter 
    Quarrels, bundle of Shrike Arrows, feather darts, Fire Bomb, gunpowder 
    (gadget), halberd, Hayai Bo, IUF Top Security Pass (Fake), Knock Picks, 
    Kunar's Key, leather boots, Magic Nectar, morning star, musket, Poison 
    Darts, Potion of Cure Disease, Potion of Hv Heal, Potion of Mod Stamina, 
    quarter staff, rockets, Spike Stones, steel helm, Stink Bomb, suede pants, 
    Umpani Flag, walriblade, 500 GP.
         Finally, guns! (^.^)
         (After my party went to the Commissary and got an Umpani Flag, and 
    before they had joined the IUF, they still couldn't speak with Bildublu. 
    When they spoke with Saxx, he was Neutral. After the Bard Charmed him with a 
    music instrument and gave him a bottle of ale, he became Friendly. The party 
    could Pickpocket and speak with him, but couldn't trade with him.)
         In the Enlisted Barracks are locked (two- or three-tumbler) lockers and 
    trapped chests. In one locker is a pin-up that the party can click.
         In the Recruitment Centre, when the party speaks with Balbrak and says 
    "No", he aborts the conversation.
         After the party speaks with Balbrak, says "Yes", and joins the IUF, 
    they still can't trade with Balbrak. When the party ends the conversation 
    and leaves, then speaks with him again, he aborts the conversation and 
    apparently won't speak with them until they've spoken with Rubble.
         (To quote an ancient American proverb, "Join the Army. Go to 
    interesting places. Meet interesting people. And kill them.")
         After the party clears the Obstacle Course (see below), the party can 
    Pickpocket and speak with Balbrak, but can't recruit him. Ask him about 
    "Rodan Lewarx".
         The party can Pickpocket, recruit, and speak with Sparkle, but can't 
    trade with her. Ask her about "Marten" to add an entry in their journal. 
    (BTW, she's ineffectively topless.)
         "Listen. I may be little, but I'm not stupid. It's mean to steal from 
         - Private First Class Sparkle, IUF Recruitment Centre, Umpani Base Camp
         For comparison, my party got/Pickpocket these items from Sparkle: Acid 
    Bomb, 2 bundles of arrows, feathered hat, hand axe, leather boots, leather 
    hauberk, leather legging, Potion of Mod Heal, short bow, Smelling Salts, 500 
         "I don't talk to mean people."
         - Private First Class Sparkle, IUF Recruitment Centre, Umpani Base Camp
         ("And I don't talk to people who squeak like Sailormoon." (No offense 
    to Mitsuishi Kotono sama though.)
         - Me)
         At the Recruit Training Course, unless the party's joined the IUF, when 
    they try to speak with Rubble, he aborts the conversation. Though he's 
    standing in the doorway, the party can probably lean on him and get the 
    items just inside the doorway.
         When he asks if the party's joined the IUF, say "Yes", give him an IUF 
    Level 1 Security Pass, and he'll move out of the party's way. Then, when the 
    party speaks with him, he aborts the conversation. An IUF Top Security Pass 
    (Fake) has no effect on him.
         The Recruit Training Course, or Obstacle Course, is simple. WRT the 
    three sets of teeth, wait for the first set to fall. When the first set 
    rises, run or walk forwards. If the party runs/walks into a fallen (not 
    falling) set of teeth, it stops but doesn't harm the party.
         WRT the bridge over the lava river, look down and walk carefully. The 
    lava river contains no item. If the party moves into the lava river, it 
    continuously harms the party.
         WRT the mobile platform, walk onto it, then walk off it when it's on 
    the other side of the wall.
         The subsequent Training Dummies and locked door are a milk run. 
    Remember to get the IUF Level 2 Security Pass and the potion on the table. 
    Use the Pass on the control panel beside the door to open the door.
