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    Solo Fairy Guide by Mask of Winters

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wizardry 8 - The Solo Fairy Guide
    Version 1.1 
    Submitted 4-22-03
    by Mask of Winters (seraphimdescent@hotmail.com)
    WARNING: This guide contains spoilers.
    Table of Contents
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Why, Why, Why?
    3.0 Character Creation and Planning
    4.0 A Beginner's Guide to Suriviving the First Hours of Tedium
    5.0 Arnika: The Legend Continues
    6.0 Do-It-Yourself Progress Report
    7.0 Tryton: Making the Most of Trynnie Misery
    8.0 Rounding out the Spellbooks
    9.0 Into the Big, Bad World
    10.0 Credits and Whatnot
    11.0 Summary of Version Changes
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    1.0 Introduction
    We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms
    of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance 
    with us.
    --Maurice Maeterlinck
    A little bored of Wiz8 on Expert, a little fed up with dying to bugs in Iron 
    Man, I decided to see what could be done as far as putting myself through 
    considerable hell with just one little character instead of the usual 
    party-party-party! style of play.
    And I thought, what one little character could be littler than a fairy?  I'm 
    aware that the game spells it Faerie but I am both conventional and lazy in 
    my appellations.
    I must admit that I am so far not terribly progressed in my solo adventure, but
    I am more than willing to document my experiences to this point, so that 
    others may follow in my footsteps and avoid making the same mistakes I have.
    One final note: this is my very first FAQ.  Be gentle.
    2.0 Why, Why, Why?
    Do me a favor.  Just kick my ass, okay?  Kick this ass for a man, that's all.
    Kick my ass.  Enjoy.  Come on.  I'm not asking,  I'm telling with this. Kick 
    my ass.
    --Artie Fufkin
    I know there are probably a lot of whys out there, and I promise I'd love to 
    get to all of them... but I'm only going to address the ones I consider 
    2.1 Why a fairy?
    	I consider the fairy to be a great solo character for several reasons.
    A fairy starts the game with considerable resists to both Divine and Mental 
    realms of magic, meaning that later when you're fighting Death Knights and 
    Nightmares the chances of Death Wish or the dreaded "Nightmare rears back!" 
    actually affecting your character are substantially lower.  The fairy also 
    has no negative resists.  As you can tell I am somewhat paranoid about magic 
    damage; I base this on my experience with the game.  I, like you, have never 
    actually had my party wiped out by physical attacks except with my very first
    party where I had no idea how to beat a pack of Juggernauts and was soundly 
    trounced.  I've learned a lot since then, and the summary of it is this:  it 
    is easy to beat anything that isn't being helped out by casters.
    2.2 But you're a fairy.  By herself.  How can you ignore physical damage when
    your max HP is so low?
    	I promise it will all make sense when we get to character creation.
    2.3 Will this eat up countless hours of my precious time?
    	Oh yes.  But that's why you're doing it, isn't it?
    3.0 Character Creation and Planning
    I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell 
    of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
    --E. B. White
    Let's get to the goods and outline my plan for Ultimate Fairy Badass.  Having
    already decided race, and knowing that Profession will require a lengthy 
    discussion, I will skip straight to gender, for which I will be putting F.  
    For Female.  Like on a driver's lisence.  I put female to ensure that I can 
    use the super-amazing, stamina regenerating, Locket of Reflection.  Stamina 
    Regeneration will be important for all the running I plan to be doing, not to
    mention the fact that one character fighting and dodging every creature alone
    will need massive amounts of the stuff if she doesn't plan on casting Stamina
    every six or seven rounds.
    I can also breifly touch on the subject of voice.  Pick one you like.  It'll 
    be the only one you hear during the entire game.  Granted, you can always 
    change it mid-game, but if you stick to just one you will get to hear every 
    quote said by your voice.  In fact... for my next FAQ... I may just do a 
    "Every Quote By Every Voice" FAQ.  Now that'll be a considerable exercise in 
    time wasting.  Because she amuses me I believe I'll go with the Southern 
    Belle for now.
    So.  Profession.  Normally when you play through Wizardry 8 you assign each 
    character a profession and stick do it.  There's really no point to changing 
    class before level 18 for pure spellcasters or 22 for hybrid spellcasters.  
