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    Importable Items List by Desolation0

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    Wizardry 8 Importable Item Guide
    Author: Desolation0
    This is a list of items that can be imported from Wizardry 7 to Wizardry 8.
    How to Use This List
    The List
      I. Weapons
        A. Standard
        B. Fired Weapons
        C. Ammo/Thrown
      II. Armor
      III. Magic Items
        A. Attacking
        B. Healing/Other Items
        C. Books
        D. Instruments
        E. Artifacts
    Reaching the Author
    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    Revision History
    How to Use This List
         All of the neccessary information in the lists is fairly easy to find.
    The contents above show how the list is broken down. Some of the items have
    additional information I felt would be helpful and informative. I provide
    information on name changes, charges the item has after bringing it over,
    and the spell and power level an item casts.
    W7 Name-W8 Name-Charges-Spell Level
         Also, any item I am uncertain about will have an * before it. Any
    information I am likewise unsure of will have one after the specific detail.
    Certain items are not brought over for various reasons including the class or
    race of character that you used to import it, and whether you already have one
    of that item. Just retry with a different character and it should carry over.
    I. Weapons
    A. Standard
    Main Gauche
    Tarnished Sword
    Bastard Sword
    Bearded Axe
    War Axe
    Anointed Flail-8-Bless 4
    War Scepter
    Morning Star
    War Hammer
    Awl Pike
    Bec de Corbin
    Zizka Star
    Poison Dagger
    Broadsword +1-Enchanted Broadsword
    Spear +2-Mystic Spear
    Hayai Bo
    Spear of Death
    Sword of Hearts
    Shock Rod
    Stun Rod
    Staff of Charming-5
    Staff of Blessing-5
    Faerie Stick
    Longstem Spade
    Crux of Crossing
    Notched Shaft
    Wooden Dowel
    Ymmu’s Paw
    B. Fired Weapons
    Short Bow
    Long Bow
    Enchanted Bow
    Great Bow
    Elven Bow
    Small Crossbow
    Heavy Crossbow
    Wrist Rocket
    Mystery Ray-no ammo*
    C. Ammo/Thrown
    Bite Daggers-Throwing Knives-11
    Feather Darts-13
    Poison Darts-12
    Death Star-6
    Bullet Stones-25
    Spike Stones-20
    Impaling Stones-9
    Ta-Li Stones-20
    Medusa Stones-9
    Willow Arrows-Bundle of Arrows-100
    Shrike Arrows-50
    Barbed Arrows-25
    Viper Arrows-20
    Mystic Arrows-20
    Armor Piercers-25
    Peace Makers-5
    Quarrels-Bundle of Quarrels-100
    Hunter Quarrels-25
    Lightning Bolts-8
    Powder and Shot-Musket Balls-25
    II. Armor
    Rubber Shoes
    Cloth Shirt
    Cloth Pants
    Robes U
    Robes L
    Fur Halter
    Chamois Skirt
    Suede Doublet
    Suede Pants
    Feathered Hat
    Fur Leggings
    Quilt Tunic
    Quilt Leggings
    Leather Cuirass
    Leather Hauberk
    Leather Leggings
    Leather Helm
    Cuir Gauntlets
    Leather Boots
    Buckler Shield
    Breast Plate
    Steel Helm
    Tarnished Mail
    Mail Coif
    Mail Mittens
    Chain Hosen
    Chain Hauberk
    Chain Chausses
    Round Shield
    Oliveskin Doublet
    Plate Mail U
    Plate Mail L
    Heater Shield
    Ninja Garb U
    Ninja Garb L
    Ninja Cowl
    Tabi Boots
    Wizard’s Cone
    Robes +1 U
    Robes +1 L