         In the EWAXX Building, the party can use the IUF Top Security Pass 
    (Fake) on the EWAXX Sentry to unlock and open the door. If the party stands 
    in the doorway and clicks the control panel on the east wall behind the 
    doorway, the game instantly displays the Game Over screen, which says "Your 
    party has been crushed!" (At first, I thought it meant the IUF caught my 
    party of accidental and clueless tourists in a restricted area, and executed 
    them as counter-revolutionary spies, then I realised it meant the closing 
    door has crushed the party.)
         Inside, the IUF Top Security Pass (Fake) has no effect on the computer 
         The elevator leads to the Mt Gigas Caves area. Use the IUF Top Security 
    Pass (Fake) on the control panel of the elevator.
         (Overall, with their single-colour uniforms, the IUF reminds me of the 
    Starfleet. But WRT the powers in Star Trek, I've always supported the 
    Klingons, and I dislike the Federation, the Gorns, the Orions, and the 
         Gadgets: PTorch (south "Cave In" hole)
         NPCs: ?
         (My party joined the IUF, but I don't want them to endure the IUF basic 
    infantry training yet, so they were checking out this and the next two Mt 
    Gigas areas for any special item for the Bard and Gadgeteer.)
         In this and the next Mt Gigas areas, in the corridors are many inert 
    skeletons, and on the skeletons are many items.
         South of the elevator (from the EWAXX Building) is an intersection 
    named Alpha Hub. There are more Hubs named after the military alphabets.
         The west corridor leads to the Storage cave, south-southwest of Alpha 
    Hub. Follow the signs. The Storage cave contains some ammo.
         Northeast of the Storage cave is Charlie Hub.
         Northeast of Charlie Hub is the Power Station.
         North-northeast from Charlie Hub and east-southeast from Alpha Hub is 
    Bravo Hub.
         East of Alpha Hub, east of Bravo Hub, and northeast of the Power 
    Station is a cave with a plate on the ground. Stand on the plate and drop an 
    arrow to depress the plate. This opens a secret door beside a row of three 
    signs in the corridor south-southeast of the cave and east of the Power 
    Station. In the secret door is a cave with a trapped chest and some 
         South of the secret door is Delta Hub.
         East of Delta Hub is a chest.
         South of Delta Hub is a vertically rectangular cave.
         Southwest of the rectangular cave is an elevator to the Mt Gigas Upper 
    Caves area.
         South of the rectangular cave and east of the elevator is a trapped 
         Southeast of the rectangular cave and east-southeast of the elevator is 
    a T-intersection with an "Unexplored Territory" sign.
         Far southeast of the "Unexplored Territory" sign, in the corridors are 
    a pair of "Cave In" signs. Between the signs is a hole in the ground. At the 
    bottom of this south "Cave In" hole is a pool and two items: Flak Vest and 
    PTorch (gadget). The party can fall into the hole for 10+ damage points, 
    then climb up either rope. I don't think the party can climb down either 
         Northeast of the south "Cave In" hole, in a corridor is a Frigid Fiddle 
    (music instrument).
         Northeast of the Frigid Fiddle is a T-intersection (north, east, and 
    south). The east corridor is short and has a clickable wall section on the 
    south side and near the end of the corridor. After the party clicks the 
    wall, the secret cave has a trapped chest and some monsters, probably a 
         (North-northeast of the Frigid Fiddle, my party fought their first 
    Oozite, a kind of Golem.
         North-northwest of the Frigid Fiddle and north of the south "Cave In" 
    hole, at a horizontal H-intersection, my party fought another Oozite.)
         Far northeast of the "Unexplored Territory" sign, northwest of the 
    Frigid Fiddle, and north-northwest of the south "Cave In" hole, is the north 
    "Cave In" hole. Items are at the bottom of the hole, which is the lower 
    level of this Mt Gigas Caves area, but the party doesn't need dive heads 
    first into the hole for 10+ damage points each. There's another way to the 
    lower level that doesn't hurt.