    18 and 22 are the levels at which a character gains access to its most 
    powerful magic, if you don't know the significance of those numbers.
    As a solo character, though, I believe dual classing will be very much called
    for, and starting as early as level eight.  Here's why.  My Fairy will be 
    starting off as a Ninja.  I must have Cane of Corpus (dropped when you kill 
    Don Barlone or pickpocketed from him if you've got a ridiculously high 
    pickpocket skill); the 15% kill rate is just too juicy to say no to.  A 
    ninja can also train in all the most useful non-combat skills, Locks & Traps 
    and Pickpocket, and begins with what I am considering the cornerstone of my
    anti-phyiscal damage protections: Stealth.  For those of you unfamiliar with 
    Stealth, or anybody looking to find out exactly what it does, Stealth adds 1 
    to your AC for every 10 points of skill.
    Stealth goes up whenever your character is under attack.  As a solo character,
    your stealth skill, properly fed, will skyrocket.  We will speak of proper 
    feeding in the next section.
    The Ninja also gets the glorious Critical Strike.  Compound a high CS skill 
    with the Cane of Corpus (CoC) and you should be getting Instant Kills every 
    fight.  Or so goes the plan.
    My Fairy will immediately change class to Bishop on reaching level eight, and
    will stay a Bishop until she has attained 18 levels in it.  Maxing out every 
    spell realm will further increase her natural spell resistances as well as 
    ensuring the Fairy will get all the important buffing spells (Armorplate, 
    Missle Shield, Magic Shield, X-Ray, Enchant Weapon, Detect Secrets, etc).
    After 18 levels of Bishop, the Fairy will switch back to Ninja and stay 
    there until endgame.
    A brief review of the importance of attributes:  A high Speed will add to AC 
    and ensure I go first in every round, in addition to giving me more Swings 
    per Attack.  A high Dex will eventually unlock the Reflexion skill which 
    will further enhance my AC, as well as giving me more Attacks per round.  
    Strength is important for damage (+2% damage for every point of Strength over
    50!) and, along with Dexterity, is a controlling attribute for Staves & Wands,
    which my Ninja Bishop will be using extensively.  (For those who aren't in the
    know: Controlling Attributes affect how quickly a character can increase a 
    skill.  Higher Controlling Attributes mean quicker skill mastery.  You can 
    find out what Attributes are linked to what Skills by right-clicking a skill 
    and reading its description.)  Intelligence and Piety are the only two mental
    attributes I will be investing in, and only because of their importance as 
    Controlling Attributes for the casting skills.  A more patient man would rank
    Vitality over either of them as higher Vitality will give your fairy more
    Hitpoints per level and eventually give you the Iron Skin skill, which reduces
    physical damage even further.  I say more patient because magic skills can be
    easily maxed out early if you're willing to do it with low controlling 
    attributes... it just takes a long time.  Levels you gain while missing 
    Vitality, however, are squandered, as points invested in Vitality are not 
    retroactively added to your Hitpoint total on a per-level basis.  Senses I
    feel comfortable ignoring; searching can be handled with Detect Secrets and
    the Expert Skill linked to Senses, Eagle Eye, only affects ranged combat.
    One side note:  Your ninja will need a Piety of 55 to become a Bishop.  The
    highest Piety a fairy ninja can start with is 38.  This means you'll need to
    cover a 17 point deficit in the Piety department, and put 3 of your attribute
    points into it every level for six levels before you qualify.  You'll also 
    need Intelligence 55.  You can start with 52, making Intelligence an easy base
    to cover.  Go ahead and pump Intelligence until your Intelligence is 95.  Why
    95?  There's a fountain in Trynton which will give you +5 Intelligence if you
    answer its riddle correctly (so far I know it takes "memory" and 
    "experience"), so there's no point spending those last 5 when you'll get them
    for free anyway.
    So.  Name your Fairy.  I will offer no advice here.
    The next point to consider is one of pride.  How much do you have?  If you're
    truly hardcore about this, you will immediately begin your Wizardry 8 
    adventure with a party of but a single, lonely fairy.  The easier route 
    involves you making several other fairies and looting them for all their 
    starting equipment, which will net you 2 Light Heal potions, 5 Fairy Dust, a 
    Fairy Stick, U/L Gossamer Robes and a Dagger per extra fairy.  I personally 
    created one extra Fairy, a Priest, which I will explain later.  On with the
    4.0 A Beginner's Guide to Suriviving the First Hours of Tedium
    Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard 
    --Peter Drucker
    Welcome to the vast and dizzying world of Wizardry 8, Solo Style.  