    Do-Maru U
    Do-Maru L
    Death Shroud
    Leather Greaves
    Studded Hauberk
    Stud Chausses
    Bronze Cuirass
    Oliveskin Leggings
    Phyrgian Cap
    Helm and Coif
    Silken Gloves
    Chamois Gloves
    Copper Gloves
    Shield of Soaring
    Chain Mail +1 U
    Jazeraint Tunic
    Jazeraint Skirt
    Deathmail U
    Bronze Greaves
    Cap of Wiles
    Magnetic Boots
    Burgonet Helm
    Bascinet and Chainmail
    Chainmail Doublet +2
    Mitre de Sanct
    Flak Jacket
    Stud Cuir Bra +2
    Stud Cuir Skirt +2
    Crusader’s Helm
    Shadow Cloak
    Midnight Cloak
    Gossamer Gown U
    Gossamer Gown L
    III. Magic Items
    A. Attacking
    Sparkle Stix-25-Energy Blast 2
    Icicle Stix-16-Frost 3
    Cracker Stix-9-Energy Blast 2
    Fire Stix-9-Magic Missile 3
    Rocket Stix-9-Magic Missile 6
    Cherry Bomb-1-Fireball 3
    Fire Ball-1-Firestorm 4
    Acid Bomb-1-Acid Bomb 4
    Stink Bomb-1-Noxious Fumes 3
    Holy Water-1-Holy Water 3
    Skeleton Powder-3-Instant Death 6
    Faerie Dust-5-Sleep 3
    Sneezing Powder-5-Itching Skin 3
    Flash Powder-5-Blinding Flash 3
    B. Healing/Other Items
    Light Heal-3-Heal Wounds 1
    Mod. Heal-3-Heal Wounds 3
    Hv. Heal-4-Heal Wounds 6
    Bread Rolls-5-Restore Health 2
    Bunch of Bananas-1-Restore Health 3
    Mod. Stamina-3-Stamina 4
    Hv. Stamina-3-Stamina 6
    Golden Apples-3-Restore Magic 1
    Moser’s Mojo Tea-5-Restore Magic 2
    Milk of Magnesia-3-Restore Magic 6
    Mana Stone-3-Restore Magic 6
    Cure Poison-2-Cure Poison 6
    Cure Paralysis-4-Cure Paralysis 6
    Cure Disease-1-Cure Disease 6
    Superman-1-Superman 5
    Knock Picks-3-Knock Knock 4
    Dungore’s Malt Ale-3-Booze 1
    Bottle of Old Jake’s-4-Booze 4
    Salted Munkmeat-6
    Storage Key-1
    C. Books
    Resting-Rest All
    Barriers-Missile Shield
    Knocks-Knock Knock
    Detection-Detect Secrets
    D. Instruments
    Chromatic Lyre-Itching Skin
    Poet’s Lute-Sleep
    Angel’s Tongue-Bless
    Siren’s Wail-Insanity
    Lute of Sloth-Slow
    Pipes of Doom-Terror
    Cornu of Demonspawn-Banish
    E. Artifacts
    Ring of Resounding-9-Shrill Sound 3
    Amulet of Life-4-Resurrection 6
    Amulet of Spiders-9-Web 4
    Rock Crystals
    Brimstone Nuggets
    Aromatic Salts
    Manta Roots
    Dragon’s Teeth
    Lion’s Claws
    Silver Cross
    Valentine Necklace
    Vitriolic Warder
    Diamond Ring
    Ring Pro Frost
    Ankh of Might
    Amulet of Life
    Cross of Protection
    Deadman’s Hair
    Skull Bones
    Reaching the Author
         Just write to desolation0@hotmail.com if you have any suggestions.
    Please include mention of FAQ in the subject and remember that I have a
    life an may not check my mail for weeks (or months :-o ).
    Legal Mubo-Jumbo
    This guide is (c) 2002 Drew Brumbaughmay not be reproduced in any way
    without my permission. As yet I have only published this guide to GameFAQs.
    Please inform me of any new copies.
    Wizrdry 8 is (c) 2001 Sir-tech Canada Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    Revision History
    The most recent guide can be found on GameFAQs.com.
    1.00   3/3/02   It's amazing how much you can do with a day off and a bit
    of boredom. :) I plan to correct any errors in the future and may add more
    info about the items but for now, this is it.

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