         Northeast of the north "Cave In" hole, two corridors away, is another 
    "Cave In" hole with ropes on both sides and a pool at the bottom. The pool 
    contains no item, and this hole is just an obstacle that cuts off the 
         East-southeast of the north "Cave In" hole, northeast of the Frigid 
    Fiddle, and east of the secret cave, at the end of a corridor on the east 
    edge of the map, a plate on the ground is clickable. Under the plate is a 
    ramp to a ladder to the lower level of this Mt Gigas Caves area.
         In the lower level, the ladder is atop one of four knolls, beside a 
    lake. Northwest of the ladder, on the south side of the northmost knoll is a 
    trapped chest.
         West of the lake, from the first T-intersection, south of the 
    intersection is a trapped chest. (My party got a Ring of the Road (Bard 
         Gadgets: ?
         NPCs: ?
         North-northwest of the elevator (from the Mt Gigas Caves area) is the 
    Base Command south door. Use the IUF Top Security Pass (Fake) to open it. 
    Inside, the corridor is blocked by laser beams. If the party moves through 
    the laser beams, an alarm rings and the party's relation with the Umpani 
    becomes Hostile.
         East of the Base Command south door is a four-way intersection.
         Northwest of the four-way intersection and north of the Base Command 
    south door is a teleporter room. Inside the teleporter room, click the lever 
    to turn on the Stargate-like teleporter, and enter the teleporter. It 
    teleports the party to the house in Arnika Road. Explore the house to get 
    the music instrument Dulcimer of Mending (Heal All).
         North-northwest of the Base Command south door and northwest of the 
    teleporter room, in another corridor is the Base Command north door.
         Far northeast of the four-way intersection is a dead-end corridor. At 
    the dead-end of this corridor, click the abnormal section of the wall to 
    crumble it. In the secret cave are a crate and some monsters, probably 
    Thrasher Apuses. In the crate are some rockets (ammo).
         (When my party entered this corridor, a squad of Umpani grunts were 
    also entering the corridor. My party quickly clicked the wall, ran to stand 
    behind the Umpani grunts, and watched them serve and protect their natioanl 
    interests. The Thrasher Apuses paralysed and poisoned some Umpani grunts, 
    and the blunder busses and muskets hit some Private's backs. In the end, 
    three Privates were KIA, with one of them caused by their Sergeant's blunder 
         To quote the Murphy's Laws of Combat, "Friendly fire isn't."
         BTW, in this area, the party's Mythology skills easily increase 
    whenever a squad of Umpani grunts appear near the party.)
         East of the secret cave is the NCO Barracks cave, which contains some 
    trapped chests.
         East of the elevator is a door that the party can open with an IUF Top 
    Security Pass (Fake). Behind the door is a corridor that leads to the Mt 
    Gigas Peak area.
         Northeast of the above door is the Personnel cave. In the Personnel 
    cave are three lockers. One locker is locked (six-tumbler) and another 
    locker is trapped. (Here, my party got a Greenwood Bow (Ranger only).)
         Northeast of the Personnel cave is a horizontally rectangular cave with 
    an Automatic Security Clearance Console. When the party clicks it, its 
    wiring malfunctions. The IUF Level 1 Security Pass and IUF Top Security Pass 
    (Fake) have no effect on it.
         East of the Automatic Console is a four-way intersection.
         North of the intersection is the Covert Ops door.
         East of the intersection is the Experimental Weapons Range door.
         South of the intersection is the UDT door.
         The Automatic Console probably can unlock and open these three doors.
    4.15 MT GIGAS PEAK (Mt Gigas Air Force Base)
         Gadgets: ?
         NPCs: ?
         This area is an inverted U-shape. The entrance (from the Mt Gigas Upper 
    Caves area) is a bit north of the southwest corner. The party can open the 
    door with an IUF Top Security Pass (Fake).
         Southeast of the entrance are some crates. The party will find some 
    items beside the crates, mostly ammo, bombs, and potions.
         North of the entrance is an impotent Bomarc missile launcher and a 
    west-east runway. The runway has an arresting cable.
         South of the runway is a building.
         South of the building is another missile launcher.
         The building has a door to the ground floor and an elevator to the 
         In the ground floor are a computer terminal and an Umpani Commander. 