    You're on a beach with 3 crabs and a chest in front of you.  The first thing 
    I did was to change my formation; the Ninja I sent to the very front, and the
    priest, the very back.  I then went to the options menu, chose "Novice" 
    difficulty, and set the combat speed to max.  Next, I opened my inventory, 
    set the fairy ninja to dual wield fairy sticks and put all the light heal and
    stamina potions in her personal inventory.  That done, I looted the chest 
    and lucked out: 5 Heavy Heal potions.  I gave those to my nymphet as well.
    Then I went downstairs and grabbed a Pepsi.  You should do this, too.  A 
    wise man will also grab something to snack on, a cd to listen to, a book to 
    read, some pr0n, whatever will keep you occupied for the next few hours.  Once
    you're ready, save, and start a fight with those three crabs.
    Immediately put the ninja and the priest on defend and back yourself into a 
    corner so that the three crabs can only attack the ninja.  Your task for the 
    next few hours--maybe less depending on the quality of your computer--is to 
    sit there in Continuous Combat mode while the crabs try to kill your ninja.
    They will hit somewhat often for the first 10 rounds; use the Priest to cast 
    Heal Wounds on the ninja.  The other advantage to making the priest a fairy, 
    in addition to the extra starting equipment for the ninja, is that the priest
    will regenerate magic points all by himself, meaning the priest will be able
    to heal the ninja over and over and over again.  In fact, just press "L" while
    the fight rages on and the priest will repeat (L)ast action, meaning he'll 
    heal the fairy and then default back to defend.  Yay!  After about 10 rounds 
    the crabs will run out of stamina and start falling asleep after every few 
    swipes at you.  That's fine.  You now have the advantage of max stamina vs 
    minimum stamina; that is, your dodging ability is at its peak, while the 
    crabs' attack value is at its low.  Keep healing the ninja with the priest 
    while you rock out to your new cd, read your book, watch your pr0n, whatever.
    You don't even have to watch the screen, just wait until you hear the ninja 
    complain about getting beat up, and press L.  Should it ever happen that the 
    priest hasn't yet recovered enough Spell Points to cast Heal Wounds on the 
    ninja, have the ninja use one of the healing potions you put in her inventory.
    Simple.  After what seems like an eternity your nymphet ninja will have 100 
    in her Stealth skill, raising her Base AC to 12! (Stealth bonus 10 plus small
    size bonus 2).
    Now we go from Chillin' to Illin'.  Swap the combat formation of the priest 
    and the ninja and let the crabs annihilate your priest.  My priest was male 
    and I used this as an excuse to do some nerdy mental roleplaying where my 
    ninja swore to hunt down whoever blew up the ship and take revenge for the 
    loss of her beloved priest companion.  Your milage may vary.
    Once the priest bites it, swap positions again and hand those crabs a 
    righteous beatdown.
    The rest of the monastery is a cakewalk.  You are for the most part 
    untouchable to these things; the only encounter that gave me trouble was the 
    Gregor because it took so long.
    Be sure to grab the Ring of Protection in the jailcell with the Rapax 
    Skeleton.  Base AC 13.
    Well, we're set for now.  Remember not to pick anything up that will encumber
    your fairy.  Sell everything you don't need to Burz before you leave.  A 
    proper combing over of the Monastery will get you the following spellbooks 
    for free: Light, Stamina, Bless, Divine Trap.
    Leave the Monastery and book it for Arnika.  Pick your fights carefully along
    the way and try to get your level/piety high enough to switch class to Bishop.
    Once you attain Bishop status, do not select any spells.  This is imperative.
    As you continue to level in Bishop, save those spell picks.  You can buy just
    about every spell in the game except those from levels 6 and 7, and since you
    want those spells, you'll be saving your spell picks for them.  Also, as you
    level your Bishop, make sure that your magic schools always rank so that the
    following equation is true
    Divinity > Psionics > Alchemy > Wizardry
    As long as they run from highest to lowest in that order we will be able to
    power train each of the primary magic schools, except Wizardry... which is
    okay, considering we'll be using Wizardry for damage output until we get back
    to being a ninja.  It will increase naturally.  And you can always increase
    your Wizardry with level points, too, later.