    When the party clicks the computer terminal, it asks for a Control Code.
         On the roof are a rotating radar and a telescope more hi-tech than 
    Madras's in Trynton Upper Branches. When the party clicks the orange button 
    on the computer terminal of the telescope, the dome opens and the telescope 
         "Your party has been defeated!"
         - Bad Ending, Wizardry 8
    5.   THE ALCHEMIST'S GUIDE (Alchemy)
         Acid Bomb (Alchemy 20) = Boom Bomb + Stink Bomb
         Canned Elemental (Alchemy 95) = Fire Bomb + Ice Bomb
         Cherry Bomb (?) = Empty Bottle (everywhere) + (?) (Swamp)
         Drugged Meat = Faerie Dust + Rotten Meat (Zoo in Trynton Upper 
         Pandemonium Powder (Alchemy 50) = Flash Powder + Sneeze Powder
         Pickmeup Potion (Alchemy 20) = Potion of Hv Heal + Potion of Mod Heal
         Pickmeup Potion (Alchemy 20) = Potion of Mod Heal + Potion of Mod 
         Potion of Cure Disease (Alchemy 40) = Potion of Cure Light Condition + 
    Potion of Hv Heal
         Potion of Cure Poison (Alchemy 15 or 30) = Potion of Light Heal + 
    Potion of Poison Reduction
         Potion of Guardian Angel (Alchemy 15) = Potion of Bless + Potion of 
    Light Heal
         Potion of Hv Heal (Alchemy 15) = Potion of Light Heal + Potion of Mod 
         Renewal Potion (Alchemy 50) = Potion of Cure Disease + Potion of Hv 
         Restoration Potion (Alchemy 50) = Potion of Hv Heal + Potion of Hv 
         Resurrection Powder (Alchemy 80) = Magic Nectar + Renewal Potion
         Skeleton Powder (Alchemy 70) = Concussion Powder + Dust of Dessication
         (Thanks to Peloi.)
    6.   THE GADGETEER'S GUIDE (Engineering)
         The party can reportedly recharge a Gadget by selling it to a NPC, then 
    buying it back.
         (BTW, I'm not a MacGyver fan.)
         Demon in a Box: Psionic Blast. Demon Doll (Upper Rapax Castle) + Jack 
    in the Box (gadget). Engineering 60.
         Duct Tape: Paralyse, 10 charges. Duct Tape (Anna in Arnika).
         Electro-Shocker: Resurrection. Electrodes (Anna in Arnika) + High 
    Voltage Transformer (Mt Gigas Caves). Engineering 75.
         Forcefield Generator: Armourplate. Giant Magnet (Madras in Trynton 
    Upper Branches) + Voltage Amplifier (Crock in Swamp). Engineering 30, 
    Gadgeteer Level 5.
         Gooda Vine Rope = Short Gooda Vine (Trynton Sanctuary in Trynton Upper 
    Branches) + Short Gooda Vine (Trynton Sanctuary in Trynton Upper Branches).
         Holograph Projector: Guardian Angel. Large Prism (Swamp, Crock) + Laser 
    Pointer (Marten's Bluff, underground). Engineering 15.
         Invigorator Belt: Superman. Electrodes (Anna in Arnika) + Metal Belt 
    (Southeast Wilderness). Engineering 45.
         Jackhammer: Earthquake. Chisel (Southeast Wilderness) + Pendulum (Rapax 
    castle, roof). Engineering 85.
         Jack in the Box: Terror. Doll (northwest house in Arnika) + Hinged Box 
    (shuttlewreck in Arnika). Engineering 5, Gadgeteer Level 1.
         Lava Lamp: Hypnotic Lure. Glowing Goo (Fuzzfas in Trynton Upper 
    Branches) + Orange Goo (Fuzzfas in Trynton Upper Branches). Engineering 30, 
    Gadgeteer Level 5.
         Lightning Rod: Energy Blast. Lightning Rod (Upper Monastery). 
    Engineering 1, Gadgeteer Level 1.