    5.0 Arnika: The Legend Continues
    After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say "I want 
    to see the manager."
    --William S. Burroughs
    Save before talking to each NPC and pickpocket her until she catches you, 
    then reload and pickpocket one less than that many times.  Do this for the 
    rest of the game, and repeat it every time you return to a town.  Pickpocket 
    training: arduous, but rewarding.  Note, of course, that as long as you are 
    a Bishop your pickpocket skill won't actually increase, but it's good to get 
    in the habit early, and you will occassionally pull gold off NPCs even with 
    your low pickpocket skill.
    Head straight for Anna and buy the following spellbooks: Charming (Charm), 
    Knocks (Knock Knock) and Mindread (Mindread).  Save.  We will now train 
    Divinity.  Assuming Divine is higher than Alchemy--and it should be, because 
    we've been making sure of this, haven't we?--you can sit there and cast 
    Charm on Anna until your Spell Points run dry, rest, and repeat.  Max out 
    your Divinity.  This will take some time.  Now go ahead and do the same thing,
    only this time, cast Mindread.  Repeat this process until you have Divinity,
    Psionics, and the Mental realm all raised to at least 90.  Benefits:  You'll 
    be able to cast Divine and Psionic spells at the earliest possible levels, 
    having two more of your spell realms at maximum value will get you a crazy 
    amount of Spell Points, and, of course, maxing out your Mental realm means 
    your Mental Resistance will skyrocket, too.
    This takes forever, and requires considerably more effort to train than it 
    did to train your Stealth up.  In all reality you will swear you can feel the
    process eating away at your will to live.  All I can say is suck it up.
    In case you're curious, here's how you can tell whether or not you qualify to
    cast a spell:
    SL      LL      RQ      In other words, to learn a level 2 Divine spell,
    1       1       0       our fairy needs to have 3 Levels of Bishop, and
    2       3       15      a Skill Level of at least 15.
    3       5       30
    4       8       45      This table is only for pure spellcasting classes,
    5       11      60      and is inaccurate for Fighter/Casters such as
    6       14      75      Ninja, Monks, Samurai, and the rest.
    7       18      90
    SL - Spell Level
    LL - Level Learnable (Your Bishop Level must equal or exeed this)
    RQ - Required Skill Level (School + [Realm/10])
    If you have any money left, buy a book of Insanity from Anna.  Remember, if 
    you can't find the spellbooks, either A. your level is too low, which can be 
    easily remedied by starting fights with the Savant Henchmen in town and 
    letting the Higardi Patrols do your dirty work, or B. they're just not in the
    shopkeeper's inventory at the moment.  You can reload Anna's stock buy buying
    a few bundles of her worthless arrows and resting 24 hours.
    Head to the Prison building.  Use Myles to pick the locks if the combination 
    of Knock Knock and your own (low) Locks & Traps skill prove insufficient to 
    open the doors.  Snag Marten's Badge and then, in the jail area, open the 
    middle room, punch a hole in the floor, and follow that path to the 8 tumbler
    bank vault lock.  Watch out for the slime in the tunnel; it occasionally gets
    a lucky shot in.
    Now sit there and cast knock knock on that vault door until your Alchemy and 
    Earth skills peak at 100.  Max Earth realm will increase your Earth 
    resistance.  Max Alchemy will enable you to create all the potions and dusts 
    in the game, as well as adding Spell Points to every realm to cast with.
    What you have at this point is a spellcaster with 3 maxed out spellcasting 
    schools: Alchemy, Divinity and Psionics.  Your Mental and Earth realms are at
    max, too.  Here are some spells you can cast to raise your Wizardry school and
    the 4 realms we've ignored, listed with the spell levels they require:
    Air - Missle Shield(2), Shadow Hound(3), Asphyxiation(7)
    Divine - Enchanted Blade(2), Magic Missles(2)
    Fire - Energy Blast(1), Fireball(3), Firestorm(6), Nuclear Blast(7)
    Water - Frost(1), Freeze Flesh(3), Iceball(4), Dehydrate (5), Freeze All(5), 
    For the record, these are now the only spells you can cast that will improve 
    your Wizardry skill... so get cracking.
    Do all the usual Arnika stuff.  You may feel a slight twinge of pain when you
    realize you'll get more good out of Bloodlust by selling it than you will by 
    keeping it.  I did.  Don't leave here until you've purchased all the spells 
    you can.
    Braffit: Angels, Banish, Blessings, Disease Cures, Enchantment, Healing, 
    Missles, Paralysis Cures, Poison Cures, Removal, Resting (although, since 
    this only teaches you Rest All, you can probably skip it), Screens, Souls, 
    Anna: Charming, Detection, Holding, Insanity, Knocks, Mindread, Relics, 
    Resting (again, skippable), Terror, Traps.
    Buy whatever provisions you feel you need and get ready to hit Trynton.
    6.0 Do-It-Yourself Progress Report
    I used to think every day I didn't wake up and gargle a few rounds from a 
    revolver was a victory, but little "golden" moments like this make me wonder,
    "a victory for who?"
    --Mike O'Toole
    Here I'd like to impart a little more advice on the allocation of levelling 
    points.  Dumping 3 into Wizardry whenever possible will get you to max 
    quicker than expected.  Knowing that you're going to switch back to Ninja, 
    however, you may want to consider this:  Your spell realms (Earth, Fire, etc)
    will continue to rise as a Ninja casting spells.  Therefore, you don't really
    need to put any points into them.  You can... but you don't need to.  What 
    might be occurring to you at this point though is that you're going to be
    changing to Ninja with a total character level of 26.  At that point you'll 
    be fighting level 26 mobs with a ninja who fights with a character level of 
    7--your Ninja level.
    With that in mind, you may want to stick points into Close Combat and Wands &
    Staves.  Increasing these skills will give your Ninja more attacks, and more 
    swings per attack.  Combined with 100 Dex and 100 Speed, we should be able to
    produce a ninja who can get in at least 9 swings a round.
    You may also want to consider training Reflexion to 100 when you get it.  
    Reflexion 100 will get you a base AC bonus of 6, raising our unarmored, 
    natural AC to 18 (Stealth 10, Reflexion 6, Size 2).  100 Speed will add 
    another 4 to that for a total of 22.  That's really, really high.  Especially
    considering we're not even accounting for armor.   You can train Reflexion the
    same way you trained Stealth: find a melee only enemy and hunker down.  You 
    can now have your fairy cast Heal Wounds on herself (and maybe even shed a 
    tear at the memory of her long-lost priestly husband).
    7.0 Tryton: Making the Most of Trynnie Misery
    Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
    --Aldous Huxley
    Fuzzfas can sell you Barriers (Missle Shield), Itching, and Relics (which you
    already have).
    Don Barlone has the Cane of Corpus.  If you can take him, do it, and snag the
    cane.  If you can Pickpocket, do it, and snag the cane.  Otherwise just add 
    him to your list of NPCs to screw later, and plan on coming back.  Do not talk
    to him, and if you accidentally do, do not hire him to steal anything from the
    Savant.  We do not want to run into the Savant in the swamp for any reason, 
    and not talking to or killing Barlone will help with that.  Running into the 
    Savant in the swamp usually ends to a Rapax blockade of Ascension Peak, which
    we also do not want.  At least, not until we're good and levelled.
    Speaking of things we may not yet be strong enough to get, we'll want to 
    pick up the Boomerang Shuriken at some point, too.  Spells will be our bread
    and butter for ranged combat, obviously, but there's something very cool and
    Krull-like about a ninja star which, once thrown, autoexecutes a Return to
    Sender.  Plus there's a Banish spellbook in the very same cathedral.
    8.0 Rounding out the Spellbooks
    The goggles! They do nothing!
    --Raineer Wolfcastle, last words
    By now we're preparing to switch to Ninja.  Before we do that we *need* all 
    the spells we can get.  Here's a list of what to buy and where to buy it.