         Magic Mirror: Eye for an Eye, 18 charges. Magic Polish (Crock in Swamp) 
    + Shiny Chrome Plate (Zoo in Trynton Upper Branches). Engineering 45, 
    Gadgeteer Level 8.
         Microwave Ray (Gun): Boiling Blood. Broken Blaster (Bayjin) + Microwave 
    Chip (Upper Monastery). Engineering 75.
         NegatAir: Asphyxiation. Long Metal Tube (Sea Caves, beach) + Vacuum 
    Pump (Bayjin). Engineering 85.
         Noisemaker: Sonic Boom, 1 charge. Empty Bottle (everywhere) + Gunpowder 
    (Kunar in Umpani Base Camp). Engineering 15, Gadgeteer Level 3.
         Noisemaker: Sonic Boom. Empty Bottle (everywhere) + Lazurite Stone 
    (Southeast Wilderness). Engineering 60.
         Port-A-Potty: Porthole (pier in Arnika) + Pot-with-a-Lid.
         Regenerating Stone: Heal All. Electrodes (Anna in Arnika) + Lazurite 
    Stone (Southeast Wilderness). Engineering 60, Gadgeteer Level 11.
         Searchlight: Detect Secrets. Magnifying Glass (Upper Monastery) + 
    PTorch (south "Cave In" hole in Mt Gigas Caves). Engineering 15, Gadgeteer 
    Level 3.
         Strobe Light: Prismic Ray. Electric Lamp (T'Rang house) + Oscillator 
    (Marten's Bluff, east). Engineering 70.
         Vaporizer: Instant Death. Vaporizer (Bayjin, chest).
         Watchdog Alarm: Shadow Hound. Electric Eye (Marten's Bluff, 
    underground) + Loudspeaker (Mt Gigas Caves). Engineering 30.
         Water Cannon: Tsunami. Bellows (Ferro in Rapax Castle) + Hose (Mine 
    Tunnels). Engineering 85.
         X-Ray Scanner: X-Ray. Scanner (UMA Building in Arnika) + X-Ray Chip 
    (spaceport in Arnika). Engineering 45, Gadgeteer Level 8.
         (Thanks to Matt Majewski, Peloi, Slankers, and the fallen one.)
    7.   THE RANGER'S GUIDE (Mythology)
         A brief list of what monsters are where, for the special items that 
    some NPCs (Antone in Arnika, &c) demand. The HP ranges are for reference 
         Cleaver (Antone in Arnika): Upper Monastery (kitchen), elsewhere.
         Hogar Tusk, from Battering Hogar: Trynton.
         Hogar Tusk, from Hogar: Arnika-Trynton Road, Trynton.
         Iron Weed Thorns (Antone in Arnika), from Iron Weed: Arnika Road, 
    Arnika-Trynton Road, Northern Wilderness, Trynton, Trynton Upper Branches, 
    Umpani Base Camp.
         Mummy Dust (Antone in Arnika), from Mummy: Arnika-Trynton Road 
    (cemetery), Mt Gigas Caves.
         Piercer Modai Claw (Antone in Arnika), from Piercer Modai: Arnika Road, 
    Arnika-Trynton Road, Northern Wilderness.
         Skull (Antone in Arnika): Arnika-Trynton Road (cemetery).
         Spirit Staff (Antone in Arnika), from Oak Sapling: Trynton Upper 
         Spirit Staff (Antone in Arnika), from Willow Sapling: Trynton Upper 
         Sprite's Dagger, from Leaf Sprite: Trynton Upper Branches.
         Sprite's Dagger, from Tree Sprite: Trynton Upper Branches.
         Steelhide Skin (Antone in Arnika), from Steelhide: Swamp.
         Vampire Bat Wing, from Vampire Bat: Arnika-Trynton Road, Mt Gigas 
         Venom Crab Shell (Antone in Arnika), from Venom Crab: Arnika Road.
         Venom Sac (Antone in Arnika), from Poison Seeker: Mine Tunnels, Upper 
    Monastery (garden).
         Wasp Wings (Antone in Arnika), from Tanto Wasp: Mine Tunnels.
         Arnika: Guardian Golem (boss, Level 7, 256 HP), Higardi Cutpurse, 
    Higardi Raider, Higardi Roustabout, Higardi Spirit (Undead), HLL Officer 
    (Level 7), Lay Brother (Monk), Rebel Spirit (Undead), Savant Drones (Level 
    12, 42-54 HP), Savant Guards (Level 6, 35-40 HP), Savant Gunner, Savant 
    Henchman (Level 9, 74-82 HP), Savant Trooper (Level 8), Spewing Slime (Level 
    9, 130 HP).
         Arnika Road: Acidvine (Level 6), Caustic Vine, Crimson Poppy (Level 8, 
    74-92 HP), Forest Mite (Level 6), Higardi Brigand (Level 10, 92-131 HP), 
    Higardi Highwayman (Level 9), Higardi Rogue, Hogar (Level 7), Iron Weed 
    (Level 7), Piercer Modai (Level 7, 101-109 HP), Seeker, Sige (Level 4, 16 
    HP), Soldier Ant (Level 6), Venom Crab.
         Arnika-Trynton Road: Cultists, Hogar (Level 7), Iron Weed, Mummy 
    (Undead, Level 9, 192-222 HP), Piercer Modai (Level 7, 101-109 HP), Shrieker 
    Bat (Level 7, 32-53 HP), Sige Spirit (Undead, Level 7, 49 HP), Trynnie 
    Outcast (Level 9), Trynnie Outlaw (Level 7), Trynnie Spirit (Undead, Level 
    4, 19-27 HP), Twilight Bat (Level 9, 45-64 HP), Vampire Bat (Level 10).
         In the Arnika-Trynton Road, the d_mn Cultists launch Fireballs at the 
    party, and summon Elementals: Earth Elemental (Level 7, 371 HP), Fire 
    Elemental (Level 6, 224 HP), Lesser Air Elemental (Level 5, 203 HP), Minor 
    Earth Elemental (Level 4, 336 HP), Minor Fire Elemental (Level 4, 200 HP).
         Elementals can be Poisoned.
         Hogars are vulnerable to Freeze Flesh.
         Vampire Bats aren't Undead. Bat Vampires are Undead.
         Lower Monastery: Bat, Emerald Slime (Level 10), Green Slime, King Crab 
    (boss), Languid Slime (Level 2), Metallic Slime (Level 8), Noxious Slime, 
    Pestilent Rat (Level 9), Roach, Screaming Head, Seeker, Slithering Slime 
    (Level 7), Small Spider, Softshell Crab, Swarming Roach, Tanika Fish (Level 
    3), Wolf Spider (Level 6).
         Mine Tunnels: Blood Drinker (Level 13), Bull Picus (Level 8), Mosquito 
    (Level 6), Picus (Level 6), Poison Seeker (Level 7), Savant Gunner, Savant 
    Trooper, Tanto Wasp (Level 13), Thanatopede (Level 12, 92-105 HP).
         Blood Drinkers are vulnerable to Lava Lamp.
         Bull Picuses and Picuses are vulnerable to Lava Lamp.
         Tanto Wasps are vulnerable to Freeze Flesh, Lava Lamp, and Web.
         Mt Gigas Caves: Apus, Bat Vampire (Undead, Level 14, 60-81 HP), Black 
    Slime (Level 13, 88-98 HP), Cavern Spider (Level 13, 119-132 HP), Chameleon 
    Rat (Level 12, 69-81 HP), Deathsting Apus (Level 13), Emerald Slime (Level 
    10), Flint Golem (Level 10, 240 HP), Giant Spider (Level 6, 25-29 HP), Morax 
    (Undead, Level 8, 119-120 HP), Morax Ratlord (Undead, Level 12, 177 HP), 
    Mucor (Level 9, 146 HP), Mummy (Undead, Level 9), Oozite (Level 15, 201-215 
    HP), Pestilent Rat (Level 9), Shrieker Bat (Level 7), Succubus Slime (Level 
    8, 289 HP), Twilight Bat (Level 9), Umpani Lieutenant (Level 10), Umpani 
    Private (Level 5), Umpani Sergeant, Vampire Bat (Level 10).