    Sadock, Lower Marten's Bluff:
    Booms, Breath, Corrosion, Dark Hound, Freezing, Frost, Fumes, Holding, 
    Knocks, Lesser Cures, Light, Paralysis Cures, Resting, Silence, Slowness, 
    Sleep, Sound, Stamina
    Crock, Swamp:
    Acid, Armormelt, Corrosion, Crushing, Detection, Disease Cures, Ego Whip, 
    Elements, Fire, Fiery Rings, Haste, Ice, Insight, Removal, Retaliation, 
    Souls, Superman, Traps, Whirlwind
    Umpani Base Camp, Kunar:
    Armorplate, Blinding, Burning Thoughts, Chameleons, Energy, Fireballs, 
    Itching, Knocks, Light, Lures, Razors, Resting, Rocks, Webs
    Ferro, Rapax Castle:
    Dessication, Elements, Freeze All, Heal All, Hexes, Psionic Blast, 
    Purification, Return Portal, Sanity, Set Portal, Summoning, Toxic Cloud
    Once you can get your level 6 spells, take your pick of them.  Fill out your
    spellbook if you missed any essential lower-level spells first.  Don't forget:
    you don't really need Resurrection as a solo character ;-)
    9.0 Into the Big, Bad World
    For every good man that is born, another good man must die.  Yet somehow the 
    factory keeps pumping out losers and we have no idea how to get rid of them.
    After this... well, you're on your own.  You should now have a fairy with 
    awesome attributes and resistances, not to mention a very, very flattering 
    selection of spells.  All that's left is to gather equipment and powerlevel 
    like mad.  As stated, my fairy will be abusing the Cane of Corpus, but there
    are probably other strong paths to persue as well--dual wielding the CoC and 
    a Rod of Sprites, perhaps, or foregoing weapons altogether and sticking to 
    Martial Arts.  Heck, you might even switch to Monk next for the Blindness 
    immunity and the Damage Resistance.  Whatever floats your boat.
    For foot protection, just slap on the Spike Boots you find near Marten's
    ghost.  +5 AC is the best your little fairy can get.  Other than these
    shoes, the only other footwear the fairy ninja can wear is the tabi boots.
    After you're able to ditch the Helm of Serenity, your best headwear option
    will likely be the Helm of Brilliance.  You can find one in Lower Marten's
    Bluff.  U/L body armor is really your call; I never switched from the
    gossamers I started with, myself.  And if you're dual wielding, Winterwand
    makes a great secondary weapon that will also use your high Staves & Wands
    At any rate, good luck!  Feel free to ask me things or make suggestions.  You
    can reach me at seraphimdescent@hotmail.com and as long as your subject title
    says "About Wizardry 8" I'll open it and read it.  Otherwise it'll probably 
    get caught by one of my numerous spam subjectline filters and thrown in the 
    10.0 Credits and Whatnot
    It doesn't matter.  Whenever I see my name in print, it's never spelled right.
    --Sheri C. Furow
    Most of the information here was gathered by hand, but there are a few things
    I would like to point out.  First off, all lists of what merchants sell which
    spellbooks were compiled by Mage77 on the Ironworks board, and to him I give 
    all the credit for that.
    The chart which describes the minimum spell levels and required spellcasting 
    skills was compiled using information I gathered in the Universal Hint System,
    which can be found either through the Gamefaqs Wizardry 8 FAQs page or 
    accessed directly here:
    The Wiz8 manual itself is chock-full of useful information.  If you haven't 
    gone through it cover-to-cover at least once, do so.  The fairy you save may 
    be your own.
    Finally, long, long ago, someone posted on the GameFAQs message board for Wiz8
    that only the highest spell school is raised when you cast a multi-school 
    spell.  I checked this out and it's true.  That post is gone now, and so I 
    can't credit the person who told me about it.  Whoever you are, way to go.  
    Them eyes do be KEEN.
    You can go ahead and print as many copies of this for your own use as you 
    want.  You can even save it to your harddrive.  But the only internet site 
    that may host this document is gamefaqs, www.gamefaqs.com.  Anybody else 
    who wants it has to contact me and ask.  And, obviously, be granted permission.
    Cuz this document is copyright 2003, Tyler Patterson style, baybee.
    11.0 Summary of Version Changes
    Change change change change change change change change change change change
    chaaaaAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAAnge, uh huh, change change,
    change change, change change... change... change.... change.... change.
    --Counting Crows
    v1.0 Originally posted.
    v1.1 Section 11 (this section) added
    	-changed character creation section after noticing fairies can't wear
    		the Necklace of Endurance
    	-added equipment information to section 9
    	-stuck a few new quotes in

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