         Apuses are vulnerable to Siren's Wail.
         Bat Vampires are Undead, have a lot of immunities, but are vulnerable 
    to Freeze Flesh.
         Moraxes will cast Fireball, Frost, Insanity, Slow, and Terror. As they 
    are Undead, they've a lot of immunities.
         Oozite can be Slowed.
         Pestilent Rats are vulnerable to Siren's Wail.
         Mt Gigas Peak: Umpani Commander (Level 16, 352 HP), Umpani Lieutenant 
    (Level 10), Umpani Private (Level 5), Umpani Sergeant.
         Mt Gigas Upper Caves: Pestilent Rat (Level 9), Thrasher Apus (Level 10, 
    53-63 HP), Umpani Lieutenant (Level 10), Umpani Private (Level 5), Umpani 
         Northern Wilderness: Acidvine (Level 6), Caustic Vine (Level 8), 
    Emerald Slime (Level 10), Greater Seeker (Level 12), Higardi Highwayman 
    (Level 7), Iron Weed (Level 7), Marble Golem (Level 14, 223 HP), Piercer 
    Modai (Level 7), Rank Weed, Rogue Leader (Level 8), Sige (Level 4), Stalker 
    Seeker (Level 7), Swallower (Level 9)
         Marble Golems are vulnerable to Armourmelt and Siren's Wail.
         Piercer Modais are vulnerable to Lava Lamp and Siren's Wail.
         Rattkin Tree: Blinding Wasp (Level 8), Rattkin Archer (Level 10, 98-125 
    HP), Rattkin Breeder (Level 8, 316-324 HP), Rattkin Goon (Level 11), Rattkin 
    Sniper (Level 14), Rattkin Thief (Level 7), Swarming Wasp (Level 12).
         Swamp: Brain Borer (Level 14, 43-52 HP), Diremare, Emerald Slime (Level 
    10, 134-145 HP), Flesheater Slime, Greater Seeker (Level 12, 136-137 HP), 
    Ironskin Crocodile (Level 8, 130-156 HP), Millipede (Level 9, 25-47 HP), 
    Mosquito (Level 6, 23-32 HP), Queen Ant (Level 11, 184 HP), Rynjin Empath, 
    Rynjin Overseer (Level 12, 146 HP), Rynjin Scavenger (Level 9, 139 HP), 
    Rynjin Sentry (Level 15, 157 HP), Rynjin Thrall (Level 7, 127-140 HP), 
    Soldier Ant (Level 6, 20 HP), Stalker Seeker (Level 7, 52-56 HP), Steelhide 
    (Level 7, 578 HP), Swarming Wasp (Level 12).
         Greater Seekers and Stalker Seekers are vulnerable to Freeze Flesh and 
    Lava Lamp.
         Ironskin Crocodiles are vulnerable to Siren's Wail.
         Queen Ants are vulnerable to Freeze Flesh.
         Swarming Wasps are vulnerable to Web.
         Trynton: Acidvine (Level 6), Battering Hogar (Level 10, 343 HP), Bull 
    Picus (Level 8, 284 HP), Crawling Creeper (Level 7, 156 HP), Dung Beetle 
    (Level 9, 62 HP), Giant Spider (Level 6), Hogar (Level 7), Iron Weed (Level 
    7), Picus (Level 6), Rapax Patrol, Swallower (Level 9, 125 HP), Tanika Fish 
    (Level 3), Trynnie Hunter (Level 8, 55-88 HP), Trynnie Patrol (Level 5, 
    65-73 HP), Vile Roach (Level 8, 81-85 HP), Wolf Spider (Level 6).
         In Trynton, in the ground level, the monsters can climb down and up the 
    riverbanks to cross the river, but IIRC the party can't climb up the 
         Trynton Upper Branches: Blinding Wasp (Level 8, 56-57 HP), Bobo (boss, 
    Hogar, Level 7, 406 HP), Crawling Creeper (Level 7), Crimson Poppy (Level 
    9), Crocodile (Level 5, 84-95 HP), Giant Spider (Level 6, 27-30 HP), Iron 
    Weed (Level 7), Leaf Sprite (Level 10), Oak Sapling (Level 8), Pestilent Rat 
    (Level 9), Rank Weed, Rapax Scout (Level 9), Shrieker Bat (Level 7), 
    Swarming Wasp (Level 12), Tree Sprite (Level 7), Trynnie Champion, Trynnie 
    Guard (Level 5), Trynnie Hunter (Level 8), Trynnie Patrol (Level 5), Vile 
    Spider (Level 9, 82-86 HP), Willow Sapling (Level 5, 76-80 HP).
         Umpani Base Camp: Caustic Vine (Level 8), Iron Weed (Level 7), Training 
    Dummy (Level 6, 33-34 HP), Umpani Lieutenant (Level 10, 221 HP), Umpani 
    Private (Level 5, 101-111 HP), Umpani Sergeant.
         Upper Monastery: Apparition, Gregor (boss), Higardi Rogues, Poison 
    Seeker, Pustulant Slime (Level 5), Rabid Rat, Small Spider.
         Drazic: T'Rang Ninja, Level 14. Rapax Away Camp.
         Madras: Male Trynnie Gadgeteer, Level 8. Madras's observatory in 
    Trynton Upper Branches.
         Myles: Male Higardi Human Rogue, Level 5. Fountain in Arnika, or Rapax 
         Private Sparkle: Trynnie Ranger, Level 6. IUF Recruitment Centre in 
    Umpani Base Camp.
         RFS-81: Android Trooper, Level 10. Hut in Mine Tunnels.
         Rodan Lewarx: Umpani Lord, Level 14. Rapax Away Camp.
         Saxx: Umpani Bard, Level 8. Yamo's Roadhouse in Umpani Base Camp.
         Sergeant Glumph: Umpani Fighter, Level 11. Bayjin.
         Sexus: Rapax Mage, Level 18. Rapax Castle.
         Tantris T'Rang: T'Rang Samurai, Level 6. T'Rang outpost in Marten's 
         Urq: Mook Psionic, Level 9. Arnika.
         Vi Domina: Female Higardi Human Valkyrie, Level 6. Shuttlewreck in 
         (Thanks to Slankers.)
    9.   LINKS
       - http://www.wizardry8.com/
         Wizardry 8 official HP, by Sir-Tech Canada, where players
    can download WIZ8E (Wizardry 8 for English Windows) patches.
       - http://www.locus.co.jp/wizardry8/
         WIZ8J (Wizardry 8 for Japanese Windows) official HP, by
    Locus. Japanese.
       - http://www.volberding.com/Wizardry8/Wiz8Main.htm
         Wiz8Main - Wizardry 8 Walk-Throughs. With screen shots.
       - http://www.geocities.com/wizardry8faq/
         Wizardry 8 FAQ Page.
       - http://www.tk421.net/wizardry/
         Wizardry - Prepare Yourself for the Ultimate in Fantasy
    Games, by John Hubbard of USA. A Wizardry series fan page.
       - http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20011127/yuki04.htm
         Nishio Yuki's review of WIZ8E in the Game Watch HP.
       - http://www.webring.ne.jp/cgi-bin/webring?ring=wizardry;list
         Wizardry Web Ring. Japanese.
       - http://zanyvg.overclocked.org/
         Zany Video Game Quotes. Has very funny quotes and
    screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of Segata
    Sanshirou TV CMs in the Omake section.
       - http://selios.free.fr/
         Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France. English.
         "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
    things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
    outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
         "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
    sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
    certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis de
    rares fans de part le monde."
    Don "Tsuru Hiromi Inochi" Chan (aho)
    *1   "Sakuretsu!"

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